September 14, 2022

Donald Wuerl: Clone of the Scribes & Pharisees

Evidence of the Torquato Cover-up, showing
that the praise of Wuerl was deceptive propaganda,
and NOT honest journalism.
Worldly Honors and the Absence of Humility

The following passage of Sacred Scripture was spoken by the only Messiah that
mankind will ever have:  "A prophet is not without honor, except in his native place, among

his own kindred, and in his own house."  Conversely speaking, one can deduce from the 
same Sacred Script that he who receives great honor in his native place and among
his own people is not a prophet.  Well, Donald Wuerl is a native of Pittsburgh, and
he had a gluttonous supply of artificial and contrived honors bestowed upon him
there.  It was easily to prove contrived in light of the fact that Wuerl was being
sued left and right by citizens living in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  He was taken
to every court venue, State and Federal.  This includes the United States Supreme
Court..  In Pittsburgh, during the Wuerl years, the voice of the People was very
much suppressed.  Plus, the abuse of Pittsburgh Police in the 1990s was so well
known that even the world famous Geraldo Rivera reported on it.
EWTN was "on to Wuerl" in the 1990s, proven by the letter above.

Therefore, according to the Gospels, Wuerl is not a . . . prophet.  After all, Wuerl 
aligned himself with Marcial Maciel during a time when he didn't know that Maciel
the Molester would have his works & plagiarisms banned by order of Benedict XVI.

The local media's portrayal of Donald  Wuerl was equivalent to their having said,
"our bishop can beat up your bishop." Now, it can be reasonably suspected that
the local media's praise of Wuerl was done to keep the Catholic anti-defamation
league off of the local media's back.  However, in praising Wuerl the way in which
he was praised, the local media de facto belittled the other Catholic bishop's in
America.  That is defamatory to Catholics elsewhere.

The Isolate-and-Converge Tactic

Donald Wuerl closed 35% of the 333 Pittsburgh area parishes that were in ex-
istence the day he took charge.  Yet, between 1988 and 2004, the Catholic
population in the Pittsburgh vicinity only dropped 3% (837,000 to 812,000).

Well, one of the 118 parishes designated for closure was a Franciscan and
Croatian parish that canonically belonged to the same province as does the
famed (or infamous) Saint James Parish, in Medjugorje.  It is known as the
Province of the Assumption in Hercegovina

Shortly after Donald  Wuerl announced his intent to close that parish, its pastor
signed a letter stating that Wuerl violated canon law in his having chosen to close
it.  In response, Wuerl ordered the pastor to his office.  But, Wuerl did not order
the pastor there for the purpose of having a friendly dialogue.  In fact, as soon as
the pastor entered Wuerl's office, he found himself surrounded by a entourage of
people who served the function of intimidating office decor.

Such a technique can constrict a invited person's mental processes so much so
that it can easily close a case before it's even opened.  There was no one-on-one
meeting with a kindly father figure.  There were no prior meetings with courteous
canon lawyers.  There was no point by point discussion of the contents of the let-
ter.  There was not even an acknowledgment that closing an unique parish could
be emotionally painful for its ethnic parishioners.

Rather, there was one question posed to an isolated priest, by a bishop sitting
amidst an inhospitable entourage that can cause a person to freeze.  Wuerl chal-
lenged the pastor to produce one article of canon law that was violated by him.
Intimidating someone is an effective way to prevent his thoughts from flowing.
Wuerl could have been courteous and understanding about the parishioners'
grief, but he elected to operate in the intimidation mode.  Wuerl's thug tactic
didn't cause the parishioners to backdown.  They ended up filing a lawsuit
against Wuerl.

Shortly after that office visit, the pastor made a public apology for having signed
the letter, while also mentioning how intimidating that meeting was.  In fact, he
said that he had to take a few days off, being that it was such a traumatizing ex-
perience.  All in all, it is not healthy for a bishop to employ those types of tactics.

The Common Tactic

This case and the case of Wuerl's former personal secretary have one common
trait.  In both accounts, you can see that the chosen technique of Wuerl is to iso-
late you and then converge upon you.  Let it be repeated.   Donald Wuerl's tactic
is to get you isolated, defenseless, and abandoned.  Then he attacks.

