September 23, 2016

The Coroner's Report in the Cipolla Case

Chicago already feels like home
Perhaps you know that I'm in Chicago to stay ... between trips back to Pittsburgh,
for the purpose of transporting construction and office equipment back here, unless
asthma wins the war it waged against me.  So, I don't have the luxury of detailing
the Cipolla Case as of yet.  What you need to know is that:

I have not yet revealed everything I know about
the case that isn't required to be kept confidential.

None the less . . .

Anthony Cipolla suffered a heart attack while driving his car the day after his
birthday.  NO overdose of drugs.  NO alcohol, etc. 

As I also previously stated, during the final days of Cipolla's life, he was being
tormented by the thoroughly vulgar Podunk native, Diane Thompson, who fail-
ed to produce one witness or one piece of evidence to support any claim that
she made against Cipolla.  This was followed by me producing evidence to
prove her to be a liar, on several occasions.

None the less, there is such a thing as aggravating a pre-existing condition, as
well as wrongful death.  In as much, I remember (in 2016) hearing Cipolla on
the phone in very vocal distress over that which Thompson wrote about him.
Once, he even said that he had chest pains and needed to go to the hospital.

On another occasion, Cipolla told me over the phone that he was diagnosed
at the hospital as having suffered a middle heart attack.  This was in 2015,
after Thompson surfaced with her damning accusations which have zero
evidence, and which, in principle part, were proven to have been false.
This included the "Two Popes Having Died This Year Thing," and in her
claim that Cipolla was arrested, as well as in her claim that Attorney Doug-
las showed up at the Melbourne Florida home within 24 hours of time, not
to mention her claim of taking a deposition at her own expense in Pittsburgh
nd in her claim of that a lawyer for the diocese starting taunting her, all the
while telling her that he was hired because he never lost a case.  

Uhhhm, there are times throughout a criminal defense lawyer's career when
he takes a case he knows that he's going to lose the case, so that he can try
to get his client a lesser punishment for criminal conduct.
Much better to be in Chicago than in any New Jersey
neighborhood that houses a Conspiracy Theory Housewife
Also in 2016 was the harassment of the obsessive New Jersey Conspiracy
Theory housewife who convinced Randy Engel into "reinvestigating the
Cipolla Case," as Randy herself told me that she was going to call Cipolla
and tell him that she was going to dig up the case anew.  The New Jersey
Hag caused Cipolla emotional distress, as well as.  So, Cipolla was placed
under intense stress throughout the months shortly before his fatal heart
attack.  Podunk native Diane Thompson and the New Jersey Hag could
not let Cipolla be at peace.

This Diane Thompson was so presumptively vicious that she would not let
Anthony Cipolla rest for a moment.  Of course, her motive for vehemently
accusing Cipolla of felonious behavior, even into the Year 2016, was re-
centloy uncovered.  She used her damning accusations as an excuse for what
she claims to be her youngest son's dysfunctional life. 

In the description of this alleged dysfunctionality, Thompson once again went
way over the top in the theatrics department, describing a type of molestation
victim who doesn't exist.  If she didn't exaggerate, then someone needs to con-
tact the AMA, to report a new set of symptoms suffered by molestation victims. 

From my personal experience in this topic, if her youngest son were as severely
dysfunctional as she described, he would have committed suicide by now  ...  or
else he would still be under intense psychiatric care, upon which she would have
sued the Diocese of Pittsburgh for medical assistance.

Concerning this, in all that I have written on the subject of sex abuse casualties,
wouldn't you think that I've had personal conversations with a plurality of sex
abuse casualties and a rape victim or two?  Wouldn't you think that I know the
specific behaviorism and dysfunctionalities that these people display?  There-
fore, don't you think that I would be able to instantly detect a liar?

Plus, would you not also think that Mike Ference has much more experience in
communicating with sex abuse victims than I do?  Thus, wouldn't you think that
his opinion about Diane Thompson holds heavy weight?  Well, we both instantly
discerned that Thompson is a liar, simply by our personal experiences with those
who were molested and/or raped . . . . .  and quite frankly . . . . these people are
usually NOT as dysfunctional as you  might think.  You would be surprised. 

We are talking about college graduates, private business owners, and articulate
communicators when talking about sex abuse victims.  And remember, I once
dated a rape victim who was philosophical in her conversations with me about
her rape. 

If Thompson's obscenities are adopted and published by a deep pockets entity, and
then taken to civil court, a presentation of molestation victims will be made on the
witness stand, to show that these people don't become as disoriented as Thompson
claimed her son to be.

Once again, there are those who were molested or who had molested relatives and
who regarded Mike Ference as a hero, no matter what you might believe about this
man who was traumatized by Donald Wuerl's handling of his son's attempted murder. 
Thus, these people hold Mike's opinion in regard.  In as much,  Mike concluded with
a yawning boredom toward Diane Thompson that Thompson is nothing but a liar. 
Her accusations literally bored Mike in his conversations with me.  There was  no-
thing that she wrote that sparked his mind.  So, Thompson is going to have to go
out of her way and assassinate Mike Ference's character, while trying to dig up
dirt on him ... just like she repeatedly did with me in claiming things that I easily

Remember, Thompson is the one who claimed that I didn't have asthma, when there
is documentation dating back to 1998, proving her a liar yet again.

When Thompson comes to attack Mike Ference, it will be at that point when those
who truly were the mothers of molested children will turn against her and tell her
to finally shut it up.  In as much, we need to hear from her two sons and NOT her.

Keep in mind that I repeatedly called Thompson a liar and never got sued for doing
so, despite the fact that she publicly solicited (asked for) a licensed law firm to go
after me and make me wish that I had never been born.  Yaaaaawn.  At the time of
this writing, I still have NEITHER received any demand letter  from any law firm
NOR any summons to appear in civil court by any federal marshal.  If I were a liar,
I would have been in court by now.
If anyone could do so, please get me in touch with Diane Thompson's two sons.
It was unconscionable that she kept their contact info hidden, all the while pro-
viding zero evidence to support her damning accusations which were often
proven false ...  concerning specific allegations.  None have ever been proven
true.  Of course, the witness testimony of her two sons is required to complete
the fact-checking.

September 22, 2016

It was only a SUMMARY NOTICE served upon Cipolla in 1978. The handcuff arrest & post-arrest retaliation stories were two big lies.

Before anything else, if you are new here, keep in mind that the 1978
accuser of the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla was re-
peatedly caught lying and changing her story numerous times.   She
even lied about me, and I was NOT in the North of Pittsburgh in 1978.

I had nothing to do with the events of 1978, yet she dedicated her web
blogs to assassinating my character, harassing me, telling lies about me
as much as the 1978 case, and bullying me from a very safe coward's
distance ( bullying a 200+ lb Chicago/Pittsburgh construction worker.

That which is now definite is that the Pittsburgh Post Gazette spent
years lying to the public, in claiming that Anthony Cipolla was arrest-
ed for molesting a male child in 1978.  He was merely served with a
SUMMARY NOTICE that was only signed by his accuser, Diane
Thompson.  If the police had evidence against Cipolla, they would
have filed the necessary paperwork that would lead to his arrest and
arraignment.  There would havebeen no need of Diane Thompson.

Now, I have spoken with lawyers involved in the Cipolla Case, and
from that world I was expressly told that "there was no police report."
Of course, the Pgh Post Gazette stated that Donald Wuerl took a copy
of the police arrest report to Rome, for his rehearing on the Cipolla
Case which had nothing to do with molestation.  The Cipolla Case
at the Vatican only involved Wuerl removing Cipolla on account of
a Depression & Suicidal Tendency diagnosis given to Cipolla at a
Maryland psychiatric institute that was founded by a rebel priest
who, in his Sodom & Gomorrah lifestyle, died of AIDS.  This was
followed by St. Michael's of NYC declaring that diagnosis to have
been a misdiagnosis.

This is in keeping with a private criminal complaint and Summary
Notice.  If there were a police report, it would have served the pur-
pose of "affidavit," and a judge would have signed-off on it, trigger-
ing an indictment of Anthony Cipolla.  If there were a police report,
as the Piitsburgh Post Gazette, Diane Thompson, and the "profession-
al Catholic" from Wilkesbarre/Scranton claimed, then there would
have been no need for Diane Thompson to sign anything.  The fact
that she signed a Summary Notice proved that there was no police
report or DA indictment .... or grand jury indictment ... or an indict-
mentn issued by the State Attorneys' General office.

Let us begin:

Diane Thompson did file the 1978 version of a private criminal com-
plaint.  Thus came the police serving a SUMMARY NOTICE upon
Anthony Cipolla.  It included the police investigating Thompson's
accusations, to see if there could be found any evidence to merit
a prosecution of Cipolla.  Thus far, up to that time, the police had
NO CAUSE to file an affidavit which would result in Cipolla's in-

Now, a priest was already arrested, charged, and arraigned earlier in 1978.
Thus, the local law enforcement officials would have had no reservations
about arresting, charging, and arraigning yet another priest.  If they had
something on Cipolla, Cipolla would have been in handcuffs.  He was
NEVER in handcuffs.

There also came with the SUMMARY NOTICE notice of a scheduled
August 28 hearing which was for Diane Thompson to show probable
cause as to why the State of Pennsylvania should prosecute Cipolla
for indecent assault and corrupting the morals of a minor.  Up to that
time, police found no probable cause.

