November 19, 2016

The Gotcha Journalism Ambush: The answer to the "gotcha" question.

The following is as pertinent here ... in the Chicago area ... as when I was in Pittsburgh. By the way, keep in mind that Christ was "merely" a carpenter. He had no degree from Catholic University and no credits from any Pontifical institute. Yet, he was the Teacher. Therefore, if you are too arrogant to regard the conveyances of someone in construction, then you are too proud to heed the words of Christ.
Welcome to the Charism of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of workers.
In Sacred Scriptures, it is written, "Without the worker, no city can be maintained."

News Update:  The Cipolla Case blew wide open, 
shortly before his death.  All for naught.  see:

The Game of Journalistic Gotcha

Okay then.  Maybe you know how it goes, when you're a multi-million page-
view presence on the internet and some hag wants to take you down so hard
that all of your diligent, exhausting, and time-consuming  work will be all for
naught.  This includes your military history writings, your economics writings,
your political history writings, your corporate tax statistics outlines, your writ-
ings on Occupational & Environmental Medicine, your writings on church cor-
ruption, football concussions, Occupy Wall Street, and whatever other subject
about which you wrote, not to mention your promotionals of the international
charity known as Aid to the Church in Need.  Add to the equation photography
when such a portfolio spans from the Mojave Desert to Saint Augustine Florida
to the Three Rivers Confluence to the Lake Erie Region and Penn's Woods.

How do I describe the obsessed crone from New Jersey whom I told five years
ago to never contact me again and who was so hard up in destroying me for
what I discovered about the Cipolla case that she resorted to the Gotcha am-
bush described below?  ANS:  She is the composite of knotted tree branches
at the entrance of the Witch's Forest from where children never return.  She
has an obsession ... a complete obsession to make destruction her life's work,
merely by her inflammatory mouth.  She cut down almost everyone, in her
phone conversations with me.  Of course, when you hear a person assassinate
the character of multiple persons, she will be assassinating yours eventually.

For her, it's the act of going for the jugular vein, as if the church crone is a wolf
wanting you dead.  However, no matter how hard her cronies assassinate my
character and try to dig up dirt up me, it will not take away the fact that Diane
Thompson IS a liar.  Period.  I acquired the evidence & corroborative witnesses.
She has zero, except for one lunchtime with Cipolla, and during that lunch, I
highly doubt that he molested any children.  None the less, having lunch with
Cipolla made her absolutely certain without any doubt that he was a molester,
even though ALL of the hard copy evidence I placed in public view, and ALL
of the fact-checking results of Diane Thompson's newspaper quotations proved
Cipolla to be the opposite of a molester

I repeat.  I saw the paperwork.  I forwarded pivotal pages to Chicago journalist,
Mike Volpe, and he did an article on the Cipolla case in conjunction with Don-
ald Wuerl's Triple Cover-up and the Torquato Retaliations.  Of course, no hag
is going to attack Mike, because he is Jewish and hags know that they will be
pegged anti-semites, even though some of them harp on the Jewish banking
system conspiracy diatribes.  Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Diane Thompson's narration of an arrest and pressure to "drops charges" at, of
all places, the DA's office instead of the clerk of court's desk, was shear fiction ...
... shear libel ... the result of the presumption belief that no one would ever fact-
check Thompson's harrowing story  ... her harrowing fiction.

Instead proving me wrong in my writings about the Cipolla Case, the previous-
ly mentioned New Jersey hagmeister had to go off the board, and obsess herself
with every little nook and cranny of my life. in her search to annihilate me.  So,
I now have to defend against the claim that I'm a fraud lying to the public, about
my involvement in the construction industry.  What does the construction industry
have to do with catching Diane Thompson in multiple lies?  Anyway . . .

You know how it goes:  It's around 10:30pm.  You're body's wracked from doing
the type of construction work that maybe 1% of people have the endurance to per-
form ... not to mention doing it sometimes in the rain, sleet, and 94 degree heat
waves.  And suddenly, you get a late night call, even though you should be sleep-
ing, to regenerate for the next day's tasks.  I was very polite in answering the
gotcha question, though.

So, there's a journalist on the other line who suddenly plays gotcha journalism,
as if he/she is going to absolutely prove that I'm a lying fraud, so that Diane
Thompson can be hailed as the great and holy non-lying non-slut.

The question suddenly was:

How can a person with asthma be in construction?  
Well, Einstein, here is Answer Part A:  
Are there any other stupid questions out there for me?
Most construction sites don't have asthma-triggering air fresheners on them.
And respirators only filter a portion of the asthma-triggering fumes.
But, you are expected to endure brief periods of asthma, up to a half hour or so.

Plus, when I have no chemical allergens blowing in my face, I'm fine.  I can lift
weights and run a 10k race.  The problem is that we live in a fragrance glutton
society where people are gluttons in everything.  This includes the use of fra-
grance products, as much as those gaudy tatoos.  Cars have two, four, six, and
eight chemically laden air fresheners in them.  Those fumes waft a long distance,
because matter can neither be created nor destroyed.  And when you are as sensi-
tive as a bloodhound, its assault and battery on your respiratory system.  I can't
even sit in an apartment with air fresheners in it ... or if there is parked outside
on the curb a car reeking with air fresheners.  I can't park next to an air freshener
car, because the chemicals reek into the vehicle I'm driving and nestles into the
upholstery and clothing ... gym bag, etc.  It's that simple.

Part B of the answer is:  The Americans with Disabilities Act, where a helpless
asthmatic must be granted reasonable accommodations which mostly consist in
getting those vain and gaudy air fresheners out of his airspace.

Actually, the question should have been:

How could it be that three of the top four men in the same one company all have
breathing problems, yet remain in construction?

By the way, when working outdoors, there is a lot of airspace to diffuse chemicals
vapors.  Plus, all construction material is design to quickly evaporate.

On this 10,000 square foot lot, no cars are permitted here which have air fresheners
in them, being that they are perpetual asthma triggers.  Whereas a construction sol-
vent evaporates ASAP, air fresheners are designed to emit asthma-triggering chem-
icals 24/7.  All solvents are keep at the edges of the lost, as far away from my desk
and drafting board as possible.

My problem is finding a home, when there isn't a next-door neighbor, a apartment
hallway neighbor emitting gaudy amounts of those vain chemically-laden air fresh-
eners.  My problem is finding a place to park, in a mall lot that has car after car
after car reeking with two, four, six air fresheners in every third or fourth car.

Incidentally, next to us is the University of Pittsburgh motor pool.  Police cars, ad-
ministrative cars, maintenance vehicles are fixed there.  Not a single University of
Pittsburgh vehicle has one air freshener in it.  That saved my life.

The Hateful Hags are going to have to find another way to have the world hate me
to death and rip apart all of the my writings and photography.

None the less, the game was to prove to you .... the pubic ... that I'm just a lying
fraud, by showing you that I most certainly could not possibly be in construction.
In that way, in don't read anything I wrote about the Cipolla Case and that you
don't look at documentation that the public was not meant to read.

Okay then, the following mail, posted below, came at the beginning of August.
This should be enough to shut them up.  They're worthless.  Look at the gener-
ation of women they are leaving behind.  That's the genertion they raised.  Its
common practices literally cries to Heaven' for Vengeance.

Hags are knotted priestesses of resentment and envy.  They are Satan's best wea-
pon to destroy the only church ever founded by Christ, because they drive people
away from the Church.  Anyway, the following should be enough to shut up the
knotted tree branches at the entrance of Witch's Forest. What will ever shut them

Anyone else of goodwill is welcomed to write or phone me.  I'm here for you.
In the Torquato Retaliations, I proved that I was willing to take bullet or a beat-
ing for a good cause.  All you have to do is push the "on" button, to get things
going.  Things need to be done.  Damage has to be repaired.   Saint Pual called
it the good fight.
Does this help in shutting the hags up and in shutting the hags down?
They don't have anything to do, all day.  So ...
So, what is their next rumor going to be???

November 18, 2016

The leaked proof that Donald Wuerl had no evidence against Anthony Cipolla while defying the Vatican's order to reinstate him

In the event that you are
brain dead, you need to be
informed that the pieces of
Jpeg evidence posted herein
are decisive.  One piece was
sent to the recipient by two
persons, both of whom were
unaware that the other one
was sending it.   This and
Bendig lying to me, closes
the case on Cipolla.  He
never molested Bendig.
Now, as is policy at Wuerlgate, Anthony Cipolla articles begin with a copy of
his 2014 Pennsylvania State Police favorable background check security clear-
ance by which it is stated that he has no arrest record.  The security clearance
is usually posted after the preliminary statements of each article.  The prelimi-
nary statements are simply my updates.  Instead of posting knew articles, I add
to existing ones.  As time advanced, a Wuerlgate article becomes a tome.

Two Jpegs stop Cipolla's detractors in their tracks, especially being that Bendig
falsely claimed that Cipolla was taken out of the McGuire Home (26 miles north-
west of the Three Rivers Confluence) in handcuffs.  No he wasn't.  Tim Bendig's
a liar.  Plus, Cipolla was NOT laicized for molestation.  He disobeyed Wuerl's
command to not present himself as a priest.  Cipolla was seen on EWTN in full

The Vatican supreme court case (Signatura Case) was based on Donald Wuerl
removing Cipolla on account of a Clinical Depression and Suicidal Tendency
diagnosis of St. Luke's in Maryland.  It was the clinic founded by a "pansexual-
ist" who died of AIDS.  St. Michael's of NYC, as I have stated six to ten times
previously, called it a misdiagnosis.  Pansexualists advocate indiscriminate sex.

I highly advise you to not be sexaully indiscriminate with the wife of a jealous
Sicilian, however ... or the wife of a Columbian drug lord ... or the wife of an
American gun owner ... or the wife of a powerful and vengeful attorney ... or
the wife of an ironworker ... Well, you get the message on how asinine is the
pansexualist doctrine, always and in every way.  In as much . . .

If Donald Wuerl is such a descent "ascetic", then why did demand that Anthony
Anthony Cipolla go to a clinic founded by an avowed sexual anarchist and freak?
ANS: Birds who share the same type of feather gravitate to each other and cling
together.  Wuerl was the Dignity Mass red carpet accommodator.  He ordained
& protected honmosexual retaliator James Torquato.  He (Wuerl) was flamingly
effeminate in younger decades ... and is unnatural and decrepitly in his seventies.
Even in his sixties, Wuerl was called "Wuerl the Girl."  Chicago's Mike Volpe
stated that sources informed him that Wuerl did the "gay night" scene, etc.
This would show motive in Wuerl finding a scapegoat and railroading that
scapegoat into social disaster.  Let us proceed.

In addition, the damning accuser of Anthony Cipolla, namely Diane Thompson,
was fact checked and found to be a liar in specificity.  She changed her story al-
most completely, between the published mid-1990s account that she conveyed
to the Pgh Post Gazette and that which she stated on her two web logs which
contradict each other.  She even lied about me, in that she claimed that there
is no evidence that I exist anywhere online.  She then claimed that Anthony
Cipolla and I are the same person, meaning that my name is, according to
the proven liar Diane Thompson, Cipolla's fictitious name; nom de plume.

One added point to make is that the most damning claim which she made in
her 1990s "newspaper testimony" was NEVER mentioned by her in her 2015
web logs.  I won't mention it, lest she suddenly add it to her list of accusations.
It's as if she forgot that she alleged it.  Of course, the finding, without question,
if that she made up a story and then changed it.  Furthermore, she apparently
was not keeping track of her damning accusations.

All in all, Diane Thompson's fatal error was that she was too wordy in her two
2015 web log entries.  She wrote so much that it was easy to catch her in her
contradictions and story-changing.  There is more that was reported to me
about Diane Thompson.  But, I must first confirm as true the preliminary
report spoken to me personally, by an investigative entity.  More on Tim
Bendig is forthcoming.  But again, I must have confirmation to the valid-
ity of what was reported to me by two entirely different persons.

Before reading further, know that Tim Bendig was caught in "a controlled buy,"
and arrested, though not yet charged.  Controlled buys used to be called sting
operations.  The contraband involved, according to the source, was cocaine.
The only text message that I read about Bendig's legal trouble, sent to my
source as I was sitting across a table from him by a detective in charge of
the case, was "We haven't gotten around to filing on Bendig yet."  That's
the most recent info I was thus far given about the "controlled buy arrest."
However, I was given added info about other things pertaining to Bendig.

All in all, if Wuerl thought that Cipolla was a molester, Wuerl would have
reported Cipolla to the police, being that Wuerl previously covered-up for
Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, allegedly Wellinger, and definitively Edward
Huff.  This means that Wuerl could no longer neglect to report molester
priests.  Wuerl's get-out-of-jail-free card had expired.  This is why he re-
ported Fr. Richard Dorsch pronto.  All in all, being that Donald Wuerl
didn't report Cipolla to law enforcement, Wuerl had nothing on Cipolla.

This security clearance is addressed to me, because I ordered it and payed for it.
I needed to find out, once and for all if Bendig and Thompson were the liars
which fact-checking showed them to be.  There were.  I have not yet been
sued for calling Bendig and Thompson people caught in lies.  I outright
called Bendig a liar, being that he lied to me four times in a row,
about the document posted below.

Wuerl was showcased as a bishop fighting the Vatican to remove a "molester
priest" when he was only having Cipolla defrocked on account of the Clinical
Depression & Suicidal Tendency diagnosis of a Maryland clinic founded by
a "pan-sexualist" who died of AIDS.  St. Michael's of NYC declared the di-
agnosis erroneous, stating that it's natural to be emotionally devastated when
one's reputation is destroyed, especially in the fraudulent way in which Don-
ald Wuerl destroyed it.

A five year intermittent investigation of more than one person, coupled with
communication from accuser Tim Bendig and a series of emails from Diana
Mangum (aka Diane Thompson), showed that Cipolla was the victim of a very
cruel hoax.  It was a blinding outrage, concerning the way Wuerl treated him.
The great irony is that Donald Wuerl was the one found to have a nexus with
the homosexual world . . .  repeatedly so.  Not Cipolla.

In addition, as was stated four to six times previously, while Donald was be-
ing paraded around as a godlike heroic bishop who would never allow a mo-
lester priest in any ministry, he put Father Edward Huff back into ministry.
He did this while the media was stating that Wuerl was fighting the Vatican,
to remove a molester priest.  No no no, media.  Wuerl was not fighting the
media to remove Huff.  He put back into ministry Huff and the notorious
John Hoehl.

Of course, Donald Wuerl was caught in the triple cover-up of Robert Wolk,
Richard "sade" Zula, and Francis "Statute of Limitations" Pucci.

Wuerl, himself, was repeatedly alleged to have been a practicing Sodomite,
and he was the personal secretary of a John Cardinal Wright who was direct-
ly accused of have committed criminal & unnatural sexual activity with an
under-aged Bill Burnett, for 20 bucks a session.  Therefore, Wuerl needed
a diversionary tactic, to get law enforcement to direct its radar elsewhere.

If you believe that Donald Wuerl would never be involved in such evil, then
read about the Fr. James Torquato Case.  It IS the most evidence-based cover-
up of Wuerl, to the tune of numerous pieces of hard copy evidence which in-
cludes a police department's Citizen's Report Form, concerning an apartment
bldg intrusion that occurred shortly after I called the Papal Nuncio, to report
Wuerl.  Wuerl was ruthless.  Of course, the present communications sent to
me about theWay of Wuerl in Washington DC, where he is stationed, shows
that Wuerl hasn't changed.  It's simply that he hasn't the thug accomplices that
he had in Pittsburgh, during the 1990s.  And of course, the 1990s were when
Pittsburgh Police Abuse was well known.  Church & State was corrupt in
Pittsburgh during the 1990s.

Back to the Cipolla Case:

The enclosed piece of Jpeg evidence is the social deal breaker which shows
how much of a fraud Cardinal Wuerl has been, all the while deceiving the
general puthrough surrogate liar Ann Rodgers (formerly of the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette) and other journalists.  Firstly, journalists claimed that Wuerl
was fighting the Vatican to remove a molester priest.  Of course, this was
a lie   Wuerl was fighting the Vatican to remove a priest diagnosed with
Depression & Suicidal Tendencies at a clinic founded by a pansexual who
ended up dying of AIDS.  St. Michael's of NYC examined the same priest
and stated that he was not afflicted with any mental illness.

Incidentally, pansexualism is the school of thought which states, "whatever
floats your boat" sexually is good.  But, what about sexual crimes?  If the
committing of sexual crimes "floats your boat," as was the case with Wuerl
associate Marcial Maciel, is it good and wholesome?

Now,  Wuerl's great hypocrisy was that he was covering-up for a Fr. Edward
Huff while showcasing the Cipolla case in the media.  Wuerl was NOT trying
to get the Vatican to remove a molester when it came to Huff.  Rather, Wuerl
put Huff back into ministry at the exact same time he was placing the Cipolla
case in flaming neon, all the while never admitting that he had NO evidence
against Cipolla.

Incidentally, Donald Wuerl originally called Bendig "NOT credible" and dis-
missed Bendig's accusations against over a dozen seminarians & several priests.
When asked at the deposition about the priests he accused, Bendig kept saying
that he heard about it in the rumor mill.  Bendig did NOT personally witness
his accusations.  Even that can not be readily believed.  Nothing that Bendig
says can be instantly believed.  He is perhaps the most frequent liar you will
ever encounter in your life.

In addtion, the fact that Tim Bendig does NOT sue me for publicly calling
him a liar in a forum that reaches readers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas
is proof enough that he is the liar I said he is.  Bendig lied to me personally,
changing his story three times in four spoken sentences.  That is when I
realized that Cipolla was innocent of all of Bendig's accusations.

Now, you must keep in mind that, during the Wuerl years, there was a
phase where people were frightened to death that Wuerl would retaliate
against them.  This is because Wuerl was getting away with every vici-
ous deed that he did, including the retaliation committed upon school
children of the Risen Lord Parish School that Wuerl closed, despite the
fact that the parents raised enough pledges to meet the financial criteria
that Wuerl demanded.  However, true to his greed, Wuerl demanded to
receive cash-on-hand, in order for him to keep the school open.

Wuerl even did the in-your-face maneuver on the Vatican, in supporting
and promoting TWO weekly neo-Sodomite Massess for those who refuse
to accept the 2,000 year Catholic Church teaching which states that the
Sin of Sodom is not only a mortal sin, but it's one of the Four Sins that
Cry to Heaven for Vengeance.

