September 26, 2014

Wuerl's change-the-subject letter, to divert attention away from the fact that his triple cover-up was uncovered by a DA's office and the press.

      The change-the-subject letter below was the one that Donald Wuerl wrote
      shortly after he was caught performing his Triple Cover-up.  The contents
      therein were predictable, thereby proving that tiny Wuerl is no mental giant.
      No deep thinker.  No caring man.  No honest taker of responsibility.  Just a
      brat who should never have been ordained a priest, let alone a bishop.  He
      inflicted a lot scars.

      Wuerl stated that there was so much to do that Pittsburgh didn't have time to
       think about his then-diocese becoming one of the first to be scathed in what
       was to become a coast to coast Watergate of perversity.

      Wuerl was not clever in his evils.  He simply had a propaganda machine
      and a few politicians proverbially locked away, in his pocket.  Such a per-
      son is no great leader.  Such is merely an abuser of power.  Clicking on the
      Jpeg below will enlarge the photo, but not so large as to fit on Mt. Rushmore.

      Keep in mind that Cardinal Wuerl rose to power by riding John
      Cardinal Wright's coat tails.  If Wuerl weren't Wright's long-term
      secretary, then Wuerl would have been a nobody in terms of pow-
      er and influence. 

      If Wuerl didn't ride Cardinal Wright's coat tails, Pittsburgh would
      have many more Catholic parishes and priests than it has today.
      Pittsburgh wouldn't have been the last city to end the heretical
      Dignity Masses which can be described as Sodom & Gomorrah
      Masses.  In addition, Fr. Sotak's accuser would have been a priest
      at this hour, and chances are that the retaliatory former personal se-
      cretary of Donald Wuerl, namely James Torquato, would not have
      been made a parish pastor.

     In addition, Catholic Church property would not have gotten into
     masonic hands.  Tim Bendig would be a no-name.  Sweatshop pro-
     fiteering would not have been ignored in Pittsburgh, a city famous
     for championing worker's rights.  If Wuerl weren't Wright secretary,
     the priesthood throughout the entire United States probably wouldn't
     be flooded with the flamingly effeminate and the homosexual.  The 
     aforementioned is important to mention, because St. Paul once wrote
     that the effeminate do not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

September 25, 2014

Anthony Cipolla: NEVER arrested. Vatican case involved Depression & Suicidal Tendency diagnosis declared erroneous by an NYC clinic.

Multiple pieces of JPEG evidence are included in this open-access transmission.
Included is 1} Anthony Cipolla's 2014 Pennsylvania State criminal background
check security clearance,  2} the leaked document which proves that Wuerl had
zero evidence against Cipolla while he was defying a Vatican order to reinstate
Cipolla back into the priesthood ministry,  3} a couple pages of the Tim Bendig
deposition,  4} a DA's finding that there was no evidence and no corroborating
witness accounts to warrant the filing of charges against Cipolla,  5} Cipolla's
plaques of appreciation for his management of youth groups, no member of
which ever accused him of any wrongdoing, 6} a letter from Jesuit author
John Hardon whose cause for canonization is already underway.

Preliminary Statement: The woman who bore two sons to two different men
and who, in 1978, accused Anthony Cipolla of molesting her eldest son was
finally fact-checked in 2013.  Her newspaper testimony was found to have
blatant lies in it.  This is explained in other articles at this site.   However,
here is an example:

She claimed that Cipolla was arrested.  He never was.  She also claimed that
a trial date was set after Cipolla's make-believe arrest, and that she dropped
criminal charges that were never filed in the first place on the day of the trial.
She claimed that, outside the courtroom, she was harassed by Cipolla's make-
believe  attorney, scaring her into running straight to the prothonotary's desk
and dropping charges.

Furthermore, the Pittsburgh Post  Gazette stated that she dropped the charges
in less than thirty days after having filed them.  Do you see the blatant lie here?

ANS:  The claim is that Cipolla's trial was scheduled less than 30 days after an
arrest that never happened in the first place.  None the less, no criminal trial is
scheduled so soon after an arrest, because it doesn't give the defense time to pre-
pare its case, and it doesn't provide time for depositions.  You couldn't get a date
in city traffic court that quickly.  Thus, the evidence to prove Diane Thompson a
liar (or a person falsely claiming to be quoting Diane Thompson) was in front of
the public's face all along.  Who caught it?  Certain canon lawyers caught it.

Keep in mind that this case was brought to the media shortly after Donald Wuerl
was accused, by DA John C. Pettit, for stonewalling during the investigation that
resulted in the indictments of Frs. Robert Wolk, Richard "Sade" Zula, and Francis
Pucci.  Tim Bendig simply sought to capitalize on the ill publicity already given to
Wuerl, as Wuerl became one of the first bishops caught in the long-term Vatican II
sex abuse scandal.  In as much,  Donald Wuerl was a pioneer in cover-ups.

We begin with a Jpeg of Anthony Cipolla's 2014 security clearance, showing
that he has no criminal record in the State of Pennsylvania where he was falsely
said to have been arrested for molestation.  Someone wrote on the internet that
he has a history of child molestation.  That person lied and the evidence below
shows this to be the case.  It's simply that Tim Bendig is a liar who was helped
by Wuerl, in order to deflect the attention from Wuerl's cover-ups which includ-
ed that of Fr. Edward Huff which Wuerl sent to St. Louis twice.

If the Bendig lawsuit went to trial, it would have been 70+ credible witnesses for
Cipolla vs. Bendig and the easily refutable account of Diane Thompson who was
caught lying via fact-checking.

To those who are familiar with the intense defamation of Cipolla hurled by the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Anthony Cipolla's 2014 security clearance is a nuclear
bomb that dispels a lot of the defamation.  But, he will still have detractors.

In review, Diane Thompson never filed criminal charges.  She merely filed an ap-
plication to have her accusations screened, to see if there were merit in the DA's
office approving criminal charges.  This is known as filing a private criminal com-
plaint.  No criminal charges were ever filed against Cipolla.  This is explained

But first, view Anthony Cipolla's 2014 Pennsylvania State Police Security Clear-
ance, and let it seep into your mind.  The man whom Ann Rodgers, Donald Wuerl,
Ron Lengwin, Diane Thompson, and Tim Bendig made out to be a criminal in the
State of Pennsylvania now has a security clearance in the exact same State of Penn-
sylvania.  You have been reading and hearing liars for decades.  After all, you are
dealing with a Donald Wuerl who allowed homosexual Dignity Masses for eight
years and who has been too much of a coward to protect the Sacrament of the
Eucharist, in fear that Nancy Pelosi, Christ Dodd, secret society member John
Kerry, Joe Biden, and others will retaliate for not being given the opportunity to
falsely display themselves as Catholics,during communion time.  Now is the time
for truth.

Cipolla's Security Clearance

After the 2014 security clearance Jpeg of Anthony Cipolla is the Jpeg of a leaked
letter which proves that Donald Wuerl had no evidence against Anthony Cipolla
when he defied the Vatican mandate to reinstate Cipolla into priesthood ministry.
If Wuerl had any evidence against Cipolla, then the letter posted below would
never have been written, being that it was the desperate attempt to find some-
thing to use against Cipolla.

For those new to the Vatican case involving Wuerl and Cipolla, know that An-
thony Cipolla started it, by filing a contention against Wuerl, accusing him of
harassing him.  The letter below is blatant evidence of Wuerl harassing Cipolla.
He wouild not let Cipolla be at peace, because Wuerl needed a diversionary
tactic during a time when he was covering up the ills of a Father Edward Huff
who would eventually be brought to justice, anyway.  The harassment included
Wuerl orchestrating defamatory TV and newspaper publications, as well as
embarrassing Cipolla in front of his peers.

