November 24, 2014

EWTN Letter Affirmed the Wuerl Files

The weaker the leader's character, the more vicious his deeds

Keep in mind that Mother Angelica publicly admonished then LA archbishop
Roger Mahoney, only to have the prelate perform bully tactics upon the well-
intentioned founder of EWTN.  Well, a package of evidence was sent to the
EWTN people, concerning Donald Wuerl, to no avail.  Yet, Donald Wuerl's
weekly TV show was dropped from the EWTN schedule long ago, whatever
had been the reason.  However, Mother
Angelica no longer has the steering wheel of the network in her hands.

The letter posted below was the response of EWTN, after a package of
incriminating evidence was sent to it, concerning Donald Wuerl.  It was
sent to EWTN years before Wuerl was to be transferred to DC.  There-
fore, it was sent years before he was elevated to the College of Cardinals.
This shows that Wuerl's corruption was already known, yet nobody did
snything to stop it.  Wuerl was elevated instead of disciplined, as if to have
been rewarded for his viciousness.

This teaches an important point:

The scandals of the church, as expert witness and author Richard Sipe
illustrated, started at the top.  In the Fr. James Torquato retaliation, we
have a case in point where the cover-ups of the Vatican II church were
sustained be imposing fear upon the victims, advocates, and especiallly
whistle-blowers of those protected by corrupt bishops.  The laity feared
being bullied by abusive bishops and priests.   They feared undergoing
what a few of us were forced to endure during the Torquato Retaliation.

As a note, the papal nuncio was contacted during the first phase of the
Torquato Retaliations, and he said that he would do no more than con-
tact Donald Wuerl about it.  It was equivalent to contacting the fox al-
ready in the chicken coup.  Almost immediately after I contracted the
Papal Nuncio did the apartment bldg intrusion occur, and the hunt
for Torquato's accuser ratcheted upward a bit.  I remember every
place where I was hiding the guy.  Torquato and Wuerl put him
through a lot of trauma.  No peace from Donald Wuerl.

Being an object of church retaliation during the tenure of John Paul II
meant that you were entirely unprotected, unless someone in secular
law enforcement or civil law would reach out to help you,  and not
look the other way.  The letter below is proof that the EWTN  TV
network looked the other way, thereby negating its purpose for be-
ing on air.  Such a thing was a sin of cooperation.

For the narration about the matter of Wuerl's cover-up of his former
personal secretary, see:

For the record, this letter was an untold insult, being that it admitted
that Wuerl was someone who should never have been a bishop, yet
people in a position to give tremendous help ended up giving zero
help when it was needed.

November 23, 2014

Proof that Diane Thompson lied about Cipolla's non-existent arrest & imaginary attorney has been in the public's view since the 1990s.

... or the Pgh Post Gazette lied, pretending to have quoted Diane Thompson.

Preview:  It's very easy to discover that either Diane Thompson or two Post
Gazette writers pretending to quote Diane Thompson lied about Diane being
harassed by an criminal defense attorney that Anthony Cipolla never had in
the Year 1978.  He was NEVER arrested as she falsely claimed.  Therefore,
he never needed a criminal defense attorney.

Plus, in the Year 2014, Tim Bendig lied to me four successive times, speaking
contrary to what a DA's letter stated.  That letter, incidentally, stated that there
were no ground upon which to file any kind of charge against Cipolla, and the
investigation endured for three months.

So, we start, with the following - Cipolla's 2014 background check security
clearance by which it is stated that he has NO criminal record of any type in
the State of Pennsylvania:

Observe:  Anthony Cipolla's 2014 Pennsylvania State Police Security
Clearance in which it is stated that Cipolla has no criminal record in the
State of Pennsylvania.  My name is on top of the certificate, because I
was the one who requested it and paid for it.  It's a certified security
clearance of Anthony Cipolla, none the less.  So, look, take notice,
and perceive.  Cipolla has NO ARREST RECORD in PA.

For more detailed reading:

Diane was quoted in print as having said that, on the day of Anthony Cipolla's
trial that was never scheduled in the first place, the imaginary defense attorney
of Cipolla harassed Diane into dropping criminal charges that were never filed
in the first placed.  Take note of it.  On the day of the trial Diane claimed to
have existed, she claimed to have been harassed into running over to the pro-
thonotary's desk and dropping charges.

Got it?  The following is the contradiction that proves the Diane Thompson
Story to be an outright lie:

In another article, a Post Gazette writer stated in print that Diane was harassed
into dropping criminal charges in less than one month after having filed them.

