July 14, 2023

Mark Hamilton, not a teenager galavanting around McGuire Home. Rather, he was an adult attached to the McGuire Home Administration.

This is why "Mark Hamilton" was the FIRST NAME on the district attorney
office's interview list, concerning the investigation of Tim Bendig's private
criminal complaint.  Randy Engel is such a gullible dupe, and she is one
because she wants to believe that all priests who perform the Novus Ordo
Mass are all demons --- in my opinion.

To say that Mark Hamilton was a teenager who frequented the McGuire Home
was to make Cipolla look like a revolving door molester.  Engel should have
done some fact-checking before writing libel as obvious the melo-dramatic
narration of her Nov/Dec 2016 massacre of Anthony Cipolla's reputation.
She should have instantly realized that there is no school in Pennsylvania
on July 30, and therefore, young Tucker was NOT sitting at the kitchen
table doing his homework in a holy state of martyrdom.  She was like a
wolf in nice grandma clothing seething to tear apart Cipolla.

I was surprise to find that Engel never contacted Anthony Cipolla's only broth-
er and that she never made contact with either one of the two police officers
who she claimed arrested Anthony Cipolla, when the fact is that honorably
retired Officer Mark Ninehouser expressly told me that he NEVER arrested
Cipolla --- that he merely went to Diane Thompson's residence, took a report,
and then transposed it on a standard form, via hand-printing and NOT cursive
writing, followed by him giving the standard form to the detectives.  And that
was it.  No theatrical events.  Ninehouser had nothing to do with the case from
the moment he handed his hand-printed report to the detectives.  Thus, he was
NOT a detective as Engle very erroneously claimed, in her self-assured smug-

And once again, I categorically state that I am more than willing to categorically
declare Anthony Cipolla a vile molester who was rocketed into the blast furnaces
of Hell for all eternity.

The problem is that the fact-checking on all of the damning accusations against
Cipolla categorically turned out to be sophomoric lies, such as the 100% proven
lie about Frank Labiaux committing fire extinguisher vandalism upon a church
near his home in August of 1977 at the age of twelve (out of revenge for being
molested) when the truth is that the event happened 15 months after Frank was
claimed to have done ... and when the fact is that the vandals were a 14 and 15
year old duo of thugs who returned to the same church, two weeks later, only to
slash the tires in the church's parking lot.

The more people such as Randy Engel damn Anthony Cipolla with elaborate
stories of molestation, retaliation, and harassment, the more Cipolla looks in-
nocent.   And or course,  the only thing that will spare an apparently smug &
stubborn Randy Engel from being  dragged into court for libel in the relatively
near future would be nothing less than the start of World War III . . . literally.
If you give destruction, you get destruction in return.  And of course, libel to
the degree extended to Cipolla is equivalent to murder, according to the offi-
cial Catholic Moral Theology that Donald Wuerl likes to abridge.

And concerning Randy Engel's slur against Pope Benedict XVI for having worn
red Medieval shoes, in her stating that it was an obvious sign of Benedict being
a homosexual, know that those were the historically famous SHOES OF THE

They were red, to symbolize that the pope was willing to shed his blood for
Christ, as did Saint Peter, Saint Linus, Saint Anacletus, Pope Evaristus, Pope
Pius I, Pope Soter, Pope Eleuterus, Pope Victor, Pope Urban I, Pope Calixtus,
Pope Anterus, Pope Cornelius, Pope Lucius I, Pope Felix I, Pope Marcellinus,
and a number of other ones.  There is a lot of blood on the Chair of St. Peter.
So, Engel better quit mocking the papacy.  She is apparently jealous that she
never got to have the power and influence of a pope . . . or else she is merely
the stereotypical overly domineering hag who damns people, because she
thinks that it gives her power.

      Q:   And what is the indication of this?
ANS:   She goes by a man's name, hypocritically enough.

