August 22, 2015

Diane Thompson and her contradictions, as well as discrepancies.

Fact checking is being redone.  In fact, I waited for a phone call as I was typing
this post, in order to confirm something about the 1978 accuser of Anthony Ci-
polla who claims that he was arrested for molestation, when the Pennsylvania
State Police Criminal Background Check Security Clearance that the same An-
thony Cipolla received in 2014 reported that Anthony Cipolla has NO ARREST
RECORD IN PENNSYLVANIA.  Anyway, I was instructed to make notice for
public view that this woman, due to her recent 2015 writings WILL BE sued in
a court of law, in a "timely manner."

An injunction banning her from ever posting or stating anything about Cipolla
and/or myself (the Wuerlgate author) will be sought.  Those who have on their
sites or in their magazines or in their newspapers any archive article or current
article which states as truth the fraudulent misrepresentations of this woman will
become co-defendants ... in a timely manner, should their be a refusing to print
and/or post retractions.  Co-defendants will include bloggers, journalists, oper-
atives of SNAP, publications, and newspapers.  Compensatory and punitive
damages will be sought from those entities.  This woman went too far this time,
stating something that caninstantly be proven to be a deliberate fraudulent mis-
representation, thereby proving malice aforethought.  It warranted me to be a
co-plaintiff.  Such a legal action will be a Diversity Action in federal court.

She goes by the name, Diane Thompson, once again.  She was going by the name,
Diana Mangum.  She recently posted some very damning writings, as well as one
allegation that entirely destroys her credibility.  Fact checking on her damning alle-
gation thus far found her to be quite the liar.  This includes fact checking on her re-
cent writings.  The one which has me involved goes as follows:

Step 1 -  She claims that Anthony Cipolla wrote Wuerlgate and used a fictitious
name in so doing.  She claims that Anthony Cipolla and Patrick Anthony Pontillo
are the same person.  She claimed that you can't find out anything about the exis-
tence of Patrick Anthony Pontillo, as if my name was something contrived by
Anthony Cipolla.  Of course, this is a lie.

There is a ton of stuff about me, Patrick Anthony Pontillo, online.  This includes
my medical records, photos of me with girlfriends, my dad's Air Force photos, my
mom, 200+ articles written by me, hundreds upon hundreds of photos taken by
me, a few graduation photos of me, my literature, my security clearances, and
the fact that I have literature at the Widener branch of Harvard, as well as at
Northwestern, UNC at Chapel Hill, Sweet Briar College, etc.

It's fascinating that she lies all the more, after she gets caught lying.  Of course,
when you tell one lie, you have to tell another lie, to hide your first one.  The
lying then becomes a habit.

This allegation of which claims that Cipolla is the Wuerlgate author using a name
that can't be found in records anywhere is such that I have evidence which proves
that she was purposely lying about Cipolla writing Wuerlgate under a fictitious
name, and not merely coming up with a mistaken conclusion in a good faith ef-
fort.  The evidence is in her very snide emails to methat did little more than mock
and belittle.  Observe:

In her emails, she called me Mr. Mount Vesuvius.  This means that she did locate
information about me, such as the fact that my Italian ancestors lived 20 miles from
Mt. Vesuvius.  Plus, she also made a snide comment about me being in the Million
Hit Club.  Thus, she found the long statistical outline of the pageviews I have been
getting.  She additionally made a comment that shows she knows that I was publish-
ed along side laureates in poetry anthologies.   This means that Dian Thompson lo-
cated ample information on me.  This means that she knows that I do exist and that
Cipolla did NOT write Wuerlgate.  Well, she walked into a lawsuit which will in-
clude me as plaintiff.  If you think that I'm bluffing, keep in mind that I was the
one who took Donald Wuerl to the U.S. Supreme Court and that I filed a private
criminal complaint against Wuerl and his former secretary, James Torquato for
endangerment and harassment, inter alia

At this point, remember that I'm construction and its Summertime.  I have to go
right now.   I'm reconstructing this article  (no pun intended.)  Be patient.  I'll be
back, unless I finally get killed in an accident.  That which is below here will be
edited by me, when and if I get back to this office.


In my Wuerlgate articles, my most commonly used word, outside of the "to be"
verb, definite articles, and indefinite articles, is ALLEGED.  That is the lawsuit
prevention word.  None the less, instead of hurling name-calling at me, as she
did, if I conveyed to the public erroneous information years ago, then Thompson
could have notfied me years ago.  Why is it that her head did not pop up until
 made it known that a complaint against Wuerl was mailed to the Papal Office
from the Vatican Post Office earlier in 2015?  This is quite a coincidence.  None
the less, I still haven't seen a thread of evidence to support her averments ... her
allegations.  For example:

Diane Thompson ... or Diana Mangum ... stated that she conceived two sons in
the State of Matrimony to one man.  Stop there.  Why do the two males have two
entirely different last names, if they have the same one father?   As I stated pre-
viously, one son is Tucker (Tommy) Thompson, and the other one's last name
is a French one that begins with the letter, "L."  Diane has some explaining to
do.  Are there any wedding photos?  A marriage license?  A Mass Card?
Common Law Marriages don't count.  There is no sacrament involved in
those things.  They are legal conveniences.

