January 30, 2024

Cardinals Donald Wuerl and Timothy Dolan sought to deceive you, by twisting the abuse statistics

         Covering Up the Long-term Sexual Abuse Scandal
                       by means of distorting the statistics
Bishops who serve mammon (material wealth) distort the image of the church.
A trick of the more unconscionable members of the hierarchy is to make
the sexual abuse of minors look like a common societal occurrence.  The
con game consists in claiming that persons of all industries, professions,
and walks of life sexually abuse youth with a frequency no less than that
of Catholic priests of recent decades.  There is need to clean-up the Vati-
can II church, and not lie to the public about unconscionable manipulat-
ors who decided to use the economic security of the Western church, to
live the life of a criminal.

Dolan:  Quintessential Cover-up Artist of Double-life Priests

Timothy Dolan of New York went as far as claiming that teachers molest
youths ten times more often than do Roman Rite priests.  In fact, he stat-
ed that parents have molested their own children more often than priests
did.  This pair of statements is completely invalid, because there are ex-
cessively more teachers and parents in existence than there are priests.
That is to say, it's the per capita percentage that determines which sec-
tor of society is the one most dominant in scarring the lives of children
and adolescents.

There are, at present, approximately 41,500 Catholic priests in active
ministry throughout the United States.  In contrast, there are 1,729,000
kindergarten and elementary school teachers in the same nation.  In fact,
there are 2,388,500 American teachers when you add middle school,
and there are 3,476,200 school teachers in the U.S. when you add se-
condary school teachers.  In light of this, keep in mind that secondary
school is attended by youth mostly under the age of 18.  Now, com-
pare the number 2,388,500 to the number 41,500.  In fact, look at
the stats again:

 K-8 School Teachers   2,388,500
Active Catholic Priests      41,500   Is your intelligence insulted yet?

K-12 School Teachers  3,476,200   Do you see how Dolan thinks
Active Catholic Priests      41,500   that Americans are gullible?

Now for the Unconscionable Manipulator, Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Wuerl was once a guest writer for the Washington Post.  In his guest
article, he stated that 65,964 youths across the US were sexually abused
in 2009.  He then stated that this was a sobering number, making himself
look like a caring man.  Wuerl also made it look as if there were a pan-
demic of sexual abuse transpiring throughout the United States, as if all
walks of life were regularly engaging in the sexual abuse of youth.  Of
course, Wuerl made it look as if the sexual crimes of  priests were not
disproportionate to those of the rest of the population.

Of course, Wuerl failed to delineate the types of sexual abuse, as well as
the age group distribution thereof, as well as the general demography of
sexual abusers.  Nor did Wuerl state ratios and percentages.  This means
that Wuerl is either a lazy journalist or a deliberate deceiver who wants
the facts to be  hidden from you.  Very simply, Wuerl failed to state that
there were 65,964 youths reported as having been sexually abused in a
nation of 74,500,000 youths under the age of 18.

This means that 0.000885 of America's youths were reported as having
been sexually abused during the Year 2009.   This translates into 1 out 
of every 1,127 youths.  This also translates into an approximate .09%
of the minors in a nation the size of a continent..  Now, this is NOT 9%
of the youth.  Nor is this even .9% of the youth.  Rather, it's  .09%.   
 That is "Point zero nine percent."   Observe:
U.S. youths between 0 -17 years of age ................ 74,500,000
     Youths reported as sexually abused in 2009 ........... 65,964
        Youths NOT reported as sexually abused ..... 74,434,036

Visualize this once again:

                       NOT sexually abused: 74.434  
                                 sexually abused: 00.066  ...  1 in 1,127.

According to the John Jay Report, 1 in 25 priests were sexually abus-
ive between 1950 and 2002Then, according to the 2010 Condon In-
vestigation, 1 in 1,095 NYC public school teachers transgressed the
boundaries in varying types of improprieties, from verbal abuse to con-
sensual activities to outright criminal conduct In light of this, compare
(1 in 1,127) to (1 in 1,095) to (1 in 25.)  The rate of modern priest
abuse is much higher.  Donald Wuerl was playing a con game with the
Washington Post article.  Everything about him and from him is a lie.

Finding a sex abuse victim is somewhat like finding a needle in a bail of
hay, as opposed finding it in an entire haystack.  Wuerl made it look as
if there were a young sex abuse victim on every block in every town in
America.  Predators are much easier to encounter, being that they will
hunt for youth, by targeting the places that the young frequent, such as
CATHOLIC CHURCHES.  In as much, Wuerl exaggerated, in using
an unconscionable diversionary tactic.


In his article, Donald Wuerl gave tips on what to do.  However, all the
tips were garden variety and common knowledge.   He contributed no-
thing new.  This is another indication that his intention was to create a
diversionary tactic and not to give rarely known expert knowledge. 

Proof that This Was a Deliberate Diversionary Tactic

The article made the deceptive archbishop look like a caring man who
stepped up to the plate to offer expertise on the subject, even though
he gave only common knowledge in his tips.  Wuerl's ill intent is prov-
en in the fact that he neglected to mention the statistical numbers of ne-
glected youth ... of those left to experience hunger pangs and loneliness
on a regular basis.  So, why did Wuerl mention the sex abuse casualties
and not the casualties of neglect?  Some neglect cases end up as fatal-
ities.  These cases are heart rending, yet Wuerl seems to care not.

The probable answer as to why Wuerl kept silent about the other forms
of abuse is that disclosing their numbers will make sexual abuse look like
much less of an occurrence.   In the process, Wuerl's diversionary tactic
will have less impact when people realize that the sexual abuse of youths
is not the pandemic Wuerl made it out to be.   In as much, here are the
2009 stats on the other forms of child abuse:

Neglect  ...................................  543,035  Wuerl was silent about this.
Physical Abuse  .......................  123,599  Wuerl ignored this one, too.
Other Abuse  ............................    66,487  He never defined what this is.
Sexual Abuse  ..........................    65,964  .09% of total youth in the US.
Psychological Maltreatment  ...    52,532  This is shear terror to a youth.
Medical Neglect .......................   16,837  This is like physical abuse.

Wuerl also IGNORED the millions of youths locked in sweatshop labor,
slave field work, and even military service throughout the world.  This
number is the highest of all forms of abuse.

In his relatively recent Washington Post article, Cardinal Donald Wuerl's
apparent objective, so it seems, was to use the Washington Post as his
dupe, in order to divert attention away from the inordinately high number
of molester priests in the Vatican II and 1950s Church, making it look as
if  "everyone on earth is doing it" when it comes to sexually abusing the
youth of America.  Well, everybody's not doing it.

Firstly, it is a completely unnatural act not common to humanity.  This
means that, in order to do such a thing, a person had to already been per-
verted in his senses.  Therefore, it isn't a common occurrence for youth
to be molested, as Wuerl was making it out to be.  God never gives car-
dinals the grace to lie successfully.  Betrone's debacle, in defaming An-
tonio Socci, is a case in point, as well as Sodano's covering up the worst
molester in the history of the Catholic Church, Marciel Maciel.

There was one more thing that the article had the effect of doing.  It also
served as a diversion to the adult homosexual activity between seminari-
ans, priests, bishops, and lay religious members known as brothers.

The evil of the 20th Century priesthood was prophesied in the church-
approved Marian apparition of Quito, Ecuador.  None the less, Wuerl's
guest article also diverted attention away from the seminarians who
were sexually harassed and even assaulted. 

Another sign that the Tiny Statured Donald Wuerl
Deliberately Performed a Diversionary Tactic

The first paragraph of Wuerl's article comprises three sentences and one
introductory heading.  Yet, Wuerl obsessively posted the same one web
link three times in that one small paragraph.   The redundancy was a bla-
tant give-away, revealing an individual who wanted the reader to go to
that particular site only.   The problem with the web link which Wuerl
provided is that it takes you to the main page, and not to the exact page
were one can view the number 65,964.   Therefore, in his article, Wuerl
puts the reader on a wild goose chase. 