Wuerl was getting sued left and right, also, in the PA Court of Common
Pleas, in federal District Court, at the PA Supreme Court, in the federal
Circuit Court of Appeals, and even at the United States Supreme Court.
Some cases dealt with church closings, and other dealt with 1} wrongful
death, 2} retaliation and endangerment, 3} unjustified employment dis-
missal, and 4} conspiracy which made Wuerl and his diocese only part
of the defendant list.  This was headlined by a class action lawsuit.

Wuerl even won in court against a pregnant woman who was fired from
her Catholic school teaching post only because she got pregnant out of
wedlock.  This was alarming, because taking away a pregnant woman's
income tempts her into having an abortion and ending a human life that
was in the process of developing.  Wuerl proved himself to have no
compassion as is required in the Law of Charity as is presented in the
official Catholic Church Teaching that Wuerl ignored whenever follow-
ing such teaching was inconvenient to him.'

All in all, Wuerl did NOT gain anybody's love and/or admiration in
Pittsburgh.  He gained their fear and resentment of him.  I was there.
I saw it close-up and very personally.  Wuerl was beyond vicious and

The more detailed explanation of the Anthony Cipolla case which has
now been proven to have been Wuerl's most vicious hoax and which
rocketed Wuerl to a fraudulently gained stardom appears here:

Posted herein is a piece of Jpeg evidence which shows that Donald Wuerl
had NO EVIDENCE against Anthony Cipolla, when he was defying a
Vatican order to reinstate the same Anthony Cipolla.

The great hypocrisy of the time was that the newspapers were falsely paint-
ing Wuerl as a bishop fighting the Vatican to remove a molester priest, while
the same Donald Wuerl was covering-up Edward Huff's sexual crimes, by
ping-ponging Huff between St. Louis and Pittsburgh.  Wuerl DID reinstate
Huff and put him back into ministry, as a hospital chaplain during the exact
same time when he was fighting to keep Cipolla out of ministry, but only
out of ministry on grounds of St. Luke's (of Maryland) diagnosis of Clinic
Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.   Wuerl did NOT fight the Vatican to
keep Huff out of ministry, and Huff ended up being criminally convicted.

Plus, all the records and evidence of the five-year investigation show Cipolla
to have been the opposite of what Ann Rodgers made him out to be.  And re-
member, I assumed at the outset that he was guilty only because Ann Rodgers
of the Post Gazette said so.  She was then fact-checked and discovered to have
been lying.

Lying was also quickly uncovered on the part of a Tim Bendig who was found
to have been nothing more than a con artist, even in him trying to con me in
the Summer of 2014, on a day when one of his "former child film actors" sent
me threats and intimidation tactics.

Lying was as equally discovered in the "newspaper testimony" of  the less-
than-virtuous  Diane Thompson whose two sons have different last names,
meaning that monogamous holy matrimony was NOT an accomplishment
of hers.  Yet, the Post Gazette made it falsely look as if she were faithfully
and virtuously married.  In as much, living a virtuous Catholic life was
something she mostly certainly was NOT doing.  The words, 1} slut,
2} snatch, 3} main squeeze would apply to her. "Married woman"
would not define her in any known capacity.

You have to look, identify, and perceive who dishonest  and ruthless Wuerl
was in hisclawing for power and influence, as well as an idolatrous view of
him which basically amounts to the worship of his 5.4" unnaturally inclined
"Tinker Bell" countenance, in replacement for the worship due to Christ.

Huff, incidentally, was criminally indicted and convicted.  In fact, Huff was not
removed until after a third package of complaints against was sent to Wuerl by
yet a third group of concerned and aggrieved citizens.

As I stated six to ten times in print, Wuerl used Cipolla as a diversionary tac-
tic, to keep DA John C. Pettit from scouring the Diocese of Pittsburgh with a
grand jury inquest.  Wuerl was in a major spotlight, due to his triple cover-up
and his uncooperativeness with DA Pettit's investigative team.

Also, his former boss, John Wright, was an alleged sexual abuser of the under-
aged male.  Thus, if Pettit learned of this, Wuerl would have been suspected of
having covered-up sexually abusive priests for over a decade.  Then, Wuerl's
private life would have been discovered.  The question is if whether or not it
would have been discovered to have been the unnatural lifestyle that my multi-
ple sources said that Wuerl lived, with Vaseline being a staple commodity in
that alleged world.

Bendig, of course, is a known liar who lied to me four times in succession,
while acting all so polite while doing so.  I stopped saying that he allegedly
lies.  Rather, I state, under pain of civil litigation, if I am committing libel,
that Bendig is an outright liar by habit.  I call him a con artist, yet he never
sues me.  Of course, I am reasonably sure that no attorney who has seen the
Jpegs on this Wuerlgate site would be stupid enough to take Bendig's case.
They would immediately fear that there are aces up my sleeve, waiting for
the strategic moment.  That is to say, if they take Bendig's case, and if I
present the aces during discovery, the attorney will realize that he wasted
his time and effort and would next have to worry about Bendig suing him
for Errors & Omissions, aka malpractice.

I simply state that there sure are aces up my sleeve.  Or are there any?  How,
do you know that I'm not lying?  One answer is to see if I have lied in print
before.  So, scour this site and find one falsehood in it stated by me.  None
the less, there is enough rare evidence on this site to show that I just might
possibly have more rare evidence or witnesses in the wings.

Of course, I call Diane Thompson "a proven liar,"  and she never contacted
me individually or through an attorney.   You know, if you call me a liar, I'll
get into action against the first free moment I have.  If I am lying about Diane
Thompson, then why isn't she in my face outraged and venting, demanding
that I make editor corrections?  Would it be because she knows that she has
been lying all along?  Or did I somehow get her story all wrong?   Once the
fact-checking on her "newspaper testimony commenced, her case fell apart
completely.  There is no soundness in the testimony attributed to her.  I've
already covered her outright lies in print.

This includes the updated preliminary statement.  We adjourn to the original


In re:  The Anthony Cipolla case which was presented in a false light by the
media.  It was the one which rocketed Wuerl to stardom, due to the fact that
it was hideously misrepresented.  Ann Rodgers in particular made it look like
an Alfred Hitchcock movie, claiming that Cipolla was arrested, when the truth
is that he never was.  This was followed by the same Ann Rodgers claiming
that the accusing mother of 1978 was harassed into dropping criminal charges
which were never filed in the first place.  The fact checking on the woman's
newspaper testimony resulted in the immediate discovery of falsehoods on her
part.  That fact that she, Diane Thompson, or a Post Gazette writer pretending
to be quoting Thompson, lied is shown in detail in other Wuerlgate articles.

Concerning the leaked letter below, if Donald Wuerl possessed damning evidence
against Cipolla on the day Wuerl refused to follow the Vatican order to reinstate
Cipolla, then the letter below would never have existed.  Certain journalists made
it sound as if Wuerl had long-since possessed evidence against Cipolla that the
Vatican never saw.  The truth was that Wuerl was desperately seeking any ex-
cuse he would to keep Cipolla out of ministry, because, if Wuerl were to rein-
state Cipolla, then law enforcement personnel would have dedicated themselves
to deeper investigation of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Of course, they would have NOT found anything that would incriminate Cipol-
la.  They would only find a trail of corruption and cover-up which lead to Wuerl.
Remember, Wuerl had been caught performing a triple cover-up which lead to
the indictment of three of Wuerl's own priests.  Plus, Wuerl was covering up
Father Edward Huff, while presenting Cipolla as the molester no one in any of
Cipolla's youth groups ever claimed him to be.  Wuerl targets Cipolla, the one
accused by the notorious liar Tim Bendig whom Wuerl originally called a liar.
Yet, he covers up an actual molester.  For the record, such a cover-up is only
a summary offense, pursuant to the Child Protective Services Act of PA.

For the summation of the Cipolla Case, see:

For a background thereof, continuing reading:

A background to the Cipolla case appears more than once at this site.  This
is because each Wuerlgate article has a stand-alone webpage, meaning that
a newcomer's orientation to the Cipolla case could be any one of a number
of stand-alone pages.  I wouldn't want that person to start cluelessly in the
middle.  This was the reason for the redundancy.

At the end of this article is a copy of the same Jpeg that is posted directly
above.  It's done so, for the convenience of the reader/vierwer.  It's proof
that Donald Wuerl had no evidence against Cipolla when Wuerl refused to
comply with a Vatican order to reinstate Anthony Cipolla.   Rather, Wuerl
was scampering for evidence against Cipolla, as soon as the Vatican order-
ed the priest reinstated.

Wuerl literally lied while trying to find anything he could use against the man
formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla.  Wuerl's excuse for removing
Cipolla from priesthood ministry was the St, Luke Psychiatric Institute's di-
agnosis of Depression & Suicidal Tendencies.  That diagnosis was declared
invalid by St. Michael's of NYC.  This fact I have mentioned 6 to 12 times

One Interesting Point about the Cipolla Case

I met a few of those who had always believed in Cipolla's innocence, and
there appeared a common trait in Cipolla's supporters.  The pertinent fea-
ture of those people is that they were all a part of professional families,
and some of them were the professionals, themselves.  This included a
nun who was accomplished in music, an insurance broker, an electrical
engineer, a retired construction contractor, an editor, etc.  Cipolla's sup-
porters are managers in mainstream civilization.  That is to say,  from
my personal expeerience, Anthony Cipolla's supporters and followers
are some pretty high class people.  His supporters are NOT that of back-
woods illiterates, to say the least.

