February 16, 2024

Diane Thompson-Mangum would have called the police, if she believed what she wrote about this site being the front of a "pederasty protection ring." She was deliberately lying, to get you to avoid reading about her fraudulent misrepresentations.

Diane Mangum-Thompson-Labiaux avoided providing proof in any of her
accusations against Anthony Cipolla, DA Bob Colville, and Bishop Vincent
Leonard in her SEVEN web logs.   Rather, she created multiple diversionary
tactics and attacked me from A to Z.  She even mocked an Australian Outback
Gal who was pivotal in my life, showing how vile, crass, and vicious is this
Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux, aka whatever-other-name-she-used.

In one of her damning allegations, while providing zero evidence and zero
witness accounts, she claimed that I am Anthony Cipolla in disguise operat-
ing a pederasty protection ring through the Wuerlgate site whihch condemns
the pederasty cover-ups of Donald Wuerl.

Such a damning rumor morphs, and even though Cipolla is deceased, it will
still be believed by  Randy Engel  followers that  the person operating this
Wuerlgate site runs a pederasty protection ring, even though the Wuelgate
site condemns pederasty.

Now, if Diane Thompson really believed that I were operating a pedophile
ring, then she would have contacted the law enforcement authorities.  They
would have:

- long sing discovered the pedophile ring, - arrests would have been made,
- the story would have been in all of the major news network broadcasts,
- and she would be an international hero, instead of the present subject of
  a criminal complaint, involving criminal defamation.

Now think, you believers in Randy Engel and Diane Thompson:

Diane did NOT call the police.  She did NOT call the state attorneys general
office.  She did NOT call the FBI.  She did NOT call the Allegheny County
DA's office.

Thus, she is a deliberate liar who knew that I was not Anthony Cipolla op-
erating a pedophile protection ring and that I personally was not running
any such ring.  I'm a construction worker who does some field work, some
legal work, and some administrative work, along with assisting the com-
pany estimator, between battling and avoiding allergic asthma attacks.

I do photography and spend a lot of time writing.  I don't have the time for
a criminal ring.  Plus, my interest is adult female companionship to the
point of having someone who can finish my sentences.

Meanwhile, Wuerl remained silent, living in pampered luxury,
like Marie Antoinette.

Concerning Diane Thompson believers:

Randy Engel, in her Nov/Dec article, claimed that Diane Thompson was
a teller of the truth, always and in every way.  Thus, Randy Engel, in her
silence ... in her tacit  approval of Diane Thompson's damning accusation
about the Wuerlgate site which ever so coincidentally condemns Engel ...
is claiming that Diane Thompson tells the truth when she claims that the
person operating this Wuerlgate site runs a criminal enterprise.

Randy Engel, through her silence, is telling you that I am criminal.  Yes,
according to Randy Engel, a guy she used to ask to post her writings and
who has an FBI clearance, is a criminal.  This is great for government con-
spiracy theory buffs.

This mean that, if you are a believer in either Randy Engel or Diane Thomp-
son, then you have the moral obligation to call the police on me, right now.

Or or or call the Pennsylvania State Attorney general's office, being that this
is being written in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ... or the Allegheny County DA's
office ... or better yet, call the FBI.  Go do it.  I'm waiting.  Let's go.  I don't
have all day.

Now, if you to claim that  Diane Thompson is the teller of truth, but you
do NOT call law enforcement on me, then you are admitting, by not call-
ing the police, that you know that Diane Thompson is lying, and that you
merely want people to believe in her lies about me, out of hared for me ...

... and quite frankly, you wouldn't  be the first, second, or third person who
hated me to the point of death ...  or even attempted murder .... and attempt-
ed assault & battery.  Yes, I make people like Diane Thompson, Father James
Torquato, and 257 pound thieves really really really mad at me.

I'm calling your bluff.  I'm also calling the bluff of the New Jersey Conspir-
acy Theory Housewife whose name I do not mention for legal purposes.
She is the one whom Randy Engel calls her good good friend.  The New
Jersey housewife's bluff is paramount, because she wrote to me and said
that she believed Diane Thompson.   So, get her to call the police on me,
if she believes Diane Thompson.  Thompson said that the operator of this
site is running a criminal network, so get that hag to call the cops on me.

Oh by the way.  Two caveats for you to remember.  After you do call the
police on me, you better call an attorney to defend you in a civil lawsuit.

Plus, you will also need a criminal defense attorney, when you get arrest-
ed for filing a false police report, if you claim that this site is operated by
the operator of a criminal pedophile ring.  But, don't let that stop you.

With all kidding aside, being that no one called the police on me, it shows
that  no one believes Diane Thompson, after all.  It's just that  some people
are bored in life and love to hear vile accusations.  Some people are the lov-
ers of lies.  In fact, the definition of a sinner, according to Saint Bernadette
Soubirous, is a person who LOVES evil.

The other important feature:

The trick that you might have missed is that Thompson is attempting
to trick you into thinking that my sources are pedophiles.  For the re-
cord, my sources have included married women with children, one of
whom recently went through cancer-related surgery and who has a
Downs Syndrome son.  Another one of my sources have security clear-
ances no different than the ones I earned.  Other sources of mine in-
cluded professionals.  Others included those in high society, as well
as Regular Joes ... Average Joes ... Ordinary Joes.

Most importantly, my most pertinent sources were sheets of papers
known as documents.  Documents don't molest children.  Without
the paperwork evidence, I would not have a case.  Period.

