March 16, 2024

Telephone harassment 5 hrs & 37 mins after PA Grand Jury Report Release

This is written to those of good will.  Firstly ... for the record ... know
that I did NOT testify before the Pennsylvania Grand Jury, and I was
never asked to submit any of the many pieces of evidence I have had
in my possession.  However, I was told that Fr. James Torquato's case
was briefly mentioned in the report, but his name was redacted ----
---- blacked out.

Okay then, take note that shortly after the PA Grand Jury Report was
released, I received a harassing phone call from Melbourne Florida,
number 321-914-9590.  It was a male voice which said that, in the
State of Florida, those who harass some one above a certain age is
guilty of a crime.  I was then told to be prepared.

Concerning this, here is a notice for the person who called me from
321-914-9590.  Do NOT ever call me again.  Do NOT text me.  Do
NOT email me.  Do NOT get a third person to contact me and do
NOT harass any person in my life.  I have already called the police
on you, being that I has repeatedly given notice that that Melbourne
cyber-bully who was caught lying about a Cipolla arrest which nev-
er happened in the first place to never contact me.  She is not to ev-
en get third persons to contact me.  Now, I am telling you directly
to not seek to harass me as she has being doing to me and to those
close to me, for the past three years.

For those unfamiliar, a woman in Florida whom I repeatedly caught
lying about the Cipolla Case has been harassing me & defaming me
for three years.  She constructed TEN blogs that defame and harass
me.  She even posted a photo of my former residence, along with a
Google Map overhead photo which would enable a viewer the ability
to find the home which had new owners.

This woman who has perpetually been harassing me is now accusing
me of harassing her and causing her distress, even though I never call-
ed her and never wrote to her.  In fact, in one of her many posts which
were deleted by the powers-that-be, she claimed that I was stalking her,
while I was in the Chicago vicinity, approximately 1,200 miles away.

She also claimed that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise, operating a
child molestation protection ring.  Well, this site exposed child moles-
ters. That is not the act of protecting molesters.  Plus, I'm a construction
worker, and molesters don't find the construction world glamorous.  In
fact, one needs to be very rich to operate such a protection ring

Moreover, Anthony Cipolla died shortly after her defamatory post (in
August of 2016.)  The fact that this site gets added posts, even in 2018,
shows that Cipolla was not operating this site.  In fact, Cipolla's chronic
back pain, his neuropathology, and his ill heart made it impossible for
him to run any kind of protection ring.  His last days were days of a
lot of pain.

Anway, that woman made accusations that were super easy to refute,
in her arrest and post-arrest retaliation narrative.  The refutations are
at this site.  As an example, she claimed that a man existed, named
Detective Mark Nehouser, Badge #46, and that he was called to her
abode in 1978, with and his partner, upon which he took evidence to
a hospital and got instant lab test results, (when such testing takes
many days to complete), and arrested Cipolla on the same day.

Well, it turned out that it was uniformed Officer Mark Ninehouser,
Badge #46, who did nothing more than take her statement, hand-
print it on a police form, and then handed it to the real detectives.

Now, I think that I remember seeing in a Randy Engel article that
which was alleged to be the "Police Arrest Report" which does
NOT exist the way in which laymen think such a thing exists.
Well, the report was written in cursive handwriting.  Plus, the
the style was wide-looped feminine.  That certainly was NOT
a handprinted male police officer report.  All in all, that cyber-
bully woman's entire narration of an arrest and post-arrest har-
assment was entirely contrary to criminal law procedure in
every state in America.
Apparently, the woman who has been long-term harassing me is
is going to try to get me criminally charged for all that I wrote
about  the Cipolla Case.  She is once again lunging for my jugular

One note at this point:  There is such a thing as Malicious Prose-
cution and the Filing a False Police Report.  Now, Donald Wuerl
is a public figure.  Cipolla was made into a public figure.  There-
fore, his accusers became partial public figures.  Well, pursuant
to Times v Sullivan, any American is permitted to state opinions
of public figures, to advance the conversation in the issue at hand.

All in all, that woman had been a relentless living Hell to me, since
2015.  She has been doing nothing less than torturing me, and now,
after all of her harassment and defamation of me, she accuses me
of doing that which she has being doing.

Now, if she is willing to lie about me so much, how can you be-
lieve anything that she said about Cipolla?  So take note.  She is
seeking to hurt me really really badly, after all of the work I did
for you who have suffered under Wuerl ... and after the intense
amount of suffering she caused me.

If anyone would like to help me with the 321-914-9590 harass-
ment call and the male harasser attached to it, I would be very
grateful.  I suffered hideously at the hands of Torquato, Wuerl
and others.  This woman is an insect from the most tormenting
regions of Hell to me.  So, please acquire a Florence Nightengale
heart and give some assistance.

Incidentally, I did call the police about an hour or so ago (at the
time of this writing) and received instructions on what I am to
do, to have this three year long harassment of me processed.

Keep in mind that this woman who repeatedly mocked, har-
assed, and defamed me spent a relatively significant amount
of time going online, asking for a law firm to come forth and
sue me.  No one came forth.  Of course, her story of the "arrest
of Cipolla and the ensuing harassment thereafter" is instantly re-
cognized by any law enforcement officer or law student to be
bogus, being that it's contrary to the standard American rules
of criminal procedure.

