March 22, 2024

Tim Bendig lied to me four consecutive times, in a matter of minutes.

NOTE:  Simply because Bendig was found to be a con artist, it does NOT
immediately write off the 1978 accusations against Anthony Cipolla.  In 
as much:

Due to the manipulative influence of Donald Wuerl, Tim Bendig was made 
the de facto poster boy of those abused by priests.  The problem is that, when 
you make someone the poster boy of those abused by priests, you need to first 
make sure that the person actually was abused as such.  Tim Bendig has proven
himself to be nothing but a perpetual liar and con artist.  
Cipolla was never put into handcuffs as Bendig claimed.
Accusers Bendig and Thompson were both in need of money.,
when they accused Cipolla.  Thompson, incidentally, was
fact-checked to the depths and found to be a liar squared and cubed.
The Starting Point

We begin with the following piece of documented evidence.  It shows that there
were NO grounds upon which to file criminal charges against Anthony Cipolla,
even though Benidg went to lengths to make it happen.  Of course, it is the qual-
ified opinion that Bendig sought criminal charges, so that he could get more
money in the lawsuit which never went to trial.  The obvious reason is that, if
Cipolla were molesting Bendig for seven consecutive years, Bendig would have
gone to a DA much sooner.  

Of course, Bendig is a liar who only accused Cipolla of unnatural acts immediate-
ly after Cipolla told Padre Pio Group members to stop sending Bendig donation

In addition, Cipolla was asked if he recommended that Benidg, a poor academic 
student, should be admitted to the Pgh seminary.  Cipolla said that it would hurt.
Now, if Cipolla were locked into a seven unnatural affair with Tim Bendig, he 
would have vehemently made sure that Bendig would never get admitted.  This
is because, if Cipolla really were having the Sodomite affair with Bendig which
Bendig claimed occurred, Cipolla would have feared that Bendig would speak.
Cipolla would have jeot Bendig away from all church authorities.  In as much,
Cipolla would never have told Padre Pio Group members to stop sending Tim
Bendig donation dollars in fear of being exposed.  Cipolla's actions were that
of an innocent man.  In addition, keep in minde that Bendig accused over a
dozen seminarians and almost a dozen priests of unnatural conduct.  Plus, the
same Tim Bendig lied directly to me.  

Now, people as gullible as Americans can easily miss the point to almost any-
thing.  In this instance there is one startling point that perhaps goes over the
head of the gullible.  It goes as follows:  

The Vatican has done consummate ignoring of the Wuerlgate material sent to 
it in 2014.  The Wuerl People act as if Wuerlgate doesn't exist, outside of one
journalist falsely stating that Wuerl never covered a "pervert,"  as if Zula, Wolk,
and Pucci were merely playful little rascals.  HOWEVER, Bendig and his camp
took definitive notice of the Wuerlgate material.  In as much, if Bendig is taking
notice of the Wuerlgate material, then the Wuerl People are.

We now adjourn to the second pivotal piece of documentation; namlely, Anthony
Cipolla's 2014 security clearance.  There are NO arrest records of him anywhere
in the State of Pennsylvania.  I ordered the security clearance background check,
myself.  This is why the results of the background check was addressed to me.
In all of my investigating of Anthony Cipolla, he turned out to be squeeky clean.
Tim Bendig turned out to be the eternal liar and overall insult to my intelligence.

Bendig's deceptive approach is simple to explain, being that I experienced it on
a firsthand basis.  Bendig simply sounds all so confident when he speaks.  He
sounds so confident that you don't assume that anyone who sounds so sure of 
himself is a liar.  But remember:  Wuerl originally declared Bendig NOT cred-
ible.  It's just that, if the Bendig lawsuit went to trial, a lot of damning accusa-
tion against Wuerl would have been mentioned.  Thus remember this:

problem was that Bendig was such a liar that it didn't matter what Benidg stated 
about Wuerl.  For those unaware, through the years a number of people alleged
that Donald Wuerl ... the Dignity Mass red carpet treatment guy ... was a long-
term practicing homosexual, in violation of one of his priesthood vows.  I have
had multiple sources with added detail in the damning allegations thereof.

Therefore, Donald Wuerl destroyed Anthony Cipolla, so that Wuerl could cover
up Wuerl ... and the Father Edward Huff who unexpectedly got criminally indict-
ed and convicted.

Back to Bendig, the Lying Con Artist

While speaking in the tone of utter confidence, Bendig told me four lies in suc-
cession that could easily be proven false, being that I had in my possession a 
district attorney's findings that there was NO evidence upon which to act upon
Bendig's accusations  against an Anthony Cipolla whose track record was found
to be crystal clean.  

