August 25, 2018

Wuerl voted THIRD most destructive churchman in the past 100 years

Then a choir of  voters sang:  "Oh Donald.   How evil thou art."
For the record, above is Cardinal Donald Wuerl's parish, when
he was only a future menace to the Roman Catholic Church.

A link posted below covers the recent 2016 Church Militant poll which present-
ed to each viewer a list of twenty public church figures, asking each viewer to
identify the ones who did the most damage to the Faith of Peter, aka the Roman
Catholic Church.

The result of the poll was predictable for any insider.  It was a surprise for any-
one who lives by 10 second sound bytes and magazine article titles.

Cardinal Donald William Wuerl ... ordained in 1966 ...  was voted the THIRD
most dangerous and destructive of them all.  He was #3 on a list of those church-
men regarded as the most dangerous ones in the past ONE HUNDRED YEARS.
That list can be called Sabotage Central.

Wuerl's admitted mentor and inspiration, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, ("the
South Carolina Flamer") was Numero Uno on the Most Destructive List.

Number 2 on the Most Destructive List was the non-ascetic Cardinal Timothy
Dolan, the one incompetent as a cover-up artist.  Meanwhile, Number 4 on the
list of deadly churchmen was Los Angeles' Roge Mahal Mahony.  He was the
archbishop who oversaw the construction of the most distorted piece of church
architecture in the history of the Catholic Church.  Mahony was also the arch-
bishop who paid-out two-thirds of a billion dollars in sex abuse lawsuit settle-
ments to 508 plaintiffs.  He was also the cleric who bullied Mother Angelica.

The Manifest Implications

This recent vote proves that Wuerl is NOT a popular leader of leaders that Ann
Rodgers and Scranton-area native Mike Aquilina make Wuerl out to be..  Thus,
calling Wuerl a great gift of the Church is only being construed as disingenuous
propaganda.  Bill Donohue stated such, and Donohue makes $475,000+ a year.
He gets paid to state such things, thereby rendering the Catholic League for
naught.  The Catholic League, for those unfamiliar, was designed to defend
Catholics from the intense anti-Catholicism that permeated throughout white
AngloSaxonated Protestant America.  The hatred for Italians, especially the
Italian pope was that intense.  In as much, Bill Donohue makes it look as if
the purpose for the Catholic League is to worship Wuerl, as if Wuerl were
the Divine Chosen One of God.  Newsflash:  Wuerl isn't.

Ann Rodgers' Idolatry of Wuerl

Rodgers called Wuerl a good shepherd.  Uhhhhm, that's a title reserved for the
God-made-man, Jesus Christ.  In as much, Rodgers is equating Marie-Antoinette
Wuerl with the Jesus Christ who raised the dead, walked on water, calmed storm-
ridden waters, cured the blind, cured the lame, and drove the money changers out
of the Temple, etc.  Wuerl, on the other hand, is the modern version of the money
changers.  He spent decades making money through government contract social
services.  Yet, Rodgers writes as if Wuerl is Immaculate and Divine.  That's the
creation of a Cult Figure, and not the conveyance of objective news material.

The Bottom Line is that, according to Ann Rodgers and Mike Aquilina, Cardinal
Donald Wuerl is equal to Jesus Christ, and therefore, Wuerl is equal to God.  This
therefore makes the Holy Trinity the new & improved God the Holy Quarternity
consisting in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and God the Don-
ald Wuerl.  That is to say, Ann Rodgers' very cultist praise of Wuerl is such that,
in any given election, Donald Wuerl should run for God.

But, in casting all sarcasm aside, Rodgers needs to familiarize herself with those
in history who praised deadly cult leaders and political tyrants.  She is merely an-
other one of those types and nothing more.  If she really thought that Wuerl were
greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread, she would have become a Cath-
olic long ago.  She's an Episcopalian.  For those unfamiliar, the Episcopalian sect
is the one which pushed for unrepetent Sodomites in the clergy, so that they will
preach a religion whose Scriptures repeatedly stated that the Sin of Sodom is one
of the Four Sins which Cry to Heaven for Vengeance and always leads to the Se-
cond Death which never ends.

In re:  Rodgers titling Wuerl "a good shepherd," when the truth is that 
he has a history of viciousness, manipulation, lies, and selfishness.

A good shepherd is someone who cares for his sheep.  Wuerl certainly didn't care
for the well-being of George Neumayr.  Wuerl also didn't care about the well be-
ing of anyone caught in the middle of the Torquato Retaliations.  He equally did
NOT care about the children of the now-defunct Risen Lord Parish School in hav-
ing banned them from all Pittsburgh Catholic Schools unless each one's parents
took "reconciliation courses," on how to "respect one's bishop."  And Wuerl most
certainly didn't care about the prey of John Hoehl, John Wellinger, and Edward
Huff.  Wuerl DID reinstate Huff.

Wuerl additionally didn't care about the salvation of those caught in grave sin, such
as Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, and John Kerry, not to mention the androgynous les-
bian who apostatized from the Catholic Faith, in favor of the lesbian version of the
pantheistic belief of Buddhism

Wuerl has repeatedly shown that that he only cares about himself, as is evidenced
in his decades-long Marie-Antoinette-Lifestyle.  This is additionally evidenced by
Wuerl's decades of indifference toward the American corporate practice of exploit-
ing grossly underpaid foreign workers, even though it was Donald Wuerl's moral
obligation to speak out, pursuant to Rerum Novarum, Quadragessimo Anno, and
the Book of Isaiah, among other church teachings swhich state that the Defraud-
ment of Laborers of their Wages is one of the Four Sins which Cry to Heaven for

In the Court of Public Opinion

As of 2016, a recent vote showed how UNPOPULAR and UNPASTORAL Wuerl
is regarded.  At best, Cardinal Wuerl can be called a failure, as opposed to a delib-
erate saboteur.  His failure consists in the fact that immorality in the United States
has long-since been at a pandemic level, and such widespread immorality is a di-
rect reflection of the cardinal who stole the national limelight and let himself be
paraded around as the quintessential model of Catholicism, when the fact is that
he is the quintessential model of shear corruption, including rolling out the red
carpet to neo-Sodomy accommodations.

The immorality pandemic in America means that Cardinal Donald Wuerl has
NO CHARISMA to move people to conversion as did Saint Francis of Assisi
(13th Century), St. Dominic Guzma (13th Century),  Bl. Alan of La Roche (in
the 14th Century), St. Louis of Montfort (18th Century), the canonized Padre
Pio (20th Century), my own patron saint, Patrick, and  America's Cardinal
Fulton Sheen (20th Century.)

Both Rodgers and Aquilina showed themselves to be completely indifferent
toward the pain and suffering that Wuerl deliberately caused people through-
out the decades.  They showed themselves equally indifferent toward Wuerl's
Marie-Antoinette lifestyle which coincides with Wuerl deliberately failing his
Rerum Novarum moral obligation to speak out against American sweatshop
profiteering.  He lived in luxury while hundreds of millions of others lived in
abject poverty and hopelessness.  This was the Anti-Christ lifestyle.  This was
the Nero Caesar lifestyle.

All in all, Rodgers and Aquilina showed how incredibly stone hearted  they
are.  They simply showed themselves to be hateful and even violent in NOT
acknowleging the sheer ruthlessness and harmfulness of Wuerl, in his retali-
ations and abuse of power.  They showed no compassion on Wuerl's victims.

Fortunately, due to the recent poll results, Rodgers and Aquiliina were trumped.
They were overruled ... negated  ... by the people who voted Donald Wuerl as
the third most destructive person to the Catholic Faith in the past 100 years.
The decision of Rodgers & Aquilina on Wuerl was reversed in the Court of
Public Opinion.  Rodgers & Aquilina lose.  If you follow them, you lose too,

Concerning Rodgers and Aquilina calling Cardinal Wuerl a good shepherd,
you need to think.   People who did have dealings with Wuerl regarded him
as "that politician" & a wolf in shepherd's clothing.  Wuerl was also regard-
ed as "a Borgia-era cardinal," 2} "a Marie-Antoinette," and 3} Whirlybird.
In fact, the list of those who condemned Wuerl  for one valid reason or an-
other, included:

1} Best selling author Malachi Martin who publicly called Wuerl a fool who
     will have to answer for all the sins he has allowed,  2}apologist and philo-
     sopher Paul Anthony Melanson.

3} the retired (in good standing) Father Vincent Fitzpatrick,  4} Cardinal Burke,
of course,  5} three-time Emmy Award winner, Michael Voris,  6} the Restore-
DC-Catholicism host, Janet Baker,  7} the Father John Hardon whose process for
Canonization is already underway,  8} Randy Engel, author of the Rite of Sodomy,

9} Canon Lawyer Edward Peters,  10} Canon Lawyer & convert Charles Wilson
who said that bishops like Wuerl are the reasons why people leave the Church.

11} host of Les Femmes - The Truth, Mary Ann Kreitzer,  12} Chicago journal-
ist Mike Volpe who is Jewish,  thereby bursting the presumption that Wuerl is all
so loved by the Jewish community at large.

