October 25, 2023

I Traced Officer Mark Ninehouser through the NFL

The Pittsburgh Steeler's football stadium stands very close to the world famous 
Three Rivers Confluence of Western Pennsylvania.   Yes, the investigation of the 
Anthony Cipolla Case brought us to the National Football League, being that the 
most important witness in the 1978 case became employed with the NFL.

Every time Cipolla accuser, Diane Thompson, gets caught lying, she changes
her story.   She and her accomplice in libel,  Randy Engel,  are both going to
have to overhaul that story, especially when it comes to the signature at the
bottom of a sheet of paper that Engel called the last remaining piece of evi-
dence which was handwritten in cursive writing, contrary to Pittsburgh po-
lice regulations at the time.  Concerning this, that sheet of paper was NOT
filled-out or signed by any police officer, especially a detective.

Mark Ninehouser is the man whom Randy Engel called "M.N. Nehouser."
Plus, he was NOT a detective in 1978, as Engel so confidently asserted
in her Nov & Dec three-part article which damned to the inner recesses
of Hell the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla..

The fact that Mark was not a detective, alone, tossed the whole Cipolla-
retaliation scenario out the door as a sophomorically contrived fraudulent
misrepresentation.  And and and, that sheet of paper which Engel called
the last remaining piece of evidence, in itself, created the burden of proof
and was NOT the proof itself, being that it was merely the accusation of
a private citizen and NOT a police form.  Mark Ninehouser expressly
made it known to me that he did NOT sign such a sheet of paper and
that he would not have written any report in cursive handwriting.

That retaliation saga, now proven false, was the entire foundation stone of
Thompson's entire nightmarish tale.  That tale is now  proven to have been
a lie from Stage 1.  I told Engel, over the phone, that the Cipolla Case was
an easily provable fraud.  Engel's article which possessed numerous prov+-
able falsehoods made the  Cipolla Case even more easy to prove as a fraud.  \
The more they damn him, the more fallacious they are discovered to be.

For those new to law, that sheet of paper which Engel called the last re-
maining piece of evidence was merely the setting forth of accusations
which created the BURDEN OF PROOF.  It was not proof (evidence)
in itself.  Plus, Mark Ninehouser expressly made it known that he did
NOT sign such a sheet of paper and that he would never have written
it in cursive handwriting.  Thus, we have a case of fraud, here.  Yes,
that which Engle so arrogantly proclaimed as evidence was a forgery.
After all, the only thing the Thom

  Killer Hags.                   Killer Crones.                   Libel Kills.
Way to go, Engel ... and her New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Sidekick.
Nobody messes with you.
After he retired from the Pittsburgh police force, Mark Ninehouser be-
came an employee in the security department of the National Football
League.  For my friends in Russia, the Ukraine, and elsewhere in Europe,
the NFL is the most prestigious league on earth for American Football.

Now, if Mark Ninehouser were not employed by the NFL, I would have
never tracked him down.  Just thought I'd mention it, in order to give the
aspiring investigative journalists out there a feel for what it's like to do
true investigative journalism . . . as opposed to the farcical type done by
Randy Engel, in her hairdryer salon form of gossip.

For those new here, Mark Ninehouser was claimed to have been one of
the two police officers who arrested the man formerly known as Father
Anthony Cipolla.  This was claimed as true by Randy Engel and Diane
Thompson-Labiaux-Mangum-Whatever.  He told me that he never did

In fact, Mark become instantly curious as to the mystical sheet of paper
which bore his name and his correct badge number.  When I said that the
sheet was signed "badge #46,"  Mark said, "That was my badge number."

 I then mentioned "badge #37," upon which Mark said that it\ was definite-
ly the badge number of his former work partner.  The problem is that Mark
Ninehouser never signed any sheet of paper titled,  Offense/Incident Report.

Now, Engel and Thompson both claimed that Ninehouser (incorrectly
spelled Nehouser) was a detective in 1978.  He was not.  Therefore, no
signature on any such sheet of paper had any significance to it.

FURTHERMORE, for such a paper to have gained legal weight to it, it
needed to have been signed by an assistant DA, and not a detective or an
uniformed police officer.  The sheet of paper was actually the 1970s ver-
sion of the Private Criminal Complaint ... not the Police Complaint.

Aside of getting Mark's last name wrong, while getting his badge number
correct, Randy Engel stated that he  1} was a detective,   2} told Diane
Thompson to take young Tucker to a hospital,  3} was then given a med-
ical report from a physician at the same hospital which stated that "traces"
of a lubricant used to molest Tucker was still lingering on Tucker,  4} was
telephoned by Diane Thompson on July 30, 1978, to go over to her home
where Cipolla was standing as an intruder, clad in a cassock,  5} filled out
a report called an Offense/Incidence (or Incident) Report and signed it,
along with his partner, Robert Fogle.

Now, in October of 1995, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that two de-
tectives were called to the hospiral bedside of a young molested boy who
was molested by Anthony Cipolla.  Thus, we have yet another instance of
contradictory assertions-allegations-averments between the 1995 newspap-
er article that damned Cipolla to the innermost recesses of infamy, while
Randy Engel's 2016 article which damned the same Anthony Cipolla to
the innermost recesses of Hell.

The only thing that was true about this nightmarish narration written by the
less than factual Randy Engel was Mark's badge number and Robert Fogle's
badge number.  For the record, today Pittsburgh Police officers have four-digit
badge numbers.

All in all, Mark was NOT a detective.  He was NOT called to any hospital
to attend to a Tucker Thompson who was reported as having been molested.
Mark was NOT given any medical report by any physician pertaining to the
young Tucker Thompson.  Nor did he suggest to Diane Thompson that the
young Tucker needed to go to a hospital.  In addition, Mark Ninehouser was
NOT telephoned by Diane Thompson on July 30, 1978, and he did NOT go
over to Thompson's residence to respond to an Anthony Cipolla intrusion.
In facgt, Mark was NOT in the DA's office with Diane Thompson, bearing
a look of disappointment at her signing papers with tears in her eyes, and
and and Mark was NOT called to respond to Tucker being slapped in the
face by any 70 year merchant or any younger aged merchant ... or anyone
at all..

And and and, Officer Mark Ninehouse was NOT called to respond to any
claim that Diane Thompson's residence was vandalized by a stone being
thrown through a window.  Furthermore, there was NO CALL for Mark
to respond to any report of any tire belonging to any car of Diane Thomp-
son being slashed.

In addition, there was NO MAN IN THE HOUSE during July of 1978.
This is pertinent, being taht Randy Engel made it sound as if there were
a dad there throughout the entire time, psychologically impaired.   NO.
Thompson .... at that time .... in July of 1978 ... was the stereotypical
single mom.  She and Engel lied yet again.

All in all, Officer Mark Ninehouser only took a statement from Thompson
and then printed-out a report on her averments, followed by him giving the
report to the actual detectives..  If there were a man of the house living in
the Thompson residence in June and July of 1978, then he was the Invisible

That ENTIRE story which damned Anthony Cipolla to the depths of Hell
was FALSE, except for the mention of the badge numbers of Officers Nine-
houser and Fogle.

Moreover, there was a photo placed online purported to have been the
only piece of evidence remaining in the 1978 Cipolla caset.  It was a
photo of part .... and only part ... of the Offense/Incident Report which
Engel claimed was filled-out by eithery Mark Ninehouser and Robert
Fogle and then signed by both officers whom she identified as detectives.
Well, the description of the crime committed on that sheet of paper was h
andwritten in cursive handwriting, meaning that NO POLICE OFFICER
in Heaven, Earth, Purgatory, or Hell filled the sheet of paper out.  This is
because Pittsburgh police officers were forbidden to fill-out their reports
in cursive handwriting. They were required to hand-print their reports.
In as much, were those signatures anything other than forgeries?

Keep in mind that Mark was surprised to hear that his name and badge
number was on that particular sheet of paper.

The flag of the Sovereign State of Pennsylvania, where within
there are statutes against Libel and Wrongful Death, as well
as the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

NOW . . . after having received the information that I received from the
in-good-standing though retired police officer, Mark Ninehouser, the Ci-
polla Case became a matter of CASE CLOSED.

Other evidentiary findings during this particular time were uncovered also,
confirming that Diane Thompson and even her son, Frank Labiaux, are liars.
For example, it was found that a 12 year old Frank Labiaux did NOT vandal-
ize a nearby church by means of a fire extinguished in 1977, as an act of retal-
iation for having been molested.  This is because the vandalism of the nearby
AME Church  was done by a 14 and a 15 year old TWICE, in November of

The first time involved the fire extinguisher vandalism and the second
time  (Nov 17, 1978) involved the two vandals slitting tires in the AME
parking lot, while the congregants were attending a "tent revival" type of

Plus, Diane Thompson changed her story about the place where Frank
was "allegedly" molested.  She originally told the 1990s press .... and
me in 2014 ... that Frank was molested by Cipolla on the property of
the PIME seminary, in Michigan.   I then found a witness who went to
the PIME seminary with Cipolla and even Tim Bendig.  The witness
said that no sexual harassment or molestation of any kind occurred.

Therefore, Thompson changed her story, by saying that it happened
in a motel, while Cipolla, Frank, and other lads where in Michigan,
to see the Henry Ford Museum.

In continuing with Diane Thompson's unbroken pattern of pathological
lies, she boldly stated that she drove to Pittsburgh at her own financial
expense and gave a deposition for the Bendig lawsuit.  I then announc-
ed to the reading public that the entire package of depositions in the
Bendig lawsuit were found and sent to Europe at a relatively hefty
price.  I then mentioned that THERE WAS NO NO NO DIANE

So, what did the same Diane Thompson do, in response to having been
caught\ lying yet again?  ANS:  She claimed that the deposition was only
video taped.  To her asininity, there still would have been the legal require-
ment, under the Rules of Discover, to submit a copy of the video-taped de-
position to the defense team headed by my former neighbor, John Alan
Conte.  Incidentally, John said that Diane Thompson was "an adroit liar."

Once again, deep appreciation from Anthony Cipolla's brother Vince, cer-
tain close friends of the late Anthony Cipolla, and from me goes to hono-
rably retired police officer, Mark Ninehouser for the information that he
amicably volunteered and provided to us all.  It was a tremendous relief.
It was liberating.

This is a multiple topic post.  It also covers Cipolla's transfers to parish-
es in his early years ... during the mid-1970s, when American culture was
much different than today.

This post furthermore covers the comment made by the New Jersey Con-
spiracy Theory sidekick of Randy Engel, in her stating that Diane Thomp-
son choose not to sue the Diocese of Pittsburgh in 1978, as if Thompson
were a noble and self-giving per- son.

The reason why that comment is an extreme insult to me is addressed.  It
has to do with my mother dying when I was young.  A hospital blood trans-
fusion killed her, but only after a long and painful illness.  Lots of pain.
Lots of pain.

We family members, in our graciousness, decided not to sue the hospital
under the logic, "Well, it won't bring back mom.  So, what's the point?"

In as much, it is deeply offensive to see the vicious, insulting, and lying '
Diane Thompson being counted among the self-giving and me ... the guy
who sues everybody, according to Thompson.

Uhhhhhm,  I have not filed a personal lawsuit since the Year 2000.  That
amounts to seventeen years ago.  So, Thompson once again lied about me.

Randy Engel's great downfall is that she is not a team-player.  She is mere-
ly out for herself.  She's the overly domineering hag who wants to run the
show and be the queen.  It's her way or the highway.

Well, she'll be dethroned in due time.  But for now, she shows no signs of
remorse for inflicting the added amount of stress that was imposed upon
heart patient, Anthony Cipolla ... an amount of stress that could kill him.
And of course, during Engel's doing of the three-part article, Cipolla ever
so coincidentally died of a heart attack.

Engel and her New Jersey Conspiracy Theory friend couldn't let Cipolla
rest with his diabetes, bypass surgery heart condition and his neuropathy (
intense back pain included).  Naaaaaah.  Not them.

Engel couldn't let Anthony get a drop of emotional rest.  Then, after Ci-
polla died, Engel just couldn't spare pain from being inflicted upon the
same Anthony Cipolla's own family members.  She had to write the
most damning article anyone could have written about Cipolla.  But,
she included a narration of Pennsylvania criminal procedure which
did NOT exist, instantly showing what a farce that article was and is.

None then less, mighty Randy Engel had to reek further havoc on the
Cipolla family reputation.

Now, I had the Cipolla situation completely monitored, to see if he were
a molester or not.  I then discovered that there was no need for monitor-
ing.  In as much, to think that I was the one who spoke the most with
Cipolla during the last three years of his life was an erroneous thought.
He had ample telephone contact with others, being that he still had a
following.  None the less, the most common thing Cipolla said to me
through the years was  "I have another call coming.  I have to take 
this call."

Furthermore, Diane Thompson made it sound as if I had no sources
of information and that I only wrote what Cipolla told me to write.
Oh no.  Nobody tells me what to write, unless I am taking direct
orders from either the president of this C-corporation here or a
government administrator or even a grounds keeper, inspector,

In as much, in order to be a great leader, you have to first prove that
you faithfully take orders and follow them.  None the less, when it
came to the Cipolla Case, I wrote as I saw fit.

Mike Volpe of Chicago autonomously wrote what he willed about
the case, and others spoke about the case from their free will.  No
one was anyone's puppet.

In fact, as I previously stated, not only was I NOT Cipolla's puppet,
Cipolla and I had mini-World-War-III over the telephone more than
once.  After all, Donald Wuerl brings out the worst in everybody.
He surely brought out the worst in me.  None the less, I was NOT
Cipolla's yesman and he surely was not mine.

I wrote only that which could be backed-up with evidentiary support
and corroborative witness accounts, as well as an occasional expert
witness conveyance.  After all, I kept telling the public to test my
writings for cracks.  So, go ahead and test my posts about Cipolla,
Ference, the Seminary Whistleblower, and Torquato's accuser for
cracks, along with my writings on Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, Huff,
etc for cracks and contradictions.

Of course, I originally opened the lines of communication with
Anthony Cipolla, because I was asked to meet with him.  I then
kept the lines open with him, waiting for him to confess that he
molested Diane Thompson's two sons.  Then the evidence came
in, and everything alleged about Cipolla turned out to be a sick

When the truth was finally found, I ended up saying, "You idiots!
Why didn't anyone show me this stuff sooner?"

While we are at it . . .

Let's address Engel's insinuation that Cipolla had to have been a
serial molester, being that he received more parish assignments
than is regarded as normal by today's standards.

1}  As was observed in the history of the Diocese of Pittsburgh,
     when a priest commits sexual abuse, what is done with him???
     ANS:  He is first moved OUT OF STATE.  Hoehl to Toronto.
    Wolk, Zula, and Pucci to Maryland.    Edward Huff to St. Louis.
     Esposito to Arkansas.  Torquato to Rome, "to finish his educa-
     tion."  Etc.

     Now, was Cipolla sent out of state in the 1970s?  ANS:  NO.

     In as much, the story of Diane Thompson being told by then
     Bishop Vincent Leonard that Cipolla was diagnosed with a
     severe form of sexual pathology was nothing more than the
     story of a repeatedly proven liar.  She fabricated the story.
     She lied.  I saw the psychiatric paperwork.  It has my finger-
     prints on it.  Mike Volpe saw the digital version of Cipolla's
     psychiatric assessment.  No sexual perversity mentioned.
     Only Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.

2} Cipolla's last two assignments were five years each.  That is a
     lot of time to be posted anywhere as a diocesan priest.  More-
     over, the early 1970s were the Vietnam Years, followed by
     the Peace, Love, Brotherhood, and College Campus LSD
     days.  They were the "I have to find myself" days, as well
     as the Kwai Chang Caine (of Kung Fu fame) days, where
     people have the idea of searching for the truth, mingled
     with the onset of college campus hedonism.  Now, Cipolla
     was trained at a missionary seminary which had the mission-
      ary mindset . . . the traveling mindset.

     Plus, plus, plus, during the 1970s, Pittsburgh was one of the
     most prosperious cities on Earth.  There was not yet the priest
     shortage that accompanied the Donald Wuerl years.  A priest
     was NOT bound to a parish out of logistical desperation on
     the part of the bishop who couldn't attract enough seminari-
     ans.  Cipolla's goal was a Padre Pio Franciscan-type Mission.
     And he WAS extremely popular during his Padre Pio days.

     All in all, Cipolla was never shipped out of state during the
     1970s.  That was the tell-sign ... tale-sign.

Then came the theatrics which made Thompson and her family
look like a monastery of saintly heroes.  The "second dad" was
said to have gone through an accident and explosion at a mili-
tary base that did NOT exist as one since 1946.  None the less,
the easy sign of a liar and double sensationalism, such as an
accident and explosion.

Thompson's fatal is that fairy tale consisted in her omitting the
#1 symptom that all guys get when in an explosion.  That of
ringing in the ears.  My dad, of course, was a decorated Air
Force combat veteran who even saw and heard the right wing
airship blow into a ball of fire while the bomb group was over
its target.  Dad suffered from chronic ringing in the ears.  So,
the description of that accident and explosion that was said to
have occurred at a base no longer in operation was sophomor-

The Engel article made the Thompson clan sound like a clan of
saints.  Way over the top.  Then, the woman who provoked En-
gel into writing the article had the audacity to state that Thomp-
son heroically refrained from suing the diocese.  Well, the tale
of Diane Thompson was go bogus at face value that no lawyer
would waste his/her time with it.  I've explained the fallacies
set forth as face, especially in the description of criminal pro-
cedure narrated by Thompson through Engel and the Pitts-
burgh Post Gazette of years past.

Proof that Thompson elected to not sue the diocese out of the
goodness of her heart is that Thompson publicly sought to get
a law firm to sue me.  Of course, her story is such a farce that
no law firm would waste their time with her.  The New Jersey
Conspiracy Theory Housewife was more than willing to lie,
and she was more than willing to believe a story of criminal
procedure that didn't come close to having ever existed.  An
SNL skit couldn't be more ridiculous then the narration found
in the Engel three-part article.