February 21, 2024

Proven: A 12 year old Frank Labiaux did NOT vandalize a church out of "molestation revenge" in 1977. Two teens, never molested, aged 14 & 15, did the vandalizing in Nov of 1978.

The 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury narration of the Cipolla Case was a much
more tame version of the case.  The Pgh Post Gazette 1995 version, the 2015
version, and the 2016 Randy Engel version were hyper-exaggerations.  Real
cover-ups are sneaky, silent, snakelike, pernicious, and subtle.

Now, to the article article before knowledge of the Pittsburgh diocesan secret
archive files were known to exist:

PREVIEW:  Randy Engel stated that, between August 15 and 17, 1977 , twelve
year old Frank Labiaux was molested by Anthony Cipolla for the first time ever,
in a Dearborn Michigan motel room.  This, according to Engel, was followed by
Frank vandalizing a church near his Mexico Street home, one week later, done
completely out of rage and frustration for having been molested.  Engel stated
that twelve-year-old Frank and another youth entered through a church window,
and took a fire extinguisher, unleashing its foan upon a podium and pews.

Now, there was a church on California Avenue, very near to St. Francis Xavier
Parish, which was vandalized via fire extinguisher foam.  HOWEVER, it hap-
pens in NOVEMBER of 1978, fifteen months after Engel said it happened.

Plus, the two vandals were aged 14 and 15.  They did NOT include a twelve
year old Frank Labiaux.  Furthermore, two weeks later, the same two youths
went back to the same church and slit the tires of the cars in the parking lot
during a Protestant Revival Meeting there.  The pastor of the church quickly
recognized the youths as the same ones who committed the fire extinguisher
vandalism, two weeks prior.  Neither of the two was Frank Labiaux.  Diane
Thompson and Randy Engel lied.  Frank Labiaux lied.  It is 100% proven
to be such.

Incidentally, the church was the Avery Memorial AME Zion Church, located
at 3403 California Ave, Pgh 15212.


Pittsburgh Post Gazette archives, at
the SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18, 1978 edition, at PAGE 18.

The one excerpt exposed here is so blatant a falsehood that it should set a
spark in your mind, in having you realize that the damning accusations in
the Cipolla Case were a series of orchestrated lies.  This one cannot be de-
fended by the Engel People, in any capacity.

At this point, however, keep in mind that Cipolla was NEVER tried at the Vatican
for molesting Tim Bendig.  He was tried for a diagnosis of Depression & Suicidal
Tendencies, making that case a procedural law case, only.

Wuerl refused to let Cipolla back into ministry out of fear for District Attorney
John C Pettit who publicly announced that Wuerl's cooperation in the investiga-
tion which lead to the indictments of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci was MINIMAL
at best.  Petti also mentioned that investigations would continue.  Therefore,
putting Cipolla back into ministry would have triggered the very Grand Jury
Investigation which is now transpiring upon the Diocese of Pittsburgh at this
very moment.

Concerning this,  if you have anything that you would like me to add to my re-
port to a very courteous special agent who personally invited me to submit to
her digitally the outline on Donald Wuerl's corruption, call me or email me.
If you are one of those persons who backed-out in the past, in fear of retali-
ations by the effeminate and ungracefully aging Donald Wuerl, know now
that your back will, by law, be covered.  Contact me via:


If you regard yourself as a devout Catholic, know that cowardice and negligence
are identified as sins in Catholic Church moral theological teachings.  If you have
info, come forth.  I will take care of the rest.  After all, I'm the front-man who takes
the hits.  Soon, WE shall be hitting back.  Join in the victory and contact me via
the above-mentioned address and/or cell phone number.  May Our Lady turn you
into a hero.

None the less, the only thing that is going to spare Randy Engel from being even-
tually dragged into a court of law is World War III - - - literally.

Forthcoming, in either this post (as an update) or in another post, is one of the more
easily provable lies told by accuser Tim Bendig and written into the 70+ year old
Engel's Nov/Dec 2016 three-part article as if it were undeniable truth.  That one
deals with the true identity of a Mark Hamilton.  Bendig told Engel that he was
a teenager who frequented the McGuire Home.  Engel believed him without
fact-checking Bendig.  Mark Hamilton was a high administrator/manager of
the McGuire Home, according to what a source told me.  And it logically fits.
I'll cover that feature, later.

Other lies of Diane Thompson/Mangum/Labiaux are yet to be addressed, as well.
One included Engel's mention of "detectives" R. Fogle and M.N. Nehouser.  Uhhm,

Now, as the usual preamble, I state that I am more than willing to declare the man
formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla an egregious molester who earned a
one-way ticket to Hell.  But, the fact-checking of the accusations against Cipolla
keep resulting in finding that Diane Thompson/Mangum/Labiaux lied.  It was
recently found that even Frank Labiaux lied to Randy Engel.  We continue.

This post/article details an elaborate lie told by Diane Thompson/Mangum/Labiaux
and published as if it were fact-checked truth by Randy Engel.   That specific asser-
tion concerns the claim that a young Frank Labiaux co-committed vandalism upon
a church near his Mexico Street domicile in 1977, out of frustration for having been

The fact-checking on this one is so exact that it should finally jar the most stubborn
person into realizing that the Engel article is nothing more than a collection of easi-
ly provable falsehoods, and thereby, a long-winded piece of vicious and actionable

Concerning the Big-Lie-at-Hand and how easy it was to disprove, let's get to it.

Ladies and gentlemen,  Randy Engel wrote that, between August 15 and 17 of 1977,
Anthony Cipolla molested Frank Labiaux in a Dearborn Michigan motel.  Frank
was 12 years of age plus 10 or 11 months.  She asserted that Cipolla took 3 or 4
lads to Michigan, to see the Henry Ford Museum.  The other boys weren't moles-
ted according to her.  Only Frank was.

In fact, Engel stated that it was a long and tiring trip from Pittsburgh, and therefore,
Cipolla didn't have the energy to molest anyone on the first night.  Now, concerning
the trip to Dearborn being long and tiresome, BULL CRAP!  I know this from person-
al experience, being that I had a girlfriend in Grand Rapids whom I would visit via
highway travel, and the drive to the Detroit area was only halfway to Grand Rapids
and not tiring at all.  In fact,  Pittsburghers used to travel to Detroit and buy cars there.
They would then return to Pittsburgh on the same day.

The trip to the Ann Arbor / Dearborn / Detroit area is only FOUR hours.  Now, I have
traveled as far as 1,000 miles in a day (from SC to Texas) and I did more than one 14
hour trip between Pittsburgh and the Carolina coastline.  A four hour drive is nothing.
The sign of a liar is exaggeration.  Engel exaggerated on purpose, insulting the intelli-
gence of any American used to really long road travel.

We need to keep the following in mind:

Diane Thompson wrote to me and specifically stated that Frank was molested at the
PIME seminary, and NOT at a motel.  Then, I produced a witness who went to the
seminary with Tim Bendig and Anthony Cipolla.  He said that nothing immoral
happened there.  He said that Cipolla did NOT do anything queer.  Therefore, Di-
ane Thompson/Mangum/Labiaux ever-so-coincidentally changed her story and
placed the molestation in a motel room.  Quite frankly, people who drive to the
Henry Ford Museum can easily drive back to Pittsburgh on the exact same day.

We continue:

Engel wrote that one week after the motel molestation which is highly unlikely
to have occurred, Frank vandalized a church near his Mexico Street home, using
a fire extinguisher as the weapon of vandalism.  That would be AUGUST 24,
1977.   Engel wrote that Frank and an accomplice entered a church window
and sprayed fire extinguisher foam on to a podium and church pews, result-
ing in his arrest and visit to juvenile court.  Got it?  Let's continue.

On California Avenue, near Saint Xavier Parish, a church was vandalized by means
of fire extinguisher abuse, damaging furniture and carpets.  It was the Avery Memor-
ial AME Zion Church, locate 3403 California Avenue.  HOWEVER, it was NOT
vandalized on August 24, 1977.  In fact, it was NOT vandalized in 1977, at all,
It wasn't vandalized until November 1978, fifteen months after Engel said that
it was.

Now, Engel stated that Diane Thompson took her family in flight to Cleveland,
in the middle of September 1978, after she was harassed into dropping criminal
charges that were never filed in the first place.  Yet, the vandalism did not occur
until November of 1978.  And and and, the vandals were a 14 year old youth and
a 15 year old one who would then commit vandalism at the same church two weeks
later, sometime around November 3rd and 17th, 1978.

In as much,  if Diane Thompson fled Pittsburgh in September 1978, then how did
she know about the fire extinguisher vandalism of November 1978.  This would
indicate that she didn't leave Pittsburgh as was reported by Engel.

In their second vandalism spree, the two boys slit the tires of the cars in the park-
ing during a Protestant Revival Meeting.  The pastor recognized those two boys
as the ones who did the fire extinguisher vandalizing two weeks prior.  And neith-
er one of the boys was Frank Labiaux.  Thus, Diane Thompson lied through her
teeth, and we now have evidence to prove Frank Labiaux to be a liar.

Now, you can do the fact-checking for yourself.  Go to the:

Pittsburgh Post Gazette archives, at
the SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18, 1978 edition, at PAGE 18.

It mentions both acts of vandalism, including the one that Diane Thompson claims
to have been done by Frank a year and a quarter before it actually happened.  In as
much, I can assure that Frank was NOT taken to Juvi Lockup & Court, as Engel
claimed.  Thus, Frank Labiaux was NOT frustrated for having been molested, and
therefore, he probably was NOT molested.

This one lie should break the hypnotic trance upon you, in thinking that Engel is the
holiest woman alive.  You might then say, "Hey, she was in Vietnam as the voice of
Saigon."  Uhhhm, the Voice of Saigon headquarters was in Dayton Ohio where one
can find the Wright-Patterson air base.  That is the air base which has the memorial
plaque of the my father's Air Force Bomb Group.  None the less, we now have very
convincing evidence that Diane Thompson and her children orchestrated a theatrical
lie about Cipolla molesting the family.  And why?

ANS:  The custody of two grand children who were 12 and 14 in 2016.

Moreover, if Frank said that he did this act of vandalism upon the AME Zion
Church in his interview with Randy Engel, then it's proven that he IS a LIAR.
A lawsuit deposition will find out if this is so, unless if Engel committed the
act of SPOLIATION OF EVIDENCE, by destroying the interview notes.

Ladies & gentlemen, this is the southern end of the very
short Mexico St about which Randy Engel wrote.
It's a glorified back alley and little more than that.

Now we address Engel's mention of two "detectives." Firstly, one's name was
NOT Nehouser, as Engel stated.   It was NINEHOUSER.   Mark Ninehouser.
As far as goes the R. Fogle mentioned by Engel, it was ROBERT W FOGLE,
Ninehouser's partner.  And yes, at times, Fogle would do "plain clothes stake-
out" assignments.

The pertinence in the misspelling is this:   If Engel saw the "Incidence Report"
and if she saw clearly saw the name, Nehouser, then it was a forgery.  If Engel
saw the actual Incidence Report and the name of NINEHOUSER was hard to
read, then the sheet of paper didn't have a forged signature.

Now, Diane Thompson is an exceptionally dimwitted person who lived in an area
where people could not pronounce words correctly.  She might have heard the name
Nehouser, because the nearby people couldn't pronounce NINEHOUSER.  She then
would have had someone sign on the Incidence Report "Nehouser" and make up a
badge number.  None the less, in later years, Mark Ninehouser became the NFL
Security Representative in Pittsburgh.  In fact, before becoming a police officer,
Ninehouser was a welder.

Concerning this,  Pittsburgh Police badge numbers were four digits and not two,
because they were more than 99 police officers in Pittsburgh.  In fact, there are
presently approximately 900 sworn Pittsburgh police officers and about 188
non-sworn ones.  None the less, Mark Ninehouser might have signed his name
illegibly on the private criminal complaint form that also goes by the name In-
cidence Report.  None the less, that Incidence Report mentioned by Engel is
suspect, because of the badge numbers she reported it as having.
Observe:  FOUR digit badge number.
Observe the words Pittsburgh Police
One more thing,  Engel kept mentioning Police Station #9, and I said that, in
Pittsburgh history, Police Station #9 was on Mount Washington.  I furthermore
stated that there are presently only SIX police units in Pittsburgh and that the
iunit covering the Northside of Pittsburgh is Unit #1.  Now, in the 1970s, there
was a Police Station #9 in the Northside, but it was NOT a jurisdictional identi-
fying number.  The number on police complaint forms that mattered was the
number of the COURT of jurisdiction.  None the less, in the 1978 case, we
were dealing with a private criminal complaint form and NOT a police crim-
inal complaint form.  And we are dealing with four-digit badge numbers and
NOT two, as Engel reported.  In as much, is that Incidence Report a forgery?
Any civilian was able to obtain a copy.