What's wrong with this picture?  ANS: According to the Post Gazette Cipolla's
mythological (make-believe) trial was scheduled merely 27 to 29 days after his
make-believe arrest.  Think:

No criminal trial in civilized America is ever scheduled so soon after an arrest
and arraignment was made.  The short amount of time doesn't give the defense
team enough time to prepare its case for the defendant.  This amount of time
doesn't even give room for depositions and plea bargaining.  Case Closed.  The
Pittsburgh Post Gazette narrative of Anthony Cipolla has been one contiguous
lie, all along.

Now, one might conjecture that she was mistakenly referring to a preliminary
trial.  False.  Cipolla was NEVER arrested.  Thus, there was NO preliminary
trial.  Either Diane Thompson or people pretending to quote her lied.

One more observation:  Diane Thompson never contacted me.  If I were wrong
in what I stated, she would has gone ballistic and contacted me.  If she were
lying as all evidence indicates, then she would hide in the shadows and never
contact me.  She never contacted me.  To me, the silence is her indicting her-
self.  She was caught red-handed via fact checking.  Case Closed.

The Cipolla Story which is easy to prove a hoax was a diversion for Wuerl's own
wrongs.  They provided a diversion to Wuerl's triple cover-up, his cover-up of a
Fr. Edward Huff in the mid-1990s when he has parading the Cipolla case all over
the place the fact that Wuerl was a ten-year long secretary of a John Cardinal
Wright alleged to have engaged in unnatural acts with at least one under-aged
male youth on a repeated basis ... as well as covering up Wuerl's proven nexus
to the homosexual world ... as well as the multiple allegations involving Wuerl's
private life which alleges that he did not take his priesthood vows seriously, let
us politely say.

In addition,  Cippola was never arrested, and this means that he had no need of
a defense attorney.   Thus, there was no trial or defense attorney in existence
where Diane Thompson would have been harassed.

 Plus, Diane Thompson had no power to file or drop charges.  She merely filed
out a request form, so that her accusations could be  assessed by the DA's office,
to see if there was evidence or corroborative witness accounts to merit a criminal
indictment.  It's known as a Private Criminal Complaint which requires the DA's
approval for it to be docketed and eventually brought to trial.  If the DA refuses
to approval a private criminal complaint, the private citizen may then sue in the
PA Court of Common Pleas for an injunction demanding the DA to file charges.
No charges were ever filed, so do the math.

One more very important thing, to whom it may concern:  Don't you EVER
again call me one of Cipolla's cronies.  He does NOT tell me what to do.
For the record, Cipolla and I have had World War III on the telephone,
time after time, before I fact-checked Diane Thompsons's "newspaper
testimony" and discovered it to be a lie.  I would tell Anthony Cipolla
that, in clear conscience, I couldn't clear his name in print until I had
smoking evidence to prove Diane to be a liar.  Then I found the proof
in a dominoes sequence of lies.  Fact-checking newspaper testimony
attributed to Diane Thompson was like bowling a strike.

Incidentally, over the telephone, when speaking one-on-one to each other,
Tim Bendig and I were exceptional polite to each other.  Cipolla and I, on
the other hand, had some very heated conversations.

Diane Thompson saw nothing done to her son.  She claims that her testimony
was based on what he son told her.  The Post Gazette claimed that the child
was taken to the hospital, and visited by detectives.  However, zero physical
evidence of any kind of physical contact was ever produced.  The detective
tale could not be corroborated.  It's not know if there were detectives or any
hospital visit.

As I stated long ago,  if detectives were called to a hospital bed, then they had
a treasure-trove of evidence, if Cipolla committed molestation.  Now, if they
had any evidence, the Wuerl People would have been raising it on flag poles.
Thus, there was no evidence.  In fact, a leaked letter shows  that Wuerl had
no evidence against Cipolla while Wuerl was refusing to obey the Vatican's
command to reinstate Cipolla.  The photocopy of it is on the Wuerlgate site.
Wuerl needed a diversion to hide his evils.  Cipolla was his scapegoat.

It is pertinent to note that Diane Thompson refuses to come forth and be cross-
examined in the court of public opinion.  She turned out to be nothing more than
a hit and hit  slanderer.  She was caught lying during fact-checking only recently,
being that no one did any fact checking until the latter half of 2013.

Another obvious lie of Diane Thompson was the claim that then-Bishop Vincent
Leonard harassed her into dropping the charges, by saying that the church was
already suffering greatly, because of having lost two popes in the same year.

Newsflash:  Diane Thompson was said to have dropped the charges that she never
had the power to file, on or before August 25, 1978.  Well, the second pope to die
that year wasn't even elected pope, yet.  He didn't die until late September.  Thus,
Diane Thompson (or a Post Gazette writer speaking falsely in her name) lied.


Tucker Thompson, the child whom she claimed was molested by Cipolla is now
in his mid-40s, yet he never came forth to state anything for the record.  This si-
lence is contrary to every sex abuse casualty who spoke with me throughout the
years, including a rape victim I once dated 17 years after she was raped by two
Philadelphians.  Abuse victims eventually find the need to vent  ...  to speak  ...
... if they truly were molested and/or raped and/or physically harassed.  Tucker
Thompson never came forth, after decades.

