March 29, 2024

The 2016 Randy Engel Article: Fact-checked falsehoods w/ contradictions of previous testimony

Pittsburgh:  Where Wuerl severely abused his position.
NOTE:  The PA Grand Jury report on Anthony Cipolla is much different than
the hyper-exaggerated versions of 1995, 2015, and 2016.  The Randy Engel
version is a showcase in out-of-touch-with-reality conspiracy theories.  It
was beyond pathetic.  In as much, it's the tamed versions of a priest cover-
up which has credibility, being that the church was dealt in pernicious &
subtle pea-and-shell game approaches in sexual aggression cases.  She
should have simply waited for the 2018 PA Grand Jury Report to have
come, and if she thinks that her overly-sensationalistic version is like
the PA Grand Jury Report, then the aged women is psychotic.  Her
version is a pathetic embarrassment to any writer who seeks reality.

Thesis Statement:

The November 2016 article of Randy Engel proved how much of a liar is Di-
ane Thompson, because the allegations of Diane Thompson stated in Randy
Engel's article contradicts the October 13, 1995 article that quoted Thompson
on two pages of newspaper print.

Whether Cipolla committed molestation or not, Diane Thompson IS a liar, and
I concur with famed journalist Jason Berry, of Maciel Fame, on this case.  Mr.
Berry stated that the Cipolla Case was a "peculiar one from the start."  My ex-
act quote on the case was that:

If Cipolla did molest and then harass anyone, it was not the way Diane Thomp-
son narrated it.  I also said:  This is the one case where you can't believe any-
one who was there in 1978, with any degree of confidence.
I was alerted to the existence of a November 2016 article by Randy Engel
where within she claimed to have interviewed one of Diane Thompson's
two sons.  It would sound like a trustworthy article consisting of true alle-
gThompson's past accusations, and it contained new allegations which were
fact-checked and proven false.  The allegations of criminal procedure do
NOT correlate with the actual Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.

In order to cut to the chase and give examples of the falsehoods which appear
in the November 2016 Engel article, it was alleged by Diane Thompson that
she had to pay a $45 admission fee, in order for her eldest son, Frank, to go
to the Michigan summer camp that was held on the seminary grounds of the
Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions.  She made herself out to be the har-
rowed and heavily burdened martyr who had to sacrifice greatly, to pay the
$45 admittance fee.

NEWSFLASH:  I am in contact with a family who has two sons who were 
in Cipolla's company very often.  One of the two gentlemen attended the 
exact same Michigan seminary summer camp as did Diane Thompson's
eldest son, though in a different year.  This particular youth traveled to
Michigan with the Tim Bendig who claimed to have been molested by Ci-
polla for consecutive years.   According to that gentlemen and his mom,  
they did NOT have to pay any $45 fee.  Diane Thompson lied yet again.

Furthermore, the gentleman said that NOTHING suspicious between
Cipolla and Bendig was ever observed by him.  However, he did say,
"Tim was weird.   Really weird."  Furthermore, he stated that Cipolla
never tried anything on him.  He is in the approximate, though general,
age range as is Frank Labieaux, the son whom Thompson claims was
molested by Cipolla in Michigan.

At this point, it is important for the reader to know of the existence of the long
Pittsburgh Post Gazette which quotes Diane Thompson's damning allegations
against Anthony Cipolla and then-Bishop Vincent Leonard, all the while keep-
ing Thompson's name anonymously held in confidence.  It appeared in the

Pages A-16 and A-17, as well as the front page.

As an example of how the Engel article contradicts the allegations of Diane
Thompson in the October 13, 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article that at-
tacks Cipolla's character to the depths:

IN the October 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article, Thompson stated that
she had TWO daughters in a "first marriage" and TWO sons in a "second
marriage."  IN the Nov 2016 Engel article, Thompson claimed to have three
sons and one daughter, and that Tucker Thompson and Frank Labieaux 
had different dads.  According to her in 1995, Frank and tucker had the 
same dad.

The fact is the she did have three sons, and one of the three's 2009 obituary 
can be readily found online.  Nothing about his death is mentioned.  In as much,
Thompson lied to the Pittsburgh Press on that allegation.