Also keep in mind the plaques of appreciations that were given to Cipolla,
for his management of youth groups.  Even after 42 years, no one from any
youth group managed by Cipolla ever accused him of anything wrongful.
I previously mentioned this 4 to 8 times elsewhere.

Now, there was a blatant observation which indicates the Wuerl didn't think
that Cipolla was a molester ... that Wuerl was only using the Cipolla case as
a diversionary tactic to deflect attention away from Wuerl's then-current cover-
up of an Edward Huff who was reported to Wuerl for a third time, by a third
group of concerned parishioners, during the exact same month when the Vati-
can ordered Cipolla back into ministry.  The observation is this:

Wuerl NEVER sent out a letter to people in Cipolla's youth groups or former
parishes, as he did in the case of John S. Hoehl ... and as Bishop David Zubik
did in the cases of Fr Wellinger  ...  Fr LeDoux  ...  Br. Ghastin  ...  etc.   In as
much, if Wuerl thought that Anthony Cipolla were a molester, then he would
have sent letters to the people located where Cipolla was stationed.

Moreover, the leaked document below shows that Donald Wuerl didn't have any-
thing on Anthony Cipolla when he was publicly claiming that there "might" have
been major factual inaccuracies attached to the Vatican's findings on Cipolla.

Take note that the average reader at the time missed the phrase, "might be," in
the newspaper articles.  Thus, Wuerl admitted that he had NO solid evidence of
any kind, or even rudimentary evidence against Cipolla.

Keep in mind that the evidence posted here was leaked by two different em-
ployees of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, on two different occasions.  This means
that one didn't know that the other one was leaking the exact same document.

For those new here, Tim Bendig (Cipolla's celebrated accuser)  turned out to be
nothing but a liar and con artist who, as a matter of habit, threatens to sue and
destroy people.  Bendig threatened me, doing so by deceptive means, intended to
intimidate me into deleting all the articles I wrote about him.  Well, the articles
remain online and  I keep calling him a liar.  Yet he ... Mr. Lawsuit ... never
sued me.

Let's go Back to the Scene of Wuerl's Crime

All in all, the evidence gathered in the past five years shows that Wuerl con-
veniently used Cipolla as a diversionary tactic, to get law enforcement off of
Wuerl's back.  Let's go back into time, to 1993.

March 1993:  The Vatican Signatura acknowledged as a matter of course that
no incriminating evidence against Anthony Cipolla existed, for any type of
wrongdoing, whatsoever.  It then judged that Donald Wuerl was out of line
for keeping Cipolla out of ministry pursuant to the excuse that Cipolla was
diagnosed with Depression and Suicidal Tendencies by a Maryland psychi-
atric institute founded by a renegade priest and practicing Sodomite who
died from AIDS, on account of him living out his doctrine of pan-sexuality
which, when translated into the vernacular, means any-way-you-want "it."

This judgment was especially poignant, in light of the fact that St. Michael's
of NYC refuted the Maryland clinic's diagnosis, declaring Anthony Cipolla
psychologically healthy.  Doubly poignant was that Wuerl refused to accept
the professional assessment of the board-certified and licensed psychiatric
facility.  He literally call St. Michael's assessment "scantily."  Quite frankly,
it simply didn't say what the manipulative Wuerl wanted it to say,  much like
a brat who kicks over the game board when he is losing. 

As a response to the Vatican mandate, Donald Wuerl's grounds for defying
the Vatican's high court was based on his unsubstantiated claim that:

1} The case might have been judged according to "major factual inaccuracies."
     Quite frankly, you can say this about any case in the history of mankind.

2} The Bendig lawsuit, which was in progress, would yield new evidence
     against Cipolla.  (Yet, NO new evidence arose, and all prior evidence
     showed nothing but Bendig's less-than-noble habits).  Keep in mine
     that Douglas Yauger petitioned the court for an extension of time, in
     order to locate witnesses for Bendig.  All that Bendig had was a Diane
     Thompson whose testimony was filled in so many holes and contradic-
     tions that it was easy to shred to pieces.

Now, Wuerl, his spokesperson, and those media writers friendly to Wuerl made
it sound as if ... as if ... as if Wuerl had long since been in possession of damn-
ing evidence against Cipolla and just had to show it to the Vatican.  They made
it sound as if ... as if ... as if Wuerl knew that the priest who humiliated him at
the Vatican was ever-so-coincidentally going to go out and molest child after
child, as soon as Wuerl would reinstate him.  Okay then,  you would assume
that all the evidence against Cipolla that Wuerl was going to present during
his rehearing at the Vatican already existed in a poignant and damning degree.

The truth is the Wuerl had no new evidence in his possession.  When April
1993 arrived, Wuerl still had no new evidence against Cipolla.  So, he got
an auxiliary bishop to send out, on April 6, a letter to each priest who pre-
viously served with Anthony Cipolla in the various parishes where Cipolla
was assigned.  The letter shows that Wuerl was so desperate for evidence
against Cipolla that he sought for even petty observations about Cipolla's.

Wuerl was stooping so low that he was silling to use of human personality
traits as his excuse to have Cipolla officially banned from ministry.  Wuerl
was nitpicking.  This was power abuse, squared and cubed.

Always remember that the Bendig lawsuit did NOT produce any new evidence.

Now, March of 1993 was also when Edward Huff's third set of accusers
sent a package of accusations to Wuerl.  Wuerl had already put Huff back
into ministry in Pittsburgh.  So, Wuerl extended his cover-up of Huff and
sent him back to a St. Louis psychiatric facility.  So, this was the scenario:

If Wuerl would have placed Cipolla back into ministry, someone in law
enforcement someone who have commenced a more thorough investiga-
tion of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, being that District Attorney already
announced to the public, in a polite way, that Wuerl and his staff were
uncooperative during the investigation which resulted in the indictment
of three of Wuerl's priests.  Huff would have been uncovered while he
was stationed in Pittsburgh.

Perhaps the allegations of Wuerl's own homosexual lifestyle would have
emerged, along with the allegations of John Cardinal Wright's lifestyle of
Sodomy with under-aged males.  The other things which might have sur-
faced was the fact that a few Boston-era Franciscans and a few Marists
stationed in Pittsburgh were attached to molestation accusations, out of
court settlements, and reassignments.  Plus, the case involving the at-
tempted murder of Adam Ference was still fresh in the police records
and local court docket sheet.  And let us not forgot that Wuerl hosted
the banned Dignity Masses for eight consecutive years in two Pitts-
burgh parishes, making Wuerl look like a sympathizer who would
cover-up homosexuals the way in which he covered-up the antics of
Father James Torquato.

All in all, if Wuerl did reassign Anthony Cipolla, his rise to the top
would have been in jeopardy.  Ironically, Wuerl used the Cipolla
case, in having it completely misrepresented in public, to rise to
the top.  Wuerl rose through the ranks on a series of lies.

A specific source assured me that he/she scoured the prothonotary's
office and found nothing incriminating about Cipolla.  Yet, it was 
reported the Tim Bendig's attorney, Douglas Yauger (attorney for
the masons) presented Wuerl with evidence that Cipolla was ac-
cused of molestation in 1978.  In as much, who leaked him the
information which ended up being exaggerated to the point of

Now, in the deposition, Bendig alleged that he went to others at-
torneys, before securing Douglas Yauger's services.  Why didn't
the other attorney's take Bendig's case?  People already filed law-
suits against Wuerl, in Pittsburgh.  Therefore, attorneys weren't
afraid of Wuerl, especially since that lawsuits were filed by
Catholic people and/or entities.

The court records indicated this, when Yauger was granted extra
time to find witnesses.  I know of ZERO witnesses for Bendig's
side.Cipolla had 70+, for a lawsuit trial which never came to be.
It was surmised that Wuerl settled out of court, so the public
would not hear or read Bendig stating the Wuerl was a prac-
ticing homosexual.

In fact, it was conjectured that Donald Wuerl made sure that the lawsuit
would not to go to trial, so that wrongdoinrgs on his part would not be
made public.    Now remember,  Wuerl, Ron Lengwin (the official Pgh
diocesan spokesman) and media members stated that there was or might
have been "major factual inaccuracie," in the Cipolla case.  This made
it sound as if Wuerl already had the evidence to prove it.

Well, when April arrived, Wuerl started scurrying about, looking for evi-
dence against Cipolla.  If he had the evidence to prove Anthony Cipolla
a molesting monster, he wouldn't have wasted his time sending out a let-
ter (through a surrogate) looking for petty informaion.

Let's go one step further:  One year prior to the Vatican's 1993 mandate,
Donald Wuerl wrote the preface of the book of the greatest molestation
in the known history of the Catholic Church, namely Marcial Maciel
Degollado; the founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

Now, it was later found that Maciel's corrupt protector was none other
than Angelo Sodano, secretary of state from 1991 to 2006.  Sodano was
there, when Cipolla was being railroaded out of ministry.  In as much,
the reasonable person can assume that Sodano sided with Wuerl, for the
sake of Maciel.  After all, Wuerl's name was in Maciel's priestly forma-
tion book.  So, Wuerl's name couldn't be tainted by a harassment accu-
sation filed by Anthony Cipolla.  Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen,
Wuerl WAS harassing Cipolla.  I can get into details later.