In the case of Wuerl's former secretary, the accuser was told that bringing his
many pieces of evidence to the diocesan building would be helpful.  Take note
that he was not asked to bring in copies of the evidence.  Well, a letter was sent
back to Wuerl's personnel, informing them that they would only be shown the
pieces of evidence in a neutral place, with a third party holding them, allowing
diocesan personnel to see every inch of every piece of evidence, but never get-
ting their hands on any of it.  That is to say, the evidence was not going to be
handed over to the diocese in good faith.  That is when serpentine behavior
turned into full scale hammering.

Wuerl's Use of a De Facto Corruption of Blood Policy,
in Punishing the Children of those Adults who Publically
Objected to Donald Wuerl's Breaking of a Promise

Risen Lord Parish is one of the Pittsburgh diocesan parishes.  It had a parochial
school when Donald Wuerl assumed power in Pittsburgh, but it has no school at
present.  Wuerl designated Risen Lord Parish School for closure.  The excuse
was the lack of financial resources.  Parents of the student body appealed to the
diocese, in their desire to have Risen Lord Parish School kept open.  So, a deal
was made by the diocese, where the school would remain open, if the parents
and teachers raised a certain sum of money.  It had to be cash, and not merely
pledges.  The parents and teachers successfully raised the required sum of mon-
ey, if pledges were counted.  Wuerl closed the school.

In response to Wuerl's closing of the school, a number of the parishioners per-
formed a public protest, even with protest signs in hand.  In fact, the event made
local television headline news.  In response to the protest, Wuerl's Diocese of
Pittsburgh mandated that all Risen Lord Parish protesters were required to at-
tend classes on how to show respect to one's bishop, under penalty of having
their children barred admission into all other Pittsburgh diocesan schools.  This
policy was euphemistically called "denying school transfers," and the mandated
classes were euphemistically called "Three Hours of Reconciliation Counselling."

Punishing children for the actions of a parent is known as the corruption of blood.
Specifically speaking, Corruption of Blood actions consist in denying the children
their inheritance, on account of a treasonable act of one of their parents.   The
children of Risen Lord Parish School were faced with loosing the inheritance
of a Catholic school education, at the hands of Donald Wuerl, even though
they did absolutely nothing wrong.  Donald Wuerl is heralded as a protector
of children who cares about their education.  Well, he was ready to keep a
number of children out of diocesan schools.

One question remains in the Risen Lord Parish School case.
What happened to the money that the people raised?
Ann Rodgers of the Post Gazette rewrote the Wolk-Zula-Pucci cover-up,
making Wuerl look like a hero in his own deceit.  That was the abuse of
an entire newspaper company.

Incidentally, Donald Wuerl did NOT write the Teachings of Christ  catechism 
book.  Nor was it officially claimed that he did.  He was recognized as its co-
editor; one out of three editors.  Several peeople werer recognized as the co-

In 2006, Wuerl was on CSPAN.  In the parting scene, Wuerl was outside the
national shrine, shaking hands with a few passerbyers.  In that shot, Wuerl
literally looked 6'2.  In that scene, Wuerl was standing on a stairway step that
was hidden by a long limousine.  Wuerl then got into the limousine and rode
off.   It was not a scene of Franciscan poverty or Carmelite simplicity.  It cer-
tainly wasn't a scene of Dominican wisdom, either.  Donald Wuerl's egress
via limousine was enough to turn off numerous prospective converts.  It was
the religious hypocrisy of a pillow mint cleric, in direct violation of the Gospel

Message, squared and cubed.

"The Elizabeth Ann Seton Award for Contributions to
Catholic Education" Has Nothing to do with Educating
or Writing. It Involves Financial Contributions only.

Wuerl was advertised as the winner of the "prestigious Elizabeth Ann Seton
Award for his ongoing work as a teacher and educator."  This is an outright
lie.  The Elizabeth Ann Seton Award is simply an award for supporting Catho-
lic educational institutions with money; by either fund raising or philanthropy.
It's a "thanks for the money award."

The founder of the National Dance Institute won that award in 1996.  Wuerl
won it in 1995.  Therefore, if you ever win the lottery and then donate $5 mil-
lion, while making it known that you are considering to donate an additional
$5 million in the near future, chances are that you will win the exact same
"prestigious" award that Wuerl won in 1995, even if you know little about
Catholicism.  In addition, how prestigious can an award be when eight people
win it in one day?