As another example, the Engel article alleged that Cipolla was taken into police
custody, thereby being officially arrested.  The Engel article then stated that the
same Anthony Cipolla was released on his own "cognizance," and was told to
reappear for his arraignment.  Stop there.  This is the writing of someone who
does not know the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Firstly, a person is only released on his own recognizance by a judge at the
person's arraignment.  The arraignment is simply the bail hearing where it's 
surmised if the defendant is 1} a flight risk, 2} a danger, 3} no physical
threat, etc.  The defendant is also checked if he/she has to automatically
be placed on "detainer."  For example, if the defendant was arrested 
while being on parole, that person gets an automatic detainer.  If that 
is the case, then the defendant is denied bail.

When you are officially arrested, you are held overnight, and then sent to 
your arraignment pronto.   You don't go home and wait for arraignment, 
BECAUSE the arraignment is the official assessment that sees if you get
to go home, in the first place.

The Engel article also stated that detectives from Police Station #9 were sent
to Cipolla's Northside residence.

Firstly, there are only SIX police zones in Pittsburgh.  The North Side of 
Pittsburgh is Zone #1 ... not #9. 

Now, in Pittsburgh Police history,  Police Station #9 was/is located on Mount
Washington, in the South Side of Pittsburgh, and NOT on the North Side of
Pittsburgh, as Randy Engel claimed.

PLUS, PLUS, PLUS:  Engel stated that there was one piece of evidence that re-
remained in tact, certain the Diane Thompson case that accused Cipolla of moles-
tation.  It was the Offense/Incidence Reportsigned by a couple detectives.

Uhhhhm,  ladies and gentlemen, that is NOT evidence.  That is the PRIVATE 
CRIMINAL COMPLAINT FORM as was used in the 1970s.  I filled out a
couple of those Offense/Incidence Report, in order to have criminal charges
filed against certain persons.  I'm no stranger to it.  

All in all, there is a difference between the accusation and the evidence.  That 
sheet was the accusation.  It was NOT the police officer's or detective's affi-
davit.  Proof consists in the fact that, at the right hand side of the paper, 
there is a box where it is asked, "Do you want to prosecute."

Now, police NEVER prosecute.  Thus, no page of legal procedure will ask a
policeman if he/she wants to prosecute.  It is a question to civilians.  I already
explained how the Private Criminal Complaint works in Pennsylvania.  For
starters, the initial paperwork is filed at a magistrate's office.  Diane Thomp-
son neglected to tell any journalist that she was in need of filing at Baldy
Reagan's office.  Baldy Reagan was a Pittsburgh magistrate.

In as much, a detective might have filled it out for a citizen who had trouble
filling it out, or a detective might have dictated what the citizen needed to
write.  It was not his legally binding testimony.

None the less, a question should immediately pop into your mind.  Q: Why 
would a citizen go to a magistrate to fill out a private criminal complaint 
form if he/she doesn't want to prosecute?  

ANS:  For insurance claim purposes.  The last time we had a police officer at
the Pittsburgh office, in reporting yet another burglary, we were asked if we want-
ed an investigation or if we just wanted a police report (with official CCR number)
to give to the insurance adjustors.

There are more ways to convince people who have no legal training that the report
to which Engel referred was NOT a police officer's report but only the private crim-
inal complaint

Once again, the thing which Randy Engel falsely called evidence was nothing
more than the private criminal complaint form.  In fact, it contains blocks
were the private citizen writes in the witnesses to the wrongs done, and their
contact information.

Cipolla was NEVER arrested or charged.  He was merely served a Summary 
Notice signed by Diane Thompson which instructed him to show up in City 
Court for a MOTIONS HEARING ... aka "Probable Cause Hearing" which
had the equal effect of a preliminary hearing.

It was part of a private citizen's private criminal complaint, where Thomp-
son was required to show due cause as to why the presiding judge was to 
"Issue Process" and have Anthony Cipolla indicted and arraigned.  But,
Diane Thompson withdrew her private criminal complaint shortly before 
the Motions Hearing, aka the hearing equivalent to a quasi-preliminary
lhearing.  Anthony Cipolla was NEVER in handcuffs.

The 2016 Engel article mentions that Diane Thompson remarried in 1984.
The 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette NEVER mentioned this.  Instead, it stat-
ed that the "second marriage" guy was coming in and out of her life even in
1995.  Now, if that was happening, it was a bizarre setting of two de facto
husbands at the same time in her life.

Even at that, there are a string of contradictions of Thompson's allegations.
Here is another example:

I have digital evidence that it was alleged directly to me by a confidant of Di-
ane Thompson that Tucker told Diane that Anthony Cipolla had sores all over
his body.  NOW . . .