Now, being that Diane Thompson initiated that particular process, on-
ly she could finish it.  She, for one of a few possible reasons, refused
to attend the August 28 hearing.  One very plausible reason would
have been that she and the police had no evidence.

Now, keep in mind that this process was a matter of public knowledge.
This meant that evidence was not going to being easily spoliated.  In
fact, a priest had already been arrested and prosecuted that same year.
Therefore, if there were any evidence against Cipolla, he would have
been taken through the prosecution process, all the way to conviction.

Concerning due process, the police have their own form of process.
This meant that the two detectives of which she spoke, if they really
did exist and if they were supportive of Thompson, could have filed
a police criminal complaint against Cipolla and have him taken into
custody, for due processing of the law.  If they believed in her, and if
she did withdraw her complaint out of duress, then why didn't one of
the two detectives take a form to a judge, for a signature?

There even could have been a grand jury convened.  If Cipolla were
as guilty as sin, then where was the grand jury?

The DA could have taken matters into his hands and filed on Cipolla.
Why did he not do so?

All in all, the idea that Cipolla was blatantly guilty and got away with
murder was total bull crap.  Diane Thompson is one of the most irritat-
ingly obnoxious and feisty hags on this Earth.  She would have only
not shown up to the August 28 hearing if she had no evidence against
an Anthony Cipolla whom she seethingly hates ... or if the police were
considering to file on her for lying to the police.  She didn't refuse to
continue the process she started out of the kindness of her heart.

As far as went her claim of having been harassed and pressured into
dropping charges, if she were vandalized and harassed as she claimed,
then she would have become financially solvent in a lawsuit against
those whom she claimed did violence to her.  She would have had a
treasure trove of evidence.

If Cipolla's friends really did vandalize her landlord's property and slit
her tires ... and if parishioners did sent her hate mail ... then she also
would have had the needed fuel to get Cipolla prosecuted, but for a
couple of criminal charges different than indecent assault.  And it can
be reasonably assured that, if Diane Thompson could get Cipolla on
anything, she would have done so.

You have to understand how filled with hatred toward him she is, and
you doubly have to understand that her hatred for him was reduced to
a word that she used to describe Cipolla one of her harassing emails
to me.   Thompson called Cipolla a LEECH ... nothing but a leech ...
despite his diligence in studies and managing youth groups which
never resulted in anyone in those groups accusing him of molesta-
tion, etc.  Of course, Cipolla told Thompson that the Saint Vincent
de Paul Society didn't have the money to pay her rent.  Shortly
afterwards came her accusation.

You know, in her harassing emails to me, she didn't accentuate her
allegation of Cipolla molesting "Tommy."   She harped on Cipolla
taking the older son to Michigan with other lads.   She said that
Cipolla molested her eldest son there.  But, why didn't Cipolla
molest other lads whom he drove to Michigan.  I located one
such individual.  He was quoted as having said that the only
thing that Cipolla did out of the ordinary in Michigan was
put an M&M in front of each door, saying, "ET was here."
No lad was touched in the process of him making sport of
the ET movie..

Concerning Thompson asking for Saint Vincent de Paul dollars to
pay her rent, didn't she ever hear of HUD and welfare?

This is confusing, especially in light of the fact that she did admit
in her web log that she was getting a humble measure of aid from
the parish where Cipolla was assigned.  Okay then, she beseeches
the church for money.  Uhhhhm, what about welfare, food stamps,
and Section 8 housing vouchers, as well as child support payments
and even alimony?  Add energy and heating assistance.

 And why couldn't she find work in a city that was the king of steel,
where steel workers had ample disposal income to buy the various
products and services for sale throughout the city?  Did she never
hear of daycare?  Was she merely lazy?  Did she have a criminal
record?  Was she declared mentally incompetent?  Where was this
guy whom she said intermittently returned to her life?  When you
analyze the whole scenario, her presence at that parish was bizarre
at the threshold ... at the outset ... from the beginning.

In fact, Diane Thompson's two sons never accused Cipolla of molesta-
tion in any public forum, and we don't know what they aid to hte po-
lice in 1978.  Molested youth eventually come forth, even as John Does
in civil cases and in criminal prosecutions.  Those two gentlemen remain
invisible & silent. Why?

The fact that she didn't file a private criminal complaint for being harassed,
vandalized, and tampered-with is the reason why she is plausibly believed
to be a pathological liar.

As I previously mentioned, she was also thought to have been a deliberate
liar in her claim of having been harassed into dropping the case, because
the protective instinct of a mother is so great that not even the pope could
get a mom whose child was actually molested to drop charges.  The fact
that Thompson gave in so quickly was the red flag in the minds of a couple
people with whom I spoke.  After all, this is a woman who was endlessly
harassing me, until I cut off her ability to send me those emails.

None the less, I still more evidence.  I need to talk to Diane's two sons.

Don't you think that it's quite strange that they have been entirely invis-
ible throughout this entire period.  I am assuming that what I wrote about
Thompson is regarded as insults tossed into her face, even though the in-
tention was to show that Wuerl and Ann Rodgers used a surrogate liar to
make Wuerl look caring and protective.  Therefore, one would assume
that the woman's two sons would be outraged and in my face, talking to
me with gritted teeth, if not physically taking swings at me ... with a base-
ball bat in each one's hands.  But, they have been entirely invisible and
unheard.  There is some very con artsy about that picture, too.

Cipolla's testimony of the August 28 hearing goes as follows:

He said that he went to the hearing with his pastor, only to hear the magi-
strate say,  "She dropped the charges."  Then, within a shorr time span,
the same judge allegedly said to Cipolla:

                            "Watch out who you try to help."

(Proper English would be:  "Beware of whom you chose to help."

                                         Then Cipolla left,
                            according to Cipolla's testimony.

I'm tired of this Diane Thompson atuff, but I made a promise.  I would
like to end this research now and make the correct conclusion with effec-
tive evidence.  Please help, especially if you can explain to me the 1978
process of the SUMMARY NOTICE:

The two Cipolla-related news articles pertaining to 1978 were too vague
to decipher, in relation to today's language on the same subject.  Today, a
person files a private criminal complaint at the local magistrate's office
of the proper jurisdiction.  The complaint is then assigned to an assistant
DA, for investigation.  The assistant DA then approves of the complaint
or he/she doesn't do so.

If the complaint is approved, then a notice is sent to the magistrate's office
and the clerks there "issue process," beginning with a warrant for the accus-
ed person's arrest.

If the complaint is NOT approved, then notice of denial is sent to the magi-
strate, anyway.  The complainant then has the option of filing an appeal in
the PA Court of Common Pleas, asking the court to review the complaint
and to order the issuing of process.

In the August 1, 1978 edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the article refer-
ring to Anthony Cipolla stated that the police served him with a SUMMARY
NOTICE.  The accusation pertained to only one alleged event in July, and
a hearing on the matter was scheduled for August 28th of that same year.
There was NO report of Cipolla being taken into custody, aka arrested.
And there most certainly was NOT mention of an arraignment or bail.

The pending charges were 1} corrupting the morals of a minor & 2} indecent
assault.  That was it.  No details into the procedural aspect of the case were
given.  None the less, being that Cipolla was not arraigned meant that he was
not in the criminal court system.  He was still in the inquest phase of his case.
Once again, for those of you who gossip, keep in mind that the news article
did NOT state that Anthony Cipolla was arrested.  He was simply served with
a notice and a court appearance date, as if he were being sued in civil court.
However, the pending charges were NOT civil court issues.  They involved
prison time.

Then, the August 29, 1978 edition of the same Post Gazette had an equally
short article that was too vague to decipher.  It simply stated that the Chief
Magistrate of City Courts dismissed the pending charges:against Cipolla,
because  the mother "refused to prosecute."   Apparently Thompson did
not show up for the hearing.  But, I need more details to this.

"... because she refused to prosecute.:  What did that phrase mean? What did
it mean light of the fact that she is such an obsessive bully who doesn't back-
down to anyone?  What is for sure is that the narration she described in the
October 13, 1995 edition of the Post Gazette was filled with easily proven
lies ... even with contradictions of what she said at other times?

In the name of truth, justice, and the American way, can somebody please
tell me what the Hell happened in 1978?  Can somebody give me the truth?
Please come forth, even if it's to be in confidentiality and secrecy.  I can
dress up like Humphrey Bogart and meet you under one of Pittsburgh's
446 bridges.

Technically, only the prosecutor does any prosecution, and even if a mom
dismisses her own private criminal complaint, the prosecutor can pick up
the ball and start running with it, in terms of doing the filing of charges.
Even a grand jury could have been convened and intervened in Cipolla's
1978 case which never made to the status of a case.

Yes, it sounds as if she stepped-back, because she didn't want to get caught
contradicting herself.  After all, she is a complete liar.  But, writing her off
as a liar still doesn't answer the question convincingly.  Why did she back-
down?  I need more than circumstantial evidence and her history of being
a pathological liar on this one.  Something is wrong here.  Something does
not check-out in this August 28 default.