Once again, no trial is ever scheduled thirty days after an arrest.  That is not
enough time for defense attorneys to prepare the defendant's case.  Some
people have the untold audacity to lie to the public.  So, for the record, An-
thony Cipolla was never arrested, as was claimed.  He was never indicted,
etc.  Liars always get caught in their lies.  Don't take up that habit.

For more detailed reading of the Cipolla Case which Donald Wuerl used as
a diversionary tactic, to deflect law enforcement's attention from him, which
came as a result of his triple cover-up, see:

November 22, 2014

About the Wuerlgate author in photos

Presumptions can render you off-target and keep you disoriented.  Then comes
being deceived in good faith by lying propaganda.  Sometimes the corrupt divert
attention from accusations by assassinating the charactor of the messenger (the
whistle blower) who brought forth the accusations.  Thus, a false picture is paint-
ed.  A misconception is conceived.  You are mislead.  For example:

A woman who heard all about me from someone who personally knew me was
in shock when she finally saw me in person.  She said that she was expecting to
see a bookwormish wet-washcloth Woody Allen type of a weakling whose biceps
were no bigger than the average guy's wrist circumference .  She was expecting
to see a bitter and snide malcontent.  Well, that stereotype was blown out of the
water instantaneously.  After all, I am a construction worker and I do lift weights.
The Wuerlgate author in October 2014.  The fatal error in assuming that he's 
a Woody Allen bookworm type is that such a person is too cowardly to write 
against one as corruptly powerful as Wuerl, when writing without any political 
or social protection, and after having been caught in couple retaliations.  
You have to have the mind of a Russian dissident to continue with Wuerl.
August 2014 photo: Concerning the empty threat sent to the Wuerlgate author
stating that he's sailing in dangerous waters and that he should watch out 
for pirates, let's be honest here.  The pirates better watch out for him.

Do you really think that he'll back down to the threats of dweebs,
namely the mythical imps who live in the knot holes of Hollywood?
Hollywood people are make-believe.  Fake.  As empty as their threats.
Next came the presumption that I was in the anti-theist camp intent on literally
or proverbially burning down every Catholic Church in existence.  Well, I'm an
officially registered parishioner of the Pittsburgh Roman Catholic Cathedral par-
ish and I've been going to Mass every weekend at the Cathedral.  In fact, I keep
a Rosary in my car and I have a website about the Virgin Mary.  In addition, con-
struction workers don't like the idea of burning down construction work.  In as
much, that particular stereotype has been blown out of the water, too.
The Wuerlgate author's venue for weekly Mass attendance.  He has no intention
to join any anti-theist faction in any capacity, contrary to the false presumption.
In fact, he has an affinity toward stained glass art, saint statues, and kind people.
Then there was the occasional person who asked if I were ever molested by a priest.
Now, this was a sensible question, and the answer is, "No, not me.  I was never stu-
pid enough to get molested."

To be honest with you, the idea of homosexuality completely bored me.  I'm not
interested.  I'm not curious.  I couldn't care less than I already do about it.  Women
have the colorful facial expressions; the looks in the eyes that move a guy ... as well
as the smoothing effect, let us politely say.  Plus, women are the ones who can cause
a guy to feel completely heart broken, and such a thing only happens because you
care so much for the one who caused the heartbreak.  Okay then, let's proceed to the
next issue:

There was an attempted rumor that I was a private investigator in Pennsylvania un-
der investigation by law enforcement authorities, due to my writings about Wuerl's
corruption.  The self-effacing factor in this con game is that the initial Wuerlgate
articles where written on the Carolina coastline, far outside of PA jurisdiction.
Later, some of the articles were written in the Shenandoah Valley, while a few
more were written in Ohio, both venues being outside of PA jurisdiction.

Furthermore, libel is not investigated by law enforcement in America.  It's handled
in civil court in the United States.  No one has ever sued me for libel or false light,
ever.  Moreover, I've three 2014 security clearances.  So, that rumor was squelched.

Click here to see the three 2014 security clearance certifications

Yours Truly, the Wuerlgate author, also during October 2014.
The other con artist ploy which was used at the outset was that of claiming that the
Wuerlgate author was a disgruntled and socially repressed brooder who couldn't de-
velop friendly rapport with anyone.  However, there is a huge difference between a
person of notable discipline admonishing the anarchic ones and a person who is mere-
ly an envious malcontent damning others.  Well, the Wuerl-friendlies, after realizing
that ignoring the Wuerlgate author wasn't effective, then tried to  dehumanize him
with predictable character assassinations, as an attempt to make his fact-finding ap-
pear erroneous.  None the less, concerning the attempt to dehumanize the Wuerlgate
author, rest assured that he is extremely human.

