May 29, 2014

Wuerl's change-the-subject letter, to divert attention away from the fact that his triple cover-up was uncovered by a DA's office and the press.

      The change-the-subject letter below was the one that Donald Wuerl wrote
      shortly after he was caught performing his Triple Cover-up.  The contents
      therein were predictable, thereby proving that tiny Wuerl is no mental giant.
      Wuerl stated that there was so much to do that Pittsburgh didn't have time to
       think about his then-diocese becoming one of the first to be scathed in what
       was to become a coast to coast Watergate of perversity.

      Wuerl was not clever in his evils.  He simply had a propaganda machine
      and a few politicians proverbially locked away, in his pocket.  Such a per-
      son is no great leader.  Such is merely an abuser of power.  Clicking on the
      Jpeg below will enlarge the photo, but not so large as to fit on Mt. Rushmore.

      Keep in mind that Cardinal Wuerl rose to power by riding John
      Cardinal Wright's coat tails.  If Wuerl weren't Wright's long-term
      secretary, then Wuerl would have been a nobody in terms of pow-
      er and influence. 

      If Wuerl didn't ride Cardinal Wright's coat tails, Pittsburgh would
      have many more Catholic parishes and priests than it has today.
      Pittsburgh wouldn't have been the last city to end the heretical
      Dignity Masses which can be described as Sodom & Gomorrah
      Masses.  In addition, Fr. Sotak's accuser would have been a priest
      at this hour, and chances are that the retaliatory former personal se-
      cretary of Donald Wuerl, namely James Torquato, would not have
      been made a parish pastor.

     In addition, Catholic Church property would not have gotten into
     masonic hands.  Tim Bendig would be a no-name.  Sweatshop pro-
     fiteering would not have been ignored in Pittsburgh, a city famous
     for championing worker's rights.  If Wuerl weren't Wright secretary,
     the priesthood throughout the entire United States probably wouldn't
     be flooded with the flamingly effeminate and the homosexual.  The 
     aforementioned is important to mention, because St. Paul once wrote
     that the effeminate do not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

May 27, 2014

The mother who accused Anthony Cipolla of molesting her son was repeatedly caught lying about it, via basic fact checking

Ever since the Hollywood communiques
and three added corroborations, (along
with the fact that Bendig's civil lawsuit
had 70+ witnesses for Cipolla,) it was
ascertained that the accusations of Tim
Bendig against Anthony Cipolla were
part of Bendig's known habit of lying.
All that was left, to discern if Cipolla were the molester that a former Post
Gazette writer made him out to be, was the 1978 allegations against him,
by a woman who conceived two children to two different men, even to
the point of having a son whose last name was NOT that of his father.

Yet, the Post Gazette, in articles that utterly defamed Anthony Cipolla,
made it look as if the woman was a virtuously married woman, instead
of the "live-in girlfriend," the "snatch," the "main squeeze"and/or the
"one-night-stand," and/or "easy lay" she would have readily been call-
ed during the years when she conceived her children out of wedlock.

Concerning the woman who conceived her children outside of the Sacra-
ment of Matrimony,  her "newspaper testimony" which was published by
the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had lies attached to it, in the plural.   Such lies
were not discovered until 2013, because no one performed any fact check-
ing of them.  Let us proceed:

Ann Rodgers "Melnick," former writer for the Pgh Post Gazette, stated in
print that one July day "parents" of a nine year old boy were called to a hos-
pital, to the bedside of their son.  She stated that two detectives were called
to the hospital, also.  Rodgers then stated that Anthony Cipolla was arrested
shortly thereafter.  However ...

Cipolla was NEVER arrested anywhere at any time in his life.  Furthermore,
there was NO physical evidence of molestation on the boy's clothing, the boy's
body, etc.

If there were any such evidence, a DA would have stepped in pronto, if not a
detective who would have immediately written an affidavit and who would
have had a judge signature it, for processing.  No such thing occurred. This
is because there was no male fluid dried on the child, etc.

Furthermore, the type of crime that Ann Rodgers "Melnick"mentioned does
NOT usually result in the sudden arrest and manhandling of a priest.  It usual-
ly results in a DA's deliberations and an indictment which is then followed by
the priest turning himself in to law enforcement authorities.  Someone was
watching too much fictional TV during those days when Cipolla's reputation
was massacred.

In addition, being that the child's last name was that of his mother,  a reason-
able person would immediately realize that the father was not in the child's
life.  This meant that "two" parents were not called to any hospital bedside.
Furthermore, if the mother were called to the child's bedside, who did the
child make it to the hospital?  According to Ann Rodgers, the child was too
frightened to tell anyone that he was molested.  There was no evidence of
molestation ever presented to the public of any kind.  This means that a
third person would not have be able to have detected ill conduct performed
on the child, if the child actually were molested.  So, how did the child get
to the hospital, if the mother didn't take him there?  Did Anthony Cipolla
drive him there?  Or is it that Ann Rodgers is a liar in print.  I caught her
lying more than once ... but not until I went out of my way to perform
the long and arduous task of fact checking which the lazy never do.

In as much, there is no evidence that the child went to a hospital.  Such a
claim is similar to the one which stated that Cipolla was arrested.  All in
all, the entire Cipolla case, as presented by Ann Rodgers and the Pgh Post
Gazette, is one contiguous lie.  Being that the defamatory articles are still
available to the public, the Post Gazette is subject to legal consequence via
the doctrine of Ongoing Wrongs.  If the management of the Post Gazette
and Ann Rodgers think that they will never be held heavily accountable
for their unsubstantiated massacre of Anthony Cipolla, they are the ones
who need psychiatric assessment.  Ann Rodgers should study the Tokyo
Rose trial ... literally.