Ironically, a dossier against Donald Wuerl was hand delivered to Car-
dinal Ratzinger the same year when a damning dossier against Maciel
was sent to the Vatican.  In fact, my report on the Torquato Retaliations
and copies of the accuser's evidence was in the package.  Ratzinger ne0
glected the Maciel dossier for six years.  He neglected the Wuerl dossier
forever.  The effeminate German Ratzinger never disciplined the effemi-
nate German Wuerl.  Instead, the former Hitler Youth, as the notorious
cronyism pope, would later place Wuerl in DC.

Once again, here is the letter which proves that Wuerl had zero evidence
against Cipolla when he had it announced that there "might" have been
major factual inaccuracies involved in the Signatura judgment of the Ci-

November 16, 2016

Proof that Wuerl ignored the Child Protective Services Act

Keep in mind that the Donald Wuerl who retaliated against the children of the
Risen Lord Parish adults was praised as a loving and caring man who only
cared about the welfare of children.  Evidence proves that picture of Wuerl
to have been a complete lie.  Below is a photocopy of the evidence.  Wuerl
only cared about himself.

A photocopy of a newspaper article reporting Phase I of Wuerl's Triple Cover-
up at the time it was uncovered is posted several paragraphs below.  Be patient
and scroll down to it, so that you will learn how dishonest Wuerl's propaganda
machine always is.  This proves that Wuerl was not the caring and protective
bishop that his embedded propagandist, Ann Rodger, (Pgh Post Gazette) made
him out to be.  Puny Donald Wuerl ... the Elevator Shoes Kid ... is one big lie.

Plus, if Wuerl ... or his then-diocese ... would have been indicted and convicted
for the offense high-lighted herein, it would have been no more than a Summary
Offense.  This means that he ... or his then-diocese ... would have been required
to do no more than pay a fine.  However, this would have made him look bad in
Vatican paper reviews.  He probably wouldn't have become a cardinal, if he or
his then-diocese were found guilty of violating the Child's Protective Services
Act.  He did violate it.

All in all, while in Pittsburgh Wuerl the Girl was Donny Evil, and not the model
of zero tolerance, especially when it came to Fathers Robert "Classmate" Wolk,
Richard "Sade" Zula, Francis "Statute of Limitations" Pucci, John "Headmaster"
Hoehl, James "the Retaliator" Torquato, Edward "Ping-Pong Game" Huff, John
"Free Pass" Wellinger, and you-fill-in-the-blanks.

While in Pittsburgh, Whirly Bird was the Vaseline Queen, appropriating two
Dignity Masses per week to those who want the Vatican to declare the Sin of
Sodom the Eighth Sacrament  of the Church.

Meanwhile, Wuerl went about, as Mr. Kissy-Poo-Smiley-Face, with a whispery
voice that a guy usually hears from a seductive woman who wants to get really
really really close with the guy.  Actually, that voice sounded as if Wuerl were
in the closet with a seminarian, trying to not attract the janitor's attention.

Former U.S. Congressional Representative Bob Dornan made note of that voice
in an interview.  He called it, "that whispery voice."

Contradiction Time:  
Wuerl was made out to be a non-compromising disciplinarian, 
but after the Wolk indictiment ... the opposite was illustrated.

"To say he will not be reassigned is a devastating thing," said Wuerl to the
press shortly after he was caught performing his triple cover-up which was
headlined with Father Robert Wolk's indictment.  The same Donald Wuerl
also said to the media, "It is NOT covering up to embrace man who is
suffering."  Yet, Ann Rodgers, (formerly known as Rodgers-Melnick) of
the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had the audacity to deceive the public into be-
lieving Wuerl to be the bishop of zero tolerance that he never was.

Add to this the fact that Wuerl already reassigned the notorious John Hoehl
months prior.  Wuerl had no intention of getting rid of Hoehl until the indict-
ment of Wolk.  Yet, the pathologically bland Ann Rodgers had the audacity
to make it look as if Wuerl were the instant disciplinarian from Day 1.  You
now see how far away from zero tolerance Wuerl was.  After all, he made a
criminal sound like a victim.  You can now also see how much of a liar was
Ann Rodgers of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  You need to keep in mind that
a faction who praises Wuerl seeks to have him to get the 2,000 year old Ro-
man Catholic Church to declare the repeatedly condemned Sin of Sodom
a holy act of God.  Apparently, such people have strong stomaches.

Now, in the Year 2002, when Donald W. Wuerl was being made out to be
the holiest male on Earth --- next to the molester Marcial Maciel who was
also lauded as a saint --- would you have been praising Wuerl if you knew
about his triple cover-up?  Would writers have been calling that fraud "one
of the good guys, if you they knew about DA John C. Pettit announcing to
the press that Wuerl was uncooperative during the investigation which re-
sulted in the indictments of Wolk, Richard "Sade" Zula, and Francis Pucci?

Would he have been made the Master of Ceremonies in a St. Patrick's Day
parade, if Pittsburghers knew about Wuerl's public excuse for covering-up
the crimes of three of his priests, followed by Wuerl publicly denying that
it was the act of covering-up at all?   Or would you have categorized him
with Bernard Law & Roger Mahoney?

Would you have been praising Wuerl that year, if Ann Rodgers and the
Pgh Post Gazette were honest enough to report on the James Torquato
case?  It's the case of a former personal secretary of Wuerl spending con-
secutive years not keeping his hands to himself and then retaliating the
moment he was reported.  You know, the Torquato case has dozens of
pieces of evidence attached to it.  It is the single most evidence support-
ed cover-up of Donald Wuerl.

Wuerl was headlined as the bishop who fought the Vatican to remove  "a
molester priest," when the fact is that he only attempted to have the priest
removed from ministry for what was later called a misdiagnosis of Depress-
ion and Suicidal Tendencies.  The priest was never arrested, yet Wuerl let
the papers claim that the priest was.  In fact, that priest, Anthony Cipolla,
received a favorable Pennsylvania State Police background check security
clearance in the Summer of 2014, where within it was stated that Cipolla
has NO ARREST RECORD in the State of Pennsylvania.  For those of
you who are brain dead, Cipolla's 2014 security clearance of a huge deal.

This triple cover-up also shows Wuerl's motive in letting Anthony Cipolla
be the public scapegoat whose reputation was completely annihilated, de-
spite the overwhelming evidence of Cipolla being the opposite of the media
smear campaign launched against him.  You see, DA John C. Pettit publicly
stated, (and I am going by memory on this quote, meaning that it is to be re-
garded as paraphrased:  "I don't want to make this look like a witch hunt, but
we would be sticking our heads in the sands to think that this is an isolated
incident."  This meant that there would be more investigating . . . there was
to be more "snooping around," "looking around," "scrutinizing."  So, Wuerl
needed a diversionary tactic, to pursuade the law enforcement personnel in
more than one sovereign state involved to be deceived into thinking that
Wuerl was a staunch "zero tolerance" leader.  Wuerl was proven to be
no such person.

Wuerl was in a law enforcement spotlight.  This meant that Wuerl needed
a smokescreen, to deceive the public into thinking that he was a holy and
all so caring saint.   Wuerl did nothing more than masquerade himself as
an angel of light, at the expense of others such as an Anthony Cipolla who,
unlike the effeminate Donald Wuerl, was found to have zero nexus with the
homosexual subculture.  Wuerl, on the other hand, had a definitive nexus
with the neo-Sodomite world.

The newspaper jpegs above prove that the slightly built Donald Wuerl
thrived on a propaganda machine filled with sleight of hand deceptions
and direct falsehoods.

In addition, don't forget that he rode the coattails of John Cardinal Wright,
and without the help of the allegedly homosexual John Wright, the Donald
Wuerl who accommodated banned Dignity Masses for eight consecutive
years would have been nothing.

It was the court system that prompted Wuerl to strike the pose of a strict
disciplinarian.  It was all a fraud to have claimed that Wuerl would come
to the rescue of the victims of predatory priests such as the Edward Huff
whom he kept hiding out in mental institutions and the Father James Tor-
quato whom he sent to Rome while federal court papers had Torquato's
name mentioned throughout them.  Wuerl's artificial pose did not occur
until three simultaneous indictments of three Pittsburgh priests occured
under Wuerl's watch, coupled with a DA John Pettit's public accusation
that Wuerl's diocese performed uncooperative conduct with police inves-

Keep in mind that there was no criminal investigation of Wolk, Zula,
and Pucci until an attorney friend-of-the-family of the two young play
toys reported the matter to the police.  The attorney did not do so until
after Wuerl visited the family. Despite visiting the family, Wuerl still
refused to report Wolk, Zula, and Pucci to the police, as was required
in the Child Protective Services Act.  Now you can see more clearly
that everything about Wuerl is either an outright lie and or sleight of
hand deception.

In addition, Wuerl only went to the home of the traumatized family af-
ter their parish pastor was told by them that they were going to report
the three molester priests to law enforcement authorities.  The pastor
then informed Wuerl.