At this point, the Wuerl-friendlies can shove the following photos down their socks.
They are located after the three following paragraphs.  In in those photos look for
signs of this repression and inability to relate to others.  By the way, the five photos
of blondes below are of three different woman.  The brunette photos are of two dif-
ferent ladies.  There are more photos, but the amount her is enough to shut-up the
Wuerl-friendlies for a short while.

In addition, I have literature on the shelves of Harvard, Wisconsin U at Milwaukee,
NCU at Chapel Hill, Sweet Briar College, Northwestern U, etc.  I've seven websites
which house 200 to 300 articles online, in addition to a dozen and a half pictorials
of my own photography.  This means that I 've written about a lot more subjects
than Wuerl.  I have written against a number of public figures and a few uncon-
scionable corporations.  I've written on WWII, economics, American history,
French history, Catholic doctrine, deep image and immanentist poetry, invest-
ments known as put & call option, taxes, Marian devotion, law, Occupational
& Environmental Medicine, ecology, photography, and a couple other topics,
including road travel, being that I once traveled 12,000 via roadway in a sixty
day period, alone.

Plus, I work in construction which takes up a lot of time.  So, you can forget about
bringing into the character assassination arena the "obsession" claim.  My mind is
on a lot of things, and Wuerl is definitely not my #1 thought in any capacity.  He is
nothing but a rude imposition to me.  None the less, character assassination is mere-
ly a diversionary tactic, intended to hide the issues needed to be addressed.

You know, even posting these photos won't shut-up the Wuerl-friendlies.  They'll find
yet another way to  commit character assassination.  At least they have to conjure new
assassinations.  They'll probably use these photos to do it, too:
This is me being repressed with a blonde who liked my  Davy 
Crockett (Daniel Boone) hat.  I got it at an Army surplus store.

This is me being so repressed that the same
blonde is literally eating out of my hands.
This is me being repressed with another blonde who is also
eating out of my hands.  I'll bet the average guy wishes he
could be so repressed.
This was merely a platonic friend.  Therefore, the Wuerl-friendlies
had zero cause to say what was said at the outset, in the attempt to
market fear of me.  They are nothing more than manipulative liars.

This is repressed and brooding hand holding with yet another
blonde who, herself, is doing intensely repressed smiling. 
My contribution to international relations.
For the public record, she was a very honorable woman.
This is some very snug, close contact repression.
You know, the Wuerl-friendlies are just jerks.
However, those who let Wuerl get away with
what he did are even bigger jerks.
Usually, when a guy was a high school class president and fraternity
pledge class president, he's not considered broodingly repressed.  But,
the Wuerl-friendlies had to think of some way to divert attention from
the specific allegations which have Jpeg evidence supporting the vari-
ous allegations.  So, they tried to shoot the messenger at the beginning.
They won't address the issues to this very day.

This is known as being exposed to teamwork and interaction,
the opposite of brooding repression.  Therefore, the Wuerl-friendlies
are incompetent in their assassinations.  Apparently, they assume that
you're stupid enough to believe whatever they state.
After approximately a quarter million (or more) pageviews on the various Wuerl-
gate sites, and after a package of evidence was mailed to the Vatican, you would 
assume that the same Vatican wouldn't act clueless to the existence of the public-
ly posted evidence.  You would think that someone at the Vatican saw it ... or that
someone who saw it forwarded knowledge of it to the Vatican.  

Those in power at the Vatican are only indicting themselves, being that a significant 
number of people throughout the world are witnesses to the Vatican's neglect.  People 
as far away as  Eastern Europe and Asia have viewed the evidence, by the thousand.
Yet, no one  at the Vatican has been known to do anything other than ignore and/or
proceed in the cover-up mode, all the while refusing to undo the damage Wuerl has
done to others.

And remember, Wuerl was sued in every civil court venue available to Pennsylvania,
including the U.S. Supreme Court, the PA Supreme Court, circuit courts, federal dis-
trict court, and the PA court of common pleas.  Wuerl was not at all heavily respected
in PA.  He merely had artificial press and contrived TV sound bytes.  Those who had
any interactions with him ... and who were not a part of his clawing for power ... were
not impressed with Wuerl.  

Do not be deceived.  Wuerl did have a reign of terror while in Pittsburgh.  He inflict-
ed a number of scars.  Wuerl has proven that he doesn't care who is laid to waste, as
long as he is perched in a top seat of power and remains in front of the cameras.

So, we wait for an act of decency from those who should have taken care of needed
business long ago.  Someone needs to fall into power who will do the decent thing.

November 21, 2014

Wuerl: A Dirty Sex Abuse Handling Record from Year 1.

