December 26, 2016

New Randy Engel Article: Fact-checked falsehoods w/ many contradictions of Accuser Diane Thompson's past testimony

Pittsburgh:  Where Wuerl severely abused his position.
I was alerted to the existence of a November 2016 article by Randy Engel
where within she claimed to have interviewed one of Diane Thompson's
two sons.  It would sound like a trustworthy article consisting of true alle-
gations.  However, the article is filled with many contradictions of Diane
Thompson's past accusations, and it contained new allegations which were
fact-checked and proven false.  The allegations of criminal procedure do
NOT correlate with the actual Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.

In order to cut to the chase and give examples of the falsehoods which appear
in the November 2016 Engel article, it was alleged by Diane Thompson that
she had to pay a $45 admission fee, in order for her eldest son, Frank, to go
to the Michigan summer camp that was held on the seminary grounds of the
Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions.  She made herself out to be the har-
rowed and heavily burdened martyr who had to sacrifice greatly, to pay the
$45 admittance fee.

NEWSFLASH:  I am in contact with a family who has two sons who were 
in Cipolla's company very often.  One of the two gentlemen attended the 
exact same Michigan seminary summer camp as did Diane Thompson's
eldest son, though in a different year.  This particular youth traveled to
Michigan with the Tim Bendig who claimed to have been molested by Ci-
polla for consecutive years.   According to that gentlemen and his mom,  
they did NOT have to pay any $45 fee.  Diane Thompson lied yet again.

Furthermore, the gentleman said that NOTHING suspicious between
Cipolla and Bendig was ever observed by him.  However, he did say,
"Tim was weird.   Really weird."

Incidentally, it was easy to tell that the heavily damning Engel article of Nov-
ember 2016 was extremely negligent in fact-checking and proof-reading, be-
cause, in the article, mention is made of "Jim Bendig" and NOT Tim Bendig.
Yet, she said that she interviewed Frank, one of Diane Thompson's sons, mak-
ing the article sound like the end-all of all Cipolla articles.

This is my question:  Why would Frank never telephone me and talk?  My
phone number has been well posted in a number of places and I kept asking
to be put into contact with Tucker and Frank.  What actually was spoken be-
tween the two people.

Plus:  Why did not Engel post a transcript of the interview?

As an example of how the Engel article contradicts the allegations of Diane
Thompson in the October 13, 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article that at-
tacks Cipolla's character to the depths:

IN the October 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article, Thompson stated that
she had TWO daughters in a "first marriage" and TWO sons in a "second
marriage."  IN the Nov 2016 Engel article, Thompson claimed to have three
sons and one daughter, and that Tucker Thompson and Frank Labieaux had
different dads.  According to her in 1995, Frank and tucker had the same

More Fact-checked lies:

Engel stated that Cipolla was taken to Police Station #9, in the North Side
of Pittsburgh, thereby being officially arrested and then released by the
police on his own cognizance, where he was to wait for his arraignment.

Firstly, a person is only released on his own cognizance by a judge at the
person's arraignment.  The arraignment is simply the bail hearing where
it's surmised if the defendant is 1} a flight risk, 2} a danger, 3} no physical
threat, etc.  When you are officially arrested, you are held overnight, and
then sent to your arraignment, pronto.   You don't go home and wait for
arraignment, BECAUSE the arraignment is the official assessment that
sees if you are going to go home after you are formerly charged with a
crime, in the first place.

Secondly, there are only SIX police zones in Pittsburgh.  The North Side
of Pittsburgh is Zone #1 ... not #9. 

Now, in Pittsburgh Police history,  Police Station #9 was/is located on Mount
Washington, in the South Side of Pittsburgh, and NOT on the North Side of
Pittsburgh, as Randy Engel claimed.

PLUS, PLUS, PLUS:  Engel stated that there was one piece of evidence that
remained in the Diane Thompson case.  It was the Offense/Incidence Report,
signed by a couple detectives.  Uhhhhm,  ladies and gentlemen, that is NOT
evidence.  That is the PRIVATE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT FORM as was
used in the 1970s.  

It was NOT the police officer's or detective's affidavit.  Proof consists in the 
fact that, at the bottom of the form, there is a block subheaded with the words, 
"approved by," followed by the words, "badge no."  This means that however
signed it interviewed the person who made the private complaint and that the
complainant described behavior that is recognized as criminal in the state of
Pennsylvania.  Keep in mind that, some wrongs are regarded as "tort offenses"
and belong in civil court.  Plus, other accusations are petty.  All in all, the pri-
vate crminal complaint filing has a screening feature to it.  I know this to be
true, because I went through the process and couple of times.

Once again, the thing which Randy Engel falsely called evidence was nothing
more than the private criminal complaint form.  In fact, it contains blocks
were the private citizen writes in the witnesses to the wrongs done.

Cipolla was NEVER arrested or charged.  He was merely served a Summary 
Notice signed by Diane Thompson which instructed him to show up in City 
Court for a MOTIONS HEARING ... aka "Probable Cause Hearing" as part 
of a private citizen's private criminal complaint, where Thompson was requir-
ed to show due cause as to why the presiding judge was to "Issue Process" 
and have Cipolla officially indicted and then arraigned.  Diane Thompson 
withdrew her private criminal complaint shortly before the Motions Hearing.  
Anthony Cipolla was NEVER in handcuffs.

The falsehoods and contradictions go on and on and on and on, in the November
2016 Engel article.  It severely contradicted the 1995 article that the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette published on the subject.  It was the article where Diane Thompson
was quoted as having alleged overly-theatrical things, while keeping Thompson's
name confidential.

The November 2016 article attributed to Randy Engel was at variance, in pertinent
part, with Diane Thompson's own 2015 & 2016 web log posts, as well.  It was also
different, in specific part, from the narration that Thompson gave to a certain per-
son who asked to be kept in anonymity.

The article was also at variance, in part, with the contents of the harassing, rude, and
derisive emails that Thompson sent to me in 2015.  I was compelled to block her in
short order, being that she was so podunk-trash-crass and intrusive.  The woman has
no temperance, to say the least.

Now, every time Thompson speaks to someone new, she tells a new and amended
story about Cipolla and her family.  Cipolla, on the other hand, told the same story,
inserting the same names, over and over.  It had gotten to the point where Cipolla
would tell me the same story, and I would start reciting it word-for-word.  He re-
sponded once by saying, "I'm trying to talk here," upon which I realized that he
kept telling me the same set of stories for the sake of emotional release.


Thompson said to a Pittsburgh Post Gazette journalist in 1995 that then-Bishop
Vincent Leonard instilled a sense of guilt in Diane Thompson for filing what
the Post Gazette in 1978 stated was a Summary Notice and what the 1995 Post
Gazette stated was the "filing of criminal charges."  Thompson said that Vincent
Leonard said that the Church had just lost two popes and her suffering greatly.
Well, the second pope to die in 1978 wasn't even elected pope yet.  This proved
Diane Thompson to be a liar.

Well, in the 2016 Randy Engel article, it is alleged that Bishop Leonard only
pointed out the one death of Paul VI.  Thus, Thompson changed her story yet

In addition, it was proven that the Vatican Case against Cipolla only dealt
with his diagnosis of Depression & Suicidal Tendencies, given by a doctor
of St. Luke's in Maryland.  It was a Psychic Defect case and did NOT cover

Plus, Ann Rodgers of the Post Gazette stated that Wuerl went to Rome with
a Police Arrest Report in his brief case.  In fact, Diane Thompson said that
Attorney Douglas Yauger showed up at her Florida home within 24 hours
of having been contacted by her to take the report.  Well, no such thing
exists and Cipolla was not arrested, as his 2014 security clearance shows.

