November 29, 2017

The Harassment of Me Continues: Thus, here is a public notice

Whenever I post anything new about the Cipolla accuser, Diane/Diana Thompson-
Mangum-Etc, I get harassed quickly thereafter.   Of course, I repeatedly announc-
ed that she is to NEVER seek to contact me outside of doing so through attorneys.
She acknowledged as much in one weblog post that I know-of.  Well, the Pittsburgh
mail addressed to me was recently sent up here, to Chicago, and there were no law
firms seeking to contact me on behalf of anyone, including the Diane Thompson-
Mangum who constructed TEN ad hominid weblogs against me.   None the less:

To Whom it May Come to Concern:

Due to the repeated harassments that I underwent since the middle of 2015, I am
telling you that you are to never contact me or seek to contact me via the name
"Anonymous" or via any variation of the name, Anonymous.  Moreover, you are
not to send me any email of any kind that is sent from an email address contain-
ing the word "anonymous."  Thus, do NOT sent to me any kind of email from or .org or .net or .info, etc.

In addition, a recent Diane Thompson-Mangum weblog stated that she was given
a message to publicly post, from a person whom I forbid to contact me.  Well, the
only two persons whom I directly said are to never contact me outside of through
a law firm are Diane Thompson-Mangum and the New Jersey conspiracy theory
housewife who is between 67 and 69 years of age, and who was told by me to not
contact me anymore, doing so in the Year 2011.  So, that New Jerseyite would be
the only person who would give Diane Thompson a message to post, directly ad-
dressed to me.  Well, such a this still is the act of harassment.

Now, Diane Thompson-Mangum might have lied about the New Jersey conspiracy
theorist.  So, I have to let the local law enforcement personnel hash that one out, to
see if the woman will say that Diane Thompson-Mangum lied about being given a
message from her or if she really did do so.

All in all, this has been and remains to be a very creepy and eerie experience.  All
that matters is the 1978 accusations of Diane Thompson against Anthony Cipolla. 
However, Diane Thompson simply attacked me in every defamatory way thus far
imaginable, and I was NOT there, in Pittsburgh's northside in 1978.  I was NOT a
part of the case.  I simply fact-checked Thompson's accusations and found them
to have been blatant frauds and farces, concerning the claim of an arrest and post-
arrest retaliation which she claimed involved a former bishop of Pittsburgh and
a former Allegheny County DA.

Some personal attacks against contradicted other ones.  Therefore, she clawed at
my reputation indiscriminately, doing so without any composure or self-control.
This line itemization of ad hominid attacks, aka defamations, libel, and false light
privacy invasions is for later, due to the lack of time I have.  Plus, I will have a lot
of communicating to do with law enforcement personnel and legal professionals.
Such a thing takes time.

My fatal error was granting a time of mercy ... a time of diplomacy ... of leeway and
prudence ... in not sending my report to a certain law firm who invited it ... and in not
sending it to police as of yet.  If you ever come to have a nightmarish problem like the
one I have had since 2015, do NOT give your harasser(s) any time of mercy-leniency-
diplomacy-etc.  The time of mercy tghat you grant will be time used by your enemy to
destroy you.

Once again, instead of addressing the Cipolla Case of 1978, Thompson-Mangum
decided to attack me personally, from A to Z.  Ad hominid attacks, over and over
again ... for years.

Just because you are kind and giving, doesn't mean that your harassers/defamers
are going to follow your cue of kindness.  If you ever come to have a problem like
the one I had for the past 28 months, address it immediately.  Send your info to a
law firm who invites it and call the police. 

Once again, giving an extended time of diplomacy to your enemies will be used by
those enemies to destroy you.  It will at least destroy your peace of soul completely,
for a long period of time.

November 28, 2017

I got nine of Diane Thompson's cyber-bully weblogs taken offline, and she then constructed an equally abusive TENTH ad-hominine-attack weblog

Alternative Title of This Post:


To start, one Diane/Diana Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux-Whatever is the person
who accused one Anthony Cipolla of molesting both of her sons at the ages of
9 and 12.  She then gave an elaborate narration through one Mrs Randy Engel,
detailing an arrest and then a post-arrest retaliation involving former Allegheny
County DA Bob Colville and the late Bishop Vincent Leonard of the Pittsburgh
diocese.  Firstly, her narration was entirely contrary to the Pennsylvania Rules
of Criminal Procedure and was, therefore, a defamatory fabrication.  Secondly,
other elements of the damning accusations were fact checked and found to have
been false.  She responded by retaliating against me, the whistle blower who
discovered her lies.

For those new here, I am the one who undercovered by accident a number of
cover-ups of Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  In fact, I was caught in a whistle blow-
er retaliation, after one of Wuerl's former personal secretaries was uncovered
for behavior recognized as disgraceful for a human being, let alone a priest.
There were two phases to the retaliation.
It's Res Ipsa Loquitar to say that we are in the era of the Great
Apostasy prophesied by the heroic St Paul of Tarsus.  The clergy
of this era even apostatized nature, by living unnatural lifestyles. 
As a quick update to that which was occurring behind the scenes =======>

The necessary steps were taken, to get taken offline NINE cyber bully weblogs
constructed by Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux-Whatever.  And of course,
the content within them constituted numerous counts of harassment against yours
truly, as well as public statements actionable under Florida's criminal defamation
law.  Thus, Step 1 was getting offline a writing style which was literally a crime.

Instead of coming to her senses and absorbing a sense of wisdom from the NINE
weblog deletions, the same Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux then constructed
and posted a TENTH CYBER BULLY WEBLOG against yours truly, under a
new email account address.

Now,  I did not check to see the status of the TENTH cyber bully website which
also contained harassment and libel, being that I do NOT ever google my name
and being that I do NOT go out of my way to check and see the status of Diane
Thompson's latest damning accusations, newest derisive ridicule, and freshest
ad hominid attacks against yours truly.  My knowledge of those other weblogs,
incidentlaly, were sent to me in a form of communication I will NOT disclose.

Now, being that there was new libel posted against me by this Diane Thompson,
and even though it contradicts past libel, I need to respond publicly.

In as much . . .

                      In her latest weblog, Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux-Whatever
                      expressly stated that I was stalking her.  Now, the official definition
                      of stalking is acts of hunting someone down, in order to inflict phys-
                      ical harm on that person.

The response:  I am here in Northern Illinois and have been here since the Fourth
                        of July celebrations.  Before that time span, I was in Pittsburgh, and
                        before that time span, I was in Northern Illinois.  Before that time
                        span, I was in Pittsburgh.  Ainxw 2014, I have literally not been
                        further south than West Virginia.
                       Now, Diane/Diana Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux-Whatever is located
                       on the east coast of Florida, over 1,200 MILES away from me.  Proof
                       of me being here, in Northern Illinois throughout the entire time span
                       in focus is:

                       1} multiple debit & credit card transactions,  2} motel receipts,
                       3} bank deposits of my paychecks,  4} numerous witnesses see-
                            ing me do construction work throughout the Chicago area,
                       5} my many electronic gymnasium log-ins, and many witnesses
                            who repeatedly saw me in one of TWO Chicago area gyms,
                            as well as my competition in a couple Chicago area fitness
                            contests which I won.

                       In addition, being that I have asthmatic flare-ups on a regular basis,
                       people much more easily remember me than the average citizen.
How much credibility do you give to a 70+ year old, under
educated, cyber bully who calls the above individual a
queen, aka effeminate fairy?  You need to start
testing the spirits, at this point.
                       At this point, you should see why I have always refused to answer
                       any email sent to me from Diane Thompson-Mangum and why I
                       also refuse to telephone her, to send messages to her, to have any-
                       one give her any message, etc.  Incidentally, in her latest cyber
                       bully weblog, she called me a drama queen.  Uhhhm, how many
                       Italian construction workers from Pittsburgh Steeler Country do
                       you know who are effeminate, limp-wristed pansies?  My ques-
                       tion is, "Do you believe her in what she writes?"                 

Since the Fourth of July celebrations, I've been here in Northern Illinois.
Diane Thompson-Mangum went beyond the sound barriers of obscenity in
recently stating that I'm stalking her, being that I am 1,200+ away from her.
And quite frankly, I can't get far enough away from her.
For those new to here, Diane Thompson-Mangum is the one who accused a Pittsburgh
diocesan priest named Anthony Cipolla of molesting one  ...  and then two of her sons,
in 1978 and then in 1977.  She then gave an elaborate narration of her "pressing charges"
against that priest, followed by her claim that she underwent retaliations and vandalism
which lead to a bishop and a DA putting pressure on her so intensely that she gave-in
and dropped the charges ... even though no civilian has the power in America to drop
any criminal charge of any kind.  There was even mention of a ine year old molested
boy doing homework at the kitchen table ... on JULY 30, when the there no school in
Pittsburgh Public school system or Catholic-parochial school system.  All in all, the
account of the arrest, indictment, retaliations, duress, charge-dropping was so fictiti-
ous that it was easier to pick apart than the lint on a piece of cheap sweatshop fabric.

In addition, I found that officer who was said to have arrested Cipolla as a ranking
detective, only to find out that her wasn't even a detective and that he nothing more
than take a statement from Diane Thompson, transposed it paper, via handprinting,
and then gave it to the real detectives who, incidentally, found no cause to file any
type of affidavit which results in a judging signing it and placing the accused in the
criminal court system.


NOTE:  I have to leave, right now.  I will try to return and finish this post.

October 04, 2017

The Harassment of me still hasn't ended . . .

. . . nor has the Libel & Invasion of Privacy in a False Light.

The Satanic Merry-go-round, Diane Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum
makes Satanic merry, in having posted her NINTH weblog dedicated
to the obsessive character assassination of me.
In her ninth character assassination weblog against me, Diane Labiaux-
Thompson-Mangum, stated that she was writing and posting what she
was posting (in her ninth weblog) under "legal advise."  Well, in her
ninth weblog against, she wrote personal message to me, personally.
She posted declarative statements directed to me, individually.  Now,
I have long since publicly posted that she is to NEVER contact me.
This instantly means that she is to NOT contact any third party, to
give me a message in her name.  Therefore . . .

. . . in her ninth weblog against me, Diane Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum
committed the demeanor of harassment, being that she sent messages
directly to me, by name.  In as much, whoever is giving her legal ad-
vice should either be sued for Errors and Omissions.

Furthermore, in that ninth weblog specifically posted to defame me, the
same Diane Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum said that she would like to thank
Randy Engel for getting a law team to do some vetting of sorts and then to
destroy me in a court of law.

Uhmmmmmmmm, Diane Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum already spoke on
the phone with Randy Engel.  Thus, if she wanted to thank Randy for any-
thing,  she would have telephoned her.  

Of course, this Diane Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum posted that pretentious 
"thank-you," in order to intimidate me.   I'm too tired to be intimidated.

None the less Ladies & gentlemen, there does exist a type of person who
doesn't run and hide when threatened.  Rather, he does the opposite.  Now . . .

The one thing that I learned from the past 2+ years of Diane Thompson
repeatedly defaming me and harassing me is that, when you employ any
measure of mercy on your attackers, they take the time you allot to them
and use it to destroy you all the more.  They don't reform.  They don't re-
lax.  They don't eventually become civilized.  So, if you ever are visited
with a problem like Diane Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum, counter attack
immediately.  Do the necessary phone calling and paperwork filing. nip-
ping the weed at the rootstock.  File what needs to be filed ASAP.

None the less, my Pittsburgh mail was collected and brought back to me
in Chicago.  There was NO law firm writing to me.  No demand letter.
No notice of pending lawsuit.  Plus, I still have NOT be given the op-
portunity to speak with Tucker Thompson and Frank Labiaux, as was
stated in the NINTH Diane Thompson weblog that assassinates my
character to the depths.

And of course, even up to the hour of this post's update, there still does
NOT exist online, or in the mail the alleged Diane Mangum deposition
in the Tim Bendig lawsuit.  I still do NOT know what she stated under
oath.  So, that thing remains invisible to the human eye.  The two cover
 pages posted online looked legit.  So, where is the deposition attached
to the two cover pages? 

In her NINTH weblog against me, the Diane Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum
whom I announced was to not contact me again, told me directly that some-
one will be praying for Saint Michael to deal with me.  Interesting note about

Firstly, Saint Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of those under attack.
And of course, I'm under attack.  Now, something specific happens when any
person prays to a saint and asks him/her to destroy (or "deal with") a longterm
friend of the saint.  The saint being asked to deal with harshly with his/her friend
showers displays of spiritual protection and friendship upon the person whom
the saint was asked to destroy.

I was surprised to see what spiritual and cosmological favors Saint Michael was
willing to shower on me, one after the other.  In fact, I was surprised that the re-
puted warrior angel could be so kind to me in the silence of his presence.

The experience was a combination of beautiful and surprising.  Therefore, the
more that evil is assailing you, the more willing is the celestial court of Heaven
willing to come to your aid.  So, I wonder what would happen if someone would
pray to Saint Patrick and ask him to destroy me ... or Saint Bernadette Soubiruos
(of Lourdes fame) who happens to be the patron saint of asthmatics ... or perhaps
Saint Louis of Montfort, Saint John Vianney, etc.

Of course, a person of true faith, when confronted by someone actually doing
evil, prays for that person's conversion; not destruction.  Concerning Diane
Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum, Randy Engel and her New Jersey conspiracy
theory housewife friend acted as if Mangum were the holiest of saints not
in need of prayers for her conversion, even though that woman, herself,
claimed that she stopped attending church long ago.  So, she gets to have
no one to pray and make sacrifices for her.

The same goes for Donald Wuerl.  His propaganda machine makes that vicious
male out to be a saint not in need of prayers for his conversion.  Thus, he gets
no such prayers from people deceived by his propaganda machine.  Incident-
ally, I already have a prayer list to first fulfill, before I include . . .

I have to go, right now.  To Be Continued.

Incidentally, being that I don't have the time-luxury to edit my writings,
please overlook my typos and grammatical mistakes.  When I am not
wracked, I am really really really tired, or I'm undergoing asthma, or
I'm on the run, or I just need to take a rest.

Here.  Enjoy a bit of color in the meantime, as a courtesy:

Important notifications with a measure of legal implications

As you might possibly know, I continue to be severely libeled and presented in
a very false light.  So, I need to make a series of simple and specific statements.

You might also know that it is the grand total of ONE PERSON orchestrated the
libel and False Light against me.  Such libel and false light easily results in the
loss of reputation which usually results in the victim loosing business and em-
ployment opportunities, as well as resulting in the destruction of projects done
at great toil.  That one person is a 70+ year old individual would NOT address
the issues that I addressed online, but instead, that person created a diversionary
tactic of attacking me so consummately that you would hold animosity and con-
tempt toward me.  It some cases such libel results in violence being attempted
on the person under attack.


The 70+ year old individual stated that a} you can search online all day and find
nothing about me, and of course, this is a blatant falsehood, being that millions
of times people viewed my URLs.    None the less, the 70+ year old then stated
that you can find nothing about me online, because I am Anthony Cipolla in dis-
guise operating a child molester protection ring.  Well, Anthony Cipolla died in
August of 2016, proving the 70+ year old person to be telling you a falsehood.

The same 70+ year old would send my less-than-civilized emails while claiming
that she couldn't find anything about me.  She knew all along that I existed.

The same 70+ year old would call me Mr. Mt. Vesuvius in an email or two.  I made
this know publicly.  She then said that she called me Mr. Mt. Vesuvius, because I
blow-up in anger like Mt. Vesuvius.  Yet, she never spoke with me and never saw
me in public.  So, how would she know?  Plus, if she believed that I had a violent
temper, then she would not have been ridiculing me as she has been doing.

The same 70+ year old also stated, that as far as she was concerned, I was as "queer
as a baseball bat," meaning "flaming homosexual."  Well, I'm a construction work-
er from Pittsbugh, working presenting throughout the Chicago vicinity.  How many
effeminate construction workers have you encountered in life, especially in Pitts-
burgh Steelers Country and in Chicago?

The same 70+ year old stated that I was an internet gifter, making up lies, in order
to make a lot of money.  Well, I never made a penny on the internet, evidenced by
the fact that my URLs never had a Paypal app, or a donation box, or a shopping
cart and checkout app on them.

All in all, she damns me in any way she can.  She also has made it a habit of steal-
ing my copyrighted material and posting it on her weblogs, as if she owns them.
This includes my photography which, alone, has attracted millions of views.
In as much:

No one is permitted to post any photograph of mine on his/her site, weblog, or
URL, unless you have personally asked me for permission to do so (on a per-
photo basis) and have been given permission by me to do so.

No one is permitted to post any of my writings on his/her site, weblog, or URL.

In as much, do NOT copy and paster my writings.  Do NOT copy and paste my
photos.  If you want photos like those on your site, then you go to California,
Florida, Maryland, Gettysburg, major American metropolises, national parks,
and state parks, yourself, and do your own photographing.  Or else pay me to
make the necessary travels and do the photo-shoots for you.


As I have stated over and over again, I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD, evi-
denced by my security clearances, one of which was a 2014 FBI Clearance,
gotten through the auspices of the US Dept of Education.  And FBI clearances
do NOT have to be renewed every year.  In as much, I have never been convict-
ed for anything outside of a traffic violation.  None the less, a number of those
security clearance certifications were posted at (and still can be found at) the
Blue Marble Album ... and even at this Wuerl-of-Hurt URL/site.

I was adjudged as having full physical disability status in 2003.  In my medical
records, my allergic respiratory condition was declared by a board certified pul-
monary specialist as being life-threatening in 2008.  In as much, I do NOT have
COPD.  I have a condition which can be deadly, and such a thing is expected of
a percentage of those who were exposed to many airborne chemicals & alkaline
dusts without the benefit of protective respirators.  I never wore a respirator in
any of my construction projects in the 1990s.

Now, on one of the nine weblogs that this 70+ year old constructed to fully
assassinate my character, there appears a couple of very long-written com-
ments on its comment board.  Now, such long comments can reasonably be
suspected of having been "contrived," "pre-planned, ""not spontaneously
written by a third party who has no conflict of interest."

None the less, the writer of one of the comments stated that he/she knows a
psychologist who read much of the Wuerl-of-Hurt posts and concluded ex-
ceptionally damning things about me.   Now . . .

No diagnosis can be made be any professional without the professional first
seeing the person in person.  A physician can literally loose his license, if he
she diagnoses a person without personally examining that person ... in person.

In as much, if there really is a psychologist out there who frequents my Wuerl-
of-Hurt site and who really did say a barrage of damning things about me, then
please contact me, all the while knowing that you have my clemency, and all the
while knowing that I would appreciate such honesty.

I would also appreciate to know if that comment has a contrived fraudulent mis-
representation or not.  Patrick at 1-724-709-4716.  None the less, if you really do
exist, I hope that you will engage in civilized conversation and explain why you
would have been such a damning diagnosis without ever speaking with me, as is
your professional protocol.

At a point of observation, usually a spontaneous comment written by a third
person who carries no conflict of interest isn't as long as that which was post-
ed on one of the nine weblogs designed to destroy my reputation for all-time.

Plus, being constantly defamed is like getting beaten up by bullies, over and
over again.  It absolutely drains a person.  None the less . . .

I did not start writing about myself at the Wuerl-of-Hurt site (except in one in-
stance that I remember) UNTIL my reputation came under ruthless and obses-
sively constant attack.  I then wrote in defense of myself, due to the defamation,
and/or libel and false light leveled against me.  The Torquato narration does not
count, and mention of the suicide I went-through doesn't count, either.

The exception to which I refer was in me having stated that I petitioned Wuerl
to grant me an apostolate to counter certain institutionalized sines, including the
crime against humanity known as "Sweatshop labor profiteering" and which is
formally known as Defraudments of Laborers of their Wages ... and and and
which was the Sixth Count in the Nuremberg Trials.

Mark Ninehouser:

In Randy Engel's Nov/Dec 2016 article, she stated that two detectives arrested
Anthony  Cipolla.  She stated that one was M.N. Nehouser, Badge #46.  I then
found out that Badge #46 belonged to uniformed officer, Mark Nine houser, in
1978.  Then, in the second half of 2017, the 70+ year old cyber-bully stated that
Mark Ninehouser was one of the officers who showed up before "the detectives"
came.  Stop there for a minute.

Engel proclaimed that an evidentiary sheet of paper possessed by the 70+ year old
person stated that a detective with Badge #46 did the arresting.  Mark Ninehouser
told me that he was the officer with Badge #46 and that he did NOT arrest Cipolla.
He also said that he simply took the person's statement, transposed it onto a hand-
printed police report, handed it to the real detectives, and did nothing else pertain-
ing to Anthony Cipolla.  Badge #46.  Badge #46.   Badge #46 is the key to seeing
that there was no arrest of Anthony Cipolla.  I hope that you 'got it' by now.  How
much longer are we ... am I ... going to have to put up with this?

Concerning Wuerl, one of those nine weblogs constructed by the same 70+
year old person stated that what I wrote about Wuerl was a pack of lies.
Concerning this, keep in mind that:

I posted multiple newspaper articles detailing the indictments of Wolk, Zula,
and Pucci, most of which quoted DA John C Pettit complaining about the
uncooperative conduct of Wuerl's then-diocese during the criminal investi-
gations thereof.  Thus, the 70+ year old is claiming that 1988 newspaper
staff members from New Hampshire to California are liars.

I linked to newspaper articles reporting on the tragedy of Father Zirwas.
Thus, the 70+ year old person claims that newspaper staff members of
years past were liars.

The same 70+ year old sent me an email once (after I publicly announced
that she is to not contact me or a third party associated with me) claiming
that a certain Cleveland Plain Dealer article reporting on Wuerl's Triple
Cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci was a falsehood.

None the less, news of Father John Hoehl being part of a major lawsuit was
in the newspapers.  Plus, I went through a suicide, involving a person who
had just left Hoehl's house as a long-term border.  In as much, it is beyond
ruthless to call me a liar in the remembrance of one of the greatest tragedies
I ever endured in my life.

Plus, numbers pieces of evidence concerning the Torquato Case was posted
online, including a Police Department's Citizen Report Form.  Yet, the 70+
year old wants you to believe I lie about Wuerl all the time.

There is even an EWTN letter posted online, speaking less than impressive-
ly about Wuerl.  That is hard-copy evidence.  Yet, the 70+ year old person
that I am always lying about Wuerl.

Now, let's adjourn to Camp Croft, in Spartansburg South Carolina.  Randy
Engel wrote that the 70+ year old person had a husband who was injured
at "military base in Spartansburg," while training with the special forces
during the Vietnam years.

In response, I publicly stated that Camp Croft was closed in 1946 and that
there was no military training there during the Vietnam Wars or any other
years after 1946.  Well, the 70+ year old person called me a liar and then
posted only part of an encyclopedia article on Camp Croft, leaving out the
time when it was a military base.  That was yet another deception.

For the record, Camp Croft was used as a prison of war camp in WWII.
Yes, captured Nazi German soldiers were sent to America.

In continuing, I was said to have been lying completely about Wuerl,
even though:

I linked to newspaper articles that reported on Father Krawczyk and
on Edward Huff.  (And concerning Huff, I have more photo-copies
of newspaper articles to post.)

All in all, at the Wuerl-of-Hurt site, there are many photo-copies of
newspaper articles, pieces of evidence, letters, etc.  I have evidence
and shared it with you.  Calling me a liar is merely a desperate 70+
year old attempting to get you to ignore all of my toil and expense.

Furthermore, Wuerl never sued me for libel.  Bill Donohue never at-
tacked me, even though he is one of Wuerl's known pit bulls.  In ad-
dition, Torquato never sued me.  Wolk never sued me.  Zula never
sued me.  Huff never sued me.  The survivors/estate of Zirwas and
Pucci never sued me.  Hoehl never sued me.  Etc, etc, etc go the

There is more to state; much more.  I need to go, right now.  None the
less, the attacks hurled at me and against me by that one 70+ year old
person (and her accessories) have been ongoing for over two years,
and I do not see any end in sight, unless I file . . .

You know, I do accept with gratitude any rosaries, stations of the Cross,
chaplets of Divine Mercy, litanies, novena, and even Masses prayed for
my petitions.  In fact, I'm partial towards the Infant Jesus of Prague and
others whom I will not mention at this point, being that the bully 70+ yr
old person will find a way to desecrate their names in future writings
that assassinate me in every way she can.  None the less, I would be
grateful for valid prayer, very much so.

10 Q

October 03, 2017

Another easily provable shot of libel from Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum ... inter alia

I learned heavy equipment operating on the machine in this photo, years ago.
It's a Cat 416B Extender.  Anthony Cipolla did NOT operate it in disguise,
and he doesn't operate this website in disguise while operating a child
molester protection ring.  Cipolla has been dead for over a year.  Did 
you really believe what the proven liar, Diane Thompson, wrote in 2016?
We adjourn to the next point of business, in order to make a point:

Grant me your indulgence and quickly read of yet another easily provable lie
of Diane Thompson which was designed to defame me yet again --- and to
trick you into turning against me .. to turn against a guy who already knows
what it is to literally be a attempted murder target and who also knows what
it is to have very unfriendly visitors to his apartment.  If Diane Thompson
fooled you into hating me to the point of death, then you have to wait in

The following example is posted here, in order to show you the habit of lying
of the woman who now identifies herself as "Diana," as if she is attached to
British Royalty. by birth.

Concerning her multiple attacks, keep in mind that I am the one who discovered
that she told an elaborate and sophomoric lie, concerning the late Anthony Cipol-
la.  Retired officer Mark Ninehouser confirmed her as a liar, being that he never
arrested Cipolla as Thompson claimed and being that Mark was NOT even a de-
tective at the time, as was claimed by the same Diane Thompson (now known as
Diana Mangum.)

The 70+ year old hag & former teenage pregnancy queen whose narrative about
Cipolla was opposite of what really transpires in the Pennsylvania Code of Crim-
inal Procedure will not quit harassing me and those in my life.  Meanwhile, I am
being ever so kind in not contacting the Florida police and DA's office, being the
her forms of harassment and even libel are in the Florida criminal code.  That
which she did to me was the White Trash version of whistleblower retaliation.

Remember that Diane Thompsone boldly claimed that you can spend all day
on the internet searching for information about me, and not find a thing, mean-
ing that I don't exist.  Yet, I'm one of those people whose works has long since
received millions of pageviews for his various posts.  Even a few pages of my
medical records of mine are online, along with personal photos, and even a few
copies of my past security clearances thaat were posted online, in order to count-
er Diane Thompson's libel against me.  None the less, she publicly claimed that
I didn't exist while she was harassing me via email, knowing all along that I cer-
tainly did exist.  This additioally showed her to be a wall-to-wall liar.

Then, she claimed that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise, operating a child molester
protection ring, while the 70+ plus telephone gossip hag, Randy Engel, was darn toot-
ing fer sure that she was gonna prove that I was lying about being in the construction
industry that I originally entered in the Spring of 1992.  Well, Cipolla has been dead
for over a year, and I can assure that Cipolla's ghost is NOT the one adding posts to
the Pontillo sites/URLs.  And I can doubly assure you that Cipolla's ghost was not
the one who photographed Cipolla's grave and posted the photos online.  Nor has
Cipolla been the one going around the Chicago area doing carpentry and concrete
work under my name.  Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, is a liar who must
take responsibility for inflicting the stress on heart patient Anthony Cipolla which
caused his death.

Now, another slur against my name, reputation, and even credibility from Diane
Thompson goes as follows, and the curious thing about this is the person who
told her to post this defamatory allegation which was super easy to prove false:

The 70+ year old woman who now goes by the name, Diana Mangum, assert-
ed that my family kicked me out of my deceased father's house, making me
look like a heartless dreg of society and lazy lowlife.  Firstly, my father, him-
self, gave me the keys to the house and he green-lighted me to use the house
as needed.  And of course, that wasn't his main house.

In addition, quickly after my father's death, I was offered to take one of his houses
as part of my inheritance.  I was also given the choice of which house.  I turned
down the offer, and eventually, the houses were sold.  I was bought-out ... NOT
kicked out.

Ladies & gentlemen, there is no such thing as a deceased man's house after
the probate time period.  Therefore, that oceanside house was MY HOUSE.
Diane Thompson conveyed yet another lie to the public about me.

So, why has Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, repeatedly posted libel-
ous statement after statement about me ???

ANS:  It is because everything that I wrote about her and her accusations
against Anthony Cipolla were right-on, bull's-eye true.  In the relatively
near future, a court of law will certify it as such.

Truth is like gravity.  Despite all of the efforts to halt its flow,
it eventually breaks through.
And of course, Randy Engel's three-part article on the subject of Anthony
Cipolla was the most easily disprovable piece of journalism in this era of
fake news.  Engel's sole source, of course, was the white trash family head-
ed by Diane Thompson,  aka Diane Mangum, the teenage pregnancy queen
of the 1960s.

For now, if you have recently read online anything that defames me, would
you please notify me about it.  I do NOT ever google my name, because of
the extreme emotional trauma that it has caused me in the past.  I cannot ex-
press what that type of thing does to a person who has had EIGHT security
clearances in his life and who literally risked his physical safety at the cor-
rupt hands of Father James Torquato and the Donald Would who looked the
other way while the Torquato Retaliations were ongoing.

Unlike the obsessive and non-factual Randy Engel who presents herself as
the staunch church-lady-type, and who actually claimed that Mike Voris is
Opus Dei  ... and that I couldn't possibly be in the construction industry des-
pite that fact that my fingerprints have been on at least a hundred construc-
tion sites from Pittsburgh to Chicago --- I let myself be in physical jeopardy
for the sake of clergy sex abuse victims.  Throughout that time, Engel was
cozy and comfy.  Ofh, and concerning the mention of Randy Engel being
a part of the Voice of Vietnam, it was NOT headquartered in Vietnam.  It
was headquartered in Dayton Ohio, a place much more cozy and comfy
than war torn Vietnam.

If you have any info to convey about anything of pertinence, I can be reached
at   and at   1-724-709-4716.

Of course, if you call to threaten me, then it's GAME ON.  And history has
shown that you would be an idiot with a death-wish to go up against Italians.
None the less, if you call out of Christian Charity, then I extend to you my
gratitude in advance.  And of course, history has shown how protective and
dedicated, as well as grateful Italian-Americans can be.

Let me go one step further, on how much of a con artist is this Diane Thompson,
aka Diana Mangum.  She once wrote on at least one of her seven blogs which
all defame me that she has a 135 IQ and can debate with the loftiest of minds.
Now, where did she ... a virtual moron ... get that number?  She got it from
my International High IQ Society certification which marks me at the 137
mark.  So, Thompson had to deceive you into assuming that is lives at my
level of existence.   No.   She's a mere low life who apparently thinks that
making up stories and endlessly lying about people is a sign of intelligence.

Onward to regaining the freedom taken away from us, by narcissistic baby
boomers of the 1960s sexual revolution which did little more than replace
fatihful love with twisted forms of anarchy.   Onward to gaining freedom
from those who won't let anyone in the younger age brackets in the door,
be it in matters of church or state or even stage.  The Vietnam Era peace-
sign givers turned out to be the most lustful, greedy, and selfish of them
all.  They believe so much in abortion because they do not want to step
aside for the next generation to plant its roots.  They will keep their lust
for power until cobwebs form on them and until Halloweenish skeletons
appear around them.  After all, they already have rigor mortis of the soul.

And do not forget about an Italian man's sense of beauty,
even during the most violent of conflicts yet to come.

October 02, 2017

Proving Randy Engel and her "good good" New Jersey friend wrong ... yet again, in their failed decapitation attempt of me.

Randy Engel has gotten her signals crossed.  Typical for a person who obsessively
writes about transvestites, sodomites, and transsexually distorted people.  After all
she goes by a man's name as if she were a "transsexual."  That's a confused mind.
Before all else, answer the following question:  What is the difference
between Wuerleaks author Patrick Anthony Pontillo and Randy Engel?

ANS:  Randy Engel never stood in harm's way, literally to the point of being
nicked during a witnessed attempt murder.  Plus, Engel never had people pay
his domicile a very unfriendly nighttime visit, in the hopes to get physical evi-
dence out of his hands.

Conclusion:  There is no more in civil society or the Catholic Church for
                      murderous hags whose form of literature is hair salon gossip.
                      They are destroyers by libel, false light, and defamation.
                      In the end, the destroyers get destroyed.  Study history.

In addition to the differences between Randy Engel and the Wuerlgate author:

Randy Engel never took a sex abuse victim into safe hiding when there was
an attempt to get physical evidence away from him and thusly destroyed.

Plus,Engel did NOT do all of her research and writings on the subject of
Church Corruption entirely free of charge, as did Patrick Anthony Pontillo.
Thus, if there is "no money in it,"  Randy Engel will NOT write about it.

All in all, Patrick Anthony Pontillo already proved that he will literally take
a bullet for you during a church-supported act of whistle blower retaliation.
Meanwhile, Engel stayed cozy and safe throughout the time Pontillo had a
bull's eye placed on him.  Thus, when all Hell breaks loose in your life, you
do not have Randy Engel as a safety valve or protector.

Randy Engel ... a 70+ year old female writer ... has gotten to become so out of
touch with reality that she claimed the Emmy Award winning Michael Voris and
his Church Militant personnel to be members of Opus Dei and therefore part of
an anti-Christian conspiracy.  Well, the son of a County Cork mom and an U.S.
Air Force dad puts in neon the phrase,

"Outside of the Catholic Church, there is no salvation."  (except in cases of
  unconquerable ignorance, as was the case for all who existed before the
  founding of Christ's only church which has been overrun by cowards
  and those dedicated to vile conduct.)

This recluses Mike from the Opus Dei experience, because Opus Dei welcomes
non-Catholics into its nearly cryptic religious order.  Thus, Randy Engel has left
the building with Elvis.  Yes, her congress is out of session.  She is operating one
senator short of a quorum.  She wears sunglasses in the dark, especially in the
matter involving former Pittsburgh police officer, Mark Ninehouser, who ex-
pressly told me that he did NOT arrest Anthony Cipolla, as Engel claimed in
her November 2016 literary assassination of Cipolla.

Incidentally, it has been over a year since Anthony Cipolla died of a heart attack
and then crashed into a tree located in the front yard of a Methodist Church.  By
now, you should realize that Diane Thompson, aka Diana Mangum, deliberately
lied to you when she claimed that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise operating
a child molestation protection ring.  After all, Cipolla's ghost isn't writing this.

Cipolla's not the one constructing this site or the Pontillo photography portfolio
or the Pontillo Economics and environmental science pages.  Plus, Cipolla defi-
initely was not the author of the Pontillo Military History & Science pages.

Moreover, Cipolla isn't going throughout Chicagoland in my name doing carpentry
work, concrete work, and basic unskilled labor tasks with the Pontillo name.  After
all, he's dead, meaning that the Diane Thompson (aka Diana Mangum) is a liar who
claimed that you could spend all day online and not prove the existence of ... me.
This also means that Rand Engel allies herself with liars and has zero reliable
judgment of character.  After all, Engel tried to decapitate me, a guy with a
history of EIGHT security clearances.  If you're going to do that, then you
might as well call the carpenter, Saint Joseph, the anti-Christ, as well as
calling John the Baptist the son of Lucifer, etc etc etc go the examples.

And if you think a construction worker who is also a weightlifter doesn't magnetize
to himself an occasional eligible bachelorette or two throughout the course of his
life, then you are as psychotic as the Engel World.  Child molesters are NOT at-
tracted to construction workers and construction workers aren't attracted to child
molesters.  So, use your brain cells and realize that the lowly educated teen preg-
nancy queen thinks that you are really really stupid.  She even thinks that chang-
ing her name to Diana will hide her identity.

There's a power that exceeds the sodomite Tim Bendig, Diana "teen pregnancy
queen" Mangum, the Peter Pan look alike Donald Wuerl, and Hag Extraordinaire
Randy Engel combined.  If you want to shut me up, you have to literally kill
me, and someone already failed at that attempt, one recent April evening.
Of course, the 70+ year rolling-pin-lyncher, Randy Engel, attempted a decapitation
on me during the days when I would regularly get 300,000+ monthly pageviews as
a one-man show.  It went as follows:

It was super simple.  Nothing clever about it.  Randy Engel calls on a late June
week night at 10:30 pm.  That's when construction workers need to be sleeping,
being that, in the Summertime, construction workers get up at 5 am & 6 am.
None the less, the rude hag called me at that time, when a construction work-
er is wracked, fatigued, and very much off guard, floating into Dreamland.

Engel said that she was going to research the Cipolla Case anew and asked me
if she could use my evidence and illustrations.  I said yes, and I was extremely
polite, to the point of playing dumb.  She then asked if she could telephone me
in the future, concerning her research.  Of course, I said yes.  THEN:

The Hag Attack

Engel said ... to the effect ... "Oh. I hear you are in construction.  In all the 
time I knew you,  I didn't know that you were in construction?   How can 
someone with asthma be in construction?"

Firstly, a lot of guys in construction develop breathing problems of one sort or
another.  In fact, I know what it is to be in a closed-in basement filled with con-
crete dust haze, while everyone down there . . . including me . . . were short of
breath, followed by everyone putting on a respiratory and/or dust mask.  A num-
ber of construction workers come in healthy and leave with a respiratory condi-

In fact, there were times, in the headquarter office, when every guy in the office
had one type of  breathing problem or another.  So, welcome to the wide world
of construction that keeps you safe, warm, & cozy at our expense.

I answered Engel by saying that I was able to work in construction via respira-
tors.  I used the word, "face masks," being that I wasn't able to think freely, on
account of the fact that I knew I was in a vicious ambush, and I felt constricted
as to what to say.

None the less, Engel was clueless about the VOC-free revolution going on in
the construction industry today, where workers with asthma are spared of res-
pirator irritation when VOC-free paints, water-based curing compounds, and
other green products that are now used.  I get asthma when I walk into a home
reeking with air fresheners in it, or near cars reeking with fragrance products.

I usually don't get hit with asthma at an outdoor construction site where there
is a lot of air space.  The problem is that chemically laden air fresheners are
everywhere indoors and in parking lots in gluttonous America.  Gluttonous
food supply is American.  Gluttonous heroine addiction is American, and
gluttonous tattoo displays on a single-solitary arm are American, along
with gluttonous vices, etc.  America is a gluttonous nation.  Therefore,
Randy Engel's generation utterly failed at raising an entire generation
of children.

Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave

Randy Engel was playing gotcha journalism at the end of a construction work-
er's day, when he might be tired & wracked, after having done field work.  Or
he could be stressed and mentally drained, after having done estimating work,
project administration work, or legal work ... especially when being sued.  I do
legal work, from time to time, as a part of my job description.

All in all, Engel was picking to ambush me at a time that's usually a vulnerable
time.  All in all, Randy Engel presented herself as a friendly telephone caller at
a rude hour of the night and then she went for the kill.  And what she was actu-
ally doing?

For legal purposes, the following is presented as MY OPINION.  You cannot
get sued in America for stating your opinion.  Rather, you get sued for stating
falsehoods, for deceiving people, for endangering people, for breaching con-
tracts, for violating warranties, for breaking property, for negligence, and and
and for Malice Aforethought, etc.  In as much, a common American expression
is, "You're entitled to your own opinion, but you're never entitled to your own 

     Q:  So, what was Engel knowingly or unwittingly doing that June night?

ANS:  Someone was provoking Engel into finding proof that could result in
           a certain con artist claiming that I was a liar hiding behind a construc-
           tion company facade, while operating a molestation ring ... that I was
           operating a molester ring under the guise of being in construction.

           In addition, Engel wanted me to be declared a liar, so that I would
           no longer have any credibility in anything that I have ever written.
           She lunged for my jugular vein.

Now, all that I have to do is show you a showcase of photos proving that
I am in construction, and those of you with common sense will realize that
Engel is in a non-reality mode when you also take into account that she ac-
tually stated that Archbishop Fulton Sheen was probably a homosexual, be-
cause he wore on air, during his hit television show, a traditional cape called
a ferraiolo.  It was standard-issue for bishops and cardinals.  But, according
to Randy Engel, it's the sign of a homosexual.  Thus, according to Engel, all
bishops and cardinals are homosexual.

Incidentally, Fulton Sheen's canonization process is underway, and a miracle
has been attributed to him.  Plus, his TV show ran from 1952 to 1959.  In fact,
he won an Emmy Award out of the starting gate, in 1952, during an era when
consensual homosexuality was literally a felony in every American state.  Yet,
Engel made the snide comment about him, for wearing traditional clerical
clothing in the 1950s, while on TV.

Then there was Engel's comment about Bendig XVI, because he wore the tra-
ditional red shoes of the Fisherman, the Medieval and Renaissance footware
of the pope.  Engel might as well have declared all of Italy gay for the pass
1,000 years.  However, if Italy were gay for a 1,000 years, there would be
no Italians left on this planet.

One more thing:  I spent a lot of timing writing and doing photography, and
those long hours prove that I'm not moonlighting as the operator of any type
"Pederasty Protection Ring."  My interest is female companionship to the
point of having a woman who can finish my sentences.  Got it?

In re:  The New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Friend of Engel . . . 
               whose name I never mention for legal purposes.

It's simple.   I insulted her, and the reasonable person would understand
that she would love to revenge me and belittle me, so that she could been
seen as high and mighty.  Remember, I told her to never contact me again,
as far back as the Year 2011.  In fact, I told her to get out of my life.

Then, in 2016, I started getting emails from her again that were being sent
to groups of people.  So, I let it go.  Then, she contacted me individually.
Next, she contacted Mike Ference, telling him that Cipolla was this evil
molester.  Well, Mike was the one who arraigned the 2009 meeting with
Cipolla and me, because Mike believed that Cipolla very much could
have be innocent of charges that were NEVER filed against in any
court of law.

Then, came Randy Engel's phone call and the decapitation attempt  By the
way, Mike calls the 68 or 69 yr old conspiracy theory housewife of New
                                        " That crazy (name withheld.)"

Also by the way, Mike and I have not been in contact  with each other for
a number of months.  We live two entirely different worlds and have entire-
ly different goals.

In looking at the photos below, keep in mind that the molester ring accu-
sation came ONLY from a  70+ year old brawling woman named Diane
Mangum-Thompson-Labiaux who identified herself as a disabled senior,
meaning that she isn't an acrobatic spy who can go throughout a garage,
a loading dock, an airport, and a secret lair, gatheing evidence of any
kind of molester's ring.

She simply wrote that libel, thinking that you
are really stupid and would believe that a hag-with-walker ... or soon to
be in need of a walker ...was trailing & tailing automobiles and private
jets, bringing in the evidence.  She thought that you would be stupid
enough to believe everything she said.  After all, Randy Engel fell for

Thus, Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux only stated the libel, because my site
reveals her fraudulent misrepresentations.  I

Okay then, let's shut Randy Engel and her good good New Jersey Con-
spiracy Theory friend down.  Proof that I am in construction ... and that
Randy Engel is an insufferable annoying battle ax twit ... goes as follows:

Above:  An on-site delivery ticket for 4 & 3/4 yards of concrete signed
by the author of A Wuerl of Hurt, Patrick Pontillo, shortly after
the concrete was poured.  Randy Engel tried to prove that he
was not in construction and was therefore lying to the public.
Thus is more proof that Engel is out of touch with reality.
At the left bottom section of this invoice in my signature.
Only a guy in construction would sign this.  Throughout the years, I signed 
over one or even two thousand docs.  This includes delivery tickets,
bills of lading,  invoices,  receipts, will call orders,  
 purchase orders, and checks, as well as money orders.

My signature is in the middle of this sheet, below the items-ordered-list.
Only a guy in construction would sign this.  So, you go to Hell, Randy Engel,
and take Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux with you.
My signature is at the lower righthand corner of this delivery ticket.
This is a place where construction workers dump their demolition material.
Do you see how easy it is to trace my whereabouts through any given day?
Do you see that Randy Engel is out of touch with reality and was nothing
more than the dupe of Diane Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum?
That's my signature at the bottom, and only a guy in construction would sign this
delivery ticket.  The 70+ year old Randy Engel is either a vicious hag or a dupe.
Do you see my signature at the lower middle sector of the sheet?
Do you realize that I am not pretending to be in construction
while operating a molester protector ring through the Wuerlgate
site, as Diane Thompson claimed?  She thought that she was being
clever and would be able to destroy. me.  But her claim was easy to
prove a fraud, and now I must destroy her in more than one courts of law.
Unless you are blind or a deliberate liar, you can see my signature at the bottom
middle sector of this invoice, thereby proving that I am NOT hiding behind any
false claim of being in construction, while operating a molester protector ring
via this Wuerlgate site.  Do you realize yet that Diane Thompson is nothing
but a liar and the Randy Engel is a dupe and that her New Jersey Conspiracy
Theory friend needs to be court-ordered into psychiatric assessment?
That's Patrick Anthony Pontillo, the author of A Wuerl of Hurt, and
NOT the deceased Anthony Cipollia in disguise  Do you see the blueprints
(the engineer's plans) in his hands, of the David L. Lawrence Convention 
Center in Downtown Pittsburgh.? Now, only a guy in construction would be 
holding  blueprints in a construction trailer.    Got it, yet?
This is a photo of the author of  A Wuerl of Hurt.
Is this good enough proof for you that he is experienced in construction?
Do you realize that Diane Thompson was performing a con game, all along?
This is actually a historic photo of the last heavy equipment operator 
to ever work on the demolition of the formerly world famous
J&L Steel Works in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

Above IS the author of A Wuerl of Hurt.   You need to you understand 
that Randy Engel is a mean-spirited buffoon who became the dupe of
Diane Thompson-Mangum.  She also became the puppet of a 67 year old
 conspiracy theory obsessive housewife in New Jersey who is so out of touch 
that she once told me that Engel was once a ballerina in an elite ballet company.
Engel was NOT.  Can I have some peace, now?
    Added proof of being in construction is this Pennsylvania Child Abuse History 
    Clearance.  It's absolutely required to possess, in order to do construction work 
    on any school property in the Sovereign State of Pennsylvania.

    This brings us to a new question.  What is the next defamatory story
     that will be told by Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux and how
     many people will be stupid enough to believe it at the outset?

    Anyway, read this or eat it in a court of law.

While we're on this topic, posted below is evidence of my FBI Clearance.  The bottom line is that the 70+ year old Diane Thompson-Mangum, former teen pregnancy queen of the 1960s, performed typical whistle-blower retaliation against me for finding out that she heavily lied about Anthony Cipolla.  Cipolla was NEVER arrested as Thompson and Randy Engel claimed.  Retired officer, Mark Ninehouser, told me so.  

Plus, he was NOT a detective in 1979, when Thompson accused Cipolla.  Several articles within Wuerlgate expose the accusations in detail.  For example, young Frank did NOT vandalize any nearby church with a fire extinguisher in 1978.  He was said to have done so out have resentment for having been alleged molested in Detroit, in a scenario that had holes all through it.    Two juvenile deliquents did the extinguisher vandalism the year prior, in a black Methodist church, followed by them slitting every tire in the parking of that same church, many months later.  Apparently, Randy Engel never did any fact checking.    

Anyway, Engel failed at her decapitation of me.  Shortly thereafter, Diane Thompson spread the rumor that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise operating a child molester's ring, when I am a construction worker from Pittsburgh Steeler country, working in Chicagoland when called to do so.
Now, you know that construction workers aren't limp wristed prisses.  In fact, there is one blatant piece of proof that Diane Thompson doesn't believe that I ever was Cipolla operating a child molester protection ring.  She never called the police on me and got me indicted or even questioned.  Randy Engel never called the police on me and got me interrogated.  The hag friend of Engel who lives in Jersey never called the police on me and got me questioned and/or investigated.   

I am being very kind and patient about all of this.  
Word of very serious advise:  You do NOT want to be my mortal enemy.

October 01, 2017

Anthony Cipolla: Never arrested. Never tried for molestation at Vatican. His case involved Depression & Suicidal Tendency Diagnosis and a lot of Fraudulent Misrepresentations that Wuerl Allowed to be Printed.

Hint:  The interested law firm is NOT located in Pittsburgh.  
Below will literally be the official report for a certain law firm who showed interest
in proceeding with a civil action on behalf of the surviving family members of one
Anthony Joseph Cipolla.  Specifically, the interest expressed was in a federal court
diversity action ---  a federal lawsuit, comprising a number of defendants and the
tort offenses of  Libel, False Light, and the Intentional Infliction of Emotional

As I previously stated, I am still in the Chicago vicinity, drained and wracked in
physical body.  Even at that and for the record, Chicago isn't that bad of a place,
if if if you stay out of the South Side.

Anyway, bear with me, and let me do a bit of rejuvenation.  I'll start laying down
the tracks of what turned out to be a super sick joke orchestrated by one Donald
Wuerl who already was in a major law enforcement spotlight, due to his uncov-
ered cover-up of criminal Fathers Robert Wolk, Richard, "Sade" Zula, and the
late Francis Pucci whom Wuerl kept on Pittsburgh diocesan payroll registries
until his death.  Wuerl was in need of a scapegaot and diversionary smoke
screen.  The Cipolla provided the screening.  So, Wuerl let the thing be
exaggerated, while the media ever-so-coincidentally forgot about the
statement of DA John C Pettit and Wuerl's Triple Cover-up, as well
as the mention of a fourth perpetuator in that case who got away,
and also not to mention the John S. Hoehl who slipped out of
Pennsylvania jurisdiction during the same time and and and
Wuerl's cover-up of the Father Edward Huff who was to be
indicted and convicted in due time.

There are a lot of dragon to slay these days.
It' a matter of budgeting time in doing so.

The report rips to utter shreds the damning allegations of one Diane Thompson
who now goes by the name, Diana Mangum.  And remember:::: I located, con-
tacted, and conversed at length with retired officer Mark Ninehouser, Badge
#46, the one who was said to have arrested Cipolla for molesting a child of
this Diane Thompson aka Diana Mangum.  He expressly told me that he did
NOT arrest Cipolla.  Furthermore, he did NOT get any calls of windows be-
ing broken at Diane Thompson's home or of tires being slashed.  There's
more on this matter, to show that Diane Thompson, one of her son's and
her daughter lied to a certain 70+ year old writer who did no fact check-
ing.  Being 70+ years old would be one of the reasons for gross neglect.
This is what lawsuits are for.

It also exposes the utter fictionality of a Nov/Dec 2016 three-part article written
by one Randy Engel, a 70+ year old female who obsessed herself with writing
about male sodomites, lesbians, and sexual ship jumpers erroneously called
transsexuals.  Ironically, she identities herself with a man's name, as would
a militant lesbian.

Concerning Engel's article,  I have never been able to pick apart any article as
easily as hers, and I have never found such lawsuit fodder in my life.  That is
how pathetically sophomoric that article was and is.  For example:

Engel didn't realize that there is no public school classes in America on July 30
of any year ...

... and that there was no military base in Spartansburg South Carolina in the 1950s,
1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 21st Century, and that Camp Croft was merely a
WWII prisoner of war camp turned into a tourist civilian camp ground in 1946 ...

... and that a person indicted for a felony in America goes to County Jail, and not
Police Station Number 1, 2,3, or 4 for any kind of hearing ...

... and and and that Frank Labiaux did NOT commit fire extinguisher vandalism
upon a nearby black Methodist Church in 1978, because two known deliquents
did the vandalism the year prior, followed by them slitting all the tires in the
same church's parking the following year ...

... and that N.M. Nehouser, Badge #46  was actually Mark Ninehouser, Badge
#46 ...

... and that Mark was NOT a detective at the time ...

... and that Mark ... nor his partner ... arrested Anthony Cipolla for anything ...

and, therefore, that there were no post-arrest retaliations and that there was no
Allegheny County DA forcing Diane Thompson/Mangum to drop criminal
charges that only a prosecutor or judge can drop in the first place, being that
there was no arrest, according to Mark Ninehouser, the uniform police offic-
er who did nothing more than take Diane Thompson's statement, print it out
on an official form, handed it over to the real detectives, and had nothing to
do with the case from that point on.

The Cipolla Case is NOT the maze one would think it is.
It was outright fraudulently misrepresented squared and cubed.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Cipolla Case, as was presented was one consummate
farce.  In  addition, Cipolla is the only priest I have ever defended in print.  So,
I am not a paid agent for any organization that protects accused priests, being
that I soundly condemned Father James Torquato and a few others.  Concern-
ing others, I simply state that I didn't know their cases enough to make any
kind of assessment.

Furthermore, being that Anthony Cipolla has been dead for over a year, you
can now rest assured that Diane Thompson aka Diana Mangum lied when
she stated that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise, operating a child molester
protection ring.  Moreover, I have earned EIGHT security clearances in my
life, and even have one in force at present.  So, if you have deep pockets
and you commit libel against me, except a war you can neither win nor

So, if you want to learn of how much of a sleight of hand con artist Donald
Wuerl is ... and how much of a liar Tim Bendig is ... and how much of a
sophomoric liar Diane Thompson aka Diana Mangum is ... and how much
of a buffoonish danger to society Randy Engel is every time she sits at a
keyboard, then stay tuned.  If you don't want to stay tuned, then you are a
person who loves lies.  Reality is far more liberating, though.

Always remember:  retired officer Mark Ninehouser stated that
he NEVER arrested Cipolla and wasn't even a detective at the
time, as was claimed by Randy Engel.  Plus, the Beaver County
DA officially stated that there were no grounds upon which
to indict Cipolla, after a three month investigation caused
by Tim Bendig and his former attorney whom he fired
and replaced with a lawyer for the local masons.
By the way, the Tom Hamilton mentioned herein was NOT
some kid who used to frequent the McGuire Home.  Logic
would tell even a newcomer that this Tom Hamilton would
be the chief administrator of the McGuire Home.  So
people, please start using your brain cells, concerning
you who were conned by Randy Engel's article.