November 09, 2023

Concerning Cardinal Wuerl's Ratification of the Torquato Retaliations

 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo
I've more than one comment to make about
having undergone the Torquato retaliations:

My actions during the Torquato retaliations
prove that I was more than willing to take
a bullet for you, being that whatever you're
willing to do for one person you're willing
to do for everyone else.  Wuerl's actions
during the same time span prove that he's
more than willing to put one in your head,
if he can gain an advantage in doing so.
After all, whatever you're willing to let
happen to someone under your watch,
you're willing let happen to everyone
else you can't use for selfish gain..
What he let happened to Torquato's accuser, to the uncle of the accuser, and
to me is what Wuerl is more than willing to let happen to you.   If it ever
comes to be your turn for it to happen,  you'll understand instantly.

Keep in mind that Donald Wuerl was elevated to the college of cardinals by
the crafty one   ---   the one who institutionalized cover-ups from a perch in
the Vatican, inconsiderate to the pain of others.   Concerning this, remember
that popes come and go.   Some were heart-touching, while others ones were
stately.   Some were diligent,  while others were negligent.   Some took up
arms,  while some embraced the way of St. Francis of Assisi.  Others brought
grief to the Catholic world.

Today, we have a emeritus (retired) successor of Peter who brought multiple
grief to others long before taking the Chair of Peter.  He elevated Wuerl, caus-
ing added grief to others in the church.

Those in contempt of the church's moral theological teachings are now called
the stewards of church teaching.  The malicious ones are regarded as the holy
ones.   It has become an Orwellian Church.

The great irony is that players at the Vatican claimed that the Collegial Conse-
cration of  Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was finally done in 1984.
The proper consecration, if ever done, would guarantee world peace.   No such
world peace has ensued at any time since 1984.  Therefore, the collegial conse-
cration, as requested by the Virgin Mary, was obviously never made.   In this
instance, Vatican prelates called war peace, in claiming that the state of the
world in the 21st Century is the final product of the consecration which it
claims to have made.  It is an Orwellian Church that we have today.

Today, we haves an Orwellian World in many facets.  The unnatural is now
called a natural civil right.  The campaign to make the greedy more wealthy
is said to be done for the sake of the poor.  A type of nuclear warhead, dur-
ing the Reagan Years, was called the Peace Maker.  Constricted free travel
in America, during the Cheney Hype Years, was said to be done, in order to
conserve the liberties which Americans lost during those years.    The list of
contradictions are not limited to these things.


Patrick Pontillo