Do not be deceived.  Ann Rodgers made it sound as if Wuerl were a
strict disciplinarian who ousted Hoehl, as soon as he learned of him.
No, Wuerl placed Hoehl into chaplaincy ministry, as he did with Huff.
Wuerl did NOT read Hoehl the riot act until Wolk, Zula, and Pucci
were criminally indicted.  Then, Hoehl became a hot potato.  Wuerl
got rid of Hoehl, so that Wuerl would not get into trouble.  There was
no loving and caring bishop involved.  I tell you solemnly, Wuerl was
absolutely vicious and heartless while in Pittsburgh.  He was the per-
sonification of lies and retaliation.

As a  review, so that it will be clearly understood:

Now, Pgh Post Gazette reporter Ann Rodgers claimed that Wuerl had
an epiphany while visiting the traumatized family and then became the
"model of zero tolerance" thereafter.  This claim is easily proven false
by the fact that District Attorney John Pettit publicly announced that
Wuerl's then Diocese of Pittsburgh did NOT provide the cooperation
that the district attorney sought during the criminal investigation.  It
was a criminal investigation which didn't commence until someone
other than Wuerl notified the police.

If Donald Wuerl were the model of zero tolerance, he would have been
the one who reported Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Plus, Wuerl would NOT
have allowed the 'foot dragging' that a Western Pennsylvanian DA said
was being committed by Wuerl's diocese.  Neither would Wuerl have
reinstated Hoehl and Huff.  That which was told to you by former
Post Gazette writer, Ann Rodgers, and FoxNews are proven false-

November 12, 2016

Cardinal Wuerl in Review

Donald Wuerl = the criminal indictments of Frs. Robert Wolk, Richard "Sade"
Zula, and Francis Pucci, amidst DA John C. Pettit's complaint that Wuerl and
his people were uncooperative during the criminal investigation.  Yet, Rocco
Palmo and Ann Rodgers had the audacity to make Wuerl look like a hero in
his own obstruction of justice.

In addition . . .

Cardinal Donald Wuerl = the ongoing cover-up of Father James 'the retaliator'
Torquato, despite the fact that the compelling evidence against Torquato has
long since been in a public forum.

Cardinal Wuerl = the ping-pong cover-up of Fr. John Huff who was reported to
Wuerl three different times, by three different groups of concerned parishioners.

Cardinal Wuerl = the refusal of Wuerl's diocese to investigate any of the accusa-
tions against Fr. John Wellinger.

Add to the equation the death of Billy Gaines at the hands of Fr. Henry Krawczyk,
as well as Wuerl retaliating against school children of the former Risen Lord Par-
ish School and Wuerl's contempt for those opposed to sweatshop profiteering.

All in all, Cardinal Donald Wuerl was no zero tolerance bishop, and he did NOT
has a clean sex abuse response record.  The response to the whistle-blowing that
was done on Father James Torquato resulted in retaliation.  In this case, the zero
tolerance factor of Wuerl consisted in him NOT tolerating a whistle-blower.

Cardinal Wuerl, according to evidence, witnesses, and the opinions of a couple
of credentialed journalists should never have been ordained a priest, let alone a
bishop.  It's alleged through the direct source that famed Catholic writer, John
Hardon, wrote a letter to John Paul II, warning him to NOT let Wuerl be ordain-
ed a bishop.   Well, Wuerl became a bishop and the lives of a number of people
became traumatized by him for one length of time or another.

Bitterness is the lingering affect of anyone who had the tragic misfortune of hav-
ing Wuerl in his jurisdictionand who tried to accomplish something for the com-
mon good.  The case in point was Wuerl's previously mentioned negligence in a
number of people's attempt to start an anti-sweatshop profiteering movement.

The 5'4" Donald Wuerl has sided with the holders of money as much as having
sided preferrentially with Sodomites.  It didn't matter to Wuerl if the holders of
the wealth unjustly acquired or not.

There were people in the Pittsburgh area who were scarred by Wuerl's way of
doing things.  The ultimate assault on Wuerl's victims is that Ann Rodgers and
the Pittsburgh media fabricated an image of Wuerl that him look like the ulti-
mate saint of the ages.  They made it look as if Wuerl was the mighty super
hero who should have been made ruler of the Vatican and entire the church.

Wuerl was nothing but a manipulator, a deceiver, and a cowardly bully who
had to have an intimidating number of people in the office with him whenev-
er he would call someone to his office who was a threat to the Way of Wuerl.
People have left the faith on account of Wuerl ... literally.

The John Hardon who stood ten feet tall in life ...
                                                                                   ... without even trying.

John Hardon was a Catholic writer whose cause for canonization has already
been introduced.  He allegedly called Wuerl a devil.  Now, there's more to the
Hardon vs. Wuerl enmity than one alleged letter.  In fact, I've a copy of yet an-
other letter that Hardon wrote about Wuerl.  Perhaps the antagonism between
Wuerl and the humble John Hardon who stood ten feet tall in life can be ou-
tlined, but not now.  The bottom line is that Wuerl and Hardon were the exact
opposite of friends.  They were the exact opposites of each other.

Wuerl's known associate was Marcial Maciel Degollado ... the greatest molest-
er in Catholic Church history.  Wuerl did write the preface for one of Maciel's
books.  Embarrassingly enough for Wuerl is the fact that Maciel's books were
banned by Benedict XVI.  Quite frankly, Wuerl was apparently, in my opinion,
trying to ride the coattails of Maciel, to make himself look great.  He, in my
opinion, wanted to be associated with Maciel, so as to be able to rise in pow-
er.  Okay then.

Chicago journalist Mike Volpe described his interview with John Wellinger ac-
cuser, Chris Matthews, as follows: ... that Mr. Matthews regarded Wuerl as the
most evil entity he ever encountered.  Of course, the Diocese of Pittsburgh pub-
licly asserted that its personnel received no accusations against Wellinger until
1996.  Some of us would beg to differ.  We were expressly told that Wuerl was
made known about Wellinger several years before 1996.  One individual stated
that Wuerl showed complete indifference about it, despite having allegedly been

So, who is telling the truth, concerning Wuerl?  Well, it's easy to see that this site,
through the years, had multiple pieces of jpeg evidence to support the allegations
stated herein.  Where is the Diocese of Pittsburgh's evidence in what its personnel
claimed to be true?

Revenging Parents through their Children:  The Way of Wuerl

Wuerl's way included:  1] economic terrorism, 2] looking the other way during
the physical pursuit of Fr. James Torquato's accuser and the accuser's advocate,
3] a corruption of blood policy by which Wuerl used school children as pawns
in his revenge for the televised protests of their parents, 4] having his minions
team up on a delicate pastor whose parishioners wanted him to save their Croa-
tian parish from the tiny Donald Wuerl who closed it, only to have it sold to a
Protestant denomination that teaches things in opposition to the Catholic faith,
5] selling church property to a secret society whose membership thereof incurs
automatic excommunication,  6] stacking the deck through personal wars of
attrition, by insisting that certain persons who already passed psychological
assessments go to yet another psychiatric facility, for yet another diagnosis,
7+] other things that you would not want to see happen to you.

In case you are not up to date, Wuerl once ratified a Pittsburgh diocesan rule
which was implemented shortly after the parents of Risen Lord Parish School
protested against Wuerl on local TV.  The parents had to attend "reconciliation
classes" designed to teach them how to show respect for Wuerl, under penalty
of having their children barred from attending all Pittsburgh diocesan schools.
This punishment is known as a Corruption of Blood Law.

Keep in mind that it's the lowest of the lowlifes who bring children into their
personal vendettas.  Wuerl was called the "education bishop" by his deceptive
propaganda machine.  Yet, he was more than willing to have innocent children
be deprived of a Catholic school education in Pittsburgh, on account of their
parents' appearing on a newscast that cast the unstable Donald Wuerl in a bad
light.  Such a bishop should have been immediately removed from office, be-
ing that employing a corruption of blood policy for something so petty consti-
tutes child abuse.

                               The First Torquato Retaliation

Wuerl's deliberate negligence could have gotten somebody severely injured
during the first wave of the Torquato Retaliations.  Now, if you're smirking
in disbelief, wait till it happens to you.  You won't be smirking at that time.
Remember that the Papal Nuncio was contacted during the pursuit, and he
said that he would call Wuerl to tell him about what was transpiring.   Short-
ly after that phone call came the apartment building intrusion narrated on a
Citizen's Report Form.  This was quite a coincidence.

                      The Adam Ference Attempted Murder

Add to this the Mike Ference whose son suddenly got an unprovoked bul-
let lodged in the back of his head on diocesan school grounds.  Despite the
suffering that the family already endured, the diocese played intimidation
tactics with Mike during a deposition, making the Ference family twice vic-
timized in Pittsburgh during tiny Donald Wuerl's tenure at Pittsburgh ... in
a Pittsburgh where Wuerl wore out his welcome amongst the non-corrupt
laity in the very first years of his reign. If you don't think it was a reign of
terror, think again. People were afraid of this guy's way of abusing power.
In as much, if any of these things would have happened to you, you would
understand why people in the know object to Wuerl being in any position
of power.

A seminarian and credible accuser was tormented during the Wuerl years.

