August 09, 2018

Added Info on the the Father Edward Huff Case has been in my hands for over a year.

Pittsburgh's Point State Park, bordering the famous Three River's Confluence,
and within walking distance of the Pgh RC Diocesan Administrative Building.

Somewhere in my box of electronic and even paper files exists the added HUFF
case information.  So stated for the record.  I have a list of other things to first
address, most of which has nothing to do with the thoroughly corrupted Donald
Wuerl.  None the less, if I would have kept my mouth shut about Wuerl, I would
have been spared untold suffering. 

You're welcomed to do the update on the Huff case which is important, because it
shows the utter deceit of Donald Wuerl.  Wuerl was covering up Huff while blar-
ing the trumpet on the Anthony Cipolla Case which was found to have been a
series of serious fraudulent misrepresentations  ::::: such as in in the very false
saga of a mom "pressing charges" and then being forced to "drop the charges,"
when only a judge, DA (solicitor), or attorney general can do such a thing,"
and being that interstate molestation was alleged of Cipolla, yet the Feds
never investigated the case ... and and and being that everyone knows
that you are "taken to County (jail)," when charged with a felony, and
NOT to "Police Station #1," as the accuser asserted, ...  and and and
being that the local police do NOT set your bail, as the same false
accuser alleged.  A state district judge does.  And of course, this
woman was the same one who claimed, in 2015, that I was An-
thony Cipolla in disguise, operating a child molester protection
ring, when the truth is that I'm a construction work of mutliple
trades experience who works in the Pittsburgh vicinity and in
the Chicago vicinity.  Then came Cipolla's death in 2016,
and this woman continued defaming me, necessitating
a certain entity to take offline TEN of her weblogs, all
of which attacked every molecule of my being and
character.  Anyway . . .

If you want the jpegs of evidence, I assume that I will find them soon enough
for you.  If I judge you to be honest and intent on doing the FULL HUFF case,
then I'll send them to you ... but NOT via dropbox.   Remember that, if you
ever get a "surprise" email w/ attached in my name, I did NOT send it.  De-
lete it instantly.  All in all, there's a lot of work to do in several subjects,
some of which have nothing to do with the manipulative, self-seeking
Donald Wuerl.  If you want to form an alliance on any of those topics,
I can be contacted.  I think that the contact info is still on each of my

Tornadic Clouds of the American Midwest
As a note, the only people who befriended me since operations moved to
Chicago were:  1) those who take care of the infirm and elderly,  2) those
who are advanced in fitness training and weight lifting.  This means that
if you are female, and if you do NOT have a thread of Florence Nighten-
gale in you, you will want to have nothing to do with me.  In the end, my
mission was to kill pain, especially the pain of sweatshop workers through-
out the world.  And of course, Donald Wuerl wanted nothing to do with
speaking out against the crime-against-humanity that profited from foreign
slave labor, thereby making Wuerl an accomplice by his sin of silence.

If you easily "feel sorry for people," you and I and others like us can get
a lot done.  The problem is that those in power from the 1980s to the 2016
US presidential election were self-seeking manipulators who saw you and
me as gullible and stupid.  We saw ourselves as having no venue where we
could operate.  We were shut down, while people like Wuerl lived in luxury,
as is illustrated below:
The only mystery to Cardinal Donald Wuerl is how he was able to sleep here at
night, without a gnawing torment, knocking at his conscience.  He was destroying life
afterlife and sporting lie after lie, as well as terrifying people with his abuse of power.
Here is the original article (truncated), if you're interested.:

Cardinal Wuerl's cover-up of Edward Huff is a pivotal thing which shows how
much the media lied in the effort to make the less-than-naturally-inclined Wuerl
look like the mighty fighter who saved mankind from the evil evil Vatican.  This
is because:

1} Huff was the SECOND criminal priest whom Wuerl personally reinstated in-
     to Pittsburgh diocesan ministry, shortly after getting caught performing the
     cover-ups of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Later, Hoehl would make the list
     of simultaneous cover-ups, making it 5 simultaneously.

2} Wuerl was covering-up Fr. Edward Huff, while being paraded around the
      media outlets as the overly heroic bishop of zero tolerance who was fight-
      ing an evil evil Vatican over an Anthony Cipolla who actually never was
      arrested as was erroneously claimed.

The added irony to this is that Wuerl worked in Rome, as a cardinal's personal
secretary for ten consecutive years.  So, if the Vatican is as evil as the media
made it out to be, then Wuerl is equally as evil, with ten years of said evil un-
der his proverbial belt.
Yes, the sun is going down on Wuerl's stretch of power, dating
back to February 1988.  Church's closed left and right.  Vocations
decreased left and right.  Dollars to sex abuse victims evaporated away,
and the Faith of Peter & Paul was replaced by the Sin of Cowardice.
For those unaware, Huff was Wuerl's "ping-pong cover-up."  Like a ping-pong 
ball, Huff was sent between Pittsburgh and Saint Louis.  The Huff cover-up oc-
curred during the time when Wuerl was neon-lighting the Ciopolla Case.  

For the record, the Cipolla Case only involved the "Psychic Defect" feature,
where Cipolla was diagnosed with Depression & Suicidal Tendencies.  He 
was NOT tried for molestation.  Quite frankly, Cipolla was the victim of in-
tentally inflicted emotional distress, on account of his reputation having been
destroyed at Wuerl's orchestration, with the help of Post Gazette writer, Ann
Rodgers (-Melnick.)   Wuerl ordered Cipolla to be assesses at a psychiatric
facility founded by a sexual pervert who, due to his absence of virtue, died
of AIDS.  It was ironic that Wuerl befriended a "pan-sexualist" institute, be-
ing a Catholic bishop would instantly recognize such a place as an advocate
for sinful lifestyles.

Pansexualism is a mode of thought which indiscriminately states,  "What-
ever floats your boat."  Anything goes in the pan-sexualist mindset, includ-
ing sexual activity recognized as a felony throughout the many United States.

Christopher Dickey once wrote that Donald Wuerl was on record declaring zero 
tolerance for priests accused of sexual abuse 14 years before it became public 
policy.  Well, Wuerl did NOT observe, did NOT practice, and did NOT fulfill
what he declared.  This is proven in the Wolk, Zula, and Pucci cover-up, as well
as in the Edward "three-times-reported" Huff case.  Add Torquato to the mix, as
well as Wellinger and the notorious John S. Hoehl whom Wuerl personally put
back into ministry.