In the Engel article of 2016, the damning allegation was that Cipolla played
proctologist and invaded Tucker's private regions with one hand, while doing
an invasive sexual act upon Tucker front side with the other hand.  This would
mean that Cipolla was clothed.  So, how could Tucker see the sores?

In the 2016 Engel article, Thompson alleged that Frank Labieaux went to live
in Florida after being arrested for vandalizing a neighboring church.  She then
said that Frank called her from Florida, to tell her what Cipolla allegedly did
to him.  Well . . .

In the 1995 Post Gazette article, Thompson alleged that she sat down BOTH
of her sons, telling them that they were going to have to put the Cipolla inci-
dent out of their minds.  In order to do that, Frank had to have been in Pitts-
burgh.  So, where was he?  In Florida of Pittsburgh?  

Take note that, in the 1995 article she said that she only had TWO sons.  She had
three, one of whom died in 2009.  There is no information in print as to how he
died.  None the less, she had three sons and told the Post Gazette that she
only had two.

The falsehoods and contradictions go on and on and on and on, in the November
2016 Engel article.  It severely contradicted the 1995 article that the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette published on the subject.  It was the article where Diane Thompson
was quoted as having alleged overly-theatrical things, while keeping Thompson's
name confidential.

The November 2016 article attributed to Randy Engel was at variance, in pertinent
part, with Diane Thompson's own 2015 & 2016 web log posts, as well.  It was also
different, in specific part, from the narration that Thompson gave to a certain per-
son who asked to be kept in anonymity.

The article was also at variance, in part, with the contents of the harassing, rude, and
derisive emails that Thompson sent to me in 2015.  I was compelled to block her in
short order, being that she was so podunk-trash-crass and intrusive.  The woman has
no temperance, to say the least.

When a Retraction is Needed

I learned from my lawyer conference that a person must first give a writer or editor
or published the opportunity to make retractions.  And the need must be stated in

As an example in the Year 2015, someone not related to the Cipolla case wrote to
me about another subject about which I wrote.  That person definitively stated what
needed to be changed the third time he wrote to me.  I then changed what needed
to be changed on his third communication, being that the first two were too vague.
So, if there is an error on this site that needs correction, simply state it specifically
and get to the point.  I will then change it, if what you state it true.  If it's plausible,,
but not proven true, I'll add 'alleged.'

All that Diane Thompson did was attack and ridicule me.  Her first sentence to me
contained "bull s**t."  She didn't state what was erroneously stated in as far as went
names, dates, locations, spelling, etc.  She simply attacked my character.  If she only
would have acted civilized on the first, second, or even third email, I would have had
a series of conversations with her.  However, she is a liar, whether Cipolla molested
her two sons or not.  Her account of the Cipolla transactions, as appeared in the Pitts-
burgh Post.

Now, every time Thompson speaks to someone new, she tells a new and amended
story about Cipolla and her family.  Cipolla, on the other hand, to ld the same story,
inserting the same names, over and over.  It had gotten to the point where Cipolla
would tell me the same story, and I would start reciting it word-for-word.  He re-
sponded once by saying, "I'm trying to talk here," upon which I realized that he
kept telling me the same set of stories for the sake of emotional release.


Thompson said to a Pittsburgh Post Gazette journalist in 1995 that then-Bishop
Vincent Leonard instilled a sense of guilt in Diane Thompson for filing what
the Post Gazette in 1978 stated was a Summary Notice and what the 1995 Post
Gazette stated was the "filing of criminal charges."  Thompson said that Vincent
Leonard said that the Church had just lost two popes and her suffering greatly.
Well, the second pope to die in 1978 wasn't even elected pope yet.  This proved
Diane Thompson to be a liar.

Well, in the 2016 Randy Engel article, it is alleged that Bishop Leonard only
pointed out the one death of Paul VI.  Thus, Thompson changed her story yet

In addition, it was proven that the Vatican Case against Cipolla only dealt
with his diagnosis of Depression & Suicidal Tendencies, given by a doctor
of St. Luke's in Maryland.  It was a Psychic Defect case and did NOT cover

Plus, Ann Rodgers of the Post Gazette stated that Wuerl went to Rome with
a Police Arrest Report in his brief case.  No such thing ever existed.  Cipolla was
never arrested, never charged, never arraigned, etc.  This was being mentioned
numerous times