April 01, 2017

The Day of No Words, Fourth and Final Part

If you post something on April 1, someone will think that it's a joke.  So, for
today, my photography will do the speaking.  After all, a man's photography
is a window to his soul.

As some of you perhaps know, my character has totally been ripped apart by a
crass and uneducated person whom I caught lying, repeatedly.  Her perpetual
assassination of my character was an unending act of whistle-blower retaliation.
It was also her attempt at a diversionary tactic, to get you to never read my find-
ings on how incredibly dishonest this vicious hag is.  She was used by an equal-
ly dishonest Donald Wuerl, to make himself look like the saint he never was.

Anyway,  if you look at a man's photography, you see his personality traits.  His
photography can actually dissolve the claw marks of character assassination

The Day of No Words, Part 3

April 1 is not the day to post anything, being that someone will construe
it as an April Fool's Joke.  So, let's continue letting my photography be
the speaker for this day, at the rate of a thousand words' value per picture.

For those of you educated in the  21st Century American public school
system, there has long since been an axiom which states, "A picture is
worth a thousand words."   Photographic art creates an atmosphere.

The Day of No Words, Part 2

It's April 1, and I do not know why the beginning of a beautiful time in
the Northern Hemisphere is called a fool's day.  None the less, if you
post anything today, people will think that it's an April Fool's Trick.
So, my photography speaks for me today.  You can read a man's
soul by his photography, to say the least.  So, here it goes:

NOT photo-shopped, not photo-shopped, not photo-shopped.
It's the natural reflection of angled glass.  You can stand there and see this in real life.