Concerning Fogle & Ninehouser

The irony here is that both police officers were involved in a murder that they
could have prevented, on October 4, 1978.  The murder took place on Buena
Vista Avenue, when a man named Robert Tucker was shot to death by a Ty-
rone DeVaughn.  Tucker was walking from the police station and then shot
dead.  You see, Fogle and Ninehouser gave the man a private criminal com-
plaint to fill-out, upon which one of the officers went to night court to get a
motions judge to sign-off on it and allow DeVaughn to be arrested and pro-
cessed.  Of course, the 1970s version of a private criminal complaint is an
Incidence Report.

This October 1978 murder case shows that Engel and Diane Thompson lied
about their description of Anthony Cipolla's pretend July 1978 arrest.  At no
time did they mention a judge's signature, and I told my readers on multiple
occasions that you either need a judge to sign-off on a complaint or an assis-
tant DA to approve a complaint and then direct the local magistrate to "issue
process."  To issue process means to "Book him, Danno."

Another 1978 case involving Robert W Fogle should give light on how high
the bail would have been imposed upon Anthony Cipolla IF he actually were
arrested.  And remember, Cipolla only received a summary notice that was
only signed by Diane Thompson by which he was to appear before city
court magistrate Stephen Laffey, to see IF Laffey would issue process
on Cipolla or not.  It was up to Thompson to show probable cause.
She simply dismiss her complaint the day before the hearing.

None the less, once upon a time Fogle had undercover (plain clothes) duty, and
he caught two thugs assaulting and robbing two 80+ year old sisters.  The two
alleged robbers were John Knox and Samual Wade.  Both were held on $10,000
bond each.  Thus, if Cipolla molested Tucker Thompson, he would have been
held at a high price tag.  Probably $10,000.  He would NOT have been released
on his own recognizance.  Thompson lied.

Of course, Engel said that the police let Cipolla go on  his own "cognisance' (it's
recognizance).  But, only a judge can order a man released onhis own recognizance,
at a courthouse or magistrate's office.  Plus, there are no arraignments in police sta-
tions.  Again, Thompson was fabricating a story ... a false story.

Forrmerly St. Francis Xavier Parish and presently
Risen Lord Parish. California Ave, Northside.
By the way, concerning the Officer Robert Fogle and Mark Ninehouser case
that involved the murderer Tyrone DeVaughn, go to the Wednesday, February
28, 1979 edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, at Page 18.

Now, let me squelch an easily refutable piece of libel written ABOUT me by
Diane Thompson.  It's something which shows that someone was obsessively
attempting to dig up dirt on me.  Perhaps Randy Engel's paranoiac side kick
from New Jersey did the digging or Randy herself.

None the less . . .

The snide libel, in this case, asserted that my family kicked me out of my
"deceased father's" house.  Stop there.  Firstly, there is no such thing as a
deceased man's house after the probate period.  It belongs to his heirs.  I
was one of my father's four heirs.  Thus, it was MY HOUSE co-owned
with my three siblings.

Concerning that house and my father's other house, I WAS BOUGHT-OUT IN
FULL.  Now, I was offered as my inheritance either one of my father's houses,
but I did not except the offer.  I took the equivalent money, instead.  Thompson
and her source are bumbling and defamatory buffoons who kept going out of
their ways to make you disrespect and despise me.   You need to be snapped
out of the hypnotic trance that has you thinking that Randy Engel is the all-
knowing goddess of the ages.  She presented as truth many fact-checks lies.

Remember one thing.  I was the one caught in the Fr Torquato Retaliations.
And usually, a person caught in a corrupt bishop's retaliations is one who
wins the compassion of the people.  You people might as well go out and
ridicule cancer patients and robbery victims, as well.

The fact that Thompson/Mangum/Labiaux ridiculed a retaliation victim of
a corrupt bishop shows that she was not one of us.  There is an unwritten
code of respect among us.  Thompson showed zero respect for me.  Plus,
Thompson was found to have lied repeatedly.  Do the math as to whether
or not Diane Thompson suffered a priest's retaliation, and keep in mind
that Frank Labiaux is now proven to be a liar, concerning the AME Zion
Church vandalism which occurred 15 months after he claimed to have
done the vandalism.

None the less, this shows that someone has been striving to dig up dirt on
me and such a thing is a form of harassment.  Once again, I was NOT
kicked-out of my deceased father's house.  I WAS bought-out of my
own inherited house..  This ends another piece of libel against me.

I have to go, right now.  I will continue ... either here or in a new post.
By now, you should realize how incredibly non-factual and defamatory
is the Engel three-part article.  In as much, when she is dragged into
court sometime around November 2017 or so, I will not tolerate your
condemnation of me or Anthony Cipolla's 70+ year old brother who
wants his brother's name restored.