A Manipulation and then a Blatant Folly in the Same Paragraph

Cardinal Wuerl stated that many parents were clueless that their children
are even at risk in their own neighborhoods.   Well, according to the true
statistics, it isn't probable that children are regularly in danger in their own
neighborhoods.  Therefore, Wuerl is marketing fear, thereby diverting at-
tention away from molester priests.  However, it is true that parents and
legal guardians are sometimes the assailants.  Wuerl's article never admits
this.  He makes it sound as if men hiding behind trees are in every neigh-
borhood ready to molest untold numbers of children.  Therefore, Wuerl
presented a propaganda article and not an informative one. 

An Additional Propagandist's Lie Told about Wuerl

It was falsely stated at another site that Wuerl had a strong sexual abuse
policy for 25 years.   Firstly, there was Donald Wuerl's triple cover-up
of Wolk, Pucci, and Zula.   There was the re-admittance into the minis-
try of John Hoehl.  There was also the musical chairs cover-up played
with Edward Huff, between St. Louis and Pittsburgh.

Even at the start of the Year 2002, Wuerl had "several" priests in active
ministry who had credible allegations of sexual abuse attached to them.
He gave those priests free rein until the media exploded with news of
the many cover-ups of Catholic bishops.  Even before the Year 2002,
there was the evidence-based Torquato Retaliation that Wuerl ratified.
Furthermore, recent info gave the Wellinger case more impact.  Plus,
there was the Henry Krawczyk case and the Pitt football player who
died suddenly and drunkenly in a Pittsburgh diocesan church.  Next
on the list is the Vincentian High School allegations.  And who knows
what else is hidden in the trail of the tinsel town narcissist, Wuerl.

The Other Deception in Guest Writer Wuerl's Article

The other deception in the guest article was Wuerl's photograph.  The
angle of the shot was a steep incline.  This means that it looked as if
a photographer of average height photographed a 6'2" person.   Thus,
in his disingenuous sleight of hand article, the 5'4" Donald Wuerl was
trying to make himself look like a giant among men.   Wuerl has ob-
sessed himself with looker much taller in his photos than he is in real
life.  In a very recent photo, for example, the photographer was eith-
er on his knees or sitting on the floor when photographing Wuerl.
This shows that the 71year old Wuerl never grew up and matured.
Incidentally, the Washington Post described Wuerl as "a slight man." 

A Communist under Every Bed Trick

Wuerl, in his guest article, was basically doing what Joseph McCarthy
did in the 1950s.   Things became so ridiculous during the McCarthy
era that the snide slogan was:  "A communist under every bed and 
in every government office."  Wuerl and Dolan were trying to de-
ceive you into thinking that a molester of youth was on every street
corner and in every classroom.

The distrust extended toward priests came from the fact that the sexual-
ly abusive ones broke their vows of chastity in the most violent of ways,
and then smugly got away with their crimes a lot of the times, due to the
various bishops without consciences.  How many priests went through
the ordination process while having zero intent to honor their vows?
Such a thing constitutes fraud.  Actually, it constitutes Lack of Proper
Intent, something that invalidates the ordination process.  Such a per-
son isn't a priest and has zero power to absolve from sin or consecrate
a host.

Back to the Audacity of Archbishop Dolan

In the Year 2008, there were 35.7 million households that had children
living in them under the age of 18.  Therefore, 74.5 million youths live in
one of 35.7 million homes.  There are approximately 53.5 million youth
under 14 years of age estimated to be living in approximately 27.7 mil-
lion households.   Therefore, at least 27.7 million American adults are in
close proximity to youths under the age of 14, serving in the capacity of
parent or guardian.  At this point compare the ratio of teachers, parents,
and guardians to Catholic priests.    In light of the fact that some of these
teachers are also parents, we subtract the number of teachers, for the
sake of obtaining a general ball park figure.

Parents or Guardians of Children under 14:  at least 27,700,000
MINUS K-8 School Teachers as of 2008:                2,388,500
                                                   TOTAL:  at least  25,312,500
                   Active Catholic Priests today:                      41,500

  Parents or Guardians of Children under 18 at least 35,700,000
MINUS K-12 School Teachers as of 2008:                   3,476,200
                                                      TOTAL:   at least   32,233,800

In approximate figures, there were at least 32 million people in proxim-
ity to youths under 18 years of age, on a daily basis.  In 2009, approx-
imately 66,000 minors were reported as having been sexually abused.
This means that, at the very most, 1 in 484 teachers, parents, and 
legal guardians were reported as having sexually abused youths un-
der the age of 18, in the Year 2009.  However, a number of house-
holds have both parents in them, making the actual probability of
teacher/parent sexual abuse much lower, such as 1 in 600 or 750.
Keep in mind that in 2010, the NYC public school teacher ratio
was 1 in 1,095.

In contrast, the unsubstantiated & uncertified John Jay report set forth
statistics that amount to 1 in 25 priests having sexually abused youths
from 1950 to 2002.  This concerns the United States only.  Of course,
in stating that the John Jay report was uncertified as to its data's accur-
acy, there was conjecture that some of the reported abusers were not
counted, meaning that the true ratio might be 1 in 24 or even more con-
centrated.   At the least, we have a ballpark figure, even if the bishops
were dishonest in supplying the statistical data.

In the deceivers Dolan and Wuerl we once again see the truth in John
Chrysostom stating that the Road to Hell is paved with the skulls of
bishops.  This includes 5'4" effeminate bishops known for retaliatory
conduct and who obsessively spent decades deceiving humanity into
thinking that they are tall, intimidating, & aesthetic Rocks of Gibraltar.

Incidentally, it was revealed by a Pittsburgh diocesan proof reader that
the most expected complaint to hear from Pittsburgh diocesan priests,
against Donald Wuerl, was, "Why did he get to be a bishop, and not 
any one of us?"   The answer is that you other priests were not the per-
sonal secretary of the notorious John Cardinal Wright, the alleged homo-
sexual who had personal testimony narrated about his him so detailed
that it will destroy your appetite for the rest of the day or night.

Wuerl is connected directly to Wright, meaning that, if it were not for
Wright, Wuerl would never has risen through the ranks of the church
during one of the most disgraceful times for the hierarchy in Catholic
Church.  They rival or exceeded the evils of Sergius III, John XII, and
Benedict IX of the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries.  This very difficult to
achieve.  None the less, when it came to  accomplishing evil, today's
generation of bishops excelled.  After all, they protected Maciel for



Also see:

The John Jay Study and Gavin Group Reports: 
The Loaded Dice Reports


A continuation on how Wuerl and Dolan sought to deceive America:

The Catholic Church needs a housecleaning ... not diversionary tactics.
Archbishop Timothy Dolan, in his unequivocal arrogance, claimed that
teachers molested minors ten times more than did priests.  When asked
for his bibliographical source in his bold assertion, a spokesperson said
that it was a NYS Special Commissioner of Investigation report that 
substantiated 78 abuse cases by teachers in 2009, and 73 such cases 
last year.  The source was the Richard J. Condon Investigation for the
NYC School District whose 2010 issue is found at:


Now observe The New York City School District has 1,700 schools
that educate over 1,100,000 students.  The Catholic Church in the New
York archdiocese has 279 Catholic schools that educate approximately
83,000 students.  The New York City School District has approximate-
ly 80,000 active teachers.  The NYC archdiocese, on the other hand,
has 1,783 priests operating throughout it, in active ministry.  This means
that, for every one priest operating in the New York archdiocese, there
are 44 teachers employed by the NYC School District.  That's a ratio
of 44 to1.

Moreover, the 73 substantiated cases included consensual relations be-
tween teachers and students who have reached the age of consent.  It
also included verbal sexual harassment, and perhaps even showing in-
appropriate movies to youth.  Dolan deceived the public into instantan-
eously assuming that there existed 73 cases of physically invasive and
non-consensual contact with matriculated minors in the NYC school

Now, a part of the 73 cases did involve criminal acts with underage stu-
dents, including consensual relationships with students under the age of
consent.   But, Dolan did not make any qualifying statement in relation
to this fact.  He made zero differentiation.  He exaggerated.

Visually observe the statistical ratio of 2010 NYC teacher impropriety
cases versus the entire student body population of the New York City
School District.  Keep in mind that there are 279 Catholic schools in
the ten countywide Archdiocese of New York versus the NYCSD's
1,700 schools, and that there are 44 secular New York area teachers
for every priest operating throughout the NYC archdiocese.

Total Number of NYC School District Students in 2010:   1,100,000
Total Number of substantial sexual impropriety cases:                   73

Students enrolled at Archdiocese of NY Schools in 2010:       83,000

Number of NYC School District TEACHERS in 2010:           80,000
Number of substantial sexual impropriety cases in 2010:                73

Ladies and gentlemen, in the Year 2010, only 1 out of 1,095  NYC
school teachers were substantially found to have gone out of bounds,
in varying degrees sexual abuse, ranging from verbal abuse to conduct
recognized as criminal activity in the State of New York.  This means
that some of the teachers' actions were equivalent to a Tropical Storm,
while the conduct of other ones was equivalent to a Category 4 Hur-
ricane.  In addition, keep in mind that there are almost as many NYC
area public school TEACHERS as there as Archdiocese of New York
Catholic School STUDENTS.  Now compare the long-term statistics
of American priest sexual abuse to New York City school teachers'
sexual impropriety in the Year 2010.

American priest sexual abusers between 1950 and 2002:    1 in .... 25.
NYC teachers transgressing in varying degrees in 2010    1 in 1,095.

                                               Number of NYCSD schools:       1,700.
          Approximate Number of Archdiocese of NY schools:       280. 

                             Number of Archdiocese of NY parishes:         370.

                                             Number of NYCSD teachers:      80,000.
                    Number of active priests in NYC archdiocese:       1,783.


When you make an allegation as brazen as did Timothy Dolan, you are
obligated to produce concise statistics.  He needed to produce the num-
ber of teachers employed by the NYC School District between 1950 to
2002, along with the number of school students who suffered substanti-
ated sexual abuse in the specific degrees of intensity they suffered them.

With the statistics made available, it is ascertained that Dolan lied.  Such
a lie constitutes the Invasion of Privacy in a False Light, as well as Defa-
mation against the NYC School District and its teachers.   False Light,
incidentally, consists in taking a photograph or a set of statistics out of
context.  Dolan did no less than incite animosity and even a McCarthy-
type witch hunt against New York City teachers.

A tree is known by its fruits.  Dolan denied that he deliberately removed
$130,000,000 from Archdiocese of Milwaukee bank accounts, in only
two sets of transfers, shortly after two pivotal court rulings were entered
into law.  He said it was a coincidence.

If this is new to you, know that Timothy Dolan was once the archbishop
of Milwaukee, where he played Abra Kadabra and Alakazam with over
a hundred million of dollars when the Milwaukee archdiocese was met
with lawsuits.  He claimed that the financial repositioning was coinciden-
tal.  However, there is no such thing as coincidences, when more than
two intersecting events occur.  In the Milwaukee case, there was the in-
tersecting of four events ... two court adjudications and two large money
transfers.  The American dollar should no longer have George Washing-
ton's picture on it, stating "In God We Trust."  Rather, it would be more
fitting to have Harry Houdini's picture on it, with the caption, "Now you 
see it.  Now you don't  ... especially when Timothy Dolan gets his 
hands on it."  It has been a pea & shell game.


January 29, 2024

I learned about Theodore McCarrick as far back as 2002. And Donald Wuerl didn't learn of his crimes & tort offenses until 2004? Oh, I don't think so.

Above: One of the well-built bridges of the posh Mundelein seminary grounds.
This seminary was NOT scandal-free.  Cardinal Wuerl deceived Americans
& the Vatican in having given "a clean bill of health" to it and the American
seminary system in general.  A monster was on the loose throughout Ameri-
ca's seminary system, and Donald Wuerl looked the other way. 
Note:  It was recently reported that Donald Wuerl knew of Theodore
McCarrick's sexual aggression as far back as 2004, due to a lawsuit
settlement.  Try again.  Go back into time even further.

Wuerl was intimately involved with the seminary "visitations" of the
1990s, as were promulgated by John Paul II.  Now, "Visitation" is an
euphemism for Inspection, and Donald Wuerl's involvement in those
inspections/visitations means that he was privy to everything occur-
ring in American seminaries earlier than 99% of anyone else.

Wuerl was involved even before he became a bishop.  Therefore, he
had to have known about McCarrick at the outset.  This is plausible,
being that Wuerl was discovered to have been one of the most suc-
cessful cover-up artist bishops of the Vatican II church.  Wuerl is
turning out to be far more unethical and deceitful than what even
the 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report stated.

Let us review:

For those unaware, Donald Wuerl was twice a part of a seminary inspect-
ion system known as Visitations.  After such visitations, he reported to
Rome that the seminaries in the United States were in sound and healthy
condition.  However, this was a lie, being that the seminaries were being
overrun by a cabal of Sodomites in power and a school of heretical teach-
ers placed in positions of administrative rank.  In fact, the seminaries were
severely lacking in the teaching of moral theology and other categories of
academic subject matter needed by priests.  Revelations of the pathetic
state of "priestly formation" in the United States were found in the book,
Goodbye, Good Men.

The alleged Vaseline Queen, Donald Wuerl  . . .  eight-year provider of week-
ly Sodomite Masses in two Pittsburgh parishes ... was principally involved in
that which used to be called "the training for the priesthood." Its new name
is now the spiffy title, Priestly Formation, and Wuerl was influential in that
department of the imploding Catholic Church.  The term, "training for the
priesthood" sounds more natural and gives the idea of SERVICE to human-
ity.  "Priestly formation" makes the priesthood sound like an elite cabal of
spiffy guys to important for you me and the rest of humanity.

One more thing:   In the 1990s, Catholic seminaries were frequently called
"Faggot Factories."  The idea of a Saint Patrick, a Saint Benedict of Nursia,
or a Saint Francis of Assisi going on a forty day fast in solitude was deleted
from the minds of the Donald Wuerls of the Vatican II church.  Pillow mints
replaced the manly 40-day fast.

Now, one of the seminaries visited by Wuerl and then assessed as healthy by
him was America's largest one, namely the Chicago-area seminary in Munde-
lein, Illinois.  Concerning this, I pass the Mundelein seminary grounds 3 to 15
times a week, whenever I'm not stationed in Pittsburgh.  So yesterday ... at the
time of this writing ... I took a camera into the public-access area of Mundelein,
and did a photo-shoot.  Below is a pictorial.

For the geographic record, Mundelein is located approximately 40 miles north
of downtown Chicago.  None the less, that geographic area is still regarded as
part of "Chicagoland."

Now, my purpose for posting Mundelein photos is to show you that Cardinal
Wuerl was only referring to the physical appearance of a posh seminary, when
he gave it his seal of approval.  He was not referring to the curriculum, the rule
of seminarian life, the character of the classroom instruction there or even the
discipline of Mundelein's seminarians.  This post, therefore, is to show you the
utter vanity & superficiality of a Cardinal Donald Wuerl who remains at the top
of a Catholic hierarchy that has been corrupted for too long a period of time.

A depiction of the 1858 Lourdes apparitions on Mundelein
seminary grounds.  There were secrets confided by the
Virgin Mary there, just like at Fatima Portugal.
Concerning Mundelein, even in recent years it housed priests known to have been
sexually abusive.  The pertinence of this is that Mundelein is located across a two-
lane highway from a Catholic high school ... and a jogging trail.

Even though the media and American bishops put forth the pretense in 2002 that
the seminaries would be reformed, along with priestly life in parishes, Mundelein
made the headlines for less-than-virtuous living a few years later.  This shows that
the bishops & their spokesmen were basically giving lip service in 2002, because
the all-so-enlightened Vatican II Church was embarrassingly backed against a wall.