Then, in the 2016 Engel article, it was stated that Thompson was given a
Department of Police Offense/Incidence Report.  Oh finally.  Such a thing
IS the private criminal complaint and that one does contain the badge num-
ber of the approving officer who received it.  It also contains the names
and addresses of witnesses.  This is what I was talking about, all along.
Such a thing is NOT an indictment.  It is NOT a police arrest report.

Engel then wrote that the detectives drove to the home of Diane Thompson
and gave her a copy of it, saying that she might need it one day.  That is
possible.  Why did the Post Gazette and Diane Thompson go for decades
never mentioning the existence of this thing.  This is filed at a magistrate's
office.  I filed such a thing.

In my personal experience, shortly after filing it, two detectives interview
you.  Now, police officers without the need of the civilian complainant
can file on the accused.

In addition, Engel wrote that the DA, in coaxing Diane Thompson to drop
charges which were NOT yet filed, had her sign a sheet of paper which
would help Cipolla expunge the case.  The accuser has nothing to do with
an expungement.  The DA does ... the prosecutor does.  If she did sign a
sheet of paper enabling an expungement, then it was because she was in
the place of the prosecutor ... and that means that she filed a private crim-
inal complaint.  Most arrests consist if police officers filing complaints or
affidavit.  Prosecution via private complaint is very rare.

Engel said that Frank only said that he felt remorse for not telling his mom
that he was molested in Michigan.  How was he molested?  Why is it that
I have a witness who went to the same Michigan seminary for a summer-
time retreat and he was not harassed or abused by Cipolla, n any capacity? 

Why did Diane Thompson repeatedly change her story and spend most of
her time mocking and belittling me?  None the less, a lot of her testimony
contradicts the Rules of PA Criminal Procedure and known fact at the time.

What did Frank say?  Where is Tucker?  Why did Bendig lie to me four
times in a row?  Why did Bendig not accuse Cipolla until Cipolla said to
Padre Pio Prayer Group members to stop sending Bendig money?
Why wasn't Diane Thompson mature enough to show her private crimi-
nal complaint, aka Offense/Incidence Report?  I said long ago that she
only filed a private criminal complaint, and not charges.  But, she had
to be so bratty about it, in her writings.  Plus, she did not say that Tuck-
er and Frank gave video taped depositions.  None the less, there were
no depositions of the two males in the Bendig deposition package that
I know of.  Which Conte lawyer went to the Florida depositions? 

Why was there no clarity and why is there still no clarity.  There still are
many contradictions and fact-checked falsehoods present.  After all, ever
since 1939, Police Station #9 was on Mount Washington and NOT in the
North Side where jurisdiction would exist in the Cipolla Case.  What is
going-on here?

All in all,  concerning the four main Thompson Stories (the one told to the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette --- the one told in Thompson's own web log posts ---
--- the one that she told to the anonymous person who sent me digital evidence
of that which she alleged --- and the story told to the person presenting herself
as Randy Engel:

Either all four accounts are falsehoods or three of the four accounts are falsehoods.
Plus, there were new allegations in the Engel article that were never mentioned by
Thompson before, and which necessitated me to call Pittsburgh witnesses pronto.

Likewise, allegations made by her via web log and via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
did NOT appear in Engel's article.  Thus, Thompson continues to change her story,
adding some allegations while leaving-out other ones.  In as much, the first sign of
a liar is habitual story-changing.
It's a sin to bear false witness.
Incidentally:  According to the new Engel article that damns Anthony Cipolla
to the depths of Hell. young Frank called Diane Thompson from Florida, after
the Cipolla/Bendig news hit the papers and radio airwaves.  Diane claimed to
Engel that Frank told her from Florida that Cipolla performed certain graphic
obscenities upon him that sound grotesque and which are NOT common inter-
ests for pedophiles.  She claimed that Frank took flight to Florida before the
news hit the papers.   HOWEVER:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Diane Thompson alleged to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette journalist who inter-
viewed her that, when she was on the telephone getting an operator to connect
her to the Pittsbuirgh police,  she called out to Frank  in the Pittsburgh home
where she was staying, and shouted, "Did he do anything to you?"  She then
claimed that Frank said that Cipolla fondled him.   Got it?   Different stories.
Thompson told one person that Frank was home with her.  She told a differ-
ent person that Frank was in Florida.  Two stories mean one liar.

PLUS PLUS PLUS:  Diane Thompson told Randy Engel that she had three
sons and one daughter.  She stated that Frank was the eldest and had a dad
different than did Tucker.  HOWEVER::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The same Diane Thompson told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette journalist that
she had TWO daughters in her "first marriage," and TWO sons in her "se-
cond marriage."  Got it?  Two different stories.  She said that Frank and
Tucker had the same dad.  I then pointed out that Frank and Tucker have
two different last names and therefore two different dads.  So, Thompson
then changed her story.

NOT TO MENTION:  The writer identifying herself as Randy Engel stated
that Thompson alleged that, after Cipolla was "criminally charged,"  (he was
never charged) he showed-up at the back door  of her home, while Tucker was
doing his homework, followed by Tucker running away, screaming, "Mom!"

Thompson told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that, after Cipolla was "arrested,"
(he never was) he appeared at the front door, upon which Tucker ran up stairs,
saying, "Ooooooh no.  We are all going to Hell, now."

Pertinent Point:  If Cipolla were arrested and let free on bond or on his own
cognizance, there would have been a "condition for bail" where he would
have been ordered to stay away from Tucker.  If Cipolla did what Thomp-
son claimed, then Cipolla would have had his bond revoked and he would
have been thrown in jail to stay throughout the duration of the case.

For the record:  Cipolla was only served with a SUMMARY NOTICE that
was only signed by Diane Thompson, telling him to appear in city at a fu-
ture date of exactly or approximately 28 days hence.  He was NEVER tak-
en down to any police station in handcuffs, as the Engel article falsely

HOWEVER:  Engel stated that Cipolla was arraigned at Police Station #1.
That kind of thing does happen, and the North Side is #1 in city nomencla-
ture.  But, Cipolla was only told to appear at city court on August 28, as
a part of a private criminal complaint.

That which happens today is that a private citizen files a private complaint
at a magistrate's office and the DA assigns an assistant DA to investigate it.
The DA investigates to see if there is any merit in "issuing process" against
the accused which consists in fingerprinting, mugshotting, arraignment, etc.
The assistant DA send approval or non-approval back to the magistrate's of-
fice.  If the assistant Da approves the complaint, the accused goes through
due process of the law.  If not, then the filer of the private criminal complaint
has the option of filing in the Court of Common Pleas, petitioning the court
to review the petition.

In the Diane Thompson case, Cipolla was to appear in city court ... not Police
Station #1, for a motions hearing.  Thompson withdrew her complaint before
the August 28 date.  Randy Engel's article does NOT concur with the Pennsyl-
vania Rules of Criminal Procedure.  Plus, she did not post a transcript with the
person whom she interviewed whom she identified as Frank Labieaux.