In reading further down Cipolla's security clearance certificate, one will see
the following:



                             Name:  Cipolla Anthony Joseph
                   Date of Birth:  08/29/1943
                                 Sex:  M
                               Race:  White
              Date of Request:   07/24/2014  09:19 PM
         Purpose of Request:  Other (reason than the ones to chose on the app)

         CONTROL #R12542432 ***

In fact, when Anthony Cipolla was involved in Tim Bendig's lawsuit, Cipolla's
attorney, my former neighbor John Alan Conte, wrote- Diane Thompson as
a completely worthless entity, because her testimony was filled with contradic-
tions and non-factual allegations.  She was no issue at the time.  The only thing
which made her appear to be a force to be reckoned with, in the court of public
opinion, was her false claim that Anthony Cipolla was arrested.  He never was.
She and Ann Rodgers lied.

Now, the following letter was leaked by two employees of the Diocese of Pitts-
burgh, on two different occasions.  One employee didn't know that the other one
was leaking the exact same thing..

Very simply, if Wuerl had any evidence against Cipolla, then he would not have
been looking for any petty piece of eyewitness testimony to use against Cipolla.
The following proves that Wuerl knew that Cipolla was innocent.  Wuerl needed
Cipolla to be the smokescreen while Huff was being covered-up.

Ironicially, while this was occurring, a third set of concerned parishioners sent
the third package of complaints against Huff to Wuerl.  So, what did Wuerl do?
Did Wuerl enforce a zero tolerance policy as was claimed in Christopher Dickey's
utterly worthless news article about the fairytale version of Wuerl?   NO.  Wuerl
sent Huff to St. Louis ... To St. Michael's psychiatric clinic.

In as much, Wuerl was allowing the criminal to go untouched, while massacring
the reputation of an Anthony Cipolla who had accolades attached to his service
with youth groups.  In 42 years, no one attached to any youth group ever accused
Cipolla of any wrongdoing.

 The best seller author, Malachi Martin, who uncannily predicted that Cardinal
Albino Lucciano would be elected pope in 1978 said that Wuerl was a fool who
will have to answer to God for all the sins Wuerl let occur.  He said that Wuerl
was not Catholic; "just not Catholic."  In fact,  Malachi used to call Donald
Wuerl Donna.  Father Malachi believed Anthony Cipolla to have been com-
pletely innocent.

Anthony Cipolla with Fr. John Hardon, being greeted by John Paul II.
Hardon's cause for canonization is already underway.  This in stark
contrast to Donald Wuerl's noted associate, Marcial Maciel Degollado
who was found to be the greatest molester in the known history of the
Catholic Church and who refused to receive the Church's last rites on
his deathbed, because he did NOT believe in the mercy of God.

Jpegs of documentation and several links to pertinent 
   mainstream newspaper reports are posted below

In light of the false claim that Cipolla was arrested, the following is Penn-
sylvania law as it applies to those who file a private criminal complaint.
Such a filing is NOT the act of filing criminal charges.  A woman named
Diane Thompson claimed that, in the Year 1978, she filed criminal charges
against a priest located in the Northside of Pittsburgh, named Anthony Ci-
polla.  This is easily proven to be a lie, being that her description of things
is entirely contrary of Pennsylvania law.

As a quick example, she claimed that Cipolla was arrested within a short
time after "detectives" were called to a hospital, to the side of a "visibly
shaken boy" who would have had several pieces of physical evidence on
him, if he were actually molested.  Well, in the case of a molester priest,
the process has been that of

- first filing an indictment against him, - after having filed an affidavit and
having a judge "sign-off" on it, - followed by notifying the priest of the in-
dictment, -thereby giving the priest the opportunity to report to the police
station on his own ... to "turn himself in."  The red flag to this story was
that evidence was never mentioned, and no one mentioned anything about
any affidavit.  Anyway, take note:

PA Rule of Criminal Procedure 506.
Approval of Private Complaints

(A) When the affiant is not a law enforcement officer, the complaint shall
be submitted to an attorney for the Commonwealth, who shall approve or
disapprove it without unreasonable delay.
(B) If the attorney for the Commonwealth:

1. approves the complaint, the attorney shall indicate this decision on the
   complaint form and transmit it to the issuing authority;

2. disapproves the complaint, the attorney shall state the reasons on the
   complaint form and return it to the affiant.  Thereafter, the affiant 
   may petition the court of common pleas for review of the decision.

The question one should ask is:  What did Diane Thompson do with the
complaint form?  Where is it?  Stored away?  Or was it tossed, on account
of the fact that the DA's disapproval of her complaint and the reason why
there was no merit to file charges was written on it.  That was huge evi-
dence for Cipolla.  So, one can suspect that Diane Thompson got rid of it. 

In fact, Tim Bendig tried to get Cipolla criminally indicted, being that it
would have finally given him credibility.  Well, the DA's official report
and mention that he found zero evidence of any wrongdoing is posted
at this site.  Therefore, the very thing Bendig used to give himself a mea-
sure of credibility destroyed his credibility, in combination with the fact
that 70+ witnesses for Cipolla and/or against Bendig were prepared to
testify at the civil lawsuit trial that never was.

In as much, no criminal charges were EVER filed against Anthony Cipolla.
Ann Rodgers, formerly of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, IS a liar.  Thus, there
was no "defense attorney" harassing Diane Thompson.  Thompson's claim
of the then-bishop of Pittsburgh harassing her was finally fact checked in
1978,  in as far as concerned her details, and her narration turned out to be
a complete falsehood.  This was outlined elsewhere on this site.

It took a lot of audacity for Diane Thompson to have claimed that the de-
fense attorney who never existed harassed her into dropping charges that
she had no power to file in the first place, on the day of the trial that never
existed.  Then again, perhaps a news reported was lying to the public and
writing things that Diane never said.  Whatever be the case, that which 
was published in the Post Gazette about Cipolla turned out to be either
false or unable to confirm or disprove.

Donald Wuerl had the moral obligation to have corrected the Pittsburgh Post
Gazette's errors published about the Cipolla case.  He sinned mortally.  Wuerl
still has the obligation to have corrections made to the news articles that de-
stroyed Cipolla's life.  Wuerl refuses to do so.  Thus, his sin remains.  Wuerl
has a lot of audacity taking Holy Communion.  No wonder why he let the ex-
communicated John Kerry receive communion at will, in total violation of
the Canon Law Wuerl was well known to have violated.  Incidentally, Kerry
was excommunicated automatically, when he joined the Skull & Cross Bone
secret society.  He has not been known to have repented of this action.  Thus,
he still remained forbidden to receive Communion.  Yet, Wuerl lets him go,
showing how little faith Wuerl has in the Catholic Faith ... and how huge is
Wuerl's hypocrisy.
Before all else, know that the highly publicized Bendig/Cipolla case was
NEVER tried in any court of civil or criminal law anywhere on this Earth.
Cipolla's attorney, my former neighbor John Alan Conte, had arranged for
70+ witnesses to testify in favor of Anthony Cipolla, in the civil lawsuit's
trial.  Some of those witnesses were going to testify against Tim Bendig.

However, the trial never came to be. Wuerl settled out of court two days
before jury selection.  If Anthony Cipolla is guilty/liable as charged, then
so be it.  But, where is the trial, Nazi boys and girls?  Cipolla's legal fees
were $25,000 ... all for naught.

In addition, the allegations of the woman who accused Cipolla of molest-
ing her son had inconsistencies and even pivotal proven falsehoods.  In
addition, there was no empirical evidence against Cipolla in any capacity.
No blood on the child's fabric.  No male stains on the child or on the child's
clothing.  Etc.  Furthermore, the woman was NOT a district attorney.  She
could NOT file and drop charges on the turn of a dime, as was described?

As well, Tim Bendig has mostly been ascertained to be a chronic liar.  This
is in keeping with the fact that Donald Wuerl originally declared Bendig to
be not credible.  From my personal experience and from my sources, Tim
Bendig is basically a con artist, as opposed a troubled soul.  This is my as-
sessment, aka opinion.  It's the opinion of others, also.

As an added note: The unwed mother who accused Cipolla of molesting her
son in 1978 was caught lying about then-Bishop Vincent Leonard harassing
her into dropping the charges which, according to my sources, were never
filed in the first place.  Again, ANN RODGERS, formerly of the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette IS a liar.  See:

In fact, Ann Rodgers stated in print that Donald Wuerl was an ascetic 5'11",
when the fact is that he is a flamingly effeminate 5'4" 'theater major' look-
alike who was nicknamed Donna by Pittsburgh seminarians and "Wuerl
the Girl" by Washington insiders.  Thus, Ann Rodgers made Wuerl look
like a Trappist monk.  Now, this is especially offensive to me, because I
WAS in a Trappist monastery, as a long-term guest and I SAW ascetic
monks close-up.

Now, a woman who looked exactly like one of Wuerl's payroll called Wuerl
a "holy, holy man," even though he carries himself as the narcissistic peacock
thron dictator, as well as narcissistic theater major type.  At the Trappist Mon-
astery, I learned the mark of a true saint.  Such a person is someone so inviting
and approachable that you feel as if you knew him/her all your life.  It's like en-
countering a friend of days past.

In stark contrast, Wuerl carried himself as the man behind the curtain in the
Wizard of Oz.  Wuerl acted all so unapproachable and too divinely great for
you to be anywhere near him, unless you carried a card or letter of praise, or
money.  This was explained in the article about Wuerl's retaliation against a
credible deacon who accused someone of wrongdoing.

In addition, as an individual who was published along side laureates and who
was even in the presence of a couple of them ... in their homes ... I can assure
you that Wuerl is a very sophomoric writer, possessing little articulation and
even less creativity.  None the less, in describing Wuerl as a 5'11" aesthetic
and athletic man, Ann Rodgers once again LIED.  Wuerl is 5'4".

The Vatican Case

It was erroneously thought that the original Vatican case involved Cipolla's
accuser, Tim Bendig.  But, it did not do so.  At its outset, the Vatican case
did NOT seek to discern if whether Cipolla ever molested Bendig.  Rather,
the Vatican sought to discern if  Cipolla had a psychic defect that warrant-
ed Wuerl to remove him from ministry.

The only psychic defects which I read in the pages of documentation I held
in my hands were Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.  If you have official
documentation stating otherwise, you're welcomed to send Jpegs of it to me.

Now remember, I saw the documentation.  You did not.  I spoke with Cipolla
at length, time after time after time after time.  You did not.  I informed the
public that Diane Thompson's published "testimony" had outright falsehoods
in it and that a number of people, including me, found Tim Bendig to be a 
wall-to-wall liar and con artist, in keeping with his stereotypical white trash
background.  The opinions of those who never spoke with Cipolla, who nev-
er saw the documentation, who never  were sent threats from Tim Bendig,
and who never fact-checked any of the "newspaper testimony" of a Diane
Thompson have zero validity. 

I don't have an opinion.  All that I know is that Diane Thompson IS a liar.
Ann Rodgers IS a liar.  Tim Bendig IS a liar who even communicated false-
hoods and intimidation tactics to me, the year before he begged me to inter-
view him, promising me to let me see the deposition that was already locat-
ed ... a couple of pages of which were already online.  All that I know is that
there is no empirical ... forensics evidence ... that Cipolla ever molested any-
one anywhere at any time.

Plus, Wuerl, in his terror of District Attorney John C. Pettit, had motive to
have deliberately orchestrated a hoax in the Cipolla case that fraudulently
made Wuerl look like the stern disciplinarian who had no need of being in-
vestigated any longer.

All in all, it was thought that the entire Cipolla subject needed a trial or a 
grand jury inquest, until Diane Thompson's newspaper testimony was fact-
checked.  It turned out to be an insult to one's intelligence.  None the less, it 
was equivalent to having committed spoliation of evidence for Wuerl to have 
not let the Bendig lawsuit go to trial.  Settling out of court the weekend before 
jury selection was Wuerl's act of destroying evidence.

- None the less, Donald Wuerl originally declared Bendig's many accusations
  against many priests to be NOT credible.  This includes Bendig's allegations
  against Cipolla.  And yes, Bendig leveled accusations against present Pitts-
  burgh bishop, David Zubik.  However, Bendig only accused Cipolla of hav-
  ing molested him.   During his deposition, Bendig simply said that he was
  merely repeating what he heard in the rumor mill about Zubik.  Of course,
  Bendig is such a liar that nothing which he says is certain or even plausible.
  Remember one more thing.  The untold suffering that the liar Tim Bendig
  caused Anthony Cipolla to undergo is suffering that Bendig is willing to
  inflict upon you. 

- Cipolla was not laicized for molesting anyone.  He was laicized for disobey-
   ing his bishop.  He kept performing the functions of the priesthood, when
   Wuerl told him not to do so. 

- Now, Cipolla was accused of molestation in 1978.  However, he was never
  arrested for it.  In fact, no criminal indictment was ever filed against him, at
  any time in his life, by any state district attorney or any federal attorney.

- Moreover, Cipolla was granted an award of appreciation by a New Jersey
  chief of police, for managing youth activities in Bergen County, as well as
  a Pittsburgh parish.  If Cipolla abused his power in Northern New Jersey,
  by abusing the youth there, then someone would have come forth by now
  and accused him as such.  Instead, while Cipolla was in Jersey, a plaque of
  appreciation was handed to him by a chief of police.  It generally states . . . 

  Presented to Rev. Mr. Anthony Cipolla, in grateful recognition 
  for your outstanding cooperation, and assistance given to the 
 Youth Bureau.   -----  from the Oakland Police, 1972.

The confusing title came from the fact that this award was given to Cipolla
before he was ordained.  Thus, he was not yet Father Cipolla.   He was the
young Mr Cipolla, about to be ordained.

In Anthony Cipolla's capacity as a decision maker and coordinator, he could
have abused his power tremendously.  Yet, people did the opposite of accuse
him of molestation.  They gave him awards and plaques of appreciation.  So,
where's the serial molester habit in Cipolla that accompanies a true molester?

IF and only IF Cipolla were the molester that Post Gazette writer Ann Rod-
gers made him out to be, the New Jersey police chief would have placed
handcuffs around Cipolla's wrists, instead of a plaque of gratitude into his
hands.  Nobody molests in a vacuum.  Being that there isn't a long line of
credible accusations against Cipolla, one cannot instantaneously ascertain
him as a molester.   Donald Wuerl, the LA Times, Ann Rodgers, the Pitts-
burgh Post Gazette, and those who host sophomoric websites have a lot of
'splaining to do ... Lucy.

Firstly, a molester is a person addicted to molestation.  Being that it involves
disordered senses, it involves a person out of synch with natural inclination
and out of control with his conduct.  This means that molestation isn't a one-
time event for a molester.

The Anthony Cipolla whose reputation was destroyed at the behest of the
cardinal presently nicknamed "Wuerl the Girl" has a track record contrary
to what the press made Cipolla out to be.  If he did do what he was alleged
to have done, then he did it in clever stealth.

For example, where are the male bodily stains on the clothing of youth, if he
did what he was accused of having done?  Where are the blood stains on un-
der garments?  He was stationed at a home for impaired children.  Nuns were
always on duty.  Why is it that none of them suspected or accused Cipolla of
anything improper?  In fact, where is the trail of accusers, if Cipolla were as
evil as Wuerl and the Post Gazette made Cipolla out to be? 

I can, in clear conscience, state that those of us involved in the research of the
Cipolla case were entirely unable to connect Cipolla to any homosexual cabal
anywhere.   Cipolla was found to have no nexus with any element of the homo-
sexual subculture.  I cannot, in clear conscience, say the same for Donald Wuerl.