Incidentally, Donald Wuerl's achievement consisted in the corporate fund rais-
ing effort to keep four inner city Pittsburgh diocesan schools open.  It was not
several schools, as the Wuerl propaganda machine alleged.  In fact, the total
enrollment of the four schools at any one time was only 850 students.  The
students did not attend for free.  For the 2002/2003 school season, each
student's guardian or parent was charged $1,480 of the $3,700 tuition bill.

The organization which was ultimately formed to maintain the inner city 

schools is called the Extra Mile Education Foundation.  It had twenty board 
members other than Wuerl in 2002, and the vast majority of them came from 
the corporate & finance world.  So, why didn't they get win the Elizabeth 
Ann Seton Award, also?

Now, keeping these four schools open was a good cause. But, it seems to
have been a cause for Donald Wuerl's public image more than the children.
Concerning the Extra Mile Education Foundation, 85.7% of its 2004 oper-
ating budget went to the programs and services that it was established to
provide. Its Charity Navigator Rating was 56.59.  That constitutes a three
star rating.  So, if it still exists, give if you can.

Keep in mind that any person with the influence that comes with the title,
Bishop of Pittsburgh, could have done the same thing.  In  fact, you would
expect someone with that influence to accomplish much more that what
Wuerl accomplished during his 18 year tenure.

The Hypocritical Irony Attached to Praising
Wuerl for this Effort which was only Made
Possible by Corporate Intervention

The irony to giving Donald Wuerl the Elizabeth Ann Seton Award is that, if he
were so great a maintainer of Catholic school education, then why did he close
the number of Catholic parochial schools that he closed?  In fact, the parents
of Risen Lord Parish should all be given the Elizabeth Ann Seton Award for
their efforts.

Concerning Donald Wuerl being claimed as the great catechist, know that he did
author the catechism book titled, the Teachings of  Christ He was merely one 

of three editors of that book which was first published in 1976.  This is mentioned,
because it was repeatedly claimed that Wuerl wrote that book single-handedly.  He
did not so do.  A co-editor is not a sole author.

Matthew, Chapter 6:  Do Not Be Like the Hypocrites

It is written:

When you give alms, do not blow a trumpet before
you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in
the streets, to win the praise of others.

Concerning those four inner city schools, Wuerl definitely blew a trumpet before
him.  It was not even his alms that were being given.  It was someone else's mon-
ey.  Nonetheless, such trumpet blowing, according to the Gospels, is the sign of
a hypocrite.

Who is More Valuable: The Jesus Christ who never
won an award or the Donald Wuerl who Waves his
tokens in your Face?

Jesus never received a single award during his lifetime.  Does this mean that he
was an inept teacher who should be ignored and replaced with Donald Wuerl?
It is a valid question to ask in light of the observation that, whenever Donald
Wuerl's name is brought into a conversation, Jesus' name seems to be left out.
In as much:

Jesus gave sight to the blind and functionality to the crippled.  He cast out fero-
cious demons, multiplied loaves of bread, and calm a stormy sea.  How often
has Donald Wuerl done this?

- Did Donald Wuerl ever stop a war as did Francis of Assisi?
- Has Donald Wuerl ever converted a nation as did Patrick?
- Has his preaching ever made fish leap throughout a lake
   (as did Anthony of Padua's)?
- Did Wuerl ever risk his life for what is right?

How many times did Wuerl give the fullness of breath to asthmatics, instead of
letting them be on the run during the course of a diocesan retaliation?  In fact,
how times has Wuerl's administering  of the  seventh sacrament of  the church
resulted in a healing, as the Epistle of  James promised it would?

Zero times?

Well, if that's the case, then why all the media praise about Wuerl?
Praising someone like Wuerl makes the press look insignificant.

The Stalin Complex

The Napoleon Bonaparte who was portrayed as a 5'2" (even 4'11") corporal was
actually a 5'7 1/2" graduate of the Royal Military School, in Paris.  His height was
slightly above average for an early 19th Century continental European male, and 

he was only called the Little Corporal as a show of filiality by his soldiers, on ac-
count of his camarderie with them.  So, historic fact would have you refrain from
using the phrase, "Napoleon Complex."  However, the phrase "Stalin Complex"
would be applicable in describing Donald Wuerl, the Elevator Shoes Kid.  This
complex appears to be the state of mind displayed in either Donald Wuerl or in
the public relations personnel who  constructed Wuerl's public image.