The way she described the 1978 event was a fact-checked lie.  But, there
is something too disturbing about this scenario, for anyone researching it
to chalk it off to an unstable liar who ever-so-coincidentially filed against
Cipolla when she was desperate for rent money and was told that the Saint
Vincent de Paul Society didn't have the money to spare on her.  If it turns
out to be the case, then fine.  But, I need more evidence.

There was no credibility in Thompson overly theatrical presentation, as
was published in October of 1995.   So, we have to look elsewhere.

And remember, we also know that she's a liar in what she stated about me,
being that she never spoke with me, never got a letter from me, never saw
me act in public or in private, etc.  She didn't address my writings.  She
simply attacked my character from A to Z, mocking me, damning me,
disrespecting someone close to me who wasn't even in the fight, as a
diversionary tactic designed to make you so repelled of me that you
would refuse to read my writings or view my photography works.
Well, that was a couple million pageviews, ago.  I haven't gotten
the torch and pitchfork lynch mob at my door, yet.

Instead of mocking me, marketing fear of me, and playing expert psycho-
logist, all that she had to do was disprove my writings.  She never produced
one shred of evidence and she brought forth no corroborative witnesses.
This begs the question:  Where are her two sons?

Keep in mind that this newspaper's language is nothing more than colloquial
English, and the 1978 articles definitely weren't law school tutorials.

There is still unfinished business in this case, as to convincingly ascertain, be-
yond all reasonable doubt what the truth actually was.  Of course, those people
with deeply imprinted prejudices need to be put aside, because they are not at
all unbiased.  There are people who want priests dead, per se.  And the New
Jersey Conspiracy Theory Brawler wants to see Cipolla buried in four yards
of concrete, simply because he dyed his hair and squirmed at the mention of
the name of the cleric who destroyed his life.  Let only the unbiased come
forth, simply for the sake of what is right, descent, and honest.

Thus far, all evidence and corroboration gathered points to the innocence of
Anthony Cipolla.  But, I'm not satisfied.  Diane Thompson is an unmitigated
liar, without doubt.  But, I need more evidence, observations, witness corro-
boration on this matter to regard this case as closed in the Court of Public
Opinion and ready for a report to the Papal Nuncio.

Can anyone get Diane Thompson's two sons to speak with me.  Even if they
do, it doesn't guarantee that I will feel convinced of my findings.  What ac-
tually did happen that made her back-down in August of 1978?  Her being
caught lying?  Okay.  I'll accept this if I can get more facts on the issue.
Her description of what happened didn't happen, at least the way in
which she described.

If Thompson weren't such an immature brat who spent most of her time
attacking me ad hominid, all the while marketing fear of me so much
that it seemed that she was trying to get me criminally indicted, I could
have spoken with her at length and in detail and found the truth.  The
problem is that Thompson has been repeatedly tested and found to
only tell lies.

As far as goes Tim Bendig, him being a con artist is fully ascertained,
being that he tried to con me more than once.  Originally, he did so by
making me think that I was going to be criminally indicted for calling
him  a liar in a public forum, when such a thing is addressed in civil
court where there are not jail cells outside of those reserved for con-
tempt of court charges.  Then Bendig tried to con me by acting like
the nicest guy in the world.  In the end still came the lies ... from
Bendig's mouth.  So, I have to reconstruct what actually was go-
ing on in the Diane Thompson segment of this case.  It's like a
pea and shell game, where more shells are added.

Oh, and concerning any former child star who made or still makes money
off of Bendig's services, such a person is locked in a conflict of interest
and must be dismissed as a credible witness.

None the less, is there anyone out there with a sense of maturity and honesty
who can help find the final answers to this case?   Even giving me a tutorial
on how the SUMMARY NOTICE process worked in 1978 would be mag-
nanimously helpful.  So, if you believe in Truth, Justice, and the American
Way ... or if you simply have a sense of compassion in your heart and can
answer my final questions, please do so.  724-709-4716

September 20, 2016

A Witness Has Come Forth

A witness who went to the Michigan camp/retreat with Tim Bendig and
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla has pledged his writ-
ten statement after he returns to Pennsylvania.  He was there, at the same
place where accuser Diane Thompson claimed that Cipolla molested her
eldest son, Frank.

Incidentally, he was motivated to come forth when he read the obituary
on Anthony Cipolla.  That obituary triggered something within him.  In-
cidentally, he is a heavy equipment operated and he lettered in football
and wrestling in school.  So, someone with a similar background as the
author of this site decided to come forth.

I received the pledge of a written affidavit from a witness who went out of
state alone, with Cipolla, Bendig, and whoever else and who was at the re-
treat center with Cipolla, Bendig, and whoever else was at the center.  Of
course, the center of my world in now Chicago.  So, it might take longer
than originally assumed to get and place his testimony online.
Specifically,the order which operated the site was the Pontifical Institute of
Foreign Missions.

As a preview, take note:  There was a time when the man formerly known
as Father Anthony Cipolla banned Tim Bendig from the altar server rota-
tion, only on account of Bendig's misbehavior.  In as much, how could
Cipolla have continued the alleged sexual affair and/or abusive relation-
ship that Bendig publicly claimed to have had with Cipolla?

When and if I get the eye witness statement, then you'll get to read it, also.
Of course, if there is another attempt on my life, someone else will have to
post the witness account online.

For the record and for the third time, the attempt on my life had nothing to
do with Church Corruption, or Corrupt Cardinal Wuerl or Tim Bendig or the
Diane Thompson who stated in print that it was too bad that the guy who tried
to kill me with blunt force trauma missed.  In other words, she wrote that it was
such a shame that I was not murdered on April 14, 2016.  That is your holy holy
suffering martyr, for you.

Incidentally, the Diane Thompson who thinks that you are stupid wrote
that Anthony Cipolla and I were grifters writing falsehoods, so that you
will come to my sites and make me rich.  Stop there for a moment.

Uhhhhhhm, did you have to pay an entrance fee to get to this posting?
No?  Okay, so I'm not making money on subscriptions.

Did you have to pay an entrance fee to view of photography?  Did you
have to pay an entrance fee to read any of my posts?

Plus, is there a paypal donation box on any of my sites/URLs?   No?
Then I how am making money off of you?  How am I a grifter when
I never got paid as much as one penny for my online writings and
photography?  Do you see what a liar Diane Thompson is, yet?

Part 1: Cipolla Accuser, Diane Thompson: The fact-checking results.

As Cipolla's life was being destroyed by what fact-checking proved to have
been unconscionable falsehoods, Wuerl lived in plush and lush comfort,
as if he were Marie Antoinette.  Wuerl's motive in destroying Cipolla's
reputation was none other than Distric Attorney John C Pettit and friends.
And yes, a very vocal guard dog was barking at me as I took this photo.
Intro and/or preliminary notes as to the fact-checking:

For those unfamiliar, a Diane Thompson claimed that she filed criminal charges
against the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla, getting him arrested.
She said that the charge was molestation.

She also claimed that she was intensely harassed into dropping the criminal
charges she filed, and finally, she dropped the charges at a DA's office, by
signing a sheet of paper that she couldn't read, because tears were in her eyes.

Yet, she was able to see the line on that sheet of paper where she was to sign,
and she was able to see her name as she was signing it.  But, she couldn't read
any of the text on the same sheet, and she didn't think of the instinctive act of
wiping her eyes, to make her sight clear enough to read the print on any sheet
of paper.

Newsflash #1:  The dismissal of any legal action that a private citizen files
is always done at the CLERK OF COURT'S COUNTER, and not at the DA's
office.  However, filing criminal charges is NOT one of the things that a pri-
vate citizen is empowered to do, anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Even more so, dropping criminal charges is NOT within the realm of a pri-
vate citizen.  So, Thompson's account of dropping charges under duress is a
complete falsehood, thereby making the editors and writers of the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette either accomplices to Wuerl or incompetent staff members who
should have been fired, and never hired by another newspaper publisher.

However, filing a private criminal complaint is something a private citizen
can do, but it requires an assistant DA's approval, after an investigation is
conducted, in order for an arrest warrant to be processed.  In Cipolla's case,
no warrant was ever issued.  No police ever arrested him.  Even if a warrant
for Cipolla's arrest were issued, a constable would have been the one to take
him into custody, and not two cops with shiny badge numbers to write on a
mythological sheet of paper that Thompson called a "police arrest report."
The constable would have been executing an arrest warrant, not filling out
a "police arrest report."

In as much, Diane Thompson's description was based on the premise that
no one else on Earth had the power to file charges against Anthony Cipolla
except for her, and that, if she dropped those charges, then he would be able
to go free.  She mentioned that two supportive detectives were present, in
the DA's office, begging her to not drop the charges.  The premise is bull
crap, meaning that Thompson lied about "the frustrated look on the detec-
tives' faces."  There are a number of ways a person can get indicted in the
matter of a felony, and one of the ways involves a detective submitting an
affidavit to a judge, followed by the judge signing-off on it.

For the record, I know what it is to file a private criminal complaint and to be
interviewed by detectives.  This is one of the reasons why it was easy for me
to tell that Thompson was lying.  My impromptu conference with a Pennsyl-
vania constable was the other reason why it was obvious that Thompson was
lying., and the Pennsylvania State Police data base is the third reason.  Furth-
ermore, the Beaver County DA's notice that there were NO GROUNDS upon
which to prosecute Cipolla, after its three month investigation into Tim Ben-
dig's accusations, was yet another reason why it was beyond blatant that
Thompson was lying about the whole thing.