Being that the Anthony Cipolla case was grossly exaggerated, the following
is essential for the public to know.

John Hardon was a famous author in the Catholic world whose cause for canonization is underway.
                >>>>>>>   Qualifying Statements  <<<<<<< 

To start, Tim Bendig signed an out of court settlement.  Now, this type of
thing usually involves a confidentiality agreement, by which the plaintiff
pledges to not speak of the lawsuit's subject matter to anyone outside of a
law enforcement venue, such as a grand jury inquest.  This means that a
plaintiff who signs an out of court settlement is NOT a source for a journ-
alist.  Keeping your distance from such a person and declining to interview
him even when offered to meet with him is an act of prudence. 

So that there is no misunderstanding, Tim Bendig only accused Anthony
Cipolla of committing unnatural acts with Tim Bendig and no one else.
In fact, Bendig accused Cipolla of engaging in said acts even after Ben-
dig reached the age of consent, aka the age of majority.  In as much, if
Cipolla were molesting Bendig, then he would have gone out of his way
to make sure that Bendig would have not been accepted at the Pittsburgh
seminary.  Cipolla would have wanted Bendig for himself, at will, in a
cloaked setting.  Plus, Cipolla would have feared Benidg telling someone
at the seminary.  Yet, Cipolla told the seminary admissions director that
it wouldn't hurt to let Bendig try to pass seminary courses.  Cipolla gave
his green light.  A molester would have done everything to keep Bendig
away from the seminary.

Except for Bendig's allegations, I received ZERO accusations about  Ci-
polla committing sodomy with any adult at any time.  At the very least,
that part is concluded.  In fact, when Tim Bendig originally contacted me
in writing, he defined his accusations "things that Cipolla would only do 
to" ...  Bendig.    Therefore, even Bendig admitted, in a introductory com-
munication personally addressed to me, that there isn't much likelihood
that an additional accuser against Cipolla stands in the shadows, yet to be
heard.   This means that the entire Cipolla inquiry is limited to the 1978
allegation which resulted in the accusing mother claiming to have dropped
criminal charges that were never filed in the first place. ...

... and Bendig's own allegations which are plagiaristically reminiscent of
the 1978 case, so it suspiciously seems.  It were as if Bendig learned of the
case and then copied it. 

There is an irony in the fact that Anthony Cipolla's name was absent from
the Lavender Mafia grapevines.  Donald Wuerl's name repeatedly was there;
 ...  the flamingly effeminate Donald Wuerl who gave the red carpet to the
Sodomite's Dignity Masses for eight consecutive years, at two Pittsburgh
parishes.   In fact, the allies/friends of Randy Engel were the ones who end-
ed up discovering Wuerl's nexus with the local homosexual community of
the Pittsburgh area.  The details of it were reported by Mrs Randy Engel
years ago.  She was the editor of the Vietnam journal, at one time.

Now, there is ZERO physical evidence, ZERO paperwork evidence, or
ZERO credible witness accounts which indicate that Anthony Cipolla
ever molested anyone, anywhere, at any time in his life.  In fact, the evi-
dence gathered indicates the opposite thereof.  Whether Cipolla is guilty
or innocent of the accusations which were NEVER tried in any criminal
or civil or canonical court of law, it's beyond damnable that Wuerl used
the Cipolla case for his own personal gain, in having blazed Cipolla's
name in neon infamy as far away as Europe.  It was beyond damnable
that Wuerl was inconsiderate of the annihilating trauma that defama-
tion was guaranteed to cause a voiceless Anthony Cipolla.

In addition, trumpeting the Cipolla case covered-up  James Torquato's
evils, as well as the Torquato's retaliations that Wuerl let proceed.

When you plan to destroy someone's reputation to such extremes as
Wuerl and Ann Rodgers did to Cipolla, you have the moral obligation
to give your targeted individual his day in court, and then let the pub-
lic ascertain beyond all reasonable doubt that he actually did do what
he was alleged to have done.

When a person is diagnosed with severe depression and suicidal ten-
dencies, as was Anthony Cipolla, you need to extend compassion to
the individual.  Ironically, a second opinion, gotten from a New York
medical facility, stated that Cipolla was mentally healthy and that it
was normal to be in grief when one's reputation is destroyed.

None the less, you may not perform actions that can provoke a person
into finally committing suicide or into developing a stress-related heart
attack. Now, Cipolla has had heart surgery more than once, after having
been accused and defamed.  In 2014, during a time of financial stress,
Cipolla had a minor heart attack.  Yet, the Donald Wuerl who was nick-
named "Donna" and then "Wuerl the Girl" by various insiders thought
nothing of traumatizing Cipolla even more, by blaring the Cipolla case
on two continents, all the while misrepresenting it, in making Cipolla
look like the monster that Wuerl's associate, Marcial Maciel Degollado,
actually was.

Keep in mind that, while Cipolla was being presented as the demon of
the ages, Maciel was being heralded as the ultimate saint of this era.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
There's one more piece of circumstantial evidence which you need to
know:  Firstly, Randy Engel is a woman.  Secondly, she was the edit-
or of the Vietnam Journal and is the co-founder of the International
Foundation for Genetic Research, as well as the recipient of a merit-
orious award.  She's also the author of The Rite of Sodomy, a compil-
ation that contains thousands of footnotes.  This means that she is the
ultimate watchdog in the subject of homosexual priests.   She is the
one who has a list and has checked it twice, proverbially speaking.
None the less ...

Of all the people on earth, Randy would be current on which priest is
the violator of his priestly vows.  Of all the people on earth, she is the
one who is most likely to veer away from a friendly acquaintanceship
with a homosexual priest.  Well, Randy has a charitable friendship
with Anthony Cipolla.

Now, if Cipolla is as guilty as Wuerl and the media made Cipolla out
to be, then why has the ultimate Sherlock Holmes on  sodomite priests
extended solidarity to Cipolla and developed a friendship with him?  It
is an interactive friendship, and not merely one consisting in one Christ-
mas card per year.  Please explain this seeming paradox to me.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  
The other outrage is that Wuerl financially cut off Cipolla, while 
simultaneously paying stipends (pensions) to Pittsburgh diocesan 
priests who, unlike Cipolla, actually were indicted and convicted.  
In canon law, Wuerl didn't have to assign Cipolla, but he did have
to sustain him ... after Wuerl won the Signatura rehearing.  The
bottom line is that the Diocese of Pittsburgh owes Anthony Ci-
polla between $172,000 and $230,000 dollars in back-pay.

                         Continued Preview and Review:
                     Concerning the Vatican Proceedings

As was previously stated: Donald Wuerl did NOT fight the Vatican for
the right to remove a molester priest.  He fought to prove that Cipolla had
a psychic defect which warranted Wuerl to remove Cipolla from ministry.
The psychic defect that I read in the official documentation that I person-
ally held in my hands was nothing more than the previously menioned
"Depression & Suicidal Tendencies."

Cipolla first went to St. Luke's Clinic, for an assessment.  He then, on his
on costs, went to a second one for a second assessment.  Well, the Vatican
declared the assessment of St. Luke's Clinic invalid, because of it alleged
adherence to "pansexualism."  The second clinic, Saint Michael's in NY,
gave Anthony Cipolla a clean bill of health.

Now, Wuerl insisted that Cipolla go to a third clinic for an assessment.  This
was to be Saint John Vianney's, in Philadelphia.  However, a few canon law-
yers and John Hardon advised Cipolla to not go.  Cipolla did NOT go, and
this was regarded as Cipolla being disobedient to Wuerl.  Well, Wuerl had
no right to demand a third psychiatric assessment.  In fact, the first assess-
ment was in Cipolla's favor, being that it did NOT state that he had any ill
which a reasonable person would regard as grounds for dismissal from the

The Lack of Witnesses on the part of Bendig:

Concerning the civil trial that never came to be, Tim Bendig's attorney re-
ceived an extension of time from the presiding judge, so that Bendig could
finally find and depose witnesses to testify in his favor.  Several sources
and I know of ZERO witnesses willing to testify on behalf of Bendig.