Donald Wuerl was installed bishop of Pittsburgh on February 12, 1988.  It only
took eight months thereafter for the Diocese of Pittsburgh to become one of the  
first dioceses in America to be 'scathed' in what was to become a nationwide 
Watergate of perversity.  Wuerl was caught performing a triple cover-up, and
the practice of sadomasochism was one of the acts which transpired within a
trio of clergy members whom Wuerl unsuccessfully concealed from law en-
forcement authorities.  

A member of the criminal trio was an assistant chancellor of Wuerl's diocese, as 
well as a canon lawyer.  This factor alone showed motive for proceeding with an 
intentional cover-up.  In light of this, when does a bishop ever proceed with an
accidental one?

The Sex Abuse Casualties

The casualties were two altar boys of the same family.  They were brothers. The 
years of molestation occurred from 1981 to 1987.  In addition to the three indict-
ed priests, there was a fourth alleged assailant reported to one of the three prose-
cuting district attorneys.  He was a layman.  Furthermore, there was a fourth dio-
cesan priest implicated, but only in his capacity as a probable accomplice; as a 
silent person who reported nothing to anyone.

Concerning this priest, he either allowed criminal conduct to transpire in a ski 

lodge suite where he was staying or else he was clueless to what was transpir-
ing there.  Nothing was established other than he was at the scene of the crime, 
going into his room, while a criminal priest was taking his altar boy into anoth-
er one.  

This fourth Pittsburgh diocesan priest, incidentally, was strangled to  death in 
Havana Cuba in 2001, after having been on administrative leave since 1996.  
A source informed me that Wuerl, himself, officiated as his funeral ... so stat-
ed the source.

While in Cuba, this priest was openly homosexual and was said to have "helped 

his visiting friends find sexual partners while they stayed in Havana."  He was 
the tragic Fr. George Zirwas, and at this point in the narration you should be at
the first stage in realizing that Lord Byron was more correct than he was mistak-
en when he stated that the truth is always strange; stranger than fiction.

Wuerl's unholy trinity

The indicted priests were Robert Wolk, Francis Pucci, and Richard "Sade" Zula.   

Wolk was the assistant chancellor and Zula was nicknamed after the Marquis de 
Sade.  All three priests were charged and arraigned in Washington County, PA.  
It's a county which touches the southwestern border of the Allegheny County 
where within sits Pittsburgh.  

Furthermore, Richard Zula was also arraigned east of Pittsburgh, in Somerset 
County.  Robert Wolk was indicted in Allegheny County, as well as in Wash-
ington County.   In fact, he was the first one to surrender himself to the police.  
Incidentally, the Diocese of Pittsburgh comprises the six most Southwestern 
counties of Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania, at last count, has sixty-seven counties.

The front page of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's November 11 edition of that

year gives light on how involved the criminal investigation was:  

        "Moreover, authorities said their investigation had uncovered
          evidence of similar offenses involving one of the priests that
          occurred elsewhere in southwestern Pennsylvania and Florida,
         Ohio, Virginia, and Canada.  Authorities in the jurisdictions
         have been contacted."

This shows that the matter was not taken lightly by law enforcement officials. 
In fact, the district attorney of Washington County prophetically stated,  "We  
would be sticking our heads in the sand to believe these are the only three 

Zula had 138 criminal counts filed against him in Washington Coun
ty, alone. 
However, a plea bargain reduced the counts to only two.   In sequence, Zula 
also plead guilty in Somerset County.  Now, as far as went Wolk, he plead 
guilty in Allegheny and Washington counties. 

Pucci's case, on the other hand, was dismissed due to the two year statute
limitations expiring on two types of criminal charges.   It expired approximate-
ly four months prior to his indictment.   He was indicted under the assumption 
that the time-keeping for the two year limit had frozen during the time Pucci 
was outside of Pennsylvania, in a Maryland psychiatric facility.  None the less,
conspiracy charges remained open for Pucci, and that particular crime had a 
five year limitation.   Despite this, Pucci's case was eventually dismissed.

Take note that, during the nationwide sex abuse scandal, priest after abusive

priest was sent to a psychiatric facility, as if each one were an unaccountable
victim of mental illness.  Now, there is a difference between mental illness
and sin.   If a person is insane, then he is without malice in a materially harm-
ful act, even though each member of society has the right to be made safe from
such a harmful person.   However, deception and manipulation, as much as
scheming and concealing, were committed by priest after abusive priest, and

such acts are elements of malice; not mental illness. 

In addition, these priests were described as having "compulsions" that required 
psychiatric treatment.  In the Catholic vernacular, such compulsions are known 
as temptations.

Wuerl and His Personnel:  Uncooperative During the 1988 Investigation

The Washington County district attorney announced that Wuerl's diocese en-

gaged in "foot dragging" throughout the criminal investigation.   The DA was
either irked or incensed by the Pittsburgh diocese's lack of cooperation, call-
ing it "minimal at best."   His quote on the topic goes as follows: "It was not
the spirit of cooperation we would like to see."  Of course,  "foot dragging"
is a polite way of saying "stonewalling" which, in turn, is a polite way of say-

ing "a step away from obstruction of justice charges."

Wuerl had pushed his luck to the limit.  Being that he was caught performing

a triple cover-up, and being that he was accused of having impeded a crimi-
nal investigation via stonewalling, he had no other choice than to strike the
pose of a strict disciplinarian.  This shows that Wuerl was not not not the
caring and concerned bishop that he was made out to be by the 21st Century
media.  Rather, he was a chameleon, looking out for himself.  He changed
colors according to the changes in the political climate.  In fact, he original-
ly presented himself as a "liberal."  He was then paraded around as a "con-
servative."  Wuerl has shown himself to be out for himself.  The following
mainstream media newspaper links provide the evidence:

Photocopy of Cleveland Plain Dealer Article which mentions the existence 
of a fourth predator in the same Pittsburgh diocesan molestation ring:
Wuerl's Cover-up with Mention of Fourth Assailant

The New York Times Report on the Triple Cover-up:

Photocopy of the San Antonio Express-News Report:

Photocopy of the Report found in the Lewiston Daily Sun:,2371591&dq=zula+barn+parked +car+pettit+resort&hl=en

Photocopy of the Nashua Telegraph's Report on the Cover-up:

The Associated Press News Report on Wuerl's Triple Cover-up:

Photocopy of the Bryan Times Report, with D.A.'s Additional Statement:

Donald Wuerl: A Coast to Coast Disgrace

News of Wuerl's triple cover-up made its way from coast to coast, via:

- the New York Times,          - the Saint Petersburg Times,
- the Philadelphia Inquirer,     - the Philadelphia Daily News,
- the Cleveland Plain Dealer,   - the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,
- Maine's Lewiston Daily Sun,    - the San Jose Mercury News,     
- Pennsylvania's Reading Eagle,   -  the San Antonio Express-News,
- California's Lodi News-Sentinel,   - the now defunct Pittsburgh Press,   
- Northwestern Ohio's Bryan Times,    - Oregon's Eugene Register-Guard,
- New Hampshire's Nashua Telegraph,  - South Carolina's Rock Hill Herald.

From as far west as California's San Andreas Fault line, to as far east as the
New York metro area, Donald William Wuerl became an early chapter in the
Vatican II church's sex abuse history.  From as far south as the Florida Gulf
Coast, to as far north as Maine, Wuerl's diocese had already proven itself to
be what best selling author Malachi Martin would later say it was"... one
of the most pathetic dioceses in the United States."

Concerning George Zirwas:,202749&dq=george+zirwas+pittsburgh+cuba&hl=en,127061&hl=en,1539593&hl=en,4367236&hl=en
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Wuerl's violation of the Child Protective Services Act

The pertinence of this revelation is that Ann Rodgers and other less than
conscionable members of the media made Wuerl out to be the all so car-
ing, loving, and concerned protector of youth.  He was headlined as the
bishop who fought the Vatican to remove "a molester priest," when the
fact was that he only attempted to have the priest removed for what was
later called a misdiagnosis of Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.  The
priest was never arrested, yet Wuerl let the papers claim that the priest

This also shows Wuerl's motive in letting Anthony Cipolla be the public
scapegoat whose reputation was completely annihilated, despite the evi-
dence indicating Cipolla to be opposite of the media smear campaign.
The district attorney mentioned in the article below was the one Wuerl
feared, become the DA contacted a number of other DA's in a number
of other states.  So, Wuerl needed a smokescreen, to deceive the public
into thinking that he was a holy holy and all so caring saint.  Wuerl did
nothing more than masquerade himself as an angel of light, at the expense 
of others.

The newspaper jpegs above prove that the slightly built Donald Wuerl
thrived on a propaganda machine filled with sleight of hand deceptions
and direct falsehoods.

In addition, don't forget that he rode the coattails of John Cardinal Wright,
and without allegedly homosexual John Wright, the Donald Wuerl who
accommodated banned Dignity Masses for eight consecutive years would
have been  nothing more than a person sitting in the middle row of the typ-
ical Dignity Mass, if and only if the allegations conveyed to me between
1999 and 2002, as well as between 2009 and 2012 (concerning Wuerl) are
true.  If those allegations are not true, then Wuerl would have been nothing
more than commoner frequenting other venues.