Plus, the fact that Thompson never mentioned an arraignment that she would
have been invited to attend is a red flag that indicated that she was making up
a story.  After all, she never mentioned the amount of bail exacted upon Cipolla.

Another lie of Diane Thompson that was super east to refute:

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette quoted Thompson as having said that an intimi-
dating person walked up to her and said that he was a lawyer for the dciocese.
It was obvious that she was making up a story, because dioceses don't get put
in handcuffs and face criminal charges.  Only people do.  Of course, the same
Post Gazette quoted diocese spokesman, Ron Lengwin, as having said that it
was Cipolla's attorney and not that of the diocese.  The question is if whether
Lengwin were really deceived into thinking that Cipolla really was arrested
or was he a willing participant of Diane Thompson's lie.

Anthony Cipolla was never arrested, as Thompson very falsely claimed.  In fact,
there is blatant circumstantial evidence to show you that no private citizen has
any power to "file criminal charges" and/or "drop criminal charges."  The basic
proof of this absolute piece of American legal doctrine is that, if Cipolla had
been charged, arraigned, and prosecuted, then the case would have been called
"the State of Pennsylvania vs Anthony Cipolla" and NOT Diane Thompson vs
 Anthony Cipolla.

Plus, Cipolla would have been sent to a STATE penitentiary and NOT a Diane
Thompson penitentiary.  The one who incarcerates you is the one who files the
charges against you and even drops charges that have been filed against you.

Thompson filed a private criminal complaint which is NOT the act of filing
charges.  It was an application .... a request ... to have the government file
charges against Cipolla.  Thus, what Diane Thompson filled out was totally
dependent upon an assistant DA's approval, after an investigation into the
allegations was conducted.   No approval ever came.  None the less, if the
private criminal complaint were filed, and if Cipolla were indicted, then
Diane Thompson would NOT have been able to have dropped the charges.

As a supplemental note:  Not everybody who read the lengthy 1995 Post
Gazette article-horror-story believed Thompson.  The one person who ab-
solutely knew that Diane Thompson was full of crap was ... none other
than ... the wife of a lawyer.

Okay class, repeat after me:  Diane Thompson and Ann Rodgers are LIARS.
Anthony Cipolla has no criminal in the State of Pennsylvania.

Donald Wuerl needed a scapegoat, to get DA John C Pettit off his back.
The Great Mistake Americans Make in the Basic Understanding of Law

There is a difference between civil court and criminal court.  In CIVIL court,
only the "aggrieved party" can file a lawsuit against a wrongdoer.  This rule
in American Constitutional Law is known as Article 3 Standing.  That seg-
ment of the law involves what is known as "redressing grievances."

In criminal court, on the other hand, the coercive & sovereign power of the
State is involved, meaning that there are a number of people who can indict
someone.  No victim does the filing.    The logic to this is simple:  How can
a murder victim file charges against his/her murderer?

The private criminal complaint is handed to the magistrate who, in turn, sends
it to be investigated under an assistant DA.  The magistrate then waits for the
assistant DA to give the private complaint an "approval" or a "denial."

The assistant DA will send his conclusion back to the magistrate, even if it's
a denial.  If the private criminal complaint is approved, then the magistrate's
office does something called, "issue process."

The process begins with a warrant for the accused person's arrest, and the pro-
cessing thereof is assigned to a constable and not to police officers with shiny
badge numbers to write into Fantasy Land's "police arrest report," as Thomp-
son falsely claimed.
Take note that Thompson's mention of the police arrest report w/ officer badge
numbers on the report is a complete lie.  The document which gets a person in-
dicted by a police officer's criminal complaint, aka affidavit, has the number of
the court of jurisdiction on it, instead.  And such a sheet of paper would have
been given to Cipolla and NOT to Diane Thompson, as she claimed.  This is
called Due Process of the Law, where the accused gets to read and respond
to the accusations leveled against him.

All in all, Diane Thompson's narration and accusations were obviously the
fabrication of an exceptionally uneducated and rudely arrogant liar who
thinks that you are as stupid as she is murderously vicious.  In fact . . .

The then-editors of the Pgh Post Gazette, former Post Gazette writer Ann
Rodgers,  another Post Gazette writer, Diane Thompson, Douglas Yauger,
and Donald Wuerl obviously think that you and I are extremely gullible.

Wuerl had a law team who knew better.  They had the moral obligation to
inform the media that Diane Thompson's tale was contrary to the PA Rules
of Criminal Procedure, for starts.  They remained criminally silent.

Wuerl let the lie be spread through a major American metropolitan newspaper,
giving Thompson's story the falsest air of professionality, responsible fact check-
ing, and truth.  The story made it look as if Wuerl came out of the sky and saved
the Diocese of Pittsburgh from wicked villains and henchmen.  Donald Wuerl
is the wicked villain and his surrogates are the henchmen.  Diane Thompson
was nothing more than Donald Wuerl's sock puppet, as was the pathologically
bland Ann Rodgers.

As for Tim Bendig

Now, when it came to Tim Bendig and the Cipolla Case, the information relayed
to me was that, whenever someone would ask Bendig to talk about his accusations
against Cipolla ... to tell them what really happened between the two of them ....
Bendig would simply say, "I can't talk about it."

Now, that was a smart thing for a liar like Bendig to do, unlike the arrogant Diane
Thompson who foolishly embellished a Hollywood script in her condemnation of
Cipolla and his bishop at the time, as well as the Allegheny County DA at the time.

My ever-so-mortal enemies chattered with certitude & confidence in their assertions
which damn Cipolla to Hell.   I did the opposite.  I kept asking the public to test my
writings for cracks, and I mentioned that I would like to get more evidence and also
speak with Tucker Thompson and Frank Labieaux, Thompson's sons.

In as much, if you can get me a meeting and interview with Tucker (aka Tommy)
and/or Frank, please do.  I'm at 724 709 4716.  As a caveat, if you decide to use
that phone number to harass or threaten me, I will show you how much I know
about the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.

There's a legal system that has a pattern as much as does this cone flower's 
stigma.  Diane Thompson narrated a script that had nothing to do with the 
PA Rules of Criminal Procedure, in her harrowing tale of Anthony Cipolla's
fictional arrest and even more fictional post-arrest retaliation.  It was 
blatant that she lied.   I even spoke with a constable about the rules, 
back in May of 2016, for confirmation .  I still have his business card.
Cipolla is now in his 70s and has had a severe heart condition for years.  Plus,
there are a number of people who vouche for his character.  In addition, in all
of the years Bendig claimed to have been molested by Cipolla, no one ever
saw the two of them in compromising positions, such as coming out of a
broom closet with messed up hair.

In addition, Anthony Cipolla willingly let Bendig go to the Pittsburgh seminary.
If Cipolla were molesting Bendig, he would have gone out of his way to make
sure that Bendig would never have gone there, in fear that Bendig would reveal
things to church higher-ups.  In fact, there was a time when Cipolla kicked Ben-
dig out of the altar boy rotation, for disciplinarian reasons.  Therefore, he could
not have been that much in love with guy, if at all.  Furthermore, Cipolla was the
one who went out of his way to see to it that Bendig received the sacrament of
confirmation.  If it weren't for Cipolla, Bendig wouldn't have gone to church the
times in which he did.

End of Intro

This is the case that counts.  Cardinal Wuerl was rocketed to stardom by it.  He
was even made the master of ceremonies for a Saint Patrick's Day parade, on
account of the reputation he gained by it.  So, if it can be proven that the media
presentation of the Cipolla Case was a misrepresented hoax; then it's automatic-
ally proves that Wuerl's rise to power was one big lie.

As was stated ten to fifteen times previously, Cipolla was NOT tried at the Vati-
can for molestation, and he was never charged or arrested in Pennsylvania or any-
where else for molestation.  At the Vatican, he was tried for the diagnosis of De-
pression & Suicidal Tendencies given to him by St. Luke's in Maryland, a clinic
founded by a pervert who died of AIDS.

The query in the case was if a bishop possessed the right to remove a priest on
account of such a diagnosis, even if the diagnosis were declared erroneous mal-
practice by a second opinion clinic.  In other words, the case was based on
Psychic Defect and NOT molestation.

None the less, Ann Rodgers-(formerly Melnick) of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
once stated in print that Cipolla was most definitely arrested and that she had
the evidence to shucks darn prove it.  She then stated something to the effect,
"Yep,  I can prove it.  It was July 25, 1978."  Woooo doggie. Stop there.

Ladies & gentlemen, this is an allegation.  Typing "It was July 25, 1978,"  is not
the act of providing evidence.  So, Ann Rodgers lied yet again.  She had no evi-
dence to prove that Cipolla was arrested.  I have the evidence which says he

Documented evidence in photographic form that supports my allegations in
the Cipolla Case is found at:

The Pertinence of Diane Thompson's Story (now fact-checked)
as it applies to the Tim Bendig Case

Tim Bendig, seminary fail-out that he was, while in need of money, accused
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla of having molested him
for years.  Now, he originally asked the diocese for charity dollars, but was
denied any charity.  Then, when he learned that Cipolla told the Padre Pio
prayer group members to stop sending Bendig money at the Pgh seminary,
because "he got kicked out," Bendig accused Cipolla of molestation.