Don't underestimate the importance of the accusations against a certain priest
whose identity I will not disclose here.  The priest is now deceased.  I found
 his accuser to have been distinctly credible, as did Randy Engel and a few
others.  This included famous Catholic writer John Hardon, whose cause for
canonization is in progress.   The accusation was that this one priest started
to grab hold of the young man who was discerning if the priesthood was his
calling.  The young man resisted.  There was a scuffle, and the young man
literally ended up getting knocked out in the fight.

After Five years of Intermittent Investigation, the Cipolla
Case turned out to be Wuerl's most vicious hoax.

Very simply, Timi Bendig turned out to be a chronic liar who even foolishly
sent evidence of his bullying and con artistry to me.  So, I no loner have to
say that he is allegedly a liar.  From personal experience, I can say that he
IS a liar.  Communication from Hollywood helped reinforce the conclusion,
as well as the accounts of those who knew the Liar Tim Bendig in Pennsyl-
vania.  I never allow him to communicate with me, because he will lie about
what would have been said.

Contrary to the claims of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Cipolla was never arrest-
ed.  He was never indicted.  No DA found cause to file charges against Anthony.
Thus, Diane Thompson's narration about Cipolla having a defense attorney who
harassed her into dropping charges was one big lie.  Thompson's claim that the
late Bishop Vincent Leonard harassed her turned out to be one big lie, due to
some fact checking that was not done until the Year 2013.

The Liar Diane Thompson claimed that Bishop Leonard told her that she was
causing the church all so much suffering at a time when it recently lost two
popes. Well, the second pope to die in the Year 1978 wasn't even elected pope
yet, concerning the date in which she claims to have dropped criminal charges
that only a DA can file in the first place.  She did make a complaint, and a per-
son can withdraw a complaint.  However, filing a complaint is merely the act
of applying for a screening process, for the DA's office to see if there is any
merit in filing criminal charges against the accused.  No criminal charges
were ever filed against Cipolla.

Bendig's accusations against Cipolla was an act of retaliation, on account of
Cipolla telling good willed prayer group members to stop sending money to
Tim Bendig at the Pittsburgh seminary, being that Bendig was no longer there.
Bendig was asked to leave the seminary after one mere semester.  He is ex-
ceptionally non-academic and he was alleged to have been a troublemaker
there, as well as everywhere else he has been.  Diane Thompson was alleged
to have asked Anthony Cipolla if the Saint Vincent De Paul Society could
start paying her rent.  She ever so coincidentally accused Cipolla shortly
after he said that there was no money in the coffer to pay her rent.

Wuerl's former residence.

Cardinal Change-the-Subject & Change-the-Doctrine Wuerl

Interesting how a tiny and less-than-masculine tyrant cowered at the idea of
refusing to let the Sacrament of the Altar be sacrileged by Nancy Pelosi and
other abortion-obsessed politicians, not to mention a grotesquely androgynous
lesbian who literally looks like a nerdy overweight male.

Any cardinal who changes doctrine to suit the whims of congresses and parlia-
ments is an antagonist to unchangeable church teaching.  In case you have missed
the point, Wuerl abused power in making a new religion ... in making an amended
doctrine which conveniently works well for those bishops who leech off of taxpay-
er dollars in the form of social service contracts.

Some of those contracts involve very little benefit to society at large, because some
are practically bogus.  For example, there is one agency that "counsels."  All that it
does it give phone numbers, and some of the phone numbers were found to have
been disconnected one.

None the less, Wuerl abused a priest of Moscow diocese who did his canonical
duty to deprive communion to an avowed lesbian who left the faith for a religion
that could rationalize her hideous state of androgynous freakdom and her prefer-
ence toward the Sin of Sodom.  The priest rightfully denied communion to one
who was publicly known to be obstinate in mortal sin.  If the woman dies tomor-
row, she will undoubtedly burn in Hell forever.  Wuerl doesn't care.  A Moscow
diocesan priest did something that would have awoken her conscience, if Wuerl
didn't once again side with a Sodomite.

The Krawczyk Case

He was already reported to the diocesan for unbecoming conduct.  Thus, Wuerl
had access to his file.  This priest even had a subscription to Playboy Television
at the parish he was stationed.  One day, he had a few young lads over to the
rectory, for beer and amusement.  One of the lads climbed the catwalk of the
Parish church, up to the ceiling, upon which he fell on a pew and died a few
hours later.  He was a football player for the University of Pittsburgh.  This
occurred after Ann Rodgers ratcheted-up the hype of Wuerl which turned
out to be easily provable lying propaganda, being that  Wuerl didn't have a
clean sex buse responce record in the least.  Keep in mind that he was one
of the very first bishops to get caught in a cover-up.  Wuerl was caught in a
triple cover-up that resulted in all three priests being criminally indicted.

Incidentally,  as was previously mentioned at this site, if Wuerl would have
been charged with failing to abide by the Child Protection Services Act, he
would have only been fined.  Hia record would have shown nothing more
than a summary offense.  A summary offense is slightly above a traffic
ticket, in severity of punishment.

The Right to Know

The flock has every right to know about the wolves in their midst, including
any vindictive one who thinks that he is meant to be given Four Star hotel ac-
commodations at every corner.  You know, some people suffer intensely in
life. Christ slept on wooden boats and on the ground.  In as much, bishops
should be like Christ and Francis of Assisi, instead a pampered Nero Caesar.

When Wuerl returned to Pittsburgh, in order to take the post of bishop, he appar-
ently thought that he could operate according to his own laws, especially when
it came to a trio of molester priests whom Wuerl neglected to report to law en-
forcement authorities.  This resulted in three criminal indictments.  It also was
accompanied by a politely stated, though bitterly conveyed, public statement
about Wuerl's conduct during the investigation, made by the district attorney

It's ironic that those who insist on absorbing pleasure 24/7 are the ones who
inflict the most pain.  It's as if it torments these types of bishops to see any-
one at peace.  All in all, if you ever were on the receiving end of the pillow
mint cardinal's scorpion sting, you would understand.

November 11, 2016

The Heresies Promoted by and Tacitly Approved by Donald Wuerl

The etchings made by oceanfront vegetation has more intelligibility
than the teachings to which Wuerl gave tacit approval and which were
long since condemned as heresies in previous church councils.
Reminder:  The Eternal God, aka the Unmoved Mover & Uncatalyzed Catalyst,
is changeless.  The God who is who was and who is to come is the same One
God.  So, God's revelation to humanity is as changeless as God the Revealer.

That even goes for Mr. Kissy-poo Smiley Face

No bishop, no matter how narcissisticly glamorous he and his militant homo-
sexual (Dignity Mass) followers sees him, can change doctrine.  Therefore, if
the elevator-shoe-obsessed Cardinal Donald Wuerl wants to change doctrine,
then he can simply leave the Catholic Church and his $43 million dollar abode
on Embassy Row and start another religion.  He can call it Wuerlan Protestan-
tism.  No one is stopping him.

But, of course, his new religion will have a much lower number of followers
and less money in the tax-free collection baskets, meaning that Wuerl will
actually have to live like the rest of us.  So, you can bid farewell to his
MercedesBenz-owning chef.

In October 2015, the agenda of Cardinals Kasper, Wuerl, and company was de-
flected like a football that made contact with a defensive lineman's hand, during
a field goal attempt.   The attempt of Kasper and Wuerl was to change the Cath-
olic Church's 2,000 year old doctrine, especially as it involved the Sacrament of
Holy Communion, aka the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

More importantly, Kasper was addressing his concerns only as they apply to his
Germany and the Church's money supply thereof..  He simply wanted more Ger-
man citizens to check the box on their income tax returns which identifies them
as Roman Rite Catholic,  This is because the German government subsidizes all
religions in proportion to the number of taxpayers identifying themselves as "ad-
herents" to the various religions practiced in Germany.

Catholicism is laid waste in Germany, and the numbers of Germany's Catholic
faithful dropped to ground-level when the former Hitler Youth & Cronyism
Meister ascended to the Chair of Saint Peter.  His election to the papacy was
perceived as a continuation that ruled throughout the altar-boy-molestation
epidemic overseen by a Pope John Paul II who, during his younger days, was
too much of a coward to join the tens of thousands of Polish lads who made
their ways to Englad, to topple the Nazi Killing Machine.  Carlos Wojtyla (the
future pope) first let himself be a laborer in a lime quarry and then at a chemi-
cal company, before taking shelter in the underground seminary of Krakow,
for the rest of the war.  A hero in  his youth he was not.  Don't pretend that
he was.

In response to the empty echo chamber of Germany's Catholic Church attendants,
Cardinal Kasper sought to make Catholicism easy to observe.  This diluting of the
Faith, he thought, would bring back people to the church pews.  It had the opposite
effect, however.  Why join something ... or return to something that has nothing
majestic, admirable, challenging, or fulfilling about it.  All in all, in Kasper's plan
to make Catholicism appear to be ho-hum easy, it made adherence to the Catholic
Faith appear to be a boring waste of time.