Therefore, the witness scoreboard was 70+ for Cipolla vs Tim Bendig
alone.  Bendig had ZERO witnesses.  This illustrates that Bendig had
zero chance of prevailing in any lawsuit's trial.  Yet, Wuerl elected to
settle the case out of court two days before jury selection.  This was per-
ceived as an unconscionable and disingenuous ploy by Wuerl, in order to
win his case against Cipolla at the Vatican.  In as much, it was sheer evil
for Wuerl to have let the Pittsburgh Post Gazette blaze Cipolla's photo on
the front page in a huge size, deceiving the public into thinking that some
court someone found Cipolla guilty of molesting Bendig, when the truth is
no court did so.   Above all, keep in mind that Wuerl originally declared
Bendig to be NOT credible.

The Cipolla/Bendig case wasn't a cut and dry slam dunk of certitude,
especially as it applied to Tim Bendig's allegations and the psychia-
tric evaluation of Cipolla.  After all, St Michael's Institute in NYC
categorically stated that Cipolla showed no signs of "perverse sex-
uality," psychosis or personality disorder and that he did not need
hospitalization or medication.

The other thing which proves the case to have not been a slam dunk
of certitude was that Donald Wuerl originally sided with Cipolla, lett-
ing him continue to be where he was stationed for years.  After all,
Bendig accused a number of priests and Pittsburgh seminarians of
unnatural activity, to state it politely.

Bendig attempted to have Cipolla criminally prosecuted.  An official
investigation found ZERO evidence and ZERO corroborating witness-
es.  Thus, no criminal charges were filed against Cipolla.

Keep in mind that the Bendig civil lawsuit was an entirely differenct
animal and the Cipolla Vatican Hearings are two entirely different ani-
mals.  Wuerl deceived humanity by parading Bendig around.  He made
it look as if the Vatican judged if whether or not Cipolla molested Tim
Bendig.  It did not do so.  It only assessed if whether or not Wuerl had
the canonical power to remove Cipolla on account of Depression and
Suicidal Tendencies.  If tiny Donald Wuerl had incontrovertiblevevi-
dence that Cipolla molested Bendig, then Cipolla would never have
won his appeal at the Signatura in the first round of Signatura hear-
ings.  Plus, the evidence would have been blazed across the front
pages of newspapers everywhere.

The hearing resulted in Wuerl winning only because of one bishop
who is known for siding with a bishop against his subordinate priest,
as a matter of policy.  This is explained in another post/article.  Being
that I have a concrete pour to attend this morning, I haven't the time
to recount it here.  It's already explained online, however.

The diagnosis of St. Luke's Clinic in Maryland was declared entirely
invalid by the Vatican judges, on account of the clinic promoting it's
"pansexualism," and being that it was operated by an out-of-the-closet
homosexual.  Even at that, the clinic only marked Cipolla as suffering
from Depression and maybe Suicidal Tendencies.  Now, Wuerl's de-
fense was that the founder of Saint Luke's was dead and no longer
operating the facility.  The founder died of AIDS.

Plus, one would have expected to see additional accusers eventually
come forth in streams, after Bendig leveled his accusations against
Cipolla in the public forum.  After all, this is what transpired with my
former high school headmaster John Hoehl.  The accusations against
him kept coming ... years after the fact.

No one accused Cipolla after Bendig did.  Thus, there is the 1978 case
in which the accusing mother, Diane Thompson, was found to have lied.
It simply was that no one did any fact checking on her damning allega-
tions until 2013, when a Jewish journalist in Chicago said that Anthony
Cipolla showed all the signs of a traumatized whistle-blower who was
a victim of retaliation.  Within little time thereafter, Diane Thompson
was found to have lied ... or Ann Rodgers lied in the name of Diane

No other accusers against Cipolla have emerged since Bendig.  No one
in any youth group Cipolla monitored ever accused him of anything ill.
Incidentally, a criminal investigation against Cipolla began the month
after the media reported on the intent of Bendig to sue the Diocese of
Pittsburgh.  The DA's report is posted below.  No criminal prosecution
ensued.  It was assumed that Bendig sought a criminal prosecution for
a larger sum of lawsuit money.  This is the logical suspicion. 

The Added Reason Why Wuerl Pursued the Cipolla Case

The other reason why Wuerl fought diligently against Cipolla was so that
he could have a clean slate with the Vatican, in order to rise through the
ranks.  Wuerl could not afford to have a mark on his record.  Plus, in the
Cipolla case Wuerl was giving a message to others priests, showing them
what will happen to them, if they also decided to complain to the Vatican
about any one of Wuerl's mandates. 

The Reason Why the Cipolla Case Was Prolonged

The Cipolla Case was prolonged at the Vatican, because Wuerl and
his staff  were miscalculaters who failed to anticipate what would
happen as a result of Cipolla's appeal.  In fact, Wuerl's people did
not know of the appeal until after the hearing at the Vatican Signa-
tura.  Anthony Cipolla did not appeal against Wuerl.  He appealed
against the Congregation for the Clergy.  Wuerl was absent from the
proceedings.  During the rehearing, Cipolla was absent.  No repre-
sentative for Cipolla was present.

The Cipolla Case had nothing to do with Wuerl caring for his fellow
man.  After all,  Wuerl's stone cold uncaringness has been evidenced:

Now, let's figure this out:

   Q1} Why was the repeated presentation of the Cipolla Case a con-
            tinuous deception?

ANS}  The Cipolla case was presented with the caption that Donald
            Wuerl was a holy & caring man who fought solely for the sake
            of the underdog who had no voice.  Plus, the Cipolla case was
            presented with the additional caption that Wuerl was also the
            Bruce Lee of Zero Tolerance.  Both captions have been prov-
            en to be lies.  This makes Donald Wuerl a vicious opportunist
            who went to the head of the class on a walkway of  lies. Got it?

             Ask yourself these things -----> Q: What type of baseball
             pitcher is it who strikes out one batter, but walks six others?
             What kind of guard is it who stops one burglar, while letting
             six other ones sneak in and steal the paintings in the museum?

             Donald Wuerl was willing to enable the following persons to
             go back into the proverbial & symbolic museum:  1} Frs. Wolk,
             2} Pucci, 3} temporarily Hoehl in a hot potato fashion, 4}Huff,
             in a musical chairs fashion until the third package of allegations
             against him were delivered to Wuerl, 5} Torquato, and allegedly
             6} another priest whose name is kept in confidence.  Then there
             were others who were accused elsewhere and then accepted by
             Wuerl in Pittsburgh.  Does this make Donald Wuerl the hero of
             zero tolerance?

             Incidentally, even though Wuerl had Zula on very loose reins,
             Zula wasn't going back into ministry.  And why was this so?
             His nickname was Sade  ...  as in the Marquis thereof. Zula
             commited masochism.  Yet, in concealing Zula, Wuerl was
             covering up for Frs. Wolk & Pucci, as well as for himself.

   Q2}  Why was Wuerl's incessant presenting of the person of Tim
             Bendig, via the media, an unconscionable deception?

ANS:   Tim Bendig was the only person alleged to be a sexual abuse
            victim who praised Wuerl.  Yet, the media made Bendig look
            like the norm.  The truth is that 100% of those persons who
            had dealings with Wuerl and who spoke/wrote to me about
            him had nothing but bitter complaints and accusations against
            Wuerl and/or his diocesan reps.  In fact, these people vividly
            remembered the names of the specific diocesan reps who de-
            livered pain to them, compliments of Donald Wuerl.

            The thesis statement is this:  If you are going to parade a per-
            son around the world as the poster child for youth molested
            by priests, then you better make sure that the person was ac-
            tually molested.  Bendig is repeatedly known as being a con
            artist of a liar.  I experienced Bendig's lies and intimidation
            tactic personally.  I sent the evidence thereof to multiple per-
            sons, as soon as he threatened me.  Bendig isn't too bright.
            He thought that he was scaring me.  He simply gave me fuel
            to prove that he most certainly is a liar by habit.

             All that Bendig did was advocate that sex abuse victims go
             directly to Wuerl, in matters of clergy abuse.  The Survivors'
             Network of those Abused by Priests vehemently contraindi-
             cated doing what Bendig advocated.  In fact, SNAP had a
             bitter response to German Benedict elevating Wuerl to the
             College of Cardinals.  But, of course, this is the same Ger-
             man who refused to investigate the notorious Marcial Maciel
             for six consecutive years.  This is the same German who pro-
             voked multitudes of German citizens into leaving the Catholic
             Church, as soon as he ascended to the Chair of Peter.

             None the less, the Torquato Retaliations prove that you will be
             imperiled if you report an abusive priest to Wuerl.  From my
             personal experience, as the advocate of Torquato's evidence-
             based accuser, do NOT entrust anything to Wuerl and do NOT
             trust Wuerl with anything.

            Know that the Wuerlgate series has been online since 2006
            and never has anyone written to me in defense of Wuerl.  No
            one has sued me for any of its content.  More than one Wuerl-
            gate was published, being that I would retire one site and start
            a new one.  More than one version of the Wuerlgate site was
            ranked on the front pages of the most frequented search en-
            gines on Earth.  As of the Spring of 2014, this Wuerlgate site
            has been #2 on the three most viewed search engines on earth,
            pursuant to the keywords, Donald Wuerl.

            Concerning damning allegations of Wuerl's personal life:

            It was in a bank's lobby area where, after certain allegations
            about Wuerl were made, the man making them literally said
            to me,  "Donald Wuerl is a sick man, and I have no use for
            him." That was the man's exact quote, whether the allegation
            that he stated had been true or false.  He certainly believed it
            to be true, however, after he and his late wife did some prod-
            ding.  The allegations are consistent with a bishop who com-
            pletely disobeyed the Vatican, in having Dignity Masses in
            his diocese for eight non-stop years.  After all, it is logical to
            find a practicing homosexual give the red carpet treatment to
            the one type of Mass which heretical claims that the Sin of
            Sodom is no sin at all.  This was another heresy that Wuerl
            allowed in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

            Continuing  ...  One woman said that Wuerl was acting girly
            in a church basement where she also was.  Best selling author,
            Malachi Martin, actually did call Donald Wuerl Donna.  The
            Pittsburgh seminarians called Wuerl Donna, also.  However,
            the phrase, "Wuerl the Girl," is relatively new.  While in Pitts-
            burgh Wuerl was mostly called Whirly Bird, as well as Donna.
            Then there is the nickname, Wuerl the Gargoyle.

cmmnt} In classical law, two corroborating witnesses are required to
              establish a fact.  Tim Bendig is only one person.  Ironically,
              he originally called the Diocese of Pittsburgh the worst.

Q3a}   What is the first red flag of this case?

ANS:  Wuerl originally declared Bendig's allegations NOT credible.

Q3b}  Why?

ANS:  Bendig accused a number of seminarians and priests of wrong-
           doing.  Incidentally, during his deposition, when asked to iden-
           tify this priest and that priest in a photo, Bendig would answer
           that he heard a rumor about this priest and that priest.  There-
           fore, he accused them according to the hearsay of others, from
           what I read in the limited amount deposition pages handed to
           me.  He originally made it sound as if he were drowning in a
           homosexual environment.  He was drowning in gossip, instead.
           He repeatedly used the word, rumor, in the deposition pages
           that I read.  Yet, to the media, he sounded certain, as if he were
           a firsthand witness to the homosexuality he alleged.

Q4}  What was the next red flag?

ANS:  Bendig told the media that he was disgusted with the alleged
           epidemic homosexuality at the Pittsburgh seminary, shortly af-
           ter his lawsuit was filed.  Then, during his deposition, he admit-
           ted to having willfully committed sodomy with persons visiting
           the Pittsburgh seminary.  Thus, he contradicted himself.  This
           is usually known as lying.  Remember, Wuerl originally regard-
           ed Bendig as NOT credible, and he sent Bendig on his way.

           If Bendig were molested, he either became a sex addict or he
           developed an intense aversion to homosexual encounters.  In
           alternating intervals, possibly.  But not at the same moment in
           time.  This is known as mutual exclusivity.  He first claimed
           to have an aversion to homosexuality.  He then admits that he
           was attracted to homosexuality, consummating this attraction
           in deed.

            The sex abuse causalities whom I encountered developed an aver-
            sion to the point of being skiddish about the form of abuse they
            encountered.  They weren't running around seminary grounds,
            looking for it.

            One of the red flags is shown in both pages of this deposition.

Bendig claims that he was a victim of indecent assault at the hands
of Anthony Cipolla.  Okay.  So be it if it is true.  Then why did he
keep going back to Cipolla's rectory and sacristy?  Why did he
keep going back to Cipolla in general, again and again and again?

Plus, IF they were having an unnatural affair, then why did Cipolla
not object to Bendig leaving for the seminary?  Cipolla would have
wanted Bendig for himself ... and Cipolla would have vehemently
kept Bendig away from the seminary, in fear of Bendig telling some-
one about Cipolla ... if Cipolla and Bendig were having a unnatural
affair.  Thus, Bendig's enrollment into a seminary, with Cipolla hav-
ing no objection to the idea thereof, is another thing which shows
Tim Bendig to not be credible.  Cipolla was asked about Bendig be-
ing admitted to the Pgh seminary, and he did NOT object to the idea
in any capacity.

MOREOVER,  wouldn't Cipolla have gotten together with Bendig
during the time when Bendig was in the seminary, if they were hav-
ing an unnatural affair?  At least on weekends?  Well, where was
Cipolla during the one semester when Bendig was in the seminary.
In fact, did you ever think that Cipolla saw Bendig's enrollment
into the seminary as Cipolla's way of getting rid of Bendig.  Ben-
dig caused people problems, as was stated in other posts ... one ex-
ample was during a pilgrimage at Fatima.  Concerning Bendig be-
ing a troublemaker in Portugal, I received a corroborating witness
account on that one.

If Bendig were being molested for over a six year period, then why
did he only report Cipolla after he was asked to leave the Pittsburgh
seminary that he only attended for a three month period?  Why did
he simultaneously accuse a number of seminarians and priests of hav-
ing been sodomites?  In six years' time, he would have acquired some
physical piece of evidence to prove that Cipolla was inclined to com-
mit unnatural acts.  This includes a piece of tainted clothing or what-
ever else.  Does there exist any such physical evidence?  In fact, some-
one would have caught Cipolla and Bendig together, within that time
frame.  Let us review:

        Washington County, where Wolk, Zula, and Pucci were indicted,
        is Southwest of the county where sites Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh sits
        in Allegheny County.  Meanwhile, Beaver County is the one locat-
        ed Northwest of Allegheny County.  Concerning Bendig's attempt
        to have Cipolla indicted, the report of the Beaver County District
        Attorney's Office goes as follows:

       From:  Beaver County District Attorney's Office:

      On December 16, 1988, Tim Bendig was interviewed by
      Assistant District
Attorney William Hare and Detective
      Andrew Gaul.  Bendig accused Father Anthony Cipolla
      of Indecent Assault at the McGuire Home in Daugherty

      The Detective Bureau conducted an investigation which
      included interviews with:

                                                     Tom Hamilton
                                                     Sister Mary Alice
                                                    Monsignor Shultz
                                                    Father Cipolla

      The investigation showed no basis for criminal prosecution
      essentially for the following reasons:

      1) Bendig was over 18 at the time of the alleged offense.
      2) No corroborating evidence was found.