Now, Bendig accused almost two dozen people of having engaged in Sodomy
at the Pittsburgh RC seminary, as well as having been molested for 6+ years
by Cipolla.  So, Bendig was declared NOT credible and was sent on his way.

Then came the lawsuit, where within was his deposition.  Concerning all of
the priests and seminarians whom Bendig accused of Sodomy, it was during
his deposition when, in responding to his many accusations, he repeatedly
said, "It was a rumor." ... "It was from the rumor mill."  This means that
Bendig was an established liar who had no credibility.  After all, he even
lied to me four times in a row.

Now, being that Bendig was a noted liar, he could not, on his own, convince
any jury in the Court of Public Opinion that he was telling the truth about Ci-
polla.  So, the only way in which Bendig could get credibility was if Cipolla
had been proven to have molested previously.  Thus, the accusations of a Di-
ane Thompson surfaced, and her narration of horrific retaliation was eventual-
ly published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, while her name was kept confiden-
tial by the newspaper.

This newspaper testimony made Bendig sound legitimate.  This made Wuerl
sound like a hero.  This made Cipolla sound like a monster.  There was one
big problem, though.  It was blatant that Thompson was lying, in making up
a Code of Criminal Procedure that never existed in America.

Concerning her name and the names of her sons were kept confidential, know
that I'm the one who revealed them, to illustrate that there was NO John Doe
Injunction in the case which never became a case in the first place, being that
no magistrate "issued process."  John Doe Injunction means that the name of
the alleged victim was never to be placed in a public forum.

Thompson's Basic Non-involvement in the Bendig Case

It is paramount for you understand that Diane Thompson was NEVER a doc-
keted witness in the Bendig lawsuit.  Douglas Yauger even mentioned this to
the press, when he announced that he found the woman who filed against Ci-
polla in 1978.  He then stated that he would like to have used her as a witness,
"for whatever it was worth."  But, he didn't use her, being that Wuerl was go-
ing to settle the case out of court.  The means that Diane Thompson lied when
she said that she drove to Pennsylvania at her own expense, to give a deposition.

Let us go through the steps of Diane Thompson's pathological lying:

1} In November of 1988, while taking advantage of the bad press Wuerl was get-
ting on account of the news of his Triple Cover-up, Tim Bendig emerged in the
newspapers.  However, the first article which reported his theatrical accusations
kept his name held in confidentiality.

In brief, Bendig claimed that the Sin of Sodom was ubiquitous at the Diocese of
Pittsburgh seminary and that he was molested as an adolescent and teenager by
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla.

2} In that news article, mention was made that Anthony Cipolla had been arrested
for molestation in 1978, even though fact-checking through the Pennsylvania State
Police data base system showed Cipolla to have NO CRIMINAL RECORD at all.

None the less,  Diane Thompson claimed in her in 2015 web log, that it was not
until 1992 that the Bendig Law Team and Donald Wuerl learned of this 1978 ar-
rest, and only by her doing the informing.  In fact . . .

She claimed that, after she contacted Attorney Douglas Yauger, he flew to Florida
and was at her doorstep in less than 24 hours after her phone call to him.  She said
that this was because Yauger had no time to waste, being that the trial was soon ap-
proaching.  Well, that claim, too, was a lie, being that she said that the instant visit
was in November of 1992.  The trial was scheduled for March of 1993.  There was
more than enough time for Yauger to wait at least one more day, and even at that,
have an assistant do the footwork.

Thompson then claimed that she gave Yauger a copy of the police arrest report
that had the badge numbers of the arresting officers on it.  (No such Pennsylva-
nia criminal procedure piece of paperwork exists, especially one that contains
the badge numbers of arresting police officers.)

Okay.  Let's Review the Multiple Lies Told by Thompson, in merely Part 1 of
this detailed expose.

a} Firstly, it is 100% proven that she lied about being the one who originally
informed Wuerl and Yauger about the Cipolla arrest which, incidentally, never
occurred, in the first place.  The Pgh Post Gazette first stated that there was a
1978 arrest in a November 1988 newspaper edition.    This is four years earlier
than Thompson claimed it was revealed.  Thus, we have one of many proven
lies told by Diane  Thompson.

For those unfamiliar, Thompson claimed that Cipolla molested her son, Tucker
Thompson, and then, she later claimed that he molested her other son, Frank
Labieaux in Michigan.  A Michigan witness who was an altar boy said that
there was no bizarre sexual behavior observed in Cipolla at any time.

Also take note that Diane Thompson was NOT a woman in a stable sacramental
marriage which yield children who bear the exact same last name.  One such son
bears her maiden name (Family-tree name) and not the last name of the father.
Thus, she was not part of an All-American "Leave to Beaver" lifestyle that the
Post Gazette originally made her out to be.

b} Concernning the fact that there is no such thing as a Police Arrest Report
which carries the badge numbers of the arresting officers and that Thompson
got caught lying about that one too, see.


And of course, she stated that she gave this mythological arrest report to Attorney
Yauger who showed up at her doorstep within 24 hours after she called him.  Now,
do you really believe that he dropped everything scheduled, just to fly down there
immediately, when he had more than enough time before the trial, and when news
of the 1978 Cipolla Arrest (which turned out to be a fiction) was already printed in
the Pgh Post Gazette four years earlier?  How can she give him something that does
not exist?  Plus, arrest paperwork is given to the defendant, not to somebody's mom.
If Cipolla were arrested, Thompson would have gotten an invitation to the arraign-
ment, instead.

Thompson's Less Than Diplomatic Emails

In one of her harassing emails to me, Thompson gave herself away by calling
Anthony Cipolla "a leech."  Let's see, here:  Cipolla goes through the discipline
of studying psychology, Latin, and theology, while being a successful youth
programs coordinator with NO ACCUSATIONS against him in over 40 years,
and while being the founder of the successful Padre Pio Prayer Group.  Yet, he's
a leech.  Meanwhile, Diane Thompson who admitted to having no education,
and in not having any trade, professional skill, or college degree in not the
leech.  Sure.

None the less, it was alleged that, after she filed on Cipolla in 1978, she
accused someone (not Cipolla) of having molested her daughter.  Thomp-
son was alleged to have done the "wolf crying" more than once.

Part 2 has the more "juicy stuff," aka graphic accounts.  Let's address them now,
and show what's wrong with each picture Diane Thompson painted in claiming
Anthony Cipolla to be a monster who should be buring in Hell, right now, while
Thompson should be with the angelic choirs of untold holiness.

Anthony Cipolla is the guy on the right meeting John Paul II.  Next to
him is the Father John Hardon whose canonization is already underway.
Unlike the New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Hag Lady, Father Hardon, as
well as best selling author, Malachi Martin believed in Cipolla's innocence.

The Body Sore Allegation that adds to the farcical natural of the Cipolla Case: Sores are too painful for any priest to molest anyone.

Pittsburgh's Fort Pitt Bridge
There are things I have not yet made known to the public.  .Of course, there are
several pieces of information that are to remain inviolably confidential.  In fact,
there are names that are to remain equally confidential.    However, there are
things that don't have the seal of confidentiality which I have not yet mentioned.

Here's an example of something not yet disclosed:

Diane Thompson claimed to a person who shall remain unnamed that Tucker
(Tommy) told her that Cipolla had sores all over his body while allegedly mo
lesting by Cipolla.  Got it?  Thompson claimed that Anthony Cipolla molested
Tucker while having sores all over his body, thereby making Cipolla look like
a grotesque monster.  Ladies and Gentlemen, what's deadly wrong with this

ANS:  Find me one person who has sores all over his body and who does NOT
cringe and seethe in pain while making contact with another person's body.  In
addition, Cipolla was a young man at the man, only in his thirties and he wasn't
living in the sewers.  Neither was he bedridden to the point of getting bed sores.

Do you really believe that Cipolla had sores all over his body in the 1970s?  Do
you believe he had them in 1990s or at any other time.  If he had sores all over
his body, then he would have prominently have had them on his arms.  I and a
number of others saw him in short sleeves.  No sores all over his arms where
observed by me or anyone else who talked to me about Cipolla.

Find me pain-free sores.  If Cipolla had sores all over his body, that fact would
have been in Cipolla's defense.  None the less, Cipolla needed no defense and
no defense attorney, being that he was never arrested ... only given a Summary
Notice that was only signed by Diane Thompson.  The Post Gazette disseminat-
ed a major falsehood in claiming that Cipolla was arrested.  It told a bigger lie
in stating the Thompson was harassed into dropping charges that were never
filed in the first place.

There was a hearing scheduled where Thompson had to show due cause to have
"process issued upon Cipolla," where Thompson herself would literally be the
prosecutor.  This is the way of the private criminal complaint, as it was process-
ed in the 1970s, in Pennsylvania.  None the less, she withdrew her complaint be-
fore the hearing ... shortly before.  The "shortly before" part is the give-away the
facgt that she has NOT being harassed and put under pressure.  If she were being
harassed as she stated, and if the police looked the other way as she claimed, she
would have withdrawn her complaint almost immediately.  In reality, the police
would have hauled Cipolla into jail and a judge would have recognized him as
having violated the conditions of his bail ... his bonding.

Furthermore, if Cipolla's friends smashed her apartment windows as she theatrical-
ly claimed, her landlord would have bellowed at high volume.  The police would
have intervened, and the whole thing would have been front page news.  This is
especially true, because, earlier in 1978, the Pittsburgh police already arrested a
defrocked priest, for immoral actions with minor males.  News of a priest getting
out of hand would have made the front pages.

No law enforcement officer signed Diane Thompson's Summary Notice, because
law enforcement had no probable cause with which to prosecute Cipolla.  The ab-
sence of evidence is often the sign that no crime has been committed.  In as much,
if Diane Thompson's two sons would come forth and make public statements, we
can find out, once and for all, if they had ever claimed to have been molested by

And remember ... remember ... remember:  Diane Thompson allegedly accused
yet another male of raping a daughter of hers.  This would mean that she claimed
that THREE of her children were raped.  Do you believe this is even possible?

All in all, Thompson's entire story is exaggeration after exaggeration, including
her claim that masonic attorney, Douglas Yauger dropped everything, boarded a
plane to Florida, and showed-up at Thompson door step within 24 hours after she
contacted him.  She claimed that he took a police arrest report, and it is 100% ab-
solutely proven that there never was a police arrest report, being that there was
only a Summary Notice solely signed by Diane Thompson involved.  She lied.
There was never a warrant for Cipolla's arrest.

Plus, plus, plus, with all of the medical insurance provided to priests in the 1970s,
don't you think that Cipolla would have gotten the best of medical care and had
the alleged skin sores eradicated or at least neutralized .. and therefore NOT have
sores all over his body?  In fact, don't you think that Thompson lied about being
told about the sores?

For the record, Cipolla was not afflicted with multiple body sores.  Plus, the alle-
gation, as was conveyed to me was done digitally, meaning that I have physical
evidence that the allegation was made to me.  I am NOT fabricating this.

That which actually happened was this:

Tim Bendig's lawyer, the legal counselor for the local masons, didn't have any-
thing on Cipolla that could stick.  Attorney Douglas Yauger was so desperate
for evidence against Cipolla that he motioned the court for a continuance, so
that he could "find additional witnesses."  Yauger found none and then used
them during the discovery process.  Yes, he did locate Diane Thompson, but
he merely said to the press that he "would like to have used her," for whatev-
er it was worth.   So, Yauger made a big deal out of one sore on Cipolla's arm.

Yauger made such a big deal of it that John Conte's assistant lawyer coached one
of the Cipolla witnesses to say at his deposition that the one sore on Cipolla's arm
came from a spider bite.

Now, how would the witness know how Cipolla got that one sore?  This parti-
cular witness was NOT a medical professional who treated Cipolla.  Secondly,
because of that lawyer coaching that one witness, the witness being coached
assumed that Cipolla was as guilty as sin.

That one witness then decided to do some investigating on his own, he said.
Well, all that he did was talk to Diane Thompson.  He did NOT seek to fact-
check anything she said, and he was so gullible that he believed her tale of
Cipolla having sores all over his body.  To this day,  he didn't sit back and
take note of the failure of plausibility in anything that Thompson claimed.
He didn't catch all of Thompson's contradictions.  This is why the circus
master, P.T. Barnum once said, "There's one born every minute."

Concerning that one sore, what was Yauger trying to do in mentioning it?
ANS:  He, in my opinion, wanted the jury to think that Cipolla might have
had AIDS.  That one sore might put the thought of an infected sexual maniac
into the minds of the civil court jury.  Well, it has been 20 years since the
discovery phase of the Bendig lawsuit, and neither Bendig nor Cipolla
manifested any signs of AIDS.

This obsession with one mere sore on an arm showed how desperate Bendig's
attorney was to find any evidence in support of his client ... of his client who
lied to me four times in a row in a matter of minutes.

Now, do you know what it's like to give a deposition?  I do.  It involved a case
that had nothing to do with any bishop, priest, or church employee.  It was a
Title 42 federal civil rights case.  My deposition was for the plaintiff party.

In that case, the defendant didn't have a chance.  Thus, I did NOT need to be
coached as to what to say.  After all, I was the one with the needed info in my
memory bank, like in a computer's data base.  I knew exactly what to say, with-
out any coach.  Well . . .

During the deposition, it got to the point where I almost cried out, "Don't you tell
me when to shut up," to the attorney sitting next to me.  You see, during the depo-
sition, the lawyer sitting next to me kept hitting me on the knee with his knee, in
order to get me to stop talking during certain answers.  There was no need to keep
silent , because the adversary in this cause had no defense.  I kept talking longer
than he wanted me to speak, and the guy let me know.  There was nothing to hide,
even though the attorney was acting as if there was.  None the less, the defendant's
insurance company promptly offered an out of court settlement, not after my depo-
sition, but after one of the two defendant's deposition.

This one witness for Cipolla should have asked others if lawyers coach witnesses
as a matter of habit. Someone needed to say to this offended witness, "Welcome to
the American legal system, kid.   It's not what you see on TV."  The court system is
a money-making industry.  It's a system, and not a vocation.

Remember that Thompson did NOT accuse Cipolla of any wrongdoing until Ci-
polla told her that the Saint Vincent de Paul Society did NOT have the money to
pay Diane Thompson's rent.

Now watch . . .

Then came another witness who spent time in Michigan with Cipolla and Tim
Bendig and who said that nothing suspicious between the two ever happened,
as well as having stated that Cipolla never tried to molest him.  Well, that par-
ticular witness said that he was NEVER coached by any lawyer on John Con-
te's staff.

For those unaware, John Conte was Cipolla's defense attorney in the Bendig law-
suit.  He charged Cipolla  $25,000 for his law firm's services.  That lawyer was
my neighbor for years.  I even went to Canada, on vacation, with John Conte's
son.  I went to the same schools as did his children, including his son.  I knew
the Conte family for years ... for decades.

One more thing:  Why would Attorney John Conte's assistant act as if Cipolla were
guilty?  ANS:  It was because the Pittsburgh Post Gazette stated that Cipolla was ar-
rested for molestation back in 1978, and because Americans did NOT have ready
access to newspaper archives at that time.  If you go to the Post Gazette archives,
you will find that, in 1978, Cipolla was NEVER arrested.  He was merely served
a SUMMARY NOTICE which instructed him to show-up for a hearing 28 days

In review:

The Summary Notice was only signed by Diane Thompson, meaning that neith-
er the police nor the DA nor the State Attorneys General office had any evidence
against Cipolla to warrant prosecution of him.  Thompson was taking it upon her-
self to be the prosecutor of the case, but needed the City Court judge's approval for
her to proceed, in her private criminal complaint.  Thompson withdrew her private
criminal complaint before the hearing.

According to Cipolla, after the judge told him that Thompson dropped the case, the
same judge said, "Watch you who you try to help."  And of course, simply from what
Thompson wrote about me ... about a person 900 miles away from her and who held
three simultaneous security clearances ... she is a pathological liar.  John Conte called
her an "adroit liar."

She alleged that Tucker (aka Tommy and now in his 40s) is dysfunctional and that
the dysfunctionality was caused by Cipolla.  She also stated that she is raising a 12
and 14 year old, both of whom are Tucker's children.  Wooo.  Stop.  If Tucker is so
so dysfunctional from molestation, then how did he manage to beget two children?

None the less, how much government funding does she get for these two youths,
under the claim that their father was made dysfunctional by molestation?  If there
is any government check involved under such a claim, then she gets into severe
legal trouble if it is found that her son was never molested.  All in all, lie after lie
after lie has been found to come from Diane Thompson,   How would you like it
if she incessantly lied about you?

Part 2: Cipolla Accuser, Diane Thompson: The fact-checking results

The Claim of Vandalism

At this point, think "Landlord owns the building."  Now, Diane Thompson
claimed that her windows were smashed and that she did nothing about it,
in claiming that she said to her sons, "We are just going to have to put this
(whole case) behind us and think of it as a bad dream."  Got it?  Now, what
is wrong with this picture?

ANS:  The landlord would have gone ballistic, called the police, demanded
justice, and gotten Cipolla and his imaginary accomplices in jail.  It's interest-
ing that Diane Thompson never mentioned how a woman who could not even
pay her rent could pay for new windows of a building owned by someone else.
She said that the windows were smashed.  Well, who fixed them?

Plus, 1978 was the time of a serial killer who did make his way through Penn-
sylvania.  His name was Edward Surratt and he had people frightened.  Ironic-
ally, he was finally apprehended in Florida, on July 5, if memory serves me
correctly.  Thus, the nervous systems of the local townsfolk were on hyper-
alert.  If someone would have slashed tired and broken windows at Diane
Thompson's residence, the neighbors would have called the police pronto,
in fear of being the next ones vandalized and the incident would easily have
been front page news and "film at 11" news.  By now you should realize that
Thompson is nothing but a pathological liar.

