April 27, 2024

Wuerl's Abusive & Retaliatory Former Secretary: Fr. James Torquato

Cardinal Donald Wuerl was installed Roman Catholic archbishop of Washing-
ton, DC on June 22, 2006.  Prior to that date, he spent eighteen years as the La-
tin Rite bishop of Pittsburgh.  The following subject matter pertains to Wuerl's
days in Pittsburgh; the days when he built a propaganda machine and climbed
through the ranks of the Sodomized Catholic Church.  

The Names of the Ill-treated are Withheld

The names of persons ill-treated by the diocese that Wuerl ruled for eighteen
years do not appear herein.

The Preliminary Notes Section
(This section was designed to read like Cliff Notes)


The credibility of the following narration is anchored to numerous pieces of

evidentiary support.  The evidence includes the tape recording of a harass-
ment provoked by Wuerl's personnel, if not by Donald Wuerl himself, in an
act of economic retaliation.  Such a recording is permissible under federal
statute USC 18, Ch. 119, Sec. 2511(2)(d).

The evidentiary support also includes several pieces of personal mail, along

with a number of postmarked envelopes.  A couple of the envelopes carry the
return address label of the official residence that Cardinal Wuerl possessed
from 1988 to 2006.  An additional piece of evidence is a five page witness
account found on a police department's citizen's report form.  It was written
by an unaffiliated third party.  There are other pieces of evidence, as well. 


The physically invasive actions of Wuerl's former secretary occurred from
1990 to the middle of 1997.  At least one of the priest's homosexual antics
took place in Wuerl's Warwick Terrace residence.  The predatory conduct
actually didn't end until one final ploy was committed during the 1997-1998
Christmas season.  As far as concerns the retaliatory conduct, it occurred in
1998 and 1999.  When the homosexual was reported, he was the president
of one of the Pittsburgh diocesan high schools.  Wuerl appointed him to that
school in 1996.  The priest was reported for long-term homosexual conduct
in 1998.

The Priest Approached his Prey First

Concerning the young man who was targeted by Wuerl's former secretary,
was first approached by the priest on the steps of a church, when the gentle-
man was a teenager.  The priest presented himself as an undefined type of so-
ciology researcher claiming that he was seeking to learn what draws young
people to church.  This was approximately three years before he became one
of Donald Wuerl's personal secretaries.  The bottom line is that the young man
did not approach the priest first.

An Outline of the Priest's Conduct

The priest's conduct consisted in a physically invasive form of sexual harass-

ment that was accompanied by a misrepresentation as fraudulent as a wolf in
shepherd's clothing.  It consisted in the priest preying on a situation that will
not be detailed herein, and it involved the modus operandi reported by the
2002 media as the one commonly used by predators.

A Diplomatic Way of Describing it

There are forms of sexual harassment that consist in episodes of one-way con-

tact that repeatedly result in the harassed person either diplomatically pushing
away the harasser or moving away from him.  Sexual harassment is not limited
to verbal aggression.  That is to say, there are forms of sexual harassment where
a priest does not keep his hands to himself.

Predatory cases are sometimes cloaked under the pretense of spiritual direction,

where the aggression is disguised behind authoritarian voice patterns.  The cases
don't involve gullible prey.  Rather, they are marked by a priest's badgering of his
intended target, for the sole purpose of achieving physical contact.  They involve
a priest abusing his power and influence, in creating the illusion that he is speak-
ing in the name of God and Vatican II, when he is doing nothing more than orche-
strating an intrusion.  The authoritarian pretense is only the first stage of the ploy.

That which Constitutes Predatory
Conduct and Abusive Acts

It is not required for a cleric to be a serial rapist, in order for him to constitute

a predator.  He simply has to engage in conduct that consists in him targeting an
individual and then manipulating ways to physically intrude on the the targeted
prey in as severe a degree as he can, in his quest to consummate his lusts.  It con-
sists in a priest using a person as "an object of sexual gratification."

Donald Wuerl's Sought-for Definition of Sexual Abuse

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported on October 27, 2002 that Wuerl "fought
for the broad meaning of sexual abuse."  The same thing was reported by the
same newspaper in slightly more detail, on May 29, 2003.  Pursuant toWuerl's
sought-for definition, the acts of his former secretary constituted sexual abuse.

Predatorship Includes Taking Advantage of
Persons who Underwent Nightmarish Tragedy

A predatory priest can easily prey upon a traumatized person, by presenting
himself as an intervening lifesaver, when in fact, he is nothing more than a
disingenuous wolf.  This constitutes the abuse of an impaired person, being
that a traumatized state is a state of impairment.  If the priest is told about a
volatile home environment, he can one day use knowledge of it against his
victim, in manipulating the more violent persons in that environment to at-
tack his prey for him.  It consists in the priest using knowledge that was con-
fidentially entrusted to him by his victim, in order to bring additional harm
to that victim.  It consists in the betrayal of trust.

The Personal Mail is the Tale of the Tape

Several pieces of the previously mentioned mail sufficiently constitute the tale
of the tape.  They erase any doubt as to the motives, mindset, emotionality, and
psychosexual orientation of Wuerl's former personal secretary, to state it polite-
ly.  They also prove that the former secretary was well aware that his targeted
prey was suffering greatly in his personal life.

The Most Convincing Witness Account Given by the Accuser

To start, the name of the former secretary accused of physically intrusive sexual
harassment is Fr. James Torquato.  Secondly, his accuser claimed to have been
at Donald Wuerl's Warwick Terrace residence, during the time when Torquato
also lived there.  Now, being that no third person ever saw Torquato's accuser
enter or leave Wuerl's home, as far as is known.  So, how would anyone know
that Torquato's accuser was telling the truth?

ANS:  He was able to describe the interior of Wuerl's home, and the details

           of his description was undeniably convincing.  In a notarized letter
           sent to Wuerl in February of 1998, Torquato's accuser described
           Wuerl's Warwick Terrace home as follows:

      "Furthermore, in order to show you that I am not telling you a false-
        hood, let me describe your Warwick Terrace home, in order to show
        you that I was at least there.  Now, remember that Fr. Torquato
        would usher me in that house, as if he didn't want anyone to see me.
        Anyway, the carpeting in Fr. Torquato's room was orange.  When-
        ever I got into the elevator, there was some kind of pole-shaped
        extension which you could accidentally hit with your head, if you
        weren't looking at what you're doing.  He had shelves with a lot of
        books.  He had a lot of CD's.  The bathroom was definitely to the
        right when you walked in.  The shower had sliding doors.  There
        were several icons on stands and on the shelves.  My favorite one
        was the one of Jesus, as an adult, with a solemn [perhaps sad ex-
        pression on his face.]  The kitchen sink reminds you of a school
        cafeteria's sink.  Fr. Torquato mentioned that the picture above
        the fireplace, in the living room, fell down by itself.  He also told
        me that a squirrel infiltrated the house, and that you told him to
        go get it.  I remember hard wood floors and high ceilings.

The most convincing part of the account was mention of the orange carpeting
and the pole-shaped extension in the elevator by "which you could accidental-
ly hit with your head, if you weren't looking at what you're doing."  Mention of
the mysteriously falling picture and the infiltration of a squirrel into Wuerl's 
Warwick Terrace home were the other features that gave Torquato's accuser
credibility.  Adding to that account is the cards, letters, and post marked en-
velopes which Torquato mailed to his future accuser.  This makes his accus-
er convincingly credible.  As far as goes the allegation of the retaliation, its
most pertinent piece of evidence was the tape recording of the harassment
performed upon Torquato's accuser.  The police department citizen's report
posted at awuerlofhurt.com.  Plus, there was another person caught in the mid-
dle of that retaliation.  He constitutes a corroborating witness.

The additional person caught in the middle of the Torquato retaliation once had

a medium security clearance from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections,
as well as the security clearance needed to carry a concealed firearm.  This per-
son also received the security clearances required to be a license Pennsylvania
insurance agent.  Such clearances mostly involves a person's honesty.  In addi-
tion, the accuser of  Torquato had his share of security clearances, being that he
was a care taker of mentally disabled adults.  Therefore, this case is one where
the accuser of the invasive homosexual antics is not lacking in credibility, and
where the witness to the two waves of retaliation is not lacking credibility.

The fact that Torquato immediately ensued with a retaliation gave credence to
the allegation that he committed long-term and physically intrusive sexual ha-

rassment.The retaliation was merely an extension of his unruly and invasive
acts of physical sexual harassment.  He did not have temperance.   Therefore,
he did not have the temperance to keep composed when he learned that he was \
reported to Wuerl.  The invasive sexual harassment temperament and the retal-
iatory temperament were one and the same.

The Former Personal Secretary's Whereabouts

At the time of this writing, Wuerl's former personal secretary is in active min-

istry.  He's the pastor of a parish in Carrick, Pennsylvania, despite the fact that
his retaliatory conduct has already proved him to be a danger to others.  Don-
ald Wuerl, in having let the retaliations cause jeopardy and achieve damaging
effects, proved himself to be a far greater danger to others.  It was equivalent
to having reported a fire to the fire marshal, only to see shortly thereafter, the
arrival of dutiful personnel armed with flame throwers.

The Office of Priestly Formation, formerly called
the Office of the Training for the Priesthood

Cardinal Wuerl has been influential in a department known as "the Office of

Priestly Formation."  In other lands and at other times it has been known as
the Office for the Training for the Priesthood.  The title, "priestly formation,"
is an embarrassingly gay sounding title which gives the impression that sem-
inarians are being fitted into a stylish, cosmetic, and elitist motif.  That is to
say, the title, "priestly formation" doesn't instill images of naturally inclined
men training for positions of service to God and mankind.  Concerning this, it
is acknowledged that the church in America has been plagued with an infestat-
ion unnaturally inclined seminarians, as well as Sodomites priests, during the
years when Wuerl was a major figure in the Office of "Priestly Formation."

Donald Wuerl was installed at the Pittsburgh diocese on February 12, 1988,

and his former secretary was ordained on July 1, 1989.  This means that the
abusive priest was ordained under Wuerl's watch.  The abusive priest, there-
fore, is a sample of Donald Wuerl's version of  "priestly forming."

Rewarded with a National Executive Position
in the Office of "Priestly Formation"

The priest in charge of investigating Donald Wuerl's former secretary, in 1998,

became the Executive Director of the Secretariat for Vocations & Priestly For-
mation, in 1999.  This resulted in him being stationed at the headquarters of the
US Conference of Catholic Bishops.  He's a Pittsburgh diocesan priest who lat-
er became a chaplain to Benedict XVI, on June 29, 2006.  In 2009, he was ap-
pointed to be the Bishop of  Anchorage Alaska.

Whenever we sent communiqués to either his office or to Wuerl's office,
er a new harassment would ensue or an ongoing retaliation would intensify.

The Tally Sheet, Stated for the Record

The scorecard goes as follows:  One person was the target of the priest's ag-

gression, another person saw to it that the priest would be reported, and three
persons got caught in the middle of the first wave of retaliations.  Two persons
then got caught in the second wave.  In the process, a big bad wolf of collective
resources eventually blew down three houses.

Lower & Upper Respiratory Disease Is Involved

One of the three person's caught in the Pittsburgh diocese's retaliations suffers

from a severe form of asthma, central sleep apnea (where all breathing stops
during sleep), and an upper-respiratory disease.  Objective medical findings
entered into his medical records have included:

1] increased AP diameter
This is the barrel chest commonly found in advanced
       cases of emphysema and in cases of chronic asthma
2] turbinate swelling.
3] bilateral wheezing.
4] prolonged expiratory phase.
5] upper respiratory erythema (redness).
6] exorbitant provocation test results.
7] objective skin whealing,
during placebo-controlled
     skin testing, while testing negative for the placebo

Additional evidentiary support includes signed and notarized lay witness testi-

mony of persons who witnessed him ill.  "Choking" was used in more than one
witness account which was accepted as evidence in the gentleman's disability
case.  He was adjudged as having a full and severe physical disability, years

The disability has included numerous occasions of profuse dry heaving that ev-

en resulted in cringing chest and bicep pain.  There have also been headaches
so severe that the temples and cheekbones would feel bruised even the day af-
ter a headache subsided.

The pertinence in mentioning this is that the following narration illustrates the

ruthless indifference of Wuerl and his personnel toward the physically impaired. 
This is all the more pertinent, being that, in the medical records of the asthmatic
retaliation victim is the phrase, "life threatening illness."  The physician who
entered it into his records was Ivy League trained.

A Civil Action

Legal action was taken, and the following account was made known to three lev-

els of the United States judiciary.  This included the level of the U.S. Supreme
Court, in a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari and three supplemental briefs.  The
Supreme Court documents were filed in forma pauperis by a clerk of court there
in the Year 2002.  The lawsuit was filed Pro Se in district court, in March 2000. 

To file Pro Se means to file without an attorney, and being admitted to a court
in forma pauperis means that you were too poor to pay the filing fee.

Ever so coincidentally, as soon as the lawsuit was filed, all harassment and

retaliatory conduct ceased.  However, diversionary press release tactics re-
sumed, along with their sleight-of-hand deceptions.  The cover-up remained
on course.

The Supreme Court docket number was 01-10392.

The Citation number is 537 U.S. 843, dated October 7, 2002.

To whom it might one day come to concern, it is requested that you omit the

name of the primary petitioner, being that he (and I) already suffered more
than enough in life.  He is the one whose name appears first on the docket
sheets.  Let him be.  He left behind more than evidentiary support, includ-
ing the recording of a harassment, provoked by the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

The Pointless Venue of Last Recourse

The civil court system was the venue of last recourse, being that church

officials would neither respond in writing nor respond by verbal com-
munication to a single item sent to them after March 1998.  This includ-
ed correspondence sent to officials in Washington, DC and Vatican City. 
However, it was promised to the de facto whistle blower, during March
of 1998, directly to his face, that someone would get back to him.  None
the less, there is a huge difference between getting back to someone and
getting back at someone.

The Cardinal Refused to Help

Even when communications were sent to church authorities by third parties,

there would still be no response, except in one instance.  In that instance, a
cardinal responded to a Jersey woman who had written to him about Wuerl. 
The only message she sent, concerning the cardinal, was that he said that he
will not help.  She also stated that he was a "very prominent cardinal at the

The woman's identity was kept secret for as long as she was alive.  She was

Monica Zimmer, a free lance writer and animation artist who died suddenly
in her New Jersey home, on August 2nd, 2008.  She was 45 years of age at the
time of her death.  Her motive for reporting Wuerl, as far back as 1999, was to
make sure that he would not be appointed archbishop of  New York.

The Papal Nuncio Played "Pass the Buck"

During the first wave of retaliatory conduct (1998), a phone call was placed
to the Papal Nuncio in Washington.  He said that he would contact the bishop
of  Pittsburgh about the matter, assuring me that the bishop, alone, would take
care things.  Tiny Donald Wuerl did nothing but let the course of events stay
on course.   Contracting Wuerl was like contacting the fox attacking the chick-
en coup.

The Federal Court Case's Added Feature

The case also included the issue of clerics committing cowardice in refusing
to speak out and counter certain institutionalized sins, in fear of loosing tax
exempt status, taxpayer funded income, and/or government benefits and the
government's favor in general.  This involves those sins to which Catholics
give their cooperation at the workplace and marketplace.

This feature of the lawsuit concerned Wuerl's cowardly refusal to grant eith
an apostolate or "a church-approved initiative" dedicated to ending Catholic's
cooperation with social sin.  Such a thing used to be called a Catholic Action
Guild,  Getting no assistance from one's bishop, in matters of salvation, under
a feeling of compulsion from the government, is a violation of one's religious

The allegation was that, in Donald Wuerl feared loosing tax-exempt status and

government funding, he blocked Catholics of their right to observe their religi-
ous duties.  Under the Federal doctrine of "Compulsion," Wuerl blocked civil
rights under the color of law. 

LBJ'S Legacy was Partly Involved

The aforementioned feature of the lawsuit concerned, in part, a law that LBJ

succeeded in getting passed while he was a senator for the State of Texas. 
That law concerns the way in which a religion can loose its tax exempt status. 
Incidentally, LBJ stands for Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Vietnam War presi-
dent who did not run for re-election.

The aforementioned law was merely a ploy of LBJ, to beat his political oppo-

nent, Dudley Dougherty, in the 1954 senatorial election.  Mr. Dougherty was
receiving pivotal and open support from certain religious entities until the law
that LBJ introduced on the senate floor was enacted.  LBJ then won the 1954

This ploy resulted in LBJ becoming Vice President of the United States.  This

ploy resulted in LBJ becoming president in 1963.  This ploy resulted in the
deaths of 58,000 Americans in Vietnam.

Proof that it was a Determinant in
Wuerl's Decision Making Process

There is evidence that the fear of loosing tax-exempt status and taxpayer fund-
ed government contracts has repeatedly been a factor in Wuerl's decision mak-
ing process.  Proof is found in a public statement that he once issued.  Wuerl
once stated that he will not deny holy communion to any influential politician
committed to the proliferation of a certain mortal sin, because, according to
Wuerl, denying holy communion to such a politician could have "national ram-
ifications."  Needless to say, this apparently refers to the Catholic Church's tax-
exempt status, as well as its taxpayer funded operations.  For a sum of money
in excess of thirty pieces of silver, Wuerl would permit Christ to be sacrileged,
in Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, near consecrated altars.

Religions and Taxpayer-funded Income

Religions in America can acquire ample amounts of taxpayer dollars via gov-
ernment contract social services, government funded medical services, govern-
ment funded tuition financing, and even free food from a state's Cooperative Ex-
tension Society.  What Wuerl called "Charities"were nothing more than income-
bearing and taxpayer funded programs.   Each participating Catholic institutions
were literally government contractors.  In as much, getting payed for activities
called charities negates the meaning of charity, especially when funded by tax-
payers who get no credit for their contributions.

Concerning this, Wuerl was recently called "a political parasite."  Such a

phrase is synonymous with "taxpayer leech."  This factor becomes amplified
in the face of a tremendously large national debt.

Wuerl's Cooperation, Concerning
a Specific Crime Against Humanity

The lawsuit also sought to address Wuerl's cooperation in a crime against hu-

manity that which involves sweatshop profiteering and other types of foreign
slave labor profiteering.  This additionally involves those types of labor that
have been imposed upon foreign child workers in recent years.  This compli-
city, therefore, envelops Wuerl in an aura of razor wire.

As a reminder, when imported slave labor merchandise reaches your home,

your place of work, and your person, then you are involved.  You're involved
much the same way as is a person who receives stolen property.  But, in this
case, it's more than a matter of stolen property.  It is a matter of stolen lives,
wasted away in the burden of going through life without a livable wage. 

You're also involved in this crime if you work for an employer engaged in this
practice.  You're even involved if you invest in a corporation that profits from
this practice.

This Cooperation is Attached to a Blatant Contradiction

The great contradiction about Wuerl is that he was heralded the lionhearted

protector of children, yet he has been indifferent toward a corporate crime
that victimizes children more frequently than does the predatorship of priests
who should never have been ordained in the first place.  Apparently, Wuerl
believes that there should be an slave class, to serve him and other people
in his financial echelon.  Incidentally, he is a Pittsburgh diocesan priest by
ordination, and Pittsburgh diocesan priest, for as long as I've known, did not
take vows of poverty.

This Cooperation Started to Backfire
on Wuerl, in a Congressional Near-Hit

This is addressed in the following page.  In addition, there is yet another social

sin about which Wuerl has been entirely silent.  It, too, is covered on the follow-
ing page.

EWTN on the Topic of Donald Wuerl

A letter
dated January 28, 1999 that was addressed to Patrick Pontillo, signed

by the president of the EWTN Global Catholic Network, and appearing on sta-
tionery marked with the EWTN logo, stated the following about Donald Wuerl:

"EWTN is reasonably familiar with the information
that you sent." ...

I am not in a position to make further statements
regarding the material you sent except to say that
all of it has been duly noted." ...

We do pray day and night that all bishops will be
in union with the Holy Father.  We realize that
there are those who, by both work and action,
do not seem to be in union with the Holy Father."


Malachi Martin on the Topic of Donald Wuerl

Best-selling author, Malachi Martin, called Donald Wuerl a fool who will one

day "have to answer to God for all the sins he has allowed."  Father Malachi
also said on radio, "He is not Catholic.  He is just not Catholic."  In fact, it
was during a radio talk show Malachi said, "I'll have you know, [name with-
held] that the Diocese of Pittsburgh is one of the most pathetic dioceses in
the United States."  In light of this, if you ever hear the Wuerl propaganda ma-
chine assassinate the character of the late Malachi Martin, you will know why.

Concerning the late Malachi Martin's ability to assess situations, he correctly

predicted that Albino Luciani would succeed Paul VI to the Chair of Peter. 
This was published in a European newspaper shortly before the 1978 papal
election.  Malachi had a circuitry of insider information for years.

Blatant Narcissism and/or Vanity

After a certain diocesan lecteur was personally introduced to Wuerl, he drove
to my place of work (at the time) and mentioned how disappointed he was to
have found out that the highly celebrated Donald Wuerl was nothing more than
"scrawny."  He would later state that Wuerl had the second softest handshake
he ever encountered.  The softest and shake, incidentally, was that of a CEO
whose company retailed women's clothing and apparel, among other things.

The bottom line is that the media served the function of Wuerl's puppet entour-
age, used to cast an Beowulf image of hime.  This is pertinent to note, being that,
if you spread deceptions about yourself, then you will spread deceptions about
other things, including faith and morals.

Economic Results

The individual who saw to it that Wuerl's former secretary would be report-

ed had an R1 credit rating (the highest) at the start of December 1997.  His
credit card debt was only $300 at the time.  Yet, shortly after the diocesan
retaliations of 1998, his credit card debt had risen to $8,900. Things became
more tragic, and as time progressed, he was forced into bankruptcy court. 

Meanwhile, the effeminate narcissist, Donald Wuerl, was paraded through
town, masquarading as an angel of light with the help of the pathologically
bland Pittsburgh Gazette writer, Ann Rodgers.  At the time, she was known
as Ann Rodgers-Melnick.

The End of Events

This series of events ended in a three degree Celsius night of snowfall, as the

individual who saw to the reporting of Wuerl's former secretary was left to
sleep in a borrowed pick-up that had to be returned the following day.  With-
in two weeks, he was given means of transportation to the deep south, along
with lodging when he would get there.

Wuerl would then go on to be praised on local television as a "holy, holy,

man."  Having already been painted as a hero by the LA Times and the New
York Times, he would soon become the grand marshal of a St. Patrick's Day
parade, as if he were an untold hero.  Former Pittsburgh Steeler, L.C. Green-
wood, would then be used to play the role of dupe, in publicly encouraging
Wuerl to be patient for the day when he will be appointed cardinal and made
an automatic candidate for the papacy. 

It is reasonable to assume that L.C. Greenwood was unknowingly recruited

for the propaganda task.  It is equally reasonable to assume that he was cho-
sen because he has yet to be elected into the NFL Hall of Fame, despite four
Super Bowl rings and tremendous success as a defensive end.  Therefore,
Wuerl was making himself an equal to L.C., in inferring that he deserves to
be a cardinal as much as L.C. deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

The irony to Wuerl being chosen the St. Patrick's Day grand marshal consists
in the fact that the whistle blower who endured the retaliations that Wuerl eas-
ily could have stopped was named after the patron saint of Ireland.  Needless
to say and after the damage was done, the whistle blower was tossed aside as
worthless insignificance, in preference for a homosexual priest ordained by 
Wuerl, himself.