You merely don't assume that anyone sounding as confident and assured as Tim
Bendig would have the audacity to lie.  He lied to me four times in a matter of 
moments.  He is to be thoroughly condemned as a life-destroying con artist.  
Period.  What if he did to you what he did to Anthony Cipolla?  I am quite
sure that you wouldn't like it.  In fact, I am sure that Bendig's lies would
have an affect on your heart.  After all, Cipolla needed bypass surgery,
and his 2014 minor heart attack was ajudged by a licensed physician
as being due to stress.  Bendig's lies and Wuerl con game caused An-
thony Cipolla consummate stress.  If it happened to you and I we both
would have died ... I suppose.  Or else we would have fought to get our
reputations back.

Contrary to what Ann Rodgers and a second Pgh Post Gazette writer claimed, the
hard copy evidence is that the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla has
NO arrest record in the State of Pennsylvania.  He was NEVER arrested for any-
thing, ever.  The evidentiary support that strengthens this declarative statement
is posted directly below:

At this point, keep in mind Tim Bendig's present-tense game, according to my
opinion.  He's presenting himself as a poor soul who was deprived a childhood
via molestation and is now making up for the pretend lost childhood through
the child star reunions that he hosts.  He is still making money on his lies about
Cipolla, in my qualified opinion.

None the less, what is not my opinion is the FACT that Tim Bendig lied to me
four times in succession, concerning an allegation I was easily able to disprove,
because I had the official DA's investigation finding in my possession and online.
The Beaver County DA never filed any kind of charge against Cipolla.  His offi-
cial findings was that there was NO corroborative evidence and that the timeline
set by Bendig was such that Bendig was over 18 years of age, anyway.

Plus, no nun at the McGuire Home would have tolerated any suspicious activity
between Cipolla and anyone at a place heavily monitored.  If Cipolla and Bendig
were engaged in unnatural activity, then it would have been noticed pronto at that

Also keep in mind that anyone who gets payed via Tim Bendig has a conflict of
interest which disqualifies his/her comments.  This would include the child star
reunion people.  Such comments are the dog biscuit phenomenon.  Those people
will say what they will for the money ... for the dog biscuits.

The lying propaganda also had its contribution from the non-aesthetic Dr. Bill
Donohue who hogged $475,000 per annum of charity donation money and who
also turned a league into a one-man money-grabbing show.  His praise of Wuerl
was unconscionable in that it was definitely motivated by money, 475,000 times

In addition, if you were not a part of the five year intermittent investigation
that morphed into two other investigations to which I am not involved, then
you haven't any grounds upon which to make any comment.  The Jpeg evi-
dence concerning Wuerl's wrongs is here at the Wuerlgate site; not at the
Post Gazette site, not in any Ann Rodgers articles, not in any Christopher
Dickey article, not in the Washingtonian, not at Commonweal Magazine
and not in any part of Wuerl's own web log archive.  The evidence is here,
at the Wuerlgate site ... not among the Wuerl People.

Tim Bendig allegedly stated long ago that he can con anyone out of anything.
Well, he tried his best on me in the Summer of 2014 and failed.  Bendig only
failed, because he contradicted the facts of documentation I had gathered into
my possession and posted online.

At the beginning of the 2014 phone conversation, Bendig seemed to be sin-
cere, to the point of making me wonder if my conclusion about Anthony Ci-
polla's apparent innocence were something I had mistaken.  I was willing to
give Bendig another chance, even though he previously threatened to destroy
my life, stating that he was coming after me.   None the less, during the 2014
phone conversation, he sounded all so polite and all so sincere.  Then, out of
nowhere, Bendig said the following which revealed to me how much of a con-
tinuous liar he is:

"You know that Cipolla was taken out of the McGuire Home in handcuffs, 
don't you?"  Of course, this is a falsehood that I've already proven to be false,
via a DA's official investigative findings.  He stated that his office found NO
evidence or corroborating witnesses to warrant the filing of criminal charges
against the man once known as Father Anthony Cipolla.  Bendig then stated
that he witnessed the arrest himself.  Bendig then proceeded to change his
story, over and over again.  Bendig's lying of that afternoon hung him.

Incidentally, Bendig called me at the office during work hours.  He acted all
so polite in speech, but was incredibly rude to have imposed himself upon me
at work.

The work in the office involves the construction profession.  This comprises
developing price quotes, sending requests for quotes, searching for subcon-
tractors, writing out project progress reports, doing the weekly payroll, pro-
cessing the accounts payable ledger, keeping tabs on account receivables,
picking up plans and spec at engineering offices, attending pre-bid meet-
ings, making phone calls to architectural firms, keeping the vehicles and
heavy equipment fleet current, assisting in the numbers placed in the blue-
print take-offs, filing civil actions, filing mechanic's liens, filing praecipes
for writs of execution, getting bond surety checks, hunting down potential
work, and similar things that transpire in a pace similar to the activity on
the floor of the Wall Street stock exchange.  Then there is the matter of
going out on the field, to do the actual construction work.