13+++} All the people who sued Wuerl while he was bishop of Pittsburgh, and
those who wrote to me in confidentiality about Wuerl.  The list goes on and on.

In as much, far more people condemn ... disregard ... loathe ... and disrespect
Donald Wuerl than praise him, especially whenever the praising is done in the
Cultic Ann Rodgers Way.  The recent poll results is added evidence of this.

None So Blind


The Top Twenty (bottom feeders, shall we politely say)


The Rest of the Top Twenty (low lifes, shall we politely say)

August 23, 2018

The Maciel/Wuerl Connection

For those unfamiliar, Marcial Maciel Degollado was the disgraced founder of
the Legionaries of Christ religious order,as well as co-founder of an advertising
agency called Integer, referring to "integrating" the worldly with the consecrated.
The Legionaries' lay member affiliate is Regnum Christi.

Maciel founded the religious order at a young age.  This is not uncommon in the
history of the Church, in as far as goes groups of religious companions.  What was
uncommon was that Maciel was hospitalized for morphine addiction and suspend-
ed under the rule of Pope Pius XII.

In having been found to be the most notorious molester in the history of the Cath-
olic Church, Maciel was ordered by Benedict XVI to go to a monastic setting for
the remainder of his life, to do penance.  Maciel apparently never did such penance.

None the less, such an order (to do penance in such a setting) is a common thing in
church history.  Yet, at his death Maciel did the unexpected and refused the final
sacraments of the Church, showing how much he did not believe in Catholicism.
He was only using the church for personal gain, all the while deceiving people
into thinking that he, the ultimate molester of the ages, was a great saint.

In light of this, to have been affiliated with the notorious Marcial Maciel was to
have have been a terrible judge of character, void of astute observation skills.

At this point, enter Donald Wuerl (present archbishop of Washington DC) wrote
the preface of "priestly formation" book attributed to the serial molester, the prov-
en plagiarist, and the founder of the INTEGER Group advertising agency; Maciel
Marcial Degollado.

Titled, Integral Formation of Catholic Priests, Wuerl's 1992 preface stated,  "
renew my expression of gratitude for your gracious invitation to be associated 
with this publication of so positive a contribution to priestly formation today."

As you can see, Wuerl was promoting himself.  The result was a cardinal's hat
given to him shortly before the wave of economic disaster, revolution, and OWS

The aforementioned illustrates that Wuerl is either a pathetically clueless judge of
character or else he was a part of the infernal Maciel experience.  Whatever be the
case, it also shows that Wuerl was a strategic opportunist who sought to have his
name associated with greatness.  Well, he got his wish.  He was associated with
the greatest serial abuser that the Roman Catholic Church has ever been known
to accommodate.

Incidentally, there was a time when Wuerl allegedly went to the home of a rela-
tively prominent family in Florida, where he was joined by Maciel for dinner
and whatever else.  He had the opportunity to detect if there were something
wrong about Maciel.  Either Wuerl's radar was dead or else he ignored every-
thing evil about Maciel that he came to observe.  To say the least, Wuerl did
not save the church from Maciel.

For evidentiary support purposes, in the event that someone dares to deny that
Wuerl had an association Maciel the Molester, know that the ISBN-10 number
of Maciel's banned priestly formation book is 096516030 and that the ISBN-13
number is 97809516131.  The publisher was Circle Press and the publication
date was 1992.

By order of Benedict XVI, all literature attached to the name of Marcial Maciel
Degollado was banned.  Now, take note of Maciel's integration theme, as in the
Integer Group (advertising company) and Integral Formation (the banned
book.)  Apparently, Maciel was intent on integrating the sacred with the pro-
fane, the worldly with the non-materialistic, and Heaven with Hell.  Maciel
got the Hell part right.

All in all, Wuerl was associated with the life-destroying monster, Marcial
Maciel Degollado, showing Wuerl's absense of good judgment of character.
After all, Wuerl chose the retaliatory James Torquato who couldn't keep his
hands to himself for secretary, while barring the ordination of a credible dea-
con whistle-blower.

Wuerl was also associated with the notorious John Cardinal Wright, being that
he was Wright's long-term personal secretary.  He rode Wright's coat tails to
the top.  In case you haven't noticed, Wuerl was subliminally running for pope.
The campaign started when six-figure Bill Donohue wrote a promotional piece
on Wuerl.

Needless to say, the teeth-gritted and unathletic Pillsbury Doughboy look alike
was never tough-guy enough to have mentioned Wuerl's documented cover-ups
and Wuerl's retaliation against the school children of the now-defunct Risen
Lord Parish School, on account of their parents' televised protest of Wuerl.

Other outrages of Dignity Mass Don were concealed by the Bill Donahue who
turned the Catholic League into a one-man operation with teeth-gritting during
his verbal comments. However, Donohue's writings are NOTon the front page
of the big three search engines, namely Google, Bing, and Yahoo!  Yet, the two
Wuerlgate sites were and the one consolidated Wuerlgate has been there since
2014, making to the front pages without a penny being spent on advertising.

Of course, expert witness and author Richard Sipe made the main Wuerlgate
site known, and such a thing did contribute to the fact that Wuerlgate .was
front page search engine material for years

Bishops should be concerned with teaching the faith instead of advertising
themselves.  Plus, the founders of religious orders should not start advert-
tising companies, as did Maciel.  Wuerl has had a peacock throne tenure.
His greatest negligence, showing him to be completely heartless, cold,
and ruthless is his long-term neglect of the sweatshop workers through-
out the world.  Pope Francis I called such work slave labor.

A number of entities attempted to get Wuerl to do his duty and speak out
against sweatshop labor profiteering.  Wuerl did no such thing, especial-
ly when he was in Pittsburgh, the former labor rights capitol of America.
Pittsburgh is the home of the first labor union.

In as much, the time Wuerl spent on procuring the Dignity Masses should
have been spent starting action to end sweatshop labor profiteering.  This
shows how out of touch with reality and history Wuerl has been.

Apparently, Wuerl believes that there should be a slave class in existence,
to serve him.  Well, Wuerl's ultimate destiny, therefore, will be no different
than the aristocracy of late Eighteenth Century France, as well as the destiny
of the former Confederate South, in its obsession with Chattel Slavery.  His-
tory repeats itself. To refuse to learn from the lessons of history is a guarantee
that you will relive them.

Keep in mind that Maciel couldn't care any less than he did about the rights
of workers, while he was hitting up industrialists' widows and heirs for the
vast fortune Maciel was able to extract from such people.  Yet, without the
worker no city can be built (as the Bible expressly states) and no man can
become wealthy.

All in all, Maciel sided with wealthy industrialists and Wuerl was alleged to
have kowtowed to the wealthy also.  Maciel engaged in unnaturalities and
Wuerl supported Dignity Masses.  The two had more in common than you
might realize.

Now, I have received allegations about Wuerl's private conduct, from the
Years 1999 to 2012, but I have not made them public.  1] There is the need
to protect certain persons' identities.  2] For allegations so serious, I require
more corroboration.  3] The social justice issues are more important to ad-
dress than Wuerl's private conduct.  This includes the issue of the exploit-
ed workers throughout the world, being that the bishops are required to
speak out against such evil and to start movements countering the same.

Sweatshop exploitation is a part of American life, because American busi-
nesses import sweatshop merchandise into America, and Americans buy it.
America today is no different than the slave-owning Confederate South.
Such exploitation is equivalent to receiving stolen property and fencing it.
Such a practice, incidentally, drains the U.S. money supply via the massive
U.S. Trade Balance Deficit.  It has been destroying the economy, all along.

August 22, 2018

Bill Donohue: Wuerl's Ringer, hogging a $450,000+ annual income, and turning a league into a one-man show.

Perpetually hogging the speaker's spot and
$475,000+ of a Roman Catholic  charity's
annual income, in the name of defending the
Faith, does far more harm to the image of the
Church than any antic of any enemy of said
Church.   There's more to the Church than the
Bill Donohue whose face even resembled a pig.
The pig face is mentioned, to illustrate the absence of the aesthetic and ascetic life
which is a trademark of a valid conveyer of Catholicism.  A formless physique in-
dicates a person who does no penance and no mortification.  Such lack results in
any person being not in control of his senses.  This includes his appetite, temper,
etc.  And of course,  Bill Donohue has repeatedly been seen in the teeth-gritted
temper mode, as if that's Catholicism.  Well, it's not.

This article starts with a question:  What is an article about the formless faced
Bill Donohue doing on a website that exposes Cardinal Wuerl's corruption?

ANS:  Donohue was a Pittsburgh area college professor during the tenure of
Wuerl, and he ever-so-coincidentally landed the big kahuna position at the
Catholic League.

In the old vernacular, Bill Donohue is known as "Wuerl's ringer" ... "Wuerl's
plant."  Oh by the way, if you know Bill, ask him who baptized his grand-
children.  Then, prepare for one of your eyebrows to raise involuntarily.

