July 21, 2018

Postmarked envelope w/ official Warwick Terrace return address label

This is proof that Fr James Torquato, while living at Donald Wuerl's Warwick
Terrace residence, sent mail to his eventual accuser, meaning that he actually
did know the gentleman whom he pretended not to know in any capacity when
in public forums.  We had him pegged, and Wuerl let him go.

Wuerl personally ordained Torquato.  So, he had motive to cover Torquato's
wrongs, including Torquato's retaliations which almost got someone severely
injured.  Things were that heated, and one of the pursuers allegedly had  "a
rap sheet as long as your arm,"  meaning that he was no stranger to being ar-
rested by police.  Ironically, it was during this time when I had a security
clearance with the Pennsylvania Dept of Corrections.  Today, I have three
current security clearances, including the FBI clearance.

Jpeg evidence supporting the claim that Torquato and Wuerl both let me be
endangered ... while letting Torquato's evidence-based accuser be traumatiz-
ed, has been online for quite a while.

Wuerl was no caring shepherd, in the least.  I was there.  I witnessed what
went down in his territory.   He has only been an egomaniac clawing for
power.  He has proven that your salvation is no concern of his;  nor is the
safety of any whistle blower Wuerl's concern.  You mean nothing to him
unless he can get money and/or influence and/or press space through you
or from you.  This comment comes from past experience.



Postmarked Lavender Envelope Sent by Torquato

The home of James Torquato and Donald Wuerl at one time;
a mansion near the mansions of Pittsburgh's Fifth Avenue.
This is NOT the way Christ and the original apostles lived.

For those unaware, a Father James Torquato was the personal secretary of
Donald Wuerl.  Cardinal Wuerl, of course, was lauded ... very falsely ... as
the "model of zero tolerance."  That is to say that Wuerl was showcased as
a bishop with a perfectly clean and heroic sex abuse handling record.  The
former Post Gazette writer, Ann Rodgers, who lauded Wuerl as would the
member of a cult was the person doing the praising, despite the public fact
that Wuerl was caught covering-up the indicted Frs Wolk, Zula, Pucci, and
Huff, as well as his cover-up of the John Hoehl whom Wuerl personally re-
instated, after Wuerl's predecessor removed the notorious former high school

Next add ... in addition to Wellinger ... the retaliatory James Torquato whom
Wuerl made a parish pastor AFTER Torquato's storms of retaliation.

Wuerl is also the one cardinal who rolled out the red carpet to weekly Sodom-
ite masses at TWO Pittsburgh venues, while Wuerl ... the alleged practicing
homosexual ...was bishop of Pittsburgh.

The masses were, of course, euphemistically called Dignity Masses.  That type
of mass was completely banned by Rome, due to the doctrinal falsehood that
it perpetuated.  Yet, Wuerl spent eight years defying Rome about that one.
 Despite Wuerl's public disobedience to the Holy See of Peter and Catholic
canon law, he has the audacity to call today's faithful bishops dissenters, con-
cerning the doctrine of Holy Communion and the reception thereof which
Wuerl violates.

Wuerl is attempting to take over the church and to install his very unnatural and
apostate form of religion.  As best selling author, Malachi Martin once stated,
Wuerl is "NOT Catholic.  "He's just NOT Catholic."

Wuerl was and is NO Francis of Assisi.  Yet, pit bull Bill Donohue,
former Pittsburgh area philosopher professor presents Wuerl that way.
Wuerl is the reason why Donohue has his circa $500,000 per year job.
Donohue was no running the Catholic League on a volunteer basis.

Torquato was reported for spending 1992 to 1997 refusing to keep his hands
to himself.   The accuser had numerous pieces of hard copy evidence to prove
that Torquato knew him very well.  This is significant, because Torquato never
acknowledged in public or in private that he knew the person.

During the time when I learned about Torquato, I was dating a bank teller named
Lisa ... for two years.  Well, Torquato once looked up at his play toy, with hands
on his hip in a reverse position.  When I saw Torquato do that, I said to myself,
"Woooo, that's just like Lisa."  Lisa would habitually greet me that way.  Well,
Lisa said she was in love with me, even to the one brother of hers who hated me
severely, and perhaps to the other brother who was civil towards me.  So you can
conclude that Torquato, in applying the same body language toward his play toy . . .

Concerning Lisa's other brother, one night when she and I were going out one night,
and before I got out the of his apartment door, he said, "Now, be good."  He had a
serious, though cordial look on his face.  It was  the look of admonition.  He was an
honorable man, after all.  Back to the subject at hand:

Shortly after Torquato was reported, he retaliated.  I was caught in the middle and
am the prime witness of the ruthlessness of the entire ruling class of the Diocese of
Pittsburgh at that time.  Well, a federal lawsuit was eventually filed against the dio-
cese, on account of Wuerl and Torquato, and ever so coincidentally, as soon as it
was filed, Wuerl sent Torquato to Rome, until the lawsuit was dismissed on juris-
dictional grounds.
Furthermore, after the lawsuit was filed, all harassment of me and of Torquato's
evidence-based accuser ended pronto.

Father James Torquato was ever-so-conveniently stationed in Rome during the
time when the lawsuit was in the court docket.  Wuerl eventually appointed Fr.
Torquato pastor of a Pittsburgh parish, in hypocritical contradiction to Wuerl's
fabricated & undeserved reputation of zero tolerance.  Torquato was given a lot
of tolerance by Wuerl.  The narration on this matter is located at:


The last name of Torquato's accuser and his former street address was erased from
the Jpeg, for the sake of his family's privacy.  By the way, as of the Summer of
2015, I still have the Torquato evidence,  During the first wave of the Torquato
Retaliations, I had to make an added effort to protect the evidence.

A card from Father Torquato to his eventual accuser

The colored photos are of a card sent from Father James Torquato to his
eventual accuser, showing that he did know the individual and did not
have an aloof regard toward him.  Those cards which fell into my pos-
session were sent to Torquato's prey during a time when Torquato was
not acknowledging to anyone that he personally knew the person.

Now, if the Torquato case were made known during the year when Wuerl
was being presented as a zero tolerance model, would you have attended
his "yellow Mustang" parade?   For those unfamiliar, Wuerl was made the
master of ceremony for a Saint Patrick's Day parade, where he rode in an
extremely "girly looking Mustang."  It was a great car for a lady; or even
a really big canary ... but, not for a bishop.  That sight could have been
filed in the "How-gay-thou-art" Dept.

The media made that parade look like a post war ticker tape parade.  But,
after five years of investigation, Wuerl turned out to be one big lie;  even
concerning the Cipolla case which rocketed Wuerl to fame.

The revelation of how much of a fraud the media reports on Wuerl were is at
this Wuerlgate site, in multiple articles, some of which have Jpeg evidence to
support the allegation made against Wuerl.

Photocopy evidence is far more powerful than what an army of Ann Rodgers
could ever write.  For those unaware, Ann Rodgers,  formerly known as Ann
Rodgers-Melnick, was a religion writer for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  Her
comic book hero writings about Wuerl were found to have occasional false-
hoods about them.  Moreover, they were very cultic writings, as in Cult Hero
Worship.  She was too blatant in her role as propagandist.

That which was even more blatant in her appointed role of disingenuous
propagandist was the fact that Wuerl's successor, Bishop David Zubik,
hired the NON-Catholic Rodgers as the director of communications for
the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, as if there were no Catholic
throughout American good enough to fill the post given to Protestant
Ann Rodgers.

The narration on the Torquato matter is located at:



July 20, 2018

Yet another card from Torquato to his eventual accuser

Yet another card sent by Father James Torquato to the individual who
would become his accuser in 1998.  This proves that he did know his
accuser, even though he made efforts to not advertise it as such.  The
narration on this matter is located at:

Clicking on the photo will moderately enlarge it.

The Wicked Birthday Card from Torquato

Here is another piece of evidence, in the form of a card sent by Father
Torquato to his accuser during the years when he was committing re-
peated acts of physical sexual harassment upon his accuser, under the
guise of spiritual direction sessions.  It was not unheard of for certain
priests to claim that such physical contact was for the good of the lay-
man "being directed," even to the point of badgering the person in an
authoritarian tone of voice, as if the priest were speaking in the name
of the church's "new Vatican II directives."

The narration of this matter is located at:


July 18, 2018

Signed & Notarized Testimony of Torquato's Accuser, Sent to Wuerl

Below is a letter sent to Wuerl
by Fr. James Torquato's accuser.
The reporting of Torquato was
followed by harassment.  Then
came retaliatory conduct and the
eventual filing of Case 01-10392
 at the clerk of courts office of the
U.S. Supreme Court, in a Petition
for a Writ of Certiorari and three
supplemental briefs.

The accuser's last name and the
street where he lived at the time
has been erased from the jpegs.
If the opportunity presents itself
in the future, a more clear copy
can be made from the originals.
However, I had the them sent
elsewhere, for safe keeping. 

For the narrative account of this matter, see:


July 17, 2018

Signed & Notarized Testimony against Torquato, Part 1

There is a Part 2, but I need to redact a name or two from it.
None the less, shortly after this was sent to Donald Wuerl,
the harassment and retaliations ensued.  During the retalia-
tions, Wuerl was conveniently silent & invisible, looking
the other way.

July 15, 2018

Added Notarized Testimony Sent to Wuerl, Concerning Torquato

This is the follow-up of the February 17th letter containing detailed alle-
gations of Fr James Torquato's conduct.  Keep in mind that harassment
and retaliatory conduct ensued after Torquato was reported.  The accus-
er's last name and the street on which he once lived were erased from
the jpegs below.

For more information on this matter, see:


July 14, 2018

The suicide I went through as a teenager was my motive in seeing to it that Torquato would be reported.

I know that I have enemies who hate me with a seething passion.  I was made 
known of this a couple nights prior to the time of this writing.  I also know what
it is to get violent profanities in texts and emails after 1 AM, while needing to get
up early that morning and do some work in a profession that requires you to have
a 25 year old athlete's body and a 50 year old contractor's wisdom.  

Such blinding hatred was it that the sender failed to realize that he sent me a trea-
sure chest of evidence against him, in proving that he has no sense of compassion
for those who suffer ... that he is absolutely vicious ... has no self-control and is
controlled by a violent temper ... that he has is a merciless harasser upon someone
sleep-deprived for consecutive days at a time.  In fact, at this moment I'm intense-
ly craving sleep, nodding off into Dream World and then coming-to.

Of course, thdifference between the Hollywood profanity sender and I is that
the Hollywood guy allegedly has a criminal record, while I have three current
security clearances that were required for my work.  None the less, the follow-
ing day, he decided to continue the harassment of me by sending a text which
read in part:  "You are  sailing in dangerous waters, my friend.  Beware of
Pirates."  Meanwhile, I went to work in the days to follow, one day of which
involved concrete work which  did not end until 10:20 PM.

When I get back to the construction yard/office, my body is sometimes wracked.  
Can  I please have some peace?  In fact, at the time of this writing, I have to get
up as early as possible tomorrow and finish the concrete job.  More specifically,
at the time of this writing, it's nine minutes past the start of tomorrow.

As another example, it was during the Torquato Retaliations when I had to 
endure someone with a flaming homosexual voice screaming at me over the
phone and then hanging up on me, as well as me hearing someone else tell
me to  "back-off" in the Torquato case.  This was followed by the same per-
son later saying that he was more than willing to go through me physically,
in order to get to  Torquato's credible accuser.

Of course, there is the intermittent occasion when someone writes to me, asking
me for the copyright privileges of my photography and writings.  Those occasions
are moments of relief for me.

Incidentally, for those unaware, I've seven websites thus far comprising approx-
imately 800,000 pageviews, and I was published along side laureates a couple
of times, even to the point of my literature being placed on a Harvard library
shelf, on a library shelf at Northwestern Univ, and elsewhere.   My writings
were even put on display at a British war museum.  In addition, I happen to
be Phi Sigma Iota.  In as much, I've been asked for my copyright privilege
more than once.

None the less, I would occasionally get calls about a priest here and a priest
there,  as well as a priest's false accuser here and a false accuser there, as if
to be called to duty to do the stories.  Then would come the calls about this
article and that article which I absolutely must write, as if I have the time.
Also came the request to find an attorney for a person in need of one, as if
no one on earth can do so.  Can't anyone else find an attorney for the person
seeking one?  Can I get some sleep for a change?  Why doesn't someone else
help?  People are more than willing to put my photography and articles on
their sites, but no one is willing to go through even a quarter of the effort
required to produce them.  Instead of offers of assisting me in my research
and writings, I get profanity and name-calling sent to me when I'm craving

If you're one of those people affixed to a seething hatred for me, maybe, just 
maybe, you might have a touch of understanding if you knew what motivated
me in setting forth the effort in exposing Donald Wuerl in the fashion that 
did.  Well, it was a suicide that I went through when I was 18 which was the
motivating force.  In fact, I was later told that yet another former football
teammate committed suicide

All in all, I did what I did, in having certain Pittsburgh diocesan wrongdoing  
made known to people as far away as China, Russia, France, Germany, the 
United Kingdom, the Ukraine, the Netherlands, Turkey, and Brazil, because 
I wanted to not have to go through another suicide again. When you encounter 
true sex abuse victims, you see an 'End of the World, scene in their eyes, if you 
don't see the avenging activist in the same eyes.   You either see anguish and a
sense of  disgrace or a sense of mission.  When you're in their presences, you
have to be extremely diplomatic.  You have to be a tightrope walker whenever
 around them.

The suicide that I went through at the age of 18 involved a 19 year old youth
who lived in a predatory high school headmaster's home for a while.  He was
a former football teammate.  Well, one night, this 19 year old male punched
the predatory priest and ended up having to be sent back to his broken home.
It's assumed that he was fending-off an unwelcome advance.

Shortly after the youth was sent back to his broken home, he took a rifle and
ended his life in the basement.  His name was Vince, and I met him during
football camp.

I was the last non-family member to see him alive.  In fact, the last time that
he ever looked at me, his facial expression said,  "It's okay.  It doesn't matter 
any more."  Within an hour or two, I was in a driveway with one of his broth-
ers and was given the news of his suicide.  I then had to walk back into the
house I was leaving, to relay the news immediately to the girlfriend of one
of his brothers, with zero time for preparing what to say.  She took it hard,
to say the least.

If you wonder why I got involved in the church scandal investigations and
the way in which I did, it was because I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't
go through another suicide ... literally.

When I was told of Father James Torquato, the suicide that I went through in
 my teenage years was the first thing that came to my mind.   Donald Wuerl, in
 his stone coldness, couldn't care less.   He made sure that Fr. James Torquato's
credible accuser, the uncle of Torquato's credible accuser, and I, the advocate
of James Torquato's credible accuser ... would suffer significantly, through the
retaliations that Wuerl could have instantly ordered ceased, but did not do so.


The dozens of pieces of hard copy evidence collected concludes with zero doubt
that Father James Torquato knew his accuser for years.  Of course, he publicly
never acknowledged the young man's existence.  In fact, reading Torquato's
notes to the young man gives you insight and how Torquato regarded him.

This envelop was purposely scissored and opened, in order to show both sides
of the envelope.  This shows that yet another envelope was sent from Bishop
Donald Wuerl's former personal secretary to his eventual accuser, meaning
that he certainly knew the young man for an extended period of time.

July 13, 2018

Letter sent to diocesan bldg at the start of the Torquato retaliations

This is a letter sent to a diocesan official who is now a bishop in Alaska,
stating that a letter which was sent to Torquato's accuser ever so coinci-
dentally never ended up in the hands of the accuser.  Up to this time, on-
ly a couple harassment occurred which amounted to warnings.  After
this letter was sent to the diocese, the first waves of retaliations ensued. 

The second wave occurred the following Summer, after an attempt was
made to file summary offense charges against Torquato and Wuerl at a
Pennsylvania magistrate's office, on account of the retaliations that Don-
ald Wuerl could have stopped but did not.

The last name of the accuser of Torquato and the name of the street where
he once lived were erased from the jpeg.   For the narration on this matter,


July 03, 2018

Concerning Cardinal Wuerl's Ratification of the Torquato Retaliations

 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo
I've more than one comment to make about
having undergone the Torquato retaliations:

My actions during the Torquato retaliations
prove that I was more than willing to take
a bullet for you, being that whatever you're
willing to do for one person you're willing
to do for everyone else.  Wuerl's actions
during the same time span prove that he's
more than willing to put one in your head,
if he can gain an advantage in doing so.
After all, whatever you're willing to let
happen to someone under your watch,
you're willing let happen to everyone
else you can't use for selfish gain..
What he let happened to Torquato's accuser, to the uncle of the accuser, and
to me is what Wuerl is more than willing to let happen to you.   If it ever
comes to be your turn for it to happen,  you'll understand instantly.

Keep in mind that Donald Wuerl was elevated to the college of cardinals by
the crafty one   ---   the one who institutionalized cover-ups from a perch in
the Vatican, inconsiderate to the pain of others.   Concerning this, remember
that popes come and go.   Some were heart-touching, while others ones were
stately.   Some were diligent,  while others were negligent.   Some took up
arms,  while some embraced the way of St. Francis of Assisi.  Others brought
grief to the Catholic world.

Today, we have a emeritus (retired) successor of Peter who brought multiple
grief to others long before taking the Chair of Peter.  He elevated Wuerl, caus-
ing added grief to others in the church.

Those in contempt of the church's moral theological teachings are now called
the stewards of church teaching.  The malicious ones are regarded as the holy
ones.   It has become an Orwellian Church.

The great irony is that players at the Vatican claimed that the Collegial Conse-
cration of  Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was finally done in 1984.
The proper consecration, if ever done, would guarantee world peace.   No such
world peace has ensued at any time since 1984.  Therefore, the collegial conse-
cration, as requested by the Virgin Mary, was obviously never made.   In this
instance, Vatican prelates called war peace, in claiming that the state of the
world in the 21st Century is the final product of the consecration which it
claims to have made.  It is an Orwellian Church that we have today.

Today, we haves an Orwellian World in many facets.  The unnatural is now
called a natural civil right.  The campaign to make the greedy more wealthy
is said to be done for the sake of the poor.  A type of nuclear warhead, dur-
ing the Reagan Years, was called the Peace Maker.  Constricted free travel
in America, during the Cheney Hype Years, was said to be done, in order to
conserve the liberties which Americans lost during those years.    The list of
contradictions are not limited to these things.


Patrick Pontillo


July 02, 2018

The reason why James Torquato retaliated, according to Pgh diocesan officials

The reason:  Because he was hurt, emotionally, when he was reported to Donald
Wuerl for spending years not keeping his homosexual hands to himself.  Well, I
was there, throughout the Torquato Retaliations.  It seemed to me more like re-
venge ... and it seemed more like Torquato wanting to shut up his accuser, so as
to not get in trouble.

What Torquato did was vicious.  It had nothing to do with being emotionally hurt.
Wuerl letting Torquato proceed with the retaliations was even more vicious, be-
cause Wuerl could have had things halted.  Yet, Donald Wuerl looked the other
way.  Wuerl proved himself to be the opposite of a caring bishop.  Wuerl proved
himself to be beyond ruthless.  If you were there and elsewhere during Wuerl's
protected Reign of Terror, you would have long since realized that he must be
brought to justice.  Yet, the Vatican looks the other way.

In case you find this a little too boring to read, ask yourself one thing:

What if the retaliations happened to you?  I don't think that you'd like the
 repeated retaliations that I witnessed very much, especially concerning the
cover-up after the fact.

The  less-than-naturally-inclined DonaldWuerl was being praised by an Ann
Rodgers, in the Pgh Post Gazette, articles during the year when US Supreme
Court papers had the name of the homosexual predator JamesTorquato and
Donald "Dignity Mass" Wuerl mentioned throughout them.  It was the year
when the less-than-articulate Ann Rodgers who was formally known as Ann
Rodgers-Melnick made tiny, narcisstic, and dishonest Donald Wuel look like
a god from Mt. Olympus.

The perpetually boring and non-descript Ann Rodgers made Donald Wuerl
look like a "discreet" hero in his own triple cover-up of the predatory perverts
Robert Wolk, Richard "Sade" Zula, and the late Francis "Statute-of-Limitations"

The same Donald Wuerl sounded like the instinctively strict disciplinarian over
a Father John Hoehl.  Well, Wuerl was the one who put Hoehl back into ministry,
despite the human lives whom John Hoehl .destroyed.  In other words, Dignity
Mass Don was praised by Ann Rodgers for his cover-ups which she made look
like disciplinary actions.

She is not even Catholic, yet she has a pivotal and influential position in
the ROMAN CATHOLIC Diocese of Pittsburgh, at the time of this wri-
ting, under Bishop David Zubik.  Well, I knew David Zubik, personally
He was even my confessor at one time.  Of course, there exists the seal
of the confessional where I can not comment on his insights.  I will say
that he was an excellent preacher, beyond 90% of the priests in existence.
If Zubik had someone more honest than Wuerl influencing him, Zubik
could have had a healing effect in his ministry.

As far as goes David Zubik as administrator and local ordinary, aka ruling
bishop, he would have been fine IF he weren't deceived into thinking that
he had to treat the narcissitic and injust Donald Wuerl as a saint.  Wuerl
ruined a potentially great man.

Now, Dave Zubik was an employee under the infamous John Hoehl.  Yet,
he never reported Hoehl.  The probability is that the bishop we once knew
as Father David was clueless, being that he wasn't involved in the sports
teams.  Zubik wasn't living Hoehl's lifestyle.  The bottom line in mention-
ing this is that Dave Zubik didn't have street-smart radar.  Thus, he could
have worked for Hoehl and then Wuerl without knowing of the two per-
son's personal lives.  Keep in mind that I heard the rumors about Hoehl,
too.  I simply didn't believe that any priest would engage in that type of

Preliminary Note:  At the outset, Fr. Torquato looked for surrogates, to do
the intimidation tactics & contingent violence that he was incapable of doing
himself.  The intimidation and potential violence was something from which
he needed to distance himself.  Therefore, he needed a surrogate, so he thought,
Quite frankly, he needed none of the such.  Wuerl was going to let Torquato
slide and eventually move up the promotion staircase, being that Torquato's
accuser was slightly over the age of 18 at the time when Torquato began his
encroachments upon him.

In the world of Donald Wuerl, if you're even slightly over 18 years of age, you
are fair game, protected by nobody under Wuerl's command.  None the less, at
the outset, Torquato did what he could to separate me from his credible accuser.
This didn't happen.  Next came the retaliations.  At that point, Torquato's accus-
er needed my assistance even more so.  Thus, Torquato did the opposite of what
would achieve his goal of separating his credible accuser like a wilde beast at the
water.  Torquato didn't have the ingenuous mind to prevail against his accuser, in
any capacity.  It's simply that Wuerl was the only reason why Torquato got away
with what he did.  This made Wuerl an accomplice to Torquato's evils.

The reality, according to what was revealed by Pittsburgh diocesan personnel, is
that Torquato originally retaliated, because "he was hurt," allegedly saying that
he thought that he and his eventual accuser were friends.  Therefore, Torquato
caused us so much pain and financial loss out of vengeful spite ... out of an
unnatural sense of feeling jilted, as if he were some kind of jilted woman.
Furthermore, why was Wuerl will to ordain homosexuals such as Torquato,

Torquato was an individual who proved himself to be so out of control with his
emotions that he became a literal danger to others, simply by abusing his power.
That power should have been taken away from him.  In spite of this fact, Wuerl
eventually made Torquato the pastor of a Pittsburgh diocesan parish.

One more thing:  When I meet Torquato I was dated a bank teller who used to
get me in the parking lot of her apartment complex by putting her hands on her
hips in backward fashion.  She would bend a knee and put her body in the sub-
mission position.  Then those puppy dog eyes would look at you.  Well, as I
was leaving the rectory, Torquato stood beside his soon-to-be accuser in the
exact same posture as my bank teller girlfriend.  I remained totally silent, but
in my mind I thought to myself, "Wooooooe!  That's just like Lisa."  It was
a bit disturbing to have seen that sight.

Plus, toward the end, Torquato looked at me with disgust, and I literally was
trying to figure out what I did wrong.  I didn't realize that he saw me as an
impediment from him having clear sailing with his soon-to-be accuser.

None the less . . .

Torquato did what he could to isolate his credible accuser and then pounce.  He
did what he could to scare me into backing off and running into a corner, to shiv-
er in fear.  But, that didn't happen.  So, the second wave of Torquato's retaliations
ensued.  Yet, we still didn't back-off.  We filed a lawsuit in federal court, instead.

July 01, 2018

I was NEVER molested or "fondled" by a priest, or brother, or nun, or teacher, or coach, or school administrator, so stated for the record

During the years depicted in this photo, I was NOT NOT NOT molested by anyone.
 I was NEVER the play toy of any priest, teacher, coach, etc, etc, etc.

HOWEVER, I was caught in the middle of the Torquato Retaliations,
while trying  ... but failing ...  to help his evidence-supported accuser.

Just because a person writes in detail on the Vatican II sexual abuse
scandal, it does NOT means that the person was molested.  Got it?

People in today's self-centered society think that everything anyone does
is for a selfish motive.  Thus, it was assumed by the less than deep thinkers
that I must have been molested somewhere down the line.  Well, newsflash:

Some people actually do things out of an altruistic sense of duty.  Therefore
and for the record, I was NEVER molested by a priest or a nun or a brother
or a school teacher or a college professor or a coach.  I was never so stupid
to get molested.  I was sexually harassed in life, but you simply hop out of
the car or move to another chair followed by moving to yet another chair
and then walking out of room.

Now, as far as goes my reason for being a whistle blower who warned the
People of the wolves in shepherd's clothing among them, it goes as follows:


I went through a suicide at the age of 18, concerning a 19 year old who was
living at the infamous John S Hoehl's home-at-the-time.  He had just moved
back to his mom's home, due to him allegedly punching Hoehl.  I was the last
non-family member to ever see him alive, and the final look he ever cast at me
was, "It's okay.  It doesn't matter anymore."  Two to three hours later, I had to
sit down at a kitchen table with a young teenage girl, to tell her that my best
friend's oldest brother had just killed himself.

He was the reason why I saw to it that James Torquato would be reported for
that which I was told by an evidence-based withness  he was doing.  I didn't
want to go through another suicide.

Now, I trusted in Donald Wuerl, because of all of the praiseworthy articles
about him, written by Ann Rodgers.  She set me up for the kill in deceiving
me into trusting Wuerl.  If I had known that the Wuerl People were so cor-
rupt, I would have told Torquato's evidence-based accuser to spare himself
and keep silent.


Wuerl had the moral and canonical obligation to grant me a Catholic Aposto-
late dedicated to ending economic injustices such as the present foreign labor
exploitation.  This is because it is formally known as Defraudment of Labor-
ers of their Wages, and matters concerning nationwide injustices must be
countered by the Catholic Church when such a church is part of the main-
stream of society and is benefiting financially or otherwise from the injustice.
Wuerl ignored everybody's plea for him to get into action against sweatshop

Now, Wuerl was made out to be the holiest man in the Catholic hierarchy
by non-Catholic Ann Rodgers, former writer for the Pittsburgh Post Ga-
zette who was caught lying a few times, but whose deceptiveness is in
her use of semantics.  So, someone had to come forth and show the pub-
lic that the Wuerline picture of untold godlike holiness painted by Ann
Rodgers was a complete falsehood.  Wuerl was made out to be the most
caring and loving and compassionate man on earth, when he fshowed
uncaring indifference toward sweatshop workers and abused laborers
worldwide.  They lived in poverty and anguished, while he lived in
Marie-Antoinette luxury.


I was delivering drywall on my day off to an attic which had the shoebox
full of the James Torquato evidence.  The scope of the Fr. Torquato abuse
scenario was later conveyed to me.  Then, the evidence was given to me.

Next, I quickly learned how much and to what degree Wuerl allowed retal-
iation to be committed upon his priests' victims, so long as any victim isn't
under 18.  But, if you're 18, you're fair game, and Wuerl will not rally to
your rescue.  So, I gave the reading public the opportunity to learn how
corrupt Wuerl is.

I also gave the reading public the opportunity to learn how much of a duo
of liars are the teeth gritted Bill Donohue and non-Catholic Ann Rodgers
who was never moved enough by Wuerl to become a Catholic, proving
her to be a hypocrite in publicly praising Wuerl.

Much later did I learn that the one person who needed to learn of Wuerl's
corruption the most was the Papal Nuncio in Washington DC.

I NEVER made as much as a dime off of my online writings.  Randy Engel
and Jason Berry can never say this.  Thus, money was not my motivation.

Concerning my photography, do you have anything against conveying
beauty or instilling a sense of mysticism or posting geometric curiosities?
None the less, I never made a dime from them.

Plus, I never charged as much as a penny for my copyright permissions.
Now, NONE of my work is public domain.  But, I have granted my copy-
right permission to those who asked for them, free of charge.  For the re-
cord, I get deeply offended when someone takes any of my works and
posts them on his/her site/blog without asking me for permission to do
so.  Of course, if you are one of the two people in this world of 7 billion
people I have told to never contact me, then you are entirely forbidden
to post anything of mine on your site/blog/URL.

Concerning my writings, when you remain silent to an evil, you become
accountable for the evil you did not resist.  Then, the evil will own you.

 © Patrick Pontillo