Joseph Stalin was a frail 5'5 1/2.  He was only slightly taller than Wuerl.  Yet, 

film clips and statuary made him appear to be of an intimidating height and sta-
ture.  In fact, Stalin was given the titles, Brilliant Genius of Humanity, Gardener 
of Human Happiness, and Father of Nations.  His reputation for protecting people's 
rights was such that, whenever atrocities were being committed against Soviet cit-
izens, the people caught in the middle of them were telling each other that Stalin 
probably didn't know they were happening.   The fact was that he was the one 
who ordered them to be done.

Joseph Stalin, despite all of the media propaganda, deceptive photographs, and
exaggerated statues, was condemned in 1956 and even in the 1980s.  His propa-
ganda image collapsed.

Oliver Cromwell, three years after his death, was exhumed, hung, drawn, and
quartered, having been formally declared a criminal.  the surviving accomplices
of Cromwell who cooperated in the regicide of Charles I were then executed.
Cromwell's legacy was erased, yet he was once called Lord Protector a few
years prior.

Robespierre was publicly heralded as the Incorruptible.   But, he was to later
meet the same destiny that he was imposing on others, during his Reign of Terror.

One of the marks of a tyrant is that he is repeatedly praised in the press, amidst
the absence of anyone questioning his actions and motives.  The news articles
about Donald Wuerl in the Pittsburgh Catholic and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
were more indoctrination than it was informative news.

Another mark of a tyrant is that of performing some type of purge.  Donald Wuerl's
great regional purge saw to the dissolution of 118 parishes in a geographic area
that only saw a 3% decrease in its Catholic population (between 1988 and 2004).
Now, concerning Donald Wuerl partaking in a great nationwide purge, consider
the following:

According to Omaha archbishop Elden Curtiss, today's shortage of priests was
being artificially contrived during the same time when Wuerl was closing multiple
parishes and Catholic schools in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  It was also during
the time when Wuerl was influential in the Office of Priestly Formations.  In ad-
dition, other sources have reported that an ongoing purge in the ranks of seminary
candidates consisted in rejecting the applications of every candidate unwilling to
coexist with homosexuality.

Seminary management pertains to the office of Priestly Formation.  Donald Wuerl
was involved with the national office of Priestly Formation during the thinning of the
herd.  Therefore, if Elden Curtiss and other sources are correct, then Donald Wuerl
partook in a second great purge.

Those who ignore the errors made in history are condemned to repeat them and
to then share in a destiny similar to those who previously engaged in the errors.
History has shown that tyrants and egomaniacs fall with the weight of gravity,
along with their emblems and public relations images.  History has also shown
that tyrants are known to be disowned after their deaths, even to the point where
their successors apologize to the people for their actions.


The Ghost of Christmas Future

September 12, 2022

Faith without good works is a sick joke.

On the day Pope Francis called sweatshop employment slave labor, this Wuerl-
gate article gained added pertinence.  It illustrates that Donald Wuerl is the one
who violated Catholic precepts and the moral obligations that arise from such
precepts.  Yet, Wuerl's propagandists, including the non-ascetic half-million
dollar a year Bill Donohue, had the audacity to claim that Wuerl is close to this
pope's heart, even though Donald Wuerl ignored with elitist contempt something
very close to this pope's heart, namely the hundreds of millions of exploited work-
ers throughout this Earth.

Of course, after decades of deliberate neglect, Wuerl finally spoke about at a Bish-
op's Event in 2015 in the presence of AFL-CIO members as if he had always been
fighting hard for the cause of income parity and the livable wage.  Wuerl was asked
more than once to make a stance against sweatshop labor profiteering.  No known
response ever was sent to anyone pleading with the cardinal to do what he had the
moral obligation to do for decades.

Wuerl's heresies show in his violation of Church Law & Vatican Mandates

Cardinal Wuerl also violated church law in matters of the banned Dignity
Masses,the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and things enumerated in other
articles.  He ignored the teachings of the Church when it came to sweat-
shop profiteering, showing how inconsiderate he is to human suffering.
He plays by his own rules.
 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Similar to Inserting Razor Blades into my Face:
A character assassination ratified by Wuerl that 
attacked the core of my being, yet contradicted

In review, the civil rights case against Wuerl's diocese easily showed that 

Wuerl, via the Compulsion Test, was acting under the color of law, in de-
nying me an action group which would counter sweatshop labor profiteer-
ing as a moral necessity.  This is because Wuerl had a number of govern-
ment contracts, meaning that he had a nexus with government.  In his fear
of losing taxpayer dollars, he refused to speak out against socialwide sins,
and he suppressed anyone else's ability to do so, whenever he could.  Thus,
he felt compelled to suppress the right of Catholics to unit in action guilds,
presently called apostolates.

A diocesan court brief filed in appellate court had the effect of inserting razor 
blades into my face.  That is to say, in its 2001 appellate brief, Wuerl's Pitts-
burgh diocese stated that I and my co-appellant merely wanted to do nothing 
more than live our own version of Catholicism.  Why?  Because I demanded
my right to have a church-sponsored movement designed to end sweatshop
merchandise profiteering which has been robbing Americans of trillions of
dollars via the Trade Balance Deficit.

Well, the Italian-South American Pope Francis I called this practice Slave
Labor in 2013, under the auspices of Successor of Saint Peter.  In similar
fashion, Italian-North Americans have also called this practice Slave Labor.
This means that, according to Donald Wuerl Pope Francis and I both want
to live our own isolated version of Catholicism.  

Add to this belief shared by me and fellow Italian-American Pope Francis I
the following entities:

Catholic religious orders, a Canadian Catholic school board, a Catholic high 
school in New Jersey, and a number of Catholic Colleges.  According to the
Donald Wuerl who sold consecrated Catholic church property to a secret so-
ciety, all of us, including the present pope, want to live our own version of 
Catholicism.  As a review, we all believe that the present employment prac-
tices of Maoist Communist China, Bangladesh, and all low-waged nations
is SLAVE LABOR.  Thus, we need to get into Catholic action and stop this
ongoing crime against humanity which, incidentally, one of the six criminal
counts in the famous Nuremberg Trials.

Concerning the character assassination leveled against me by the minions
of the cardinal nicknamed Wuerl the Girl in Washington DC, for me believ-
ing in something that Pope Francis and many others also believe:

Keep in mind that this came from and through the flamingly effeminate Don-
ald Wuerl who, as was previously mentioned, rolled out the 8-year long red 
carpet to Sodomite Masses which were given the bumper sticker slogan
"Dignity Masses."  

Keep in mind that this came from the same Pillow Mint Wuerl who let canon 
law be violated, in him allowing the Sacrament of the Eucharist be sacrileged at
the hands of abortion-obsessed politicians such as, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, 
and Joe Biden.   Those publicly committed to any mortal sin, as well as those
who are excommunicated, are forbidden to receive Holy Communion.  In fact,
in allowing excommunicated politicians receive communion, Wuerl is giving
his tacit approval to them for procuring the crime against humanity which they
call a reproductive rights ... doing so for votes & a comfortable living, of course.

Keep equally in mind that this came from the tiny Wuerl who affirmed the unjust 
edict that any child of a parent who protested against him in front of KDKA TV 
cameras would be denied admission into all Pittsburgh diocesan schools unless 
the protesting parent(s) took a class on how to treat Wuerl as a ruling entity unto 
himself.  They were euphemistically called "Reconciliation Classes" and the par-
ents were simply protesting that Wuerl closed their local Catholic school.

Corruption of Blood laws were among
the first things banned in the United
States.  Wuerl reactivated it.
The flamingly effeminate cover-up artist who couldn't successfully cover-up the 
transgressions of Frs. Torquato, Huff, Zula, Pucci, Wolk, etc, asserted that every-
thing I believed in was invalid.  This assertion of total invalidity would have to 
include my belief in the Trinity,  the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary,
the Divinity of Christ, the Resurrection of Christ, the Ascension 40 days later of
the same Christ, the Primacy of Peter, the Seven Sacraments, Transubstantiation, 
Apostolic Succession, the Assumption, the intercession of the Saints, Holy Orders, 
Sacramental Absolution from Sin, the Indissolubility of Marriage, and the moral 
requirement to refrain from knowingly partaking in the defraudment of workers
of their wages (except in cases of grave or extreme necessity.)

Wuerl let this character assassination occur, despite the fact that I was never put 
on trial by any of Wuerl's minions  ...  and despite the fact that I was once an of-
ficial guest at a Catholic Trappist monastery to do writings on the very sins that 
Wuerl was too much of a coward ... or too much of a beneficiary ... to publicly

Wuerl let this character assassination occur on paper, despite that fact that I was 
an honors student at an official Roman Catholic college and formally studied the 
philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, receiving an A+ in the process ... and despite the 
fact that the sin of foreign sweatshop labor exploitation which Wuerl neglected to 
condemn caused a 10 yr U.S. Trade Balance Deficit of $7.2 TRILLION between
2006 and 2015.  During this time, the yearly United States trade deficit was as high
as $816 billion.  It was never lower than $503 billion.  In 2015, it was $736.  The
yearly average for the past decade was $719 billion.

The truth is that Wuerl, as a matter of habit, would lie in order to get out of doing 
his duties.  Of course, it was called "Wuerl being a politician.."  Meanwhile, while
in Pittsburgh, Wuerl would be embedded in lavish accommodations paid by those
who put  dollars into the tax-free church tax coffers that Wuerl deceptively called
the Parish Share Program.  People were deceived into thinking that it was a charity
drive intending to share wealth with poorer parishes.  No.  It was the Church Tax,
referring to each PARISH paying its SHARE of the church tax burden.

 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo

Concerning Wuerl's character assassination of me (through surrogate attorneys), 
know that I was personally invited/coaxed to join the seminaries of: 1} the Jesuit 
Order ... New Orlean province, 2} a specific type of Franciscan Order, and 3} a 
hermit order.  In person and in face to face did this happen on three different oc-
casions.  The point to mentioning this is to illustrate that the opinion of three
priests were much different than that of Donald 'Dignity Mass' Wuerl, as well as
those people who  contacted me, after having read my writings about Wuerl.  
Add to this the assessment of a Catholic college's philosophy professor whose
letter is posted below.  There was work to be done, and Wuerl entirely neglect-
ed it, in preference for living his Marie Antoinette lifestyle.

Massachusetts Native, John Cardinal Wright:  Wuerl's Boss for Ten Years  

The pertinence of Wright comes from the fact that Wuerl was Wright's person-
al secretary even during the 1978 papal conclave that Wright attended while he
was impaired.  The major pertinence is that Wuerl's long-term boss was alleged
to have been a Sodomite who preferred males in their middle to late teens.

In as much, how could Wuerl have been be a long-term personal secretary of an
alleged  homosexual cardinal without knowing about it?  How could Wuerl know
about Wright's allegedly scandalous lifestyle without being a part of it or without
accommodating that lifestyle as an accessory to the fact?  Was Wuerl that clueless,
or was that investigative journal that out-of-touch with fact?  In sequence, how
could a person who didn't distance himself from the alleged homosexual lifestyle
of a vow-breaking cardinal eventually be made a cardinal  himself, without hav-
ing had been promoted through a Sodomite Lobby in the Vatican?  

At the start of his pontificat, Pope Francis I recently confided to an audience
that there has been a "Sodomite lobby" in the Vatican.  This would translate
into there being a political faction that pushed for the elevation of sodomites
in high ranking church positions.  Donald Wuerl advanced through the church 
ranks during the years of the Sodomite Lobby, while spending eight of those 
years rolling out the red carpet to the  Sodomite Dignity Masses, all the while
changing the face of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

The following three letters dilute and make weak that which Wuerl and his
surrogates stated about me.  Thus, the letters serve as the restitution which
Dignity Mass Don never made for slanders stated against my character.

Interesting how that which was stated about me got back to me, as if the Wuerl 
people were expert at keeping secrets.  After all, the Wuerl people couldn't keep
Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Huff, Torquato, and Sotak out of public forums, even though 
they made the effort to do so in each case.

Corroberative letters of others who stated the opposite of Wuerl's surrogates
are included.  Now, you retain the mode of humility and not advertise things 
about yourself, until a cause in which you believe is crushed through a tiny 
and flamingly effeminate bishop whose obtained the nickname Wuerl the 
Girl and who was witnessed as "acting girly" in a church basement.  

Take note the Wuerl did NOT damn the cause.  He only damned me, per-
sonally, through surrogates.  Also take note that the US Trade Balance
Deficit caused by sweatshop importations has been $5.9 TRILLION:.
If the anti-sweatshop exploitation movement started ten or fifteen years
ago, America would not have been in the economic demise it experiences.
America would not have a $1.4 trillion bond debt due to Maoist China.
Donald Wuerl, therefore, was being very anti-American while he was
being selfish, cowardly, and defamatory, abusing his power all in the
process of his peacock throne narcissism.

The defamation instigated by Donald 'Pillow Mint' Wuerl also applied to Notre 
Dame, Fordham, Villanova, Georgetown, Boston College, Marquette, thirty-two 
other Catholic colleges, one Catholic high school, two Roman Catholic religious
orders, one Roman Catholic district school board, and a retired Roman Catholic 

One of the features of the previously mentioned lawsuit concerned Wuerl's refus-
al to grant me my right to either an apostolate or a sponsored initiative that would
have combated sweatshop labor profiteering and other social sins, with the help
of the vastly resourced Catholic Church.  

As was mentioned on the previous page, my allegation was that Wuerl declined 
to comply with this moral obligation out of fear of ultimately loosing tax exempt 
status, taxpayer funding, and/or other government benefits, among other things.  
In response to my allegation, Wuerl regarded my conscientious objection be re-
garded as an anti-Catholic stance by which I merely want to live my own heresy.  
Well, observe the following:

The Catholic schools listed below are actively opposed to partaking in the same
Sweatshop Labor to which I have been a conscientious objector for years.  They
are now doing, in their realms, that which I tried to get started in the Pittsburgh
diocese for years.  Each school is an active member of the Worker's Rights Con-
sortium and/or Fair Labor Association or both.  Each school refuses to knowing-
ly patronize the providers of sweatshop products in their team sportswear lines 
and in their school logo merchandise.

Each Roman Catholic who participates in the Worker's Rights Consortium and
Fair Labor Association would have to be declared by Donald Wuerl as merely
wanting to live his/her own version of Catholicism as much as I was declared 
as having wanted to do.  We should, therefore, all be put on trial in a court of 
Canon Law and be dealt with accordingly.  

In as much, take note of all the Catholic universities and colleges who will have
to be declared heretical schools by Wuerl as wanting to live their own versions 
of Catholicism:

-Notre Dame,   -Holy Cross,   -Georgetown,   -Marquette,   -Villanova,
-Bellarmine,   -Fordham,   -Duquesne,   -Saint Joseph's,  
-Saint John's, 
-Gonzaga,  -John Carroll,  -Saint Mary's,  -DePaul,  -Dayton,  -Regis,  
-Boston College,  -Aquinas College,  -Providence College,  -Fairfield, 
-the College of St. Catherine,    -Santa Clara,   
-Loyola of Chicago,
 -Seattle University,   -San Francisco University,   -Carlow University,
-the University of Portland (Oregon),    -Cardinal Stritch University,
-Marymount University (Arlington),     -Marywood Univ. (Scranton),
-Mercyhurst College,    -Neumann College,    -St. Michael's College,
-St. Peter's College,   -Seton Hall,   -the University of Detroit Mercy,
-Xavier University (Cincinnati),   -Walsh University (North Canton).

That amounts to 38 Catholic institutions of higher learning.  In light of this, 
the reasonably minded person would recognize this to be a lot of company 
for a person who was declared as having wanted to live his own isolated 
version of Catholicism.

The Claretians Opposed Sweatshop Labor Profiteering

There is the religious order known as the Claretians who also object to parti-
cipating in the Defraudment of Workers of their Wages (or whatever you per-
sonally call that practice.)  The Claretians published Shop Till They Stop in 
their Salt of the Earth Magazine.  They also provided web links for the pur-
pose of letting the public obtain consumer boycott guides.

Now, boycotting is only phase one.  But, it is more than what Wuerl ever did
in this matter.  Nonetheless, Donald Wuerl will have to declare the Claretian
Religious Order as having wanted to live their own version of Catholic as 
much as I was declared as having wanted to do.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd Rallied to the Cause, Also

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd d
eveloped Handcrafting Justice.  Therefore,
according to the tiny statured Wuerl, each member of the religious order found-
ed in 1861 would also have to be declared as wanting to live their own isolated 
version of Catholicism, too.  Incidentally, that religious order is also known as 
the Sisters of  Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd.  The significance in
noting the date of its founding consists in the fact that it was founded in New 
York during the days of Abolitionism.  Today's Sisters of the Good Shepherd 
are today's abolitionists.

A Catholic High School in New Jersey is
Also Opposed to Partaking in the Crime

A Catholic high school in New Jersey has also been active in this mission, via 
its publication & maintenence of Child Slave Labor News.  It is Immaculata 
High School, of Sommerville, NJ.  The students and faculty of that school 
must also be declared as merely wanting to live their own isolated version 
of Catholicism by Donald Wuerl.

The Toronto Catholic District
School Board Hopped on Board

Then there is the Toronto Catholic District School Board whose Sweatshop-free
Purchasing Policy F.P.04 was approved on February 8, 2006.  In light of this
recent event, the tiny Donald Wuerl must equally condemn that school board's
membership as much as he let me be condemned.