Those of us who did have the misfortune of meeting the 5'4" gray haired
and unmuscular narcissist only needed 10 to 20 seconds to think to our-
selves ... "Oh my (censored), this guy's a vicious little (censored.)  The
toxic mixture of narcissism and unnatural inclinations reeked from
this guy who should have never been admitted into seminary in the
very early 1960's.  I cannot express the shock one feels when one
finally meets and instantly assessed this individual who was her-
alded as the god of the ages.  You immediately realize that you
have been the recipient of lies, at the hands of a very untalented
Floridian afflicted with a pathologically bland personality, name-
ly the Ann Rodgers "Melnick" who was caught lying in print,
time after time after time ... for the sake of a scrawny, gray
haired flamer who was utterly ruthless to others time after
time after time.

They even defamed the reputation of a deceased bishop who was always
spoken well-of by those who knew him, when speaking about him to me

The accusing mother furthermore claimed that then-Bishop Vincent Leonard
harassed her into dropping criminal charges against Anthony Cipolla, shortly
after she filed the mythological charges ... as if she were the district attorney.
In fact, she furthermore claimed that Cipolla's mythological attorney harassed
her into dropping the mythological charges pronto, on the morning of a trial
that never existed on any court docket.

Firstly, she did NOT file criminal charges.  She began the process for a ma-
gisterial screening, to see if her accusations carried merit or if there was a
reasonable likelihood that her allegations actually occurred.  None the less,
the 1978 accuser claimed that then-Bishop Leonard communicated to her
that she was causing the church a lot of grief during a time when the church
had just undergone the death of two popes in such a short period of time.

NEWSFLASH:   The second pope to die in 1978 was not yet elected pope,
concerning the time when the woman claimed to have dropped the charges
which, according to my sources, were never filed in the first place.  My
sources included one in Italy.  Let's get more exact:

In 1995, Ann Rodgers-"Melnick" of the Pgh Post Gazette reported that a
nine year old child went to a hospital, resulting in a couple of detectives
being summoned to the scene, and ultimately resulting in the arrest of a
Father Anthony Cipolla.  The date given by Rodgers was July, 25, 1978.
Another Post Gazette writer said that the mythological charges were
"dropped" by both parents within one month after filing them.  Thus,
the woman would have dropped the mythological charges by the 24th
of August 1978 ... and the young boy's father would have been in the
boy's life ... meaning that the boy would have carried the father's last

Let's review, being that Wuerl's propaganda machine brainwashed people
into thinking that the Cipolla case was an ironclad molestation case, when
in fact, it's deliberations at the Vatican only involved St. Luke's diagnosis
of Cipolla suffering from Depression and Suicidal Tendencies, in contrast
to another psychiatric facility assessing Cipolla as not having any such
psychiatric condition:

The woman claimed that then-Bishop Vincent Leonard contacted her and
said that she was causing the church grief at a time when it was mourning
the loss of two popes in such a  short period of time.

The time period comprising "within a month" ended on August 24, 1978
or so.  This means that the woman claimed to have "dropped the charges"
before the 25th of August.  Well, Pope John Paul I wasn't even elected un-
til the 26th of August and he did NOT die until September 28, 1978.  In as
much, the accuser claimed that she dropped criminal charges approximate-
ly one month before Pope John Paul I died.  Thus, it was IMPOSSIBLE
for then-Bishop Vincent Leonard to have employed the emotional duress
tactic of mentioning the recent death of two popes.  Two popes didn't die

The woman is now proven to be a liar.  None the less, there is more in her
"newspaper testimony" that does NOT match the reality of the time.  In as
much, according to my sources:

1} There was no such arrest of Anthony Cipolla, ever, as was previously
     mentioned.  As was also mentioned, a priest  usually doesn't get a sud-
     den visit by police, and have handcuffs slapped around his wrist.   An
     indictment is usually filed, the priest in given notice of this, and the
     priest surrenders himself to law enforcement authorities.

2} If detectives did respond to a hospital call on July 25, as Ann Rodgers
  "-Melnick" claimed, then the charges would have been filed by one of
     the detectives and signed-off by a judge . . . not filed by the accusing
     mother.  In fact, if detectives did go to a hospital, they would have had
     a treasure trove of evidence at hand.  This is because there would have
     been blood coming from the child's private anatomical sector and/or
     semen on the child or clothing and/or other male fluids present.  Some-
     thing incriminating would have been found on the child's fabrics or body.

3} Another red flag as to the fraudulency of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is
     that one of its newspaper articles alleged that two parents were at the
     child's hospital bedside.  However, it was never mentioned that the
     father was a part of the decision to file charges reserved for a district
     attorney or a detective with the signature of a judge.

     In addition, there was no mention that Bishop Leonard harassed the
     husband.  Plus, there was no mention that the 9 year old child did NOT
     even carry the father's last name.  The child had the same last name as
     did his mom, showing that he had at least one extremely dysfunctional
     parent, in addition to one who was proven to be a liar after a little fact
     checking was performed.  All in all, the Post Gazette made it sound as
     if the father had no say in the filing of charges which were never filed
     in the first place.  The other odd thing is that the father never made a
     public statement.  He was completely invisible.

4} Plus, the 1978 allegation which never resulted in Cipolla being arrested
     was brought forth by Tim Bendug's attorney in 1988/89.  Bendig's attor-
     ney had a conflict of interest involved.  You see, Bendig had a very weak
     case against Cipolla, in that he had NO corroborating witnesses and NO
     evidence of being molested for seven years.  The only thing that could
     keep the Bendig lawsuit alive ... and which could get ample money in
     the pockets of Attorney Douglas Yauger ... was to exaggerate the 1978

Let's review, for impact purposes, being that most people who heard of this
case are brainwashed into thinking that whatever the proven liar Ann Rod-
gers reported was fact-checked truth ... the same way in which Americans
were deceived into thinking that Saddam Huessin's Iraq had a stockpile of
weapons of indiscriminate destruction, when the truth is that it had zero

A physical crime always has physical evidence attached to it

The fact that no district attorney prosecuted the 1978 accusation against Ci-
polla is evidence that there was NO EVIDENCE of molestation.  In as much,
if such charges were filed, then either the presiding district attorney or the pre-
liminary trial judge would have been the only ones who could have dropped
charges which were never filed in the first place, according to my sources.