Engel committed destruction without just cause.  Destruction is now her smug
and self-righteous inheritance.  After all, she has shown no contrition for these
easily provable acts of libel against Cipolla.  It's like hearing a trick question,
in seeing that she has not lifted a finger to amend her Nov/Dec 2016 three-part

You know, there is no military base in Spartansburg, being that Camp Croft was
closed in 1946 and is a civilian tourist spot.  Plus, there is no school in Pennsyl-
vania on July 30, and and and Vince Cipolla told me last week that he NEVER
saw his brother Anthony wear a cassock.  In fact, a close friend of Cipolla, (the
6'6" one who was invited to join the Penn State Nittany Lion football team and
who majored in electrical engineering), said that he NEVER saw Anthony in a
cassock, either.  Engel was very non-factual in her Nov/Dec 2016 horror story.

She wrote those damning things, because she wanted to believe them ... and be-
cause she is soooooo gullible to con artists and their voice inflections.  But now,
we have proof that Frank Labiaux is a liar, just like his mother.
Well, Engel proved that she has no respect for the dead, as
well as no respect for the Shoes of the Fisherman
Now for the matter at hand:

In her three-part article, Randy Engel addressed the Beaver DA office's 1989
report on the investigation of Tim Bendig's private criminal complaint against
Anthony Cipolla.

Now, ladies & gentlemen, Bendig only filed that complaint, in the hope of get-
ting a large sum of lawsuit money from the Diocese of Pittsburgh.   It was an
obvious ploy and farce for Bendig to have filed that private criminal complaint,
based on one very simple and obvious observation.  The observation is that Tim
Bendig filed his notice of pending lawsuit (through his attorney) before filing the
private criminal complaint.  If you are criminally wronged, you call the police,

Plus, Bendig had many years to report Cipolla.  He was NOT chained in a Cleve-
land basement.  Throughout those years, he showed no signs of distress.  Now, I
went through a suicide, concerning a teenager who lived at Father John Hoehl's
Baden house.  I KNOW the look of .... of .... giving up on life.  Bendig did NOT
shows signs of being an imprisoned sex slave in any capacity.

In addition, Bendig didn't accuse Cipolla until after he had no money and after
Cipolla told the Padre Pio Prayer Group members to stop sending Bendig money
to the Pittsburgh Seminary.  Once again, I went through a suicide, and NOT the
hag, Randy Engel.  I literally had to take the accuser of Father James Torquato
to safety and I saw the look of fear on his face.  Randy Engel did NOT.

Engel's followers act as if she is all things to all people and that she has been every-
where.  No way.  Engel, as old as she is, didn't come close to experiencing what I
had to experience in life.  After all, did she ever have frantic young teenaged girls
knock on her apartment door, begging for help to stop their dad from beating their
mom?   NO.  I am the one who knows what it is to walk into a wife-beater home
during the wife beater.

Does she know what it is to endure sexual harassment or to see someone attempt
to murder her?  Did she ever take to safety a woman being beaten by her guy?
Did she know what it was to be in TWO major industrial accidents and live to
tell about both?  So, why do you follow her as if she is the infallible Man of all
Seasons?  In following Engel, you are following a pretender and libelous hag.

Tim Bendig IS a strategic liar, and a number of people contacted me, confirming
what I personally witnessed of Bendig the Liar.  Plus, after all these years of me
calling Bendig a liar, he never sued me.

None the less, the Beaver County DA, as well as did the Allegheny County
DA, stated that there were no grounds upon which to indict and prosecute
Anthony Cipolla.  In the Beaver County report, mention was made that
FOUR people were interviewed by law enforcement personnel.  They
          TOM HAMILTON




In her libelous three-part article, Engel stated that she asked Tim Bendig who
Mark Hamilton was, and Bendig said that he was a teenager who used to fre-
quent the McGuire Home.  Do you believe him?  Well, his answer was obvious
bull crap.  Take a closer look:

What are the caliber of people named in the above list?  ANS: People of some
measure of authority.   Observe:

Cipolla was the official chaplain of the McGuire Home.  Monsignor Shultz was
the head of the Pittsburgh Diocesan Beaver County Deanery.  This means that he
he was the most powerful Pittsburgh diocesan Pittsburgh in all of Beaver County.

Sister Mary Alice had a superior's post at the McGuire Home.  Therefore, wouldn't
it be obvious that Mark Hamilton was some type of authority at the McGuire Home,
such as the director, head administrator, or manager?  People, please test damning
accusations for cracks.  In as much, Hamilton wasn't a teenage kid coming and go-
ing as he pleased.  Please quit being so gullible, people.