The other thing:  She claimed that her tires her slashed by Cipolla's friends.
Uhmm, his followers were high class professionals.  Lawyers, contractors,
wives of lawyers, etc.  They would not have gone to the Northside of Pgh,
to slash her tires.  The would have hired a giant of a lawfirm, instead.

In addition, she keeps claiming that she was harassed into dropping charges.
I repeatedly said that only the DA could file the charges attached to a private
criminal complaint.  I filed a private criminal complaint against Wuerl.  So,
I know the law on that function.  That private criminal complain was NOT
criminal charges against Wuerl.  It was a petition to have the DA's office
conduct an investigation against Wuerl.

Diane Thompson also claimed that Cipolla went to her home and begged
her to drop the charges.  Firstly, why didn't she call the police, because
such an act is known as witness tampering and harassment?  She claimed
that she was harassed.  Then why didn't she file harassment charges.  Quite
frankly, if Cipolla would have gone to her home, he would have gotten into
decisive trouble.

If Cipolla molested both sons, then why did she only claim in 1978 that he
only molested one of them?  Why did she decline to give me or anyone else
contact info of her sons.  We need to find out if they alleged to have been
sexually abused.  I received nothing more from her than snide name calling.
No evidentiary support of any kind came from her.

Incidentally, no criminal trial in America occurs les than thirty days within
an arrest/indictment.  Plus, the second pope to die in 1978 wasn't even elect-
ed yet, concerning the time she claims that she dropped criminal charges
that only a DA can approve in the first place.  Furthermore, even if she
did drop her criminal complaint (which is different from an indictment)
the DA could have filed charges against Cipolla on his own.  It's known
as Sua Sponte.

There is more that I can write about her recent writings.  In fact, if I had the
time, I could rip her writings to shreds from A to Z.  However, one thing is
so obviously false that it's sufficient enough to prove her to be an habitual
liar.  It goes like this:

She claimed that Anthong Cipolla is actually me ... that he wrote Wuerl-
gate under an assumed name.  Got it?  Yes, she stated that Anthony Ci-
polla and Patrick Pontillo are the same person.   I don't exist, according
to her.  I am actually Anthony Cipolla, according to her.  In fact, she stat-
ed evidence of my existence couldn't be found.  Well, I have literature on
a Harvard Library bookshelf (The Widener Branch).  I've writings that
were put on display at a humble British museum.  My writings, photo-
graphy and picture are online.  I'm not hard to find, to see, to read. etc.

Let me prove that I do exist as an individual, and am not the pseudonym of
Anthony Cipolla.  This should help you realize what one is dealing with when
reading Diane Thompson's recent posts.

Let's start with my official security clearances.

This proves that there is a guy in Pennsylvania, named Patrick Anthony Pontillo who does exist.
Cipolla is NOT using an assumed name.  I, Patrick Anthony Pontillo exist, and I exist well
enough to sue Diane Thompson in a court of law.
This is yet another one of my security clearances, thereby proving that PATRICK ANTHONY
PONTILLO does exist.   Anthony Cipolla didn't write Wuerlgate.  I did, and I want credit for it.
This is my FBI SECURITY CLEARANCE.   I am Patrick Anthony Pontillo, I do exist, and
I wrote Wuerlgate.  Diane Thompson lied when she stated that I and Anthony Cipolla are
the same person.  
Now, let me continue to prove that Patrick Anthony Pontillo does exist and that Diane
Thompson is wrong in stating that Cipolla wrote my articles under my name:
I'm in the middle.  That's not Anthony Cipolla.

Ladies and gentleman, this is ME, Patrick Anthony
Pontillo, in the Year 2015.  Incidentall, those plans,
aka blue prints that I'm holding are of the David
L. Lawrence Convention Center of Pittsburgh.
Once again, this is proof that I, Patrick Anthony Pontillo, do exist and that my name
is NOT the pseudonym of Anthony Cipolla.  

Further proof that Patrick Anthony Pontillo exists, as that his
name is NOT the pseudonym of Anthony Cipolla. 
Yet more proof that I, Wuerlgate author Patrick Anthony Pontillo do
exist, and that the priest, Anthony Cipolla, did NOT write the damning
articles that I wrote.  This also shows that, in person, I am very freindly.
Further proof that I, Patrick Anthony Pontillo, do exist and that
Diane Thompson easily knew that I did, being that many of my
photos were online for years.  
The living Patrick Anthony Pontillo who wrote Wuerlgate, solo.
This was a platonic friend.  Flamboyant, to say the least.

