August 22, 2017

The Apartment Bldg Intrusion of the Torquato Retaliations

'Twas the City of Evil while Wuerl was stationed here.  It was known at the time
for its abusive police and known years later for it's abusive clergy members.
Today, this city is undergoing a Renaissance, no thanks to Donald Wuerl.

Cipolla accuser, Diane Thompson, claimed that she was the victim of
sever harassment, after Cipolla was .... was ....  Well, he was NEVER
arrested, as she falsely claimed.  He was simply served with a Summary
Notice and told to appear in court four weeks or so later.  None the less,
Thompson narrated a harrowing tale.  A few big problems with this:

1} She was fact-checked and found to be a liar.
2} I know what it is to undergo harassment and she failed to mention the
     first thing that happens to almost everyone undergoing harassment.
3} She had NO WITNESSES, unlike me and Fr. James Torquato's evi-
     dence supported accuser.  Again, no one ever came forth to substan-
     tiate any of Thompson's accusations.

Below is a copy of a witness account that details Torquato's credible ac-
cuser and I being pursued.

Once again, I have several pieces of evidence to support many things that
I have alleged --- averred --- stated as being true under the pain of very ex-
pensive lawsuit.  This includes the witness account below.

Meanwhile, Thompson always had zero witnesses and zero pieces of evi-
dence to support any allegation she ever made.  The fact that I have several
pieces of evidence against Wuerl shows that this Cardinal Donald Wuerl
was never punished for any wrongdoing, not because he was a holy man
who never imposed consummate evil to others, but only because of the
corruption of this present era.

Part of that corruption consisted in Wuerl letting people being deceived
into thinking that the liar, Diane Thompson, was an honest witness and
woeful victim of the late Anthony Cipolla and Bishop Vincent Leonard.

Concerning Thompson making Leonard out to be a corrupt protector of
molester priests, know that Bishop Leonard defrocked (laicized) Father
Richard Ginder in 1976.  Next, on April 6, 1978, Ginder was arrested for
Sodomizing two minors.  Thus. Bishop Leonard was not harboring that
Sodomite.  Thus, he would not harbor any other one.  Very Simply, Diane
Thompson has repeatedly been proven to be a liar.

In fact, what she says doesn't count, per se.  It's her two sons who need
to make public statements, stating if they claim to have been molested
by Cipolla or that they never claimed to have been molested and that
their mother was fabricating the story.  This would mean that the two
sons were deceived into thinking that the anonymous youth Cipolla
was accused of molesting youth other than Thompson's two sons.
Thompson and her two sons were kept anonymous by the media.
I was the one who revealed their names to the public.  Let's begin:

 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo

A tree is known by its fruits.  Below is a sample of Donald Wuerl's fruits.
In brief review, it goes as follows:  After homosexual predator and invas-
ive harasser Father James Torquato was reported for spending seven years
refusing to him his hands to himself, his evidence-based accuser began to
receive a series of harassments.  Things got so bad that I called the Papal
Nuncio in Washington DC.  Shortly thereafter, within 36 hours, the apart-
ment building visitation occurred, and then things really got heated.  At
the time, I was already "hiding-out" Torquato's accuser in a predesignat-
ed safehouse.

The apartment bldg fiasco occurred almost immediately after I contacted the
Papal Nuncio in DC.  He told me that he was going to contact Wuerl, concern-
ing the harassments I and Torquato's accuser were enduring.  Worse harassment
immediately followed.  This is the point in time when Wuerl should have been
removed from office.  If a cleric is going to allow the lives of others to be en-
dangered, it's time to send the cleric away.  Wuerl's lingering presence was
simply a testimony to the intense corruption of the Vatican II Vatican.

I remember being at the
lobby of One Oxford Ctr,
in downtown Pittsburgh,
having a phone conversa-
tion with one of the pursu-
ers. He specifically said, " 
 ...  I would have gone
 through you to  get to  
(Torquato's accuser.)."
This was meant in the
physical sense.

Some of the whited-out spaces on the Jpeg below are where the accuser's
first and last name was.   Other blank spaces are obvious as to why they are
whited-out.  Incidentally, if you are indifferent to this disclosure, wait until
something similar happens to you, while the diocesan powers-that-be look
the other way.  You won't be indifferent any longer.

Of course, the vast majority of people elect to go according to the cowardice
mode, and such a thing is why persons such as Wuerl, a coward himself, got
away with so much evil.  Yet, he was taken to court, over and over again, by
a multiplicity of people, including those aggrieved by his church-closing
spree.  Some very dark power kept Wuerl like Teflon ... thus far.

This piece of evidence is here to prove that the pursuit really did happen.
In the middle of the night, I had to take James Torquato's accuser to a pre-
arranged location.  When I star-sixty-nined a late night phone call made
to my small apartment, I learned that it came from a nearby phone booth.
So, I raced to get Torquato's accuser out of there, before the phone callers
showed up at the apartment.  I took all of the hard copy evidence with me
that night.

During this time, I called the papal nuncio and he interrupted me, saying
that he was going to call Wuerl and tell him what was transpiring.  If my
memory serves me correctly, it was exactly after that phone call when
the apartment building intrusion occurred. 

It wasn't until days later that I learned of it happening.  But, I was filled-
in on the details, to say the least.  Seven months later, on the advice of
a friend, I got a concealed weapons license and purchased a hand gun,
for the first time in my life  ... only because of the manipulative Donald
Wuerl and his former personal secretary, James Torquato.  Throughout
the second wave of the Torquato retaliations, I was carrying my weapon.

In order to be licensed to carry a concealed weapon in Pennsylvania, one
needed pass a background check and then have two citizens get a phone
call from the county sheriff's office, for character witness purposes.

One of the character witnesses who vouched for me was the parish council
woman who said that she once saw Wuerl acting "girly" in a church base-
ment.  She happened to be the mom of a Down's Syndrome child,  mean-
ing that she had an added dose of maternal instinct and protectiveness.
Wuerl was unable to fool her.  She had him assessed within one evening.
Concerning you, do not be deceived.  Wuerl was absolutely vicious when
he was in Pittsburgh.

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