Pittsburgh.  The manipulation proceeded in the Pittsburgh vicinity.
I was there at the time.  Rocco Palmo was not.  Mike Aquilina
was not.  Randy Engel was not.  None of them can give you
firsthand witness accounts.
I was in Pittsburgh, too, during the time span when Donohue was here, and
the Donald Wuerl who approached me and stopped a foot in front of me was
a flaming homosexual.  Therefore, Donohue comment about Wuerl being
"man, all man," was an absolute lie, as far as concerns the Donald Wuerl
we encountered in Pittsburgh in the 1990s.  Donohue is a liar, too, just like
the rest of the Wuerl People.  Donohue needs to resign from the Catholic
League, so that it can once again be a league.  Okay then, let's begin:

Atheist Bill Maher once said in front of a TV camera that there is no such
thing as the Catholic League ... that there is only one guy.  Bingo.  Case
Closed.  Furthermore, Donohue does not use prudence before speaking

Did you ever wonder why there is only one person going throughout the Unit-
ed States with gritted teeth, being presented as the sole voice of Catholicism,
even though he's void of the charity, mercifulness, and aestheticism of Christ
and John the Baptist?   ANS:  $450,000+ per year, kept to himself which ex-
plains the absence of charity in Bill Donohue's overly ornery approach.  .

He has disfigured the image of Christ, by replicating the 1950s nun with lethal
ruler in hand.  He perhaps doesn't realize how many potential converts he caused
to be repelled from the Church.  He's more of a one-man public relations disaster
than a one-man league.  He's the anti-thesis of unity and teamwork.  He's merely
a pig hogging the donation dollars of kindly people ... He's the pig/man.

Of course, Bill Donohue, the $450,000 Man, demanded that Bill Maher be sum-
marily fired. This should be expected, being that Bill Maher has Donohue's pro-
verbial number.  This also shows that Donohue cannot handle Maher.

The other thing is that Donohue once called SNAP a fraud group.  Now, SNAP
stands for Survivors' Network of those Abused by Priests, and  I personally call
that group a Kangaroo Court.  But they are not complete shysters.  They simply
believe every person who claims to have been molested, when the truth is that
there are liars out there.  Tim Bendig is definitely one of them.  I don't say that
he is "allegedly" a liar.  I say that Bendig is a liar who lied to me four times in
a row in a few minutes, changing his story each time.

Donohue's not a dove.  He's a vulture.
According to Donohue's actions, you are too stupid and incompetent to defend
the Faith of Peter, yourself.  So, you must step aside and let him do it only.  Yet,
he has stated things that can make a reasonable person cringe.  Through his ac-
tions, he is saying that Christ and the Holy Spirit are too incompetent to give
you the grace needed to defend the Faith, so he has to make up for the slack in
God's faulty character, by stealing the spotlight every time, thereby creating a
monopoly throughout the studios of today's media.  Of course, this is heresy,
as well as blasphemy.  But, why should Donohue care, being that he is at least
smirking all the way to the bank?

In reality, Donohue entirely misses the initial essence of Catholicism, when
presenting it to those unfamiliar with it..  The explanation goes as follows:

The Moslem terrorists ... murderous entities that they are ... have the sole goal
of instilling fear into those who don't believe what they believe.  Well, Bill
Donohue does the exact same thing.  Donohue seeks to intimidate and that
is the exact opposite of what angels and Christ did when introducing any
element of the Kingdom of God to mortal man.

You don't want to create a fear of Catholicism.  You want to create a love
for it ... an infatuation with it ... a sense of honor for it.

Q:  In the introductions of revelations, what was the #1 thing spoken by the
      angels involved, Christ himself, and even his own mother?  ANS:  "Do 
      not be afraid."

At the Annunciation, the archangel said, "Do not be afraid.  Rather rejoice, 
oh highly favored daughter, because you have won favor with God"  At the
shepherds' field during the first Christmas a choir of angels said, "Do not fear.
We bring tidings of great joy."  On the first Easter night, Christ said to the
apostles who were present in the upper room, "Do not be afraid. It's only I."

Then, at La Salette France (in 1846) and Fatima Portugal (1917), the Virgin
Mary said, "Do not be afraid.  I will not harm you."  All in all, Donohue
tries to act like the jaws of death over those who don't bow to his beliefs.
He has shown that he is clueless to the Way of Christ, and therefore, he is
a stranger to Christ and his angels, as well as to Christ's own mother.

If you're going to shell out in the vicinity of $407,000 yearly dollars of charity
money to this guy who obviously doesn't know the meaning of the words fit-
ness and aestheticism, as well as meekness and self-control, then demand a
better product.  Donohue is one of the reasons why people feel repelled from
the Church.   His effect was very much the opposite of Mother Theresa, and
Donohue is much more pampered than Mother Theresa was.

Dr. Donohue is not well versed in being a charming Latin gentleman, despite
the fact that he used to teach in Spanish Harlem.  He has a terrible bedside
manner.  He does teeth-gritted monologues, and he comes off  as a hick with
shotgun in hand, saying, "Git off my land, you revenuers."

In having come from the Latin culture, and in being a person in a very high
testosterone lifestyle of construction work, weightlifting, and things of a
more personal nature, I can assure that only a strong man can be gentle.

For those unfamiliar, I work in construction, in the estimating dept, in the legal
dept, and in field, with the occasional muscle sprains and bloody hands.  I was
even crushed between steel once.  I had to work in minus 30 degree wind chills,
and was caught in a trench wall collapse up to my hips, during an Army Corps
of Engineers project.  And the one thing that I learned throughout all of the crisis
scenarios is to be flexible and to not snap back at people.  Donohue swings back,
as if he is a brawling school child from the Bronx.

I vividly know how mortal man is.  This is why the arrogance of a frail Rocco
Palmo and the in-your-face boisterousness of a physically formless Bill Dono-
hue makes me cringe.

How can you have an individual be presented as the voice of Catholicism when
he shows the opposite signs of Louis of Montfort's aestheticism?   How can you
present to the world as the model of Catholicism someone who shows himself to
have zero temperance and no self-denial which was the trademark of Catherine
of Siena,  Therese of Lisieux,  Anthony of Padua,  John Chrysostom,  John of
the Cross, and other true representatives of Catholicism?

When one hears Donohue speak, a reasonable person would do nothing but
cringe, especially in what Donohue would say about Jews.  There are those
of use, such as yours truly, who attended college in Florida and had for the
majority of our friends Jews from Philly and New Jersey.  Donohue doesn't
know the Jewish mindset, to say the least.  He makes the rest of us Catholics
look oppressively mean-spirited.

If the people in the Church's positions of power & influence were so correct.
in their ways these days, we would not have had the mass exodus from the
Catholic Church that we had, and we would not be experiencing an even
more massive exodus from basic morals and human decency.  The bishops
of today are utter failures, and the Palmos & Donohues of this era have been
utterly ineffective.  In fact, they have been detrimental.

The other thing about Dr. Donohue is that he hogs the spotlight and does not
set forth a feeling of teamwork.   Yet,  he speaks for a church that is teamwork
in its nature.  He's the president of a league, but doesn't show that there is any
league around him.  He made himself a one-man show.  In fact, he has con-
structed a dictatorship within an organization founded during the days when
Catholics were even denied employment, on account of being Catholic.

Concerning this, a major difference between Bill Donohue and I is that he gets
paid for what he does, to the general tune of $407,000 yearly.  I never charge
anyone as much as a penny for my research and writings.  This included those
who requested my copyright privileges for their books and other publications,
as well as museum display cases and pirate websites.

I have zero respect for Donohue and Palmo, and I can state this without being
called envious, because I'm in the Million Hit Club, too.  ( 1,000,000+ page-
views, for those not familiar with American vernacular).  In fact, I have litera-
ture on the library shelves of Harvard, Northwestern U, Sweet Briar College
and elsewhere.  I don't merely write about one general subject, and I am cer-
tainly not obsessed with clerical vestments that resemble red Christmas gift

I've covered economics, taxes, military history, Occupational &; Environmental
Medicine, ecology, sports injuries, US presidential history, politics, investments,
modern poetry, landscape photography, coastline photography, metro photography,
black & white photography, Our Lady, the Faith of Peter, and a few other topics.

All in all, the present Catholic Church needs a massive overhaul.  We can start
with Donohue, 407,000 times over.  Today's good ole boy cronyism must be
stopped.  You can put it to a stop by sending your donation money to a real
cause, instead of to Donohue, such as one that helps foreign sweatshop slave
laborers --- or the ecology of the earth --- or mothers without husbands --- or
the homeless --- those being persecuted overseas under the guidance of Aid
to the Church in Need or to any one of many things.  Give your money to
Trappists and/or Carmelites and/or Carthusians and/or Sisters of Charity,
instead.  Use it for Mass stipends, and send it toward a shrine.  After all,
prayer accomplished more than a one-man show which is mostly a money-
grabbing racket.

Giving your money to a hog is entirely detrimental.  You and I can defend
the Faith ourselves.  If you can read this post, then you're not too mindless
to defend the Faith of Peter.