Now, if you want to run around and tell people that my sources are
pedophiles, then I can assure you that my real sources will think no-
thing of taking you to court with highly reputable lawyers.   In fact,
one of my sources IS the wife of a lawyer.  So, go for it.  Defame me
even further.

Do you finally understand that all which Mangum-Thompson-Labiaux
wrote about me was one contiguous lie, done knowingly and deliberate-
ly, in order to divert your attention from her wrongs?  She lied to cover
her lies.  It's called "whistle-blower retaliation;" ad hominem attacks.

Furthermore, Frank LaFerriere is an individual on psychiatric disability,
and he has already been arrested and put on trial, previously.  He put on
his site the 70+ year old Diane Mangum-Thompson's damning pederasty
ring article which had ZERO evidence attached to it, ZERO witness ac-
counts, and NO ZERO news links and ZERO police report links... and
which was written by a  person who identifies herself as "a disabled
senior," meaning that she was NOT beating the streets and participat-
ing in stake-outs, finding the evidence.

It's the morning of March 31, 2017, at the time of this writing.  I'm scheduled
to go to pick up Vince Cipolla and take him to speak with law enforcement, in
the hopes to get a Criminal Defamation Indictment on Thompson IF her libel
is not erased from the Internet.  The word, IF, is pivotal in American law.

Vince wants his brother's name cleared.  I want restitution for what  Thomp-
son did to meand which Randy Engel let happen.  My security clearances al-
ready has my name cleared.  But, there are really really really stupid people
who gaze through the internet.  So, I need the libel deleted.

Destroying a reputation unjustly is a mortal sin and takes the
life out of you.  In as much, when you kill others, you kill yourself.
Remember, in June of 2016 Engel calls me and attempts to destroy me.  She
then starts conversing with proven liar, Diane -LabiauxThompson-Mangum.
Then, in July, there appears online the claim that I am Anthony Cipolla in
disguise operating a" pederasty protection ring."

Now, pederasty is a "Randy Engel word."  It's obvious that the easily provable
lie which existed online for at least eight months without me knowing about it,
can be traced to Randy Engel's influence.   And of course, no one in my circle
thought it was important, being that they know that Diane Thompson is not
credible.  But, they forgot that Engel made her sound credible in even her
damning accusations against me and her attempt to forever destroy me,
despite all the work I did and pain suffered in doing the work.

Therefore, when I finally get the time to get Engel to account for her evils in
a court of law, for refusing to undo what she has done, I will not tolerate you
saying, "Oh, she's just an old lady, and she's pro-life."

Firstly, claiming that Randy Engel is pro-life is equivalent to saying that a
kid who never got a hit in baseball was a batter.  Engel is a failure at pro-
life, evidenced by the fact the abortion-on-demand is alive and well, even
to the point where "they" are harvesting organs and making snide jokes
about it.

Plus, Engel definitely is NOT an investigative reporter, evidenced by her
Nov/Dec article which was picked to pieces and found to have been one
contiguous fraudulent misrepresentation.  After all:

-there is no school on July 30 during Pittsburgh Summer vacation, especially
 when a few days away from August's Teachers' In-service days.

-there is no military base in Spartansburg.  Engel was too lazy to fact-check.

-there is no such thing as being taken to police station #1 and being released
  on you own "cognisance" by police, being that you are taken to the county
  jail and then to a magistrate's bench for a bail hearing, and if you are re-
  leased on you own recognizance, it's from the county jail and NOT from
  police station #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, on 500.

-there is no such thing as Detective M.N. Nehouser.  Rather, is was Officer
  Mark Ninehouser who was not a detective in 1978.

-there were NOT two detectives going to Thompson's home, giving her a
 sheet of paper, telling her that she would need it in the future.  That hand-
 written sheet posted online was NOT filled out by any police officer, be-
 ing that officers were required to hand-print reports.

-there was no such "Offense/Incident Report" signed by "Nehouser" or
"Fogle,"  being that they were NOT the detectives Engel said they were,
 and no police officer in 1978 Pittsburgh would sign a handwritten sheet
 of paper, being that all report were to be hand-printed.  Plus, that form
 was NOT the Police Complaint Form that an officer would used.  Such
 a form was the Police Arrest/Complaintant Affidavit.

The list of lies in the Engel article goes on and on and on.  It's a statement
in itself that she has not lifted a finger to make any corrections to her Nov/
Dec 2016 article which proved beyond all doubts that Diane Thompson is
a pathological liar and that Engel is an absolute dupe.  Think:

After 38 years, Randy Engel claimed that the uneducated Diane Thompson
was able to have a detailed memory of every little police procedure which
occurred in 1978, when the truth is that there was simply a cop serving An-
thony Cipolla with a summary notice, along with a look at parish grounds,
in search of credible evidence.  Being that no evidence was found, Diane
Thompson had no choice than to drop her private criminal complaint.
There was no mass retaliation.

Oh, and concerning the claim of Randy Engel that there was a Thomas
Thompson who was the finest printer in the land, uhhhhm, we are talk-
ing Labor Union Pittsburgh and modern technology.  You press a few
buttons, and then machines do the printing for you.  Furthermore, ask
Diane Thompson to which union he belonged ... and the union number
of his local group.  Or was she referring to printing rock concert T-shirts?

     All in all, you believers of Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux, read the  
     following or eat the following in a court of law.

    Incidentally, the pertinence of this document is that, in order to be allowed
    to do construction work on school property in the State of Pennsylvania,
    each worker abolutely must have the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History
    Clearance.  So, you have the evidence that Diane Thompson-Mangum-
    Labiaux is a vicious liar.