The accusation of molestation was that of a felony and the accusing mom
was not the alleged victim.  Such charges would have never been able to
have been dropped at the will of a woman who had two children to two
different men and zero training in law, all the while living an unstable &
non-traditional home life.  The entire case would have been in the hands
of the DA only.  In as much, no bishop, no matter how harassing he would
have been, could have manipulated the mother into dropping charges that
were in the hands of a prosecuting DA.

FURTHERMORE, if the woman were being harassed by Bishop Leonard,
then why didn't she report such witness tampering to the DA?  Bishop Vin-
cent Leonard, if he did harass her, would have faced criminal charges, also.

Of course, the 1978 timeline of papal history show that the woman's accusa-
tion against the deceased Bishop Vincent Leonard is a complete falsehood.

Moreover, the church has a motto that popes come and go.  This means that
there was no grief over the death of two popes in 1978.  Rather, there was
an element of hopeful anticipation as to who the next one would be.  What
is certain is that then-Bishop Leonard did NOT mention the death of two
popes at any time before August 25 or even on September 25, in order to
pressure the accusing woman into dropping charges that, according to my
sources, were NEVER filed against Cipolla, in the first place.

The nine year old child of 1978 was the 44 year old adult in the Year 2013.
Isn't the lad of 1978 old enough to speak for himself?  Why the silence after
all the damage done to Cipolla's reputation?

If you are the catalyst of the destruction of a human life, you have the moral
obligation to come forth and corroborate or deny the accusations, while allow-
ing yourself to be cross examined in a public forum.  To destroy a reputation
as badly as Ann Rodgers, the proven liar Tim Bendig, the flamingly unnatural
Donald "Dignity Mass" Wuerl, and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette destroyed An-
thony Cipolla's reputation, is to do the equivalent of executing a human being.
You need to show cause for such destruction inflicted upon a human life.

The parts don't fit, concerning her accusation

Now, Cipolla was only accused of molesting a young lad once, while Bendig's
accusations against Cipolla and other Pittsburgh priests cannot be taken serious-
ly ...  as much as Bendig's threats made to me could not be taken seriously.  In
as much, if Cipolla did commit molestation, then he is one slick operator.  But,
Cipolla isn't a smoothly slithering snake, from what I experienced of him.  Rath-
er, as Chicago journalist Mike Volpe pointed-out to me, Cipolla has the typical
mannerisms of a person undergoing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

In fact, it wasn't until Mike said to me that Cipolla is probably innocent that I
looked into the case again.  It was only then when I found contradiction after
contradiction attached to the published testimonial of a woman who accused
Cipolla of one-time molestation in 1978.

For those stubbornly locked into belief that Wuerl proceeded against Cipolla
with honesty, keep in mind that Tim Bendig, Cipolla's 1988 accuser has been
well established as the typical con artist who even went as far as sending lies,
threats, and intimidation tactics to me, personally.

The Rabbit Hole Reflex of the 1978 Accuser

Cipolla's accuser of 1978 has had a way of hiding in a rabbit's hole, after tak-
ing a hit-and-run shot at Cipolla on a couple of internet comment boards, in-
stead of letting herself be cross-examined in a court of public opinion.  It was
recently ascertained/surmised as to why she performed the rabbit hole reflex
action.  It was surmised to have been due to the woman's testimony having
severe holes in it so much so that she would have been detected as a lying
fraud within a few moments, thereby negating her entire testimony against
Anthony Cipolla.  None the less, when you destroy a reputation as badly as
this woman destroyed that of Anthony Cipolla, you have the moral obliga-
tion to be cross examined and tested for cracks.

The cracks of this woman's "newspaper testimony," as was recorded for the
Court of Public Opinion by Ann  Rodgers"-Melnick" has been found to have
gaping cracks it in.  It is no longer a matter of "his word against her word."
In fact, there are a number of additional elements in the accusations against
Cipolla that do not fit.

For example, amongst the 1978 accuser claimed that Anthony Cipolla went
to the accusing mother's door, in tears, pleading with her to drop charges that
only a DA or prelim judge could drop, followed by her son standing near the
stairway, running away and screaming, "Oh no, we're going to Hell, now."
Stop there.

The son would have yelled the aforementioned statements the moment he
discovered that she filed paperwork at the magistrate's office.  The child
would not have waited for Cipolla to come to his mother's doorway.

In addition, Cipolla is said to have lusted after a child in the 9 year old brac-
ket.  He is then said to have lusted after one in the 12  old bracket, and then
the 18 year old bracket.  This would mean that he was simultaneously a pedo-
phile, hebephile, and ephebophile.  If this were the case, then he would have
had numerous allegations against him by numerous people; not merely one
accusation from a woman who negated her own testimony by accusing then-
Bishop Leonard of something that was impossible to have occurred.

There are other examples as to why the accusations do NOT fit.  As an add-
ed example, the accusing mother claimed that Cipolla was at her front door,
crying, all the while pleading with her to drop the charges, followed by her
claiming that Cipolla had a mythologcal attorney who arrogantly taunted her
into dropping the mythological charges.

So, which scenario was it?  1} Was it one where Cipolla was so helpless that
he had to beg for mercy in front of the woman?  2} Or was it one where Ci-
polla had so much arrogant firepower behind him that he only needed to kick
back and relax while surrogate pit bulls attacked her?  She claimed both sce-
narios had occurred.

