March 28, 2024

Engel Severely Misrepresented Elements of Law ... to the point of lying ... to fit her story and make it sound like the truth.

All she had to do was wait for the PA Grand Jury Report.  Instead, she was ar-
rogant enough to have believed that her Cipolla story was anything other than
a hyper-exaggeration that proved that she knows nothing about American law.
She comes off as a know-it-all, but she knew ZERO about law.  After 70+ yrs
of living, you would think that she would have learned a little bit of American
law.  No.  Not at all.  Such a person is usually nothing more than a gossip, in                                being too lazy to learn law or basic economics or basic physics or even basic                            statistical analysis, etc.

Now, let's get to an element of law that Engel pathetically massacred, in Randy                         Engel's attempt to explain it:

She stated that Anthony Cipolla was arrested upon Diane Thompson "pressing                            charges" (which is 100% false.)  She then stated that a conspiracy started, with                                 the help of then-Bishop Vincent Leonard.  She furthermore claimed that District                                Attorney Bob Coville forced the same Diane Thompson to drop charges, by sign-                            ing signing a sheet or two of paper that enabled Anthony Cipolla's criminal record                             to be expunged.  

Newsflash:  All that Colville needed to do, in any case already filed, was to dismiss                          the charges himself.  No signature of any civilian has any legal bearing thereof.  Now,                        another question should arise.  Q:  What is done to a corrupt DA who dismisses the                            case of someone actually guilty of a crime?  ANS:  The corrupt DA is brought before                          a "review board."  The review board could possibly have his power taken away from                          him, for starters.

Now, one of two the retired officers who were said to have arrested Cipolla as detect-                       ives was located.  I found him through the Pittsburgh Steeler Corporation, and MARK NINEHOUSER expressly told me that he never did such a thing.  He never arrested                 Cipolla.  Neither did his work partner.  Moreover, he and his work partner were NOT              detectives.  They were uniformed police officers, clad in blue.

Secondly ::::::: Engel wrote that "an expungement is a civil action."  Uhhhhhm no,                           it's not.  A civil action is a lawsuit.  An expungement is a court order, arising from                              a motion to the court, at the end of a criminal action where the defendant prevailed.                     More specifically, an expungement is the final process of a criminal action which has                    been dismissed in favor of the defendant.

Engel also said that the expungement process is STARTED by the accuser of the
person whose criminal record is sought to be expunged.  Woooo doggie!  Some-
one has checked-in to the Non-Reality Motel.  Why would anyone who accused
a person of a crime want to have that person's record disappear and then to have
that person walk free???

The following is what an expungement  actually is, and it's very simple to explain:

An expungement consists in destroying all vestiges of the defendant's arrest and due
processing thereof.  It destroys more than the paperwork.  I am not getting into detail
what is actually destroyed and how, because Diane Thompson will use my detailed
explanation in her next set of lies, in order to make her story look authentic, if I pub-                     licly post it.

Now, Engel said that expunged records are sealed and placed in a secret archive.
FALSE.  They are entirely destroyed, a la paper shredder.  Even evidence gets
a visit to a trash can.  None the less, concerning Engel's false definition of an

If an expungement were a civil action, it would denote an entirely new case that
starts from Stage 1, and an entirely new docket number.  An expungement is the
final stage of an existing case, and not a new case in itself.
More importantly, expungements have a FEE attached to them.  Depending on the
city and state, the price (before Biden Inflation) was $200, $250, $300, $400 or so.  
Now, let me show you how much Engel knows NOTHING about law.  You will
see her asininity in the following comment that she made in her three-part article.
Let's go to it:

Engel made reference to the 1989 Beaver County DA's formal findings on the in-
vestigation started by Tim Bendig's private criminal complaint against Anthony
Cipolla.  The findings were that there were no grounds upon which to file crimi-
nal charges against Cipolla.

Concerning the official DA letter,  Engel went on to state to the effect, "What about
all the molesting that Cipolla did" (if any at all) "in 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985,
& 1986?"  Engel stated that the Beaver County DA should have filed criminal charges
against Cipolla for Bendig's accusations of 1981 to 1986.

Now, what is completely asinine about  that statement by which it proves that Engel
knows nothing about law and doesn't think rationally?

ANS:  Bendig's accusations of 1981 to 1986 involved acts that he alleged to have been                committed upon him IN AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT JURISDICTION.  They involved
Allegheny County, and the Beaver DA cannot file criminal charges against anyone for
allegations said to have been committed in another county jurisdiction.  Bendig tried in                     that "other jurisdiction" and failed to obtain an indictment.

Why didn't Engel mention the Allegheny County DA's office denying Tim Bendig
his petition to have Cipolla indicted, along with the Beaver County DA?  And why                          did she never mentioned the Oakland NJ Police Dept giving Cipolla a plaque of ap-             preciation, thereby showing that those policemen never had reason to suspect him                            of being a molester?

More Notes:

Oh, by the way, concerning the damning allegation of a 70 year old convenience
store owner hitting young Tucker in the face, for accusing Cipolla of molestation,
do you really believe that that overly theatrical story ever happened?  Now think.
Diane Thompson's name was NEVER in the newspapers, never on television, and
never on the radio.  Tucker's name was never in the papers, never mentioned on TV,                          and NEVER mentioned on the radio.  So, how would that store owner have known                         that Tucker made the accusation, in the first place?

Did such a store owner exist?  The story is too theatrical to be taken seriously.

In addition, we are talking about a major American metropolis here.  How many
70 yr old seniors work at a store that is corporately owned, (or corporately leased)?
When was the last time you saw a 70+ yr old gentleman working in a metropolitan
convenience store?  Keep in mind that, in 1978, the retirement age was 65 years old.                    Plus, in 1978, Pittsburgh was the King of Steel, and those steelworker pensions were              plentiful.


And then there was mention of a Bernie Thompson suddenly dying in the State
of Florida where I went to college.  Engel stated that he was hit by a car while
crossing the road/street/highway, trying to get a homeless man a "decent meal."

Uhm, if he were crossing the street, trying to get a homeless man a decent meal,
then the man was walking next to him.  So, why didn't the homeless man get hit
by the car and killed, too?  I have a subscription to the archives of thousands of
American newspapers, and I could NOT find any article of any man getting hit
by a car while trying to get a homeless man a decent meal.  None the less . . .

Being that one of my alma maters was a Florida university that borders the Hills-
boro River and West Kennedy Blvd, I am very familiar with the homeless.  What
a person usually did, if he didn't ignore the homeless person, was give him money
and let him get the meal himself.  Plus, some of those guys were super harassing
people.  A person would cross a street / road / or highway, just to get away from
the overly obnoxious homeless person.  When fleeing someone pushy, we some-
times don't look both ways before crossing the street.  None the less . . .

I could neither find any article about a "Tommy Thompson" taking his own life at
the hands of sleeping pills or pills similar, despite my subscriber's access to over
a thousand American newspapers.

By the way, the most common form of suicide for a woman, and NOT a man,
is death by barbiturate overdose.  The most common form of suicide for a man
is death by gun shot.

Did go there.  It was a waste of time.

For Future Article Writing:

Then comes the Mexico Street allegations in the Engel article.  Nothing in those                     damning allegations fit.  Now, I am all for reporting Anthony Cipolla as a crimi-                             nal, but all of the articles that damn him to the pits of Hell are bullet riddled with                          fact-checked lies..

Oh, and then there is a "medical report thing," about traces of a lubricant coming
from a hospital.  Very simply, if it did exist ... and if it were sent to "detectives,"
it would have come from THE FORENSICS LAB.  Thus, if Engel would have
stated that the "report" came from the Forensics lab, her paragraph on the sub-
ject would have carried a bit of plausibility.

You know, magistrates are known to order forensics testing.  Was there any ma-
gistrate ordering any testing in this case?  That's another reason why the Engel
article and Thompson web log posts are easily recognizable as frauds.  There is
no mention of a magistrate being involved.

One more thing, concerning Tim Bendig's alleged ability to con people:

Keep in mind that Bendig almost had me conned, until he stated something I knew
to be a lie, and then Bendig changed his story three more times, making him even
more of a liar in my eyes.  If I weren't a document hunter, Bendig would have suc-
ceeded in conning me as much as he succeeded in conning Engel.   Randy Engel                             had gotten lazy.

None the less, there is a way to tell if Bendig is lying, if you can see him speaking.
I declined to interview him in person, because he is a liar, and I couldn't risk him
claiming that I said something that I never said.  So, I avoided him.  HOWEVER,
if I could interview ... interrogate ... Bendig in a public setting with a camera pre-
sent (to prove that I didn't threaten him) I will be able to tell if he is lying, line
item by line item.  I will then be able to follow the cues and find out, once and
for all, if he were ever physically invaded by Cipolla.

All in all, Randy Engel is NOT the guardian of truth.  It was written that Engel's                            book, the Rite of Sodomy ... or whatever it's called ... is not for the faint of heart.                             Actually, Randy Engel's writings are NOT for the high class ... or the discreet ...                               or those who have a sense of decency ... or those who cringe at vulgarity.