The Absence of a Very Pivotal Part of the PA Criminal Process

I mentioned how Thompson outright lied in claiming to have been given a
non-existent type of document that she called "a Police Arrest Report with
the badge numbers of the arresting officers on it."  This is explained at:

I also mentioned that Diane Thompson lied when she claimed that she drove
to Pennsylvania at her own expense, to give a deposition in the Tim Bendig
lawsuit.  She was NOT in the docket, and she most certainly most had to be
mentioned in the docket, pursuant to the rules of discovery

WE located ALL of the depositions in that case.  There was absolutely  NO
Diane Thompson deposition in any capacity or in any form.  She lied, and the
blatant give-away that she lied existed in her stating that she went to Pennsyl-
vania to give the deposition at her own expense.  By law, she had to be com-
pensated for food, lodging, and travel expenses.  Do you see what a liar she
is, yet?

Plus, it was plausible that she lied when she claimed that Attorney Yauger
flew to Florida and was in her home within 24 hours after she contacted him
and FALSELY told him that Cipolla was arrested in 1978, thereby givng to
Yauger a copy of the mythological police arrest report.

The give-away was in her being theatrical and claiming that Yauger made it
to Florida within a mere 24 hours, as if he had no court dates, appointments,
or depositions to which to attend.  In as much, it would have been plausible
if Thompson would have instead said that an assistant of Yauger showed up
at the door a week later.  But, she didn't, because of her desire to accentuate

Once again, the more you speak or write, the more you get fact-checked.
Thompson's fatal error was in her constantly embellishing of things.

The Visit Sequence of Her Narration

In addition, Thompson claimed that Cipolla went to her residence, after
he was arrested, pleading with her to drop the charges which only a gov-
ernment official in the juridical branch of government can do.  If Cipolla
actually were arrested, and if he went near Diane Thompson & her child-
ren, then Cipolla's imaginary bail would have been revoked.  Thompson
didn't think of these things while conjuring her easily provable lie.

Let it be repeated:  There is no way that Anthony Cipolla, if he were arrest-
ed, would have been able to have knocked on Thompson's door crying,
while pleading for her to drop the charges, without a police cruiser sweep-
ing up to the residence, putting him in handcuffs, and having a judge re-
voke his bail.  But of course, there were no charges to drop, and if Ci-
polla were going to plea to have criminal charges dropped, he would
be knocking on the DA's door or the presiding judge's door; not Di-
ane Thompson's door.

Is this enough to prove to you that Diane Thompson was doing nothing but
lying?  What more will it take?  Let me know.  If you are a person of clear
senses and realize that Cipolla was railroaded, then please copy the photo-
graphic evidence here, along with whatever writings help outline the case
and send it to the Papal Nuncio.

Her Sons Never Came Forth to Defend Her

It's pivotal that her two sons remained silent, even though I completely dis-
credited her, calling her the liar she certainly was when she was when she
was making up stories about me from 900 miles away, even though she
never talked to me and never saw me act in public or in private.  If she
knows my accent, it's from a recorded interview taken of me dur-ing the
days when asthma was far too brutal on me.

So, what do her two sons say about the accusations?  If they were molested,
they would have at least contacted me in private and told me to change my
writings.  They have not yet come forth.

You know, as far as the sons could have known, the story of Cipolla could
have applied to classmates of theirs or neighbors.  The identity of them and
Diane Thompson was hidden from the public, in those Post Gazette articles.

Concerning Frank, the Eldest Son

Diane Thompson, in her Pittsburgh Post Gazette interview, stated that her
eldest son would run off to the store whenever Cipolla wanted something.
Okay.  Uhhhhhhhm.  For running off to the store, priests of the 1970s al-
ready had someone to regularly do that for them.  They were called house-

Plus, the parish where Cipolla was stationed was St. Francix Xavier, on
3250 California Avenue, Pittsburgh.  Do you know what California Ave
is?  ANS:  It's a super long stretch of road on a hillside above Route 65
and the adjacent Ohio River.  It's near Bellevue.

In fact, I was a parishioner at the Bellevue Roman Catholic parish, and was
in construction even in the 1990s, where I would need to drive on California
Avenue, time after time.  I don't remember any convenience stores there.
There certainly were no mini-malls there, either.  You needed to drive to
Bellevue to get anything, if memory serves me correctly.

It's not a city town street where a little store would be located a few blocks
away.   California Ave is a mini-highway.  It's where big postal trucks travel,
en route to the biggest postal facility in the northern sector of Pittsburgh.
It's half industrial and the other half is stretched out, with a nice house
here and there.

If her son were constantly running off to the store from California Avenue,
at Cipolla's behest, then he should have been a champion marathon runner.
If there were little nearby convenience stores at the time, they have been
completely demolished, or else I need to see an eye doctor asap.

The Ages Thompson Claimed Contradicted each other

Diane Thompson wrote in her 2015 web log that her sons were born in 1964
and 1968.  According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the dates of birth would
have been 1966 and 1970.  Which is it?  Contradiction is the sign of a liar.

Diane Thompson also stated in her 2015 web log posts that she was married
to an abusive drug addict between 1968 to 1970.  She then stated that she
hitched up with a guy in the 1970s (vaguely stated) and lived with him until
1983.  She told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette something entirely different.

She told the Post Gazette that she had one husband who estranged from her
in 1976, and who kept intermittently coming back into her life.  She stated
this in 1995.  No mention of a "second husband parting company in 1983.
One who contradicts oneself is a liar.

She wrote that she was married twice and that her married name is Mangum.
Okay then.  What's your other married name?

"Holy Communion Classes" as Diane Thompson called them

Diane Thompson stated that Cipolla was molesting her son, Tucker, in a bed-
room under the guise of Holy Communion Classes.  She then said that she
thought that these classes were being held in a classroom with a lot of other
students.  She also told the Post Gazette that she was raised Roman Catholic.
Okay then.  What's wrong with the whole picture that Thompson painted, in
the Holy Communion Classes?

ANS:  Firstly, the classes given to the youth in Catholic parishes are called
CCD classes; as in the Confraternity of Christine Doctrine.  Any person who
was raised Roman Catholic knew back in the 1970s that there were never any
CCD classes in the Summer time.  She would have known that there were no
classroom instruction going-on in July.  She filed her private criminal com-
plaint in July.

As far as goes classes on Holy Communion, they are known as FIRST Holy
Communion instructions.  The phrase, "first holy communion" is a reflex
phrase for a Roman Catholic.  She spoke as if she were a stranger who was
never in a Catholic church.

None the less, First Communion instructions are only in May and the first week
or so of June.  The 7 sacraments are taught some time around Autumn, and the
doctrinal part of Communion is addressed.  But, there are no CCD classes in July.
Therefore, Tucker could not have missed July CCD classes, in fear of encounter-
ing Cipolla, as Thompson made it seem.  If anything, there were private instruc-
tions at the rectory.  This messes up Thompson's nightmarish tale.

Next Tale, worse than the Big Bad Wolf Story

Thompson claimed that she walked in on Cipolla and "Tommy" aka Tucker,
while Cipolla had a thermometer inserted into the young boy's anus.  Now,
what is super wrong with this picture, in that it has no cultural credibility?

ANS:  Thompson described Lesbian sexual activity, not male homosexual ac-
tivity.  It's lesbians who insert inanimate objects into their Sodomy partners.
Not male Sodomites.  Men don't need inanimate objects for insertion pur-
poses.  Therefore, this factor makes Diane Thompson's harrowing tale very
much not credible.  Yet,  it's a matter of plausibility and not a 100% assured

One more thing:  Molesters aren't stupid enough to molest someone when
that person's mother is nearby. ... in the same apartment.or house.  When
you add the fact that Thompson was caught lying with 100% assuredness
several times, already, you tend to assume that she is lying yet again.

Even if she did catch Cipolla, the response would NOT have been her go-
ing to the magistrate's office to fill out paperwork.  She would have simply
called the police and the police officer would have been able to have filed
his own paperwork for a judge to sign, leaving Diane Thompson out of it.
If Thompson walked in on Cipolla and caught him in a criminal act, then
there would have been such urgency that she couldn't wait for the magi-
strate's office visit.

If I think of anything I forgot to conclude, I'll add it in my free time.
Remember, unlike the New Jersey Brawler Woman and Diane Thomp-
son, I have to work for a living, unless of course, I don't mind living
under one of Pittsburgh's 446 bridges.

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

Good day, sunset, evening, night, or dawn, whatever the case may be.

September 19, 2016

After conferring with one constable and one police officer on the Pennsylvania Code of Criminal Procedure . . .

The Harrowing Tale of Diane Thompson as was printed in the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette is falling fast.  Her harrowing tale as was posted in her
2015 web log is completely false and not even an issue.
It took a long conversation with a police officer and a shorter one with
a Pennsylvania constable, along with reading a few spots of the Pennsyl-
vania Code of Criminal Procedure.  But, things finally fell into place in
terms of understanding what actually happened in 1978.  The Pittsburgh
Post Gazette was no help.  Only a hindrance.

Furthermore, Diane Thompson is no less than a pathological liar who
thought that she could deceive the public into thinking that I was An-
thony Cipolla in disguise and that you could look for days on the In-
ternet and find no proof of my existence, despite the millions of hits
my URL's received and despite all of my writings and photos which
were either pirated or printed with my full copyright permission.

All in all, keep in mind that Diane Thompson has ZERO respect for
you.  She thinks that you are completely gullible and brainlessly stu-
pid.  She believes that she has the superior cunning mind and that
you're inconsequental mush.