Well, if the Diocese of Pittsburgh were as powerful in influence as the woman
claimed, Cipolla would not have needed to knock on her.  More importantly,
once she accused Cipolla of what she did, it was likely that he immediately
had a policy of staying away from her, lest she accuse him of other criminal

Moreover, if Cipolla were at her door after she made the accusations that she
did, why didn't she call the police and report witness tampering?  There would
a No Trespass Order attached to this so-called arrest that no one corroborated
have been a No Trespass Order.  Remember, my sources stated that Cipolla
was NEVER arrested anywhere at any time, everI keep mentioning this, be-
cause the typical American is a robotic puppet who gets brainwashed by re-
dundant sound bytes and propaganda slogans, instead of looking at a case
himself/herself.  It's the fat & lazy American syndrome.

Wuerl's Smokescreen has subsided

Wuerl originally declared Bendig not credible, and Bendig did accuse present
bishop David Zubik of being a practicing homosexual.  Of course, such an ac-
cusation is contrary to what I personally experienced in Zubik's presence, dur-
ing the days when he was a chaplain and high school teacher.

Keep in mind that I assumed that Cipolla was as guilty as advertised and that I
was being patiently polite with him, assuming that applying Franciscan Charity
toward him would result in him eventually admitting that he at least molested
the nine year old the one time he was accused of having done so.  However, I
found contradictions on the part of Pittsburgh diocesan propagandist Ann Rod-
gers, in her Pittsburgh Post Gazette articles, as well as in other articles.  I then
uncovered outright falsehoods, as well as allegations of unlikely events.

Furthermore, it was quite queer for Wuerl to have used for Cipolla's psycholo-
gical evaluation the institute founded by the Dr. Michael Petersen who was a
priest who ignored Catholic Church teaching on sexual morality and advocat-
ed pan-sexualism (which means 'do whatever you wish to do.')  Petersen, fit-
tingly enough, died of AIDS in 1987, thereby requiring an overhaul of the in-
stitute's precepts and policies.

Incidentally, 1978 was one of the years of the CB radio, where a news report-
er could use for a story or two something rattled from a CB transmission, with-
out getting to the heart of the story, thereby causing confusion, instead of con-
veying clarity.

If you insist that Anthony Cipolla was arrested, then you have the obligation to
provide the following info:

1} the name of detective who authored the affidavit.  2} the judge who signed-
off on the affidavit (arrest warrant.)  3} the docket number of the case.  4} the
date of the bail hearing and the amount of bail imposed, as well as the entity
who posted bond.  5} the date of the prelim trial.  6} the date of the criminal
trial, being that it was reported that Anthony Cipolla's mythological attorney
harassed the accusing mother on the day of the trial, to the point of intimidat-
ing her into dropping the charges on that very day.  6} plus, name the father
and his whereabouts at the time and why he didn't have any say in dropping
the charges that were never filed in the first place.

Add to this:  7} the name of Cipolla's criminal defense attorney, being that
I was told that there was no criminal defense lawyer, being that Cipolla was
NEVER indicted, NEVER arrested, NEVER arraigned, etc..  8} the date of
the deposition taken of Diane Thompson (the accusing mother),  9} the date
of the deposition of Anthony Cipolla, 10} the dates of all Ad Limine motions.
... and one more thing:  11) the name of the child's father.

Cipolla alleged that, after a news articles was published which claimed that he
was arrested, he called the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, asking to speak with Ann
Rodgers and her editor.   He stated that he did not get the opportunity to speak
with either person.  He also stated that, after having spent $25,000 of his inheri-
tance on the Bendig civil lawsuit which never resulted in a trial, Cipolla had no
money for hiring an attorney to address the defamation of his name.

Concerning the young lad who carried his mother's last name, either:

1} the mother didn't know who was the father, or 2} she didn't want the dad
     to know that he had a son, or 3} the father wanted nothing to do with his
     own child, or 4} the mother didn't want the child to know who his father
     was, or 5} the mother wanted to assure permanent custody of the child.
     All in all, Ann Rodgers was deceitful in painting the picture that she did,
     followed by her stating that Cipolla was arrested shortly thereafter.

All in all, after four years of intermittently receiving corrections and added
facts on the Cipolla case, done between the writing, rewriting, & editing of
well over 300 articles, tutorials, exposes, pictorials, and statistical parsings
on a variety of subjects, the following finding has resulted:  It can be honest-
ly stated that there is absolutely ZERO evidence that Anthony Cipolla ever
molested anyone.  In fact, Cipolla's overall history shows that he was the
opposite of a molester.

Below is the result of Timothy Bendig trying to have criminal charges filed
against Cipolla.  Such a thing, it is conjectured, would have yielded for Ben-
dig more settlement money that what he received.  My source stated that it
was an amount much more than the $25,000 that the press stated he was

Technically, Bendig was seeking IN EXCESS OF $25,000.  According to
my source, Bendig received an amount notably in excess of $25,000.  The
same Tim Bendig then lost the money in a relatively short amount of time,
according to the same source.  Nothing of it remained, even into the turn
of the 21st Century.  There is no evidence if even a penny of it was used
for the psychological therapy that Bendig claimed to have needed, unless
establishing the now-defunct Two Step Lounge was therapy.

Below is further evidence that Cipolla was never arrested, ever.  In as much,
if you are going to publicly condemn and destroy a person's name, you ARE
to give him his time and space to defend himself.  Out of traditional  Francis-
can Charity, I gave Cipolla the opportunity to defend himself, while believing
him to have been as guilty as sin.  I expected that, after being patient with Ci-
polla, he would eventually "come-around" and admit to having molested at
least the nine year old lad.  I then discovered lie after lie after lie after lie on
the part of Wuerl-Rodgers-Bendig-Thompson.  Cipolla has a right to a full
trial, addressing the accusations leveled against him, from A to Z.

May 26, 2014

Wuerl: A Dirty Sex Abuse Handling Record from Year 1.