         Do you understand?  If Cipolla is guilty, then where is the crim-
         inal indictment and conviction? 


Q4 }  Why was Ann Rodger's explanation of the Cipolla Case's Final
           Review a propagandist lie, in that she claimed that Wuerl had 
           to fight a manly struggle against the Vatican, in order to get Ci-
           polla removed from ministry?

ANS:  Wuerl won Round #1 with zero difficulty.  There was no fight
           for him at the initial level.  Rome sided with Wuerl.  Rodgers
           made it sound as if all the Vatican judges were stubborn oafs 
           from the start, refusing to let an "enlightened" Wuerl remove
           Cipolla from ministry.  The Vatican originally said, "Okay.
           Fine. Remove him."  So, where's the epic fight?

cmmnt} Rodgers, in the stereotypical anti-Catholic mindset, created
              a distrust of Rome and Italy in general.  This is very insulting
              to us Italians.  It's the white anglo-saxon anti-papist mind set.

           In doing what Rodgers was doing, she was making German
           Wuerl look more enlightened than the Italians.  The irony is
           that it was the time of a Polish pope, with a German cardinal
           in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith eventually
           getting caught being the ring leader in sex abuse cover-ups.

           One more thing:  Concerning the English language that Ameri-
           cans speak, it's part Latin.   That's old Italian.   So, if you are
           paranoid over Italians, it means that you have to quit speaking
           English.  Oh yeah, and that guy who discovered this continent
           and named it America, thereby enabling rows of baton twirlers
           to march down main street in July ... he was Italian.  We had
           more than enough anti-Romanness in America during the 19th
           and 20th Century.  This included the Vatican paranoia during
           Kennedy's presidential campaign.  We didn't need Ann Rodgers
           to help with it.  For the record, we are really tired of it.  So, cut
           it out.

           Explain this:  Wuerl is a German name.  Bendig is a German
           name that is actually a variant of Benedict.  Wolk is a German
           name that means "the people." In addition, Ratzinger is a Hilter
           Youth and he placed German Wuerl at the capitol of the nation
           that turned Hitler's industrial war complex into rubble.  In as
           much, the closest Hitler ever came to conquering America was
           when a former Hitler Youth assigned a German-American to be
           the archbishop of the capitol of the United States.

           In continuing, Hoehl is also a German name, and Wuerl was the
           one who put John Hoehl back into diocesan ministry.  Mr Rogers
           called and asked,"Can you say 'Good Ole Boy Network'?"  Sieg
           Heil, baby.

           Incidentally, Robert Wolk was ordained in 1966.  Tiny Donald
           Wuerl was ordained in 1966.  The following link takes you to
           a newpaper article that reported on a 4-page letter that Wuerl
           addressed to all Pittsburgh Catholics shortly after Wolk's first
           criminal indictment.  It's called, The Change the Topic Letter.

Q5}   What else constituted paramount deceit?

ANS:  Wuerl and the Pittsburgh media constantly presenting the person
            of Tim Bendig and the Cipolla Vatican Case simultaneously, as
            if the two were the same thing? 

We Now Review:

1 - My former neighbor John Alan Conte represented Cipolla.  He
     lined-up over 70 character witnesses for Cipolla.  The majority
     were youths who were located during the discovery phase of the
     lawsuit.  They were prepared to testify against Bendig, as much
     as for Cipolla.  This means that they were ready to sit next to a
     judge and testify that Cipolla did absolutely nothing to them.

     Bendig's lawyer(s) succeeded in getting the trial delayed for ap-
     proximately five months, so as to "gather more witness deposi-
     tions."  The trial was originally set for May 4, 1993.  If the case
     were a slam dunk that proved Cipolla's guilt, then why the delay?
     Did it have anything to do with Bendig failing to locate even one
     witness to corroborate his story?

2- Wuerl caused everyone involved with the case to be suspicious of
    Wuerl's intentions when he settled the case two days before jury se-
     lection was to proceed.  Wuerl first told the Vatican that more evi-
     dence was to come from the Bendig lawsuit, and this enabled him
     to get a rehearing approved at the Vatican's version of its Supreme
     Court ...  the Signatura.  Then, Wuerl ended the lawsuit without
     ever deriving more witnesses or evidence.   This was suspicious.
     This is one of the many reasons why there are people who don't
      trust Wuerl.

    The failure to notify John Conte was laced with deceit.  Everyone
     involved in the case assumed that Wuerl deliberately prevented a
     trial, because it would have decimated Bendig's credibility.  The
     case was this 70+ Cipolla witnesses vs. 1 Tim Bendig and zero
     pieces of hard copy evidence, zero pieces of clothing with male
     residue on it, zero love letters, and zero everything else.

     It was 70+ vs 1.  Ask yourself the following:  Why didn't Bendig
     drop the case, when he was completely outnumbered?  Why did
     Wuerl settle out of court, when the odds of Bendig winning was
     slim to none?,79196&dq=cipolla+sues+diocese&hl=en,75443&hl=en 

Saint Michael's Institute in New York City
Declared that Cipolla Didn't Need Hospitalization

3- The March 21, 1993 edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, ever so
     ironically written by Ann Rodgers-Melnick, stated the following, in
     the report of Cipolla winning his appeal at the Vatican Signatura 

       The verdict supported St. Michael's opinion that Cipolla 
       showed no signs of "perverse sexuality," psychosis or per-
       sonality disorder and that he did not need hospitalization 
       or medication.

We continue with the Bendig case that was never tried anywhere on
Earth, including at the Vatican:

Now remember, I would have removed Cipolla for precautionary rea-
sons, alone.  I then would have fact-checked Diane Thompson's damn-
ing allegations, only find that she lied.   None the less, Wuerl won the
Vatican case at the initial level of the Vatican judiciary, at the Office of
the Congregation for the Clergy, thereby winning the right to remove
Cipolla.   Well, if Cipolla were an absolutely positively certain molest-
er, then why did Wuerl fail to provide the evidence during the first 
round?  Wuerl only provided the opinion of St. Luke's Clinic in Mary-
land.  Cipolla's state of mental health was the case, and not anything
that he was alleged to have done to Bendig.

If there were incontrovertible evidence that he molested Bendig,  be
assured that Cipolla would NEVER had won a reversal at the Signa-
tura.  Therefore, Wuerl flashing Bendig around Pittsburgh was a di-
versionary tactic of the very case that Wuerl used to gain power and

It was alleged to be six years of molestation.  There would have been
a tainted piece of clothing or bedding to prove the molestation ... as
well as love letters, hotel bills, sudden disappearances from the gang,
etc., unless Bendig is the most mentally deficit person in the world.
Now, if he's the most mentally deficit person on Earth, then how did
he get admitted to the Pittsburgh seminary?  Do you see how bizarre
this case is?

In keeping with the theme of providing evidence contrary to the popu-
lar presumptions of the Cipolla/Bendig case, the following newspaper
article is presented.  It is extremely important.  It's the article which in-
troduces the case to the public.  In it, Wuerl is quoted as having said
the following which appeared in the November 23rd, 1988 edition of
the Pittsburgh Press, at Page B-1 and Page B-4.  Believe it or not, the
article appeared in the MONEY section of the newspaper:

      "The young man had a history of making unfortunate 
         allegations against other seminarians that, under 
         questioning, he could not corroborate.  There was
         serious concern at the seminary that this man was
         troubled," Wuerl said.

         In fact, the prior paragraph stated:

       "Wuerl said the seminarian was 'invited to leave'
         the seminary, because the diocese 'thought he was 

The following link takes you to the most important news article on the
Cipolla/Bendig case.  It illustrates that the case was neither an easy
"open-and-shut case" nor a "slum dunk" of certitude.  It was and is
a case where you don't know which side to believe.  Therefore, the
following newspaper article is a must-read for anyone in search of
the truth.  Incidentally, the article was co-written by Ann Rodgers-
Melnick and Dan Donovon. 