The elevator shoes aficionado, Donald Wuerl and all of the German DNA jumped
on native German Kasper's band wagon.  And like Kasper, Wuerl feared the loss of
government dollars.
Wuerl has repeated scored on your tax dollars, via "social service" government
contracts, school funding, etc. He allowed Pelosi, Dodd, and company do what
they willed, because Wuerl is a coward who compensated for his cowardice
by letting surrogate bullies harass those whom he feared and who did not have
corporate dollars or the federal treasury purse in their hands.
Wuerl made much income out of "social service" government contracts.  He feared
that, if he publicly denied Holy Communion to Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Joe Bi-
den and other abortion-obsessed politicians, he would become the direct object of
the democratic party's retaliation.  The retaliation that Wuerl feared was the depri-
vation of federal taxpayer subsidies.  Yes, the tax dollars of atheists in the States
do find their ways in a number of religions' bank accounts, thereby funding a
number of "sectarian" schools, hospitals, nursing homes, housing systems, and
"faith-based" social service government contacts

In addition, Kasper did not realize that, if the cardinals and ordinal bishops of
this corrupt & scandal-ridden era would start living decently, then people would
start returning to church.

As a result of German prelate Walter Kasper's obsession with his own national
boundaries, as if Germany were the only nation on earth, Australia's Cardinal
Pell publicly stated that the Catholic Church is universal and NOT continental.
Furthermore, when asked about the African bishops' comments on the matter
of changing church doctrine, Cardinal Kasper stated on camera, "Oooooh, we 
don't listen to them."  Thus, Cardinal Kasper became the Ghost of Nazism.

Kasper limited his concern to the near absence of church attendance in a very
disheveled Germany, in a stroke of Nationalism.  Then, in the spirit of Nazi
racism, he stated that "we" don't listen to the voices of the African bishops.
Kasper's sidekick, Donald Wuerl, is of German decent, thereby rounding
off Kasper's self-evident Nazi German sentiments.

Now, Cardinal Wuerl was allowing those people obstinate in mortal sin to
receive communion for years.  Those initial years were Wuerl's two weekly
Dignity Masses which endured for eight disobedient years.  Thus, Wuerl was
a pioneer at permitting the sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion on a
mass scale.  Wuerl did other evils throughout the decades, and the damage he
allowed must be repaired.

If a bishop wants to change church doctrine, in order to suit his interests, he
can simply go and start another religion.  Of course, he won't enjoy the bene-
fits of the massive tax-free collection basket proceeds that the largest form
of Christianity experiences.  Nor would such a bishop readily procure the
 amount of social service government contracts which a large religion can
procure as a matter of course.  Therefore, it's reasonable to conclude that the
various heretical bishops of today didn't leave the church, only because they
wanted to enjoy the wealth and comforts of the richer venues of the Catholic
Church.  In as much, simply because a bishop walks down the corridors of a
Catholic Church, it doesn't mean that he wants to be Catholic.  Wuerl lived
in luxury for decades.  He wanted the wealthy settings provided by Catholic
parishioners and benefactors, evidenced by the fact that he sought to live in
constant luxury.

Wuerl was made out to be a zero tolerance pioneer with a clean sex abuse
record when the truth is that he was the second bishop caught in what was
to become a Watergate of perversity.  He was hailed as one of the first bish-
ops to announce a zero tolerance policy.  But, this did NOT happen until the
triple indictments of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci ... and long after Wuerl had
put the notorious John Hoehl back into  ministry.  This same zero tolerance
policy was ignored in the case of Edward Huff who would also be indicted.
This policy did NOT apply to James Torquato, either.  Nor was this extend-
ed to the corrupting influence of the banned Dignity Masses (pro-Sodomy
Masses that Wuerl red carpeted in Pittsburgh until the Vatican told him to
knock it off.
One of the Sodomite Mass Venues, during
Donald Wuerl's tenure in Pittsburgh
Shortly before Torquato was discovered to be what we found him to be, and
while Donald Wuerl was in charge of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, there were
noticeable teachings set forth which were contrary to Catholic Church doc-
trine.  These types of teachings are still called heresies, but their essence is
that they consist in stealing church property, for the purpose of promoting
a new religion of malcontents who whined and complained about anything
Catholic.  They merely wanted to use the wealth and comfort provided by
the American church, all the while justifying their non-Catholic lifestyles.
This means that they were imposters to Catholicism.  After all, Torquato
stated that rubbing down an unwilling parishioner was something healthy.
Well, it's not healthy if the parishioner involved has the physical power
to knock out any priest who won't keep his hands to himself.

As an example of Wuerl's doctrinal negligence, a priest who was the splitting
image the of famous 1981 Nerd Poster taught that there was no such thing as
being conceived in the state of original sin.  Well, this is outright heresy and
an attack against the foundation stone of the Catholic religion.  So, the priest
was reported to Wuerl's office.  Yet, the priest was not removed from ministry,
thereby giving the false impression that the undisciplined priest's heresy was
new church teaching.

In fact, the same priest taught something about the Sacrament of the Euchar-
ist (Communion) which was condemned in an infallible statement made at
the Council of Trent.  This constituted breach of duty to loyalty.  Such a
thing would be construed as new doctrine by a trusting Catholic, being
that it was spoken by a confident-sounding priest.  However, the nerdy
look was an indication that he lived the lazy, lethargic, and lackadaisical
lifestyle of a person the opposite of an aethstetic.  It was the lifestyle of a
pampered little brat.  His doctrine equaled lackadaisicalness.

At this point, you need to keep in mind that pathetic state of the Catholic
Church in America as much as Europe in the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and beyond.
Those who attended Sunday Mass, according to John Paul II, had the status
of neo-catechuminates (those at the first stage of Catholicism planning to be
baptized in the near future.)  More correctly, that type of person can be call-
ed nothing more than "a baptized pagan."  Such persons didn't/don't know the
preliminary basics of the Faith which used to be easily learned by reading the
opening pages of any Catholic prayer book.  That is how pathetic the Catholic
Church had become throughout the Vatican II years.

The first truth of Catholicism is that its doctrine is as changeless as is the
Eternal God.  It's as changeless as an evergreen tree.  That which had been
taught by the Apostles 2,000 years ago applied 1,000 years later and still
applies today, with no amendment to the articles of Faith.  This means that
there is no such thing as a new Vatican II church teaching.  Vatican II did
NOT reverse any past teaching.   All revelation ended with Saint John the
Apostle at the Island of Patmos, the day he died.

In as much, any infallible statement official recorded in a Catholic Ecumen-
ical Council text is a reflection of what the original apostles taught.  If any
teaching, such as Cardinal Wuerl's teaching on Holy Communion, goes
against the Apostles' teachings, it's NOT Catholicism.  Rather, it's an attack
on Christ, himself.

Even though there were many infallible statements published as a result of
various ecumenical counclis, not all councils  contain infallible statements.
In fact, there is no infallible statement in any of the Vatican II documents.
There were dozens of infallible statements set forth at the Council of Trent.
There were a few at Vatican Council I, and one of them set off a revolution
in Europe.  That one was the doctrine of papal infallibility which happens
to be  limited within its scope of power, pertaining solely to officially de-
fined teachings on Faith and Morals.

Once, a certain director of religious education was reported to Wuerl.  This
was a woman who had a son she apparently neglected to teach basic moral
precepts.  At the parish where she worked, she had a volunteer teacher who
complained that the youth were not being taught the basic necessities of the
faith ... and especially morals.

In fact, a book that she issued to the teachers taught the Taoist belief in Yin
& Yang, as if it were Catholic Doctrine.  Such a thing is contrary to church
teaching.  In fact, teaching such a thing is known as apostasy.  This means
that, if the director of religious education were so enamored by a belief in
Taoism, then she had the obligation to stop accepting diocesan paychecks.
She could have joined a Taoist temple where she probably wouldn't have
been paid as much as a penny.  Well, the whistle blower was disregarded
so much so that he was fired.  The following then occurred:

The son of the director of religious education got the younger sister of
the whistle blower pregnant.  There he was (the fired teacher), trying
to get the youth to start living according to a moral code.  He is then
dismissed and treated with contempt, as if he didn't teach the truth.
Next, he finds that his sister is pregnant at the hands of the son of
the director of religious education who got him fired.

The wrong person was fired.  Wuerl should pay for that child's upbring-
ing, on account of his negligence, because a complaint against the direc-
tor of religious education was sent to Wuerl's office, long before the
pregnancy took place.

There were a number of heretical and apostastical teachings that Wuerl
let be taught in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  This included whatever was
taught during Dignity Masses, for eight long years.  As an example of
the heresies which flew about the Diocese of Pittsburgh, a woman went
to the pulpit during a retreat of iron workers and told them that layman
have the power to bless water, thereby making it sacramental holy water.
She then had the ironworkers go through a water consecrating ceremony.

Now, this is complete heresy.  Laymen do not have the priesthood's power
to bless or consecrate anything.  If laymen had such power, then they would
also have the power to absolve each other from sin, as well as the power to
consecrate wine and unleavened bread during Mass.  This means that there
would be no need for any priest, including Wuerl.  Heresy and apostasy ends
up backfiring upon the priests who allow it to be taught.

At this point, keep in mind that best selling author Malachi Martin called
Donald Wuerl a fool who will have to answer to God for all the sins he has
allowed.  Quite frankly, Wuerl is a liar who conned people into advancing
his lies, all while posing as if the accomplices were experts.

By the way, Wuerl isn't anywhere near 5'11, as Ann Rodgers falsely stated
in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  She knew that he's tiny.  So, how stupid did
she think Pittsburghers were?  After all, Pittsburghers were taking Wuerl to
court, left and right,because they felt wronged by him.  They weren't im-
pressed with him, to say the least.  Rodgers fabricated a fairy tale.