Donald Wuerl was installed bishop of Pittsburgh on February 12, 1988.  It only
took eight months thereafter for the Diocese of Pittsburgh to become one of the  
first dioceses in America to be 'scathed' in what was to become a nationwide 
Watergate of perversity.  Wuerl was caught performing a triple cover-up, and
the practice of sadomasochism was one of the acts which transpired within a
trio of clergy members whom Wuerl unsuccessfully concealed from law en-
forcement authorities.  

A member of the criminal trio was an assistant chancellor of Wuerl's diocese, as 
well as a canon lawyer.  This factor alone showed motive for proceeding with an 
intentional cover-up.  In light of this, when does a bishop ever proceed with an
accidental one?

The Sex Abuse Casualties

The casualties were two altar boys of the same family.  They were brothers. The 
years of molestation occurred from 1981 to 1987.  In addition to the three indict-
ed priests, there was a fourth alleged assailant reported to one of the three prose-
cuting district attorneys.  He was a layman.  Furthermore, there was a fourth dio-
cesan priest implicated, but only in his capacity as a probable accomplice; as a 
silent person who reported nothing to anyone.

Concerning this priest, he either allowed criminal conduct to transpire in a ski 

lodge suite where he was staying or else he was clueless to what was transpir-
ing there.  Nothing was established other than he was at the scene of the crime, 
going into his room, while a criminal priest was taking his altar boy into anoth-
er one.  

This fourth Pittsburgh diocesan priest, incidentally, was strangled to  death in 
Havana Cuba in 2001, after having been on administrative leave since 1996.  
A source informed me that Wuerl, himself, officiated as his funeral ... so stat-
ed the source.

While in Cuba, this priest was openly homosexual and was said to have "helped 

his visiting friends find sexual partners while they stayed in Havana."  He was 
the tragic Fr. George Zirwas, and at this point in the narration you should be at
the first stage in realizing that Lord Byron was more correct than he was mistak-
en when he stated that the truth is always strange; stranger than fiction.

Wuerl's unholy trinity

The indicted priests were Robert Wolk, Francis Pucci, and Richard "Sade" Zula.   

Wolk was the assistant chancellor and Zula was nicknamed after the Marquis de 
Sade.  All three priests were charged and arraigned in Washington County, PA.  
It's a county which touches the southwestern border of the Allegheny County 
where within sits Pittsburgh.  

Furthermore, Richard Zula was also arraigned east of Pittsburgh, in Somerset 
County.  Robert Wolk was indicted in Allegheny County, as well as in Wash-
ington County.   In fact, he was the first one to surrender himself to the police.  
Incidentally, the Diocese of Pittsburgh comprises the six most Southwestern 
counties of Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania, at last count, has sixty-seven counties.

The front page of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's November 11 edition of that

year gives light on how involved the criminal investigation was:  

        "Moreover, authorities said their investigation had uncovered
          evidence of similar offenses involving one of the priests that
          occurred elsewhere in southwestern Pennsylvania and Florida,
         Ohio, Virginia, and Canada.  Authorities in the jurisdictions
         have been contacted."

This shows that the matter was not taken lightly by law enforcement officials. 
In fact, the district attorney of Washington County prophetically stated,  "We  
would be sticking our heads in the sand to believe these are the only three 

Zula had 138 criminal counts filed against him in Washington Coun
ty, alone. 
However, a plea bargain reduced the counts to only two.   In sequence, Zula 
also plead guilty in Somerset County.  Now, as far as went Wolk, he plead 
guilty in Allegheny and Washington counties. 

Pucci's case, on the other hand, was dismissed due to the two year statute
limitations expiring on two types of criminal charges.   It expired approximate-
ly four months prior to his indictment.   He was indicted under the assumption 
that the time-keeping for the two year limit had frozen during the time Pucci 
was outside of Pennsylvania, in a Maryland psychiatric facility.  None the less,
conspiracy charges remained open for Pucci, and that particular crime had a 
five year limitation.   Despite this, Pucci's case was eventually dismissed.

Take note that, during the nationwide sex abuse scandal, priest after abusive

priest was sent to a psychiatric facility, as if each one were an unaccountable
victim of mental illness.  Now, there is a difference between mental illness
and sin.   If a person is insane, then he is without malice in a materially harm-
ful act, even though each member of society has the right to be made safe from
such a harmful person.   However, deception and manipulation, as much as
scheming and concealing, were committed by priest after abusive priest, and

such acts are elements of malice; not mental illness. 

In addition, these priests were described as having "compulsions" that required 
psychiatric treatment.  In the Catholic vernacular, such compulsions are known 
as temptations.

Wuerl and His Personnel:  Uncooperative During the 1988 Investigation

The Washington County district attorney announced that Wuerl's diocese en-

gaged in "foot dragging" throughout the criminal investigation.   The DA was
either irked or incensed by the Pittsburgh diocese's lack of cooperation, call-
ing it "minimal at best."   His quote on the topic goes as follows: "It was not
the spirit of cooperation we would like to see."  Of course,  "foot dragging"
is a polite way of saying "stonewalling" which, in turn, is a polite way of say-

ing "a step away from obstruction of justice charges."

Wuerl had pushed his luck to the limit.  Being that he was caught performing

a triple cover-up, and being that he was accused of having impeded a crimi-
nal investigation via stonewalling, he had no other choice than to strike the
pose of a strict disciplinarian.  This shows that Wuerl was not not not the
caring and concerned bishop that he was made out to be by the 21st Century
media.  Rather, he was a chameleon, looking out for himself.  He changed
colors according to the changes in the political climate.  In fact, he original-
ly presented himself as a "liberal."  He was then paraded around as a "con-
servative."  Wuerl has shown himself to be out for himself.  The following
mainstream media newspaper links provide the evidence:

Photocopy of Cleveland Plain Dealer Article which mentions the existence 
of a fourth predator in the same Pittsburgh diocesan molestation ring:
Wuerl's Cover-up with Mention of Fourth Assailant

The New York Times Report on the Triple Cover-up:

Photocopy of the San Antonio Express-News Report:

Photocopy of the Report found in the Lewiston Daily Sun:,2371591&dq=zula+barn+parked +car+pettit+resort&hl=en

Photocopy of the Nashua Telegraph's Report on the Cover-up:

The Associated Press News Report on Wuerl's Triple Cover-up:

Photocopy of the Bryan Times Report, with D.A.'s Additional Statement:

Donald Wuerl: A Coast to Coast Disgrace

News of Wuerl's triple cover-up made its way from coast to coast, via:

- the New York Times,          - the Saint Petersburg Times,
- the Philadelphia Inquirer,     - the Philadelphia Daily News,
- the Cleveland Plain Dealer,   - the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,
- Maine's Lewiston Daily Sun,    - the San Jose Mercury News,     
- Pennsylvania's Reading Eagle,   -  the San Antonio Express-News,
- California's Lodi News-Sentinel,   - the now defunct Pittsburgh Press,   
- Northwestern Ohio's Bryan Times,    - Oregon's Eugene Register-Guard,
- New Hampshire's Nashua Telegraph,  - South Carolina's Rock Hill Herald.

From as far west as California's San Andreas Fault line, to as far east as the
New York metro area, Donald William Wuerl became an early chapter in the
Vatican II church's sex abuse history.  From as far south as the Florida Gulf
Coast, to as far north as Maine, Wuerl's diocese had already proven itself to
be what best selling author Malachi Martin would later say it was"... one
of the most pathetic dioceses in the United States."

Concerning George Zirwas:,202749&dq=george+zirwas+pittsburgh+cuba&hl=en,127061&hl=en,1539593&hl=en,4367236&hl=en
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May 25, 2014

Wuerl neither had a change of heart nor an inspired sense of resolve, after having dinner with the family stung by Wolk, Zula, & Pucci

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Wuerl's web of corruption was spun.
For those unfamiliar, Ann Rodgers was a writer for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
Even though she was never any type of Catholic, she was assigned to be head
of the Communications Dept of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.
On multiple fact-checking occasions, Ann Rodgers was caught lying in print.

Now, the propaganda is that the family of molested altar boys invited Wuerl
to their home, upon which Wuerl became enlightened in a godlike fashion so
divine that Wuerl deserves to be pope ... heck ... the New Divinity to whom
all must bow, in worshipful awe, according to the super hero comic book
hype of an exceptionally gauche Ann Rodgers.  However, the reality of the
5'4" Donald Wuerl is the polar opposite of Ann Rodgers fairy tales about

To start, Wuerl had a Father Arnott go to the violated family and see if they
would be willing to meet with Wuerl.  The Donald Wuerl who was sued many
times by Pittsburgh area residents sought to get his foot into the door.  Wuerl
invited himself.  Do NOT be deceived into thinking that Wuerl was a revered
presence in Pittsburgh.  The number of lawsuits filed against him proves other-

Secondly, if Wuerl were all so enlightened, then why did District Attorney
John C. Pettit accuse Wuerl's administration of uncooperativeness and foot
dragging during the investigation which resulted in three indictments?  Why
did Wuerl not observe the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Act and
report the priests?  In fact, when it came time to process the indictment of
Richard Zula, no one at the diocesan building knew where Zula was.  Well,
each employee of Wuerl claimed to have been clueless to the whereabouts
of Zula.

If Wuerl's meeting with the family were similar to other instances, then I
can assure you that he left the family feeling violated and outraged.  I can
assure you that he triggered a sense of insult in them so intense that they
fearlessly went forth and reported the priest to law enforcement officials.

Keep in mind that the propaganda is that Wuerl's meeting with the family
instantly affected Wuerl into changing his policy.  If so, then why did the
notorious John S. Hoehl remain in ministry until Rober Wolk was indict-
ed?  As soon as the indictment was filed, Wuerl got rid of Hoehl like a
sand bag in a hot air balloon losing altitude.  But, not until then.  This is
extremely interesting, in the it indicates that Wuerl apparently assumed
that the violated family would not report the three molester priests to
the police.  If Wuerl anticipated the reporting thereof, he would have
gotten rid of John Hoehl immediately.  Wuerl let Hoehl remain in min-
istry, as if Wuerl arrogantly assumed that he controlled the violated
family on puppet strings.

Wuerl keeping Fr. John Hoehl in ministry after the meeting with
the family of two molested altar boys proves that  Wuerl had no
change of heart or policy that resulted from the meeting/dinner.
The claim that the meeting changed Wuerl is lying propaganda.

During the journalists' 2013 papal conjecture phrase, shortly before Francis I
ascended to the Chair of Saint Peter, the Daily Beast's Paris bureau chief con-
jectured that Cardinal Wuerl was America's candidate for pope, in light of the
newspaper articles that glorified Wuerl, especially in the heavily misrepresent-
ed Anthony Cipolla case that starred a seminary flunk-out who was described
as a perpetual and pathological liar by multiple persons who knew him.  In fact,
the Cipolla case starred an individual who was even declared NOT credible by
Donald Wuerl, at one time.

The Paris bureau chief then stated that Wuerl apparently became too tired to
fight the good fight that the media described Wuerl as having fought.  Dickey
then referred to one of Ann Rodgers' Pgh Post Gazette articles, stating:

     But a few weeks after that decision Wuerl met with the devout, deeply
     disillusioned, and increasingly litigious family of one victim.  They in-
     vited Wuerl to dinner and, according to a lengthy and laudatory report
     in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2003, when Wuerl left that table his
     views of the issue had changed.  Before, his actions had been closely
     aligned church policies, which were basically a CYA masquerading
     as piety.

     Now Wuerl told his staff it had to get its priorities straight: the first
    concern was the injured party, the second was for the person’s family,
    the third—and only the third—was the potential harm to the church
    and its reputation.   He’s on the record declaring zero tolerance for
    priests accused of sexual abuse 14 years before that became official
The decision to which Dickey referred was Wuerl's decision to put back
into ministry the notorious John S. Hoehl, former headmaster of Quigley
H.S., in Baden Pennsylvania.  I attended that school for four years.