That's me, Patrick Anthony Pontillo, who wrote Wuerlgate.
Diane Thompson IS a LIAR, claiming that Anthony Cipolla
wrote Wuerlgate.  She is a liar in other aspects, too.
I have line itemized her lies at Wuerlgate.  You are
free to browse throughout the entire site.
Me again.  This photo was been online for years,  Thus, Diane
Thompson  lied when she said that they was no proof that I exist.
Yet more proof that, unlike Diane Thompson's claim, I, Patrick Anthony
Pontillo, exists.  Quit being a dupe for liars such as Tim Bendig and
Diane Thompson.  Neither one sued me for libel, even though my articles
about them wwere onine for years. .  Why?  
You got it, baby.  Me again.  I exist and am NOT the pseudonym
of the defamed priest, Anthony Cipolla.  Diane Thompson walked
into a decisive lawsuit.  If you want to be a co-defendant in it,
simply write as if her lies are truth.  
Evidence as recent as 2014 that I, Patrick Anthony Pontillo, had more than
enough evidence of my existence online.
Me again, proving that Diane Thompson lied when she stated that there isn't
any proof that I exist.   I have enough to put-up-with in life as it is.

August 21, 2015

Letter from Torquato to his eventual accuser

A letter sent from Father James Torquato to the individual who would
become his accuser in 1998.  The Torquato Case was a whistle blower
retaliation case, snd Wuerl ratified the retaliations as if he ordered them.

For the narration on this matter, see:

A postmarked lavender envelope mailed from Wuerl's former Warwick Terrace residence by Torquato.

For those unaware, a Father James Torquato was the personal secretary of
the one cardinal who rolled out the red carpet to two weekly pro-Sodomite
Masses, while bishop of Pittsburgh.  Torquato was then reported for spend-
ing 1992 to 1997 refusing to keep his hands to himself, despite his vows of
the Latin Rite priesthood.   The accuser had numerous pieces of hard copy
evidence to prove that Torquato knew him well.  This is significant, because
Torquato never acknowledged in public or in private that he knew the person.

Shortly after Torquato was reported, he retaliated.  I was caught in the middle
and am the prime witness to the ruthlessness of the entire ruling class of the
Diocese of Pittsburgh at that time.  Well, a federal lawsuit was filed against
the diocese, on account of Wuerl and Torquato, and ever so coincidentally,
Wuerl sent Torquato to Rome, until the lawsuit was dismissed on jurisdic-
tional grounds.

Father James Torquato was ever-so-conveniently stationed in Rome, in order to
further his education.  Wuerl eventually appointed Fr. Torquato pastor of a Pitts-
burgh parish, in hypocritical contradiction to Wuerl's fabricated & undeserved
reputation of zero tolerance.  Torquato was given a lot of tolerance by Wuerl.
The narration on this matter is located at:

The last name of Torquato's accuser and his former street address was erased
from the Jpeg, for the sake of his family's privacy.  By the way, as of the Winter
of 2014/15, I still have the Torquato evidence that I had to make an added effort
to protect during the first wave of the Torquato Retaliations.

August 06, 2015

Wuerl violated his own Zero Tolerance policy in the Edward Huff case.

In the event that you are completely brain dead ... or a Wuerl Follower, hoping
that he'll get the Sin of Sodom declared the eighth sacrament of the Church, you
need to know that the FATHER EDWARD HUFF cover-up is a major revelation.
It contradicted everything said by Wuerl's propagandists, including a Christopher
Dickey who was never man enough to write back to me, after I conveyed to him
the evidence-based truth about Wuerl.  

Christopher Dickey once wrote that Donald Wuerl was on record declaring zero 
tolerance for priests accused of sexual abuse 14 years before it became public 
policy.  Well, Wuerl did NOT observe, did NOT practice, and did NOT fulfill
what he declared.  This is proven in the Wolk, Zula, and Pucci cover-up, as well
as in the Edward "three-times-reported" Huff case.  Add Torquato to the mix, as
well as Wellinger. 

The violations of his own policy is also proven in Wuerl having done nothing
for the victims of John Hoehl.  Thus, his "Victim-First" policy meant nothing to
him, especially in the case where Wuerl allowed Fr James Torquato's evidence-
based accuser to be repeatedly terrorized during Torquato's Retaliations.  I was
there, in the middle of it all, and I saw the looks on his face, every time Torqua-
to would pull off another shot on his accuser.  Wuerl's "Victim First" policy in
the Torquato Case was that of making sure that Torquato's victim would be the
first to be terrorized so relentlessly.  The only thing that stopped the retaliations
was filing a lawsuit against Wuerl's then-diocese in federal court.  Thus, if Don-
ald Wuerl is sending surrogates to torment you, file a lawsuit against him.

Concerning Wuerl's Victims-first policy, Wuerl violated it in the case involving
credible deacon/whistleblower whom Wuerl also traumatized and simultane-
ously prevented from ever becoming a priest.

Wuerl's violation of his own "policy" is easily proven in the John Wellinger case,
as well.  The communication about this was forwarded to me long ago.  I never 
posted it, in order to give a measure of privacy to the one who wrote the email.
It did state that his family tried to get Wellinger disciplined, to no avail.  They
were resisted, according to him, by diocesan personnel.  It wasn't a matter of 
the family having been ignored. It was a matter of his family being treated as
an enemy that had to be destroyed.  This is what the email stated. 

Of course, Wuerl was made to look like a strict disciplinarian in the Cipolla
Case, where it was later found that Cipolla had NO ARREST RECORD, as
was falsely reported by Ann Rodgers and another former Pgh Post Gazette
writer, and where it was found that Wuerl was using a misdiagnosis of  De-
pression & Suicidal Tendencies, to have Cipolla permanently removed from
the priesthood ministry.  An NYC clinic known as St Michael's gave Anthony
Cipolla a clean bill of health, stating that it is normal to be devastated when 
being a victim of reputation destruction.

Concerning the Accusations Against Cipolla

               Tim Bendig claimed that Anthony Cipolla was arrested at the McGuire 
                home, in New Brighton Pennsylvania, 27 or so miles northwest of down-
                town Pgh.  Below is the official DA findings, thereby proving Bendig to
                be a LIAR.

                For those who have trouble reading the font, know that the DA found zero
                pieces of evidence and no corroborating witnesses, despite a three month
                investigation.  The DA had no grounds upon which to indict Cipolla.
                 Below is the results of the background check on Cipolla that I ordered in the
                 Year 2014.  It states that he has NO arrest record in Pennsylvania.

The point in mentioning Cipolla here is that Wuerl was covering-up Father Edward
Huff, while simultaneously show-casing the Cipolla Case, doing so in a false light.
Wuerl was being presented as an untold hero of zero tolerance, championing the
cause of ousting all priests accused of molestation, and placing the spotlight on a
Anthony Cipolla who, 20+ years later, would be found have been the victim of an
unconscionable farce.  Meanwhile, Wuerl put an actual molester back into the ranks
of the Pittsburgh area priesthood ... back into ministry, while fighting to keep Cipolla
out.  The hypocrisy electrocutes the senses.

Wuerl was protecting Fr. Huff in a cover-up, while defying the Vatican's
mandate to reinstate Anthony Cipolla back into the priesthood ministry.
Yet, he had the audacity to let Ann Rodgers call him a zero tolerance bishop.

                  Introduction to the Edward Huff Case

Toward the end of his first year as bishop of Pittsburgh, Wuerl made 
a state-
ment that would lead reasonable persons to assume that he was resolved to 
never reassign a molester priest to ministry.  Wuerl was apparently employ-
ing the sleight of hand semantics, being that he embarked on another cover-
up; that of Father Edward Huff.   In that case, Wuerl reassigned Fr. Huff to 
ministry the same year Wuerl received accusations against Huff.  He did so, 
after Huff had a stay in a St. Louis psychiatric facility.

I used to call the Huff Case Wuerl's musical chairs cover-up.  Well, it was
actually Wuerl's Game of Pong ... Wuerl's Ping Pong Cover-up, where Huff
was like a ping pong ball, going from St. Louis to Pgh to St. Louis to Pgh.
Pgh stands for Pittsburgh ... for those unaware.

The Specifics of the Huff Case

In February 1992, two families, days apart, reported Huff.  Donald Wuerl 

responded by doing the type of thing that Bernard Cardinal Law repeatedly 
did in Boston.  Wuerl sent Huff to a psychiatric facility; to one in St Louis, 
named Saint Michael's.  The prognosis was that Huff had sufficient residu-
al functional capacity to perform some type of ministry.  So, in November 
1992, Wuerl assigned Huff to a chaplaincy post and provided him with liv-
ing quarters in downtown Pittsburgh.

In December 1992, additional parishioners from Huff's parish sent Wuerl 

a letter that accused Huff of molestation.   This was the third time Edward 
Huff was reported, and this was when Wuerl realized that the cat was out 
of the bag.  There were enough people who knew of Huff's transgressions 
that at least one of them would inform the police should Wuerl's diocese 
decline to do so.  Thus, this was when Wuerl's Get Out of Jail Free Card 

Wuerl did not immediately report Huff to law enforcement authorities, de-

spite the fact that a third set of parishioners sent a complaint against him.  
Rather, Huff was sent back to Saint Michael's, despite the positive bill of 
health that was already given to him by the St. Louis facility.  This shows
that sending Huff back to Saint Louis was a strategic move, and not a med-
ical necessity.

It wasn't until March 1993 when the Pittsburgh diocese finally reported Fr. 

Edward Huff to law enforcement authorities.  This means that he was not 
reported until thirteen months after Wuerl learned of his misconduct.  By 
that time, Edward Huff had already submitted his resignation.

As a subtotal, Fr. Edward Huff wasn't arrested until fifteen months after 
was reported by the Diocese of Pittsburgh to the required law enforcement 
entities.  Take note that Edward Huff was not arrested until 28 months after 
Wuerl learned of his predatory acts.   In addition, March 1993 had addition-
al significance to it.  It was the month when the Vatican's version of the U.S.
Supreme Court ruled on the Cipolla case for the first time.  March 1993 was 
when Donald Wuerl appealed to the Vatican Signatura, asking it to vacate its
judgment of the Cipolla case and to review the case anew.  In light of this, 
Huff was too much of a hot potato for Wuerl to keep concealing.

The time delay in the Fr. Edward Huff case provided a smoke screen to the

fact that Wuerl found himself cornered and checkmated during yet another 
botched cover-up attempt.  So, take note on how Wuerl sought to manipulate 
time lines, in order to look diligent and trust-worthy --- in order to distance 
his tracks from his original handling of the Fr. Huff case.  In addition, keep 
in mind that Wuerl and company had already been accused of stonewalling
(foot dragging) in a previous case.  This means that giving Wuerl credit for 

having reported Edward Huff was equivalent to giving a bank robber credit 
for stopping a bank robbery the moment he finds himself surrounded by a
circle of police cars and then drops the sacks of money he was holding.

August 05, 2015

1.7 Million+ Hits on the Wuerlgate Author's Sites & the Significance

Wuerl had a number of places of prayer
turned into places of mockery, reminiscent
of the heavily guillotined French Revolution.
As you view the statistical snapshots
below, you realize that, whenever a
Wuerl supporter displays dismissive
disdain toward the Wuerlgate author,
in acting as if nobody reads his writ-
ingsthe Wuerl supporter is hiding the
truth.  You also realize that the Vatican
Curia ignored someone who has NOT 
been ignored by the reading public well 
over 1.75 million times ... and counting.
Of course, the modus operandi of the Wuerl People ... the Bendig People ... and 
the Bill "$450,000+ a year" Donohue Camp ... has been to keep completely silent
about the revelations originally posted at the Wuerlgate site, as well as keeping 
silent about the existence of Wuerlgate, altogether.  This silence is obviously de-
signed to assure that as few people as possible will know of the site and view the
various pieces of Jpeg evidence posted throughout it..   

The silence employed by the Wuerl People, however, failed to keep Wuerlgate 
from regularly being on the front pages of humanity's major search engines for
consecutive years at a time.  Throughout a number of time spans, the Wuerlgate
site ranked higher than Wuerl's own weblog.  

All in all,  Cardinal Wuerl's reputation was NEVER built upon merit.  It was on-
ly built upon a series of lies.  Wuerl and his propaganda machine committed theft
by deception, in his undeserved rise through the ranks of the vast Catholic Church.
He and his accomplices must be brought to justice.  The evidence against him has
been produced.  The Vatican looks the other way.  Cronyism.  Deadly cronyism.

At this point, pardon me while I become transparent

The starting point ... in order to prove a point ... is the most recently constructed 
Pontillo URL.  It's eleven months old at the time of this update, and aof July 28,
2015 it has thus far received 855,316 hits from the viewing public ... for that one 
URL, alone.  


Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Works at Investment & Enterprise, Inc.
Attended the Univ of Tampa & St Francis of Pennsylvania
Lives in Pittsburgh
87 followers|855,316 views

This translates into an average of 105.4 hits every hour of every day ever since it 
went online ... 2,530 pageviews  per day  ... 17,710 per week ... 75,900 hits per 
month ... 923,450 hits per year for that one URL, alone.  

As you can quickly see, the comment about nobody wanting to read the articles
 ... or view the photography of ... Patrick Anthony Pontillo, the Wuerlgate author
who uncovered the treachery of James Torquato, who discovered Wuerl's motive
in using Anthony Cipolla as a scapegoat, who detailed Wuerl's triple cover-up, 
discovered the Diocese of Pittsburgh bully tactics on the Ference family, and 
who found the massive hypocrisy of Wuerl in the Huff Cover-up, was a lie.
Yet, the mainstream newspaper articles which stated that Cardinal Wuerl
never covered-up a perverted monster was even a bigger, several times
over ... as in the names Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, Huff, Torquato, etc..

In addition, at the start of 2015, five Pontillo URLs had over 100,000 all time 
hits each.  At the time of this update, two are over the 200,000 mark and one
is over the 800,000 mark..  All in all, the Wuerlgate author, as photographer,
researcher, and writer of multiple topics was already a member of the Million
Hit Club at the start of the year.  Yet, the Vatican ignored the evidence-based
subject matter that he sent to it in 2014, as if it had no relevance; as if the docu-
mented corruption of a cardinal  is inconsequential.  

Some of that subject matter was again mailed to the Vatican in March of 2015,
directly from the Vatican's own post office by an individual whose identity I
never publicly revealed.  No response to the 2015 communication came from
the Vatican.

The five principle Pontillo URLs of May 2015 received over 100,000 hits for
that one month, alone.  Even into the middle of June, the five principle URLs
received over 118,000 hits in a 30-day period.   You won't learn this from the 
Wuerl People, the Bendig People, or the Donohue People.  Meanwhile, the 
Vatican, in its modern-day cronyism, looks the other way, concerning the 
completely damning evidence compiled against the 5'4" Donald Wuerl who
is so narcissistic and dishonest that he obsessively seeks to deceive humanity
into thinking that he is the height of an American football player.    

For the record, in addition to the two mailings to the papal office, I do know that
someone, while in Rome, did notify a Vatican official of the Wuerlgate revelat-
ions.  Nothing was done.

(Note: For those unfamiliar, Doctor Bill Donohue is the teeth-gritted director of 
the Catholic League which was turned-into a one-man show,  so that the same
Bill Donohue could soak-up over $450,000 annually, thereby proving his greed. 
Such people come off as holy and  heroic saints preserving the Faith, when the
reality is that they are merely capitalists and money-grabbing opportunists.
As of July 28, 2015:

The previously retired  Pontillo URLs  had  197,000+ hits.
The Blue Marble Album  has accumulated  227,504 hits.
Wuergate IV has thus far metered a total of 215,350 hits.
The Heart of the Virgin Mary has reached  143,274 hits.

Humanity at the 11th Hour is back online with the original hit meter resuming 
where it left off.  However, the site has a new title and domain name.  It's now
the 11th Hour Chronicles, at   It presently stands at 
113,074 hits, at the time of this writing which was July 28, 2015.

Add the above stats to the 855,316 July 28th hit count of the most recently con-
structed Pontillo URL and you have over 1.75 million hits.   You now  know that, 
whenever a Wuerl or Bendig proponent says, "Oh, nobody reads that guy's stuff,
he/she is lying.  That guy's stuff contains information that you need to know.

Incidentally, the Marian site has a new domain name and is starting at the
bottom of the rankings, for a third time.  The domain name was purchased 
on an impulse.  The site's readers weren't  told where to find it.  As far as
they're concerned, it suddenly vanished, except for the remaining cache.


                     More stats, before the blatant point is to be made:
                       (These stats are to be read in the quick jog mode.)

The following stats concern hits for one day at a time;  not an accumulation
of days:

The total one-day hit count of the Pontillo URL's for July 24, 2015 was 
19,630.  It was the day after the new Summer pictorials were released 
for public view.  All photos were G-rated nature shots of trees, flowers,
and other articles of vegetation, with an occasional bee present.  None
the less, on July 25th, the one-day hit total was 9,658.

For the single day of July 23rd, the Pontillo URLs received a hit count of
6,172.  For July 20, the  one-day hit count was 6,692.  Then, in the two-
day period which comprised July 17 and 18, the hit count totaled  17,264.
The daily average for those two days was 8,632 hits.

Total hits of the Pontillo URL's for the single day of July 13 was 5,625.
For June 12th, alone, the hit count was 8,410.  For June 29, it was 8,880.  
For June 15th alone, the hit count was 6,200.  For June 5, 2015, it was 
5,277.   For May 31, 2015, the hit count was 6,330.  

For May 28, it was 6,176, and on May 26, it was 7,401 hits.  On May 24, 
the hits on the five major Pontillo sites reached 5,473 for that day, alone.
On May 19, the five sites received a 13,269 hits.  This constituted a one-
day average of  2,653 hits per each of the five major Pontillo URLs.

On the day of April 25,  the total one-day hit count was 7,199, making its
one-day average 1,439 hits for each individual Pontillo URL.  In fact,  the
May 5th hit count that equaled  5,111 hits.  The five major Pontillo URLs
received 5,751 hits on April 7 and 5,080 hits on April 4.

March had its high-mark days, too.  For example, on March 30 & 31,  when
there were six major Pontillo URLs, the hit count was 13,296.  The daily avg
was 6,648 hits per day for those two days.  The average number for that day
was 1,329 hits for each individual Pontillo URL. On March 20, the hit count
was 5,635.

In fact, on Christmas Eve, the total hit count on the Pontillo sites exceeded
8,000, and on Christmas Day, the Pontillo hit count exceeded 12,000 hits.
Now, what was this comment about no one reading the Wuerlgate author's
                              As of May 9, 2015:

The fourth edition of Wuerlgate IV accumulated 193,451 hits, 
3,021 of which were received on that one day.

Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

           As of May 13, Wuerlgate IV made it to 195,442 hits
                      (below is the daily chart for May 13)
Graph of Blogger page views

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

          Wuerlgate IV  hits for the day of May 28, 2015 only.
           (The monthly hit count is progressively climbing.)
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

 Now for the Point to be Made:

There has been enough public exposure of the Wuerlgate site and the oth-
er Pontillo writings/pictorials that someone somewhere could have easily
notified some Vatican official at some recent time about the existence of
the evidence gathered against Cardinal Wuerl.  In fact, all that one needs
to do, in order to find Wuerlgate, is to Google Donald Wuerl,  Cardinal
Wuerl,  Cardinal Donald Wuerl,  Wuerl,  etc.

Even at that, the Jpegs of this site were sent to Rome, via paper mail, in
August 2014.  Narrations were included.  Yet, no response came from the

The Vatican acts as if the Wuerl file never existed.  However, there is the
obligation, under the Catholic Code of Canon Law, to act upon submitted
evidence "pervenit'' ..."as soon as it comes"...  to church authorities.   In
the vocabularty of American law, the phrase is sua sponte.  Furthermore,
any cleric who abuses his power is to be punished "doubly," according to
the same code.

All in all, when it comes to the Vatican hiding in the highest ranks of the
Catholic Church a cover-up artist, a power abuser, a retaliator, an alleged
apostate of nature, an alleged breaker of a major priesthood vow, and 
flaming heretic arrogantly changing 2,000 year old doctrine, as well as 
him having been an associate of the infernal Marcial Maciel Degollado,
the Vatican Curia cannot say, "Oh.  We didn't know.  We just didn't
know.  No one told us."  As was the case during the tenure of former
Hitler Youth, Benedict XVI,  the Vatican remains Cronyism Central.

Do not be deceived, I believe in One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic
Church, as well as the power of absolution from sin possessed by a
validly ordained priest, and Catholic Church doctrine.  I also believe
n Saint Paul's prophecy of "the Great Apostasy," the approved Marian 
pparition of Quito Ecuador, the approved Marian apparition of Akita 
Japan, the approved Marian apparition of La Salette, as well as Fatima.

The interestingthing is that, when a certain type of person assumes that
I am an anti-Catholic, bent on destroying every church on Earth, that per-
son loves me and keeps contacting me.  When the same person discovers
that I actually believe in my Italian, Danish-Irish, & Celtic-Irish ancestors'
Catholicism, that person suddenly gets convulsive and huffy.  That same
person then never contacts me again

The Wuerlgate contents comprise more than enough evidence against
Wuerl to trigger remedial action from the Vatican.  There was also the
petition for an anti-sweatshop apostolate, and its silence in that depart-
ment shows the hypocrisy of the Vatican, in light of Pope Francis' com-
ments on the topic.

In fact, this is an issue that Wuerl always ignored, as if he wanted a slave
class to exist.  Of course, the qualified opinion is that Wuerl is too much
of a coward to speak out against America's corporate holders of wealth.

There was additionally a petition to excardinate the credible whistle blower
deacon whom Wuerl trapped and refused to ordain ... to free him from the
trap into where Donald Wuerl canonically placed him.  There was more in
the package sent to Rome, only to be ignored.

Apparently, the Vatican does NOT care to clean-up its own ranks, being that
the Jpegs of Wuerlgate evidence had been mailed to the Vatican in 2014, to
no avail.

If it didn't get lost in the mail, then Rome snubbed subject matter which:

1} is evidence-supported subject matter that has been on the front page of each
of the three major search engines for the past three years,  2} is on a site that has
pageviews in the six-figure range, as well as having gotten tens of thousands of
hits on previous editions of Wuerlgate, 3} were pirated and placed on other web-
sites, translating into more exposure to the material which the Vatican ignores.
4} has been viewed by people in China, Russia, the Ukraine, the Middle East,
Continental Europe, the British Isles, and the Americas.

None the less, the Vatican spent six years acting as if the Maciel file never
existed, and he was the greatest molester in the known history of the church.
Cardinal Bernard Law got away with what he was doing for years,.  Wuerl
is getting a free ride, all the same.  After all, he was a Maciel man and the
protector of Maciel is still in power at the Vatican, as the dean of the college
of cardinals.  That person is Angelo Sodano.  All in all, the corruption and
cronyism of the Vatican, as was proven to exist by an aggrieved and consci-
entious butler, hasn't diminished.  Plus, as is blatantly obvious, yours truly,
the Wuerlgate author, is apparently persona non grata in the minds of the
Vatican's ruling body.

The stats show that the Wuerl Supporters are little more than snakes who 
mislead with dismissive pretenses.  Stats & other types of fact always trump
the Wuerl People.  None the less, always keep in mind that the startling fea-
ture here is that the Pontillo articles are notoriously long ones, with statisti-
cal tables included.  This means that they are not for the faint of heart.  So,
the number of pageviews involved was startling.

If any one of the Wuerl People started from zero as I and several other
million-hit-club members did, none of the Wuerl Folk would have come
as far.  Why?  ANS: Because they don't stand for anything.  They feel no
one's pain, and they do NOT hunger and thirst for justice.  After all, they
speak out against no economic or political injustices.  They only speak
out against California native George Neumayr.

                     More Pontillo Pageview Stats

                              as of May 10, 2015:

          The Heart of the Virgin Mary had 133,765 hits
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

    The relatively new photography site had a count of  37,877 hits
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
                                    As of May 13, 2015

       The Blue Marble Album reached the 206,283 hit mark.
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

      As of May 24, 2015, the Marian site looked as follows:
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

On June 1, the Blue Marble Album looked like this
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

Now, this is sufficient enough exposure for anyone's works.  But, it's
a tremendous amount of exposure for sites that contain long articles
with statistical tables, timelines, line itemizations, numbering, etc.
Reading Pontillo articles is like reading term papers and/or peer
reviewed papers, in as far as goes their usual length.

I was informed that two entirely different articles of mine required
34 and 37 pages, for printing them out into paper.  One was about
WWII and the other one was about James Torquato's retaliations.
Quite frankly, I don't write articles, I write book chapters, term
papers, pamphlets.  Twice I was referred to as writing "tomes."

Even at that, how many people do you know who had three URLs get
over 1,000 hits each on the same one day, as the Pontillo URLs did on
March 12, 2015 and on a few other "blue moon days?"  Maintaining a
multiplicity of sites, and keeping them from turning into online ghost
towns, can be difficult.

Below: Wuerlgate IV snapshot for the day of March 12, 2015, the most
recent Triple 1,000 Hit Day which comes only in a blue moon.  At 1,045
pageviews, it wasn't the Pontillo URL with the most hits for that day.  It
didn't even get the second most hits for the day.

Graph of Blogger page views

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
 Wuerlgate IV all-time audience stats 
as of July 28, 2015:   (This does NOT 
include the hits of the first three editions)

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom
The Blue Marble Album II all-time audience stats 
as of July 28, 2015:

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom
The Heart (and Mind) of the Virgin Mary, for the day of March 12.


Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
Below:  Same site for the week ending on April 24, 2015.  For the
past thirty days, the most hits in one day was 2,017.  Avg hits per 
day were 377.
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

So, as you can now see, any snide remark about people not wanting to read
the Wuerlgate author's writings is a complete lie.  Their ignoring of it in
public doesn't mean that everyone else did.  They failed to keep it off of
the front page of the world's most frequented search engines.

The pageview stats prove that a sector of humanity finds merit and social
concern in the Wuerlgate articles,  the site's archive links,  and its many 
pieces of Jpeg evidence.  This makes the silence of the Vatican and the
Wuerl People, as well as the Bendig camp, a con artist's act of contempt
toward mankind.  They will do what they can to keep the truth away from
you.  Meanwhile, I did what I could to have the truth delivered to you ... 
... for free ... except for your monthly internet provider bill.

There's also the matter of adding to the tally sheet the hits that the Wuerl-
gate articles received on the pirate sites.  The internet pirates didn't ignore
those writings, to say the least.  So, why did the Vatican do so, even after
the Jpeg evidence and narrations thereof were both sent to the Vatican in
the Summer of 2014?  Did the package get conveniently lost in the mail? 
If so, then that's a major coincidence.

For the Good Name of their Selfish Little Selves, Only

As was previously mentioned by me, what it actually is ... in my opinion ...
is that they're afraid that the Vatican won't get as much donation money, if
more of its higher-ups become exposed for corruption and injustice.

No matter how much work is done to procure justice in the Crony-Era Church
and to repair the damage caused by Donald Wuerl, the egotism of the present
ruling body at the Vatican will make  all of your labor for naught.  They want
to join in the lie called Donald Wuerl, "for the good name of the church."

Well, the priests whom Wuerl unjustly assassinated in character needed to be
protected, also ... for the good name of the exact same church.  However . . .

The reality is that the concern of today's Vatican is only the "good name of the
higher-ups in the church's good ole boy network."   They have turned the Seat
of Saint Peter into Cronyism Central.  Wuerl is part of a corrupt circuit.

Why can't they at the Vatican be honest enough to admit that their protection
of Wuerl and similar clerics is for the good of their bank accounts and income