We now come to Wuerl's predecessor, Theodore McCarrick.  In 1997, he was
the archbishop of Newark.  While being accompanied by then Secretary of La-
bor, Alexis Herman, he "announced a multifaceted initiative to assure that 
Catholic school uniforms in the Newark archdiocese would not be manu-
factured in sweatshops."  During that same general time span, Wuerl held a 
youth rally at Three Rivers Stadium, where the youths were towear red t-shirts.  
In what kind of shops were those t-shirts made?

The Irony of it all

The irony to Wuerl's long-term silence is that Pittsburgh was well known for its
stance on labor rights.  It was also known for an epic labor riot that involved
Pinkerton detectives (the Homestead Riot).  Not only is Pittsburgh famous for
once having been the world leader in the steel industry, it has been known for
the number of bridges that have been built & maintained throughout its vicinity.
It is called the City of Bridges.  Needless to say, bridge maintenance requires
diligent workers.

That same geographic region once had the world's largest airport, as well as the
largest push button railroad in the world (Conway Yards.)  To this day, the tall-
est education building in the Western Hemisphere is located in Pittsburgh, but it
is only there because of the teams of workers who constructed it.  In fact, the
United Steel Worker's Union is still headquartered in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh would have been the most suitable place to begin the anti-sweatshop
movement, and Wuerl could have been a pioneer in the movement.  However,
he refused to do so.  By any chance is it that Wuerl did not find the worker to be
glamorous enough for him?  Did he regard the worker as a basal entity unworthy
of his concern?  Sacred Scripture reads that, "without the worker, no city can be
built."  Yes, scripture respects the worker.

For Confirmation Purposes

For confirmation purposes, the links to the Worker's Rights Consortium, the Fair
Labor Association, Immaculata High School's Child Slave Labor News, Hand-
crafting Justice, Claretian Publications, and
McCarrick's 1997 Initiative is post-
ed directly below.  The posting is done simply to show:

- that there actually are 38 Catholic colleges/universities who are  active in the
  anti-sweatshop labor movement via their affiliation with the Worker's Rights
  Consortium and/or the Fair Labor Association.

- that Immaculata High School is involved in the anti-sweatshop movement.

- that Theodore McCarrick did actively oppose sweatshop profiteering as far
   back as 1997.

- that the Claretians did make the effort to counter sweatshop profiteering,
   in their publishing of Shop Till They Shop:  a confused consumer's guide
   to shopping for a better world while providing consumer boycott guides.

- that the Sisters of the Good Shepherd really do have a project known as
  Handcrafting Justice.

Confirmed Even in 2006

It was confirmed even in May 2006 that Donald Wuerl was still negligent in 
his moral obligation to speak out against (and to oppose) Sweatshop Labor 
Profiteering.  This was first confirmed by a representative of the Pittsburgh 
Anti-sweatshop Community Alliance who politely said that they were trying
to get Wuerl involved via a priest at  a nearby university who joined the WRC 
in 2004.  The university was Duquesne.   WRC stands for Workers' Rights

In Washington DC, there was a group who petitioned Wuerl to ban school uni-
forms made in low-wage sweatshops.  This sin of silence is Wuerl's greatest sin, 
next to him putting forth the lies about himself which rocketed him to positions
of undeserved power and influence.

A Thomas Merton Center representative confirmed Wuerl's ongoing negligence
also, in having simply said that Wuerl was continuing to do absolutely nothing 
to end the sin of Sweatshop Labor Profiteering.

In re: Wuerl's Catering to the Sodomite World

This subject will be handled discretely.  It will be addressed simply by posting
two links of texts which cover that topic.  It will be stated herein that, yes, it is
acknowledged that Donald Wuerl has catered to the unnatural world of those
who are politely called Sodomites, and that the Sin of Sodom is one of the four
ins which cry to Heaven for vengeance.  It is also acknowledged that it is rea-
sonable, if not blatantly obvious, that there generally exists something likened 
to the Lavender  Mafia.  

Pope Francis recently admitted this, while referring to the Vatican version of it 
as "a lobby group."  This is the concise description of it, being that there are
those who push for this person to become bishop here and head of a depart-
ment there.  There have been people manipulating the roster of the office

A text which addressed the above-mentioned topic can be accessed via the 
following links: