January 21, 2017

Here's the Answer, concerning the child care veteran's reason for concluding that Engel's description of a molestation is a falsehood.

Chicago, as seen from the edge of Chinatown.
It's a place where I got lost, rookie that I am.
I literally only have a few minutes of free time, being that I'm scheduled to go
back to Chicago this morning.  So, here is the answer that no one else got, as
to why it's a little bit more than slightly blatant that Randy Engel's description
of Cipolla's ALLEDGED molestation of Tucker Thompson hasn't any viable
credibility to it.  The failure of credibility is due to something known as the
Science of Physics.  Observe:

Firstly Engel asserted as true ... and did NOT convey as alleged ... that Cipolla
put one of his hands on Tucker;s private anatomical part and engaged in the
stroking of it.  This, according to the Randy Engel, was accompanied by Ci-
polla ALLEGEDLY using his other hand, to ram a finger into young Tucker's
anus.  Got it?

Okay now, what's wrong with this picture, according to the experience of a
child care vet who raised THREE sons of her own?

ANS:  Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Public Opinion, how large is the
typical nine old year male's private part?   According to the child care vet, it is
not very big at all.  Now, how big is an adult male's hand, in relation to the typ-
ical nine year old male's private part?  Well, according to the child care vet, it
is TOO BIG for any viable sexual action to occur, for one simple reason which
goes as follows:

            If Cipolla really did put one of his hands on Tucker's private
            anatomical part and starting stroking, Cipolla's hand would
            have fallen-off after every stroke.  It would have been very
            uncomfortable for the both of them.  Case Closed.

Plus plus plus, the assertion of Cipolla's finger going into young Tucker's anus
is a lesbian maneuver and such a thing typical involved the partner being on her
lesbian hands and knees .... on all fours.  Now, when a molester is pretending to
give a physical, in order to keep the deceptive pretense, the child is expected to
be standings, just like guys do when being examined for Navy service.  There-
fore, a molester wouldn't be making a repetitive anal sex assault motions upon
a standing child.

In addition, Tucker was described by Engel as being Attention Deficit Disorder
poster child.  How can a molester priest hold down an ADD or ADHD kid, in
order to molester that kid.  People, please start using your brain cells, and quit
being deceived by these Hillary-Clinton-Hag-Types.

Keep in mind that, in 1995, Thompson/Mangum told the Pgh Post Gazette that
she walked in on Cipolla, and that Cipolla had a thermometer inserted into the
young Tucker's anus.  She then stated that she sternly got Tucker to admit what
was going on.  So, which is it?  Did Thompson catch Cipolla personally or did
she only have Tucker tell her that Cipolla did this that or the other thing?  Take
not the Thompson has been changing her story for years, time after time.


We now go a step further, and keep in mind that I know what it is to interview
a pedophile at great length, followed by me buying him a bus ticket and send-
ing him to his mental health practitioner in Richmond Virginia.  Observe:

Sexual acts performed on the youngest age group of males (6-10 years of age)
are different than those in the 11-13 year range and the 14-17 year range.  In
as much:

1}  If Diane Thompson/Mangum/or-whatever-her-name-is-these-days would
      have alleged that Cipolla made Tucker put his hand or mouth on Cipolla's
      private anatomical part, then there would have been a measure of credibil-
      ity involved.  She didn't.  Thus, she succeeded in once again insulting the
      intelligence of the reasonable person who thinks things before coming to
      any conclusions..

2}  Now, there is one thing that the typical pedophile dreams of doing with
      a typical 6-10 year old child.  I will not volunteer what that act is, because
      Diane Thompson will simply read it and then incorporate it into her next
      changed      story.  HOWEVER, if you write to me and say, "I'll tell the
      public what that one act is if you write to me, guess it and get it correct.

     I will let you know that you are correct.  AND I WILL POST IT ONLINE,

2b} I will mention it publicly, so that no one will be able to spread a lie, in
       claiming that I wrote back to that person and said that he/she were cor-
       rect in what I discovered to be a molester's #1 desire in the lust for the
       6-10 ... or even 4 or 5 ... year old child.  So, if someone runs around the
       internet and says that I told him/her what the #1 desired physical act of
       a pedophile is, and if I don't have it posted at the Wuerlgate site, then
       that person is lying to you.

3}  As a general rule, when it comes to these pedophiles, know this:

      a}  A pedophile is attracted to the softness of a young child, as opposed to
           any "hard feature" of a young child's body.  This means that stroking a
           young boy's private part is not in the repertoire.  That act is what mo-
           lesters want to do to those aged 14-17.  


Concerning Tim Bendig's claim that Cipolla made him give Cipolla oral sex
ever morning:

1}  That allegation would only hold potential credibility if the two lived on the
same grounds, as in a boarding school or at a camp.  Bendig lived in a different
house.  Plus, it snows in Pittsburgh.  Temperatures get very cold at times.  Thus,
Bendig wouldn't be going to the seminary everyday.

2} The pastor would have caught-on in about ten day's time and would have shut
down the daily triste.

3} Bendig had to be in school in morning, five days a week, eight months a year.
Who would he find the time?

Get the message?


Keep in mind that I did speak at lenght with Anthony Cipolla's brother, Vince,
during this trip to Pittsburgh, and it was very enlightening.  Thus, I know that
Randy Engel did NOT speak with any Cipolla, while doing her three-part article.
Thus, she wasn't scouring the planet for truth.  Coward.

   I don't think that Tim Bendig and Diane Thompson realize or even care the
   tremendous amount of suffering that they caused Vince, Anthony Cipolla's
   twin sister, and others.  All in all, Vince wants Anthony's name restored.

NOW ... I am more than willing to declare Anthony Cipolla a molester.  But, the
fact checking on all of the damning accusations against Anthony resulting in find-
ing falsehood after falsehood after lie after lie after isrepresentation. ... even in the
great Randy Engel's three-part insult-to-the-intelligence article.

Someone should tell the 70+ year old Randy who sports Penndot-approved, glow-
in-the-dark traffic cone red hair dye that the Needlepoint  Cclub meetings are that
way over there, and NOT this way, over here.   Someone should tell her that the
Quilt-making classes are way over there, and nowhere near here.  This is because
she has no business being a writer.

Do not give to less-than-factual hags jobs meant for men who already did take
a number of hits for bringing forth truth, including an attempted murder of him
on April 14, 2016, after he uncovered a long-term theft scam.  You have to be
willing to sacrifice it all and go for broke, in order to be in the inner circle.  You
have to be in the real fight against evil, and not be a pampered telephone hag
gossipteer, sitting in a comfortable setting, hagging away.  Know that NO fact-
checking means that the writing is NOT journalism.


And concerning Part 3, Bishop Vincent Leonard most certainly DID defrock
Richard Ginder, long before Ginder was arrested on the Southside of Pitts-
burgh for corrupting a couple minors.  That was very irresponsible of Engel
and for her New Jersey accomplice to have asserted that Leonard was cover-
ing Ginder.  No way.   The two of them should start talking to an attorney or
two.  I definitely took to heart what Vince Cipolla said to me this past week,
and I did take photos of Mexico Street.

Now, there is such a thing as a statute of limitations, but it doesn't expire to=
morrow or even next month.


For now:

So that you'll instantly realize that the Randy Engel article, in its detailed de-
scription of the filing of charges that never happened in the first place, and in
the claim of someone being forced to drop charges and then sign expungement
papers, is complete bull crap, here is an entry level lesson on Criminal Proce-
dure in the United States of America:

When you are indicted .... When you are charged with a crime, you are being
charged only by =======>  THE COURT.  Not by the police.  Not by Diane
Thompson/Mangum/Whatever.   Not by any entity other than THE COURT.
That means judge or prosecutor.  In some states, the prosecutor is the district
attorney.  In others, it is the solicitor.  Very simple.

Q: Well which court does the filing of charges?

ANS: The Court of Jurisdiction where you were alleged to have committed the
crime in question.

This means that, if you see a sheet of paper that Randy Engel claims to be proof
that Anthony Cipolla was arrested and charged, and if it does NOT contain the
signature of a judge and the number of the court's jurisdiction on the bottom
righthand side, then it's bull crap.   Please wake-up and start learning at least
minor elements of law, so that you will not be deceived by fanatical writers.

And remember, Starsky & Hutch, Cannon, Magnum PI, Mannix, and the Rock-
ford Files were ALL fictions and NOT documentaries.  Quit making up stories
pursuant to TV fiction, if you want to be a successful liar, being that you will
get caught lying very quickly, when someone agrees to waste the time on you.

Remember one thing:  The evidence gathered in the Cipolla shows the opposite
of a perverted molester's guilt.  Yet, Randy Engel, the 67/68 year old New Jersey
Conspiracy Theory Housewife whom Engel regards as her good good friend, and
Diane Thompson caused severe stress on the man formerly known as Fr Anthony
Cipolla.  He died of a heart attack while Engel was composing what turned out
to be a farcical description of legal procedure.  Now, causing a heart patient to
have a heart attack, in American Law, brings into courts something known as the
Eggshell Skull Rule.  In as much, never underestimate the power of a hag when
she is not curbed of her mouth and/or keyboard.

To think: you can become a danger to society the minute you step up to a key-
board and get online. .

Concerning the obsessive involvement of the New Jersey Conspiracy Theory
Housewife (and former nurse)  whom Engel calls a really really good friend,
my opinion is the she frantically assumed that Cipolla was out molesting youth
at will and had to be stopped.  Well, she stopped him in the most severe way,
even to the point of necessitating someone to assess if there is any Wrongful
Death Lawsuit to be filed against her, pursuant to this Eggshell Skull Rule.

None the less . . .

In addition to Cipolla having a severe heart condition which included bypass
surgery.  He had neuropathy which translated into severe leg pain.  He also had
severe back pain, as well.   He also had diabetes.  In as much, where was he go-
ing to find the time to molest anyone?

PLUS ... no one on Earth, despite Cipolla's involvement with many youth, ever
accused him of molestation, except for the well noted Diane Thompson who was
repeatedly found to be a serial liar via fact-checking and the Tim Bendig who lied
to me four times in a row and who lied in his Facebook Page, claiming that he spent
thousands of dollars and years in court to be allowed to write his allegations against
Cipolla.  Uhhhhm, years and thousands of dollars are not necessary when the oppos-
ing side agrees to let you do so something you seek to do.

Uhhm, Bendig has had a lot of time to write post his memoirs.  Where are they?  He
said that he was going to write them?  

Incidentally, it was damnable that Engel failed to state in her three-part article that
Bendig did not accuse Cipolla of anything until Cipolla told the Padre Pio Prayer
Group Members to stop sending Bendig money, being that Bendig was kicked out
of the Pgh seminary.  Bendig retaliated against Cipolla.

Furthermore, Engel mentioned that the Pgh diocesan spokesman originally called
Bendig troubled, in the first article about Bendig's accusations.  This is true.  I saw
the article long before anyone else did.  In as much, Engel then went on to say that
Bendig surely would be troubled after being forced to give Cipolla sex for years.

Stop there.

Bendig was not troubled at the seminary, Rather, he was a TROUBLE MAKER.

Observations about Bendig's claiming to have been forced to give Cipolla oral sex
very morning is posted above...Remember, Tim Bendig was not living on the same
grounds as was Cipolla.  He had to go to school in the morning for eight months of
a year.  Weather can get bad in Pittsburgh, meaning that walking to a rectory can be
dangerous.  Plus, the pastor of the parish would have caught-on banned Bendig from
parish grounds, etc.

Bendig is not very good at lying.  All that he does is speak with an air of confidence
and people get suckered by the demeanor of confidence.  Well, that's what a con art-
ist is.  A con artist is a Confidence Man.

Chicago ...  If you want to open lines of communication, know that I'll be in
Chicago, occasionally returning to Pittsburgh 
The entire point is to show the blatant dishonesty found in anything that came
via Diane Thompson, as was relayed to the reading public by an aging woman
named Randy Engel and whose credibility now took a massive hit in her embar-
rasingly non-factual description of American/Pennsylvania legal procedure..

Keep in mind that Randy Engel's description of legal proceedings in her Nov/Dec
three-part article is a pathetic joke.  She is NOT law school material, to say the
least.  The irony is that she gets published in Renew America.  Yet, she apparent-
ly knows nothing about basic American law.


I stated eight to ten to twelve or so times previously that Anthony Cipolla was
NEVER charged and NEVER arrested in any legal proceeding.  He was merely
served with a Summary Notice that was only signed by Diane Thompson.

I even stated the Pittsburgh Post Gazette edition and page number where this was
publicly made known.  Diane Thompson then dismissed her own private criminal
complaint, before any arrest or dismissal was possible.  Thompson then claimed
that a theatrical series of retaliations, acts of vandalism, and one act of assault &
battery pursued an arrest that NEVER occurred in the first place.

It's amazing that I couldn't get Engel to understand that Cipolla was never charged
and therefore never arrested.  She's not the one who does legal work.  But, she knows
everything.  It's amazing how Engel is so arrogant.

None the less, know that, where there is no arrest, there is no expungement to be
performed.  Yet, Engel went into detail about an expungement which was not at
all possible to have been done, in the first place.  There was no arrest.  Engel will
not listen.


Engel's article was, at the very politest, an act of buffoonery that makes aging look
bad.  It makes Engel's choice of friends look like a personality flaw of hers, being
that the 67/68 year old New Jersey conspiracy theory housewife and former nurse
instigated the three-part article which shows that either Randy Engel needs to retire
or that she has always been no more credible than a supermarket tabloid.


There is more, such as the search through the Allegheny County court records.
Concerning this, keep in mind that Engel stated that Diane Thompson took flight
to Cleveland in the middle of September 1979.  Uhhhhm, if I get the opportunity
to print and post for you official records which state that Diane Thompson was
sued in ALLEGHENY COUNTY at least three times in the 1980s, when she
was said to have taken flight into Cleveland, would you finally believe that
Engel wrote a complete farce?  Or are you going to be tunnel-visioned until

For now, I only will say this much:  Let me get back to the court records, to
confirm what I think I previously saw, about the name, Diane Thompson.
And let me confirm that mailing address associated with the name Diane
Thompson.  I have to make sure that the court records that I saw pertained
to the same Diane Thompson.

By the way, Thompson told the Pgh Post Gazette in 1995 that they was an ex-
husband who kept coming back into her life temporarily, exiting after a short
stay.  HOWEVER, Engel stated that Thompson was married (invalidly, of
course, in a non-sacramental ceremony) to a guy named Mangum, in 1984.

She did NOT mention this to the Gazette, 1995.  Did she have two men?
Whatever be the case, one cannot get any truth from Thompson, being
that she repetitively contradicts past allegations/assertions.

None the less, keep in mind that, if you send me evidence and/or corroborative
witness accounts that pass standard fact-checking tests, I will publicly declare
Cipolla at "a probable molester."  I have gotten nothing but bull crap, thus far,
in the damning accusations against Cipolla, but only from the Diane Thompson
klan, Tim Bendig, and that one "coached witness" who embarrassingly claimed
that Anthony Cipolla had sores all over his body.  Concerning this allegation, if
Cipolla had sores over his body, he would be in too much pain to molest anyone.
Plus, we would have seen sores on his neck, arms, face, and even legs, when and
if Cipolla ever wore summertime shorts.


It is not a mystery as to why Engel was NOT invited to the movement on electron-
ic evanelization which showcased fellow Italian-Pennsylvanian Rocco Palmo, and
even included the fellow Italian-Pennsylvanian Mike Aquilina.  Well, there exists
in the mix another Italian-Pennsylvanian whose destiny is Chicago and who has to
leave for it, right now.

Till the next, if there is a next-time.  So stated, on Jan 21, 2017, the memorial of
Saint Agnes the Martyr.  For the record, Saint Agnes is a huge influence of mine.
Yeah.  She's a big deal with me.  Massively so.

Downtown Chicago, needless to state.

January 17, 2017

More erroneous features of the 3-Part Randy Engel article of Nov/Dec 2016

It's January 17 (2017).  I have to run down to the Allegheny County Courthouse
and do a couple filings there.  I Then have to hunt down one of the defendants in
a humble-sized (under $15,000) case that I filed under orders.  This will have to
be followed by me packing up for the trip to Chicago, tomorrow.  I have no idea
when I'll return to Pittsburgh.  Maybe March or April.

None the less, I need to illustrate to you .... especially to you who are locked in
a hypnotic trance over this 70+ year old writer, Randy Engel ... how incredibly
asinine was parts 1 & 2 of her three part article dated November & December
of 2016. Even Part 3 had a false-light misrepresentation in it.

All in all, the Engel 3-Parter was the article that utterly damned Anthony Cipolla,
all the while leaving out the multiple pieces of evidence and fact-checking results
which defended him from the accusations of a Diane Thompson who was repeat-
edly found to be a liar.  It defended him against a Tim Bendig who lied to me
four times in row and who was repeatedly described by others as the quint-
essential pathological liar who "lies about 90% of the time."

As an example, Bendig once sent me a threatening email that artificially (and
in the wrong spot)  had mention that cc's (carbon copies) were sent to the DA
and other police-related entities, as if I were going to be criminally prosecuted
for my writings on Bendig's dishonesty.

Of course, libel, slander, and false light cases are not filed in criminal court,
in America.  In Greece there are.  But not here, in the Good Ole U, S of A.
So, Bendig did little more than provide me with yet further evidence that he
is a lying con artist.  Of course, Bendig's dishonesty went over  Randy Engel's
head.  The hawkeyed Engel isn't that hawkeyed.  Nor is she a kid ... not even
at heart.

Moreover, the Engel article described a legal procedure which might exist in
a parallel universe, but it does NOT exist in the state of Pennsylvania.  Engel's
description was utter buffoonery.  Criminal Procedure does NOT work that way.

Plus, there is simple evidence that Cipolla was NEVER charged and never arrest-
ed.  It's called the Summary Notice, followed by Thompson withdrawing her "pri-
vate criminal complaint" before there was the opportunity for any hearing to tran-

Engel's description was a fiction, and therefore, it was libel per so..  She made
a complete embarrassment out of herself.  For example, a defendant is not re-
leased on his own recognizance, simply to wait for his arraignment which de-
cides if he can be released on his own recognizance, in the first place.  All that
happened was that Thompson got police to help her file a private criminal com-
plaint, at  Baldy Reagan's magisterial district office.  The complaint did NOT
result in an indictment or arrest, etc, simply because Thompson dismissed her

I'm in a rush, being that I have to file a couple writs in downtown Pittsburgh.
All in all, don't pretend to be a law professor when you have no experience in
the legal process.  Engel made a jackass out of herself.

This was Donald Wuerl's residence during his Pittsburgh years.  

The 2016 three-part article also damned the late Bishop Vincent Leonard for not
laicizing Father Richard Ginder, when the truth is that Bishop Leonard most cer-
tainly did defrock Richard Ginder, and he did so  long before Ginder was arrest-
ed in 1978 for corrupting a couple 16 year old minors on the Southside of Pitts-

None the less, last night I went to Mexico Street, in the Northside region of Pitts-
burgh, and took night photos, so that you can realize other things that Randy En-
gel wrote in the article which she thought was the end-all article on Cipolla.

For those unfamiliar, that is the street reported by Engel to have been where Di-
ane Thompson lived.  That street, incidentally, is a double dead-end street which
was quite short in length.   The pertinence to this is that Engel wrote of a young
female buddy of Tucker who lived  in the apartment upstairs.  That which was
needed to find was an apartment with two floors.  I need time to extract the
photos and get them online.  Mexico Street runs parallel to the much longer
California Avenue.

At this point, let me write my refrain:  I am more than willing to declare Cipolla
a molester, if only there would be evidence or non-contradicting witness accounts
that even plausibly indicate that Cipolla stepped out of bounds and disgraced him-
self and others.  Where is the evidence and where are there any corroborative wit-
ness account that aren't easy to refute?  All that was proven thus far is that Diane
Thompson is a serial liar and that Tim Bendig is a repeat-liar.

Concerning the lack of credibility, Thompsons stated that a young Frank Labieaux
would run down to the convenience store, upon Cipolla's every whim.  Uhhhhhm,
I found no convenience store within walking, but if there were one in the 1970s,
it would have been on the corner of California and Termon.  Pittsburghers who
know this corner and who know the location of Risen Lord Parish would know
that that trip was lengthy for a 12 year old or someone in a hurry.  This too
sounds like another Diane-Thompson-Exagerration ... at least at face value.

Keep in mind that she was caught contradicting herself and known fact so many
times that nothing she states has instant credibility.

The article which was found to have many fact-checked falsehoods in
the description of criminal procedure, as well as a debacled description
of Father John Hoehl's MO benefits a Donald Wuerl who spent his days 
turning the sacred into the profane or even into the sacrilegious.
Concerning the allegations of Wuerl's Sodomite lifestyle, actual
names have been conveyed to me.  But, one does NOT employ
irresponsible journalism in a worldwide forum and blurt out the names.
It's time to show you the extremely simple reason why a certain childcare pro-
fessional of many years stated that the molestation scenario described my the
70+ year old Engel doesn't happen without much physical difficult, due to a
simple observation of geometric law.   None the less, I've already provided to
you an online report which shows that Trace Test results usually taken 56 or
so days to return to the requester, showing you that it was entirely not-credible
that such results in the Cipolla Case would have been rendered in 3 to 5 days.

In fact, being that Diane Thompson has repeatedly been proven to be a serial
liar, it's doubted that any such testing ever occurred.  This is evidenced by the
fact that the Pittsburgh Police could have submitted its affidavit to a judge, for
the prosecution of Cipolla, and did not do so.  None the less, the results would
not have been returned so soon, and an indictment from such evidence would
not have been issued within five days after Thompson's accusations.  It usually
took 4 to 6 to 8 weeks to indict a molester priest.  These things only happen
instantly when a police officer literally walks-in of a molestation in progress.

Plus, this was the same year when the same Pittsburgh Police readily arrested
the defrocked priest, Richard Ginder.  Thus, it was not beyond the same police
from submitting a Police Complaint Affidavit to a judge, for the purpose of
having file charges against Cipolla

Concerning this, keep in mind that Randy Engel's general description of Diane
Thompson "pressing and dropping charges" is 100% bogus, per se.  That is NOT
how criminal law works in America.  That, alone, should tip you off that the En-
gel article is an expose in libel.  Then comes Tim Bendig:

Cipolla is the one shaking John Paul's hand.  Next to the both
of them is famed Catholic writer, John Hardon.  Hardon, as
well as Malachi Martin, staunchly believed in Cipolla's
innocence.  None the less, I am more than willing to declare
Cipolla a molester, if someone would said me one stitch
of evidence of witness corroboration that doesn't contradict
other testimony and known fact.

There was a fatal flaw in Engel's allegation about Tim Bendig performing at
least one unnatural sexual act per day upon Anthony Cipolla.  Firstly, Bendig
did NOT live in Cipolla's domicile and would had to have walked to the rec-
tory, day after day.  Plus, Cipolla's boss ... the pastor ... would have quickly
caught-on and stopped Bendig's visits.  Thirdly, Bendig had to be in classes
early in the morning between September and the start of June.  Plus, people
are sometimes NOT in the mood ... for whatever Bendig alleged.  Further-
more, Pittsburgh is located in the north of America where the winter months
can sometimes be daunting and occasionally life-threatening.  In addition,
person after person contacted me, to tell me that Bendig was a pathological
liar.  Concerning this, Bendig lied to me four times in a row in a matter of

As far as went Engel's comment about Ron Lengwin once stating that Bendig
was "troubled," keep in mind that Legwin employed a lot of euphemismss. It
would have been more correct to state that TIM Bendig ALLEGEDLY was a
troublemaker.  He certainly was described as a troublemaker at Fatima Portu-
gal, during a pilgrimage there.

There is evidence I have not yet shown to the public.  Yet, I have already shown
more than enough to show that the Cipolla Case was not an open and shut case.
In as much, Thompson's claim that Vincent Leonard stated that Cipolla had severe
sexual maladies has zero evidence attached to it and is contrary to the psychiatric
reports that I read.  Yes, I read the reports on Cipolla, and they only mentioned
"Depression and Suicidal Tendencies."  I've stated this at least ten time, previous-'
ly.  This is why it's an outrage that Randy Engel was not honest enough to have
stated this in her three-part article.

Even at that, the most important feature of the Cipolla Case is the undeniable
fact that Anthony Cipolla was never arrested as Engel claimed, and that he
mostly certainly wasn't "released on his own "cognisance" by the police, to
wait for his arraignment."   The idea of waiting for his arraignment showed
how Engel apparently knows nothing about Pennsylvanian or American law.
Did she never hear of habeus copus law?

For those new to American law, no police agency files charges.  Only a judge
does.  Plus, no police agency has the power to declare a defendant released on
his own RErognizance ... and not cognisance.  A judge does that at the arraign-
ment.  The arraignment is nothing more than the bail hearing, and the accuser(s)
of the defendant usually speak at the arraignment, so that the presiding judge can
assess if bail is to be granted to the defendant,  Of course, the judge checks to see
if the defendant already is on probation, upon which bail will be denied.

Furthermore, no one in Pennsylvania no one charged with molestation  is ever
expected to be released on his own recognizance, as Engel claimed.  She has
no legal education background.  She doesn't do legal filings for a construction
company.  She has never authored United States Supreme Court briefs.  She
should not act like a legal expert.  She did nothing more than make herself
look like Diane Thompson's fool, in the process. .

For those completely new here, Cipolla was merely served with a Summary
Notice in late July 1978.  Such a thing proves that there was no arrest, as En-
gel and others falsely claimed.  Thus, the arrest narration of Randy Engel,
especially in her saying that an arraignment took place "in City Court at
Police Station #1" was an embarrassing fantasy.

Now,I can quickly explain to you the process one goes through, when one gets
arrested.  But, Diane Thompson will use that explanation to change her story,
yet again, in her saying, "Oh yeah, that's what was done to Cipolla."  Uhhhm,
no it was not,vbeing that Cipolla was only served with a Summary Notice that
was only signed by Thompson.  I even posted the date and page number of the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette edition which informed the public of this, in 1978.  Such
a thing, incidentally, was NOT a newspaper article.  It was a public notice, much
like the notice of a sheriff's sale, a bond issue, etc.

Once again, I am more than willing to declare Cipolla a molester, but the evidence
gathered and the fact-checking done showed the exact opposite.  It thus far shows
that he was the victim of liars who were not too competent at the craft of lying.
Yet, I'm open to whatever non-contradicting witness accounts and whatever evi-
dence is out there to prove the existence of a molester in Anthony Cipolla.  None
the less, Diane Thompson has repeatedly been proven to be a liar, even in what
she stated about me ... to the negation of credibility.

Plus, Tim Bendig lied to me four times in a row, and a number of people confided
to me their allegations that Bendig is a pathological liar who "lies about 90% of
the time."
Don't you think that the Oakland NJ police would
have caught Cipolla in a molestation scam, being that
he was working with them in youth group development?
Would a molester work closely with police while trying
to molest children?  Think.
When I get back to either this Pittsburgh computer or to Chicago, I will convey
the caretaker's message.  Concerning this childcare vet, she too is 70+ years old.
In fact, she presently has a form of cancer which is still in the operable and con-
querable stage.  None the less, she is a country girl of old, and such a person is
know to carry through her life something called common sense.  She never be-
lieved someone simply because that someone said that something was so.

Concerning Engel, there are people out there who feel a sense of devotion to her,
thinking to themselves, "Well, she's prolife.  She must be right."  Ladies & Gentle-
men, think for a moment.   Randy Engel and all other "prolife" activists can be re-
garded as nothing more than utter failures, being that Abortion-on-Demand has
been alive well throughout American for over 44 years.

Now, when a general keeps losing his battles, he gets replaced.  When a coach
keeps losing his games, his too gets replaced.  The pro-life movement in the
United States has been a losing team where the principle players were NOT
good team players.   They all need replaced.

I have to go right now.  I have to get ready for the courthouse filings of this
Pittsburgh visit and I have to see if I get track down a defendant that has been
playing cat and mouse with a certain constable.  Till the next time if there is
a next time.

January 16, 2017

The Significance of 4.6+ million pageviews on the Pontillo URLs, in Light of the Vatican Ignoring the Evidence-based Complaints against Wuerl

The point to this statistical outline is to illustrate circumstantially that 
the Cardinal Donald Wuerl who have been living the Marie Antoinette 
Lifestyle for consecutive decades and who rose through the ranks of the
Vatican II Church only did so by CORRUPTION and not by merit.  

This post is to plausibly indicate that, when the wrongs of Donald Wuerl 
were uncovered, either the present ruling body of the Vatican looked the 
other way or his inner-recessed propagandists painted a deceptive picture
of him that deceived the decision-makers at the Holy See. - - -  not unlike 
in the case of the late Marcial Maciel Degollado, international molester 
and morphine addict whose handsome "envelope donations" to the Vati-
can were called polite bribery.  Let us begin with the topic at hand:
A picture and the 1,000 word thing,
posted in order to accentuate a point
When you have more pageviews than an autumn tree has changing leaves, 
and when one of your subjects is the corruption of a power-grabbing cardi-
nal who violated moral law, church law, & the Holy See's mandates, some-
one in the Vatican WILL become informed of it, without you knowing that 
the informing was being done, until some time later.  Then, you will find 
out that the Vatican authority looked the other way, performing complete 
negligence in the matter.

The problem is that the modernized Vatican is exceptionally corrupt, as has
been proven via:  1} the 2002 sex abuse scandal revelations,  2} the Maciel
scandal,  3}  the Vatican Bank Scandal,  4} the Scarano money laundering
scandal, 5} Vatileaks 1.0 (Year 2012),  6} Vatileaks 2.0 (Year 2015), and
7} the Balducci / Eheim Sodomy Prostitution Ring.   And that's just for

As far as goes the Vatican, in this era of Vatileaks 1.0 and 2.0 ========>  

One of the most vivid teachings which came from today's Vatican, without 
it ever having been placed in print,  is that the corrupt ALWAYS keep the
corrupt in power.   In as much, if men of conscience and good will ruled 
at the Vatican, instead of it being ruled by cronies who turned the post of
shepherd into the post of wealth accumulator, then Donald Wuerl, would 
have been ejected from the Roman Catholic Church's hierarchical power 
grid  long ago.  All in all, the Vatican has been violating its own Canon

The Donald Wuerl we knew in Pittsburgh was knowingly and heartless-
ly vicious.  The only thing that he was good at doing was causing pain.  
I was there.  I witnessed it firsthand and saw the looks of fear, rejection,
dejection, disenchantment, discouragement, chagrin, and similar.

In the meantime, he would live in Marie-Antoinette-Comfort between 
his Warwick Terrace residence & his four star hotel destinations, pillow 
mints included.  Of course, Malachi Martin alleged that Wuerl also had 
an apartment in the Pittsburgh precinct of Shadyside, presumably for
less than penitential purposes.  But, this is only an allegation, even
though it was told by a best-selling author who correctly predicted
the outcome of the first of two 1978 papal elections.  Yes, Father
Martin predicted that Cardinal Albino Lucciani was to succeed
Pope Paul VI.  He did so and took the name, John Paul I, lasting
for as many days as Christ had years on this Earth;  33.
Wuerl made life in Pittsburgh unbearable for whistle blowers.
The starting point here, in order to prove a point, is the most recent Pontillo
URL to have been constructed thus far.   As of the 12th of January 2017, it
has thus far received 3,532,578 hits.

In fact, between July 5, 2015 and January 12, 2017, the aforementioned Pontillo
URL accumulated 2,788,241 pageviews.  During that 558 day period, it averaged
4,996 hits per day, 208 hits per hour; 3.47 hits per minute and one hit every 17.3 
seconds for that one URL, alone.  Meanwhile, the Vatican wastes out lives away.

Incidentally,  July 5, 2015 marked the beginning of the relentless personal attack
campaign against me ... by a person now over 70 years of age, which comprised
easily provable libel & harassment against  yours truly, It was simply the act of
retaliating against an evidence-based whistle-blower, namely me.

Next, add to the tally sheet the other active Pontillo URLs' pageviews, as well
as the pageviews on those 3rd party sites that carry any of the Pontillo articles
& photography, be they there through expressed copyright permission or piracy.
In that case, you have well over four and a half million hits thus far.  Now . . .
The Great Lakes city of Chicago; a principle part of my life.
The wind pierces you in the Winter months.
Tally Sheet from the beginning

From the first moment the most recent Pontillo URL went online 872 days prior
(Aug 25, 2014 - January 12, 2016)  to the time of this update, its pageview count 
averaged 4,051 hits per day, 28,357 hits per week, 121,530 hits per month, and 
1,478,615 hits per year.  

All that the present Vatican prelates did during this time was waste our lives away, 
while engaging in Olympic Class Corruption, as was evidenced by Vatileaks 1.0
and 2.0.

And yes, I'm aware of the reports from certain entities that Francis I is taking steps
of clean up the Vatican.  Well, his signature is on Vatileaks 2.0, and a tree is judged
by its fruits.  What fruits have fallen from the Vatican tree as of lately?  From what
we had to endure during the John Paul II days and Bendict XVI days, you might as
well have had Bill & Hillary Clinton run the Vatican.

          Below:  The January 12, 2017 snapshot 
Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Works at Investment & Enterprise, Inc
Attended the Univ of Tampa & St Francis of Pennsylvania
Lives in Chicago
500 followers|3,532,578 views

July 4, 2015  Snapshot

Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Works at Investment & Enterprise, Inc.
Attended the Univ of Tampa & St Francis of Pennsylvania
Lives in Pittsburgh
73 followers|744,337 views

In review, at the start of 2017, two of the Pontillo URLs had over a quarter 
million mark, another URL passed the 3 Million pageview mark.  Even 
as recently as August, September, & October 2016, the Pontillo URLs had 
a couple 30,000+ hit days, a couple 20,000+ hit days, several 10,000+ hit
days, and many 6,000+ & 8,000+ hit days.  In first half of November 2016,
there were a share of 24,000+ & 30,000+ hit days.





All in all, the Wuerlgate author, as investigative writer, researcher, photograph-
er, and author of multiple topics was member of the  Million Hit Club at the 
start of 2014.  Yet, the Vatican feigns ignorance to the evidence-supported sub-
ject matter that incriminates.Cardinal Donald Wuerl and which was posted for 
public view and which furthermore was mailed to the same Vatican in 2014 ...
... and which was  then mailed again to the corrupt Vatican in March of 2015 
by a canon lawyer, from the corrupted Vatican's own post office, though in a
much lesser amount of pages and covering only one topic.

In July, August, September, October of 2015,  the Pontillo sites were getting 
40,000 to 60,000 hits per week.  This translated into an average of 160,000 to
180,000 to 200,000+ monthly hits.  Then, in November 2015, the pageviews
were 65,000+ per week, rendering total hits somewhere in the vicinity of a
quarter million per month, alone.  Then, during the second half of 2015, the
daily pageview count reached as high as 21,587, 26,335 and 30,338.  Even
in the two days comprising February 1 & 2, 2016, the hit count was 18,216.

                               In addition to the two packages of 
                          documentation sent to the Papal Office

For the record, in addition to the two mailings to the papal office, keep in mind
that someone, while in Rome, did notify a Vatican official of the Wuerlgate  re-
velations.  Nothing was done.  It was during the Joseoh Ratzinger papacy --- the
Cronyism Papacy ... the Vatileak 1.0 Papacy.  Today, we are dealing with the
Vatileak 2.0 pontificat where specific Caucasian cardinals have become the
Church's worst enemy.  

Concerning this, German Cardinal Walter Kasper, in keeping with his nation's
Nazi racist roots, stated in front of cameras and audio-recording equipment that
he and his faction does NOT listen to the African bishops, in any advice they
have to give.  Now, Hitler came into power in January 1933,  Kasper was born
in March of 1933. His first twelve years of existence was under Nazi indoctri-
nation.  You can take the boy out of Nazi Germany, but you cannot take the
Nazi Germany out of the boy.

As of December 3, 2016:

The retired & off-the-radar Pontillo URLs ....... 343,000+ pageviews

The Blue Marble Album .................................. 279,450   pageviews.
Wuergate IV ....................................................  319,491   pageviews.
The Heart of the Virgin Mary ......................... 171,285   pageviews.
The Pontillo / Three Rivers URL .................  3,532,578 pageviews


                                                 Total thus far: 4,645,804+ pageviews        

Add the hits on the various pirate sites which stole my works and the hits 
on those sites which did post my works with my permission.   So,  do you
think that the Vatican never heard of the subject matter posted for world-
wide public view on Wuerlgate, aka Wuerleaks?   

None the less, you now know that whenever a Wuerl person or a Bendig 
affiliate says, "Oh, nobody looks at that guy's stuff,the person is lying.  
Furthermore, if I had written anything non-factually, then one of Wuerl's
pit bulls would have had a field day with my reputation.  Bill Donohue
hasn't spend one sentence mocking me as he mocked Mike Voris and
George Neumayr.  Ever wonder why?

Furthermore,  when you recall that Cipolla-accuser, Diane Thompson, 
claimed that you can search for any information on me for day and find 
nothing, you know that she is a liar.  She first sent harassing emails to me,
and then she claimed she can't find proof of my existence.  None the less,  
the sudden death of Anthony Cipolla, as of August 30, 2016, proves that 
I am not him in disguise.  It therefore proves Thompson to be a liar.

Also, the fact that you did NOT have to pay an admission fee to see this site,
and the fact that there is no paypal collection window additionally ... along
with the fact that there is NO ADVERTISING on my sites ... proves that the 
same Diane Thompson is a serial liar, being that she publicly stated that I am
a grifter who makes money out of my sites.  After all, I never charged a penny 
for you to look at my sites, and you can't deny it. 

In addition, if someone concludes that Rome ignored the wrongs of  Donald
Wuerl, on account of Rome having no idea that such accusations and eviden-
tiary support ever existed, then you can be sure that the individual is either
clueless or a deliberate liar.

 More stats, before the blatant point is to be made:
 (These stats are to be read in the quick jog mode.)

Even at the beginning of 2017, the Pontillo sites received daily hits totals of
11,000+, 16,000+, and 17,000+.  And that was merely for the first 12 days of
the year.  Then there was 2016.

The following stats concern single-day hits  at a time;  not an accumulation
of multiple days.  That is to say, the count for each day starts at zero.  In as
much, the number of hits that the Pontillo URLs received on the first and
second day of February 2016 was 18,216.  In January, there were two or
three or so 9,000+ and 10,000+ days, as well.  Throughout the rest of that
time, the daily hits ranged from 1,500 to 7,000.

As was previously stated, August & September 2016 had a couple 30,000+ 
hit days, a couple 20,000+  hit days, a few 10,000+ hit days, and multiple 
5,000+ hit days.  This shows that the smear campaign of Diane Thompson, 
and the lunge for my jugular vein, as was made by an emotionally explosive 
New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Housewife utterly failed.

Going further back in time, on December 23, 2015 the one-day Pontillo hit
count was 11,313.  On December 21, the pageview count was 21,852, and
on December 19, it was 30,338.  On the 15th of December, the Pontillo hit
count was 17,729. and on December 14, the one-day hit count was 19,539.

The December 13 one-day hit count was 8,664, and on the 9th of December,
it was 13,589.  This was preceded by the December 8th hit count of 12,067
In fact, on the first day of December 2015, the hit count was 12,841.  

On November 30, the hit count for the same Pontillo URL was 13,519and 
the November 29 one-day hit count was 16,847.  On November 27, the page-
view count was 15,040, and on November 26, it was 16,926.  In fact, on two
of the days between November 20 and 25, the hit count was 11,000+ for each
of those two days.  

In addition, on November 11, 2015, the single-day hit count was 11,926.  On
November 10, it was 12,020.  On November 9, the pageview count went over
 the 14,000 mark.  Prior to that, on November 2, 2015, the Pontillo URL hit
count was 11,690.  

In addition, the number of hits that the five major Pontillo URLs received 
on  October 31st was 10,216.   On the 30th of October, it was 9,942.  On 
October 29, 2015 the Pontillo URL hit count was 16,007.    On the 28th
of October, people throughout the world clicked on the Pontillo URLs
17,175 times.   On the 26th of October, it was 11,192 times.

On October 19, people throughout the world clicked on the Pontillo URLs 
8,391 times.  On the 18th of October, it was 11,823 times.  On October 14, 
it was 7,128, times.  Then, on the 12th of October, the pageview count was 
12,680.   In sequence,the October 4 hit count was 11,334.  

Now for September:

The one-day hit count of the Pontillo URLs for September 7th, 2015 was 
26,335.  It happened to have been an American holiday, where many an
American had extra time to look at the Internet.  Then, on the next day, 
September 7, the one-day hit count was 6,899.  Then, for the 13th of 
September the hit count was 14,444.   On the succeeding day, the single-
day hit count was 10,642.  

Next came September 15, when the one-day pageview count was 15,605.  
This was  followed by the September 19th hit count of 9,905.  On the 20th
of September, the one-day pageview count on the Pontillo URLs was 14,859.
Similar results occurred in the months prior, as well.

Meanwhile, no law firm ever contacted me in the name of Diane Thompson 
or anyone else on Earth.  I've not yet been threatened with legal action by any 
law firm or advocacy group .... or any court by or any person on account of any-
thing I ever wrote.  

I did receive emails from two private citizens who informed me that I needed to
correct TWO articles, and I did so.  The two people were NOT the Tim Bendig
and Diane Thompson who think that the common & uncommon man is gullible
enough to believe whatever they allege and assert.  I caught both lying more
than a couple times each ... Well, more than a couple of a couple times, to
state it politely.

                                               As of May 9, 2015:

The fourth edition of Wuerlgate IV accumulated 193,451 hits, 
3,021 of which were received on that one day.

Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

           As of May 13, Wuerlgate IV made it to 195,442 hits
                      (below is the daily chart for May 13)
Graph of Blogger page views

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

          Wuerlgate IV  hits for the day of May 28, 2015 only.
           (The monthly hit count is progressively climbing.)
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

 Now for the Point to be Made:

There has been enough public exposure of the Wuerlgate site and the oth-
er Pontillo writings/pictorials that someone somewhere could have easily
notified some Vatican official at some recent time about the existence of
the evidence gathered against Cardinal Wuerl.  In fact, all that one needs
to do, in order to find Wuerlgate, is to Google Donald Wuerl,  Cardinal
Wuerl,  Cardinal Donald Wuerl,  Wuerl,  etc.

Even at that, the Jpegs of this site were sent to Rome, via paper mail, in
August 2014.  Narrations were included.  Yet, no response came from the
Vatican.  An abbreviated package was mailed to the papal office from the
Vatican post office in March of 2015 to no avail.  This is corruption and
deriliction of duty, ladies and gentlemen of the court of public opinion.

The Vatican acts as if the Wuerl file never existed.  However, there is the
obligation, under the Catholic Code of Canon Law, to act upon submitted
evidence "pervenit'' ..."as soon as it comes"...  to church authorities.   In
the vocabulary of American law, the phrase is sua sponte.  Furthermore,
any cleric who abuses his power is to be punished "doubly," according to
the same 1983 code.

All in all, when it comes to the Vatican hiding in the highest ranks of the
Catholic Church a cover-up artist, a power abuser, a retaliator, an alleged
apostate of nature, an alleged breaker of a major priesthood vow, and 
flaming heretic arrogantly changing 2,000 year old doctrine, as well as 
him having been an associate of the infernal Marcial Maciel Degollado,
the Vatican Curia cannot say, "Oh.  We didn't know.  We just didn't
know.  No one told us."  As was the case during the tenure of former
Hitler Youth, Benedict XVI,  the Vatican remains Cronyism Central.

Do not be deceived, I believe in One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic
Church, as well as the power of absolution from sin possessed by a
validly ordained priest, and Catholic Church doctrine.  I also believe
in Saint Paul's prophecy of  the Great Apostasy, the approved Marian 
apparition of Quito Ecuador, the approved Marian apparition of Akita 
Japan, the approved Marian apparition of La Salette, as well as Fatima.

The interesting thing is that, when a certain type of person assumes that
I am an anti-Catholic, bent on destroying every church on Earth, that per-
son loves me and keeps contacting me.  Then, when the same church hat-
er discovers that I actually believe in my Italian, Danish-Irish, & Celtic-
Irish ancestors' Catholicism, that person suddenly gets convulsive and
huffy towards me.  That same person then never contacts me again.

The Wuerlgate contents comprise more than enough evidence against
5'4" Donald Wuerl to trigger remedial action from the Vatican.  There
was also the petition for an anti-sweatshop apostolate, and its silence in
that department shows the hypocrisy of the Vatican, in light of the com-
ments made on that serious topic, by Pope Francis himself.

In fact, this is an issue that Wuerl always ignored, as if he wanted a slave
class to exist.  Of course, the qualified opinion is that Wuerl is too much
of a coward to speak out against America's corporate holders of wealth.

There was additionally a petition to excardinate the credible whistle blow-
er deacon whom Wuerl trapped and refused to ordain ... to free him from
the trap into where Wuerl canonically placed him.  There was more in
the package sent to Rome, only to be ignored.

Apparently, the Vatican does NOT care to clean-up its own ranks, being that
the Jpegs of Wuerlgate evidence had been mailed to the Vatican in 2014, to
no avail.

If it didn't get lost in the mail, then Rome snubbed subject matter which:

1} is evidence-supported subject matter that has been on the front page of each
of the three major search engines for the past three years,  2} is on a site that has
pageviews in the six-figure range, as well as having gotten tens of thousands of
hits on previous editions of Wuerlgate, 3} were pirated and placed on other web-
sites, translating into more exposure to the material which the Vatican ignores.
4} has been viewed by people in China, Russia, the Ukraine , the Middle East,
Continental Europe, the British Isles, and the Americas.

None the less, the Vatican spent six years acting as if the Maciel file never
existed, and he was the greatest molester in the known history of the church.
Cardinal Bernard Law got away with what he was doing for years,.  Wuerl
is getting a free ride, all the same.  After all, he was a Maciel man and the
protector of Maciel is still in power at the Vatican, as the dean of the college
of cardinals.  That person is Angelo Sodano.  All in all, the corruption and
cronyism of the Vatican, as was proven to exist by an aggrieved and consci-
entious butler, hasn't diminished.  Plus, as is blatantly obvious, yours truly,
the Wuerlgate author, is apparently a persona non grata in the minds of the
Vatican's ruling body.

The stats show that the Wuerl Supporters are little more than snakes who 
mislead with dismissive pretenses.  Stats & other types of fact always trump
the Wuerl People.  None the less, always keep in mind that the startling fea-
ture here is that the Pontillo articles are notoriously long ones, with statisti-
cal tables included.  This means that they are not for the faint of heart.  So,
the number of pageviews involved was startling.

If any one of the Wuerl People started from zero as I and several other
million-hit-club members did, none of the Wuerl Folk would have come
as far.  Why?  ANS: Because they don't stand for anything.  They feel no
one's pain, and they do NOT hunger and thirst for justice.  After all, they
speak out against no economic or political injustices.  They only speak
out against California native George Neumayr.

                     More Pontillo Pageview Stats

                              as of May 10, 2015:

          The Heart of the Virgin Mary had 133,765 hits
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

    The relatively new photography site had a count of  37,877 hits
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
                                    As of May 13, 2015

       The Blue Marble Album reached the 206,283 hit mark.
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

      As of May 24, 2015, the Marian site looked as follows:
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

On June 1, the Blue Marble Album looked like this
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

Now, this is sufficient enough exposure for anyone's works.  But, it's
a tremendous amount of exposure for sites that contain long articles
with statistical tables, timelines, line itemizations, numbering, etc.
Reading Pontillo articles is like reading term papers and/or peer
reviewed papers, in as far as goes their usual length.

I was informed that two entirely different articles of mine required
34 and 37 pages, for printing them out into paper.  One was about
WWII and the other one was about James Torquato's retaliations.
Quite frankly, I don't write articles, I write book chapters, term
papers, pamphlets.  Twice I was referred to as writing "tomes."

Even at that, how many people do you know who had three URLs get
over 1,000 hits each on the same one day, as the Pontillo URLs did on
March 12, 2015 and on a few other "blue moon days?"  Maintaining a
multiplicity of sites, and keeping them from turning into online ghost
towns, can be difficult.

Below: Wuerlgate IV snapshot for the day of March 12, 2015, the most
recent Triple 1,000 Hit Day which comes only in a blue moon.  At 1,045
pageviews, it wasn't the Pontillo URL with the most hits for that day.  It
didn't even get the second most hits for the day.

Graph of Blogger page views

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
 Wuerlgate IV all-time audience stats as of January 12,
2017:   (This does NOT include the pageviews of the first 
three editions or the fifth edition)

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom

Directly below:  The Blue Marble Album II all-time                                                 
audience stats as of January 12, 2017:

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
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The Heart (and Mind) of the Virgin Mary,
for the day of March 12, 2015.

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So, as you can now see, any snide remark about people not wanting to read
the Wuerlgate author's writings is a complete lie.  Their ignoring of it in
public doesn't mean that everyone else did.  They failed to keep it off of
the front page of the world's most frequented search engines.

The pageview stats prove that a sector of humanity finds merit and social
concern in the Wuerlgate articles,  the site's archive links,  and its many 
pieces of Jpeg evidence.  This makes the silence of the Vatican and the
Wuerl People, as well as the Bendig camp, a con artist's act of contempt
toward mankind.  They will do what they can to keep the truth away from
you.  Meanwhile, I did what I could to have the truth delivered to you ... 
... for free ... except for your monthly internet provider bill.

There's also the matter of adding to the tally sheet the hits that the Wuerl-
gate articles received on the pirate sites.  The internet pirates didn't ignore
those writings, to say the least.  So, why did the Vatican do so, even after
the Jpeg evidence and narrations thereof were both sent to the Vatican in
the Summer of 2014 and in March of 2015?  Did the packages somehow 
get conveniently lost in the mail?  If so, then that's a major coincidence.

For the Good Name of their Selfish Little Selves

As was previously mentioned by me, what it actually is,. in my opinion,
is that they're afraid that the Vatican won't get as much donation money,
if more of its higher-ups become exposed for corruption and injustice.

No matter how much work is done to procure justice in the Crony-Era
Church and to repair the damage caused by Donald Wuerl, the egotism
of the present ruling body at the Vatican will make  all of your labor for

Well, the priests whom Wuerl unjustly assassinated in character needed to be
protected, also ... for the good name of the exact same church.  However . . .

The reality is that the concern of today's Vatican is only the "good name of the
higher-ups in the church's good ole boy network."   They have turned the Seat
of Saint Peter into Cronyism Central.  Wuerl is part of a corrupt circuit.  That
corruption keeps being unveiled, as is the case with NYC, Cardinal Dolan,
and the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese.

Why can't they at the Vatican be honest enough to admit that their protection
of Wuerl and similar clerics is for the good of their bank accounts and income