Anyone familiar with Wuerl's Triple Cover-up and the late district attorney
John C. Pettit, as well as the writings of Chicago journalist Mike Volpe, im-
mediately knows that the aforesaid statement doesn't contain any truth in it.
Dickey trusted that Ann Rodgers was telling the truth.  Therefore, the false-
hoods of Ann Rodgers, as they apply to the 2013 Dickey article, need to be
line-itemized here and now:

1}  Firstly, the family did NOT invite Wuerl to dinner.  Wuerl had the local
      pastor, John Arnott, go to the family, to see if they would be willing to
      speak with Wuerl in some kind of meeting.  This is because the family
      went to Arnott and told him that it was going to report Frs Wolk, Zula,
      and Pucci to the police.  So, Arnott informed Wuerl of this, as if to be
      nothing more than Wuerl's spy.  Wuerl only sought to meet with the
      family when mention of the police came into play.  Wuerl was NOT
      invited.  He stuck his foot in the door and invited himself.

2}  The indictment of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci, along with District Attorney
      John Pettit's bitter public statement about Wuerl's diocese stonewalling
      Pettit's own criminal investigation, proves that Wuerl did NOT have a
      change of heart or a change of policy after having had dinner with the
      family victimized by Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Therefore, Wuerl did NOT
      gauge his actions according to the "Injured Party First" policy.

      Even ten years after the dinner, Wuerl proved that this "Injured Party First"
      precept was not the official policy.  This is because ten years after the
      dinner came the Torquato Retaliations that Wuerl could have ordered
      halted.  Wuerl let them continue.  Let's do a quick timeline:

- Early Summer of Wuerl's first year as bishop of Pittsburgh John Arnott
  let him know that the family of the two altar boys sodomized by Fr. Wolk,
  Zula, and Pucci were going to report the matter to the police.  Specifically,
  an attorney friend of the family was prepared to do so.

-Wuerl was given his meeting with the family.

-The family's attorney friend reported the sex crimes, and an investigation
  began.  If Wuerl had the change of heart that he was claimed to have had,
  he would have reported the crimes, himself.  He did NOT do so.  Further-
  more, Wuerl would have cooperated with John C. Pettit, instead of being
  a brat who thinks that he can do what he wants, when he wants, as he wants.

-Wuerl orchestrated a stonewalling policy and gave no more than a minimal
  amount of cooperation with the police during the investigation.  So said DA
  John C. Pettit, in an October statement.

-The John S. Hoehl whom Wuerl returned to ministry remained in ministry
  up and until the time when Wolk was indicted.  If Wuerl had the change of
  heart Ann Rodgers and Christopher Dickey said he had, then Wuerl would
  have removed Hoehl much earlier in the year.

3} The other scandal which proved that Wuerl had no change of heart and
     no change of policy was the Fr. Edward Huff case, a few years later.  He
     played musical chairs with Huff, batting him between St. Louis and Pitts-
     burgh, as if Huff were a badminton birdie.  You see, Huff was reported to
     Wuerl by three different sets of concerned parishioners on three different
     occasions.  Upon receiving the third reporting, Wuerl sent Huff back to
     St. Louis.

     Wuerl didn't change after the dinner described by the Ann Rodgers who
     was repeatedly caught lying in print.  The same 5'4" Donald Wuerl didn't
     change his ways during the years when Sotak's credible accuser was being
     bullied by Wuerl's administrative surrogates.  The Donald Wuerl who was
     falsely described by Ann Rodgers as 5'11" didn't even change during the
     second Torquato Retaliation.  Tiny Donald Wuerl's ruthlessness remained
     in tact and in force, as the law of the land, in a place called Wuerlopolis.

The source of this letter is self-evident.

May 24, 2014

The Father Edward Huff case: Shows that Donald Wuerl did NOT reform, even after the indictments of Fathers Wolk, Zula, & Pucci.

                            Introduction to the Edward Huff Case

Toward the end of his first year as bishop of Pittsburgh, Wuerl made
a state-
ment that would lead reasonable persons to assume that he was resolved to
never reassign a molester priest to ministry.  Wuerl was apparently employ-
ing the sleight of hand semantics, being that he embarked on another cover-
up; that of Father Edward Huff.   In that case, Wuerl reassigned Fr. Huff to
ministry the same year Wuerl received accusations against him.  He did so,
after Huff had a stay in a St. Louis psychiatric facility.

The Specifics of the Huff Case

In February 1992, two families, days apart, reported Huff.  Donald Wuerl

responded by doing the type of thing that Bernard Cardinal Law repeatedly
did in Boston.  Wuerl sent Huff to a psychiatric facility; to one in St Louis,
named Saint Michael's.  The prognosis was that Huff had sufficient residu-
al functional capacity to perform some type of ministry.  So, in November
1992, Wuerl assigned Huff to a chaplaincy post and provided him with liv-
ing quarters in downtown Pittsburgh.

In December 1992, additional parishioners from Huff's parish sent Wuerl

a letter that accused Huff of molestation.   This was the third time Edward
Huff was reported, and this was when Wuerl realized that the cat was out
of the bag.  There were enough people who knew of Huff's transgressions
that at least one of them would inform the police should Wuerl's diocese
decline to do so.  Thus, this was when Wuerl's Get Out of Jail Free Card

Wuerl did not immediately report Huff to law enforcement authorities, de-

spite the fact that a third set of parishioners sent a complaint against him. 
Rather, Huff was sent back to Saint Michael's, despite the positive bill of
health that was already given to him by the St. Louis facility.  This shows
that sending Huff back to Saint Louis was a strategic move, and not a med-
ical necessity.