If Bendig were sincerely polite, he would have waited to call me after work
hours.  None the less, I gave him my undivided attention and ample time.
All in all, he was acting all so polite while being all so rude.

Now, the McGuire Home (located 24 miles northwest of the Three Rivers
Confluence) is a facility for physically afflicted youth.  What would Ben-
dig be doing there that he would witness an arrest?  Plus, as I previously
stated, Anthony Cipolla would have first received a notice that criminal
charges had been filed against him and he would have been given a small
allotment of time to surrender himself to authorities.

Bendig was trying to make me think that he drove up to the McGuire Home
with the police, pointed at Cipolla and had the police take Anthony away.
Well, criminal law in Pennsylvania doesn't work that way.  At the very
least, a detective would have needed to have had a judge sign-off on the
detective affidavit.  It's called Due Process, and Bendig hasn't that concept.

None the less, exactly after Bendig said that he saw Anthony Cipolla get
arrested at the McGuire Home of Beaver County Pennsylvania, I said,
"But I have the Beaver County District Attorney's report here stating
that there were no grounds upon which to file criminal charges against
Anthony Cipolla."

Tim Bendig then quickly responded by saying, "You know why that hap-
pened?"  Additional words were politely exchanged and Bendig said, "They
let him go."  For the record, This was lie #2, being that Cipolla was never
arrested in the first place.  Observe the documentation which revealed that
a three month investigation was conducted and that after all that time, no
evidence was found to support Bendig's allegations:

This is the Beaver County DA Report stating that there were no grounds upon which to
file any criminal charges against Anthony Cipolla.  This proves Tim Bendig to be a liar.

Now remember, Bendig stated that he saw Cipolla taken out of the Beaver Coun-
ty McGuire Home in handcuffs ... that he witnessed the event himself.   He then
said that the police let Cipolla go, after placing him in make-believe handcuffs.
Two lies.  Then Bendig said that ... oh well ... the event was on the TV news and
TV viewers throughout the area witnessed it, instead of Bendig.  Concerning this,
Bendig said to me (to the effect), "Didn't you see it on the news?   Or didn't you
watch TV in those days?"  Thus, Bendig was trying to make me feel unsure of
myself.   Of course, Cipolla was never arrested, and Bendig lied to me yet again.

Then Bendig said, "Well, my attorney told me (that Cipolla was arrested at the
McGuire Home.)  Of course, Anthony Cipolla was never arrested, ever.  So, in
very few sentences, Bendig lied to me four times.  All the while, he was speak-
ing very politely.  Thus, a polite voice can be the voice of a liar.  After all, it
is written that Satan masquerades as an angel of light.  None the less, Bendig
changed his story three times within one paragraph of speech.

The scorecard goes as follows:

Bendig first said that he personally saw Anthony Cipolla get taken out of the
McGuire Home in handcuffs.  He then said that the event was something that
people saw on TV.  The same Tim Bendig then said that his attorney told him
that Cipolla was arrested at the McGuire Home, but that Bendig didn't witness
that event which never happened in the first place.  Ladies and Gentleman, I'm
a continuing witness to the observation that Tim Bendig is a liar, even into the
Year 2014.

Furthermore, it is assumed that Benidg violates his out-of-court settlement every
time he mentions the Cipolla lawsuit.  One assumes that the settlement contained
a confidentiality clause.  Now, Bendig wanted me to interview him, and he said
that I could even record the conversation.  Well, is this or is this not a violation
of Tim Bendig's out-of-court settlement agreement?

Upon hearing Bendig lie to me in succession, I thought to myself  (to the effect)
"Wow, Cipolla  really is innocent, after all.  Case closed."

All in all, Tim Bendig apparently and seemingly thinks that, if he sounds convinc-
ing, then you will believe him.  He didn't take factual documentation into account.
I witnessed with my own hearing that Tim Bendig is quite the liar, all the while
hiding behind a deceptive facade.

Yes, Tim Bendig was given my telephone number by one of Hollywood's
less-than-leading-man types who betrayed confidentiality and wrote me
texts which reveal a non-charismatic, self-seeking, less than gentlemanly,
outright vulgar individual, with no control of his temper, and void of any
manifest altruism ... or conscience.  Yet, two years prior, this Hollywood
nerd geek dweeb type was complaining bitterly over Tim Bendig, even
to the point of asking me if I could contingently go on his talk show.