It was the court system that prompted Wuerl to strike the pose of a strict
disciplinarian who would come to the rescue of the victims of predatory
priests ... but not as it applied to any victim over the age of 18.  None the
less, Wuerl's artificial pose did not occur until three simultaneous indict-
ments of three Pittsburgh priests occured under Wuerl's watch, coupled
with a DA John Pettit's public accusation that Wuerl's diocese performed
foot dragging.  Even in the Torquato Retaliations, we see Wuerl's willing-
ness to let justice be obstructed.

Keep in mind that there was no criminal investigation of Wolk, Zula,
and Pucci until the family of the two former altar servers reported the
matter to the police.  They did not do so until after Wuerl visited them.

In addition, Wuerl only went to the home of the traumatized family af-
ter their parish pastor was told by them that they were going to report
the three molester priests to law enforcement authorities.  Wuerl did
NOT report the molester trio.  He let them go about their ways.  Even
though Fr. Zula was sure to never return to ministry, on account of his
masochistic actions, Wolk and Pucci were in a position to eventually
ease back into ministry, in the spirit of John Hoehl and Edward Huff.

Do not be deceived.  Ann Rodgers made it sound as if Wuerl were a
strict disciplinarian who ousted Hoehl, as soon as he learned of him.
No, Wuerl placed Hoehl in chaplaincy ministry, as he did with Huff.

Now, Pgh Post Gazette reporter Ann Rodgers claimed that Wuerl had
an epiphany while visiting the traumatized family and then became the
"model of zero tolerance" thereafter.  This claim is easily proven false
by the fact that District Attorney John Pettit publicly announced that
Wuerl's then Diocese of Pittsburgh did NOT provide the cooperation
that the district attorney sought during the criminal investigation.  It
was a criminal investigation which didn't commence until someone
other than Wuerl notified the police.

If Donald Wuerl were the model of zero tolerance, he would have been
the one who reported Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Plus, Wuerl would NOT
have allowed the 'foot dragging' that a Western Pennsylvanian DA said
was being committed by Wuerl's diocese.

November 19, 2014

Sleight of Hand Deception: The Way of Cardinal Wuerl

         . . .  and abusing his easy access to the press:
                           The Way of Donald Wuerl.

Observe how Cardinal Wuerl started his habit of deception through sleight 

of hand semantics.  It began in Year 1 of his tenure in Pittsburgh.   Shortly
after Wolk was indicted, Donald Wuerl publicly stated "I know now, and 
have said to priests, that they cannot be reassigned."

Now, a morning commuter on a Pittsburgh metro line would have construed
the newspaper quotation as Wuerl telling the three molester priests that they
couldn't be reassigned to ministry.  This is wrong.  Look closer.   The opera-
tive word here is "now," while the operative phrase is "said to priests."  He
didn't speak the sentence to Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  He spoke it to other 
priests, deceiving the public into thinking that he had no intention to put
back into ministry any of the three priests.  Wuerl's quote made him look 
like a zero tolerance bishop.  However, his quote was only a semantic trick.
After all, he already put John Hoehl back into chaplaincy ministry, despite
the fact that Anthony Bevilacqua removed him shortly before Bevilacqua
became archbishop of Philadelphia.

Wuerl didn't disclose the time when he said to unnamed priests that Wolk,

Zula, and Pucci couldn't be reassigned.  It could have been spoken the day
after Wolk was indicted.  In fact, the evidence shows this to be the case.
To start, Wuerl assigned the notorious John Hoehl to the Shadyside Hospi-
tal chaplaincy three months before Wolk was first indicted.  Thus, Hoehl's
reassignment went into effect four months before three Washington County
indictments were issued.  This shows that Donald Wuerl was very open to
the idea of reassigning molester priests even in the autumn of 1988.  There-
fore, Wuerl didn't tell any priests that Wolk, Zula, and Pucci couldn't be re-
assigned until after the indictment of Wolk ........ except for Zula, of course. 
Zula was a reputed sadist.  Wuerl drew the line with that type of behavior
at the time.   None the less, observe:

(1) John Hoehl was assigned to Shadyside Hospital in July.  (2) The first

indictment of Wuerl's molester trio was in October.  (3) On the day Wolk
was indicted, Hoehl was stationed at Shadyside Hospital.  (4) Despite the
Allegheny County indictment of Wolk, John Hoehl remained assigned to
the Shadyside hospital post.  (5) Approximately one month later came the
Washington County indictments.  For those unfamiliar, Washington County
is the one located below Allegheny County.  None the less, when Wolk, Zu-
la, and Pucci were simultaneously indicted, John Hoehl was still stationed
at Shadyside Hospital.  This means that Wuerl was engaged in molester re-
assignments even the day before his public statement.  That statement was a
deception.  Logic shows that it was spoken after the October 11 Allegheny
County indictment of Wolk.