The bottom line is that the man formerly known as Fr. Anthony Cipolla
was NEVER arrested.  Period.  There were no charges filedj against him,
ever.  There was only a private criminal complaint, resulting in Cipolla
being served with a Summary Notice that was only signed by the Diane
Thompson who was caught lying numerous times.  There was also a
cursory police investigation which lead to nothing.

The Post Gazette articles were written too incompetently, mingled with
laziness, if not deliberate deceit in making the tortfeasor, canon law vio-
lator, and all-around manipulator,  Donald Wuerl, look like the Messiah
of the ages, before whom we all must bow in worship and adulation ---
--- the tiny and manless Donald Wuerl whose narcissism took him to the
heights of elevator shoes.

I think that I have free time this week ... maybe.  Of course, if a disaster
arises and we get called of the to scene, then my time is completely con-
sumed, as much as will be my mind.  So, I should be able to complete the
Cipolla Project, before the company move to Chicago gets to Phase II of
three phases.  Phase I is done.

By the way, if anyone has leads about Chicago Life, I can use them, right
now.    You know,  information like:   where the more classy bachelorettes
gravitate, in the Chicago vicinity ... or the fitness-minded ones who played
field hockey or tennis in high school.  To think, I have to leave three con-
nected rivers and inclined topography for flat land.


Always remember that newspaper journalism in itself is much inferior to
magazine and documentary journalism, in matters of clarification, articu-
lation, and comprehensibility.  This is mostly because of limited column
space.  Thus, the three-sentence articles of 1978 that reported on the Ci-
polla Case did more of a disservice to society than it did good.

Of course, the 1995 and 2002+ Post Gazette articles which reported on the
Cipolla case ... as well as the introductory Tim Bendig article of November
1988 ... were pathetically written.  They did not seek to convey an education
on matters of criminal law.  They put forth zero evidence.  Rather, they only
sought to evoke sensationalistic emotions in the minds of newspaper readers.
Drama replaced education.

The problem with those articles was presumptuousness.  In fact, if those
articles were read in a court of law, they would have been struck from the
record for assuming facts that were never bought into the record.  That is
to say, the man formerly known as Father  Anthony Cipolla absolutely,
positively, & without doubt was NEVER arrested for any type of mo=
lestation-related charge in 1978 or at any other time in his life.

Furthermore, he was NOT tried for molestation at the Vatican.  This means
that there was no way in Hell that Donald Wuerl took to Rome "a copy of
the police arrest report" that Diane Thompson claimed contained the badge
numbers of the arresting officers of her very imaginary arrest ... especially
being that Pennsylvania criminal procedure paperwork does NOT contain
badge numbers.  It only contains the court of jurisdiction's code number, so
that no defendant gets lost in the court system and stays stuck in a holding
There is beauty in an oncoming night, but not in darkness
of the mind.  Don't let yourself be bullied by Thompson's
fact-checked theatrics.  She a complete liar and I have
never been sued for stating so.

Concerning the 1978 accusations of Diane Thompson and the Post Gazette news
articles that reported on the accusations, one thing is certain.  The Pennsylvania
Code of Criminal Procedure was at variance with those poorly written news ar-
ticles.  The Post Gazette caused confusion by not explaining criminal procedure.

Section 506 is of the Essence

Now, the pertinent code in this case was Section 506 of the PA Rules of Criminal
Procedure.  It was enacted in 1965, even though there were amendments to it as
recently as 1995.  This means that the process of a private criminal complaint to-
day is of the same principle as one filed in 1978.  Yet, the procedure described in
the ridiculously short 1978 news articles was askew from what occurs today.

It was also off-kilter from the private criminal complaint process of 1989, when
Bendig filed a private criminal complaint against the same Anthony Cipolla, to
no avail.  Of course, it's everyone's opinion that Bendig filed that complaint, in
hope to get a higher chunk of lawsuit money that he would quickly waste on a
Levitske Brother's bar & grill purchase.

Incidentally, remember that Tim Bendig is such a liar that he promised the pub-
lic that he would use the lawsuit settlement money for psychiatric treatment and
instead spent the money on the Two-Step Lounge which didn't last very long,
due to severe mismanagement of the diocesan funded business establishment.

As another point of law:

Lawsuits against dioceses are usually covered by insurance policies.  However,
punitive damage awards is a different matter.

A Point of Law Set in Granite

Now it is 100% true that, when criminal charges are filed against anyone in the
State of Pennsylvania, only a judge or a prosecutor can drop the charges.

A private citizen may only withdraw a private criminal complaint that was NOT
approved by the assistant DA assigned to investigation its allegations.  This in-
cludes cases where a wife regrets filing on a husband for spousal abuse.

It was relayed to me a reason why someone like Diane Thompson would file
a private criminal complaint and then rescind it.  ANS:  No money for the
various incremental fees, such as paying a constable to serve a summons.
I was expressly told that, if you want of file a PA private criminal com-
plaint today, it would cost "about $600 dollars."  Transpose this cost in
1978 dollars and keep in mind that Diane Thompson couldn't even pay
her rent.  Voila.  No great and evil harassment of her.  No slit tires.  No
broken windows of her landlord's dwelling.  Only a liar named Diane
Thompson.  This is what I got from Pennsylvania's own law enforce-
ment personnel.

All in all, proof that Cipolla wasn't arrested exists in the fact that  1} In the
beginning of August 1978, he was only served with a summary notice signed
only by Diane Thompson ... and not a magistrate,  2} the hearing mentioned
on the notice was scheduled for a day that was four weeks after the date of
the notice.  If that sheet of paper were Cipolla's indictment, then he would
have been in handcuffs immediately.

Okay then, now that I have full access to all of The Pittsburgh Post Gazette's
archives, I can search through it, at will ... or when my schedule permits.  So,
I will be able to finish the project of reporting to you the real Anthony Cipolla
Case and not the theatrical fiction of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and of Diane
Thompson's 2015 web log.

All in all  . . .

It's confirmed.  Diane Thompson, as far as concerns the police and lawyer
procedures that she described in her harrowing tale of Anthony Cipolla and
then-DA Bob Colville, is entirely, unequivocally, and unconscionably a liar.
I'll get to the details when I've time, to show you how much of a liar she is.

Because of this finding, I need to speak with her two sons more than ever.
After all, there is nothing redeemable about her stories, and they can't even
be construed liberally.  She is an outright liar and her fatal error, as  I have
already stated, was in her adding detail after detail of dramatic allegations.

For example, she claimed that Attorney Douglas Yauger got on an airliner
and flew to Florida within 24 hours after Thompson claimed to have tele-
phoned him for the first time.  Plus, it was the Pittsburgh Post Gazette who
(falsely) reported on Cipolla being arrested in November of 1988.  Thomp-
son was NOT the one who gave the news to Yauger in 1992.  She lied to
you, when she stated this.   The 1978 newspaper articles expressly stated
that he wasn't arrested, by the way.

So, being that Diane Thompson is immature, impish, and overly theatrical
in her lies, she has zero credibility.  Now that the documentation and fact-
checking results have been gathered,  Thompson lost all credibility.  This
means that  I need to speak with Thompson's two sons, Frank and Tucker.
I can be texted at 724 709 4716.

Incidentally, as I have already stated, if you elect to text me a threat or an act
of harassment, then you get to learn all about the Pennsylvania Rules of Crim-
inal Procedure.  If you have any information of the case, know that I need it.
If you have the local buzz, I can use it.

If you are new here, know that a few hags who resemble the knotted tree
branches at the entranceway of Evil Witch's Forest tried to dig up dirt on
me, so that the reading world will avoid me, if not outright harm me.  Such
malcontented hags won't quit until a lynch surrounds me with pitchforks and
torches.  So, we wait for the next installment of libel and invasion of privacy
in a false light.

It's amazing how hags can know everything from the comfort of their own
houses ... or apartments ... or assisted living quarters .. or whatever.  I guess
I wasted my time with my 12,000 miles road trip, and my follow-up Great
Lakes to Florida trip, and my time at places they would never be allowed
to enter.

Concerning the all-knowing hags and the all-knowing bloggers out there,
they all pointed a warning signal to this bishop and that bishop, identify-
ing them as the menaces who needed all the attention.  Meanwhile, they
ignored everything that I stated about Wuerl.  Well, all of those other
bishops are either retired or dead.  Donald Wuerl is now a bishop-maker,
in the height of power.  If only a handful of those people would have
shut up and heeded my warnings, we could have gotten the Papal
Nuncio to provide the needed check and balance against a doctrin-
ally imbalanced Donald Wuerl.

Anyway, Wuerl has had more than enough diners prepared by a chef
who drives a swank car.  Wuerl has had enough stays in 5 star hotels.
Someone needs to inform him that the Church isn't his playground.
It time to clean up the damage he caused.

It's very important that the Roman Catholic Church in America stop
being the Roman Coward Church.  The only thing you need to fear
is the paranoia of those who won't lift a finger to help undo decades
of damage.  This includes that insufferable  New Jersey  Conspiracy
Theory Housewife who advocates leaving the Catholic Church which
happens to be the ultimate act of a gutless cowardice.  Gutless Co-
wardice is dull and boring.  It has been done before.  Ler's try some-
thing new, for a change.