It was 2002 when a number of Boston archdiocesan molester priests made the head-
lines, followed by mass exposure of sex abuse cover-ups throughout the continent-
sized United States.  Thus, 2002 is regarded as the "benchmark"  year for Church
reform.  But, this turned out to be mostly propaganda.  After all, the most notorious
molester in Church history (Maciel) remained free to roam throughout the world for
four additional years and the retaliatory Father James Torquato would eventually be
granted a pastorship in Wuerl's own Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Then, as recently as 2016 and 2017, the archdiocese of NYC turned out to be a ver-
itable Sodom & Gomorrah in the ranks of the NYC parish priesthood, resulting in
a million+ dollar lawsuit. 

Meanwhile, in the Summer of 2017, a few hundred yards from the papal residence
in Rome, the police raided an absentee cardinal's home and found a drug-ridden
rgy in progress.   A monsignor ended up being sent to a Roman drug detox unit.

All in all, a quote from a Vatican insider was recently alleged to be, "Homosexual 
practice in the Vatican has never been worse."  Thus, the Vatican has become the
New Sodom, thereby giving credibility to the Marian apparitions of Fatima Portu-
gal, Akita Japan, La Salette France, & Quito Ecuado, being that the hideous state
of priesthood and Church in general was prophesied.   In as much, whenever you
encounter a priest, nun, parish education director, deacon, seminarian, and/or Cath-
olic school teacher who rejects church-authenticated Marian apparitions, you can
now reasonably understand why.  It's the Brat Syndrome mingled with the Lazy
Slough-Off lifestyle.
Yes, this is the Mundelein seminary.
An irony to this era of sexual anarchy is that Catholic Church marriage law was
so morally-minded for centuries that Italy, ranging from the Mt Vesuvius region
to the northern Italian border, historically stands among the least inbred regions
on Earth, along with the traditionally Catholic Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark,
Southern Norway, Northeastern France, Western Germany, Southeastern England,
and a few other places such as the Basque region of Northern Spain.  However, the
same cannot be said of the Sicily and Calabria which stands in the middle range of
the statistics on the subject.

The offending priests of this present era spent their time of formation during the
years when Wuerl was influential in the aforesaid "priestly formation."  For ex-
ample, the Roman monsignor who was arrested  in a July 2017 police raid and
then sent to drug-detox is 26 years younger than Wuerl.  Thus, one must admit
that Wuerl was an utter failure at priestly formation reforms, unless his goal
was instituting the presence of Sodomite priests who have orgies, boyfriends,
and a habit of recreational drug use.  If that were his goal, then Cardinal Don-
ald Wuerl was a mighty success, indeed ... and the rest of us lost.



Cardinal Wuerl is one who chooses candidates for the episcopacy, and this is
something very distorting to the ranks of bishop and very disconcerting to de-
vout members of the Catholic laity.  Now, episcopacy refers to the college of
bishops.  So, one can expect Wuerl to chose for the rank of bishop those who
are like him.

For the record, the Donald Wuerl we encountered in Pittsburgh was a flaming
Tinker Bell and a huffy narcissist who committed acts of retaliation, as if do-
ing so were his God-given right.  He was also the Mad-Church-Closer, as well
as the host of canonically banned Dignity Masses.  His chronic disobedience
to the See of Peter was well-noted.  Now, he is being presented as the pope's
right hand man.

Even worse was Wuerl's decades of being an accessory, via willful neglect, to the
crime against humanity currently known as slave labor profiteering and formerly
known as Defraudment of Laborers of their Wages.   It's another one of the four
sins which cry to Heaven for Vengeance.  Wuerl is so full of narcissism and Self-
love that he believes himself to be immune to the Vengeance of the Eternal God.

Keep in mind that a person in power and/or influence becomes guilty before God
and any future Nuremberg-type tribunal for any crime to which a person benefits
and/or gives his tacit approval, as well as making a public defense of the crime in-
stitutionalized.  Wuerl's Sin of Silence, committed while he was morally obliged
to speak out, was his tacit approval.  He needs to be forced to work in sweatshop
labor conditions until he dies, as a punishment for his habitual Sin of Deliberate
Indifference ... Negligence ... Omission ... Selfishness.

Keep in mind that you can operate a seminary in war-torn ruins and in humble
venues, such as the hedgeland of Ireland which was the teaching grounds for
Catholics during the British persecution of Catholicism.  In fact, the very first
seminaries were the shores of Galilee and a few fishing boats, not to mention
the banks of the Jordan River operated by a recruiter named John the Baptist.
Thus, posh seminary grounds don't instantly make better seminary instruction.

All in all, we need to enter into the age of heroism, where people overcome their
cravings, their knee-jerk tempers, their egotism, and their more violent forms of
lust, as well as overcoming the Sin of Cowardice when confronted by political
thuggery.  The 21st Century Church must toss-away its present magnetism to the
lifestyle of the 18th Century French aristocrats who met their destinies at the edge
of guillotine blades.
The Catholic Catechism teachers of Ireland, during
the British persecution of the Roman Catholic Church,
were called Hedgemasters.  They kept Catholicism
alive under the danger of death.  Yet, Wuerl ripped
Catholicism apart while living in posh settings.
In case you are missing the point, keep in mind that these priests and Wuerl made 
a vow, in order to get the posh privileges that a clergyman gets in modern America 
and modernized Rome.  To make that vow and to then live the Sodomite lifestyle in
violation of a major vow is Theft by Deception.  It constitutes Grand Larceny.  If you 
break that priesthood vow on an habitual basis, then it's time for you to go.

Additionally remember that history repeats itself, being that the Eternal God is not
a spiritual shape-shifter who bows to the whims of mankind.  Therefore, the person
who fails to learn from the tragedies recorded in history are condemned to repeat
This is one of two Rte 176 entrances.  Across the road is a Catholic high school.
It's known as Our Lady of the Lake University.  Here's the lake.
The lake, again.  This is officially Mundelein seminary grounds, also.
This is the ocula (roof opening) of a well-built tunnel on seminarian grounds.
Well, I did Wintertime photography of Mundelein, too.
Here's the lake under thawing ice.

The lake, yet again.
The previously mentioned tunnel of the seminary.
Mundelein in the Wintertime, yet again.
For the record, this was NOT photo-shopped or altered in
any way.  This is a common photographer's field trick, called
Sun Flaring.  I mention this, being that I get harassed for every-
thing I post which has popularity attached to it, and my photography
has gotten millions of pageviews (hits.)  So, I got harassed for it.
The Versailles of Chicagoland, aka Mundelein seminary grounds.

© Patrick Anthony Pontillo, along with all the other photos here.

Yes, it really does look like Versailles, France, but but but it's reminiscent
of a Virginian form of architectural design.    So, it actually looks like a
cross between Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and Versailles.
In review, it's not the look of the classrooms that matter.  Rather, it's the content of
the classroom teachings that do.  Wuerl ignored this and graded Mundelein as an
A+ seminary, simply based on its appearance . . . in my opinion.

Now, we need seminarians, being that we need a priesthood whose ordinations trace
directly back to the original apostles who happened to have been the original priests 
and bishops.  We simply need better bishops ... honest ones who aren't cowards when 
faced by the ways of the less-than-sanctified world and who don't dedicate themselves 
to living pampered, French aristocratic lifestyles.  Keep in mind that there are no more
French aristocrats.  They have been oxidized, to politely state it.

So, why do I mention this?  ANS: Because of the prophecy of Rianjo, when Christ
appeared from a consecrated host and stated to the Sister Lucia of Fatima fame that
the modern bishops are headed to the same destiny that was met by the King
of France.  The Rianjo prophecy is why I refer to Cardinal Wuerl's high-priced living
style as his Marie Antoinette lifestyle.

Signing off from Chicagoland,  Pat the Wonder Rat (Inside joke)

References for you to view, written by other persons:



January 27, 2024

Wuerl's Triple Cover-up & Zirwas: Pittsburghers clueless about this history.

In re: The Wolk, Zula, Pucci Cover-up and resultant indictments, along with
DA John C Pettit's bitter complaint about Wuerl's degree of uncooperative-
ness with law enforcement officials ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I literally could not find anyone in Pittsburgh who knew about it.  This is
how intense the Wuerl Propaganda Machine worked; in covering up some-
thing already uncovered by newspapers from New Hampshire to St. Peters-
burg Florida to Texas to California.

Keep in mind that the Year 2002 was the year when the sex abuse scandal
went international.  It was also the year when Cardinal Wuerl stole the spot-
light from the deeply suffering sex abuse casualties and had certain media
people toot his horn, by claiming accomplishments that never transpired.

No one in the media mentioned Wuerl's UNcooperativeness with law en-
forcement officials during his cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.

In like fashion, no one in the media admitted that Wuerl reinstated into
ministry a fourth criminal priest, namely John Hoehl, a former Catholic
high school headmaster.

Plus, no one in the 2002 media revealed that U.S. Supreme Court briefs
were in Washington DC with Wuerl's name throughout them, as aggres-
sor, on account of Wuerl's cover-up of the intrusive homosexual  James
Torquato, a retaliator who literally almost got someone either seriously
injured or killed.  Literally.

The following internet post was a mind-blowing revelation when it was
originally posted, because, until that time, America was deceived into
 thinking that Donald Wuerl was a heroic zero tolerance bishop with a
perfectly clean sex abuse handling record.  No one knew that Wuerl was
the SECOND American bishop to get caught covering-up criminal priests
.... and the first one accused of being uncooperative with police during a
criminal investigation.

All in all, this post is here to show how insufferably dishonest is and was
Wuerl's propaganda machine.  Through surrogates, he incessantly lied to
the public, deceiving people into thinking that he was a holy, caring man.

Then came the truth about Wuerl in 2018.  And the Vatican seemed not to
care about the damage, deprivation, and even jeopardization (the Torquato
Retaliations) that Wuerl caused throughout the preceding years.  The Vati-
can has become Wuerl's accessory as much as it was the accessory of the
international molester, Marcial Maciel Degollado.  Thus, this is an Evi-
dence Webpage.

A reflection of the Pittsburgh Roman Catholic cathedral in plate glass.
Intro:  It's amazing how Vatican officials, Americans, Pennsylvanians, and
Pittsburgh residents in particular were clueless to the fact that Cardinal Wuerl
was caught in a triple cover-up which resulted in three of his Pittsburgh priests
being multiply indicted in more than one Pennsylvania county.  This is because
news of the criminal indictments and the reports of Wuerl being uncooperative
with law enforcement officials rang out in the newspapers from Lewiston Maine
to New Hampshire to NYC to Northwestern Ohio to Chicago to California ... and
from Cleveland to Saint Petersburg to San Antonio.  The reports were even in the
now-defunct Pittsburgh Press, as well as the Pgh Post Gazette.

Yours truly receiving his diploma from the John Hoehl, Wuerl's "cover-up
in the wings."  Wuerl put him back into ministry, showing that Wuerl was  
NO zero tolerance bishop.  I heard rumors about Hoehl during high school,
 but they weren't frequent and not detailed.  I simply didn't think that any 
priest would do what the rumors accused him of doing. 

See also:









January 26, 2024

The Heresies Promoted by and Tacitly Approved by Donald Wuerl

Public Domain: Jewish Civilians During the Destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto, Poland, 1943 (NARA)
The Warsaw Ghetto being evacuated, 1943.

Reminder:  The Eternal God, aka the Unmoved Mover & Uncatalyzed Catalyst,
is changeless.  That is to say, the God who is who was and who is to come is the
same One Infinite Being.  This is why devout Germans used evergreen trees to                               symbolize the changeless God, during Medieval Christmas season.  So, God's                               revelation to humanity is as changeless as is God the Revealer.

Now, when you are a clergyman promoting heresy under the guise that it's the
official teaching of the Catholic Church, you are committing Theft by Decep-
tion, in posing as a Catholic promoting Catholicism, when you only live in Marie                Antoinette luxury.  Enter the formerly whispery voiced Cardinal Donald Wuerl
Donald William Wuerl, former personal secretary of John Cardinal Wright
who spent tens years in Rome, learning how to manipulate its power structure.

That even goes for Mr. Kissy-poo Smiley Face

No bishop, no matter how narcissistic in glamor he and his militant homosex-
ual (Dignity Mass) followers sees him, can change doctrine.  Therefore, if the
elevator-shoe-obsessed Cardinal Donald Wuerl wants to change doctrine, then
he can simply leave the Catholic Church and his $43 million dollar abode on
Embassy Row and start another religion.  He can call it Wuerlean Protestan-
tism.  No one is stopping him.

But, of course, his new religion will have a much lower number of followers
and less money in the tax-free collection baskets, meaning that Wuerl will
actually have to live like the rest of us.  So, you can bid farewell to his
Mercedes Benz-owning chef.

In October 2015, the agenda of Cardinals Kasper, Wuerl, and company was de-
flected like a football that made contact with a defensive lineman's hand, during
a field goal attempt.   The attempt of Kasper and Wuerl was to change the Cath-
olic Church's 2,000 year old doctrine, especially as it involved the Sacrament of
Holy Communion, aka the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

More importantly, Kasper was addressing his concerns only as they apply to his
Germany and the Church's money supply thereof.  He simply wanted more Ger-
man citizens to check the box on their income tax returns which identifies them
as Roman Rite Catholic,  This is because the German government subsidizes all
religions in proportion to the number of taxpayers identifying themselves as "ad-
herents" to the various religions practiced in Germany.

Catholicism is laid waste in Germany, and the numbers of Germany's Catholic
faithful dropped to ground-level when the former Hitler Youth & Cronyism
Meister ascended to the Chair of Saint Peter.  His election to the papacy was
perceived as a continuation that ruled throughout the altar-boy-molestation
epidemic that was overseen by a Pope John Paul II who, during his younger
days was too timid to join the tens of thousands of Polish lads who made their
ways to England, to topple the Nazi Killing Machine.  Carlos Wojtyla (future
pope) first let himself be a laborer in a lime quarry and then one at a chemi-
cal company, before taking shelter in the underground seminary of Krakow.
 A hero in his youth he was not.  Don't pretend that he was..

In response to the empty echo chamber of Germany's Catholic Church attendants,
Cardinal Kasper sought to make Catholicism easy to observe.  This diluting of the
Faith, he thought, would bring back people to the church pews.  It had the opposite
effect, however.  Why join something ... or return to something ... that has nothing
majestic, admirable, challenging, or fulfilling about it.  All in all, in Kasper's plan
to make Catholicism appear to be ho-hum easy, it made adherence to the Catholic
Faith appear to be a boring waste of time.

The elevator shoes aficionado, Donald Wuerl and all of the German DNA jumped
on native German Kasper's band wagon.  And like Kasper, Wuerl feared the loss of
government dollars.

The etchings made by oceanfront vegetation has more intelligibility
than the teachings to which Wuerl gave tacit approval and which were
long since condemned as heresies in previous church councils.
Wuerl has repeatedly scored on your tax dollars, via "social service" government
contracts, school funding, etc. He allowed Pelosi, Dodd, and company do what
they willed, because Wuerl is a coward who compensated for his cowardice
by letting surrogate bullies harass those whom he feared and who did not have
corporate dollars or the federal treasury purse in their hands.
Wuerl made much income out of "social service" government contracts.  He feared
that, if he publicly denied Holy Communion to Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Joe Bi-
den and other abortion-obsessed politicians, he would become the direct object of
the democratic party's retaliation.  The retaliation that Wuerl feared was the depri-
vation of federal taxpayer subsidies.  Yes, the tax dollars of atheists in the States
do find their ways in a number of religions' bank accounts, thereby funding a
number of "sectarian" schools, hospitals, nursing homes, housing systems, and
"faith-based" social service government contacts

In addition, Kasper did not realize that, if the cardinals and ordinal bishops of
this corrupt & scandal-ridden era would start living decently, then people would
start returning to church.