The Scorecard on the Catholic League which no longer operates as a league
goes as follows:

Quite frankly, you and/or I and/or many others can do a much better job than
Donohue at 1/4 the salary of Donohue.  In fact, I have being doing that job for
free, via this site and another one.  If you want to join in the cause, know that
my contact info is at my Google+ profile page.  At present, I'm in Pittsburgh,
near the Three Rivers Confluence ... at the most active aquatic triplicity in the
Western Hemisphere which put forth a notable number of inventions and firsts
for humanity.  At this point, think teamwork.  At this point, think.  Don't be a
mindless mynah bird.  Be more like a black eagle.  They remain faithful.

500,000 Dollar Bill Donohue is damning the younger generation Catholic journalists, because they're donation dollar competition

At this point in the Street Brawl that Bill Donohue has started against the shoe
leather journalist,  George Neumayr,  and  Team Voris  of the Church Militant
organization, you need to think.  500,000 Dollar Bill Donohue, in condeming
the Church Militant staff and George Neumayr is trying to snuff out the young-
er generation, thereby refusing to pass on a tradition that began with Sts Peter,
John, James, Andrew, Paul, Stephen, Mary Magdelene, Joseph of Arithema, etc.
And Why????

ANS:  Money.  Donohue is a pig in practice as much as he is a pig in jowl-fallen
face, all the while sucking up all the money that he can take.  You need to realize
that the Church Militant is simply Donohue's financial competition.

As far as goes George Neumayr's Humphrey Bogart street beat journalism, he
can easily snap out of their hypnotic trances the American Catholics who think
that the Church in America equals Bill Donohue & Dignity Mass Donald Wuerl.
Breaking that trance will cost Bill Donohue donations dollars.

Observe:  Militant Mike Voris is 21 years younger than Donald Wuerl, and he
is 14 years younger than the teeth-gritted Donohue who made a jackass out of
himself when he sat in front of the mild mannered EWTN anchor, Raymond
Arroyo, acting like super strong beat-'em-up-tough-guy.  George "Joe Friday"
Neumayr is younger than Mike.  Thus, in Donohue's mind, he thinks that he's
a 21 year old bully picking on two 12 year olds.  Something in that money
grabber's mind never matured.  Let us continue:

For those unfamiliar, Joe Friday was a detective in Dragnet.  He was straight,
but he was an earthy cool.  George is journalism's Joe Friday.  George addition-
ally reminds a person of Tom Hanks' character in the Leonardo DiCaprio movie,
Catch Me If You Can.  That mode of journalism is the mode of the heroic man
who makes risks, so that you you and I can get the hidden truth.

One example is Wuerl's Marie Antoinette living quarters on Embassy Row, in DC.
If it were not for George, we wouldn't know where Wuerl lived.  The archdiocese
of Washington DC gave a fraudulent address.  They gave Wuerl's mailing address,
and not the address of his living quarters.  So, Wuerl was more than willing to have
his staff lie for him.  Anyway, George reveals said lie and Wuerl ends up having
police escort member of the press, George Neumayr, away from Wuerl, as if we
live in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or pre-revolutionary France.

At this point, let's do a reality check:  

As is evident in every media venue in America,  it is only Bill Donohue who shows
up at the studio, in whatever debate arises, as the epitome of Catholicism  ...  as the
voice of Catholicism ... as the face of Catholicism ... as the last word in Catholicism.
Well, in order to truly to the model of Catholicism:

- one first must be accomplished at the art of asceticism.  Asceticism, of course, is
a form of athleticism which requires a person to train for it as much as any athlete
trains for any sport.

- Secondly, to be the model of Catholicism, one must be proven to not be greedy.

- Thirdly, one must be an expert at turning the other cheek, instead resorting to
temper tantrums and name-calling.

- And fourthly, one must be universal, in accepting the fact that Catholicism is
the ultimate team sport, as was pointed out be Leo XIII by his analogy of the
structural feature of architecture..

In Donohue, we have an incredibly grotesque and slovenly person whose absence
of ascetism is evidenced in his "temple of the Holy Spirit," otherwise known as
body.n nWatch someone claim that he has a thyroid condition.  All his life?

In Donohue, we have a money grabber.  He does not make his TV appearances
and write his name-calling articles for free.  He could have hired other people
and shared the wealth.  But no.  He kept it mostly to himself.

In Donohue, we have a person who immediately slaps back, and he admitted
this to the mild mannered EWTN anchorman Raymond "Don't-Rock-the-Boat"
Arroyo Donohue, the face-fallen epitome of formlessness acted like Mr. Tough
Guy, in telling Raymond that he first strikes an antagonist to the church "to get
even,  and then strikes the same entitya second time, in order to intimidate them
into negatively speaking out against the church again.  Well, Bill Donohue was
called a Fringe Catholic Screamer.  This is ironic for someone who called George
Neumayr and Mike Voris right wing nuts.

Bill Donohue made certain rapist priests out to be the victims of libel, and he
went presumptive, if not German Nazi, in rants over Jews in Hollywood.  If
he ever did speak out against sweatshop labor profiteering, it was a well hid-
den secret.  Such a thing is one of the four sins which cry out to Heaven for
Vengeance and is a top priority in the Catholic Conscience.  In fact, there
are Catholics working in sweatshops ... or should I say ex-Catholics who
surmised that the Church doesn't care about them.  Donohue certainly did
not.  Thus, Donohue does more to drive people away from the Catholic
Church than to bring them into it.  Donohue must go.

Donohue does NOT touch the human heart.  He is made out to be the one
who speaks in accordance to the Heart of Christ, the Mind of Christ, the
Will of Christ, and the Way of Christ.  Christ knows him not.  Donohue
is an embarrasment to the Catholic Church, and he thwarted the action
which is actually needed to be done by the laity.  Even writing about
him is a waste of time.  To call him a jerk in an understatement.

Incidentally, Vietnam era heroine for orphans, Randy Engel, foundress of the
US Coalition for Life, co-foundress of the International Foundation for Genetic
Research, and author of the Rite of Sodomy, Randy Engel will be back in the
fight, even though she has been severely impaired with respiratory ills.

In addition, Mike Volpe's Crime magazine article about Wuerl is still on the
front page of the search engines, and other people in the background have of-
fered assistance of a significant amount, in the need to take the church back
from people as vile as Bill Donohue and Donald Dignity Mass Wuerl.  For
those unfamiliar, Chicago journalist Mike Volpe is the champion of whistle
blower rights.

A DC attorney gave me the name of an organization Wuerl uses as his propa-
ganda machine, in the name of the Good Name of the Church.

Plus, there are sources in Europe on the ANTI-Wuerl side who are basically
our underground, for us here in the United States.  Very simply, if the cardi-
nals as the Vatican weren't such wolves in shepherd's clothing, Wuerl would
have been gone, long ago.

Now, Wuerl keeps making coup d'etat attempts against the Catholic Church's
2,000 year doctrine, while living the Marie Antoinette lifestyle.  He hasn't
changed a bit.

Now, in November of 2015, after Wuerl was lauded by a disingenuous journalist
who was making Wuerl out to be a holy ascetic sleeping on a Trappist monk's mat,
there was the quest to discover if Wuerl actually did live in ascetic poverty.  Well,
no one knew where Wuerl's residence was.  Then, George Neumayr was consulted.
Bingo.  It turns out that George was the only to know the correct residence.  He hit
the nail on the head.  He hit the target.  He uncovered the secret.  So what did the
Wuerl People do about George's discovery?  ANS: Call him a delusional nut case.

They then admitted that George was non-delusionally correct about Donald Wuerl's
residence.  Thus, George wasn't a delusional nut case about Wuerl's home along the
posh Embassy Row.  Yet, even after admitting that George was correct, the Wuerl
People called him psychotic anyway, Those people are supposed to be adults, with
one being 75 years old and another one being 68 years old.  So, why don't they act
like adults?

In brevity, George attended a book signing, and without him saying anything, police
were called to escort him off of Washington archdiocesan property, despite the fact
that George is a member of the press and Washington DC is the capitol of the land
that protects freedom of the press.

George then attended a second book signing and quickly found himself surrounded
by individuals he identified as Opus Dei members.  The book signing crow contained
those hurling hostile phrases to George, as George was outnumbered.  George would
not voluntarily leave, being that he was a member of the press looking for answers,
one of which was why Wuerl let police usher George off of Catholic Church pro-
perty, as if church servant, Donald Wuerl, owned the archdiocese of Washington.

On the Our Lady of Guadeloupe memorial (feast day,) George encountered a man
leaving one of the four garages of Wuerl's posh Embassy Row residence.  The man
identified himself as Wuerl's chef.  Stop there.  Either the man was hiding the truth
of his presence behind a lie or else Wuerl lives like a pre-revolutionary French mar-
quis or former Pittsburgh steel tycoon.  This is an addition count / instance which
shows that it's a falsehood to claim that Wuerl lives like the ascetics of the Church.