Incidentally, Shadyside Hospital is located near Carnegie Mellon University

and the University of Pittsburgh.  Such universities are frequented by numer-
ous male youth, not unlike the ones John Hoehl was multiply accused of hav-
ing molested during his long tenure at Quigley High School, in Baden, PA.

According to courtroom testimony, the sadist Richard Zula was told that he

was not going to return to ministry, on April 4, 1988.  No such thing was ev-
er known to have been said to Wolk and Pucci.  Therefore, Donald Wuerl's
original way of handling molester priests is evident.   If an accused priest
were to receive a favorable prognosis from a psychiatric facility, then he
would be good to go into non-parish ministry.  If not, then the priest would
be ousted.  In light of this pattern, one can assume that any priest who used
whips and chains on an altar boy or two, as did Richard Zula, wouldn't get
a favorable prognosis from any psychiatric clinic.  Such a priest would not
have the sheet of paper which would serve the function of excuse for Wuerl;
as an excuse for reassigning a molester priest.

Wuerl's own Speech Gave Him Away

Observe this comment of Wuerl, spoken shortly after Wolk was indicted:

"That was his whole life.  Everything he was trained and called to
do.  To say he will not be reassigned is a devastating thing to do

This sounds like an excuse for not notifying a molester priest that he will

not be returning to ministry.  In as much, if a bishop would have said the
previous statement during 2002, he would have been soundly condemned
as a cover-up artist.  The link posted at the end of this section shows the
news report on this.

The Other Diocesan Excuse and the Contradiction in it

The official Pittsburgh diocesan spokesman made the following statement

shortly after Robert Wolk's October indictment:

          "We followed the lead of the alleged victims and the family.
            We had no desire to cause undue pain or anxiety to them,
            if they are not disposed to take public action themselves

This sounds like a very caring & compassionate excuse for keeping silent

in the matter of the Wolk, Zula, and Pucci abuses.   However, there is very
something wrong with this picture.  It would have caused undue pain and
anxiety for the family of the sex abuse casualties to have kept silent and re-
main acquiescent to Wuerl's will.   The presence of frustration, along with
the accompanying absence of peace would have built up inside each one of
them, like a malfunctioning nuclear reactor.

The family would also have spent the rest of their lives enduring the gnaw-

ing guilt of having let predators go camouflaged, ever able to snag further
prey in the future.  They would have also spent a lifetime feeling bullied
by the notably tiny Wuerl, in their keeping silent.  In fact, they would have
accumulated the fear of breaking silence, as time would go on.  All in all,
fear and resentment would have been theirs to carry for a lifetime, except
for the existence of the check and balance system deeply recessed in the
human soul by which a person can only take so much and then he has to

In addition, as soon as the two former altar boys became parties to a law-

suit, it instantaneously became illegal for anyone to harass them or attempt
to commit any type of undue influence upon them, in any capacity.  Such pro-
tection diminishes pain and anxiety considerably.  The two gentlemen were
presented to the public as John Does, and anonymity also relieves anxiety. 
Plus, a civil action results in monetary compensation, and the reasonable
expectation of a handsome income takes away annihilating stress, especial-
ly when co-defendants end up pleading guilty in criminal court, after having
negociated plea bargains.

In light of the aforementioned, do you really think that the diocesan spokes-

man was telling the truth when he said that the diocese continued with the
cover-up out of compassionate concern for the sex abuse casualties?  Well,
the diocesan spokesman contradicted Wuerl, because Wuerl said that he re-
mained silent for the sake priests whom he regarded as sick and suffering

Very simply, remaining silent about criminals who remain able to acquire
new sex abuse prey is what causes anxiety and undue pain.   When pain ac-
cumulates to the point of there being no more room to harbor it, the pain gets
so intense that it starts singing.  The Washington County sex abuse casualties
would have spoken up later in life, if they hadn't done so when they did.  This
is evidenced by the many sex abuse casualties who broke their silence years
after the fact. 

A Revisionist Article which Even Changed the Time Lines

In 2005, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review provided a very false statement, in

saying that Wolk and Zula were convicted in 1987.  This made it look as if
Wuerl had nothing to do with the cover-up of them, being that he didn't start
his Pittsburgh tenure until 1988.  Therefore, that article made it look as if he
had a crystal clean sex abuse record.  Perhaps the author of the misleading
article was deceived into thinking that Wuerl couldn't have possibly been
part of any cover-up, so the author assumed that the convictions occurred
before Wuerl's arrival.  Or maybe he was an intentional liar.

One thing about Wuerl is certain.  He wasn't the lionhearted protector of the

Southwestern Pennsylvania's most vulnerable.  Nor was he motivated by a
visit to the family of two molested altar boys.  This is evidenced by the fact
that he reassigned Fr. Edward Huff to ministry years after the visit.  This is
also evidenced by the fact that Wuerl made Fr. Torquato a parish pastor.