As a result of German prelate Walter Kasper's obsession with his own national
boundaries, as if Germany were the only nation on earth, Australia's Cardinal
Pell publicly stated that the Catholic Church is universal and NOT continental.
Furthermore, when asked about the African bishops' comments on the matter
of changing church doctrine, Cardinal Kasper stated on camera, "Oooooh, we 
don't listen to them."  Thus, Cardinal Kasper became the Ghost of Nazism.

Kasper limited his concern to the near absence of church attendance in a very
disheveled Germany, in a stroke of Nationalism.  Then, in the spirit of Nazi
racism, he stated that "we" don't listen to the voices of the African bishops.
Kasper's sidekick, Donald Wuerl, is of German decent, thereby rounding
off Kasper's self-evident Nazi German sentiments.

Now, Cardinal Wuerl was allowing those people obstinate in mortal sin to
receive communion for years.  Those initial years were Wuerl's two weekly
Dignity Masses which endured for eight disobedient years.  Thus, Wuerl was
a pioneer at permitting the sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion on a
mass scale.  Wuerl did other evils throughout the decades, and the damage he
allowed must be repaired.

If a bishop wants to change church doctrine, in order to suit his interests, he
can simply go and start another religion.  Of course, he won't enjoy the bene-
fits of the massive tax-free collection basket proceeds that the largest form
of Christianity experiences.  Nor would such a bishop readily procure the
 amount of social service government contracts which a large religion can
procure as a matter of course.  Therefore, it's reasonable to conclude that the
various heretical bishops of today didn't leave the church, only because they
wanted to enjoy the wealth and comforts of the richer venues of the Catholic
Church.  In as much, simply because a bishop walks down the corridors of a
Catholic Church, it doesn't mean that he wants to be Catholic.  Wuerl lived
in luxury for decades.  He wanted the wealthy settings provided by Catholic
parishioners and benefactors, evidenced by the fact that he sought to live in
constant luxury.

Wuerl was made out to be a zero tolerance pioneer with a clean sex abuse
record when the truth is that he was the second bishop caught in what was
to become a Watergate of perversity.  He was hailed as one of the first bish-
ops to announce a zero tolerance policy.  But, this did NOT happen until the
triple indictments of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci ... and long after Wuerl had
put the notorious John Hoehl back into  ministry.  This same zero tolerance
policy was ignored in the case of Edward Huff who would also be indicted.
This policy did NOT apply to James Torquato, either.  Nor was this extend-
ed to the corrupting influence of the banned Dignity Masses (pro-Sodomy
Masses that Wuerl red carpeted in Pittsburgh until the Vatican told him to
knock it off.
One of the Sodomite Mass Venues, during
Donald Wuerl's tenure in Pittsburgh
Shortly before Torquato was discovered to be what we found him to be, and
while Donald Wuerl was in charge of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, there were
noticeable teachings set forth which were contrary to Catholic Church doc-
trine.  These types of teachings are still called heresies, but their essence is
that they consist in stealing church property, for the purpose of promoting
a new religion of malcontents who whined and complained about anything
Catholic.  They merely wanted to use the wealth and comfort provided by
the American church, all the while justifying their non-Catholic lifestyles.
This means that they were imposters to Catholicism.  After all, Torquato
stated that rubbing down an unwilling parishioner was something healthy.
Well, it's not healthy if the parishioner involved has the physical power
to knock out any priest who won't keep his hands to himself.

As an example of Wuerl's doctrinal negligence, a priest who was the splitting
image the of famous 1981 Nerd Poster taught that there was no such thing as
being conceived in the state of original sin.  Well, this is outright heresy and
an attack against the foundation stone of the Catholic religion.  So, the priest
was reported to Wuerl's office.  Yet, the priest was not removed from ministry,
thereby giving the false impression that the undisciplined priest's heresy was
new church teaching.

In fact, the same priest taught something about the Sacrament of the Euchar-
ist (Communion) which was condemned in an infallible statement made at
the Council of Trent.  This constituted breach of duty to loyalty.  Such a
thing would be construed as new doctrine by a trusting Catholic, being
that it was spoken by a confident-sounding priest.  However, the nerdy
look was an indication that he lived the lazy, lethargic, and lackadaisical
lifestyle of a person the opposite of an aethstetic.  It was the lifestyle of a
pampered little brat.  His doctrine equaled lackadaisicalness.

At this point, you need to keep in mind that pathetic state of the Catholic
Church in America as much as Europe in the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and beyond.
Those who attended Sunday Mass, according to John Paul II, had the status
of neo-catechuminates (those at the first stage of Catholicism planning to be
baptized in the near future.)  More correctly, that type of person can be call-
ed nothing more than "a baptized pagan."  Such persons didn't/don't know the
preliminary basics of the Faith which used to be easily learned by reading the
opening pages of any Catholic prayer book.  That is how pathetic the Catholic
Church had become throughout the Vatican II years.

The first truth of Catholicism is that its doctrine is as changeless as is the
Eternal God.  It's as changeless as an evergreen tree.  That which had been
taught by the Apostles 2,000 years ago applied 1,000 years later and still
applies today, with no amendment to the articles of Faith.  This means that
there is no such thing as a new Vatican II church teaching.  Vatican II did
NOT reverse any past teaching.   All revelation ended with Saint John the
Apostle at the Island of Patmos, the day he died.

In as much, any infallible statement official recorded in a Catholic Ecumen-
ical Council text is a reflection of what the original apostles taught.  If any
teaching, such as Cardinal Wuerl's teaching on Holy Communion, goes
against the Apostles' teachings, it's NOT Catholicism.  Rather, it's an attack
on Christ, himself.

Even though there were many infallible statements published as a result of
various ecumenical counclis, not all councils  contain infallible statements.
In fact, there is no infallible statement in any of the Vatican II documents.
There were dozens of infallible statements set forth at the Council of Trent.
There were a few at Vatican Council I, and one of them set off a revolution
in Europe.  That one was the doctrine of papal infallibility which happens
to be  limited within its scope of power, pertaining solely to officially de-
fined teachings on Faith and Morals.

Once, a certain director of religious education was reported to Wuerl.  This
was a woman who had a son she apparently neglected to teach basic moral
precepts.  At the parish where she worked, she had a volunteer teacher who
complained that the youth were not being taught the basic necessities of the
faith ... and especially morals.

In fact, a book that she issued to the teachers taught the Taoist belief in Yin
& Yang, as if it were Catholic Doctrine.  Such a thing is contrary to church
teaching.  In fact, teaching such a thing is known as apostasy.  This means
that, if the director of religious education were so enamored by a belief in
Taoism, then she had the obligation to stop accepting diocesan paychecks.
She could have joined a Taoist temple where she probably wouldn't have
been paid as much as a penny.  Well, the whistle blower was disregarded
so much so that he was fired.  The following then occurred:

The son of the director of religious education got the younger sister of
the whistle blower pregnant.  There he was (the fired teacher), trying
to get the youth to start living according to a moral code.  He is then
dismissed and treated with contempt, as if he didn't teach the truth.
Next, he finds that his sister is pregnant at the hands of the son of
the director of religious education who got him fired.

The wrong person was fired.  Wuerl should pay for that child's upbring-
ing, on account of his negligence, because a complaint against the direc-
tor of religious education was sent to Wuerl's office, long before the
pregnancy took place.

There were a number of heretical and apostastical teachings that Wuerl
let be taught in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  This included whatever was
taught during Dignity Masses, for eight long years.  As an example of
the heresies which flew about the Diocese of Pittsburgh, a woman went
to the pulpit during a retreat of iron workers and told them that layman
have the power to bless water, thereby making it sacramental holy water.
She then had the ironworkers go through a water consecrating ceremony.

Now, this is complete heresy.  Laymen do not have the priesthood's power
to bless or consecrate anything.  If laymen had such power, then they would
also have the power to absolve each other from sin, as well as the power to
consecrate wine and unleavened bread during Mass.  This means that there
would be no need for any priest, including Wuerl.  Heresy and apostasy ends
up backfiring upon the priests who allow it to be taught.

At this point, keep in mind that best selling author Malachi Martin called
Donald Wuerl a fool who will have to answer to God for all the sins he has
allowed.  Quite frankly, Wuerl is a liar who conned people into advancing
his lies, all while posing as if the accomplices were experts.

By the way, Wuerl isn't anywhere near 5'11, as Ann Rodgers falsely stated
in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  She knew that he's tiny.  So, how stupid did
she think Pittsburghers were?  After all, Pittsburghers were taking Wuerl to
court, left and right,because they felt wronged by him.  They weren't im-
pressed with him, to say the least.  Rodgers fabricated a fairy tale.

January 24, 2024

Donald Wuerl: Clone of the Scribes & Pharisees

Evidence of the Torquato Cover-up, showing
that the praise of Wuerl was deceptive propaganda,
and NOT honest journalism.
Worldly Honors and the Absence of Humility

The following passage of Sacred Scripture was spoken by the only Messiah that
mankind will ever have:  "A prophet is not without honor, except in his native place, among

his own kindred, and in his own house."  Conversely speaking, one can deduce from the 
same Sacred Script that he who receives great honor in his native place and among
his own people is not a prophet.  Well, Donald Wuerl is a native of Pittsburgh, and
he had a gluttonous supply of artificial and contrived honors bestowed upon him
there.  It was easily to prove contrived in light of the fact that Wuerl was being
sued left and right by citizens living in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  He was taken
to every court venue, State and Federal.  This includes the United States Supreme
Court..  In Pittsburgh, during the Wuerl years, the voice of the People was very
much suppressed.  Plus, the abuse of Pittsburgh Police in the 1990s was so well
known that even the world famous Geraldo Rivera reported on it.
EWTN was "on to Wuerl" in the 1990s, proven by the letter above.

Therefore, according to the Gospels, Wuerl is not a . . . prophet.  After all, Wuerl 
aligned himself with Marcial Maciel during a time when he didn't know that Maciel
the Molester would have his works & plagiarisms banned by order of Benedict XVI.

The local media's portrayal of Donald  Wuerl was equivalent to their having said,
"our bishop can beat up your bishop." Now, it can be reasonably suspected that
the local media's praise of Wuerl was done to keep the Catholic anti-defamation
league off of the local media's back.  However, in praising Wuerl the way in which
he was praised, the local media de facto belittled the other Catholic bishop's in
America.  That is defamatory to Catholics elsewhere.

The Isolate-and-Converge Tactic

Donald Wuerl closed 35% of the 333 Pittsburgh area parishes that were in ex-
istence the day he took charge.  Yet, between 1988 and 2004, the Catholic
population in the Pittsburgh vicinity only dropped 3% (837,000 to 812,000).

Well, one of the 118 parishes designated for closure was a Franciscan and
Croatian parish that canonically belonged to the same province as does the
famed (or infamous) Saint James Parish, in Medjugorje.  It is known as the
Province of the Assumption in Hercegovina

Shortly after Donald  Wuerl announced his intent to close that parish, its pastor
signed a letter stating that Wuerl violated canon law in his having chosen to close
it.  In response, Wuerl ordered the pastor to his office.  But, Wuerl did not order
the pastor there for the purpose of having a friendly dialogue.  In fact, as soon as
the pastor entered Wuerl's office, he found himself surrounded by a entourage of
people who served the function of intimidating office decor.

Such a technique can constrict a invited person's mental processes so much so
that it can easily close a case before it's even opened.  There was no one-on-one
meeting with a kindly father figure.  There were no prior meetings with courteous
canon lawyers.  There was no point by point discussion of the contents of the let-
ter.  There was not even an acknowledgment that closing an unique parish could
be emotionally painful for its ethnic parishioners.

Rather, there was one question posed to an isolated priest, by a bishop sitting
amidst an inhospitable entourage that can cause a person to freeze.  Wuerl chal-
lenged the pastor to produce one article of canon law that was violated by him.
Intimidating someone is an effective way to prevent his thoughts from flowing.
Wuerl could have been courteous and understanding about the parishioners'
grief, but he elected to operate in the intimidation mode.  Wuerl's thug tactic
didn't cause the parishioners to backdown.  They ended up filing a lawsuit
against Wuerl.

Shortly after that office visit, the pastor made a public apology for having signed
the letter, while also mentioning how intimidating that meeting was.  In fact, he
said that he had to take a few days off, being that it was such a traumatizing ex-
perience.  All in all, it is not healthy for a bishop to employ those types of tactics.

The Common Tactic

This case and the case of Wuerl's former personal secretary have one common
trait.  In both accounts, you can see that the chosen technique of Wuerl is to iso-
late you and then converge upon you.  Let it be repeated.   Donald Wuerl's tactic
is to get you isolated, defenseless, and abandoned.  Then he attacks.

In the case of Wuerl's former secretary, the accuser was told that bringing his
many pieces of evidence to the diocesan building would be helpful.  Take note
that he was not asked to bring in copies of the evidence.  Well, a letter was sent
back to Wuerl's personnel, informing them that they would only be shown the
pieces of evidence in a neutral place, with a third party holding them, allowing
diocesan personnel to see every inch of every piece of evidence, but never get-
ting their hands on any of it.  That is to say, the evidence was not going to be
handed over to the diocese in good faith.  That is when serpentine behavior
turned into full scale hammering.

Wuerl's Use of a De Facto Corruption of Blood Policy,
in Punishing the Children of those Adults who Publically
Objected to Donald Wuerl's Breaking of a Promise

Risen Lord Parish is one of the Pittsburgh diocesan parishes.  It had a parochial
school when Donald Wuerl assumed power in Pittsburgh, but it has no school at
present.  Wuerl designated Risen Lord Parish School for closure.  The excuse
was the lack of financial resources.  Parents of the student body appealed to the
diocese, in their desire to have Risen Lord Parish School kept open.  So, a deal
was made by the diocese, where the school would remain open, if the parents
and teachers raised a certain sum of money.  It had to be cash, and not merely
pledges.  The parents and teachers successfully raised the required sum of mon-
ey, if pledges were counted.  Wuerl closed the school.

In response to Wuerl's closing of the school, a number of the parishioners per-
formed a public protest, even with protest signs in hand.  In fact, the event made
local television headline news.  In response to the protest, Wuerl's Diocese of
Pittsburgh mandated that all Risen Lord Parish protesters were required to at-
tend classes on how to show respect to one's bishop, under penalty of having
their children barred admission into all other Pittsburgh diocesan schools.  This
policy was euphemistically called "denying school transfers," and the mandated
classes were euphemistically called "Three Hours of Reconciliation Counselling."

Punishing children for the actions of a parent is known as the corruption of blood.
Specifically speaking, Corruption of Blood actions consist in denying the children
their inheritance, on account of a treasonable act of one of their parents.   The
children of Risen Lord Parish School were faced with loosing the inheritance
of a Catholic school education, at the hands of Donald Wuerl, even though
they did absolutely nothing wrong.  Donald Wuerl is heralded as a protector
of children who cares about their education.  Well, he was ready to keep a
number of children out of diocesan schools.

One question remains in the Risen Lord Parish School case.
What happened to the money that the people raised?
Ann Rodgers of the Post Gazette rewrote the Wolk-Zula-Pucci cover-up,
making Wuerl look like a hero in his own deceit.  That was the abuse of
an entire newspaper company.

Incidentally, Donald Wuerl did NOT write the Teachings of Christ  catechism 
book.  Nor was it officially claimed that he did.  He was recognized as its co-
editor; one out of three editors.  Several peeople werer recognized as the co-

In 2006, Wuerl was on CSPAN.  In the parting scene, Wuerl was outside the
national shrine, shaking hands with a few passerbyers.  In that shot, Wuerl
literally looked 6'2.  In that scene, Wuerl was standing on a stairway step that
was hidden by a long limousine.  Wuerl then got into the limousine and rode
off.   It was not a scene of Franciscan poverty or Carmelite simplicity.  It cer-
tainly wasn't a scene of Dominican wisdom, either.  Donald Wuerl's egress
via limousine was enough to turn off numerous prospective converts.  It was
the religious hypocrisy of a pillow mint cleric, in direct violation of the Gospel

Message, squared and cubed.

"The Elizabeth Ann Seton Award for Contributions to
Catholic Education" Has Nothing to do with Educating
or Writing. It Involves Financial Contributions only.

Wuerl was advertised as the winner of the "prestigious Elizabeth Ann Seton
Award for his ongoing work as a teacher and educator."  This is an outright
lie.  The Elizabeth Ann Seton Award is simply an award for supporting Catho-
lic educational institutions with money; by either fund raising or philanthropy.
It's a "thanks for the money award."

The founder of the National Dance Institute won that award in 1996.  Wuerl
won it in 1995.  Therefore, if you ever win the lottery and then donate $5 mil-
lion, while making it known that you are considering to donate an additional
$5 million in the near future, chances are that you will win the exact same
"prestigious" award that Wuerl won in 1995, even if you know little about
Catholicism.  In addition, how prestigious can an award be when eight people
win it in one day?

Incidentally, Donald Wuerl's achievement consisted in the corporate fund rais-
ing effort to keep four inner city Pittsburgh diocesan schools open.  It was not
several schools, as the Wuerl propaganda machine alleged.  In fact, the total
enrollment of the four schools at any one time was only 850 students.  The
students did not attend for free.  For the 2002/2003 school season, each
student's guardian or parent was charged $1,480 of the $3,700 tuition bill.

The organization which was ultimately formed to maintain the inner city 

schools is called the Extra Mile Education Foundation.  It had twenty board 
members other than Wuerl in 2002, and the vast majority of them came from 
the corporate & finance world.  So, why didn't they get win the Elizabeth 
Ann Seton Award, also?

Now, keeping these four schools open was a good cause. But, it seems to
have been a cause for Donald Wuerl's public image more than the children.
Concerning the Extra Mile Education Foundation, 85.7% of its 2004 oper-
ating budget went to the programs and services that it was established to
provide. Its Charity Navigator Rating was 56.59.  That constitutes a three
star rating.  So, if it still exists, give if you can.

Keep in mind that any person with the influence that comes with the title,
Bishop of Pittsburgh, could have done the same thing.  In  fact, you would
expect someone with that influence to accomplish much more that what
Wuerl accomplished during his 18 year tenure.

The Hypocritical Irony Attached to Praising
Wuerl for this Effort which was only Made
Possible by Corporate Intervention

The irony to giving Donald Wuerl the Elizabeth Ann Seton Award is that, if he
were so great a maintainer of Catholic school education, then why did he close
the number of Catholic parochial schools that he closed?  In fact, the parents
of Risen Lord Parish should all be given the Elizabeth Ann Seton Award for
their efforts.

Concerning Donald Wuerl being claimed as the great catechist, know that he did
author the catechism book titled, the Teachings of  Christ He was merely one 

of three editors of that book which was first published in 1976.  This is mentioned,
because it was repeatedly claimed that Wuerl wrote that book single-handedly.  He
did not so do.  A co-editor is not a sole author.

Matthew, Chapter 6:  Do Not Be Like the Hypocrites

It is written:

When you give alms, do not blow a trumpet before
you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in
the streets, to win the praise of others.

Concerning those four inner city schools, Wuerl definitely blew a trumpet before
him.  It was not even his alms that were being given.  It was someone else's mon-
ey.  Nonetheless, such trumpet blowing, according to the Gospels, is the sign of
a hypocrite.

Who is More Valuable: The Jesus Christ who never
won an award or the Donald Wuerl who Waves his
tokens in your Face?

Jesus never received a single award during his lifetime.  Does this mean that he
was an inept teacher who should be ignored and replaced with Donald Wuerl?
It is a valid question to ask in light of the observation that, whenever Donald
Wuerl's name is brought into a conversation, Jesus' name seems to be left out.
In as much:

Jesus gave sight to the blind and functionality to the crippled.  He cast out fero-
cious demons, multiplied loaves of bread, and calm a stormy sea.  How often
has Donald Wuerl done this?

- Did Donald Wuerl ever stop a war as did Francis of Assisi?
- Has Donald Wuerl ever converted a nation as did Patrick?
- Has his preaching ever made fish leap throughout a lake
   (as did Anthony of Padua's)?
- Did Wuerl ever risk his life for what is right?

How many times did Wuerl give the fullness of breath to asthmatics, instead of
letting them be on the run during the course of a diocesan retaliation?  In fact,
how times has Wuerl's administering  of the  seventh sacrament of  the church
resulted in a healing, as the Epistle of  James promised it would?

Zero times?

Well, if that's the case, then why all the media praise about Wuerl?
Praising someone like Wuerl makes the press look insignificant.

The Stalin Complex

The Napoleon Bonaparte who was portrayed as a 5'2" (even 4'11") corporal was
actually a 5'7 1/2" graduate of the Royal Military School, in Paris.  His height was
slightly above average for an early 19th Century continental European male, and 

he was only called the Little Corporal as a show of filiality by his soldiers, on ac-
count of his camarderie with them.  So, historic fact would have you refrain from
using the phrase, "Napoleon Complex."  However, the phrase "Stalin Complex"
would be applicable in describing Donald Wuerl, the Elevator Shoes Kid.  This
complex appears to be the state of mind displayed in either Donald Wuerl or in
the public relations personnel who  constructed Wuerl's public image.

Joseph Stalin was a frail 5'5 1/2.  He was only slightly taller than Wuerl.  Yet, 

film clips and statuary made him appear to be of an intimidating height and sta-
ture.  In fact, Stalin was given the titles, Brilliant Genius of Humanity, Gardener 
of Human Happiness, and Father of Nations.  His reputation for protecting people's 
rights was such that, whenever atrocities were being committed against Soviet cit-
izens, the people caught in the middle of them were telling each other that Stalin 
probably didn't know they were happening.   The fact was that he was the one 
who ordered them to be done.

Joseph Stalin, despite all of the media propaganda, deceptive photographs, and
exaggerated statues, was condemned in 1956 and even in the 1980s.  His propa-
ganda image collapsed.

Oliver Cromwell, three years after his death, was exhumed, hung, drawn, and
quartered, having been formally declared a criminal.  the surviving accomplices
of Cromwell who cooperated in the regicide of Charles I were then executed.
Cromwell's legacy was erased, yet he was once called Lord Protector a few
years prior.

Robespierre was publicly heralded as the Incorruptible.   But, he was to later
meet the same destiny that he was imposing on others, during his Reign of Terror.

One of the marks of a tyrant is that he is repeatedly praised in the press, amidst
the absence of anyone questioning his actions and motives.  The news articles
about Donald Wuerl in the Pittsburgh Catholic and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
were more indoctrination than it was informative news.

Another mark of a tyrant is that of performing some type of purge.  Donald Wuerl's
great regional purge saw to the dissolution of 118 parishes in a geographic area
that only saw a 3% decrease in its Catholic population (between 1988 and 2004).
Now, concerning Donald Wuerl partaking in a great nationwide purge, consider
the following:

According to Omaha archbishop Elden Curtiss, today's shortage of priests was
being artificially contrived during the same time when Wuerl was closing multiple
parishes and Catholic schools in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  It was also during
the time when Wuerl was influential in the Office of Priestly Formations.  In ad-
dition, other sources have reported that an ongoing purge in the ranks of seminary
candidates consisted in rejecting the applications of every candidate unwilling to
coexist with homosexuality.

Seminary management pertains to the office of Priestly Formation.  Donald Wuerl
was involved with the national office of Priestly Formation during the thinning of the
herd.  Therefore, if Elden Curtiss and other sources are correct, then Donald Wuerl
partook in a second great purge.

Those who ignore the errors made in history are condemned to repeat them and
to then share in a destiny similar to those who previously engaged in the errors.
History has shown that tyrants and egomaniacs fall with the weight of gravity,
along with their emblems and public relations images.  History has also shown
that tyrants are known to be disowned after their deaths, even to the point where
their successors apologize to the people for their actions.


The Ghost of Christmas Future