It wasn't until March 1993 when the Pittsburgh diocese finally reported Fr. 

Edward Huff to law enforcement authorities.  This means that he was not
reported until thirteen months after Wuerl learned of his misconduct.  By
that time, Edward Huff had already submitted his resignation.

As a subtotal, Fr. Edward Huff wasn't arrested until fifteen months after
was reported by the Diocese of Pittsburgh to the required law enforcement
entities.  Take note that Edward Huff was not arrested until 28 months after
Wuerl learned of his predatory acts.   In addition, March 1993 had addition-
al significance to it.  It was the month when the Vatican's version of the U.S.
Supreme Court ruled on the Cipolla case for the first time.  March 1993 was
when Donald Wuerl appealed to the Vatican Signatura, asking it to vacate its
judgment of the Cipolla case and to review the case anew.  In light of this,
Huff was too much of a hot potato for Wuerl to keep concealing.

The time delay in the Fr. Edward Huff case provided a smoke screen to the

fact that Wuerl found himself cornered and checkmated during yet another
botched cover-up attempt.  So, take note on how Wuerl sought to manipulate
time lines, in order to look diligent and trust-worthy --- in order to distance
his tracks from his original handling of the Fr. Huff case.  In addition, keep
in mind that Wuerl and company had already been accused of stonewalling
(foot dragging) in a previous case.  This means that giving Wuerl credit for

having reported Edward Huff was equivalent to giving a bank robber credit
for stopping a bank robbery the moment he finds himself surrounded by a
circle of police cars and then drops the sacks of money he was holding.

May 23, 2014

Wuerl's violation of the Child Protective Services Act and his uncooperativeness with law enforcement authorities.

Clicking on the newspaper jpegs below will enable you to read the news
article at a larger font ... but not one so large as to fit on Mt. Rushmore.

The pertinence of this revelation is that Ann Rodgers and other less than
conscionable members of the media made Wuerl out to be the all so car-
ing, loving, and concerned protector of youth.  He was headlined as the
bishop who fought the Vatican to remove "a molester priest," when the
fact was that he only attempted to have the priest removed for what was
later called a misdiagnosis of Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.

Read the following and explain where is the justification for the "model of
zero tolerance" campaign bumper sticker slogan, especially now that five
years of investigation, between multiple persons, concluded that the Anthony
Cipolla case was a vicious hoax that Wuerl used to fend off added investiga-
tion from District Attorney John C. Pettit and the other district attorneys he
notified about Wuerl's then-diocese?

All we found was that Wuerl was using Bendig as a diversionary tactic, and
that Bendig was repeatedly accused of lying to person after person after per-
son, including me, the author.  Diane Thompson's newspaper testimony was
NOT fact checked until the Year 2013.  When it was fact-checked, falsehoods
were immediately discovered.  Wuerl did NOT fight the Vatican to remove
a molester priest.  He fought the Vatican to remove a priest diagnosed as
having Depression & Suicidal Tendencies by St. Luke's Clinic, in Mary-
land.  Meanwhile, St. Michael's of NYC stated that Cipolla was healthy,
and that being traumatized, on account of a damaged reputation was
completely normal.  Wuerl's propaganda machine lied about the
Cipolla case, to divert local law enforcement's distrust of Wuerl.

The newspaper jpegs above prove that the slightly built Donald Wuerl
thrived on a propaganda machine filled with sleight of hand deceptions
and direct falsehoods.

In addition, don't forget that he rode the coattails of John Cardinal Wright,
and without allegedly homosexual John Wright, the Donald Wuerl who
accommodated banned Dignity Masses for eight consecutive years would
have been  nothing more than a person sitting in the middle row of the typ-
ical Dignity Mass, if and only if the allegations conveyed to me between
1999 and 2002, as well as between 2009 and 2012 (concerning Wuerl) are
true.  If those allegations are not true, then Wuerl would have been nothing
more than commoner frequenting other venues.

It was the court system that prompted Wuerl to strike the pose of a strict
disciplinarian who would come to the rescue of the victims of predatory
priests ... but not as it applied to any victim over the age of 18.  None the
less, Wuerl's artificial pose did not occur until three simultaneous indict-
ments of three Pittsburgh priests occured under Wuerl's watch, coupled
with a DA John Pettit's public accusation that Wuerl's diocese performed
foot dragging.  Even in the Torquato Retaliations, we see Wuerl's willing-
ness to let justice be obstructed.

Keep in mind that there was no criminal investigation of Wolk, Zula,
and Pucci until the family of the two former altar servers reported the
matter to the police.  They did not do so until after Wuerl visited them.

In addition, Wuerl only went to the home of the traumatized family af-
ter their parish pastor was told by them that they were going to report
the three molester priests to law enforcement authorities.  Wuerl did
NOT report the molester trio.  He let them go about their ways.  Even
though Fr. Zula was sure to never return to ministry, on account of his
masochistic actions, Wolk and Pucci were in a position to eventually
ease back into ministry, in the spirit of John Hoehl and Edward Huff.

Do not be deceived.  Ann Rodgers made it sound as if Wuerl were a
strict disciplinarian who ousted Hoehl, as soon as he learned of him.
No, Wuerl placed Hoehl in chaplaincy ministry, as he did with Huff.

Now, Pgh Post Gazette reporter Ann Rodgers claimed that Wuerl had
an epiphany while visiting the traumatized family and then became the
"model of zero tolerance" thereafter.  This claim is easily proven false
by the fact that District Attorney John Pettit publicly announced that
Wuerl's then Diocese of Pittsburgh did NOT provide the cooperation
that the district attorney sought during the criminal investigation.  It
was a criminal investigation which didn't commence until someone
other than Wuerl notified the police.

If Donald Wuerl were the model of zero tolerance, he would have been
the one who reported Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Plus, Wuerl would NOT
have allowed the 'foot dragging' that a Western Pennsylvanian DA said
was being committed by Wuerl's diocese.