Wuerl says money request preceded abuse claims.
For Page B-1, Money Section, Nov 23, 1988:,4592539&dq=somma+cipolla+pittsburgh+diocese&hl=en

Wuerl says money request preceded abuse claims.
For Page B-4, Money Section, Nov 23, 1988:,4602777&dq=unfortunate+allegations+diocese+psychologist+invited+leave+seminary&hl=en 

Did Bendig Plagiarize the 1978 Case?

In 1978, Cipolla was accused of molestation under the guise of a
medical exam.  The press release announcing the filing of Bendig's
lawsuit  described Bendig as stating that the molestation of him be-
gan when he had the flu.  He alleged that Anthony Cipolla posed
as a medical helper and then molested him.

The problem with believing this allegation is that it is reasonably as-
sumed that a person is not sexually magnetic while being contagious
with the flu.  A reasonably minded person would expect a molester
to wait for the flu to pass, before molesting.  A reasonably minded
person would expect that the molester would have a fear of catching
the flu, as well.  In as much, did Cipolla then catch the flu from Tim
Bendig on the day Bendig alleges to have been the day when the mo-
lestations allegedly started?  Tim Bendig made it sound as if Cipolla
forcefully molested him.  For six years? 

The Most Intense Ramifications of the Case

When Wuerl made Cipolla out to be the criminal of the ages, you
would think that this would have resulted in numerous accusations
coming from parents whose children were in the McGuire Home.
You would think that investigators by the dozen would have been
converging on the children's home.   This is because, if Cipolla were
what he was made out to be, then children at the home would have
been molested by the dozen.  Yet, there's a huge problem with this

The children at McGuire's home were constantly watched.  If Cipol-
la were a serial molester, physical evidence would have emerged.
Blood would have been found in inappropriate places on some of
the children.  Male residue would have been discovered, also.  The
local DA's office did investigate the case, because Bendig filed the
paperwork to have it done.  Nothing was found, according to the
DA's report.  Remember, Bendig went for the jugular vein, in at-
tempting to have Cipolla prosecuted.  Bendig went for the kill.
Yet, the Beaver County DA's office stated that no criminal pro-
secution was warranted. 

The Ultimate Contradiction Carried by Wuerl

Observe:  Donald Wuerl presented Anthony Cipolla throughout the
Western World as the ultimate sex offender.  Well, was Cipolla ever
required to register as a sex offender?  No.   Then Wuerl didn't do
his job, if Cipolla is such an offender.

In addition, Wuerl presented Cipolla as a person who had a psychiatric
defect which required Wuerl to remove him.  Well, this means that Ci-
polla was a danger to others or to himself.  Did Wuerl get Cipolla com-
mitted in a mental institution, in order to protect society from him?  No?
But why not?  Wuerl made Cipolla out to be a mentally ill molester who
needed to be swept off the street and institutionalized.  In all honesty,
what's going on, here? 

Let's Review:

- Why didn't Wuerl notify the mental health authorities and have Cipolla
   committed as a danger to others?  In Pennsylvania the a process of do-
   ing so is a 302.  Did the clean bill of health issued upon Cipolla by
   St. Michael's Institute of NYC have anything to do with Wuerl's in-
   ability to do so? 

Let us review the fact that Bendig accusing Cipolla was an act
of retaliation, on account of Cipolla telling church people to
stop sending Bendig money, on account of Bendig dropping
out of the seminary ... after one mere semester of enrollment.

The following has a corroborative witness.  An unspecified number of
people used to send donation money to Bendig.  Cipolla then told those
people to stop sending money to Bendig, on account of Bendig no long-
er being enrolled in the seminary.

The corroborating witness alleged that Bendig called him/her and asked
if Cipolla told the Padre Pio Prayer Group attendants to stop sending mo-
ney to Bendig.  After he/she allegedly said yes, Bendig allegedly respond-
ed by saying, "He shouldn't have done that.  He's going to be sorry
for it."  After the person allegedly asked Bendig what he meant, Bendig
allegedly responded as follows:  "Oh, you'll find out about it in the

Cipolla alleged that he took a group of pilgrims to Fatima, one of whom
was Bendig.  He then alleged that pilgrimage leaders pleaded with Cipol-
la to get Bendig on a plane and out of Fatima.  Cipolla alleged that the
leaders told him that Bendig deliberately created dissension and animo-
sity between the pilgrims.  Bendig was alleged to have gone around, tell-
ing one pilgrim that the other pilgrim said nasty things about him and visa

The corroborating witness was more specific.  He/she said that Bendig
would allegedly approach person A and say that person B was mad at
him/her.  Bendig would allegedly go to person B and say that person A
was mad at him/her.  Eventually, persons A and B would allegedly ex-
change words with each other about what Bendig  allegedly said.

Now, going to Europe can be expensive.  If Timothy Bendig did what he
was alleged to have done, then he thought nothing of ruining a person's ex-
pensive investments, such as the pilgrimage of to Fatima, taking away the
beauty and inspiration of it. 

Further Testing of Bendig's Credibility or Lack Thereof

In the press release that accompanied news of Bendig's lawsuit filing,
Bendig told the media that he was writing a book.  He expressly said
that it was so good because it was so true.  That was in 1989.  No book
ever came.

Now, one would assume that he signed a confidentiality agreement,
and would never produce a book about his allegations.  Well, it was
alleged to me by the wife of an attorney that, in late 2011, Bendig ap-
proached her at a well-known eating establishment, and started a bit
of conversation.  She alleged that he once again said he was writing
a book.  Well, 2011 minus 1989 equal 22 years.

The reasonably minded person would conclude that, by now, there
would have been a completed book.  Furthermore, there is the mat-
ter of the assumed confidentiality agreement that usually comes with
a lawsuit settlement?  Thus, there are two pieces of circumstantial evi-
dence where Bendig wasn't credible.  This is an instance where a per-
son has trouble believing anything Bendig says.

Plus, a newspaper woman recently told me that Bendig threatened her,
going ballistic on her, in a bully fashion.

When he received his settlement, the National Catholic Reporter stated
the following:  Bendig, an unemployed seminary dropout,  said that
he had suffered years of mental anguish and that the  settlement
money would help finance the intense therapy he  must receive to
overcome the abuse. 

Apparently, the intense therapy consisted in him opening the Two Step Bar,
located at 6408 Brownsville Road, South Park, Pennsylvania.  It was rent-
ed from the Levitske Bros. of the South Hills of  Pittsburgh.  It ended up be-
ing a failed business venture.

Always keep in mind that, after 1988, Cipolla was accused by no one no
one else.  After 25 years, someone else would have come forth and accus-
ed Cipolla of predatory conduct, being that the history of molestation show
that molesters usually have a multiplicity of sex abuse prey.  Marcial Maciel
is an example of this multiplicity phenomenon. 

Wuerl Was Staring at a Possible Grand Jury Inquest in the Face

In the first decade of the 21st Century, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
went through a grand jury inquest.  Damning discoveries resulted, concern-
ing tenure of Archbishop Bevilacqua.  Bevilacqua was the bishop of Pitts-
burgh.  If he did evil in Philly, chances are that he did evil in Pittsburgh.
Thus, a grand jury was needed in Pittsburgh.  One still is needed there.
Wuerl used the Cipolla case for personal gain.  One motive was to de-
flect District Attorney John C. Pettit from Wuerl's trail.  Pettit notified
a number of district attorneys about one of Wuerl's priests during the
same year of the triple indictment ... the year of Wuerl's triple cover-up.
Technically speaking, he was reporting Fr. Wolk's criminal activities in
those jurisdictions.  His comments about Wuerl went nationwide.  You
probably never heard them until you went to either this site or to a site
that copied this site's contents, without my prior knowledge, pursuant
to the federal Fair Use Act.  See also: