October 31, 2017

I just came into knowledge of an offer to talk to . . .

Ladies & gentlemen, place your bets.  The sun will be going down on
someone soon, here.  Who will it be?  The Wuerlgate/Wuerleaks author who
also wrote about Frs. Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Torquato, Zirwas, Wellinger, etc?
or Diane Thompson/Mangum, Mrs. Randy Engel, and their camp?
The original day of this writing was September 24, 2017

I NEVER google my name, and therefore, I NEVER seek to read anything written
by Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, aka the mother of one Frank Labiaux.
However, I get an email here and an email there, informing me that a close friend
here or an aloof acquaintance there was contacted by the same Diane Thompson,
aka Mangum, on the subject of me.  Thompson took my posts and instantly post-
ed on her blogs.  She obsessively scoured through my sites and even photography.
It renders me in a very creepy feeling.  I literally feel the feeling of being stalked.
After all, stalking if the act to hunt someone down with the purpose of harming
that person, and Thompson has repeatedly been trying to have me destroyed.

None the less, I only discovered on the weekend of September 23/24 that a public
offer dated July 29, 2017 and which was not posted until September 10, 2017, was
made by Diane Thompson/Mangum.  The offer was for me to finally speak with
her sons, Frank and Tucker, after all of my years of publicly asking their where-
abouts.  Thompson also mentioned that there are lawyers ready to file a lawsuit
against me.  Yet, I have yet to get a demand letter from any law firm.  Such a
thing comes before a lawsuit, in the attempt to prevent a lawsuit.

None the less, concerning this public offer, IF there really does exist the pages
(122 of them) of a February 1993 deposition of Diane Thompson in the Timothy
Bendig lawsuit against Anthony Cipolla, et. al., then I demand to read a copy of
the 122 pages of testimony spoken by Diane Thompson.  If she were able to post
the first two intro pages, thereby proving that Mrs. Randy Engel wrote another
falsehood in claiming that the Diane Thompson deposition was video taped, then
why did Thompson not post sample pages of her testimony?

FURTHERMORE, Randy Engel, herself, said that there was only ONE remain-
ing piece of evidence in the case.  Thus, she deduced that there was no deposi-
tion of Diane Thompson to be sought, out of inference.  Then suddenly, there
existed a Diane Thompson deposition.  Now, Bendig's attorney, Douglas Yaug-
er did say to the press that he found the 1978 accuser of Cipolla and would
have liked to have used her, for ever it was worth.  Thus, he stated that it did
not have any great value.

Concerning the offer to finally talk to Thompson's sons:

This is curious, being that I located retired officer Mark Ninehouser & was definitive-
ly told by him that he NEVER arrested Cipolla and had nothing to do with the very
short-lived Cipolla case after Mark took Diane Thompson's statement and then hand-
printed his report, followed by him giving the report to the detectives, being that he
was not a detective at the time, as Mrs Randy Engel claimed.

This invitation of me finally talking to Thompson's two sons is additionally curious,
being that Randy Engel's description of Cipolla's post-arrest retaliations and of DA
Bob Colville's strong-arming of Diane Thompson could not have occurred, being
that Mark Ninehouser assured me personally that he NEVER arrested Cipolla, as
Randy Engel's Nov 2016 article claimed.

This is even more curious, being that  it was 100% discovered that the Fire Extin-
guisher vandalism committed upon a Pittsburgh Black Methodist was NOT com-
mitted by Frank and a buddy in 1978, but by two juvenile delinquents who would
later slash all of tires of all of the cars in the parking lot of the same Black Metho-
dist Church.  Thus, Diane Thompson would know I would know that I would be
talking to a proven liar when talking to Frank Labiaux.

Now, I never contact Diane Thompson, so that she will not get the opportunity to
lie about whatever I will have said.  I also refrain from contacting her, so that I will
not come under Florida jurisdiction for any communication sent to Florida.  Thus, I
am hereby publicly stating the following in the cybersphere, hypothetically.

In order for me to talk with the sons of Diane Thompson . . . and tomher daughter ...
and to all others who were interviewed by the Mrs Randy Engel who intended to
tell you all that I was a fraud only pretending to be in the construction industry:

I must first be contacted ONLY by those alleged attorneys whom are said to ex-
ist and who are said to be ready to sue me.  Again, I will NOT speak with Diane
Thompson, so that she will not have the opportunity to lie about what I will have
said.  This is the same reason why I will NOT speak with the Tim Bendig who
telephoned me out of the blue, after a Hollywood person betrayed my telephone
number and who proceeded to lie to me four times in a row, after almost conning
me into believing that Cipolla was a monster.

Now, the two sons, Frank and Tucker, must provide identification proof, so that
I will know that I will be talking to them and not to a frau.  Furthermore, I must
talk to each one individually, but during the same session, so that they will NOT
have the opportunity to rig-up a storyline, based on the first son's conversation
with me.

The proof of the two gentlemen's existence must be shown to be by any of the
allegedly-existing attorneys whom Thompson claims are ready to file a lawsuit
against me, even though NO ATTORNEY has sent me any pre-lawsuit demand

So, if you attorneys do exist and if you are looking for a mailing address to where
to send your demand letter, call me and I will give you the address.  I do NOT pub-
licly give a Chicago address for the sake of others here.  I went through enough
Hell in Pittsburgh.  I am not going to let people be caught in the crossfire here,
in Chicagoland.


Furthermore, if anyone calls to threaten me . . . yet again in my life ... then
it's game on.

There will be no talking over the phone, being that I will not be sure if I am
talking to a son of Diane Thompson or to an impostor ... or or or if they are
being coached during the conversation.

Moreover, we will NOT speak in the State of Florida.  Quite frankly, I do not
know where the two gentlemen are located.

None the less, life being what it is, and God being as providential as God is,
talking to Tucker and Frank and others who spoke with Mrs Randy Engel is
inevitable, unless there comes a severe natural disaster, astrological gamma
ray burst, war, famine, riot, pestilence, etc.

Diane Thompson claims that she has the advice of attorneys who are work-
ing on a lawsuit against, even though I have yet to get a demand letter.  So,
have the attorneys contact me NOW.  Let's get things underway.

Meanwhile, if Cipolla is such a egregious serial molester, then how do you
explain the following DA report?  None the less, if you were molested by
Cipolla, then let me know, provided that you are not related to one Diane
Thompson-Mangum.  If you were not molested by him, yet where in private
settings with him, knowledge of this is also invaluable.

If Donald Wuerl really believed that Cipolla were a molester, then he would
have sent a letter to all people in Anthony Cipolla's former parishes and in the
Dormant area youth group, as well as to the Oakland N.J. youth group.  Wuerl
did this in the case of John Hoehl, thereby showing that Wuerl knew that Hoehl
was an abuser.  He did NOWT do this in the case of Anthony Cipolla.  Wuerl
let Cipolla be made into a monster in the press/media.  Yet, Wuerl did NOT
send out the letters that he did in the case of John Hoehl.

Let's get everything in the open, including Wuerl's alleged personal relationship
with the late congressman, Bill "abortion" Coyne.  If Wuerl is a lover of truth,
then he will comply.  None the less, where are these Diane Thompson lawyers?
Let's communicate NOW.

October 30, 2017

I was Never charged for stalking, especially during the height of my respiratory disease when I couldn't drive at will, trailing anyone. The cited docket number was not prefixed with the South Carolina abbreviation and it was too long for it to be a docket number.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the World of Whitle Blower Retaliation

It's very simple.  If you want to know if I do have or if I do NOT have a criminal
record in the State of South Carolina, you do NOT go to a sensationalistic money-
making site which has a pretend docket number attached to the name of a felonious
criminal charge.  Instead, you must absolutely go to:


and google my name.


Go there now.  Google my name and look.  Then come back here.  While you are
there, according to the person who investigated my name, you'll find that I was
NEVER charged with "Stalking" and that I have no criminal record in the State
of South Carolina.  All which that one investigating person found was that I was
issued SEVEN traffic tickets for failure to wear a seat belt while driving.

Meanwhile, a photocopy of my 2014 FBI Clearance is posted below, to illustrate
that the FBI has officially claimed that I have no criminal record in the United
States.  Instacheck is NOT a government site.  Plus, keep in mind that the ID
number of the crime I never committed was cited by Diane Thompson as be-
ing ridiculously too long for it to be a valid and believable court docket num-
ber.  Of course, I already stated this.  I also stated that all South Carolina
court docket numbers begin with the same three typed characters, and the
number that Thompson/Mangum cited did not begin with those three type-
written or handwritten characters.

Now, Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, took a photocopy of a seatbelt
law violation which cost me only $25 in fines and she then presented it in a
false light, making it look as if I had been arrested and handcuffed.  Ladies
& gentlemen, in legal nomenclature (lingo/jargon), a traffic stop is regarded
as an arrest.

Mention of the SEVEN seat belt fines is to show you how incredibly petty
and vexatious are the police in the low income, low population, and low in-
telligence state of South Carolina, about whom it was reported that high tech
companies were unable to establish themselves there, because there were
NOT enough intelligent people in South Carolina to do any high tech work.

The scorecard at present is that we now have at the hands of the Diane Thomp-
son camp Libel, False Light, & the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.
Perhaps you can fathom the intense emotional trauma that I am enduring at
this moment.  This is how violent Diane Thompson is.  She created a distrac-
tion of the blatantly false claims against Anthony Cipolla, DA Bob Colville,
and the late Bishop Vincent Leonard, by making me look like Public Enemy
#1.  Gloss over my FBI Clearance below, and know that in multiple places
are other clearances.

She spoke of attorneys and pending litigation, apparently against me.  So, we
can then add Vexatious Litigation.  And if a law firm takes her case and repre-
sents either her or fiction writer Randy Engel, then I will become absolutely
fascinated that members of the federal or Pennsylvania bar association will
actually try to get a jury to believe that Mark Ninehouser was a deeply in-
volved detective at the time, instead of a uniformed officer taking a state-
ment and hand-printing a report of it, and that little boys do homework on
July 30, and that court hearings occur at Police Station #1 and #9, instead
of at the magistrates' offices and at County Court.  Etc.

None the less:

Even on a famous nationwide radio talk show, mention was made as to how
vexatious the police are in one particular coastline area of South Carolina.  It
was men-
tioned that the police there will charge any Yankee with any felony or misdemeanor
or traffic citation they can.  Money is then made by the ensuing fines, fees for hav-
ing cases dismissed via community service, and even in the free labor of the com-
munity service work rendered by Yankees.  Next, add to the equation the amount
of money spent in defense attorney fees, due to the malicious and vexatious prose-
cutions mentioned in that nationwide talk show.  Defending a mere misdemeanor
in that coastal area can be two and three thousand dollars in attorney fees.

Moreover, the local newspapers once reported that that particular coastline area's
"county police" were "out of control" with their abusiveness.   And of course, the
national news showed an instance or two of extreme and deadly abusiveness in
South Carolina per se, compliments of the police there . . . of the state that proud-
ly flew the Confederate Flag even into the 21st Century, and which had all of the
standard Jim Crow Laws in force, and which was a haven for segregation, and
which was no stranger to the activities of the Ku Klux Klan as a traditional cul-
tural institution, as well as the Good Ole Boy network of the Johnny Reb South
where the motto is, "I'm gonna do what I damn please."  In fact, the first Amer-
ican civil war was started in the very belligerent state of South Carolina.

Okay then, Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum claimed that I was arrested on
September 10, 2010 and was charged with stalking, while I was on full disability,
with a severe allergic respiratory disease which prevented me from being able to
follow anyone in a car, and sit parked in front of any house, etc., etc., etc.  So, go
to the South Carolina State Police Site or General State Site and look me up, to
see if I had ever been charged with Stalking there.

Going to a private money-making site that carries sensationalistic things can get
you sued, if you repeat anything erroneous posted at the sensationalistic website.
And I WILL be the one doing the suing.

I suffered too much in helping this sex abuse victim here and that harassed person
there, as well as advocating for the plight of swetshop workers, while having a 257
pound truck driver attempt to kill me in front of a company owner, on account of
me catching him steadling 19 company tools, for Diane Thompson to continue her
smear campaign against me, simply because I discovered that she completely lied
about Anthony Cipolla being arrested and then assisted in harassing Thompson in-
to dropping criminal charges which were never filed in the first place, and which
only a prosecutor or judge can dismiss once the charges are filed.

And then we have to discuss Diane Thompson's claim that she had evidence of hav-
ing given a deposition in the Bendig lawsuit.  The two sheets that she posted have
major contradictions in them.  But first, go and google ONLY at the South Carolina
State Site or South Carolina State Police Site, all the while remembering that:

 . . . if I were arrested for Stalking in 2010, I would have been prosecuted and sent
to prison in at least 2012, 2013, & 2014, if not 2015 ... and I would still be on pro
bation, needing to check-in a probation office every so many weeks.   This is the
felony charge of Stalking is not taken lightly.

Moreover, mention of such a felony would be on a person's record, and he surely
would NOT have been granted a 2014  FBI Security Clearance under the auspices
of the Dept of Education on July 2nd of that year, as I was.  The following proves
that I was not arrested, charged-with, or tried for Stalking.

Moreover, the sensationalistic online site which claimed that I was arrested for stalk-
ing had an ID number which was too too long for it to be a court docket number and
which did NOT start with the three standard South Carolina typewritten characters.
Because of that observation, it was instantly seen that the number given was not a
South Carolina court docket number, and therefore, the claim of a stalking charge,
was a fraudulent misrepresentation.

One more thing.  You should know by now that, when it comes to righting wrongs,
defending the underdog, and clearing-up misunderstanding, I am confrontational
and do not back-down.  Well, confrontational people get a lot of intense opposition.
To make a long story short, there has been every type of attempt made to destroy my
life by certain people who do NOT want to hear the truth, even to the point of attempt-
ed physical murder on my own personal person, as well as the attempt to destroy me
for all time by destroying my reputation.  People have literally waged war on me.

Here is my July 2, 2014 FBI Clearance Certification, once again

My FBI Clearance which states that I have no criminal record anywhere in the
United States is once again posted below.

Now, Diane Thompson claimed that she is under legal consultation by attorneys
involved in pending litigation, presumably against me.  She stated that she post-
ed some type of link to instacheck upon the advice of lawyers.

Uhhhhhm, Instacheck is NOT an official government site and it can easily con-
tains errors and fraud.  That which Thompson needed to post was the findings
of a SLED criminal history background check, otherwise known as a SLED
CATCH Record Check


If I do have a criminal record in South Carolina, then you have to notify the FBI
that its criminal background check system is faulty.

No government site states that I have a criminal record.  If a private site does
mention a stalking arrest, then there is the need of notifying the editors there-
of.  I was NOT put in handcuffs on September 10, 2010 and was never charged
with any felony.

Concerning this, Diane Thompson took the photo of a record of a traffic stop and
made it look like an arrest for a crime.  In traffic dockets, being stopped by a police
car is not referred as being stopped.  It's referred to as being arrested.  If you get
stopped for a seat belt violation, you get arrested for a seat belt violation, and
such a thing isn't even a misdemeanor.  Thus, Thompson taking a copy of a
simple traffic stop and making look like a felony arrest is called Invasion of
Privacy in a FALSE LIGHT.

One more thing:  During the time in focus, my father had just succumbed to pan-
creatic cancer.

Concerning Diane Thompson's claim of me being charged with stalking, answer
these questions:  1} How did I get a 2014 FBI Clearance which states that no crim-
inal record in my name exists anywhere in Ameica, if I were charged with stalking
in 2010, and how was I able to do such an act during a time when I was on disability
with severe asthmatic constraints which prevented me from driving around the place,
at will, trailing someone or hunting someone down?  How could I have gone into
such a person's home, if there were a chemically laden air freshener in it?  I would
have gone through severe asthmatic reactions and would have been unable to con-
tinue the hunting-down.

2}  If I got arrested for said stalking, then did I go to trial?   3} Was I convicted?
4} What was my sentence?  This is a very serious accusation.

By the way, do you know what stalking is?   ANS: It's the act of hunting someone
down, so that you can do physical harm to him/her.  That is an extremely serious
accusation.  How can a disabled person do said hunting, in an area that was rife
with chemically laden fragrance products and pesticides?

If there is something online mentioning an arrest of me for stalking, I definitely
know the suspect/culprit in getting that online.   Then an editor must make cor-
rections, or a lawsuit must proceed.

I did assume that Randy Engel was going to come after me with everything she
has to hurl at me, but no law firm has contacted me to first notify me of editor-
ial corrections being needed to be made, as in the standard DEMAND LETTER.
I haven't received any demand letter yet.

None the less, Frank Labiaux was NOT the one who committed fire extinguisher
vandalism on the African Methodist Church in 1978, being that it was done the
year prior.  There is no school on July 30th in Pittsburgh for there to be Tucker
doing his homework at the kitchen table.  No one with whom I spoke ever re-
members seeing Anthony Cipolla wearing a cassock, especially in the heat of
late July.  N.M. Nehouser was actually Mark Ninehouser and he was NOT a
detective at the time, as Randy Engel claimed.

Plus, Mark told me that he only took Diane Thompson's statement, transposed
it in printed text, and gave them report to the detectives, doing nothing about the
case after that.  Therefore, there was no M.N. Nehouser in the DA's office shak-
ing his head in disapointment, as Diane Thompson signed something that she
couldn't see because of tears in her eyes.

And quite frankly, a person can easily wipe his/her eyes, which would be neces-
sary for  a person to see the line on which to sign his/her name.   Etc go the ex-
amples as to how erroneous that articles is.  None the less, I am expecting Randy
Engel to furiously come after me, to totally destroy me.  But, she already made
that attempt in trying to prove that I am a fraud not in the construction industry.
Does Engel still insist on believing that I'm not in construction????

Once again, here is MY FBI CLEARANCE ... and I am so tired of having to do
this.  Where is there any mention of me being arrested for stalking?  It's nowhere.
Remember, I was originally claimed to have been Anthony Cipolla in disguise
operating a child molester protection ring, and that a person can hunt for proof
of my existence online all day and not find anything about me, meaning that I
don't exist and am only the late Anthony Cipolla in disguise.

October 29, 2017

She said that the deposition was video recorded in October and NOT transacted in front of a stenographer in February

For those unaware, Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, sent me an email with
a link to her latest blog post, despite the fact that I long since announced publicly
that she is the NEVER contact me directly or through people in my life or in any
other way, except via attorneys who are to send me a demand letter with a full
itemization of all editor's corrections needed to be made.

In her mid-September 2017 post, she presented that which looked to be two intro 
pages of a paper deposition, done for the Tim Bendig lawsuit trial.  It was dated
February 1993, and in one of the two pages, she was identified as Diane Mangum
as opposed to Diane Thompson.

The point to mentioning her name is that, in th October 1995 Pittsburgh Post Ga-
zette article which quoted Thompson, she claimed that she was only at her second
marriage and that the guy attached to the second marriage would occasionally come
back into her life and then go.  In the 21st Century post, Thompson claimed that her
married name ... from her third marriage ... was Mangum.  Thus, she again contra-
dicts herself.

The deposition sheets posted by Thompson/Mangum were those of a stenographer-
recorded deposition, as opposed to a video taped deposition.  This is important in
that Randy Engel's three-part article of Nov/Dec 2016 stated that Diane Thompson
gave a deposition by means of video tape.  Again, we have contradictions and no
reliability of allegations made.  Diane Thompson is the opposite of a reliable wit-

Concerning those two photographed sheets of paper which were posted on Diane
Thompson's September 2017 post, if they were authentic, then the Thompson de-
position was NOT video taped as Randy Engel claimed, showing yet again no re-
liability in the Thompson/Engel allegations.

Now, the transcript which comes from a 1990s Pittsburgh area video-taped deposi-
tion looks as follows:  Below is a page of the Bendig deposition.  At the bottom of
the page, at the center is AKF.  Also at the bottom is CAT-LINKS, DISCOVERY.

In contrast, Diane Thompson's two posted pages state:

"Deposition of Diane Mangum, a witness, taken on behalf of the Plaintiff, in 
the above-entitled case of action, pursuant to the PA Rules of Civil Procedure,
before Kim Simms Strnisa, Shorthand Reporter and Notary Public within and
for the Commonwealth of Pennsyvania . . . on Friday, February 12

Shorthand reporter is a stenographer, and there is no reliable testimony from the
Thompson/Engel camp.
                                             Below is a part of Bendig's deposition for his lawsuit.
                                             Take  note of the bottom margin

                                         There is more to come, but for now, I need to take a break.

October 28, 2017

But, a law firm would have sent a demand letter first, and I am NOT under Florida jurisdiction

In the latest reputation destroying post of Diane Thompson, circa Mid-September
2017, she stated that she was under legal advice and couldn't reveal certain things,
right now.  She then mentioned that in Florida, defamation and libel are criminal
offenses.  She made it sound as if the hammer is about to smash upon me.  Okay
then, observe:

Firstly, she made it appear that I will soon be sued for a lot of money and a court
injunction for that which I wrote about her.  She made it sound as if I will sudden-
ly be served with an unexpected lawsuit.

Ladies and gentlemen, before any libel and/or false light lawsuit, the potential de-
fendant is first sent a DEMAND LETTER,  as well as a notice of need to make
"editor's corrections."  Well, no law firm has contacted me.  I received no de-
mand letter or notice of needed editor's corrections.

Plus, she mentioned the Florida defamation laws.  Uhhhhhm, I am not writing in
Florida.  And and and, I am NOT writing letters to Diane Thompson, aka Diana
Mangum.  I am under Illinois law sometimes and Pennsylvania law at other times.
In Pennsylvania, libel is actionable in civil court only.  If Diane Thompson is get-
ting legal advice, then she is getting bad legal advice and needs to sue her lawyers
for Errors and Omissions.
This is Chicago and NOT Florida.

October 27, 2017

The photo of that house and overhead view of neighborhood is a violation of the Right to Privacy

If you know that Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, you need to maturely
tell her to remove the photo of my former house from the internet, along with
the photo of the bird's eye view of the tourist rental village where the house is
located, because it violates the privacy of those who bought the house, after
my siblings and I were bought-out.   She is literally invading the privacy of
total strangers, and I am literally going to have to call the police on her, if
those photos are not removed pronto

She must cease all cyberstalking of me, all harassing of me, all libelous post-
ings against me, and all forms of false light, and all attempts to provoke any
degree of anger and contempt toward me.

She must NO Longer go as far as writing to people in my life, in order to get
them to do her proverbial bidding or dirty work.  And remember, an exagger-
ation of something far less serious than a crime alleged online is actionable
under the title, False Light.

Due to her incessant attacking of me and her obsessive scouring of the internet,
to find things to use against me, I have no choice than to activate legal options,
including contacting the Florida police on account of her harassing of me and
on account of her posting the photo of a private home where I no longer live,
and on account of her libel against me, being that defamation committed in
Florida is a criminal offense.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl is benefiting from her attacks against me.  He is the
one who should be called to accountability for orchestrating the farces that
placed him in heightening power.  Thompson is his barking dog and new
diversionary tactician.
The Desolation of it all, only because I delivered drywall
into an attic which had the Torquato Evidence in it and
found myself in the middle of retaliations shortly thereafter.
Concerning Randy Engel, defamation committed in Pennsylvania is NOT a
criminal offense.   It is only actionable in civil court.

Okay then, Diane Thompson stated that there are lawyers drafting-up a life-
destroying lawsuit against me and that they vetted Engel's article which was
the writing of someone who had no knowledge of the PA Code of Criminal
Procedure and who was apparently too lazy to fact-check damning accusa-
tions against Cipolla and was too lazy to find out of Mark Hamilton was
just a youth frequenting the McGuire Home where Cipolla was stationed
or if he actually was a head administrator of the entire facility.

 Of a Randy Engel

... who apparently didn't know that Detective M.N. Nehouser, Badge #46
was actually Mark Ninehouser, uniformed police officer, Badge #46, and
that he did NOT arrest Cipolla and was not in DA Bob Colville's office
watching Diane Thompson sign a sheet of paper with tears in her eyes,

... and who apparently had no knowledge of the Pittsburgh public school

... and who apparently did NOT know that there was no military base in
Spartansburg South Carolina during the 1960s or 70s or even in the 50s,
80s, 90s, or21st Century,

... and who didn't research the Black Methodist Church vandalism case
which was relatively big at the time, being that it appeared to have been
racially motivated  by the two juvenile delinquents who committed the
act, none of whom was Frank Labiaux,

... and who didn't know that a person charged with a felony is taken to
COUNTY JAIL and then to a magistrate's court for a bail hearing and
NOT to police station number 1, 2, 3, or 4, and then be let go free on
his own recognizance without first going to the magistrate's courtroom.

etc etc etc etc.

So, if you know Randy Engel, tell her to call my VOICEMAIL or to
TEXT me, at 724-709-4716 and give me the names, bar ID numbers,
phone numbers, and legal addresses of the attorneys Diane Thompson
claimed were drafting a lawsuit against me, and will make sure that
that will serve the lawsuit Thompson claimed was being drafted, un-
less Thompson is lying or exaggerating.  In fact, there would be a de-
mand letter written by now ... unless Thompson lied.  So, the law firm
apparently needs to know if they should send it to Chicago or to Pitts-
burgh.  So, I need them to contact me, in order for them to get their
contact info.

All in all, tell Randy to submit via text or voicemail the contact info
and names of the lawyers whom Diane Thompson claims are prepar-
ing to destroy me in a court of law, and let's go war.

Photos of the Carolina Coastline Tourist Rental Village which Thompson/Mangum Called "Trailer Court."

In the continuing saga of "false light" defamation, and in the continuing saga of
Diane Thompson/Mangum painting me as a dreg ... even though she also painted
me as rich operator of a child molester protection ring ... she called the tourist
village where I lived for ten years a trailer park and that I was kicked out of my
deceased father's house by my family, as if that house were not one of my inher-

For the record, I left the place because of my asthma and inability to endure the
Febreze rafting into a living quarters by renters who were forbidden to smoke
in the nearby rental house and who then flooded it with asthma-triggering

For those you cannot read English well, I am severely reactive to the chemicals
of so called air fresheners, aka fragrance products.  And catty-corner to me was
a rental house where smoking was forbidden.  If smoking occurred in the house,
then the renters (who were usually there for one or two-week vacations) forfeit-
ed $500 damage deposits.  So, they thought that they were going to be smart
and hide their smoking by spraying gaudy amounts of Febreze.  In 2012, the
entire area became flooding with a new fad of cars containing three, four, five,
and six air fresheners which could reek for long enough distances to torture
asthmatic carrying severe chemical allergies.

All in all, I left the Carolina Coastline because of my chemical allergies.  I could
have taken the matter to federal court, but living in Pittsburgh, Chicago, etc is
far far more preferable.  All in all, before air fresheners became a gluttonous
fad in America, that coastline was my asthma refuge.  It then became my
asthma nightmare.

Anyway, Diane Thompson made it appear that I was living in a white trash trailer
court in a low income area, inhabited only by the uneducated and the unskilled,
next to rusted washing machines and motor engine parts, and tireless cars on
cinder blocks.

Here is the place that Thompson made appear to be a rusted out potholed trailer
park in yet more defamatory writings against me.  It's low cell phone resolution,
but it's evidence to show once again what a deceiver she is:

How many trailer courts have high-rise apartments next to them?
How many trailer parks have promenade bridges?

How many trailer parks have boardwalks to the Atlantic Ocean?
How many trailer parks have tennis courts?
How many trailer parks have swans?
Swans walk clumsy when out of the water.
You can call this Swan Park, but not trailer park.
More swans in what Diane Thompson called a trailer park.
Mallard on the Coastline
Coastline Shade
Muscovy Duck
When you cross Oceanside Blvd, this is what you see.
Trailer Park or is Diane Thompson a perpetual deceiver
also presenting a whistle blower in a false light?
She thinks that you're stupid.

October 26, 2017

Wuerl apologized to Bendig at a time when Bendig was allegedly caught performing theft by fraud

In re:  Donald Wuerl and the Hallowed Halls of Hypocrisy
I promised to let someone else break the story, concerning a recent on game
allegedly perpetrated by the Tim Bendig who was made out to be the posted
boy of those molested by priests.  This is because the person who discovered
the alleged fraud deserves the credit for its discovery and should be the one
who breaks the specifics of the story thus far alleged and/or thus far proven.

The gentleman simply telephoned me one day this year, after I had forgotten
his name, and said, "Pat!!!!!  . . . You were right about  Bendig all along . . ."

At this point,  all that I can state is that Bendig was allegedly discovered per-
forming theft by deception while allegedly posing as the nicest and most
charitable guy in the world.  In fact, he took advantage of a tragic time in
someone's life to do so.  I can also state that I personally witnessed Bendig
being a complete liar, in having lied to me four times in a row ... and doing
so in a matter of minutes.  He lied to me about Anthony Cipolla being ar-
rested in Beaver County.  Cipolla never was ... arrested in Beaver County.
and a DA's document proves it to be the case.

The point to mentioning this goes as follows:

At the end of November 2016, almost immediately after Renew America pub-
lished Randy Engel's three-part article about the fictional account of Anthony
Cipolla's mythical arrest and his post-arrest retaliation which included Engel
describing a Pennsylvania Code of Criminal Court Procedure that does NOT
exist as she described, Donald Wuerl came forth and made a public statement.
In the statement, Cardinal Wuerl apologized to Bendig for not having believed
Bendig's 1988 accusations against Anthony Cipolla.

Wuerl was basically telling the world that Bendig was an honest guy whom we
can all now trust ... stating this while Bendig was alleged caught red-handed,
performing financial thefy by deception and similar acts of fraud.  None the
less, there is an added hypocrisy to Wuerl's 2016 apology.  It goes as follows:

Firstly, in 1988, Bendig accused approximately or exactly 9 priests and 14 sem-
inarians of sexual harassment and homosexuality, as if he witnessed such things
personally.  HOWEVER, even in Bendig's lawsuit deposition, he admitted that
he did  NOT witness that which he accused the priests and seminarians of hav-
ing done. Bendig repeatedly stated, "It was a rumor."  "I heard it in a rumor
mill."  Thus, Cipolla was NOT the only priest Bendig accused of wrongdo-
Wuerl definitely turned Pittsburgh into a Point of Conflict
All in all, Bendig's story to Wuerl in 1988 had a number of lies attached to it,
being that Bendig accused many more priests than Anthony Cipolla of sexual
abuses.  Thus, it was 100% certain that Bendig was NOT credible in his 1988
accusations.  Yet, in 2016, Wuerl contradicted documented fact that dates back
to 1988. in calling Bendig an honest individual deserving of a public apology.

Moreover, a number of people contacted me and said that Bendig was a patho-
logical liar.  One whom I personally met, stated in a follow-up email to me that
"Bendig lies about 90% of the time."  Keep in mind that Bendig lied to me four
times in a row ... in a  matter of minutes.

None the less, in late November 2016, Wuerl declared Tim Bendig an honest
teller of truth.  Being that Wuerl and the press created a honesty facade for
Bendig, the same Tim Bendig took advantage of the artifically constructed
facade, being that he was able to con people through it.

Now, Wuerl & the media had the moral obligation to tell people to beware of
Bendig, because of his trademark dishonesty.  So, the damage done in Bendig's
recent and alleged con artistry is the fault of Donald Wuerl and media personnel.
They should be forced to pay damages, if the alleged fraudulent conduct of Tim
Bendig is true.  My source on the matter included a document and an honest

Once again, I can go into detail about Bendig and I can give an outline of
his recent ALLEGED financial fraud, but I promised to wait, being that the
stroy is not yet finished.  Usually, court adjudications and the accompany-
ing judgments of damages end a story.  Simply take note how Wuerl made
a fool out of himself in November of 1988.  It was kind of equivalent to
John Paul II telling Mexican youth that Marcial Maciel Deggolado, the
greatest known molester in church histroy, was an efficacious leader of

Wuerl leeched off of Randy Engel's article and  doubly made a fool out of him-
self, because . . .

1} . . .the Engel article was beyond non-factual, especially in her description of
      PA criminal procedure, and in description of the actions of the Mark Nine-
     houser whom she erroneously called M.N. Nehouser and who wasn't even
     a detective at the time, as was claimed by Engel ... and Diane Thompson.

2} Secondly, even in the Year 2016, Tim Bendig was alleged caught being a
     con artist, in allegedly operating a money fraud scheme.

Anthony Cipolla, incidentally, described Tim Bendig as "a Huck Finn."

October 25, 2017

Another easily provable shot of libel from Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum ... inter alia

I learned heavy equipment operating on the machine in this photo, years ago.
It's a Cat 416B Extender.  Anthony Cipolla did NOT operate it in disguise,
and he doesn't operate this website in disguise while operating a child
molester protection ring.  Cipolla has been dead for over a year.  Did 
you really believe what the proven liar, Diane Thompson, wrote in 2016?
We adjourn to the next point of business, in order to make a point:

Grant me your indulgence and quickly read of yet another easily provable lie
of Diane Thompson which was designed to defame me yet again --- and to
trick you into turning against me .. to turn against a guy who already knows
what it is to literally be a attempted murder target and who also knows what
it is to have very unfriendly visitors to his apartment.  If Diane Thompson
fooled you into hating me to the point of death, then you have to wait in

The following example is posted here, in order to show you the habit of lying
of the woman who now identifies herself as "Diana," as if she is attached to
British Royalty. by birth.

Concerning her multiple attacks, keep in mind that I am the one who discovered
that she told an elaborate and sophomoric lie, concerning the late Anthony Cipol-
la.  Retired officer Mark Ninehouser confirmed her as a liar, being that he never
arrested Cipolla as Thompson claimed and being that Mark was NOT even a de-
tective at the time, as was claimed by the same Diane Thompson (now known as
Diana Mangum.)

The 70+ year old hag & former teenage pregnancy queen whose narrative about
Cipolla was opposite of what really transpires in the Pennsylvania Code of Crim-
inal Procedure will not quit harassing me and those in my life.  Meanwhile, I am
being ever so kind in not contacting the Florida police and DA's office, being the
her forms of harassment and even libel are in the Florida criminal code.  That
which she did to me was the White Trash version of whistleblower retaliation.

Remember that Diane Thompsone boldly claimed that you can spend all day
on the internet searching for information about me, and not find a thing, mean-
ing that I don't exist.  Yet, I'm one of those people whose works has long since
received millions of pageviews for his various posts.  Even a few pages of my
medical records of mine are online, along with personal photos, and even a few
copies of my past security clearances thaat were posted online, in order to count-
er Diane Thompson's libel against me.  None the less, she publicly claimed that
I didn't exist while she was harassing me via email, knowing all along that I cer-
tainly did exist.  This additioally showed her to be a wall-to-wall liar.

Then, she claimed that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise, operating a child molester
protection ring, while the 70+ plus telephone gossip hag, Randy Engel, was darn toot-
ing fer sure that she was gonna prove that I was lying about being in the construction
industry that I originally entered in the Spring of 1992.  Well, Cipolla has been dead
for over a year, and I can assure that Cipolla's ghost is NOT the one adding posts to
the Pontillo sites/URLs.  And I can doubly assure you that Cipolla's ghost was not
the one who photographed Cipolla's grave and posted the photos online.  Nor has
Cipolla been the one going around the Chicago area doing carpentry and concrete
work under my name.  Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, is a liar who must
take responsibility for inflicting the stress on heart patient Anthony Cipolla which
caused his death.

Now, another slur against my name, reputation, and even credibility from Diane
Thompson goes as follows, and the curious thing about this is the person who
told her to post this defamatory allegation which was super easy to prove false:

The 70+ year old woman who now goes by the name, Diana Mangum, assert-
ed that my family kicked me out of my deceased father's house, making me
look like a heartless dreg of society and lazy lowlife.  Firstly, my father, him-
self, gave me the keys to the house and he green-lighted me to use the house
as needed.  And of course, that wasn't his main house.

In addition, quickly after my father's death, I was offered to take one of his houses
as part of my inheritance.  I was also given the choice of which house.  I turned
down the offer, and eventually, the houses were sold.  I was bought-out ... NOT
kicked out.

Ladies & gentlemen, there is no such thing as a deceased man's house after
the probate time period.  Therefore, that oceanside house was MY HOUSE.
Diane Thompson conveyed yet another lie to the public about me.

So, why has Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, repeatedly posted libel-
ous statement after statement about me ???

ANS:  It is because everything that I wrote about her and her accusations
against Anthony Cipolla were right-on, bull's-eye true.  In the relatively
near future, a court of law will certify it as such.

Truth is like gravity.  Despite all of the efforts to halt its flow,
it eventually breaks through.
And of course, Randy Engel's three-part article on the subject of Anthony
Cipolla was the most easily disprovable piece of journalism in this era of
fake news.  Engel's sole source, of course, was the white trash family head-
ed by Diane Thompson,  aka Diane Mangum, the teenage pregnancy queen
of the 1960s.

For now, if you have recently read online anything that defames me, would
you please notify me about it.  I do NOT ever google my name, because of
the extreme emotional trauma that it has caused me in the past.  I cannot ex-
press what that type of thing does to a person who has had EIGHT security
clearances in his life and who literally risked his physical safety at the cor-
rupt hands of Father James Torquato and the Donald Would who looked the
other way while the Torquato Retaliations were ongoing.

Unlike the obsessive and non-factual Randy Engel who presents herself as
the staunch church-lady-type, and who actually claimed that Mike Voris is
Opus Dei  ... and that I couldn't possibly be in the construction industry des-
pite that fact that my fingerprints have been on at least a hundred construc-
tion sites from Pittsburgh to Chicago --- I let myself be in physical jeopardy
for the sake of clergy sex abuse victims.  Throughout that time, Engel was
cozy and comfy.  Ofh, and concerning the mention of Randy Engel being
a part of the Voice of Vietnam, it was NOT headquartered in Vietnam.  It
was headquartered in Dayton Ohio, a place much more cozy and comfy
than war torn Vietnam.

If you have any info to convey about anything of pertinence, I can be reached
at patrickpontillo@aol.com   and at   1-724-709-4716.

Of course, if you call to threaten me, then it's GAME ON.  And history has
shown that you would be an idiot with a death-wish to go up against Italians.
None the less, if you call out of Christian Charity, then I extend to you my
gratitude in advance.  And of course, history has shown how protective and
dedicated, as well as grateful Italian-Americans can be.

Let me go one step further, on how much of a con artist is this Diane Thompson,
aka Diana Mangum.  She once wrote on at least one of her seven blogs which
all defame me that she has a 135 IQ and can debate with the loftiest of minds.
Now, where did she ... a virtual moron ... get that number?  She got it from
my International High IQ Society certification which marks me at the 137
mark.  So, Thompson had to deceive you into assuming that is lives at my
level of existence.   No.   She's a mere low life who apparently thinks that
making up stories and endlessly lying about people is a sign of intelligence.

Onward to regaining the freedom taken away from us, by narcissistic baby
boomers of the 1960s sexual revolution which did little more than replace
fatihful love with twisted forms of anarchy.   Onward to gaining freedom
from those who won't let anyone in the younger age brackets in the door,
be it in matters of church or state or even stage.  The Vietnam Era peace-
sign givers turned out to be the most lustful, greedy, and selfish of them
all.  They believe so much in abortion because they do not want to step
aside for the next generation to plant its roots.  They will keep their lust
for power until cobwebs form on them and until Halloweenish skeletons
appear around them.  After all, they already have rigor mortis of the soul.

And do not forget about an Italian man's sense of beauty,
even during the most violent of conflicts yet to come.

October 22, 2017

Anthony Cipolla: Never arrested. Never tried for molestation at Vatican. His case involved Depression & Suicidal Tendency Diagnosis and a lot of Fraudulent Misrepresentations that Wuerl Allowed to be Printed.

Hint:  The interested law firm is NOT located in Pittsburgh.  
Below will literally be the official report for a certain law firm who showed interest
in proceeding with a civil action on behalf of the surviving family members of one
Anthony Joseph Cipolla.  Specifically, the interest expressed was in a federal court
diversity action ---  a federal lawsuit, comprising a number of defendants and the
tort offenses of  Libel, False Light, and the Intentional Infliction of Emotional

As I previously stated, I am still in the Chicago vicinity, drained and wracked in
physical body.  Even at that and for the record, Chicago isn't that bad of a place,
if if if you stay out of the South Side.

Anyway, bear with me, and let me do a bit of rejuvenation.  I'll start laying down
the tracks of what turned out to be a super sick joke orchestrated by one Donald
Wuerl who already was in a major law enforcement spotlight, due to his uncov-
ered cover-up of criminal Fathers Robert Wolk, Richard, "Sade" Zula, and the
late Francis Pucci whom Wuerl kept on Pittsburgh diocesan payroll registries
until his death.  Wuerl was in need of a scapegaot and diversionary smoke
screen.  The Cipolla provided the screening.  So, Wuerl let the thing be
exaggerated, while the media ever-so-coincidentally forgot about the
statement of DA John C Pettit and Wuerl's Triple Cover-up, as well
as the mention of a fourth perpetuator in that case who got away,
and also not to mention the John S. Hoehl who slipped out of
Pennsylvania jurisdiction during the same time and and and
Wuerl'scover-up of the Father Edward Huff who was to be
indicted and convicted in due time.

There are a lot of dragon to slay these days.
It' a matter of budgeting time in doing so.

The report rips to utter shreds the damning allegations of one Diane Thompson
who now goes by the name, Diana Mangum.  And remember:::: I located, con-
tacted, and conversed at length with retired officer Mark Ninehouser, Badge
#46, the one who was said to have arrested Cipolla for molesting a child of
this Diane Thompson aka Diana Mangum.  He expressly told me that he did
NOT arrest Cipolla.  Furthermore, he did NOT get any calls of windows be-
ing broken at Diane Thompson's home or of tires being slashed.  There's
more on this matter, to show that Diane Thompson, one of her son's and
her daughter lied to a certain 70+ year old writer who did no fact check-
ing.  Being 70+ years old would be one of the reasons for gross neglect.
This is what lawsuits are for.

It also exposes the utter fictionality of a Nov/Dec 2016 three-part article written
by one Randy Engel, a 70+ year old female who obsessed herself with writing
about male sodomites, lesbians, and sexual ship jumpers erroneously called
transsexuals.  Ironically, she identities herself with a man's name, as would
a militant lesbian.

Concerning Engel's article,  I have never been able to pick apart any article as
easily as hers, and I have never found such lawsuit fodder in my life.  That is
how pathetically sophomoric that article was and is.  For example:

Engel didn't realize that there is no public school classes in America on July 30
of any year ...

... and that there was no military base in Spartansburg South Carolina in the 1950s,
1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 21st Century, and that Camp Croft was merely a
WWII prisoner of war camp turned into a tourist civilian camp ground in 1946 ...

... and that a person indicted for a felony in America goes to County Jail, and not
Police Station Number 1, 2,3, or 4 for any kind of hearing ...

... and and and that Frank Labiaux did NOT commit fire extinguisher vandalism
upon a nearby black Methodist Church in 1978, because two known deliquents
did the vandalism the year prior, followed by them slitting all the tires in the
same church's parking the following year ...

... and that N.M. Nehouser, Badge #46  was actually Mark Ninehouser, Badge
#46 ...

... and that Mark was NOT a detective at the time ...

... and that Mark ... nor his partner ... arrested Anthony Cipolla for anything ...

and, therefore, that there were no post-arrest retaliations and that there was no
Allegheny County DA forcing Diane Thompson/Mangum to drop criminal
charges that only a prosecutor or judge can drop in the first place, being that
there was no arrest, according to Mark Ninehouser, the uniform police offic-
er who did nothing more than take Diane Thompson's statement, print it out
on an official form, handed it over to the real detectives, and had nothing to
do with the case from that point on.

The Cipolla Case is NOT the maze one would think it is.
It was outright fraudulently misrepresented squared and cubed.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Cipolla Case, as was presented was one consummate
farce.  In  addition, Cipolla is the only priest I have ever defended in print.  So,
I am not a paid agent for any organization that protects accused priests, being
that I soundly condemned Father James Torquato and a few others.  Concern-
ing others, I simply state that I didn't know their cases enough to make any
kind of assessment.

Furthermore, being that Anthony Cipolla has been dead for over a year, you
can now rest assured that Diane Thompson aka Diana Mangum lied when
she stated that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise, operating a child molester
protection ring.  Moreover, I have earned EIGHT security clearances in my
life, and even have one in force at present.  So, if you have deep pockets
and you commit libel against me, except a war you can neither win nor

So, if you want to learn of how much of a sleight of hand con artist Donald
Wuerl is ... and how much of a liar Tim Bendig is ... and how much of a
sophomoric liar Diane Thompson aka Diana Mangum is ... and how much
of a buffoonish danger to society Randy Engel is every time she sits at a
keyboard, then stay tuned.  If you don't want to stay tuned, then you are a
person who loves lies.  Reality is far more liberating, though.

Always remember:  retired officer Mark Ninehouser stated that
he NEVER arrested Cipolla and wasn't even a detective at the
time, as was claimed by Randy Engel.  Plus, the Beaver County
DA officially stated that there were no grounds upon which
to indict Cipolla, after a three month investigation caused
by Tim Bendig and his former attorney whom he fired
and replaced with a lawyer for the local masons.
By the way, the Tom Hamilton mentioned herein was NOT
some kid who used to frequent the McGuire Home.  Logic
would tell even a newcomer that this Tom Hamilton would
be the chief administrator of the McGuire Home.  So
people, please start using your brain cells, concerning
you who were conned by Randy Engel's article.