April 22, 2024

Signed & Notarized Testimony of Torquato's Accuser, Sent to Wuerl

Below is a letter sent to Wuerl
by Fr. James Torquato's accuser.
The reporting of Torquato was
followed by harassment.  Then
came retaliatory conduct and the
eventual filing of Case 01-10392
 at the clerk of courts office of the
U.S. Supreme Court, in a Petition
for a Writ of Certiorari and three
supplemental briefs.

The accuser's last name and the
street where he lived at the time
has been erased from the jpegs.
If the opportunity presents itself
in the future, a more clear copy
can be made from the originals.
However, I had the them sent
elsewhere, for safe keeping. 

For the narrative account of this matter, see: