January 27, 2023

Letter by one of many sex abuse casualties of a priest reinstated into ministry by Wuerl.

Donald Wuerl's cover-up of his former personal secretary was in progress
in 2002, the year when Wuerl had the media make him look like a caring
man who had a clean sex abuse handling record.  In that same year, a few
writers made the tiny Donald Wuerl look like a hero in his triple cover-up
of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  In fact, the Ann Rodgers who was caught
lying in print made Wuerl's cover-up of John S. Hoehl look like the stern
deliberations of a zero tolerance bishop.

You see, Ann Rodgers, former Post Gazette writer who was found to be a 
liar via fact checking, wrote that Wuerl emphatically told Hoehl that he could 
never go back into ministry.  She made it sound as if Wuerl stamped his hand 
on the desk, while reading Hoehl the Riot Act.  Liar.  The truth is, ladies and
gentlemen, that Wuerl was the one who put Hoehl back into ministry.

Concerning Hoehl:

Below is something that I had in my possession for years.  It's the copy of a
2007 letter written to present Pittsburgh bishop, David Zubik, by one of the
many sex abuse casualties of the Pittsburgh area.  This person is also a vic-
tim of Wuerl's way of administrating.  The way of Bishop David Zubik was 
apparently morphed into a clone of Wuerl, as far as goes administrating.  Af-
ter all, Zubik cut off Michael Unglo's psychiatric funding, resulting in poor
Michael committing suicide.  Yet, Zubik had the audacity to not resign.  
That was cold-hearted, to say the least.  Zubik's fatal error was that of
being a Wuerl clone, instead of being himself.  Zubik passed on Wuerl's
baton of death.

The individual who wrote the letter posted below had long since made the
local newspapers and television newscasts.  Thus, his name, face, thought
patterns, and voice patterns were already made publicly known.  He isn't
mentioned here by name, simply because I've a policy of not waving in
neon the names of private citizens that haven't become household ones.

I encountered another casualty of the same priest years ago and saw the pain
in his face.  This was before I learned how corrupt Wuerl was, meaning that
I encountered the sex abuse victim a year before being told about Torquato.
That is to say, I learned of how corrupt Donald Wuerl was, via the Torquato
Retaliations.  If I did not get involved in the Torquato case, I would never
have discovered how vicious Wuerl was.  I would have been praising him,
like everyone else, in 2002. Here is the letter written about the priest whom
Donald Wuerl returned to ministry the first year Wuerl became bishop of 
Pittsburgh.  Bishop David Zubik is addressed, Fr. Dave, because the writer
of the letter knew Zubik as such years before Zubik became a bishop.  It 
was a matter of habit for the gentleman:

Now remember:  This was written by a play toy of John Hoehl with whom I
haven't spoken in years.  He left the Catholic Church and, the last time I spoke
with him, in was living in the former Confederate South.  I used to live in the
Johnny Reb South too, incidentally.  I don't advise doing so.

                                                   November 9, 2007
Fr. Dave:

"Here we go again, 10 years later, with me writing you and trying to rely on
my faith that you would possibly have the strength within you to do the right
thing:  A simple act of kindness to a family that has been betrayed, living with
the pain of the abuse of a sexual predator  -  a religious sexual predator;  one
who has been set free into society by his so-called leaders, so that he can con-
tinue to molest innocent children without recognition of his horrid past on
file.  And as last time, you failed horribly."

"Do you recall the first time I wrote you regarding this?  1997!   Even then
 I had to write you (via certified mail) twice, to get you to return my call for
concern.   That was a sign of the relationship I would come to face with the
Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese; a relationship of aloofness and arrogance,
without accountability."

"During our most recent meeting of last month, I asked if you beforehand
read the four page letter I had sent to Bishop Bradley, so you could familiar-
ize yourself with what me, my wife and my parents have been going through.
You didn't take the time.  You didn't care enough to take the time."

"You sat there, with arms crossed, and tried to tell me how you had become
a victim, as well, by being associated with Hoehl and Quigley.  Trust me, you
have no idea what we victims of that sick {censored} have to go through; how
every association that he scarred us with sends us back to that horrible time
in our lives; of how he washed me up in the shower, {censored} in his bed,
and {censored.}

"Here I am, 26 years later, at 44 years of age, still dealing with the night-
mares, the raucousness, the depression, the knowledge that he's still out
there to do what feeds his illness.  You and Wuerl could have made a tre-
mendous move forward, to help local Pittsburgh youth, as well as gain
recognition nationally, for outing these predators that your leadership
chose to keep secret.  You chose poorly."

"I saw this as God's will, in order to make me deal with my guilt, by com-
ing forward in the courts and at least out Hoehl.  It was the most challeng-
ing test I have ever had; a test that I literally bet my life on."

"Now, again, you could have allowed the agreement that Bishop Bradley
and I had go to fruition.  But you denied that move of good will.  As I have
always stated, it was never about money, and this still stands.  It's is about
the actions taken.  The action of Bradley, and not you, to pay my legal fees,
truly brought about good will and trust in my heart that there is someone
in the Pittsburgh diocese who actually cared enough to do the right thing."

"After reading my letters (the ones you ignored) he even had Rita Joyce
call to offer additional monies  -  not the petty $1200 she now defends.
Please!   What an insult!" 

"So here I am; tossing since 3:30 a.m., struggling with my Crohns' Di-
sease and the aloofness from you.  You said at the end of our meeting
that you would find some monies to send my parents and call it tuition
reimbursement.  I thought that was great."

"There again, I {miscalculated} and I trusted you.  Ten days later, and
three days after my call, you had your assistant call me to tell me that
you won't do any more and that you have done enough. 


"Correction:  You have done plenty  -  all the wrong things.   You have
destroyed, once again, the belief I had that you actually care.  You truly
are a disciple of Wuerl."

"How you live with yourself I will never know.  It takes a very little person
to do what you do.   You are a minimalist.   You do the bare minimum
to get by, regardless of the effects to good, caring people, looking for a
thread of human decency to hold on to.  The Diocese of Pittsburgh put
the wrong man at the helm.  Bishop Bradley deserves that seat, not you." 

The following was written by one of John Hoehl play toys who left the
Catholic Church.  I used to coach him in basketball, too.

End of the edited letter addressed to Bishop David Zubik in 2007, by a
gentleman I coached in basketball a few years before he became one of
many preys of a Pittsburgh diocesan priest.

And remember, if I didn't go through the suicide I went through, I probably
wouldn't have gotten involved in the Torquato case and in the investigation
of Wuerl's corruption.  In as much, if Torquato never got away with his re-
taliations, I wouldn't have uncovered what I uncovered about Wuerl.  I also
wouldn't have discovered what others uncovered about him.

In trying to keep things covered by means of intimidation, Wuerl caused them
to be discovered.  He did what was counter-productive to his goal of cover-
up. Of course, such uncovering happens when you don't succumb to threats
and retaliations ... and when they don't succeed in silencing you permanently.

January 26, 2023

The Day I called Cardinal Ratzinger's Office

It was during the days of landlines, and not cell phones.
A source once gave me the private telephone line of the former Hitler
Youth, Joseph Ratzinger.   So, I called the Vatican, only to hear on
the other end of the telephone the flaming homosexual voice of an
assistant stonewalling me.  It was a decrepit flaming homosexual
voice, incidentally.  This was enlightening.  It showed Ratzinger's
preference ... predilection ... partiality.

The person who picked-up the phone said that it was not possible
for me to speak with the cardinal who was covering up for interna-
tion molester Marcial Maciel Degollado, at the time.  Well, it was
very possible to have had Joseph Ratzinger walk over to the phone
and speak.

A sign of Ratzinger's corruption was that no one told me the procedure
to get a complaint in Ratzinger's hands.  He willfully committed negli-
gence, and when it involved something brutally important as a corrupt
bishop, the negligence was a mortal sin.  If the Ratzinger people were
not corrupt, I would have been connected with an underling who would
have told me what type of letter to write, along with telling me what
address to use.

The problem was that I already sent the letter with the evidence attached.
A media personality sent a package of evidence against Wuerl.  Ratzinger
would have nothing to do with any complaint against Wuerl.  

Ratzinger's butler proved that Ratzinger only wanted to appoint his kind,
in the spirit of Nazi German prejudice.  So, the notably effeminate Ger-
man Ratzinger appointed the notable effeminate Donald Wuerl to the
capitol of the nation that ripped Nazi Germany to utter shreds.

When Ratzinger appointed Wuerl to Washington DC, that was the closest
that the Nazis ever came to conquering the capital of the United States.

Let it be remembered that Hitler declared war on America, and not visa-
versa.  Predictably enough, Ratzinger never had time for anyone who
had a complaint against Wuerl, with evidence to back it.  Years later,
we would see Ratzinger be nothing more than the cronyism pope,
presiding during a time of corruption so extreme that it prompted
a butler to reveal it.  It later became Vatileaks.

Remember, when a person isn't openly communicating, he's hiding
something evil.  Ratzinger was a deceiver who presented himself as
the strict doctrinal watchdog.  He was no rottweiler of God.   True
watchdogs of God have mercy & compassion within them.  They
attempt to convert those who fell astray.  Ratzinger once wrote that
it would be better to have less Catholics ... literally.

He apparently was more than willing to usher in the Sodomites and
completely abandon everyone else.  Ratzinger did not care to protect
the laity from Maciel the molester, Wuerl the conniving power abuser,
or even Fr Kiesle of California.

In the end, Ratzinger made it all the way to the top, only to resign
in disgrace, amidst people bitterly offended by his willful negligence
and prejudicial favoritism.

Person after person sent documentation to Ratzinger, in complaint
of Donald Wuerl.  In turned out that doing so had the same effect
as chickens sending their complaints to the second fox in the coup.
Ratzinger protected two corrupt individuals who were associated
with each other.  One was Maciel and the other one was Wuerl.

A person who used to say that he was such a holy man, recently
referred to Ratzinger as the one who was thought to  be holy, but
who was a walking lie.  Even a Ratzinger fan turned against the
guy.  His memory will not be a fond one.

Wuerl's official Pittsburgh residence, from 1988 to 2006.
                                        Ratzinger protected Wuerl, just like he protected Maciel.

January 23, 2023

Cardinal Wuerl started out in the mode of Cardinal Law, but no one in the media was ever honest enough to admit it.

 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo
There was a time when Cardinal Wuerl operated in a mode of conduct that 
would become synonymous with the way of Boston's Cardinal Bernard Law.
In fact, the original handling of lone wolf molester, John Hoehl, proved this 
to be true, along with Wuerl's handling of Edward Huff, individually, and
Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci collectively . . . minus Zula.  

Due to Richard Zula's Sadism, Wuerl was not going to let him go back into 
ministry.  None the less, Wuerl did allow Pucci to return to ministry on a  
limited "dog leash" basis, where he performed the Novus Ordo Mass for 
a province of sisters.  Wuerl did not financially cut-off Pucci.

On the contrary, Wuerl cut-off Anthony Cipolla, even though Cipolla was
NEVER indicted and/or arrested for anything.  And and and ... There is NO
SUCH THING as a police arrest report as Diane Thompson and the Pitts-
burgh Post Gazette claimed.  Furthermore, Wuerl stated that he would let
every future employer of Anthony Cipolla know that he was "accused" of
molestation.  Wuerl did NOT do this in the case of a true molester named
John S. Hoehl.  A clear difference between Cipolla and Hoehl was that
Cipolla was accused by two proven liars.  Hoehl was accused by a multi-
plicity of credible witnesses.

Meanwhile, Wuerl was 100% preparing to eventually reinstate Father Robert
Wolk until DA John Pettit indicted Wolk and notified 
the American media that 
Wuerl was UNCOOPERATIVE with law enforcement officials throughout the
investigation which resulted in the triple indictment of the Pittsburgh diocesan 
priests whom Wuerl was hiding from law enforcement officials.   

A person cannot have two masters.  Wuerl proved his master
to be money, and and and allegedly Vaseline.  The money
part would easily accommodate the alleged Vaseline part.
Wuerl's original way of handling sex abuse cases was to position a molester 
priest toward non-parish ministry, if and only if a psychiatric facility would 
give that priest a favorable prognosis.  In as much, Richard Zula wasn't be-
ing positioned back into any form of ministry, on account of his sadistic acts.   
The same could not be said for Wolk, Pucci, the Edward Huff whom Wuerl 
placed in chaplaincy minister, and the John Hoehl to whom Wuerl did the
same ... even though Anthony Bevilacqua, Wuerl's predecessor, suspended
Hoehl and had him go on administrative leave.

Assigning a priest to non-parish duties places such a priest one step away

from parish ministry.   Whether Wuerl would have eventually placed back
into ministry priests who abused minors will be unknown only because he
was shut down before the opportunity to do so presented itself.  The simul-
taneous indictments of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci shut down's Wuerl's way of
handling sex abuse cases, at least for a short while.  They prompted him to
immediately oust from ministry the John S. Hoehl whom he reassigned four
months prior.  However, priests who did wrong to youths over the age of
eighteen have been kept in ministry by Wuerl. 

Then came the Father Edward Huff case, where a third complaint against
the priest finally put Wuerl on the spot, thereby shutting down his opportun-
ity to do anything more than take Huff out of ministry and shuttle him back
to a St Louis psychiatric facility from whence he came.  By all indications,
Wuerl was on his way to becoming a bishop in the image and likeness of
Bernard Cardinal Law.   In fact, the Huff cover-up shows that Wuerl was
still toying with law enforcement authorities even after having been in law
enforcement's spotlight four years prior.

One thing is certain.  Wuerl has proven his willingness to reassign to parish

ministry the type of priest who commits physically invasive homosexual ha-
rassment and then engages in retaliatory conduct upon being reported for the
conduct.  As was previously mentioned, such a priest was a personal secre-
tary of Donald Wuerl.   What was not yet mentioned is that Wuerl assigned
that priest to the pastor's post of St Basil's Parish, in Carrick, Pennsylvania. 
The assignment was effective January 1, 2004.

Add to this the credible allegations against one Father Donald Sotak who
was accused of attacking a youth over the age of 18, to the point of alleged-
ly knocking the young man unconscious, while the youth allegedly resisted
Sotak's alleged advances.

The Diocese Denied Any Wrongdoing,
as History Was Revised Years Later

Concerning his triple cover-up, Wuerl publicly denied that his diocese stone-

walled the investigation of the Pittsburgh diocese's molestation clique.  How-
ever, he didn't deny that he materially concealed a trio of abusive priests from
law enforcement authorities.  He simply denied that those actions constituted
cover-ups.   For example, it was after Fr. Robbert Wolk was charged by Alle-
gheny County authorities, Wuerl made the following statement:  "We can't
condemn him and throw him out and away."  
Wuerl also stated, "It is not
covering up to embrace a man who is suffering, just as we will not walk
away from the family."

Wuerl claimed that it is not covering-up to hide a priest in either a psychia-

tric facility or at a relative's home, all the while telling no one how danger-
ous he is.  It's not covering up, according to Wuerl, to treat the criminal as
the suffering victim.  

Incidentally, when it came time to process the indictment of Richard Zula,
his whereabouts were unknown.  Wuerl's diocese was not keeping track
of him.  The official diocesan spokesman, as well as the Allegheny County
DA, claimed that the Diocese of Pittsburgh had no obligation to notify Child
Youth Services about any molester priests, as was prescribed in the Child
Protective Services Act.   

In direct contrast was James A. Esler, the head of the human service section
of Allegheny County's Law Department.  He stated that there was no question
in his mind that the Diocese of Pittsburgh had the obligation to report priests
who molest youths.   Today, it's understood that anyone who learned of a mo-
lester has the obligation to report him, for the sake of those who would other-
wise become future sex abuse casualties.

Wuerl Sought to Change the Subject and Have Catholics Ignore It

Wuerl completed a four page letter addressed to every Pittsburgh diocesan

member, two weeks after Robert Wolk's October 11 indictment.  While tak-
ing zero blame for the cover-up, Wuerl tried to persuade each reader to ig-
nore the indictment and to place the attention one other things.  Then, seven-
teen days after the release date of Wuerl's change-the-subject letter, Wolk,
Zula, and Pucci were indicted in Washington County.  The following link
reported on the letter:

Newspaper Article that Reported on Wuerl's Change-the-subject Letter


Revisionist History Made Wuerl Look
Like a Hero in his Own Triple Cover-up

A number of the 2002, 2003, 2004+ news articles which mentioned Wuerl's
triple cover-up explained it so poorly that it constituted fiction.   At times, the
cover-up was explained with slight of hand deception, while at other times it
was explained with blatant falsehood.   Some of the articles went as far as to
claim that Wuerl was a stern yet discrete hero in handling of the three molest-
er priests.   In fact, of all the news outlets who alluded to Wuerl's triple cover-
up in revisionist terms, CBS was the one who lied the most.  The Pittsburgh
Post Gazette came in second place.

CBS made it look as if  Wuerl suspended those three priests immed
iately af-
ter having learned of their perversity and then went swiftly to the  home of the
molested altar boys, as a gesture of compassionate concern.   He didn't.  Other
21st Century articles made it look as if Wuerl quickly went to the home of the
molested altar boys, as if to be on a fact finding mission, only to gain the reali-
zation that he had to oust the three priests immediately thereafter.   This, too, 
was a lie.   Other articles stated that Wuerl discretely suspended three priests,
as if he had reviewed a filing cabinet of diocesan priest dossiers and then de-
cided to cut three unrelated players from a team roster.  Needless to say, this
didn't happen, either.   In fact, Wuerl was not the one who suspended those

Moreover, in 1988, Wuerl deceived the public by stating that he visited the

victimized family after he "became bishop in February."   The wording of
Wuerl's claim made a reasonably minded person assume that he diligently
visited the family in the month of February, the first month of his tenure in
Pittsburgh.  No such visitation by Wuerl or any other Pittsburgh diocesan
member occurred that February, that March, that April, May, June, July, or
even August.  The following is what actually happened:

Bevilacqua suspended the priests during the Autumn of 1987.  Wuerl then re-

placed Bevilacqua in February 1988.   He kept his distance from the family
of the two sex abuse casualties and did no more than see to it that the two
molested youths would continue to have their psychiatric sessions free of
charge.   The criminal priests would stay on sick leave, spending some time
in a psychiatric facility, while living under the radar of law enforcement.

From the view of the logical mind, the venues of the abusive priests were

likened to resorts and hideouts.  It were as if they would get away with what
they did and be able to snag other sexual prey down the road.   This triggered
within the family of the sex abuse casualties the resolve to go to the police and
sue the diocese.   This resolve occurred in the vicinity of September.  In fact,
the October 13, 1988 edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette explained it in the
following manner:

    "...they were worried that the priests might try to molest someone else."

In the October 21st edition of the same Post Gazette, at the City/Area Section,

on Page A-4, it was reported that the family decided to go to the law enforce-
ment authorities when they discovered that at least one member of the molester
trio "were not in an institution on a daily basis."

The pastor of the family's parish, John Arnott, informed Wuerl what the fam-

ily decided to do.  In response, Wuerl asked Arnott to see if a meeting with
the family could be arranged.  It was then and only then when Wuerl closed
the distance and went to the victimized family's home.  The reasonable per-
son would deduce this to be the act  of a self-seeking Wuerl, attempting to
persuade a family into changing its mind about reporting criminal priests to
the police.  This would be consistent with a bishop wanting to perpetuate an
ongoing cover-up. 

Now, Wuerl's visit to the home of sex abuse casualties was in September. 
The family filed its notice of intent to sue at the end of that month, in Alle-
gheny County Common Pleas Court.  For those unfamiliar, Allegheny is 
the county were Pittsburgh is located.

January 22, 2023

I learned about Theodore McCarrick as far back as 2002. And Donald Wuerl didn't learn of his crimes & tort offenses until 2004? Oh, I don't think so.

Above: One of the well-built bridges of the posh Mundelein seminary grounds.
This seminary was NOT scandal-free.  Cardinal Wuerl deceived Americans
& the Vatican in having given "a clean bill of health" to it and the American
seminary system in general.  A monster was on the loose throughout Ameri-
ca's seminary system, and Donald Wuerl looked the other way. 
Note:  It was recently reported that Donald Wuerl knew of Theodore
McCarrick's sexual aggression as far back as 2004, due to a lawsuit
settlement.  Try again.  Go back into time even further.

Wuerl was intimately involved with the seminary "visitations" of the
1990s, as were promulgated by John Paul II.  Now, "Visitation" is an
euphemism for Inspection, and Donald Wuerl's involvement in those
inspections/visitations means that he was privy to everything occur-
ring in American seminaries earlier than 99% of anyone else.

Wuerl was involved even before he became a bishop.  Therefore, he
had to have known about McCarrick at the outset.  This is plausible,
being that Wuerl was discovered to have been one of the most suc-
cessful cover-up artist bishops of the Vatican II church.  Wuerl is
turning out to be far more unethical and deceitful than what even
the 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report stated.

Let us review:

For those unaware, Donald Wuerl was twice a part of a seminary inspect-
ion system known as Visitations.  After such visitations, he reported to
Rome that the seminaries in the United States were in sound and healthy
condition.  However, this was a lie, being that the seminaries were being
overrun by a cabal of Sodomites in power and a school of heretical teach-
ers placed in positions of administrative rank.  In fact, the seminaries were
severely lacking in the teaching of moral theology and other categories of
academic subject matter needed by priests.  Revelations of the pathetic
state of "priestly formation" in the United States were found in the book,
Goodbye, Good Men.

The alleged Vaseline Queen, Donald Wuerl  . . .  eight-year provider of week-
ly Sodomite Masses in two Pittsburgh parishes ... was principally involved in
that which used to be called "the training for the priesthood." Its new name
is now the spiffy title, Priestly Formation, and Wuerl was influential in that
department of the imploding Catholic Church.  The term, "training for the
priesthood" sounds more natural and gives the idea of SERVICE to human-
ity.  "Priestly formation" makes the priesthood sound like an elite cabal of
spiffy guys to important for you me and the rest of humanity.

One more thing:   In the 1990s, Catholic seminaries were frequently called
"Faggot Factories."  The idea of a Saint Patrick, a Saint Benedict of Nursia,
or a Saint Francis of Assisi going on a forty day fast in solitude was deleted
from the minds of the Donald Wuerls of the Vatican II church.  Pillow mints
replaced the manly 40-day fast.

Now, one of the seminaries visited by Wuerl and then assessed as healthy by
him was America's largest one, namely the Chicago-area seminary in Munde-
lein, Illinois.  Concerning this, I pass the Mundelein seminary grounds 3 to 15
times a week, whenever I'm not stationed in Pittsburgh.  So yesterday ... at the
time of this writing ... I took a camera into the public-access area of Mundelein,
and did a photo-shoot.  Below is a pictorial.

For the geographic record, Mundelein is located approximately 40 miles north
of downtown Chicago.  None the less, that geographic area is still regarded as
part of "Chicagoland."

Now, my purpose for posting Mundelein photos is to show you that Cardinal
Wuerl was only referring to the physical appearance of a posh seminary, when
he gave it his seal of approval.  He was not referring to the curriculum, the rule
of seminarian life, the character of the classroom instruction there or even the
discipline of Mundelein's seminarians.  This post, therefore, is to show you the
utter vanity & superficiality of a Cardinal Donald Wuerl who remains at the top
of a Catholic hierarchy that has been corrupted for too long a period of time.

A depiction of the 1858 Lourdes apparitions on Mundelein
seminary grounds.  There were secrets confided by the
Virgin Mary there, just like at Fatima Portugal.
Concerning Mundelein, even in recent years it housed priests known to have been
sexually abusive.  The pertinence of this is that Mundelein is located across a two-
lane highway from a Catholic high school ... and a jogging trail.

Even though the media and American bishops put forth the pretense in 2002 that
the seminaries would be reformed, along with priestly life in parishes, Mundelein
made the headlines for less-than-virtuous living a few years later.  This shows that
the bishops & their spokesmen were basically giving lip service in 2002, because
the all-so-enlightened Vatican II Church was embarrassingly backed against a wall.

It was 2002 when a number of Boston archdiocesan molester priests made the head-
lines, followed by mass exposure of sex abuse cover-ups throughout the continent-
sized United States.  Thus, 2002 is regarded as the "benchmark"  year for Church
reform.  But, this turned out to be mostly propaganda.  After all, the most notorious
molester in Church history (Maciel) remained free to roam throughout the world for
four additional years and the retaliatory Father James Torquato would eventually be
granted a pastorship in Wuerl's own Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Then, as recently as 2016 and 2017, the archdiocese of NYC turned out to be a ver-
itable Sodom & Gomorrah in the ranks of the NYC parish priesthood, resulting in
a million+ dollar lawsuit. 

Meanwhile, in the Summer of 2017, a few hundred yards from the papal residence
in Rome, the police raided an absentee cardinal's home and found a drug-ridden
rgy in progress.   A monsignor ended up being sent to a Roman drug detox unit.

All in all, a quote from a Vatican insider was recently alleged to be, "Homosexual 
practice in the Vatican has never been worse."  Thus, the Vatican has become the
New Sodom, thereby giving credibility to the Marian apparitions of Fatima Portu-
gal, Akita Japan, La Salette France, & Quito Ecuado, being that the hideous state
of priesthood and Church in general was prophesied.   In as much, whenever you
encounter a priest, nun, parish education director, deacon, seminarian, and/or Cath-
olic school teacher who rejects church-authenticated Marian apparitions, you can
now reasonably understand why.  It's the Brat Syndrome mingled with the Lazy
Slough-Off lifestyle.
Yes, this is the Mundelein seminary.
An irony to this era of sexual anarchy is that Catholic Church marriage law was
so morally-minded for centuries that Italy, ranging from the Mt Vesuvius region
to the northern Italian border, historically stands among the least inbred regions
on Earth, along with the traditionally Catholic Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark,
Southern Norway, Northeastern France, Western Germany, Southeastern England,
and a few other places such as the Basque region of Northern Spain.  However, the
same cannot be said of the Sicily and Calabria which stands in the middle range of
the statistics on the subject.

The offending priests of this present era spent their time of formation during the
years when Wuerl was influential in the aforesaid "priestly formation."  For ex-
ample, the Roman monsignor who was arrested  in a July 2017 police raid and
then sent to drug-detox is 26 years younger than Wuerl.  Thus, one must admit
that Wuerl was an utter failure at priestly formation reforms, unless his goal
was instituting the presence of Sodomite priests who have orgies, boyfriends,
and a habit of recreational drug use.  If that were his goal, then Cardinal Don-
ald Wuerl was a mighty success, indeed ... and the rest of us lost.



Cardinal Wuerl is one who chooses candidates for the episcopacy, and this is
something very distorting to the ranks of bishop and very disconcerting to de-
vout members of the Catholic laity.  Now, episcopacy refers to the college of
bishops.  So, one can expect Wuerl to chose for the rank of bishop those who
are like him.

For the record, the Donald Wuerl we encountered in Pittsburgh was a flaming
Tinker Bell and a huffy narcissist who committed acts of retaliation, as if do-
ing so were his God-given right.  He was also the Mad-Church-Closer, as well
as the host of canonically banned Dignity Masses.  His chronic disobedience
to the See of Peter was well-noted.  Now, he is being presented as the pope's
right hand man.

Even worse was Wuerl's decades of being an accessory, via willful neglect, to the
crime against humanity currently known as slave labor profiteering and formerly
known as Defraudment of Laborers of their Wages.   It's another one of the four
sins which cry to Heaven for Vengeance.  Wuerl is so full of narcissism and Self-
love that he believes himself to be immune to the Vengeance of the Eternal God.

Keep in mind that a person in power and/or influence becomes guilty before God
and any future Nuremberg-type tribunal for any crime to which a person benefits
and/or gives his tacit approval, as well as making a public defense of the crime in-
stitutionalized.  Wuerl's Sin of Silence, committed while he was morally obliged
to speak out, was his tacit approval.  He needs to be forced to work in sweatshop
labor conditions until he dies, as a punishment for his habitual Sin of Deliberate
Indifference ... Negligence ... Omission ... Selfishness.

Keep in mind that you can operate a seminary in war-torn ruins and in humble
venues, such as the hedgeland of Ireland which was the teaching grounds for
Catholics during the British persecution of Catholicism.  In fact, the very first
seminaries were the shores of Galilee and a few fishing boats, not to mention
the banks of the Jordan River operated by a recruiter named John the Baptist.
Thus, posh seminary grounds don't instantly make better seminary instruction.

All in all, we need to enter into the age of heroism, where people overcome their
cravings, their knee-jerk tempers, their egotism, and their more violent forms of
lust, as well as overcoming the Sin of Cowardice when confronted by political
thuggery.  The 21st Century Church must toss-away its present magnetism to the
lifestyle of the 18th Century French aristocrats who met their destinies at the edge
of guillotine blades.
The Catholic Catechism teachers of Ireland, during
the British persecution of the Roman Catholic Church,
were called Hedgemasters.  They kept Catholicism
alive under the danger of death.  Yet, Wuerl ripped
Catholicism apart while living in posh settings.
In case you are missing the point, keep in mind that these priests and Wuerl made 
a vow, in order to get the posh privileges that a clergyman gets in modern America 
and modernized Rome.  To make that vow and to then live the Sodomite lifestyle in
violation of a major vow is Theft by Deception.  It constitutes Grand Larceny.  If you 
break that priesthood vow on an habitual basis, then it's time for you to go.

Additionally remember that history repeats itself, being that the Eternal God is not
a spiritual shape-shifter who bows to the whims of mankind.  Therefore, the person
who fails to learn from the tragedies recorded in history are condemned to repeat
This is one of two Rte 176 entrances.  Across the road is a Catholic high school.
It's known as Our Lady of the Lake University.  Here's the lake.
The lake, again.  This is officially Mundelein seminary grounds, also.
This is the ocula (roof opening) of a well-built tunnel on seminarian grounds.
Well, I did Wintertime photography of Mundelein, too.
Here's the lake under thawing ice.

The lake, yet again.
The previously mentioned tunnel of the seminary.
Mundelein in the Wintertime, yet again.
For the record, this was NOT photo-shopped or altered in
any way.  This is a common photographer's field trick, called
Sun Flaring.  I mention this, being that I get harassed for every-
thing I post which has popularity attached to it, and my photography
has gotten millions of pageviews (hits.)  So, I got harassed for it.
The Versailles of Chicagoland, aka Mundelein seminary grounds.

© Patrick Anthony Pontillo, along with all the other photos here.

Yes, it really does look like Versailles, France, but but but it's reminiscent
of a Virginian form of architectural design.    So, it actually looks like a
cross between Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and Versailles.
In review, it's not the look of the classrooms that matter.  Rather, it's the content of
the classroom teachings that do.  Wuerl ignored this and graded Mundelein as an
A+ seminary, simply based on its appearance . . . in my opinion.

Now, we need seminarians, being that we need a priesthood whose ordinations trace
directly back to the original apostles who happened to have been the original priests 
and bishops.  We simply need better bishops ... honest ones who aren't cowards when 
faced by the ways of the less-than-sanctified world and who don't dedicate themselves 
to living pampered, French aristocratic lifestyles.  Keep in mind that there are no more
French aristocrats.  They have been oxidized, to politely state it.

So, why do I mention this?  ANS: Because of the prophecy of Rianjo, when Christ
appeared from a consecrated host and stated to the Sister Lucia of Fatima fame that
the modern bishops are headed to the same destiny that was met by the King
of France.  The Rianjo prophecy is why I refer to Cardinal Wuerl's high-priced living
style as his Marie Antoinette lifestyle.

Signing off from Chicagoland,  Pat the Wonder Rat (Inside joke)

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