March 04, 2024

The Mineshaft Incident, Regarding the Attempted Murder of Adam Ference

by guest writer Mike Ference, in his continued narration of events
surrounding his son's attempted murder.  Edited as to its syntax.
Abridged as to its contents.

Preliminary Note:  Keep in mind that hushing the attempted murder
of Adam Ference and the ensuing suicide of the shooter was advanta-
geous to Wuerl's public image.  After all, the attempted murder took
place on Pittsburgh diocesan Catholic school grounds.  This was also
the era of Pittsburgh police abuse, and the abuse was so bad at the time
that it made its way to MSNBC when Geraldo Rivera was there.

In fact, the abuse was so bad that it ended in the killing of a Pittsburgh
steeler's unarmed cousin, simply for driving his cousin's Jaguar at night.
Clergy abuse and police abuse in the same geographic area had a con-
verse relationship at the time, comprising arrogance.  Police were re-
ported in the newspaper as stopping motorists for the pettiest reasons.
It was very evil times in Pittsburgh. 

Added Notes:  Concerning the time span pertinent to this article, it was
recently alleged by a specific source that the Chief of the McKeesport
Police Department was repeatedly asked by an animal rescue charity to
intervene and investigate many allegations of missing pets, animal abuse,
and sounds of animals in extreme pain at night  ...  out in the woods, in
the McKeesport/Clairton Pennsylvania region.  This involved the time
span of Adam Ference's attempted murder.

From time to time, the head of the animal rescue charity even went into
the woods and collected the physical aftermath of animal cruelty and ap-
parent animal sacrifice.  He's now deceased, but he lived in the Pitts-
burgh suburb of  Forest Hills at the time.

As far as the relatively new source remembers, it was a matter of com-
mon knowledge that a very sick and twisted habit of kidnapping and
torturing animals onto death existed in the Clairton and McKeesport
area.  Now, Pittsburgh radio mentioned such a thing, but the exact re-
gion of the Pittsburgh area where it was occurring was not mentioned
on air.  Plus, seminars on the occult where being offered to the local
public at the time, to educate people on the practices of Satanism and
the such, due to the things transpiring at the time, including suicide.

This means that there is plausible evidence that occult practices actually
were occurring during the time Adam Ference was shot on a school bus.
This makes the truncated and suddenly abandoned investigation of the
attempted murder of Adam something pertinent within itself.  This is be-
cause the youth who shot Adam and then immediately shot himself was
allegedly linked to the occult, as well as having a confirmed link to the
priest John Wellinger who actually left the priesthood ministry on his
own accord, in the form of a personal leave taken in 1995.

Take note that a certain individual pertinent to the John Wellinger case
was recently contacted by a credentialed journalist.  This was a person
who allegedly warned the Diocese of Pittsburgh personnel about John
Wellinger, only to be ignore.  The contacted person said that he/she did
not want to make any comment about this.  None the less, at the time of
the reporting, the notorious Anthony Bevilacqua was the bishop of Pitts-
burgh.  Now, Donald Wuerl's cover-ups have finally been uncovered, at
least in part.  The question is what Pittsburgh area cover-ups of Anthony
Bevilacqua remain concealed.

Now for Mike Ference's article:

Was Public Safety Director William Scully being a good cop when he
told my wife and me that the investigation into the attempted murder
of our son was quashed by McKeesport, PA police?  If so, then within
a few weeks Scully could have proven himself, being that he was giv-
en the chance to do so.

It was during a late February, I believe, when Scully telephoned me and
relayed something about two teenagers who were friends of my son's
shooter.  They were allegedly seen by two State troopers as having exit-
ed a mine opening in a wooded area known as the flats.  It was not far
from the shooter’s house.  In fact, it was near an area that laid claim to
Satanic rites, in as so far as went the general allegations of the area.

The two witnesses were PA State Troopers assigned to patrol the city
of Clairton.  According to Scully, the shooter and his alleged gang of
devil worshipers loafed-around in the area.  This was the same area
where local townsfolk vocally suspected that were animals being ruth-
lessly sacrificed.  These neighbors claimed to have repeatedly heard
the moans and cries of dogs and cats at night.  The practice was alleg-
ed to have been occurring somewhere in the Pittsburgh area, even on
local Pittsburgh radio.  Therefore, it was a credible suspicion.

If Scully and the aggrieved parents were correct about the occult ritual
allegations, then this latest development could have shed light on wheth-
er or not there had been any accomplices in my son's attempted murder.
It could have indicated that there existed an occult cabal that might have
influenced the boy who was to shoot my son.  There was now a chance
to compel any existent rogue teenagers to tell the truth without first be-
ing required to get their parents’ permission to even question them.

According to Scully, the two boys wo were allegedly observed crawling
out of the mineshaft were named Rxxxxx and Jxxxx.  Both individuals
were good friends of the shooter and both of their full names were list-
ed on the notes that Scully provided me earlier that January, when he
first paid a visit to my house and informed me that the investigation in-
to my son's attempted murder was quashed. 

Scully said that the Bureau of Mines was contacted at a government
facility in South Park, PA.  According to him, a representative was go-
ing to come out the next day and explore the mine which was alleged
to be a teenage hideout.  Nothing was done to secure the site except
to place a steel plate in front of the entrance and then to drop a bucket
of dirt in front of it.

I quickly explained to Scully that, if there were incriminating evidence
inside of the mineshaft, the teenage boys would simply shovel the dirt
off the steel plate, go into the mine shaft, and remove the incriminating
contents before sunrise.  Scully wasn't impressed.  He instead contin-
ued to give his assurances that everything would be okay.  As usual,
Scully was wrong.

In not feeling comfortable about Scully’s mineshaft inspection plan, I
tried to contact my attorney Al Yates, the first attorney my wife and
I retained to represent my son’s interests.  However, Yates was out
of town, in Erie, PA ... according to his secretary.

I then called Scully back, half-threatening to make myself a watchman
of the mineshaft, along with my oldest son and a pair of shotguns. Of
courese, I knew better and couldn’t risk another family tragedy.

When Yates arrived back in Pittsburgh, I relayed the happenings to him.
Yates said that he would have hired a security firm to guard the area for
the 24 hours or so before the Bureau of Mines inspector arrived.  Sadly,
it was too late.  Scully called me the next day, to report that the dirt had
been removed from the steel plate and whatever was in the mineshaft
was gone, except for a few cigarette butts and some trash.  Scully said
it was obvious that whatever was stored in the mine shaft had been re-

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, and it's obvious that Scully needed
to come up with a better game plan.  At this point a question rings out:  
 Since when do two PA State troopers get out of their cruiser and then
randomly walk through the woods, only to find two lads attached to the
shooter of my son coming out of a mine shaft?  Now, you cannot drive
a police cruiser to the area.  So, the Scully's story is suspicious.  How-
ever, if Scully would have said that the boys were followed from the
town streets into the woods, then Scully would have been believable.
Even at that, the police officiers would have eventually been noticed
by the teenagers, and the boys would have avoided the mineshaft.

For starters, Scully should have notified the McKeesport Police.  This
is because they were the ones responsible for investigating the attempt-
ed murder of my son.  An even better option would have been to have
called PA State Trooper Corporal Robert Griffin.  Griffin was brought
into the investigation near the beginning of it, and he could have done a
competent investigation of the mine, being that he was an official expert
in Satanism and the occult ... not anyone from the US Bureau of Mines.

Now, it was Scully and Griffin who went to the shooter’s home, in search
of a Satanic Bible and other evidence of devil worship.  Next is the event
where two teenage boys, friends of the shooter, were allegedly witnessed
by law enforcement officers as having come out of the mineshaft of a geo-
graphic area already determined to be a place of interest in the attempted
murder of my son.  Yet, Scully blows it.  Did he purposely sabotage it?

Over a year later I would meet with Griffin, to share all the information
I gathered in my investigation.  As I relayed the details of the mine shaft
incident to Griffin, I could see his face expressing increasing disdain at
the description of Scully's game plan.  Finally, there is the matter of the
teenaged boys allegedly coming and going in and out of the mine shaft,
as a matter of habit, probably on a daily basis, for years.   Yet, Scully
made the decision to wait almost 24 hours before allowing someone to
inspect what could have either been a crime scene or what may have
solved the attempted murder of my son.

The fact that someone would have gone to lengths to dig through the
mineshaft entrance is sufficient evidence to show that there was some-
thing critical in the mine to hide from law enforcement authorities.  This
means that the police had to right to have ended the investigation.  This
also brings us to a question Who tipped off the people who came un-
der the cover of night and dug their way into the mine shaft?  Exactly
how many people who knew about the Bureau of Mines inspection that
was to be held the following day?  Who has the mole?  This was a mat-
ter of obstruction of justice, yet no one investigated it.

It gets to the point where you wonder if whether or not Scully has blood
on his hands to conceal.  Did he let deliberately set the mineshaft up for
a midnight invasion?  In fact, did Scully have anything to do with the fact
that the Eddie Pastore murder of 1989 remained unsolved?  After all, it
occurred on Scully’s watch.  Well, for whatever it’s worth, know that I
continued to trust Scully, as he played the role of good cop to perfection.

Years after the attempted murder of my son, I came to realize what a
scoundrel former Clairton Public Safety Director William Scully was,
in my opinion ... according to my personal experience of a person who
did little more than cause me grief.  For what it’s worth, Scully would
become the director of security at ALCOSAN, an institute alleged to
be amongst Allegheny County’s most corrupt organizations ... allegedly.

Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. was given a
seat on the board of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops' National
Review Board. Zappala was appointed to the board on June 1, 2010.   
It was the same day when a young man committed suicide.  The 
young man was a two-time victim of the Kids for Cash racket.  

At least two Pennsylvania judges sent youngsters to private detentions
centers that ever so coincidentally were owned by Stephen Zappala’s
brother Gregory.  A business partner of Gregory who is now serving
time in prison originally alleged that he was forced to pay the judges.
In fact, one judge, at his sentencing hearing, asked why Gregory was
never interviewed by the feds.  He needed to have been asked if he
were being forced to make the pay the kickbacks.  In fact, he need-
ed to have been asked many things.

Editor's note:

During Zappala's watch, there was once the attempt to file summary
offense charges against Donald Wuerl and his former personal secre-
tary, James Torquato, on account of the first wave of the Torquato
Retaliations that Wuerl let go on and on and on and on.  Ironically,
shortly after the filing of a complaint against Wuerl, the 2nd Wave
of the Torquato Retaliations occurred.  This time, it included the in-
volvement of the McCandless Twp Police.

Despite the hard copy evidence, Wuerl was charged with nothing.
Neither was the Fr. James Torquato whose retaliations could have
caused someone severe harm  . . .  even physical harm.  Interesti-
ng how a ruthless priest who spent seven years refusing to keep
his homosexual hands to himself thought nothing of endangering