The Engel article made it sound as if the only person who can file charges against
a wrongdoer is the victim.  This only exists in civil court where lawsuits are filed,
and such a rule is known as Article III Standing.  This is in the United States con-
stitution and pertains to "redressing grievances," aka civil complaints.  No matter
how convincing the Engel article appears, its description of the procedure of law
is very much at variance with actual Pennsylvania law.

Did she actually contact Detectives Fogl and Nehouser 38 years after the fact?
Are they still alive?  There are many things decisively wrong with the Engel
LET US NOT FORGOT THAT:  Diane Thompson told the Pittsburgh Post
Gazette that she took her two sons with her to Cleveland immediately after the
"arrest" and retaliation against her  (Cipolla was never arrested).  HOWEVER:

Thompson told Randy Engel that her eldest son (Frank) took refuge in Florida,
while young Tucker and her stayed in Pittsburgh.  Got it?  Different stories.

IN ADDITION:  Thompson claimed in her web log posts that Attorney Doug-
las Yauger flew to Florida and knocked on her door within 24 hours of having
been contacted by her, and then took from her "a police arrest report."  Well,
no such thing exists.  Plus, it is 100% proven that Cipolla was never arrested,
evidenced by the Summary Notice served upon him.
None the less, Thompson then stated that her two sons gave depositions on
Merritt's Island, for the Bendig lawsuit, as if they were too young to travel
with her to Pittsburgh.  They were full-grown adults at the time.

I pointed out that the entire package of deposition transcripts in the Tim Bendig
Lawsuit were located and that there was no Diane Thompson deposition in the
docket.  This fact was not acknowledged by Randy who actually reported that
Yauger showed up at Diane Thompson's home in haste, to take something other
than the very fictitious police arrest report.  None the less, Randy added a twist
to the story.  She claimed that Thompson's deposition was videotaped and that
this is why there was no deposition transcript in the Bendig package.  There is
one confounding feature to this claim which invalidates Thompson's claim.
And that is this::::::::::::::::::::

All depositions MUST have present an attorney for the defendant, so that the
attorney can be given a chance to "impeach the witness' testimony."  So, who
from the Conte law firm went to Florida on short notice?  Thompson made it
sound of if the two lads were alone with a Merrit's Island lawyer.  A Conte
law team lawyer was required to be there. 

PLUS ... according to the rules of discovery, a copy of the video tape had to be
given to the defense attorneys. None were.  Thompson lied.
Liar, liar.  Your soul in on fire.  

Concerning Thompson's claim of a police arrest report and something now obsolete
which was called

I do legal work for a construction company & am familiar with the court system

I am very much familiar with the aforesaid things, because I am in construction and
we get robbed from time to time.  We were even the victims of check forgery, aka
bank fraud in 2016.  I am the one in the company who had to go downtown to get a
copy of this type of thing.  I am the one in the company who files all legal proceed-
ings, including the mechanics' lien that we put on a Wyndham Hotel, various writs
of execution, civil complaints, etc.  I have even authored a handful of United States
Supreme Court briefs.  I can assure you that whoever wrote that November 2016
article knows NOTHING about American law.  Diane Thompson lied from A to Z
in her narration of an arrest which never occurred and the various acts of the DA's
office, the police, detectives, etc.  It was ALL bull crap.

In continuing, the article attributed to the writing skills of Randy Engel declared
that Diane Thompson called the detective at "Police Station #9."  Ladies and Gen-
tlemen, the detectives are NOT located at the police stations.  They were recognize-
ed as a bureau in itself.  They have their own office and processing area.  I was there.
I know this personally, being that I am in construction, we get robbed from time to
time, and I am the one instructed to contact the one detective assigned to each case.
It appears that Diane Thompson watched too many Barney Miller Episodes.

You might also find detectives at a magistrate's office interviewing a person who
filed a private criminal complaint.

One more thing, Thompson declared to Randy Engel and to the Post Gazette that
two detectives were involved.  Uhhhm, from my personal experience with police
investigations, only ONE detective is assigned to a case.  It appears that Diane
Thompson watched too many episodes of Starsky & Hutch.

The only way two detectives will approach you is right after you file a private
criminal complaint at a magistrate's office.  The two detectives do a screening
of the complainant.  I know this from person experience.  I was interviewed by
two detectives immediately after I filed a private criminal complaint.

I can go on and on and on, enumerating blatant falsehood after blatant falsehood
in the Nov 2016 article attributed to Randy Engel.  But remember, I'm in construc-
tion and I am in Chicago, starting a new life, all the while heavily impeded by an
allergic asthma condition.  Therefore, time is NOT a luxury for me.  

Plus, I became significantly injured on Nov 30 when my ladder slid out from under
me and a square metal tube rudely introduced itself to the right side of my body, fol-
lowed by my left hand reaching out in a reflex action, to hold on to that same tube,
lest the bodily damage become paramount at the hands of gravity, making the acci-
dent and film-at-eleven newsworthy.  This means during and after work, as well as
when I wake-up, I'll be negotiating pain for the next six to eight weeks  In fact, I
typed this post in a noteable amount of physical pain.  None the less:
I will add example after example, to show you what a farce the November 2016
article is.  I will also seek to talk to the Cipolla family about a libel lawsuit.  At
present, I gave you perhaps enough examples to assure you that Randy Engel now
has no more credibility than a raving psychotic trying to ram her square mind into
a very round hole.  Plus plus plus, I have already posted a number of writings on
the falsehoods and contradictions and story-changes in Diane Thompson's public
accusation against Cipolla.  It's amazing how people in Pennsylvania who present
themselves as alert, enlightened, and studious know NOTHING about the Penn-
sylvania rules of criminal procedure.   I will be adding more when time allows.

For now, when and if you reading Engel's damning account, say the following:
"Okay.  Where is the evidence?  Where are the documents?  Police Station #9
is a blatant falsehood.  Cipolla being taken to Police Station #9 in handcuffs
and being charged, followed by him being released on his own cognizance
is a proven falsehood due to the Summary Notice which was NOT an arrest
warrant and the fact that only a judge at arraignment can have a defendant
released on his own cognizance.

FURTHERMORE:  No one arrested for a violent crime inflicted on a human
get released on his own cognizance.

MOREOVER:  You, the reader, would find it expected that I know what it is
to interview for consecutive hours a pedophile, learning about his preferences
in sexually abusively behavior.  Well, I most certain know what it is to talk to
a non-priest (non-clergy-member) pedophile for hours at a time, as well as sex
abuse victims for shortly durations of  time.  In as much, there is only one of
two things that a pedophile yearns to first do to a victim.   Randy Engel failed
to mention either one of the two things.  Diane Thompson failed to mention
one of the two things.  For someone who has the experience that I have in this
tragic topic, that fact was a huge give-away that Engel was writing a script of
lies.  All things are in a pattern.

Incidentally, I will not tell anyone what those two things are, so that I can test
a person who claims to have been a sex abuse victim.  If that person does not
mention one of those two things as the first thing that happened to him, and if
two certain other features are missing, then I know that the person is lying.
It's still a sin to lie ... to bear fale witness.
That' why there exists eternal damnation.
PLUS, two individuals who personally knew Cipolla promised to finish detailed
affidavits (eyewitness accounts) in defense of Cipolla.  One of the witnesses did
go to Michigan with Cipolla and Bendig, to the exact same retreat place where
Diane Thompson claimed her son, Frank, was molested.  This witness stated
that he saw no offensive, predatory, or suggestive behavior coming from the
many formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla.

Ironically enough, the other witness spent decades involved with helping Downs
Syndrome children and she was outraged at Randy Engel.

For those unfamiliar, Engel founded an organization for Down Syndrome's pa-
tients.  That second witness does NOT feel solidarity with Engel, even though
they both were in the same medical field of endeavor for years.

Part III

In Part III, Engel damned former bishop, Vincent Leonard, claiming that he did
NOT petition for the laicization (the defrocking) of the sodomite priest Richard
Ginder.  Wooooo.  Time out here.  Bishop Vincent Leonard revoked all priestly
faculties from Richard Ginder.  Vincent Leonard kicked Ginder out of the priest-
hood ministry.  Period.  Richard Ginder was already ousted, when he was arrest-
ed in 1978.  In 1978, Ginder was arrested as a private citizen and NOT as a Pitts-
burgh diocesan priest.  He was fired from that job by Leonard.  Therefore, Engel
owes Vincent Leonard restitution for damning him.

Part III is Engel's outline of corrupted and protected priests in the diocese of Pitts-
burgh.  The ultimate hypocrisy of that woman is that she ignored the Father James
Torquato Retaliations.  That case has the most hard-copy evidence of them all.
Dozen of pieces of Torquato evidence can be posted online in minutes.  Yet, she
acted as if Torquato never performed any invasive homosexual harassment and
whistle-blower retaliations.  Engel writes selectively.  That is the sign of a per-
son not seeking truth for the sake of the God of Truth.

Libel in Pennsylvania

That whole article was in-your-face hatred in its syntax and ambiance.  It was very
hateful and embarrassingly non-factual.  No evidence means no Free Card.  Randy
Engel committed libel against the religious order known as the Pontifical Institute
of Foreign Missions.  She committed easily provable libel against the then-DA of
Allegheny County, as well as the one in Beaver County during the Bendig years,
and the Cipolla family name, in addition to the administrators of the McGuire
Home. and the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary.

Oh, by the way, did you ever wonder if a deceased man's estate can sue someone
for publicly defaming that person after his death?  Stay tuned and find out.

In addition, I personally knew some of the Pittsburgh diocesan seminarians and
can assure you that they were NOT Sodomites looking for sexy sex action at the
seminary.  As I stated long ago, the sex scandal comprises an inner circle within
a seminary and which is supported by the top of the chain of command.  It's a mat-
ter of an inner-circle and NOT something inclusive.

Randy Engel made it sound as if all seminarians were "getting it on" between
classes.  Well, I do know for a fact that there was one seminarian knocking on
dormitory doors, looking for Sodomy encounters and he was kicked-out of the
Pittsburgh seminary for doing so.  That kind of behavior was NOT protected at
the Pittsburgh seminary.  It was punished.  Randy Engel goes overboard with her
damning accusations.  she needs to be put in her place.

None the less, the statute of limitations for libel, slander, defamation, and some-
thing known as "Invasion of Privacy in a False Light' is one year.  Someone is in
dire need to make retractions or to consult with attorneys.  The countdown began
in November 2016.

Chicago, My Unexpected Destiny

Now, as I stated, I'm in Chicago, restarting life.  I have a massive agenda up here.
So, it might take some time for me to get the full outline of the true Cipolla case
done for you.    None the less, I will write one step at a time.  Even at that, the
examples above should tremendously help you realize that Donald Wuerl be-
came a star by means of an extreme misrepresentation.  Plus, it shows that
Randy Engel is not at all trustworthy.  She's NOT a viable source.

Take note that there were no interviews of Frank or Tucker in the Engel article.
Talking to the repeatedly proven liar, Diane Thompson, is pointless.  It only
makes her supporters look all the more asinine.  Statements from Frank and
Tucker are what are needed.  Get me in contact with both of them, ASAP.

December 25, 2016

Marketing fear of and derisive contempt for the Whistle Blower who uncovered Diane Thompson's blatant falsehoods which were present in Nov 2016 Engel article.

Temporary Note:  The November 2016 Randy Engel article was found to con-
tain fact-checked falsehoods per se and contradictions per Diane  Thompson's 
October 13, 1995 "newspaper testimony," as it appeared in the Pittsburgh Post 

Whether Anthony Cipolla was a twisted molester or a falsely accused scapegoat, 
Randy Engel's November article is a journalistic embarrassment.  I give examples 
in another post and hope to complete picking that article apart, line-item by line-
item, like picking lint off of a pair of cheap polyester trousers.  In the end, after 
I take care of business, Engel might repeatedly say to herself, "What was I think-
ing?"  Too much presumption and perhaps arrogance.
A section of the Chicago Vicinity where I get a measure of peace, after all I
went through since asthma began a Category 5 nightmare to me in 2012.
By the way, this photo was NOT photo-shopped in any capacity at all,
whatsoever.  Diane Thompson needs to desist from her aggression
toward and libel of me.  She only makes an asinine buffoon out of
herself, in her attempt to get you to become hostile toward me.
Due to the November 2016 Randy Engel article, it has now come to the point 
where there is one and only one question whose answer can close the case on
Cipolla.  This is because everything in that article can be readily dismissed or
declared unable to be proven, except for one allegation.  At this point, that one 
question is the entire case.  For Cipolla to be ascertained as guilty, one sheet of 
documentation MUST be proven to exist.  If that sheet is produced, then it's case 
closed.  He's guilty.  However, if it does not exist, then the doubts of the case con-
tinue and we will probably never get to know if Cipolla was as guilty as the fires
of Hell or the victim of lies & "testimony coaching."
I do NOT know why this is one of the most popular photos that I
have ever taken, but I do know that it was NOT photo-shopped
in any which way or in any which how, meaning that Diane
Thompson needs to learn the wisdom shutting up sometimes.
As has been taught by those contracted to teach the CIA, one of the signs
of a person lying is responding to a person's questions or investigaon find-
ings with aggression.  Employing diversion tactics, to change the subject
is another sign.  Diane Thompson would respond to my writings with a
notable amount of aggression.  She didn't address and line-itemize the
topics about which I wrote.  She simply attacked me and assassinated
my character.

The Non-Stop aggression of Diane Thompson Toward Me

If she needed me to change an allegation of fact, and thereby make a retrac-
tion, she could have wrote simple notes as to what provable allegation need-
ed to be stated ... as to what corrections needed to be made.  But, she rambled 
on and on and on again, assassinating my character, trying to intimidate me in-
to a corner.

Concerning this, it is stunningly amazing that, at no time, did she even reveal 
her maiden name ... family name ... last name given to her at birth and carried 
by her into grade school.  It was amazing how she had the energy to mock and
attcke others, but she could not write down one simple name.  Let's start with 
the subject at hand:

In her harassing of me, Diane Thompson got to the point where she called me
Mr. Mount Vesuvius.  She called me this, because I wrote on my online profile
that my Italian side of my family came from the Mount Vesuvius part of Italy.
Thompson, liar that she is, twisted things and stated that she called me that
name, because I had a temper like Mount Vesuvius.  She then violated US
copyright law and posted a number of my copyright-protected writings on
one of her SEVEN web logs.  She ... a woman who is lowly educated and
has NO psychology or medical degree ... wrote notes all over my writings,
stating that this, that, or the other thing proved that I have a violent temper
and was a danger to her.

Firstly, if she thought that I were a danger to her, she would not have endless-
ly taunted, mocked, and harassed me.  She would have been too frightened
to have done so.

Secondly, it was officially ruled in a court law authority that you cannot tell
if a person is going to commit an act of rage by reading his writings.

Thirdly, my writings are well known to be long-winded, such as my military
history writings, my military treatise outline which is online, and my  econom-
ics writings, as well as my writings of Cardinal Wuerl's corruption.  In as much,
long winded writers vent their anger by writing ... not by blowing up like Mount
Vesuvius in front of people.

Fourthly, my three simultaneous security clearances, my Pennsylvania De-
partment of Corrections security clearance of years past, and the conceals
weapons license that I earned shortly after the first wave of the Torquato
Retaliations prove that I don't have a temper.  If I did, then I would have
a criminal record.
This was taken in the afternoon and is NOT
photo-shopped in any capacity, either.
There is a simple trick to blacking out
a daylight background.
Now, Diane Thompson went at considerable length trying to trick you in-
to thinking that I was a violent thug who needed to be erased from society.
Well, interestingly enough, a photographer's art is a side window to his
soul.  Thus, if there is violence within him ready to explode any minute,
it will show in his photography.

Okay then.  Posted below is my copyrighted photography.  Look for your-
self and search for signs of a violent "Mount Vesuvius Temper."  After look-
ing, you'll see that we have all the more signs that Diane Thompson is a per-
sistent liar.  This was evidenced in the November 2016 Engel article which
I outlined in part elsewhere in the Wuerlgate pages.

Some of the fact-checking results on Diane Thompson are found at:

This is titled, the Atlantic Acre.   It was photographed on a freezing-temperature morning,
during the coldest winter in 40 years.  It received 1,200+ within the first hour it was put
online in July of 2016.  According to Diane Thompson, this is the art of a violent man.
In her peaceful demeanor, she called for the tarring & feathering of the guy, because of
what he wrote about the Anthony Cipolla Case being a hoax, presented in a false light.

Thompson's Act of Libel in Stating that I Have a Volcanic Temper

Contrary to what Diane Thompson stated, I do NOT blow up like Mount
Vesuvius in front of people.  Whenever I am outraged or aggrieved, I re-
main silent, pack up, leave, and redress my grievances through either text
messages or the court system.  Or I write a scathing letter, or a detailed
legal jargon letter.  The legal jargon letters caused the most fear of me,
not me blowing up.  Those letters have terrified people to the depths.
Even at that, the number of scathing letters I've written in life would
fill one accordion folder, at the most.

When I'm outraged, I vent by writing web log articles, instead of swing-
ing a baseball bat at full speed toward the head of a lying & disrespectful
hag who obsessively harasses, taunts, and mocks me, all the while com-
mitting libel as if its her sport of choice.

This is because I follow the policy of not making my mortal enemies look
like the holiest of martyrs, and because such a harasser is no more than a
chihuahua biting at my ankles.

It's also because it's the ultimate revenge to have a liar have to live in per-
petual disgrace and embarrassment after she is discovered to be the liar she
turned out to be ... discovered via fact-checking and document gathering.
For such a person, even going outside to any public forum is a torment.
And voila:  Revenge ... the bloodless destruction of a heartless enemy, 
like St. Michael destroying Satan's stronghold in Heaven before time be-

Lesser men take to the ax, baseball bat, iron pipe, fist, and/or gun ... those
who are undisciplined, impatient, inarticulate, lazy, and void of suavity.

This photo is a result of the patience I had, in going from South Carolina
to California via interstate highway, with a long stop in Texas and then
New Mexico.   Quick tempered people don't have the patience to go into.  
 the Mojave Desert on a 102 degree day.    

The flying leaves were NOT photo-shopped into the photo.
There actually were in the air when I shot this picture.

The Flak Attack

Now, when a person starts attacking your character and goes to great lengths
to have you vilified, it means that what you wrote about your harasser is so
true that the person cannot defend against your writings and cannot debate
the issues you presented on the merits thereof.  If you get flak, it means
that you hit your target.  Her unleashing of character assassinations was
her attempt at a diversionary tactic, to take the attention off of the fact
that she is a liar caught red-handed.  If she would have acted indiffer-
ent, she would have had a better deceptive effect.  She called me
violent, but she's the one who called for the tarring & feathering.

Those clouds were NOT photo-shopped.  They were that way
when I pressed down on the camera shutter.
That which proves innocence Thompson 
used to claim the existence of guilt

Diane Thompson's most asinine ploy thus far, in her Kill Pat campaign, was
to use as evidence to prove the existence of a Mount Vesuvius temper in me
the very thing which proves that I don't have one.  That evidence is in my
many long and detailed articles, poems, statistical outlays, tutorials, etc.
I vent by writing or by doing photo-shoots.  People with tempers don't
have the patience to research and write what I have thus far written and

For those unfamiliar, Thompson scribbled notes all over a  few pages of my
writings, said that this-that-and-the-other-thing written by me proved me to
be a violently tempered thug, and then posted it online, all the while calling
me the Father of ALL Lies.

Uhhhhm ... cough, cough ....  Ladies & gentlemen, the very existence of those
pages prove that I do NOT blow up like Mt Vesuvius.  They prove that I vent
and redress my grievance in a civilized manner, via the pen ... transposed on
a keyboard ... as in "the pen is mightier than the sword."

When Thompson produced those pages written by a man who was published
at the age of 20 along side a few literary laureates, she proved the opposite of
what she was claiming.  She is incredibly stupid and is unable to consummate
her malice through any intelligent diabolical design.

Do you see any ax marks here?  According to Diane Thompson, there should have been many,
because capturing this type of photo takes great patience and very gentle stepping. equivalent
to walking on Shaolin Temple rice paper.   People with volcanic tempers don't the have the
patience or gentleness to have a photo like this one in their portfolios.  Funny how an ibis 
proved Diane Thompson to be a liar as much as did the Pennsylvania State Police data base.
Plus, the ibis' reflection is real.  It was NOT photo-shopped.  Thompson wrote anything to
get you away from me.  The list of her name-calling is posted above
If my writings on the dishonesty of Diane Thompson and/or Tim Bendig were
fallacious, then someone in the camp of masonic Attorney Douglas Yauger and
the camp of Cardinal Donald Wuerl would have tugged on their puppet strings
and put a couple of pit bulls on my trail.  I would have been shut down, in one
way or another.  Thus far, neither a demand letter from a law firm nor a civil
court summons came my way.  I have never been sued for Libel, Slander, or
False Light.

For those unfamiliar, False Light is when you misrepresent the face value of
something.  It includes misrepresenting a photograph.  For example, an act of
Invasion of Privacy in a False Light includes taking the photograph of a worker
sleeping in a chair and then saying that he's lazy bum who never works, when
the truth is that the photo was taken at 4:15 AM, after the guy had been work-
ing since the middle of the daylight hours and needed to sleep, so that he would
not fall asleep at the steering wheel, while driving home.  That type of sleeping
saves lives.  In as much, this is your introductory law lesson for today.

These clouds were NOT photo-shopped into this photo, either.
Diane Thompson writes what she does to get you to hate me
and not read any of my findings in her case.  It's that simple.

None the less, the two people who need to make public statements on the
Cipolla Case are none other than Diane Thompson's two sons.  Do they or
did they ever claim to have been molested by Cipolla?  Did they claim in
the past that they were NOT molested by him, but were ignored by their
mother who went after Cipolla and played smear campaign against him,
even as recently as the Year 2015?  She once again got overly theatrical
in her harrowing tale, and wordiness gets a liar easily caught via fact-

What do the two sons of Thompson claim in the present tense?  Does anyone
know their contact info and/or whereabouts?  They need to talk on the record,
without someone being there playing "Gotcha" journalism and without some-
one there coaching them.
What is 100% sure is that Cipolla was never charged and/or arrested.  That
arrest was the major part of Thompson's damning allegations.  Of course, in
1978 and 1995 (when the Post Gazette did a major story on her story, without
fact-checking it), we were not yet in the age of digital information-gathering
technology.  Apparently, Wuerl, Ann Rodgers, and Thompson assumed  that
no one would have been able to have done any fact-checking in the future.
They miscalculated technology.

In 2015, the Diane Thompson who has NO psychology degree or medical degree claimed 
that the person who photographed this waterfall is a violent monster who blows up like 
Mt. Vesuvius and needs to be tarred and feathered, even though she never heard him speak.
It takes a lot of patience & endurance-walking to get a photo like this one, and violent
people have no patience. To think, a waterfall photograph would prove Thompson to be a liar.

Do you see any violent tendencies here, in this photography?
Do you see something unable to see with clarity?

A photographer's work is the side window to his soul.
Okay then, where is the sign of a violent temper here?
Tarry, Tarry  (and Feathery) Night  {The Night of the Tar & Feathers)

Hmmm.  A funny thing happened after Diane Thompson made her call to tar
emulsions and feathers.  No one responded to her call.  The closest I came to
a baseball bat was when I walked into Dick's Sporting Goods, looking for a
couple of  Ace bandages.  As far as go the feathers, the closest I came to them
were the pillows at Sears.

And as far as concerns the tar ... well I'm in construction, and on occasion, we
do asphalt patch-up projects that take one or two days per project.  So, I got tar
on my pantaloons ... but not enough, according to Diane Thompson, that tough
tough macho guy.

Keep in mind that Thompson wrote that it was a same that the guy who tried
to kill me in April of 2016 failed at his attempt.

For the record, this photo is titled, Cloud Mass, and was photographed by the man
whom Diane Thompsons said has a super violent temper and who apparently was
violent enough to go to Melbourne, Florida and make Diane Thompson all dead.
You can see his sheer evil violence and cruelty in this photo, right? 

A Photographer's Portfolio:  The side window to his soul.

Chicago Sidewalk Planter:  NOT photo-shopped.
Diane Thompson's a jerk in her belittling of the paperboy
who delivered the news that she is nothing but a fact-checked liar.

Chicago:  NOT photo-shopped, either.
Diane Thompson's snide remarks are predictable, though annoying.

This was NOT photo-shopped in any capacity, either.
Simply know that Diane Thompson is taunting and
harassing jerk that displays the behavior of a liar.

Now remember, all of the photos below carry my copyright.   So, if you
steal even one page of my artwork, I'll blow up like Mt. Vesuvius and rip
your lungs out.   Or will I?   Hmmmmmmmm..

**  Have a nice day and never be as evil as Diane Thompson, **
      because, being evil results in being an embarrassing jerk.   

Oh my !  This is sheer evil.  Only an insensitive brute of massively violent
 tendencies would ever think of taking a photo as violent and harsh as this one.
Throw away the key to the prison cell.  Violent thug.  Violent thug.
Looks like Diane Thompson is right on, baby.  Only a person engulfed in
chaotically seething ax-murderer violence would ever think of photographing
a subject like this one.  Yep, Diane Thompson is so right on that, during the
next election, she should run for God.
This photo is the obvious indication of a person incapable of
capturing the refined beauty of the moment and who instead is 
violent bull in a china shop.  We owe Diane Thompson
a debt of gratitude for her analytic skills.
When it comes to proving a brute's uncaring cruelty
and insensitivity, need we say more?

The guy who took this photo should get the death penalty.
Right, Diane Thompson follower?  Both of you.

Only the most vile lowlifer would ever conceive of taking a photo of
something so violent.  What do you think?  Death penalty case?
Call out the hounds.  Call out the hounds.


The ocean waves here are real and were NOT photo-shopped.
The steam in the background is real and NOT photo-shopped.
It really did look like a cloud-making factory, controlling the skyline.
That's the famous Shippingport Pennsylvania nuclear power plant.
Do you get the message, yet?

As you can once again see, Diane Thompson is an insufferable liar.
Her tar and feather comment, alone, proves her violent undercurrent.

The Bottom Line

If she would tell vicious lies about my character, she would equally tell
them about an Anthony Cipolla who really never was charged and arrest-
ed for anything in his life, especially in 1978, the year when Thompson
filed a private criminal complaint that did NOT result in the DA's office
indicting Cipolla.

At this point in time, all that Thompson has to do is publicly admit that
there never was any type of arrest of Cipolla in 1978.  The rest will fall
into place.

This will automatically mean that she was never harassed into dropping
charges that only the DA's office can file, except for the PA Court of
Common Pleas via injunction, or a grand jury.

Thus, it will be known that there was no smashing of Diane Thompson's
windows and no slitting of her tires, as well as no mean-spirited letters
from parishioners.  This will also mean that then-Bishop Leonard didn't
harass her.  Etc.

It will then be recognized that the Cipolla Case was a hoax orchestrated
by Wuerl, due to Wuerl being under a huge law enforcement spotlight
at the time.  Wuerl had just got caught covering-up of Wolk, Zula, and
Pucci as a set ... and Hoehl individually ... as well as Huff, later on.
Down the time line would come Torquato, and that one was covered-
up until the emergence of a invention called .... the web log.

Wuerl will then go down to a degree of infamy that he originally pre-
pared for scapegoat & diversionary tactic, Anthony Cipolla.  Wuerl
will then be another Maciel ........ banned from the minds of Roman
Catholics everywhere.
Watch out!!!  Diane Thompson said that the guy who photographed this coneflower
is so evil in disposition that he has a massively deadly temper and he's gonna get her
... over seven, eight, nine, or ten months ago.  What's taking him so long?

What other proof do we need to prove Diane
Thompson 100% correct in her condemnation.
of the author whom she publicly called a loser.
Judging by his photography,it's obvious
that the Wuerlgate author is violent & hateful.
Or does this prove Thompson to be a jerk?

Okay, this proves it.  Case closed.  The Wuerlgate author is obviously an insensitive,
unfeeling, and uncaring monster who blows up like Mount Vesuvius, concisely as the
always-honest Diane Thompson claimed.  How can we ever make it up to her?  
For the record, if the sun is out, then you can get a rainbow
photo out of every fountain.  You simply  have to know angles.

Concerning New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Housewife, she wrote with certi-
tude that Diane Thompson simply chose not to sue Anthony Cipolla.  Oh, I
see.  Thompson extended charity to Cipolla and refrained from suing Cipolla,
but she furiously begged for a law firm to come forth and sue me for things far
less serious than that which she accused Cipolla of having done.  Plus, if her
son, Tucker, is intensely ill from molestation, then he was in need of psychi-
atric help for decades.  Thompson should have sued the diocese for the money
needed to treat Tucker, if her actually were molested.

Thompson elected not to sue Cipolla and the Dio of Pittsburgh, but the same
Diane Thompson certainly wanted Cipolla doing prison time with inmates gen-
erally known to kill men convicted for child molestation.  How big of Diane.

      So, how did you like my evil evil photographs?

And here,  enjoy my evil evil Mount Vesuvius taste in music
posted below.  My taste in music is as evil as my photography:
So, listen to it and feel ever so free to use it against me in the
Court of Public Opinion.  Super evil, I tell ya.


      Have a super nice day ... dusk ... evening ... and dawn

For those of you being coached by conspiracy theory paranoiacs, know that 
this is a photo of the stigma (the inside) of a lily.   It's NOT a photo of the 
Devil's pitchfork rising from Hell.  This picture's value is in it looking 
lit by an electric light.  The is a natural daylight photograph..

In newspapers from coast to coast. Yet, Pittsburghers are CLUELESS.

A case-in-point on how a liar's localized propaganda machine can create
smoke screens that hide the power mongering liar's evils from the public.
Pittsburghers were clueless about Wolk, Zula, Pucci and others of evil intent.

In re: The Wolk, Zula, Pucci Cover-up and resultant indictments, along with DA
John C Pettits bitter complaint about Wuerl's degree of uncooperativeness with
law enforcement officials :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I literally could not find anyone in Pittsburgh who knew about it.  This is how
intense the Wuerl Propaganda Machine worked ... in covering up something al-
ready uncovered.

Keep in mind that the Year 2002 was the year when the sex abuse scandal went
international.  It was also the year when Cardinal Wuerl stole the spotlight from
the deeply suffering sex abuse casualties and then had certain media people toot
his horn, by claiming accomplishments that never transpired.  No one in the media
mentioned Wuerl's UNcooperativeness with law enforcement officials during his
cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.

In like fashion, no one in the media admitted that Wuerl reinstated into ministry
a fourth criminal priest, namely John Hoehl, a former Catholic high school head-

Plus, no one in the 2002 media revealed that U.S. Supreme Court briefs were in
Washington DC  with Wuerl's name throughout them, as aggressor, on account
of Wuerl's cover-up of the intrusive homosexual Fr. James Torquato, a retaliator
who literally almost got someone either seriously injured or killed.  Literally.

The following internet post was a mind-blowing revelation when it was originally
posted, because, until that time, America was deceived into thinking that Donald
Wuerl was a heroic zero tolerance bishop with a perfectly clean sex abuse hand-
ling record.  No one knew that Wuerl was the SECOND American bishop to get
caught covering-up criminal priests and the first one accused of being uncooper-
ative with police during a criminal investigation.

All in all, this post is here to show how insufferably dishonest is and was Wuerl's
propaganda machine.  Through surrogates, he incessantly lied to the public, de-
ceiving people into thinking that he was a holy, caring man.  Then came the truth
about Wuerl.  And the Vatican seemed not to care about the damage, deprivation,
and even jeopardization (the Torquato Retaliations) that Wuerl caused.  The Vati-
can has become Wuerl's accessory as much as it was the accessory of internation-
al molester Marcial Maciel Degollado.  Thus, this is an Evidence Webpage.

A reflection of the Pittsburgh Roman Catholic cathedral in plate glass.
Intro:  It's amazing how Vatican officials, Americans, Pennsylvanians, and
Pittsburgh residents in particular were clueless to the fact that Cardinal Wuerl
was caught in a triple cover-up which resulted in three of his Pittsburgh priests
being multiply indicted in more than one Pennsylvania county.  This is because
news of the criminal indictments and the reports of Wuerl being uncooperative
with law enforcement officials rang out in the newspapers from Lewiston Maine
to New Hampshire to NYC to Northwestern Ohio to Chicago to California ... and
from Cleveland to Saint Petersburg to San Antonio.  The reports were even in the
now-defunct Pittsburgh Press, as well as the Pgh Post Gazette.

The fourth simultaneous priest under Wuerl's covers:

The fourth priest was a high school headmaster who caused a lot of students
to become emotionally traumatized later in life.  The headmaster was my head-
master and the rumors about him abounded after high school.  Yet, during the
school years, the rumors were sparse, and I refused to believe them at the time.

Yours truly receiving his diploma from the John Hoehl whom Wuerl  put back
into ministry, thereby showing that Wuerl was  NO zero tolerance bishop.  I heard
rumors about Hoehl during high school, but they weren't frequent and  not detailed.
I simply didn't think that any priest would be what the rumors accused him of being.
Well, one of the young men to spend time living in the headmaster's home took
a shot gun, affixed it to his head, and pulled the trigger, shortly after he was sent
home for punching the headmaster.  I was the last person who was not a family
member to ever see him alive, and it was assumed that he punched Hoehl, in the
effort to fend off a physical intrusion.

In the final moment, the young man looked at me with a facial expression which
said,  "It's okay.  It doesn't matter anymore."  Two hours later, he was dead.

Years later, I was told of yet another football teammate allegedly committing
suicide, on account of mental trauma.  I couldn't confirm or dispel the allegation.

After that came my conversation with someone I once coached in basketball who
was psychologically damaged by the exact same headmaster.  Incidentally, I was
a basketball coach when I was a teenager, going up against coaches in their 30s,
40s, and 50s, ending up with a record of nine wins and five losses.  I mention this
to show that I was in high school during that priest's rampage with my teammates
and fellow students.  Yet, those youth were willing participants, after a seduction
phase, of course.

Next came a class reunion and the face of yet another former football teammate
who also was allegedly one of Hoehl's play toys.  He was a linebacker and I re-
member him giving me the cheapest shot on the football field, during a scrim-
mage.  In fact, there was a notable distance and aloofness between the two of
us during high school, meaning that an act of goodwill or compassion from me
at the school reunion would have had a tremendous effect.

Anyway, his look was the look of emotional devastation and shame, as well as
remorse.  And of course, I remained completely diplomatic, so as to not increase
the guy's existing pain.  I should have walked up to him and said, "Hey man, it's
okay.  Don't worry about it."  I didn't want to open any emotional wounds.  Plus,
my girlfriend at the time was raised in an entirely different part of Pittsburgh, and
she was clueless as to what was going on at the reunion, as she went about being
exremely pleasant and cordial to all of my classmates.  She was superb that night.
I didn't want to disturb her.  I never told her, being that I was never molested by
the molesting headmaster,  So, I remained silent at the reunion when I should have
gone up to talk to the guy.

In comparison,  Ann Rodgers' snow job on the Pittsburgh people was worse.
Wuerl couldn't have gotten the idolatrous image that he did without Rodgers'
connection to the press.  Wuerl was merely using Rodgers for selfish gain.
However, the gig is now up ... expired ... deflated ... unveiled ...
... just like the man behind the curtain in  the Wizard of Oz.
Okay then.  You now know why I reached out to help those who were the play toys
of predatory priests, even though all of my labor and expense in the effort was for
naught, due to the manipulative corruption of Donald Wuerl.  You now know why
I went to lengths to do this Wuerlgate site, despite the threats and very unfriendly
visitation.  It was one of those moral obligation things.  If I were to remain silent,
I would have sinned.  You must let people know when a wolf is in their midst, no
matter how flamingly effeminate and tiny the wolf is, being that the ferociousness
is not in any physical stature.  Rather, it's in the person's abuse of power and his
manipulation of others to do his violence toward yet others.

My reason was very simple and it permeated throughout the marrow of my soul.
Therefore, it wasn't a matter me being a brooding malcontent jealous of Donald
Wuerl.  It wasn't a matter of me trying to one-up-it on the tinsel town narcissistic
who was found living in a Narie Antoinette setting.  Nor was it a matter of trying
to promote another bishop over Wuerl:

It was a matter of me wanting to never go through another suicide, ever again.

Let us proceed:

In the Vatican II church's sex abuse scandal, Cardinal Donald Wuerl became the
second American bishop to get caught performing a cover-up which resulted in
criminal prosecution for the priest(s) being covered.  It all started in Abbeyville
Louisiana with Father Gilbert Gauthe, in 1985.  Then came the indictments of
Pittsburgh diocesan priests, Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci ... during Wuerl's watch.

Being that Wuerl was one of the first bishops in America to get caught cover-
ing up criminal priests, he was one of the first bishops in America to announce
a zero tolerance policy.  He struck the pose of a strick disciplinarian, only be-
cause he was in a huge law-enforcement spotlight, and quite frankly, it had
gotten to the point where the next priest to be convicted of wrongdoing, if
Wuerl were to keep playing his unconscionable games, was Wuerl, himself.
However, he would have been found guilty of a Summary Offense only, and
forced to do no more than pay fine.  However, his strive for high Vatican
power would have ended then and there.

All in all, Wuerl announced NO zero tolerance policy until Wolk, Zula, and
Pucci were indicted.  Plus, Wuerl did NOT enforce the policy when it came
to Fr Edward Huff who would come to be criminally indicted and convicted.
Plus, no zero tolerance policy applied to the retaliatory James Torquato.

Wuerl was no caring man looking out for the underdog, while in possession of
this so-called caring smile.  Those of us who did meet Wuerl in person could
not but help notice his conceitedly curt dismissiveness and his flaming homo-
sexuality.  Yet, it wasn't the flaming homosexuality that was the shocker.  His
mean spirited conceit was.  You could tell that he was thoroughly vicious and
would destroy any human life he could get away with destroying, while having
no remorse ... while experiencing no haunting in his apparently stone cold con-
science.  He was as cold as a demon right before the initial start of an exorcism.

I've met great men in life, ranging from a national book award winner here, a
Walt Whitman award winner there, a Super Bowl champion yet elsewhere, and
a share of full-blown war heroes.  Each one had a personality.  Wuerl had none.
Ann  Rodgers, to legacy of disgrace, set out to make Wuerl look like a great man.
But, Wuerl was nothing more than a Great Lie, especially in what Wuerl did to
Anthony Cipolla, his diversionary tactic.  For those of you easily deceived by
sound bytes and Christopher Dickey articles, the Jpeg evidence is here at the
Wuerlgate which convincingly defends an Anthony Cipolla whom I assumed
was guilty as publicly accused, being that I did no fact checking until the Year

For the record, the catalyst in finding the proof that Cipolla actually was inno-
cent of the allegations stated by the liar Tim Bendig was Chicago's own Mike
Volpe.  Mike is underrated, to say the least.  He's literally one of my heroes.
Impressive in the proper way for me to describe.  That's for sure.  How did
Mike know?  ANS:  Experience with whistle blower retaliation cases.

Concerning Wolk, Zula, Pucci, and even John S. Hoehl

These priests were not reported to authorities by Wuerl, as was required in the
Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Act.  Attorney F. Peter Dixon did the
reporting.  He was the friend of the molested family.  Technically, only one
of the two molested youths were an altar boy; so stated for the record.

In addition, Wuerl publicly stated that his cover-up of Robert Wolk was not
covering-up.  Wuerl was a liar from Day 1.

Here are the newspaper reports on Donald Wuerl's triple cover-up, shortly after
it was uncovered.  The fourth simultaneous cover-up of Donald Wuerl was that
of former high school headmaster, John Hoehl.  Being that Wuerl put Hoehl
back into ministry, declining to remove him until Robert Wolk was indicted.
When Wolk was indicted, Hoehl became a hot potato.  Only at that point in
time did Wuerl remove Hoehl.  Thus, Ann Rodgers deceived the public in
what she wrote about Wuerl dismissing Hoehl.  If it were for Mr. Dixon,
Hoehl would never have been removed from ministry.

Concerning the Triple Cover-up and the two molested youths:

There was also the matter of a fourth alleged molester of the two youth who
happened to have been a layman.  This was reported in a Cleveland Plain
Dealer article, as well as in a couple other American newspapers.

There was also the matter of the tragic Father George Zirwas being at the
scene of one of the three priest's crimes, remaining entirely silent while it
was transpiring.  It transpired in a sky lodge suite.  Father Zirwas remained
silent and complicit, while the priest and his young prey were in a bedroom.
Zirwas was strangled to death in Cuba, years later.

The Wuerl People, including former Pgh Post Gazette writer Ann Rodgers,
continue to cover up Wuerl's Triple Cover-up by means of revising history
to the point of making Wuerl sound like the presiding hero in it.  Proof that
Wuerl was far from the hero of the hour is blatant, evidenced by the fact

District Attorney John C. Pettit publicly announced that Wuerl & his staff
were uncooperative throughout the criminal investigation.  Case Closed.
Wuerl, therefore, is still engaged in a cover-up, doing what he and his
minions can, in keeping the facts of the triple indictment away from as
many members of the public as he and they can.  This is ongoing deceit.

No matter what, keep in mind that my thesis statement in the court of pub-
lic opinion is that, during his Pittsburgh days, Donald Wuerl was a vicious
conniver.  He was a liar, a pretender, a retaliator, and a conceited narcissist
who showed disdain for 99% of the population,

Wuerl most certainly did use diversionary tactics and sleight of hand decep-
tions.   Plus, his nexus to the Sodomite Wuerl was ascertained with empirical
evidence.  Yet, as far as goes the allegations of his private where he allegedly
violated a principle vow of the priesthood as a part of his lifestyle, that is bas-
ed on eye witness accounts, as well as compelling circumstantial evidence.
Due to the lack of smoking gun evidence, I refrained from line-itemizing
what certain individuals from Europe to America alleged to me about
Wuerl's private life.  What if all those people between 1999 and 2012
were wrong in what they told me about Wuerl's alleged private life.

Below is one Jpeg and several links that uncovered Wuerl's triple cover-up
at the time when it was uncovered.  Compare them to what Ann Rodgers &
her fellow propagandists say about Wuerl today, concerning that time span.

Read them.  You will see that no one in any of those news reports is calling
Wuerl a hero of any sorts.  Just the opposite occurred.  You don't have to
take my word for it.  Look for yourself.   In fact, Look, Identify, and Per-
ceive.  The Wuerl People are liars and Donald Wuerl is a living lie.  This
site has the Jpegs and newspaper archive links to prove it.

See also:,3545671&dq=zula+diocese+wuerl&hl=en,2371591&dq=zula+barn+parked+car+pettit+resort&hl=en,3148582&hl=en,4088961&dq=wolk+arrested+pittsburgh+zula+pucci,53612&dq=diocese+pittsburgh+1987+seminary+molested&hl=en,3932976&dq=3+priests+investigated+wolk,10275422&hl=en