And of course, there was the attempt to get her donations, to
sue me.  All in all, there has been no demand letter sent to me
and no lawsuit filed against me.  And now, she is claiming that
I caused her extreme anguish through harassment, even though
I never wrote to her, never called her, never stood in her presence,
etc.  Perhaps she suffers from a guilty conscience, on account of
all her easily-provable lies.

The fact that that cyber-bully woman failed to get a law firm to
file a lawsuit against should be a sign to you that I am not com-
mitting libel.

In fact, I previously stated and I state now, that I would be more
than willing to declare Anthony Cipolla a molestor, IF someone
would give me evidence or credible corroborative testimony
against Cipolla.  Well, I was informed that that woman would
let me talk to her two sons.  But, that turned out to be a lie.

She also stated that Randy Engel got a lawfirm to vet the
Randy Engel article that damns Cipolla, and that I would
get the final report after the article gets vetted.  That was
last year.  No, law firm sent me anything that I know of.

In fact, my conversation with former police officer Mark
Ninehouser, Badge #46 assured me that that woman was
lying all along about Cipolla getting arrested by a Detective
Mark Nehouser, Badge #46.

Once again, the harassing phone call made by 321-608-9590 was
made on the same day when the Pennsylvania Clergy Sex Abuse
Grand Jury Report was  released.   And then, a voicemail message
was left.  So, think.  This woman ever so coincidentally undergoes
life-threatening distress days after my notice which that she keeps
harassing me and that I finally have to report her to the police.

Yes, on the same day of the release of the PA Grand Jury Report
which certainly condemns Donlad Wuerl, I got prosecution and
prison for writing that I keep getting harassed and that I finally
have to bring the police into the equation.  So, what happens?
ANS: She preempts and brings the police in, before I fot time
to do so.  So, do you think that she got a heart attack, today?
I did not think that that would happen, being that she is very
vicious in her writing and phone calling --- even to the closest
friend in my life.

None the less, it is obvious that a woman who obsessively spends
her time calling person after person about me, while writing to per-
son after person about me is unfit to have the custody of any youth.
What part of "quit harassing me after three years of doing it," does
she not understand?  Does she think that she has the right to torment
me to death?

Another revelation:  Shortly ago, that cyber-bully woman wrote to
the closest female in my life and proceeded to outright harass her.
In that letter, the bully woman claimed that she located & contact-
ed Torquato's accuser.  Now, I have not seen him for over TEN
years.  Yet, she stated to my closest female friend that Torquato's
accuser told the bully woman that I was recenlty talking to him
and said that I was angry for not getting from my dear friend the
loan I never asked her to make.  The great irony is that I once give
my close friend $10,000 and said that she never had to pay it back.

This is mentioned so that you can see that this cyber-bully woman
in Melbourne Florida keeps trying to sow dissension --- to cause my
friends and associates to fear me and/or hate me and to turn against
me.  Well, that attempt failed, and my dear femal friend and I be-
come even closer.

Now . . .

I have a lot of EVIDENCE which shows that that Florida woman
has been harassing me and even third parties since 2014.  And now,
there is the claim that me writing on my Wuerl-of-Hurt site caused
her great harm.  She wrote that I was stalking her from 1,200 miles,
and that post got deleted.  Yet, she did not see that as causing me
untold distress.  She wrote that I was Cipolla in disguise, operating
a child molester protection ring, when I exposed many a molester.
Yet, she doesn't think that her blatant defamation caused my untold
distress and pain.

She wrote other defamatory things that caused me untold grief,
entirely inconsiderate to how much pain it caused me to this day.
At present, she is accusing me of committing the egregious acts.
Yet, I heard Cipolla's pain when he read what she wrote about
him.  She caused his heart attack.  For example, she wrote that
Cipolla's friend slit all of her tires and smashed all her windows.
Uhhm, no they didn't.  If that happened, Cipolla would have
been taken into custody instantly.  Was was not.

Someone as vile as the cyber-bully lady in her writings against me
shows signs of mental instability, in combination with the fact that
she has obsessively called everyone or emailed everyone attached
to me, in order to dig up dirt on me.  A person like her is far too
unstable to be allowed to have minors in her custody.

Remember that I NEVER telephoned her. I NEVER texted her.
I NEVER wrote her an email.  I furthermore did NOT drive to
Melbourne Florida.  Therefore, I did NOT stand in her presence
and harass her.  I simply want her to leave me alone.  Now you
see why I always refused to communicate with her in any capa-

All that that cyber-bully woman has to do is delete even the titles
of all remaining defamatory blogs she created and which had the
literary content within them deleted by the powers-that-be.  She
then has to stop writing about me and stop talking about me, and
to stop writing to any of my associates.  She did NOT write about
the merits of the Cipolla Case in her blogs.  Rather, she attacked
me personally, in hominid attacks.

Also remember that I never submitted my evidence in the Cipolla
Case to the PA grand jury.  I was away for a while, and I didn't ev-
en know the procedure to do such a thing.  Needless to say, I did
NOT testify before the grand jury..

Once again, 321-608-6731 on the exact same day as the release of
the Grand Jury Report.  What a coincidence!!!  Your assistance, if
you can give it, will be much appreciated.  Please spare me of this
chronic torment and repeatedly harassment of me.