Wuerl has too much to hide.  So, he has George Neumayr demonized

Now, the Wuerl People call George a right wing nut and a critic who won't go
away.  This includes the piglike and non-ascetic, teeth-gritter, Bill "half-million-
charity-dollar" Donohue who will have to answer to the Eternal God for making
Catholicism look bullyish and for publishing Cardinal Wuerl's heresies as if they
were infallible statements.  The Wuerl People only attack George, because he has
Wuerl's number.  So, they attempt to create fear of George, in the hope that you
won't read any of George's writings, some of which are admonitions.

Of course, George is NOT a critic as much as he is an investigator reporter look-
ing to secure evidence and credible witness accounts against the decrepit Donald
Wuerl who, in his retaliations, false doctrine, cover-ups, and accommodation of
Sodomy should have NEVER been ordained a priest, let alone made a bishop.

Add to the list of evils, Donald Wuerl's avarice and obsession with living in
Marie Antoinette luxury, while billions on earth suffer things such as labor
exploitation and war.  Wuerl is a curse to the present Catholic Church.

Even at that, Wuerl is a fulfillment of the wisdom of St John Chrysostom who
stated that the path to Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.  Wuerl's skull is
awaited in the Hell where he belongs, if he doesn't convert from a flood of sin.

Wuerl offers no consolation to the Faithful.  He only incites arrogant pride in
those who are deceived into thinking that defending Wuerl in his homosexual-
ity, his retaliations, his heresies, his cover-ups, his avarice, and his indulgence
in Marie Antoinette comfort is the act of defending the very Catholicism that
Wuerl constantly sabotages.

Wuerl sold this parish and it became a pub.  Actually,
it became the  laughing stock of Pittsburgh.
Now, only those who practice some form of mercy in this life get mercy grant-
ed to them by the Eternal God.  Proof that God has granted mercy to any per-
son is seen in the person's conversion.  God does NOT simply let you slide,
after sinning up to the moment of death.  Rather, God takes you out of your
sins, freeing you from your craving to sin, while you are still in this life.

Wuerl's Wolves

Wuerl is now getting more vicious, showing that he is doing the opposite of
converting.  He apparently wants to stay in a cozy and plush setting, at the
expense of the Catholic laity, despite the fact that he is past retirement age
and should prepare for entering into eternity in his advancing years..  Well,
Wuerl shows himself to have no fear of the damnation he deserves.  That's
fascinating, Mr. Spock.  However, when a cleric continues to go to Holy
Communion in the state of mortal sin, while constantly giving Communion
to those publicly obstinate in sin, the cleric gets more twisted and decrepit
in his spiritual state.  Thus, the degree of vice in that person intensifies.

Concerning the Wuerl People and the Sodomite world calling George names,
you have a mind.  So, use it.  Go look for yourself.  Instead of  listening sole-
ly to Wuerl's paid propaganda machine, listen to George yourself and com-
prehend the mindset that's revealed when George speaks sur-le-vif,  That's
French for on-the-spot.

The alliance between George and I go back to the Dereliction of Duty article
which absolutely impressed me --- and this comment is coming from a guy
who was first published along side laureates, in an anthology, at the age of
20.  Shortly after I discovered that the Wuerl Camp was trying to silence
George forever more, I recognized the duty to offer my assistance to the
underdog George.

The most poignant statement that George made in that article was that a car-
dinal wears red in order to show that he is willing to die for the Faith and
that Wuerl only cared about himself and his pampered degree of lifestyle.

That one sentence in George's Dereliction of Duty article was accentuated in
my mind, because I personally witnessed how Wuerl was more than willing
to let my blood or the blood of Fr. Torquato's evidence-based accuser be shed.
This, of course, was during the first wave of the Torquato Retaliations, shortly
after I telephoned the Papal Nuncio in complaint of Wuerl's harassments upon
Fr. James Torquato's evidence-based accuser and upon me, the credible accus-
er's advocate.  Wuerl showed how he only cared about himself.  His murder-
ous deceit was made manifest when he looked the other way, while I took
Torquato's accuser into hiding.

Then came George's landmark article about Wuerl's breach of duty of loyalty,
coupled by the Wuerl People attempting to destroy George.  What they did
amounted to the harassment of George.  That was when I joined the side of
Underdog George.  Take note that George did NOT buckle under Wuerl's
surrogate harassment of him.  Others were cowards who ran and hid at the
first sign of opposition from the habitual abuser of power, Donald Wuerl.

George and I have spoken at length, meaning that I know what makes him
tick.  His conservative stance was the result of him wanting nothing to do
with the way of his former local ordinary, Cardinal Roger Mahony.  For
those unfamiliar, George told me that he was a California native, living
in the geographical perimeter of the LA archdiocese.

A photo taken at sunset during my 12,000 mile road trip in 2012.
Keep in mind that Wuerl was heavily involved in "priestly formation" during the
years when the preferred priesthood candidate was the stereotypically effeminate
and even homosexual wet wash-rag type ... or else the preferred candidate was
someone either attractive to or sympathetic with the typical homosexual cleric
seated in a position of power.

Keep in mind that Wuerl will not debate the issues brought forth by George "on
the merits of the case."  Wuerl simply has George attacked personally.  This is
known as an ad hominid attack.  PLUS, the age old trick of Wuerl was recently
used.  That trick is the use of the word, "might."

Wuerl did this ploy during the Cipolla Signatura appeal, when Wuerl refused
to comply with the Vatican mandate to reinstate Anthony Cipolla back into the
priesthood ministry.  Now, Wuerl feared that doing so would trigger an inquest
headed by DA John C. Pettit who already informed the public that Donald Wuerl
was not cooperative with law enforcement officials during an investigation that
resulted in the indictments of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  The public excuse that
Wuerl gave was that "there MIGHT have been factual inaccuracies in the Cipolla
case."  This caused journalists to misinterpret Wuerl and omit the word, "might."

All in all, you can claim that any case in the history of mankind MIGHT have had
factual inaccuracies attached to it.  Well, one of Wuerl's propagandists stated that
Wuerl might or might not be living in luxury on, of all places, the posh Embassy
Row where he definitively lives.  Do you see what deceivers the Wuerl People
continue to be?  George had Wuerl caught red-handed, yet the Wuerl People
are trying to get you to doubt George's investigative work.

A cardinal has the moral obligation to be clear in his communications, and NOT
a snake who uses surrogates to confuse the Faithful.  In as much, one sign that
the prophesied Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has finally occurred,
 ... so prophesied at Fatima Portugal ... will be that of Donald Wuerl being out
of power with his writings banned as much as were the writings and plagiarisms
of his former associate, the serial molester Marcial Maciel Degollado.   Maciel
actually refused to receive the final sacraments of the Church at his hour of death,
despite the number of priests present. This shows that Maciel willingly chose an
eternity of Helly, in his pride and foolishness.  This actually shows that God does
NOT grant mercy to the merciless, and it requires God's mercy to have anyone
even ask for the final sacraments of the Church.

In the end, neither Wuerl nor the Wuerl People will win the war Wuerl started,
in his belligerent attacks against Catholic doctrine and Canon Law, especially
as it applies to Canon 915.  In fact, the Wuerl People ... Wuerl's accomplices ...
will be the ones held accountable in this life for the evils Wuerl perpetrated.
Wuerl will NOT be there to help them.  They are merely Wuerl's disposable
dupes.  There is no law which says that you have to also be one of Wuerl's

By the way, if you possess additional damning evidence or credible eye-witness
accounts against Wuerl and/or the Wuerl People, know that you are welcomed to
convey such evidence to me ... or to Mike Voris' staff ... or to George Neumayr,
the Joe Friday act-alike ... or to Mrs. Randy Engel ... or to Wuerl victim Mike
Ference ... or to San Antonio Texas canon lawyer Charlie Wilson who once
said to me, "Bishops such as Wuerl are the reason why people leave the
Church."  Take back your Church.  It's not Wuerl's exclusive property.

August 21, 2018

Boycott Wuerl: 30 years is enough of our time for him to have wasted.

Rome is in this direction, and Living-Hell is in the direction of Donald Wuerl

Yes.  I have heard and read the latest from the Church Militant staff
and Church Militant sources --- about Wuerl allegedly being direct-
ed to go undergone and leave United States jurisdiction --- so direct-
ed to do so, by the doctrine annihilator pope, Francis I.  However, I'm
not going to play the role of cherry picker, and act as if their work is
mine.  In fact, the news sounds a bit too cloak & dagger for me.

If the recent news of Wuerl's flight from the public eye is true, then it
shows that the Vatican knows nothing about United States law.  Wuerl
has nothing to fear of the federal government of the United States.  He,
instead, has to fear the governments-to-come after the approaching re-
volutions & third world war.  If you think that any grand upheaval of
governments is not coming, then fine.  Enjoy your sleep and mindless
TV shows.  None the less, consider the following:

At their perspective times in history, no one imagined that Babylon could
ever fall.  No one thought that pagan Rome would ever become Christian
and then no longer be the power of the civilized world.  No one could have
imagined that Cromwell would ever lose power.  And no one thought that
the King of France would ever meet his destiny at a guillotine.

Continuing, no one thought that Napoleon's empire would change in a
flash, especially Beethoven.  In fact, shortly before that time span, no
one could imagine that a bunch of rural colonialists across the Atlantic
could ever endure the military might of the British Empire.

Plus, no one thought that the mighty Nazi German war machine would
ever end up becoming a line of mass wreckage in a nationwide junk yard.
No one thought that Conqueror Germany would end up looking like the
crater-impacted moon.

Furthermore, No one thought that Tojo's fleet of Zero's would succumb to
Yankee Ingenuity, in the form of Wild Cat attack aircraft.  No one could
have imagined the Shah of Iran falling to a backward exile in France.

No one ever thought that the mighty Soviet Union would deunionize seem-
ingly overnight.  And no one thought that Chicago's Al Capone would ever
spend even one night in prison.  In fact, no one thought that the mighty John
Gotti would end his life in a penitentiary.  And no one thought that Cardinal
Donald Wuerl, with all his propagandists, would ever be revealed for what
he really is.  So, think.

None the less, the Donald Wuerl Propaganda Machine is ratcheting-up.
However, we now have multiple pieces of evidence that illustrates his
malice and cunning which he is trying to pass-off as honest mistakes
by a Mr. Nice Guy.  Well, there were no Mr. Nice Guys during the
Father Torquato Retaliations.  So, get ready for conflict.

In such conflicts, the first thing to do is to simply boycott.  In fact, the
Polish Way of the 1990s was Strike & Boycott.  Most of all, do NOT
make Donald Wuerl look like a martyr.  You have not been commis-
sioned by any sovereign state to be an executioner.  So, the rule is
No Violence from civilians of any country.  If Wuerl walks in, you
walk out.  Do not feed fuel to his fire; his fuel being money.  Very
simply, Boycott Wuerl.

All that Wuerl did for thirty years was waste our time and our lives.

Now, what I can say as my own finding is that McCarrick was being
used as a diversionary tactic ... a scapegoat ... a means to hide from the
public the active malice of the present Vatican.  I can easily say that the
McCarrick dismissal-from-the-clerical-state was done to give the lawless
Vatican the appearance of Law & Order.  However, in holding McCarrick
up as a human smokescreen, all backfired for the Vatican.

Q: And why did it backfire?  ANS:  The timing was off, in that the
     Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report which did NOT flatter Donald
     Wuerl was released.

      For the record, Wuerl was the one fighting to keep the Grand Jury
      report from getting published, doing so through Wuerl's well known
      use of surrogates.  The surrogates in this case were Pennsylvania
      priests.  Keep in mind that Wuerl always manipulated things be-
      hind the scenes through the use of surrogates.  Wuerl recently
      used the surrogate ploy, in asking the Public to forgive him,
      through a letter to Wuerl's Washington DC priests.

     Wuerl never admitted to his malice and outright arrogance.  This is
     to say that Wuerl sees you, I, and 99% of everyone else as the Little
     People.  He sees himself as being able to get away with his wrongs,
     because there is nothing that us Little People can do about it, short
     of revolution.  Ah ha!  He apparently forget about the power of the
     boycott.  Once again, when Wuerl walks into a room, you walk out.

You know the score:   1) God is not mocked.  2) God is slow to anger.
3) When God strikes, God doesn't miss.  
None the less . . .

The Bully of Pittsburgh, aka Donald Wuerl, suddenly asks for forgive-
ness from the public for what he called "errors of judgment."  Firstly,
Wuerl makes it sound as if all the pain and loss he caused others was
a series of honest mistakes.  No.  There's a decisive difference between
MALICE and honest mistakes.

Wuerl has been malicious & deliberately deceptive for decades, as well
as narcissistic.  His narcissism stills proves itself to exist in Wuerl's ob-
session with elevator shoes.  The Donald Wuerl we knew in Pittsburgh
was 5'4" in height, and he was so flamingly effeminate that he even sat
like a girl.  He did NOT represent or display the masculinity of Christ or
of John the Baptist or of Joseph the Carpenter or of Peter the Fisherman.

Wuerl was then quoted as having said that, if he could do things all over
again, he would do the right things.  Firstly, he had thirty years to do the
right things.  Plus, when you commit sins that damage the lives of others,
you are obligated to make restitution for the damage you caused --- or at
least be willing to make restitution, if you no longer have the means to do
so.  This includes sins of theft and falsehood, as well as causing the loss
of careers, the loss of rights, the loss of business income in Torquato-type
retaliations, and the loss of opportunities, aka opportunity costs.

For example, Wuerl made ZERO restitution for the damage he allowed the
homosexual predator priest & retaliator JAMES TORQUATO to inflict up-
on the uncle of Torquato's evidence-based accuser, in having instantly cut
off all of the uncle's business accounts with Wuerl's Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Wuerl made ZERO restitution to the advocate of Torquato's evidence-based
accuser, even though Torquato's retaliations set the proverbial snowball roll-
ing which caused the advocate to become bankrupt and homeless.

Moreover, Wuerl made ZERO restitution to the actual accuser of Torquato.

Then there is the matter of the seminarian who was found to have been credi-
ble in his accusation against a certain priest who invited the man to a private
setting, to talk about joining the seminary.  Firstly, Wuerl had the seminarian
ordained a deacon, and then kept the deacon trapped in the Diocese of Pitts-
burgh jurisdiction, all the while having no intention to ever allow the semi-
narian to be ordained.  Wuerl made sure that the whistle-blower seminarian
would never have his life goal fulfilled.  That man, today, should be offered
ordination by David  Zubik.  Thus, once again, Wuerl proved that he has had
NO CONTRITION for his life-destroying sins.

The willingness to make up for your sins is the sign of contrition for sins.
Wuerl never offered to make things right in any issue, any matter, or in any
event that he wrongfully manipulated.  Thus, he is not sorry for his decades
of sheer terror imposed upon a population of Pittsburgh Catholics who were
frightened of Wuerl's abuse of power ... his retaliations.

Then there is the trouble that Wuerl deliberately caused Cardinal Burke.
There are more examples.  None the less, when it comes to making re-
stitution, Wuerl can never pay back the lost time, the wasted time, the
stolen time taken away from us all, while he played the center-stage
narcissist.  His narcissism was illustrated in the amount of times his
photo made its way into the weekly Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper.

Wuerl closed up shop in the lives of many, while living in wealth & pleasure.

Concerning the fact that Wuerl proved himself to have never displayed
sorrow for his sins --- in never having offered to make amends to those
whom Wuerl wronged --- people had to take Wuerl to court, to get any-
thing from him.  Even at that, Wuerl didn't pay out of his own pocket.

Keep in mind that, before the PA Grand Jury Report was published,
Wuerl had the audacity to say that the record would show him to
have been a heroic protector.

Even within the first week after the report was made available to the
public, Wuerl was asserting that the record showed him to have done
all that he could have done for the protection of youth.  Well, the re-
cord showed an entirely different summary & equally different details.

Next came people stating via newspaper articles that Wuerl was a fine
fine man.  Thus, the Donald Wuerl Propaganda Machine got into action.
Dollar Bill Donohue and his approximate $475,000 a year income quick-
ly claimed that Wuerl was an innocent scapegoat.  Due to Donohue's con-
flict of interest, he must be ignored.  Wuerl was the one who got Dono-
hue his high-paying post at the "one-man-operation" Catholic League.

It's a one-man operation, because Donohue is filled with greed. There
is NO Catholicism within the teeth-gritted snarling & ornery snapping
turtle.  He converts no one.  He moves no one.  He bullies people.

Concerning Wuerl asking for forgiveness, even though he never was
known to offer to repair the damage his malice caused, he has a moral
obligation to give back that which he stole through his frauds and his
retaliations.  In reality, Wuerl robbed his way to the top.  Therefore, if
Wuerl were sorry for his sins, he would relinquish all of that which he
gained from his sins, such as power and influence, as well as the ability
to acquire large sums of money and posh comfort all the time.  Concern-
ing wealth, influence, newspaper propaganda, television propaganda, &
posh comfort, Wuerl took it all for himself.   He must give it all back.

The night falls on a thoroughly corrupt, vile, & sacrilegious generation.

August 20, 2018

Faith without good works is a sick joke.

On the day Pope Francis called sweatshop employment slave labor, this Wuerl-
gate article gained added pertinence.  It illustrates that Donald Wuerl is the one
who violated Catholic precepts and the moral obligations that arise from such
precepts.  Yet, Wuerl's propagandists, including the non-ascetic half-million
dollar a year Bill Donohue, had the audacity to claim that Wuerl is close to this
pope's heart, even though Donald Wuerl ignored with elitist contempt something
very close to this pope's heart, namely the hundreds of millions of exploited work-
ers throughout this Earth.

Of course, after decades of deliberate neglect, Wuerl finally spoke about at a Bish-
op's Event in 2015 in the presence of AFL-CIO members as if he had always been
fighting hard for the cause of income parity and the livable wage.  Wuerl was asked
more than once to make a stance against sweatshop labor profiteering.  No known
response ever was sent to anyone pleading with the cardinal to do what he had the
moral obligation to do for decades.

Wuerl's heresies show in his violation of Church Law & Vatican Mandates

Cardinal Wuerl also violated church law in matters of the banned Dignity
Masses,the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and things enumerated in other
articles.  He ignored the teachings of the Church when it came to sweat-
shop profiteering, showing how inconsiderate he is to human suffering.
He plays by his own rules.
 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Similar to Inserting Razor Blades into my Face:
A character assassination ratified by Wuerl that 
attacked the core of my being, yet contradicted

In review, the civil rights case against Wuerl's diocese easily showed that 

Wuerl, via the Compulsion Test, was acting under the color of law, in de-
nying me an action group which would counter sweatshop labor profiteer-
ing as a moral necessity.  This is because Wuerl had a number of govern-
ment contracts, meaning that he had a nexus with government.  In his fear
of losing taxpayer dollars, he refused to speak out against socialwide sins,
and he suppressed anyone else's ability to do so, whenever he could.  Thus,
he felt compelled to suppress the right of Catholics to unit in action guilds,
presently called apostolates.

A diocesan court brief filed in appellate court had the effect of inserting razor 
blades into my face.  That is to say, in its 2001 appellate brief, Wuerl's Pitts-
burgh diocese stated that I and my co-appellant merely wanted to do nothing 
more than live our own version of Catholicism.  Why?  Because I demanded
my right to have a church-sponsored movement designed to end sweatshop
merchandise profiteering which has been robbing Americans of trillions of
dollars via the Trade Balance Deficit.

Well, the Italian-South American Pope Francis I called this practice Slave
Labor in 2013, under the auspices of Successor of Saint Peter.  In similar
fashion, Italian-North Americans have also called this practice Slave Labor.
This means that, according to Donald Wuerl Pope Francis and I both want
to live our own isolated version of Catholicism.  

Add to this belief shared by me and fellow Italian-American Pope Francis I
the following entities:

Catholic religious orders, a Canadian Catholic school board, a Catholic high 
school in New Jersey, and a number of Catholic Colleges.  According to the
Donald Wuerl who sold consecrated Catholic church property to a secret so-
ciety, all of us, including the present pope, want to live our own version of 
Catholicism.  As a review, we all believe that the present employment prac-
tices of Maoist Communist China, Bangladesh, and all low-waged nations
is SLAVE LABOR.  Thus, we need to get into Catholic action and stop this
ongoing crime against humanity which, incidentally, one of the six criminal
counts in the famous Nuremberg Trials.

Concerning the character assassination leveled against me by the minions
of the cardinal nicknamed Wuerl the Girl in Washington DC, for me believ-
ing in something that Pope Francis and many others also believe:

Keep in mind that this came from and through the flamingly effeminate Don-
ald Wuerl who, as was previously mentioned, rolled out the 8-year long red 
carpet to Sodomite Masses which were given the bumper sticker slogan
"Dignity Masses."  

Keep in mind that this came from the same Pillow Mint Wuerl who let canon 
law be violated, in him allowing the Sacrament of the Eucharist be sacrileged at
the hands of abortion-obsessed politicians such as, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, 
and Joe Biden.   Those publicly committed to any mortal sin, as well as those
who are excommunicated, are forbidden to receive Holy Communion.  In fact,
in allowing excommunicated politicians receive communion, Wuerl is giving
his tacit approval to them for procuring the crime against humanity which they
call a reproductive rights ... doing so for votes & a comfortable living, of course.

Keep equally in mind that this came from the tiny Wuerl who affirmed the unjust 
edict that any child of a parent who protested against him in front of KDKA TV 
cameras would be denied admission into all Pittsburgh diocesan schools unless 
the protesting parent(s) took a class on how to treat Wuerl as a ruling entity unto 
himself.  They were euphemistically called "Reconciliation Classes" and the par-
ents were simply protesting that Wuerl closed their local Catholic school.

Corruption of Blood laws were among
the first things banned in the United
States.  Wuerl reactivated it.
The flamingly effeminate cover-up artist who couldn't successfully cover-up the 
transgressions of Frs. Torquato, Huff, Zula, Pucci, Wolk, etc, asserted that every-
thing I believed in was invalid.  This assertion of total invalidity would have to 
include my belief in the Trinity,  the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary,
the Divinity of Christ, the Resurrection of Christ, the Ascension 40 days later of
the same Christ, the Primacy of Peter, the Seven Sacraments, Transubstantiation, 
Apostolic Succession, the Assumption, the intercession of the Saints, Holy Orders, 
Sacramental Absolution from Sin, the Indissolubility of Marriage, and the moral 
requirement to refrain from knowingly partaking in the defraudment of workers
of their wages (except in cases of grave or extreme necessity.)

Wuerl let this character assassination occur, despite the fact that I was never put 
on trial by any of Wuerl's minions  ...  and despite the fact that I was once an of-
ficial guest at a Catholic Trappist monastery to do writings on the very sins that 
Wuerl was too much of a coward ... or too much of a beneficiary ... to publicly

Wuerl let this character assassination occur on paper, despite that fact that I was 
an honors student at an official Roman Catholic college and formally studied the 
philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, receiving an A+ in the process ... and despite the 
fact that the sin of foreign sweatshop labor exploitation which Wuerl neglected to 
condemn caused a 10 yr U.S. Trade Balance Deficit of $7.2 TRILLION between
2006 and 2015.  During this time, the yearly United States trade deficit was as high
as $816 billion.  It was never lower than $503 billion.  In 2015, it was $736.  The
yearly average for the past decade was $719 billion.

The truth is that Wuerl, as a matter of habit, would lie in order to get out of doing 
his duties.  Of course, it was called "Wuerl being a politician.."  Meanwhile, while
in Pittsburgh, Wuerl would be embedded in lavish accommodations paid by those
who put  dollars into the tax-free church tax coffers that Wuerl deceptively called
the Parish Share Program.  People were deceived into thinking that it was a charity
drive intending to share wealth with poorer parishes.  No.  It was the Church Tax,
referring to each PARISH paying its SHARE of the church tax burden.

 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo

Concerning Wuerl's character assassination of me (through surrogate attorneys), 
know that I was personally invited/coaxed to join the seminaries of: 1} the Jesuit 
Order ... New Orlean province, 2} a specific type of Franciscan Order, and 3} a 
hermit order.  In person and in face to face did this happen on three different oc-
casions.  The point to mentioning this is to illustrate that the opinion of three
priests were much different than that of Donald 'Dignity Mass' Wuerl, as well as
those people who  contacted me, after having read my writings about Wuerl.  
Add to this the assessment of a Catholic college's philosophy professor whose
letter is posted below.  There was work to be done, and Wuerl entirely neglect-
ed it, in preference for living his Marie Antoinette lifestyle.

Massachusetts Native, John Cardinal Wright:  Wuerl's Boss for Ten Years  

The pertinence of Wright comes from the fact that Wuerl was Wright's person-
al secretary even during the 1978 papal conclave that Wright attended while he
was impaired.  The major pertinence is that Wuerl's long-term boss was alleged
to have been a Sodomite who preferred males in their middle to late teens.

In as much, how could Wuerl have been be a long-term personal secretary of an
alleged  homosexual cardinal without knowing about it?  How could Wuerl know
about Wright's allegedly scandalous lifestyle without being a part of it or without
accommodating that lifestyle as an accessory to the fact?  Was Wuerl that clueless,
or was that investigative journal that out-of-touch with fact?  In sequence, how
could a person who didn't distance himself from the alleged homosexual lifestyle
of a vow-breaking cardinal eventually be made a cardinal  himself, without hav-
ing had been promoted through a Sodomite Lobby in the Vatican?  

At the start of his pontificat, Pope Francis I recently confided to an audience
that there has been a "Sodomite lobby" in the Vatican.  This would translate
into there being a political faction that pushed for the elevation of sodomites
in high ranking church positions.  Donald Wuerl advanced through the church 
ranks during the years of the Sodomite Lobby, while spending eight of those 
years rolling out the red carpet to the  Sodomite Dignity Masses, all the while
changing the face of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

The following three letters dilute and make weak that which Wuerl and his
surrogates stated about me.  Thus, the letters serve as the restitution which
Dignity Mass Don never made for slanders stated against my character.

Interesting how that which was stated about me got back to me, as if the Wuerl 
people were expert at keeping secrets.  After all, the Wuerl people couldn't keep
Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Huff, Torquato, and Sotak out of public forums, even though 
they made the effort to do so in each case.

Corroberative letters of others who stated the opposite of Wuerl's surrogates
are included.  Now, you retain the mode of humility and not advertise things 
about yourself, until a cause in which you believe is crushed through a tiny 
and flamingly effeminate bishop whose obtained the nickname Wuerl the 
Girl and who was witnessed as "acting girly" in a church basement.  

Take note the Wuerl did NOT damn the cause.  He only damned me, per-
sonally, through surrogates.  Also take note that the US Trade Balance
Deficit caused by sweatshop importations has been $5.9 TRILLION:.
If the anti-sweatshop exploitation movement started ten or fifteen years
ago, America would not have been in the economic demise it experiences.
America would not have a $1.4 trillion bond debt due to Maoist China.
Donald Wuerl, therefore, was being very anti-American while he was
being selfish, cowardly, and defamatory, abusing his power all in the
process of his peacock throne narcissism.

The defamation instigated by Donald 'Pillow Mint' Wuerl also applied to Notre 
Dame, Fordham, Villanova, Georgetown, Boston College, Marquette, thirty-two 
other Catholic colleges, one Catholic high school, two Roman Catholic religious
orders, one Roman Catholic district school board, and a retired Roman Catholic 

One of the features of the previously mentioned lawsuit concerned Wuerl's refus-
al to grant me my right to either an apostolate or a sponsored initiative that would
have combated sweatshop labor profiteering and other social sins, with the help
of the vastly resourced Catholic Church.  

As was mentioned on the previous page, my allegation was that Wuerl declined 
to comply with this moral obligation out of fear of ultimately loosing tax exempt 
status, taxpayer funding, and/or other government benefits, among other things.  
In response to my allegation, Wuerl regarded my conscientious objection be re-
garded as an anti-Catholic stance by which I merely want to live my own heresy.  
Well, observe the following:

The Catholic schools listed below are actively opposed to partaking in the same
Sweatshop Labor to which I have been a conscientious objector for years.  They
are now doing, in their realms, that which I tried to get started in the Pittsburgh
diocese for years.  Each school is an active member of the Worker's Rights Con-
sortium and/or Fair Labor Association or both.  Each school refuses to knowing-
ly patronize the providers of sweatshop products in their team sportswear lines 
and in their school logo merchandise.

Each Roman Catholic who participates in the Worker's Rights Consortium and
Fair Labor Association would have to be declared by Donald Wuerl as merely
wanting to live his/her own version of Catholicism as much as I was declared 
as having wanted to do.  We should, therefore, all be put on trial in a court of 
Canon Law and be dealt with accordingly.  

In as much, take note of all the Catholic universities and colleges who will have
to be declared heretical schools by Wuerl as wanting to live their own versions 
of Catholicism:

-Notre Dame,   -Holy Cross,   -Georgetown,   -Marquette,   -Villanova,
-Bellarmine,   -Fordham,   -Duquesne,   -Saint Joseph's,  
-Saint John's, 
-Gonzaga,  -John Carroll,  -Saint Mary's,  -DePaul,  -Dayton,  -Regis,  
-Boston College,  -Aquinas College,  -Providence College,  -Fairfield, 
-the College of St. Catherine,    -Santa Clara,   
-Loyola of Chicago,
 -Seattle University,   -San Francisco University,   -Carlow University,
-the University of Portland (Oregon),    -Cardinal Stritch University,
-Marymount University (Arlington),     -Marywood Univ. (Scranton),
-Mercyhurst College,    -Neumann College,    -St. Michael's College,
-St. Peter's College,   -Seton Hall,   -the University of Detroit Mercy,
-Xavier University (Cincinnati),   -Walsh University (North Canton).

That amounts to 38 Catholic institutions of higher learning.  In light of this, 
the reasonably minded person would recognize this to be a lot of company 
for a person who was declared as having wanted to live his own isolated 
version of Catholicism.

The Claretians Opposed Sweatshop Labor Profiteering

There is the religious order known as the Claretians who also object to parti-
cipating in the Defraudment of Workers of their Wages (or whatever you per-
sonally call that practice.)  The Claretians published Shop Till They Stop in 
their Salt of the Earth Magazine.  They also provided web links for the pur-
pose of letting the public obtain consumer boycott guides.

Now, boycotting is only phase one.  But, it is more than what Wuerl ever did
in this matter.  Nonetheless, Donald Wuerl will have to declare the Claretian
Religious Order as having wanted to live their own version of Catholic as 
much as I was declared as having wanted to do.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd Rallied to the Cause, Also

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd d
eveloped Handcrafting Justice.  Therefore,
according to the tiny statured Wuerl, each member of the religious order found-
ed in 1861 would also have to be declared as wanting to live their own isolated 
version of Catholicism, too.  Incidentally, that religious order is also known as 
the Sisters of  Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd.  The significance in
noting the date of its founding consists in the fact that it was founded in New 
York during the days of Abolitionism.  Today's Sisters of the Good Shepherd 
are today's abolitionists.

A Catholic High School in New Jersey is
Also Opposed to Partaking in the Crime

A Catholic high school in New Jersey has also been active in this mission, via 
its publication & maintenence of Child Slave Labor News.  It is Immaculata 
High School, of Sommerville, NJ.  The students and faculty of that school 
must also be declared as merely wanting to live their own isolated version 
of Catholicism by Donald Wuerl.

The Toronto Catholic District
School Board Hopped on Board

Then there is the Toronto Catholic District School Board whose Sweatshop-free
Purchasing Policy F.P.04 was approved on February 8, 2006.  In light of this
recent event, the tiny Donald Wuerl must equally condemn that school board's
membership as much as he let me be condemned.

We now come to Wuerl's predecessor, Theodore McCarrick.  In 1997, he was
the archbishop of Newark.  While being accompanied by then Secretary of La-
bor, Alexis Herman, he "announced a multifaceted initiative to assure that 
Catholic school uniforms in the Newark archdiocese would not be manu-
factured in sweatshops."  During that same general time span, Wuerl held a 
youth rally at Three Rivers Stadium, where the youths were towear red t-shirts.  
In what kind of shops were those t-shirts made?

The Irony of it all

The irony to Wuerl's long-term silence is that Pittsburgh was well known for its
stance on labor rights.  It was also known for an epic labor riot that involved
Pinkerton detectives (the Homestead Riot).  Not only is Pittsburgh famous for
once having been the world leader in the steel industry, it has been known for
the number of bridges that have been built & maintained throughout its vicinity.
It is called the City of Bridges.  Needless to say, bridge maintenance requires
diligent workers.

That same geographic region once had the world's largest airport, as well as the
largest push button railroad in the world (Conway Yards.)  To this day, the tall-
est education building in the Western Hemisphere is located in Pittsburgh, but it
is only there because of the teams of workers who constructed it.  In fact, the
United Steel Worker's Union is still headquartered in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh would have been the most suitable place to begin the anti-sweatshop
movement, and Wuerl could have been a pioneer in the movement.  However,
he refused to do so.  By any chance is it that Wuerl did not find the worker to be
glamorous enough for him?  Did he regard the worker as a basal entity unworthy
of his concern?  Sacred Scripture reads that, "without the worker, no city can be
built."  Yes, scripture respects the worker.

For Confirmation Purposes

For confirmation purposes, the links to the Worker's Rights Consortium, the Fair
Labor Association, Immaculata High School's Child Slave Labor News, Hand-
crafting Justice, Claretian Publications, and
McCarrick's 1997 Initiative is post-
ed directly below.  The posting is done simply to show:

- that there actually are 38 Catholic colleges/universities who are  active in the
  anti-sweatshop labor movement via their affiliation with the Worker's Rights
  Consortium and/or the Fair Labor Association.

- that Immaculata High School is involved in the anti-sweatshop movement.

- that Theodore McCarrick did actively oppose sweatshop profiteering as far
   back as 1997.

- that the Claretians did make the effort to counter sweatshop profiteering,
   in their publishing of Shop Till They Shop:  a confused consumer's guide
   to shopping for a better world while providing consumer boycott guides.

- that the Sisters of the Good Shepherd really do have a project known as
  Handcrafting Justice.

Confirmed Even in 2006

It was confirmed even in May 2006 that Donald Wuerl was still negligent in 
his moral obligation to speak out against (and to oppose) Sweatshop Labor 
Profiteering.  This was first confirmed by a representative of the Pittsburgh 
Anti-sweatshop Community Alliance who politely said that they were trying
to get Wuerl involved via a priest at  a nearby university who joined the WRC 
in 2004.  The university was Duquesne.   WRC stands for Workers' Rights

In Washington DC, there was a group who petitioned Wuerl to ban school uni-
forms made in low-wage sweatshops.  This sin of silence is Wuerl's greatest sin, 
next to him putting forth the lies about himself which rocketed him to positions
of undeserved power and influence.

A Thomas Merton Center representative confirmed Wuerl's ongoing negligence
also, in having simply said that Wuerl was continuing to do absolutely nothing 
to end the sin of Sweatshop Labor Profiteering.

In re: Wuerl's Catering to the Sodomite World

This subject will be handled discretely.  It will be addressed simply by posting
two links of texts which cover that topic.  It will be stated herein that, yes, it is
acknowledged that Donald Wuerl has catered to the unnatural world of those
who are politely called Sodomites, and that the Sin of Sodom is one of the four
ins which cry to Heaven for vengeance.  It is also acknowledged that it is rea-
sonable, if not blatantly obvious, that there generally exists something likened 
to the Lavender  Mafia.  

Pope Francis recently admitted this, while referring to the Vatican version of it 
as "a lobby group."  This is the concise description of it, being that there are
those who push for this person to become bishop here and head of a depart-
ment there.  There have been people manipulating the roster of the office

A text which addressed the above-mentioned topic can be accessed via the 
following links: