October 07, 2017

More on the the Father Edward Huff Case forthcoming . . .

It wasn't been accomplished yet, because my body is wracked and I've other obliga-
tions.   None the less, the Huff Case was the epitome of Donald Wuerl's hypocrisy,
being that Wuerl was covering-up Huff while being praised in the media as a Zero
Tolerance Bishop heroically fighting the Vatican.  That Zero Tolerance Hero claim
was as big a lie as was the claim that Weapons of Mass Destruction were in Saddam
Huessin's Iraq.
The only mystery to Cardinal Donald Wuerl is how he was able to sleep here at
night, without a gnawing torment to his conscience.  He was destroying life after
life and sporting lie after lie, as well as terrifying people with his abuse of power.
Cardinal Wuerl's cover-up of Edward Huff is a pivotal thing which shows how
much the media lied in the effort to make the less-than-naturally-inclined Wuerl
look like the mighty fighter who saved mankind from the evil evil Vatican.  This
is because:

1} Huff was the SECOND criminal priest whom Wuerl personally reinstated in-
     to Pittsburgh diocesan ministry,

2} Wuerl was covering-up Fr. Edward Huff, while being paraded around the
      media outlets as the overly heroic bishop of zero tolerance who was fight-
      ing an evil evil Vatican over an Anthony Cipolla who actually never was
      arrested as was erroneously claimed.

The added irony to this is that Wuerl worked in Rome, as a cardinal's personal
secretary for ten consecutive years.  So, if the Vatican is as evil as the media
made it out to be, then Wuerl is equally as evil.

Yes, the sun is going down amidst the 76 years Wuerl's tenure
of power.  But, Wuerl has been in darkness, all along, anyway.
For those of you who are too drained to feel anything anymore, know that this
is unabridged hypocrisy.  In fact, the hypocrisy returned in full strength in the
Year 2002, when the-less-than-masculine Wuerl was being made out to be a
godlike Thor in the heavily misrepresented Cipolla Case, where Cipolla was
NOT tried in any kind of trial for molesting the well-known liar, Tim Bendig.
It was a matter of procedural law, protocol, and due process, based on a diag-
nosis of Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.  Tim Bendis IS a liar, even in
how he very falsely described the Cipolla Case.  I can go item by item in Tim
Bendig's lies.

The hypocrisy of Wuerl and Post Gazette writer Ann Rodgers returned in full
force in 2002, while I had Wuerl's then-diocese in the United States Supreme
Court docket list, via a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari, because Wuerl is NOT
a protective bishop of zero tolerance.  I was there, in the middle of the Torquato
Retaliations, and a few sheets of documented proof are here, at the Wuerl-of-
Hurt site, aka the Wuerlgate site, aka the Wuerleaks site.

Let's review:  Wuerl is covering-up Father Edward Huff, and the newspapers are
calling Wuerl a holy saint.  Wuerl is then covering-up the retaliatory and danger-
ous James Torquato and the newspapers are calling him a holier saint.

Now, add Wellinger, as well as Wuerl's triple cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci,
and you see that the media has been lying to the public a lot longer than during
the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign and 2017 presidential power transition.

In addition, know that Tim Bendig IS a still lying con artist who lied to me four
times in a row.  The pertinence to this is that Tim Bendig NEVER sued me for
calling him a liar in a public forum.  Now, Donald Wuerl told the press in 2016
that Bendig was telling the truth about Cipolla.  So, I am also calling Wuerl a
liar.  Mighty Wuerl has not sued me for malice.

For the record, being that Wuerl is a public figure, he can't sue me for any opin-
ion that I state.  But, he can sue me for Malice which is evidenced per se by any
false "averment of fact" (allegation as to someone's actions and conduct) that I
would state.   Thus, no lawsuit from Bendig, none from Wuerl, and most impor-
tantly, Father James Torquato never sued me for libel, because he knows that I
am telling the truth about him and his retaliatory conduct.  The fact that James
Torquato never sued me should be the biggest eye-opener for you, to show that
I am not lying in any of my www.donaldwuerl.com posts.

Of course, if Wuerl or Bendig of Torquato sue me, then 150 to 250 times more
people will end up reading the www.donaldwuerl.com site than presently do, at
least for a five to ten day period.  Thus, many more people will see all of the doc-
umented evidence, newspaper articles, and photographs on that site, along with
my report of corroborative witness accounts.  And and and my EIGHT security
clearances (gotten between 1994 and 2017) make me appear much more honest
than the average bear.

None the less, to summarize Edward Huff, concerning the corroborated witness
accounts I found, Huff was the Sodomite version of desperate housewives  With
him, it even got to the point where he would  let an unlicensed youth drive a par-
ish car, with Huff "moving-in on the guy" while the unlicensed youth was at the
steering car.  It literally got to the point where Huff was unsafe.  Yet, Donald
Wuerl covered him up.

NOTE:  This is where I'll put the first newspaper article jpeg of the Huff Case,
if I can find where I put the batch.  It was a case well covered in the papers, too.
Yet, Pittsburghers were deceived into believing the Wuerl had a clean sex abuse
track record.  Pittsburghers were also clueless about Wolk, Zula, and Pucci, not
to mention Zirwas and Wellinger, along with Torquato and John Hoehl. 

In covering-up Huff, Wuerl made Cipolla look like an isolated freak and one-of-
a-kind monster.  Well, the fact-checking and documentation gathering has been
done in the Cipolla Case, and it really was an orchestrated hoax that had very
strategic value to Wuerl.

The value to making Cipolla the scapegoat was in the fact that the late District
Attorney, John C. Pettit had Wuerl in a law enforcement spotlight.  So,  Wuerl
had to manipulate a way to deflect that light.  Wuerl's triple cover-up of Wolk,
Zula, and Pucci was the reason for the law enforcement spotlight being placed
on Wuerl.

For those unfamiliar, Huff was indicted and processed in the criminal court sys-
tem.  That is to say, he really was "taken t
o county."
                                                 Welcome to Hypocrisy Central,
                                             as it existed during Wuerl's tenure.                                          

I obtained much more information on the Huff cover-up and actual case.  If I

ever get time to write it and post the photographic copies of newspaper articles,
I'll do so.  But, don't expect it any time soon.  Let's continue:

The FATHER EDWARD HUFF cover-up is a major revelation in that it contra-
dicted everything said by Donald Wuerl's propaganda machine. 

For those unaware, Huff was Wuerl's "ping-pong cover-up."  Like a ping-pong 
ball, Huff was sent between Pittsburgh and Saint Louis.  The Huff cover-up oc-
curred during the time when Wuerl was neon-lighting the Ciopolla Case.  

For the record, the Cipolla Case only involved the "Psychic Defect" feature,
where Cipolla was diagnosed with Depression & Suicidal Tendencies.  He 
was NOT tried for molestation.  Quite frankly, Cipolla was the victim of in-
tentally inflicted emotional distress, on account of his reputation having been
destroyed at Wuerl's orchestration, with the help of Post Gazette writer, Ann
Rodgers (-Melnick.)   Wuerl ordered Cipolla to be assesses at a psychiatric
facility founded by a sexual pervert who, due to his absence of virtue, died
of AIDS.  It was ironic that Wuerl befriended a "pan-sexualist" institute, be-
ing a Catholic bishop would instantly recognize such a place as an advocate
for sinful lifestyles.

Pansexualism is a mode of thought which indiscriminately states,  "What-
ever floats your boat."  Anything goes in the pan-sexualist mindset, includ-
ing sexual activity recognized as a felony throughout the many United States.

Christopher Dickey once wrote that Donald Wuerl was on record declaring zero 
tolerance for priests accused of sexual abuse 14 years before it became public 
policy.  Well, Wuerl did NOT observe, did NOT practice, and did NOT fulfill
what he declared.  This is proven in the Wolk, Zula, and Pucci cover-up, as well
as in the Edward "three-times-reported" Huff case.  Add Torquato to the mix, as
well as Wellinger and the notorious John S. Hoehl whom Wuerl personally put
back into ministry. 

                  Introduction to the Edward Huff Case

Toward the end of his first year as bishop of Pittsburgh, Wuerl made 
a state-
ment that would lead reasonable persons to assume that he was resolved to 
never reassign a molester priest to ministry.  Wuerl was apparently employ-
ing the sleight of hand semantics, being that he embarked on another cover-
up; that of Father Edward Huff.   In that case, Wuerl reassigned Fr. Huff to 
ministry the same year Wuerl received accusations against Huff.  He did so, 
after Huff had a stay in a St. Louis psychiatric facility.

I used to call the Huff Case Wuerl's musical chairs cover-up.  Well, it was
actually Wuerl's Game of Pong ... Wuerl's Ping Pong Cover-up, where Huff
was like a ping pong ball, going from St. Louis to Pgh to St. Louis to Pgh.
Pgh stands for Pittsburgh ... for those unaware.

The Specifics of the Huff Case

In February 1992, two families, days apart, reported Huff.  Donald Wuerl 

responded by doing the type of thing that Bernard Cardinal Law repeatedly 
did in Boston.  Wuerl sent Huff to a psychiatric facility; to one in St Louis, 
named Saint Michael's.  The prognosis was that Huff had sufficient residu-
al functional capacity to perform some type of ministry.  So, in November 
1992, Wuerl assigned Huff to a chaplaincy post and provided him with liv-
ing quarters in downtown Pittsburgh.

In December 1992, additional parishioners from Huff's parish sent Wuerl 

a letter that accused Huff of molestation.   This was the third time Edward 
Huff was reported, and this was when Wuerl realized that the cat was out 
of the bag.  There were enough people who knew of Huff's transgressions 
that at least one of them would inform the police should Wuerl's diocese 
decline to do so.  Thus, this was when Wuerl's Get Out of Jail Free Card 

Wuerl did not immediately report Huff to law enforcement authorities, de-

spite the fact that a third set of parishioners sent a complaint against him.  
Rather, Huff was sent back to Saint Michael's, despite the positive bill of 
health that was already given to him by the St. Louis facility.  This shows
that sending Huff back to Saint Louis was a strategic move, and not a med-
ical necessity.

It wasn't until March 1993 when the Pittsburgh diocese finally reported Fr. 

Edward Huff to law enforcement authorities.  This means that he was not 
reported until thirteen months after Wuerl learned of his misconduct.  By 
that time, Edward Huff had already submitted his resignation.

As a subtotal, Fr. Edward Huff wasn't arrested until fifteen months after 

was reported by the Diocese of Pittsburgh to the required law enforcement 
entities.  Take note that Edward Huff was not arrested until 28 months after 
Wuerl learned of his predatory acts.   In addition, March 1993 had addition-
al significance to it.  It was the month when the Vatican's version of the U.S.
Supreme Court ruled on the Cipolla case for the first time.  March 1993 was 
when Donald Wuerl appealed to the Vatican Signatura, asking it to vacate its
judgment of the Cipolla case and to review the case anew.  In light of this, 
Huff was too much of a hot potato for Wuerl to keep concealing.

The time delay in the Fr. Edward Huff case provided a smoke screen to the

fact that Wuerl found himself cornered and checkmated during yet another 
botched cover-up attempt.  So, take note on how Wuerl sought to manipulate 
time lines, in order to look diligent and trust-worthy --- in order to distance 
his tracks from his original handling of the Fr. Huff case.  In addition, keep 
in mind that Wuerl and company had already been accused of stonewalling
(foot dragging) in a previous case.  This means that giving Wuerl credit for 

having reported Edward Huff was equivalent to giving a bank robber credit 
for stopping a bank robbery the moment he finds himself surrounded by a
circle of police cars and then drops the sacks of money he was holding.