Plus, the Hollywood nerd boy showed zero signs of intelligence in that he
sent me incriminating evidence for the court of public opinion that he can't
erase.  I've even photographed his texts.  I can post them online at any time.
When the time is right, of course ... in the event that he attacks me or any
defender of Cipolla.  He is one of Tim Bendig's clients, thereby making him
a reflection on Tim Bendig, by association.  This amounts to very bad future

Incidentally, one of the texts that Bendig's Hollywood client sent me stated:

"You're sailing in dangerous waters my friend.  Beware of pirates. ..."

Now, who is stupid enough to send intimidation tactics to an Italian construc-
tion worker who happens to also be a descendant of Danish Vikings and who
lifts weights on a regular basis?  You've got to be kidding.  I was in the ghettos
at night, as a part of my job, unarmed, and this little Hollywood nerd boy thinks
that he can scare me.

By the way, the difference between that client of Bendig and me is that I have
three active security clearances and he allegedly has a criminal record, accord-
ing to what he told me in the Year 2012.  Bendig did apologize for that client's
behavior.  But, Bendig lied to me about Anthony Cipolla, none the less.  Ben-
dig destroyed Cipolla's life and has shown zero remorse after all these years.

Incidentally, Bendig told me how his attorney found out about Diane Thomp-
son and her 1978 accusation ... of accusations that were fact-checked as to their
details and found to be easily provable falsehoods.  Bendig said that she contact-
ed Bendig's attorney and told him.  If this is true, then it's plausible that she was
looking for money, as in finding an attorney to file a lawsuit ... as in piling on ...
as in jumping on the band wagon.

However, how did Diane Thompson know of Douglas Yauger, the Masonic
Guild's attorney?  Bendig's original attorney was Attorney Edward Weiss and
not Yauger.  Well, the newspapers said that Yauger revealed the 1978 accusa-
tion  to Wuerl.  All in all, Yauger did NOT get his info from the public records,
being that Cipolla was never arrested in the first place.

Also keep in mind that Diane Thompson has always been too much of a gutless
coward to contact me and tell me that I am wrong.  Perhaps she doesn't contact
me because she knows that I am correct.  After all, she claimed that Cipolla's
trial was scheduled a mere four weeks after his arrest which never happened
in the first place.  No American trial based on a felony charge ever starts soon-
er than eight months to eighteen months or so after an arrest.

In addition, it was long since reported to me that Bendig said that one of the
provisions of his out-of-court settlement was that he stay out of all Pittsburgh
Catholic Churches.  Of course, this was proven to be a lie when Bishop David
Zubik, public accomplice of Bendig's ongoing fraud, welcomed Bendig back
to church and then had a newspaper report on it.  In that instance, Bendig was
more than allowed to enter a Pittsburgh church.  Furthermore, such a provision
is a violation of Canon Law and the United States Constitution.  Thus, Bendig
lessened his non-existent credibility even more so.  That claim can be assumed
to be an outright lie.  Bendig said that he was banned from entering Catholic
Churches in the Pittsburgh Diocese.  But, he NEVER proved.  Bendig never
proved anything.  Rather, I disproved Bendig.

Bendig is not bright enough to know that, if he were to publicly come forth
and finally admit that he lied about Cipolla, Bendig that he would receive an
entire new crew of protectors.  Plus, in receiving an out-of-court settlement,
one is making no claims of having been harmed.  You are literally being paid
to close the case, forget about it, and move on in life, when you sign an out-of-
court settlement.  Bendig keeps harping on the case.  Interestingly enough, he
NEVER speaks of an instance of the abuse which he claimed happens.  In my
personal experience with true sex abuse victims, the victims eventually con-
fides an intimate element of the abuse.  Bendig has NOT done so.

All in all, in that Summer of 2014 telephone conversation, Bendig permanent-
ly buried himself in layers of lies.  Ladies and gentlemen of the court of public
opinion, I, Patrick Anthony Pontillo, possessor of three simultaneous security
clearances, state to you that I witnessed Tim Bendig be a consecutive liar on
a firsthand basis.

There is a moral obligation to restore the destroyed life and destroyed reputation
of Anthony Cipolla.  This is all Donald Wuerl's fault, and Wuerl must be brought
to justice for this ... for the Torquato Retaliations ... for the games he played with
Fr. Huff ... for covering up Wolk, Zula, and Pucci ... for what he did to a credible
whistle blower Wuerl whom made sure would never be ordained into the priest-
hood ... for willful violations of pivotal church laws ... for permitting Sodomite
Masses ... for turning consecrated churches into joke-type restaurants and even
a movie set for a less-than-moral movie ... for his abridgement of doctrines of
the Faith ... for his indifference toward sweatshop victims, etc.