October 31, 2022

Pillow Mint Wuerl's Soireés for the rich and influential

Call to mind the report of Donald Wuerl
holding soireés solely for the rich and in-
fluential at the Warwick Terrace house
when he was in Pittsburgh. Wuerl would
answer the door himself.  If you had ac-
cess to a multi-million dollar home and
millions of tax-free collection basket
money that other people earned, and
NOT you, the rich & influential would
think that you are a great person, too.

This is the mansion that Wuerl did NOT earn, but used for gaining influence among the rich.

At Wuerl's Warwick Terrace soireés, Pittsburgh diocesan seminarians and
deacons were required to dress in blazers and perform the duties of valet
and waiter.  This was the mass secularization of those who were pursuing
Holy Orders.  This worldliness was the opposite of their vocations, and it
was very reminiscent of Marcial Maciel Degollado and his obsession with
integrating worldly wealth and Christian Detachment, between his many
acts of molestation.

None the less, the Maciel-like worldliness was Wuerl's way of putting the
whole Pittsburgh power structure into his back pocket.   Very simply, he
would make himself look like Mr. Nice Guy, despite his infamous temper.
Anyone who would cry "foul" at Wuerl's injustices via lawsuit and formal
complaint would then be seen as the disgruntled aggressor.  Perhaps you
can call this the Joan Crawford Mask.

A Brief Lesson in Ecclesiology

Of course, as local ordinary of the Washington DC archdiocese, Donald
Wuerl lives in a penthouse atop of Our Lady of the Americas, situated in
the luxurious Embassey Row.  Yet, while at Pittsburgh, Wuerl lived in a
manor house, situated close to a box-type mansion rented by the Diocese
of Pittsbrgh to Opus Dei.  In fact, Wuerl did live in the general vicinty of
the structures of the financial tycoons and steel tycoons of Pittsburgh.

Regarding the phrase, "local ordinary," which simply means ruling bishop,
here's a quick lesson in Catholic Church government:  Firstly, there exists
ordinal numbers and cardinal numbers in the mathematical sciences.  In a
much similar fashion, there are ordinal bishops and cardinal bishops in the
Catholic Church.  None the less ...

Wuerl was sued many times, for differing reasons.  Yet, he prevailed time
after time after time.  In fact, shortly after he was caught performing his in-
famous triple cover-up by which he violated the Child Protective Services
Act, the presiding Allegheny County District Attorney, Robert Colville, de-
fended Wuerl before the public, via the press.  Colville's defense of a Don-
ald Wuerl who was blatantly as guilty as sin is found through the following
link, at the second jpeg posted there.  It shows that Wuerl got away with the
most flagrant and obvious of wrongs:


Also keep in mind that Donald Wuerl was repeatedly witnessed as having
habitually kowtowed to the rich, while ignoring the common citizen and
the poor.  For example, he would allegedly & habitually spend 20 minutes
with someone wealthy, while "allegedly" treating with instantaneous and
dismissive contempt a member of the common citizenry.  I witnessed this
contemptuousness personally.

Concerning the school tuition charity to which Wuerl was associated,
parents or guardians still had to pay a couple thousand dollars, to send
their economically disadvantaged children to a Catholic School.  Plus,
corporations paid donation dollars to this charity.  Donald Wuerl did
not have these children enter Catholic school for free.  The corporate
donation money covered the rest of the costs.  How much money did
Wuerl donate to this cause?

He closed parishes as if he were having a clearance sale.  He obsessed
himself with continually reminding parishioners to give to the Parish
Share Program, as if it were a charity drive.  The fact is that the Parish
Share Program was the church tax, as each parish had to pay its share.
He wasn't honest enough to state so.  He's a perpetual fraud who caused
a lot of pain.  Thus, he's insensitive too.


October 30, 2022

The Time When the Sodomite Cabal Gained Control of the Catholic Church

One of the two parishes where dissenter Cardinal Wuerl permitted
weekly Sodomite Masses, while bishop of Pittsburgh.  Wuerl spent
eight years defying the Vatican in rolling out the red carpet to those
dedicated to perpetuating the Sin of Sodom.
So, what actually happened that put the unnaturally inclined male at the ground zero
of power in that which would soon become the Sodomized Catholic Church?  How
did the homosexuals get to hijack the church which literally traces itself back to the
original apostles? 

The answer goes as follows:

1] As soon as Vatican II was called to order, it was immediately turned into disorder,
    in that carefully prepared texts were immediately targeted for impeachment.  Actu-
    ally, they were targeted for being ignored.  Of course, today the cardinal stationed
    at the United States capitol stated that he WILL IGNORE Catholic Church teach-
    ing, in favor of Sodomy, even though he stated that Catholic Church teaching will
    remain in tact.  The cardinal stationed in Washington DC, of course, has repeated-
    ly been alleged to have been a practicing Sodomite.  He always has been siding
    with Sodomites, and has no objection to violating Canon 915, in giving Holy
    Communion to unrepentant Sodomites, including those who apostacized from
    the Faith of Peter, adhering to a pagan religion in the process thereof.

    In order to learn of Cardinal Donald Wuerl and to view a number of pieces of evi-
    dence against him, in a number of injustices, retaliations, and cover-ups of wrong-
    ful priests, see:  http://www.donaldwuerl.com

2] Throughout the years while the council was in progress, seminary recruiters would
     tell prospective candidates that soon the church was going to permit western rite
     priests to marry.  Therefore, men entered the seminary under false pretenses, as-
     suming that each one would be allowed to have a wife, as priests of old, priests in
     the eastern rites, and married Protestant converts who elect to pursue Holy Orders.

 3] Simultaneously, a number of American men were enrolling into seminaries during
      the Vietnam draft years, simply to avoid the draft.

 4] Vatican II concluded without permitting Western Rite priests to marry.

 5] Eventually, those who entered the seminaries under false pretenses felt cheated.
     Meanwhile, the Vietnam War finally ended and President Jimmy Carter eventu-
     ally granted amnesty to Vietnam era draft dodgers.  During the 1970's a number
     of priests asked to be relieved of their priestly vows.  It had gotten to the point
     where Paul VI made an appeal to all priests, stating that all priests should abide
      by the following commitment, "With Christ I am nailed to the Cross."  This
      statement was even quoted by the Catholic press at the time.  It didn't matter to
      those priest who felt betrayed.  The requests keep going to the Vatican.

 5]  Thus was the Great Egress from ministry.  It left openings.  Guess who filled them.

October 29, 2022

Letter by one of many sex abuse casualties of a priest reinstated into ministry by Wuerl.

Donald Wuerl's cover-up of his former personal secretary was in progress
in 2002, the year when Wuerl had the media make him look like a caring
man who had a clean sex abuse handling record.  In that same year, a few
writers made the tiny Donald Wuerl look like a hero in his triple cover-up
of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  In fact, the Ann Rodgers who was caught
lying in print made Wuerl's cover-up of John S. Hoehl look like the stern
deliberations of a zero tolerance bishop.

You see, Ann Rodgers, former Post Gazette writer who was found to be a 
liar via fact checking, wrote that Wuerl emphatically told Hoehl that he could 
never go back into ministry.  She made it sound as if Wuerl stamped his hand 
on the desk, while reading Hoehl the Riot Act.  Liar.  The truth is, ladies and
gentlemen, that Wuerl was the one who put Hoehl back into ministry.

Concerning Hoehl:

Below is something that I had in my possession for years.  It's the copy of a
2007 letter written to present Pittsburgh bishop, David Zubik, by one of the
many sex abuse casualties of the Pittsburgh area.  This person is also a vic-
tim of Wuerl's way of administrating.  The way of Bishop David Zubik was 
apparently morphed into a clone of Wuerl, as far as goes administrating.  Af-
ter all, Zubik cut off Michael Unglo's psychiatric funding, resulting in poor
Michael committing suicide.  Yet, Zubik had the audacity to not resign.  
That was cold-hearted, to say the least.  Zubik's fatal error was that of
being a Wuerl clone, instead of being himself.  Zubik passed on Wuerl's
baton of death.

The individual who wrote the letter posted below had long since made the
local newspapers and television newscasts.  Thus, his name, face, thought
patterns, and voice patterns were already made publicly known.  He isn't
mentioned here by name, simply because I've a policy of not waving in
neon the names of private citizens that haven't become household ones.

I encountered another casualty of the same priest years ago and saw the pain
in his face.  This was before I learned how corrupt Wuerl was, meaning that
I encountered the sex abuse victim a year before being told about Torquato.
That is to say, I learned of how corrupt Donald Wuerl was, via the Torquato
Retaliations.  If I did not get involved in the Torquato case, I would never
have discovered how vicious Wuerl was.  I would have been praising him,
like everyone else, in 2002. Here is the letter written about the priest whom
Donald Wuerl returned to ministry the first year Wuerl became bishop of 
Pittsburgh.  Bishop David Zubik is addressed, Fr. Dave, because the writer
of the letter knew Zubik as such years before Zubik became a bishop.  It 
was a matter of habit for the gentleman:

Now remember:  This was written by a play toy of John Hoehl with whom I
haven't spoken in years.  He left the Catholic Church and, the last time I spoke
with him, in was living in the former Confederate South.  I used to live in the
Johnny Reb South too, incidentally.  I don't advise doing so.

                                                   November 9, 2007
Fr. Dave:

"Here we go again, 10 years later, with me writing you and trying to rely on
my faith that you would possibly have the strength within you to do the right
thing:  A simple act of kindness to a family that has been betrayed, living with
the pain of the abuse of a sexual predator  -  a religious sexual predator;  one
who has been set free into society by his so-called leaders, so that he can con-
tinue to molest innocent children without recognition of his horrid past on
file.  And as last time, you failed horribly."

"Do you recall the first time I wrote you regarding this?  1997!   Even then
 I had to write you (via certified mail) twice, to get you to return my call for
concern.   That was a sign of the relationship I would come to face with the
Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese; a relationship of aloofness and arrogance,
without accountability."

"During our most recent meeting of last month, I asked if you beforehand
read the four page letter I had sent to Bishop Bradley, so you could familiar-
ize yourself with what me, my wife and my parents have been going through.
You didn't take the time.  You didn't care enough to take the time."

"You sat there, with arms crossed, and tried to tell me how you had become
a victim, as well, by being associated with Hoehl and Quigley.  Trust me, you
have no idea what we victims of that sick {censored} have to go through; how
every association that he scarred us with sends us back to that horrible time
in our lives; of how he washed me up in the shower, {censored} in his bed,
and {censored.}

"Here I am, 26 years later, at 44 years of age, still dealing with the night-
mares, the raucousness, the depression, the knowledge that he's still out
there to do what feeds his illness.  You and Wuerl could have made a tre-
mendous move forward, to help local Pittsburgh youth, as well as gain
recognition nationally, for outing these predators that your leadership
chose to keep secret.  You chose poorly."

"I saw this as God's will, in order to make me deal with my guilt, by com-
ing forward in the courts and at least out Hoehl.  It was the most challeng-
ing test I have ever had; a test that I literally bet my life on."

"Now, again, you could have allowed the agreement that Bishop Bradley
and I had go to fruition.  But you denied that move of good will.  As I have
always stated, it was never about money, and this still stands.  It's is about
the actions taken.  The action of Bradley, and not you, to pay my legal fees,
truly brought about good will and trust in my heart that there is someone
in the Pittsburgh diocese who actually cared enough to do the right thing."

"After reading my letters (the ones you ignored) he even had Rita Joyce
call to offer additional monies  -  not the petty $1200 she now defends.
Please!   What an insult!" 

"So here I am; tossing since 3:30 a.m., struggling with my Crohns' Di-
sease and the aloofness from you.  You said at the end of our meeting
that you would find some monies to send my parents and call it tuition
reimbursement.  I thought that was great."

"There again, I {miscalculated} and I trusted you.  Ten days later, and
three days after my call, you had your assistant call me to tell me that
you won't do any more and that you have done enough. 


"Correction:  You have done plenty  -  all the wrong things.   You have
destroyed, once again, the belief I had that you actually care.  You truly
are a disciple of Wuerl."

"How you live with yourself I will never know.  It takes a very little person
to do what you do.   You are a minimalist.   You do the bare minimum
to get by, regardless of the effects to good, caring people, looking for a
thread of human decency to hold on to.  The Diocese of Pittsburgh put
the wrong man at the helm.  Bishop Bradley deserves that seat, not you." 

The following was written by one of John Hoehl play toys who left the
Catholic Church.  I used to coach him in basketball, too.

End of the edited letter addressed to Bishop David Zubik in 2007, by a
gentleman I coached in basketball a few years before he became one of
many preys of a Pittsburgh diocesan priest.

And remember, if I didn't go through the suicide I went through, I probably
wouldn't have gotten involved in the Torquato case and in the investigation
of Wuerl's corruption.  In as much, if Torquato never got away with his re-
taliations, I wouldn't have uncovered what I uncovered about Wuerl.  I also
wouldn't have discovered what others uncovered about him.

In trying to keep things covered by means of intimidation, Wuerl caused them
to be discovered.  He did what was counter-productive to his goal of cover-
up. Of course, such uncovering happens when you don't succumb to threats
and retaliations ... and when they don't succeed in silencing you permanently.

October 26, 2022

The 25 Million Dollar Swindle ... No accountability involved.

Vatican City landmark during nighttime
The Vatican:  Keeping the lights on.  Spiritually speaking, it has already been lights out there.

It happened in 2017.  Charity dollars headed to Rome, from America.  And then suddenly, the rabbit in the magician's hat was not seen again ... el disappeario ... Bye-Bye City for ... the $25 million rabbit.  Let us go through steps:

Dateline: The Summer of 2017.  Cdl Donald Wuerl was the chairman of the Papal Foundation which was only founded in 1988.  One of the co-founders was the infernal Theodore McCarrick. 

Firstly, it's an American charitable corporation, designed to provide donations for actual good works favored by the Roman Pontiff.  Thus, its a papal prerogative treasury.  It funds those specific good works brought to the foundation's attention by the Roman pontiff, himself.  

Due to this, it is conjectured that the foundation was founded with ill intent.  It is conjectured that it was founded as a bribery fund for the Vatican, much in the spirit of world class molester, Marcial Maciel Degollado.  

Maciel called his many donations to the Vatican, Polite Bribery, and it kept him out of trouble, until 2006 or so.  Well, maybe the Papal Foundation was designed to set aside money that could readily be sent to the Vatican, in the event that knowledge of McCarrick's predatory lifestyle made it to governing officials of the Church and/or the State.  Donating the Papal Foundation money would then be the act of buying the influence of the person who occupied the Chair of St. Peter ... or the act of buying the influence of a pivotal cardinal or two.  Well anyway:

In June of 2017, the occupier of the Seat of St. Peter (the one called the Apostate Pope) asked the foundation for $25 million, through Sec of State, Cdl Pietro Parolin.  It was to go to a dermatology hospital that was financially stripped to its framework, by means of embellzement and fraud.

It is called, the Istituto Dermopatico dell’Immacolata (IDI) (Dermatology Institute of the Immaculate One.)  It was facing bankruptcy, as far back as 2014.  The religious order operating it at the time of its financial demise was the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception.  In fact, in 2013 a priest of the order and his accomplices were indicted and convicted of stealing tens of millions of Euros.

Well, Wuerl pleaded the case of Jorge Bergoglio to the 24-member board of trustees, in late June of that year.  The surmise is that Wuerl intended the $25 million to be construed as a convenient bribe given to the Vatican, for the sake of Theodore McCarrick, so that Rome would let him off easy.  In the alternate, it was a way to divert money into remote and unidentified Vatican bank accounts --- sort of like money laundering.  All the money became a complete vanishing act. 

You see, in May of 2017, one of McCarrick's alleged victims filed accusations at the Archdiocese of New York’s Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program.  However, there was a loophole.  Being that McCarrick was a cardinal, in order for the archdiocese to investigate him, it had to first receive approval to do so, from the Vatican.  So, Wuerl had time to make the situation advantageous for McCarrick.  There would be a June board meeting.

Now, it was quite a coincidence that Bergoglio asked in a very vague way to be granted $25 million for a hospital that was basically robbed years prior.  Was he duped into it?  Or was he part of a scam with knowledge aforethought?  

photo of white concrete bridge

Originally, the $25 million was going to be a loan.  But, Wuerl talked the board into making it a gift, aka a grant.  In fact, according to the "minutes taken" at the board meeting, Wuerl said that the $25 million was an emergency amount, needed by the hospital, for its very survival.  In fact, Wuerl told a number of falsehoods and withheld information legally required to be disclosed to the board of trustees.

He lied when he said that the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception were no longer attached to the dermatology hospital.  That religious order still had at least partial ownership of it through a charity called  Fondazione Luigi Maria Monti.

As far as withholding information, Wuerl neglected to mention that the dermatology hospital had a $60 million mortgage to pay.  Wuerl only mentioned the $26 million accounts payable debt that the hospital had accrued, while it was being robbed.  Plus, Wuerl would not hand over financial statements of IDI (the hospital) to the board members.  In fact, he failed to mention that a healthcare center operator named Gruppo Villa Maria had stock in the previously mentioned Luigi Maria Monti, LLC.

Then came the matter of the purchase of yet another hospital by the Gruppo Villa Maria who owned stock in Luigi Maria Monti.  The other hospital is/was called the San Carlo di Nancy Hospital.  The bid price was not made to the state administrators.  In this way, no financial disclosures needed to be publicly made, and there was not to be the requirement to ensure that the sales price was a fair one.  So, the financial statement that involves Luigi Maria Monti is kept hidden in a magician's hat.

Keep in mind that Wuerl has been alleged to be an intricate liar, filled with audacity.  Okay then, the Papal Foundation is incorporated in Pennsylvania.  Therefore, Wuerl and McCarrick were required to make known to the board of trustees any conflicts of interests that they had.  That is Pennsylvania law.  Well, Wuerl was the board member of one of the creditors of the dermatology hospital.  That was audacious, being that some of that $25 million might have ended up in Wuerl's "fiduciary" pockets, in his role as a creditor's board member.  So, that was one conflict of interest.   

Needless to say, Wuerl neglected to mention that McCarrick was going to be investigated by the New York Archdiocese, concerning an issue that might become costly to the archdiocese.  The $25 million therefore was a conflict of interest fund, in that it could have served the role as polite bribery money.

The curious part of this is that, concerning the approval of the $25 million, Wuerl did insist on a secret vote.  Such a thing is basically unheard-of in any board meeting.  Wuerl is always hiding the truth.   Maybe telling the truth will send Wuerl into a convulsion.  So, maybe he lies for medical purposes --- or maybe because he loves evil ... and can't get enough of it.

The $25 million

There was an $8 million installment made, with no paperwork attached.  Then came a $5 million installment, also with no paper trail.  All that Wuerl and his allies stated was that the money was not sent directly to the dermatology hospital, but to the Vatican, itself.   And voila.  The money disappeared.  

Yes, there is definitely a black hole in the Vatican that PBS Science and the other science channels should check-out.  That Vatican black hole should be on the cover of Science Weekly Magazine.

The added question is where did the other $12 million go?  At least the public knows that the first $13 million was sent to the Vatican, itself, before vanishing before our eyes.  This is why the Lateran Pact of 1929 was a really bad idea.  It was guaranteed to result in a thoroughly corrupt Vatican who would have no accountability to humanity.

All in all, the Vatican has basically become a bank engaged in a pivotal pea & shell game.   And people wonder why the faith has died all around us.  During the worldwide loss of Faith, Wuerl was there, ushering it in.

man standing near door

October 20, 2022

The Day I called Cardinal Ratzinger's Office

It was during the days of landlines, and not cell phones.
A source once gave me the private telephone line of the former Hitler
Youth, Joseph Ratzinger.   So, I called the Vatican, only to hear on
the other end of the telephone the flaming homosexual voice of an
assistant stonewalling me.  It was a decrepit flaming homosexual
voice, incidentally.  This was enlightening.  It showed Ratzinger's
preference ... predilection ... partiality.

The person who picked-up the phone said that it was not possible
for me to speak with the cardinal who was covering up for interna-
tion molester Marcial Maciel Degollado, at the time.  Well, it was
very possible to have had Joseph Ratzinger walk over to the phone
and speak.

A sign of Ratzinger's corruption was that no one told me the procedure
to get a complaint in Ratzinger's hands.  He willfully committed negli-
gence, and when it involved something brutally important as a corrupt
bishop, the negligence was a mortal sin.  If the Ratzinger people were
not corrupt, I would have been connected with an underling who would
have told me what type of letter to write, along with telling me what
address to use.

The problem was that I already sent the letter with the evidence attached.
A media personality sent a package of evidence against Wuerl.  Ratzinger
would have nothing to do with any complaint against Wuerl.  

Ratzinger's butler proved that Ratzinger only wanted to appoint his kind,
in the spirit of Nazi German prejudice.  So, the notably effeminate Ger-
man Ratzinger appointed the notable effeminate Donald Wuerl to the
capitol of the nation that ripped Nazi Germany to utter shreds.

When Ratzinger appointed Wuerl to Washington DC, that was the closest
that the Nazis ever came to conquering the capital of the United States.

Let it be remembered that Hitler declared war on America, and not visa-
versa.  Predictably enough, Ratzinger never had time for anyone who
had a complaint against Wuerl, with evidence to back it.  Years later,
we would see Ratzinger be nothing more than the cronyism pope,
presiding during a time of corruption so extreme that it prompted
a butler to reveal it.  It later became Vatileaks.

Remember, when a person isn't openly communicating, he's hiding
something evil.  Ratzinger was a deceiver who presented himself as
the strict doctrinal watchdog.  He was no rottweiler of God.   True
watchdogs of God have mercy & compassion within them.  They
attempt to convert those who fell astray.  Ratzinger once wrote that
it would be better to have less Catholics ... literally.

He apparently was more than willing to usher in the Sodomites and
completely abandon everyone else.  Ratzinger did not care to protect
the laity from Maciel the molester, Wuerl the conniving power abuser,
or even Fr Kiesle of California.

In the end, Ratzinger made it all the way to the top, only to resign
in disgrace, amidst people bitterly offended by his willful negligence
and prejudicial favoritism.

Person after person sent documentation to Ratzinger, in complaint
of Donald Wuerl.  In turned out that doing so had the same effect
as chickens sending their complaints to the second fox in the coup.
Ratzinger protected two corrupt individuals who were associated
with each other.  One was Maciel and the other one was Wuerl.

A person who used to say that he was such a holy man, recently
referred to Ratzinger as the one who was thought to  be holy, but
who was a walking lie.  Even a Ratzinger fan turned against the
guy.  His memory will not be a fond one.

Wuerl's official Pittsburgh residence, from 1988 to 2006.
                                        Ratzinger protected Wuerl, just like he protected Maciel.

October 12, 2022

The 5 million+ pageviews into 2016: Its significance, in light of the Vatican ignoring complaints against Wuerl

The point to this statistical outline is to illustrate circumstantially that 
the Cardinal Donald Wuerl who has been living the Marie Antoinette 
Lifestyle for consecutive decades and who rose through the ranks of 
the Vatican II Church only did so by CORRUPTION and not by merit.  
Yes, there was a recent time when this site was a happening place.
None the less, Wuerl got away with all he did ... and in all in his
sins of omission, in his deliberate indifference ... in his negligence 
... in his dereliction of duty.  He was never called to accountability,
and the damage he caused was not yet repaired.   Yet, the guy was
caught, and the Vatican acted as if nothing wrong happened.

This post is to plausibly indicate that, when the wrongs of Donald Wuerl 
were uncovered, either the present ruling body of the Vatican looked the 
other way or his inner-recessed propagandists painted a deceptive picture
of him that deceived the decision-makers at the Holy See. - - -  not unlike 
in the case of the late Marcial Maciel Degollado, international molester 
and morphine addict whose handsome "envelope donations" to the Vati-
can were called polite bribery.  Let us begin with the topic at hand:
A picture and the 1,000 word thing,
posted in order to accentuate a point
When you have more pageviews than an autumn tree has changing leaves, 
and when one of your subjects is the corruption of a power-grabbing cardi-
nal who violated moral law, church law, & the Holy See's mandates, some-
one in the Vatican WILL become informed of it, without you knowing that 
the informing was being done, until some time later.  Then, you will find 
out that the Vatican authority looked the other way, performing complete 
negligence in the matter.

The problem is that the modernized Vatican is exceptionally corrupt, as has
been proven via:  1} the 2002 sex abuse scandal revelations,  2} the Maciel
scandal,  3}  the Vatican Bank Scandal,  4} the Scarano money laundering
scandal, 5} Vatileaks 1.0 (Year 2012),  6} Vatileaks 2.0 (Year 2015), and
7} the Balducci / Eheim Sodomy Prostitution Ring.   And that's just for

As far as goes the Vatican, in this era of Vatileaks 1.0 and 2.0 ========>  

One of the most vivid teachings which came from today's Vatican, without 
it ever having been placed in print,  is that the corrupt ALWAYS keep the
corrupt in power.   In as much, if men of conscience and good will ruled 
at the Vatican, instead of it being ruled by cronies who turned the post of
shepherd into the post of wealth accumulator, then Donald Wuerl, would 
have been ejected from the Roman Catholic Church's hierarchical power 
grid  long ago.  All in all, the Vatican has been violating its own Canon

The Donald Wuerl we knew in Pittsburgh was knowingly and heartless-
ly vicious.  The only thing that he was good at doing was causing pain.  
I was there.  I witnessed it firsthand and saw the looks of fear, rejection,
dejection, disenchantment, discouragement, chagrin, and similar.

In the meantime, he would live in Marie-Antoinette-Comfort between 
his Warwick Terrace residence & his four star hotel destinations, pillow 
mints included.  Of course, Malachi Martin alleged that Wuerl also had 
an apartment in the Pittsburgh precinct of Shadyside, presumably for
less than penitential purposes.  But, this is only an allegation, even
though it was told by a best-selling author who correctly predicted
the outcome of the first of two 1978 papal elections.  Yes, Father
Martin predicted that Cardinal Albino Lucciani was to succeed
Pope Paul VI.  He did so and took the name, John Paul I, lasting
for as many days as Christ had years on this Earth;  33.
Wuerl made life in Pittsburgh unbearable for whistle blowers.
As of the April 2017, the Pontillo hit count is some approximate number near
5 million.  The stat keeping in this article only goes to January 2017, however.
But, it's enough to prove a point and to hover near statistical honesty.

The starting point here, in order to prove a point, is the most recent Pontillo
URL to have been constructed thus far.   As of the 12th of January 2017, it
has thus far received 3,532,578 hits.

In fact, between July 5, 2015 and January 12, 2017, the aforementioned Pontillo
URL accumulated 2,788,241 pageviews.  During that 558 day period, it averaged
4,996 hits per day, 208 hits per hour; 3.47 hits per minute and one hit every 17.3 
seconds for that one URL, alone.  Meanwhile, the Vatican wastes out lives away.

Incidentally,  July 5, 2015 marked the beginning of the relentless personal attack
campaign against me ... by a person now over 70 years of age, which comprised
easily provable libel & harassment against  yours truly, It was simply the act of
retaliating against an evidence-based whistle-blower, namely me.

Next, add to the tally sheet the other active Pontillo URLs' pageviews, as well
as the pageviews on those 3rd party sites that carry any of the Pontillo articles
& photography, be they there through expressed copyright permission or piracy.
In that case, you have well over four and a half million hits thus far.  Now . . .
Tally Sheet from the beginning

From the first moment the most recent Pontillo URL went online 872 days prior
(Aug 25, 2014 - January 12, 2016)  to the time of this update, its pageview count 
averaged 4,051 hits per day, 28,357 hits per week, 121,530 hits per month, and 
1,478,615 hits per year.  

All that the present Vatican prelates did during this time was waste our lives away, 
while engaging in Olympic Class Corruption, as was evidenced by Vatileaks 1.0
and 2.0.

And yes, I'm aware of the reports from certain entities that Francis I is taking steps
of clean up the Vatican.  Well, his signature is on Vatileaks 2.0, and a tree is judged
by its fruits.  What fruits have fallen from the Vatican tree as of lately?  From what
we had to endure during the John Paul II days and Bendict XVI days, you might as
well have had Bill & Hillary Clinton run the Vatican.

          Below:  The January 12, 2017 snapshot 
Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Works at Investment & Enterprise, Inc
Attended the Univ of Tampa & St Francis of Pennsylvania
Lives in Chicago
500 followers|3,532,578 views

July 4, 2015  Snapshot

Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Works at Investment & Enterprise, Inc.
Attended the Univ of Tampa & St Francis of Pennsylvania
Lives in Pittsburgh
73 followers|744,337 views

In review, at the start of 2017, two of the Pontillo URLs had over a quarter 
million mark, another URL passed the 3 Million pageview mark.  Even 
as recently as August, September, & October 2016, the Pontillo URLs had 
a couple 30,000+ hit days, a couple 20,000+ hit days, several 10,000+ hit
days, and many 6,000+ & 8,000+ hit days.  In first half of November 2016,
there were a share of 24,000+ & 30,000+ hit days.





All in all, the Wuerlgate author, as investigative writer, researcher, photograph-
er, and author of multiple topics was member of the  Million Hit Club at the 
start of 2014.  Yet, the Vatican feigns ignorance to the evidence-supported sub-
ject matter that incriminates.Cardinal Donald Wuerl and which was posted for 
public view and which furthermore was mailed to the same Vatican in 2014 ...
... and which was  then mailed again to the corrupt Vatican in March of 2015 
by a canon lawyer, from the corrupted Vatican's own post office, though in a
much lesser amount of pages and covering only one topic.

In July, August, September, October of 2015,  the Pontillo sites were getting 
40,000 to 60,000 hits per week.  This translated into an average of 160,000 to
180,000 to 200,000+ monthly hits.  Then, in November 2015, the pageviews
were 65,000+ per week, rendering total hits somewhere in the vicinity of a
quarter million per month, alone.  Then, during the second half of 2015, the
daily pageview count reached as high as 21,587, 26,335 and 30,338.  Even
in the two days comprising February 1 & 2, 2016, the hit count was 18,216.

                               In addition to the two packages of 
                          documentation sent to the Papal Office

For the record, in addition to the two mailings to the papal office, keep in mind
that someone, while in Rome, did notify a Vatican official of the Wuerlgate  re-
velations.  Nothing was done.  It was during the Joseoh Ratzinger papacy --- the
Cronyism Papacy ... the Vatileak 1.0 Papacy.  Today, we are dealing with the
Vatileak 2.0 pontificat where specific Caucasian cardinals have become the
Church's worst enemy.  

Concerning this, German Cardinal Walter Kasper, in keeping with his nation's
Nazi racist roots, stated in front of cameras and audio-recording equipment that
he and his faction does NOT listen to the African bishops, in any advice they
have to give.  Now, Hitler came into power in January 1933,  Kasper was born
in March of 1933. His first twelve years of existence was under Nazi indoctri-
nation.  You can take the boy out of Nazi Germany, but you cannot take the
Nazi Germany out of the boy.

As of December 3, 2016:

The retired & off-the-radar Pontillo URLs ....... 343,000+ pageviews

The Blue Marble Album .................................. 279,450   pageviews.
Wuergate IV ....................................................  319,491   pageviews.
The Heart of the Virgin Mary ......................... 171,285   pageviews.
The Pontillo / Three Rivers URL .................  3,532,578 pageviews


                                                 Total thus far: 4,645,804+ pageviews        

Add the hits on the various pirate sites which stole my works and the hits 
on those sites which did post my works with my permission.   So,  do you
think that the Vatican never heard of the subject matter posted for world-
wide public view on Wuerlgate, aka Wuerleaks?   

None the less, you now know that whenever a Wuerl person or a Bendig 
affiliate says, "Oh, nobody looks at that guy's stuff,the person is lying.  
Furthermore, if I had written anything non-factually, then one of Wuerl's
pit bulls would have had a field day with my reputation.  Bill Donohue
hasn't spend one sentence mocking me as he mocked Mike Voris and
George Neumayr.  Ever wonder why?

Furthermore,  when you recall that Cipolla-accuser, Diane Thompson, 
claimed that you can search for any information on me for day and find 
nothing, you know that she is a liar.  She first sent harassing emails to me,
and then she claimed she can't find proof of my existence.  None the less,  
the sudden death of Anthony Cipolla, as of August 30, 2016, proves that 
I am not him in disguise.  It therefore proves Thompson to be a liar.

Also, the fact that you did NOT have to pay an admission fee to see this site,
and the fact that there is no paypal collection window additionally ... along
with the fact that there is NO ADVERTISING on my sites ... proves that the 
same Diane Thompson is a serial liar, being that she publicly stated that I am
a grifter who makes money out of my sites.  After all, I never charged a penny 
for you to look at my sites, and you can't deny it. 

In addition, if someone concludes that Rome ignored the wrongs of  Donald
Wuerl, on account of Rome having no idea that such accusations and eviden-
tiary support ever existed, then you can be sure that the individual is either
clueless or a deliberate liar.

 More stats, before the blatant point is to be made:
 (These stats are to be read in the quick jog mode.)

Even at the beginning of 2017, the Pontillo sites received daily hits totals of
11,000+, 16,000+, and 17,000+.  And that was merely for the first 12 days of
the year.  Then there was 2016.

The following stats concern single-day hits  at a time;  not an accumulation
of multiple days.  That is to say, the count for each day starts at zero.  In as
much, the number of hits that the Pontillo URLs received on the first and
second day of February 2016 was 18,216.  In January, there were two or
three or so 9,000+ and 10,000+ days, as well.  Throughout the rest of that
time, the daily hits ranged from 1,500 to 7,000.

As was previously stated, August & September 2016 had a couple 30,000+ 
hit days, a couple 20,000+  hit days, a few 10,000+ hit days, and multiple 
5,000+ hit days.  This shows that the smear campaign of Diane Thompson, 
and the lunge for my jugular vein, as was made by an emotionally explosive 
New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Housewife utterly failed.

Going further back in time, on December 23, 2015 the one-day Pontillo hit
count was 11,313.  On December 21, the pageview count was 21,852, and
on December 19, it was 30,338.  On the 15th of December, the Pontillo hit
count was 17,729. and on December 14, the one-day hit count was 19,539.

The December 13 one-day hit count was 8,664, and on the 9th of December,
it was 13,589.  This was preceded by the December 8th hit count of 12,067
In fact, on the first day of December 2015, the hit count was 12,841.  

On November 30, the hit count for the same Pontillo URL was 13,519and 
the November 29 one-day hit count was 16,847.  On November 27, the page-
view count was 15,040, and on November 26, it was 16,926.  In fact, on two
of the days between November 20 and 25, the hit count was 11,000+ for each
of those two days.  

In addition, on November 11, 2015, the single-day hit count was 11,926.  On
November 10, it was 12,020.  On November 9, the pageview count went over
 the 14,000 mark.  Prior to that, on November 2, 2015, the Pontillo URL hit
count was 11,690.  

In addition, the number of hits that the five major Pontillo URLs received 
on  October 31st was 10,216.   On the 30th of October, it was 9,942.  On 
October 29, 2015 the Pontillo URL hit count was 16,007.    On the 28th
of October, people throughout the world clicked on the Pontillo URLs
17,175 times.   On the 26th of October, it was 11,192 times.

On October 19, people throughout the world clicked on the Pontillo URLs 
8,391 times.  On the 18th of October, it was 11,823 times.  On October 14, 
it was 7,128, times.  Then, on the 12th of October, the pageview count was 
12,680.   In sequence,the October 4 hit count was 11,334.  

Now for September:

The one-day hit count of the Pontillo URLs for September 7th, 2015 was 
26,335.  It happened to have been an American holiday, where many an
American had extra time to look at the Internet.  Then, on the next day, 
September 7, the one-day hit count was 6,899.  Then, for the 13th of 
September the hit count was 14,444.   On the succeeding day, the single-
day hit count was 10,642.  

Next came September 15, when the one-day pageview count was 15,605.  
This was  followed by the September 19th hit count of 9,905.  On the 20th
of September, the one-day pageview count on the Pontillo URLs was 14,859.
Similar results occurred in the months prior, as well.

Meanwhile, no law firm ever contacted me in the name of Diane Thompson 
or anyone else on Earth.  I've not yet been threatened with legal action by any 
law firm or advocacy group .... or any court by or any person on account of any-
thing I ever wrote.  

I did receive emails from two private citizens who informed me that I needed to
correct TWO articles, and I did so.  The two people were NOT the Tim Bendig
and Diane Thompson who think that the common & uncommon man is gullible
enough to believe whatever they allege and assert.  I caught both lying more
than a couple times each ... Well, more than a couple of a couple times, to
state it politely.

                                               As of May 9, 2015:

The fourth edition of Wuerlgate IV accumulated 193,451 hits, 
3,021 of which were received on that one day.

Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

           As of May 13, Wuerlgate IV made it to 195,442 hits
                      (below is the daily chart for May 13)
Graph of Blogger page views

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

          Wuerlgate IV  hits for the day of May 28, 2015 only.
           (The monthly hit count is progressively climbing.)
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

 Now for the Point to be Made:

There has been enough public exposure of the Wuerlgate site and the oth-
er Pontillo writings/pictorials that someone somewhere could have easily
notified some Vatican official at some recent time about the existence of
the evidence gathered against Cardinal Wuerl.  In fact, all that one needs
to do, in order to find Wuerlgate, is to Google Donald Wuerl,  Cardinal
Wuerl,  Cardinal Donald Wuerl,  Wuerl,  etc.

Even at that, the Jpegs of this site were sent to Rome, via paper mail, in
August 2014.  Narrations were included.  Yet, no response came from the
Vatican.  An abbreviated package was mailed to the papal office from the
Vatican post office in March of 2015 to no avail.  This is corruption and
deriliction of duty, ladies and gentlemen of the court of public opinion.

The Vatican acts as if the Wuerl file never existed.  However, there is the
obligation, under the Catholic Code of Canon Law, to act upon submitted
evidence "pervenit'' ..."as soon as it comes"...  to church authorities.   In
the vocabulary of American law, the phrase is sua sponte.  Furthermore,
any cleric who abuses his power is to be punished "doubly," according to
the same 1983 code.

All in all, when it comes to the Vatican hiding in the highest ranks of the
Catholic Church a cover-up artist, a power abuser, a retaliator, an alleged
apostate of nature, an alleged breaker of a major priesthood vow, and 
flaming heretic arrogantly changing 2,000 year old doctrine, as well as 
him having been an associate of the infernal Marcial Maciel Degollado,
the Vatican Curia cannot say, "Oh.  We didn't know.  We just didn't
know.  No one told us."  As was the case during the tenure of former
Hitler Youth, Benedict XVI,  the Vatican remains Cronyism Central.

Do not be deceived, I believe in One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic
Church, as well as the power of absolution from sin possessed by a
validly ordained priest, and Catholic Church doctrine.  I also believe
in Saint Paul's prophecy of  the Great Apostasy, the approved Marian 
apparition of Quito Ecuador, the approved Marian apparition of Akita 
Japan, the approved Marian apparition of La Salette, as well as Fatima.

The interesting thing is that, when a certain type of person assumes that
I am an anti-Catholic, bent on destroying every church on Earth, that per-
son loves me and keeps contacting me.  Then, when the same church hat-
er discovers that I actually believe in my Italian, Danish-Irish, & Celtic-
Irish ancestors' Catholicism, that person suddenly gets convulsive and
huffy towards me.  That same person then never contacts me again.

The Wuerlgate contents comprise more than enough evidence against
5'4" Donald Wuerl to trigger remedial action from the Vatican.  There
was also the petition for an anti-sweatshop apostolate, and its silence in
that department shows the hypocrisy of the Vatican, in light of the com-
ments made on that serious topic, by Pope Francis himself.

In fact, this is an issue that Wuerl always ignored, as if he wanted a slave
class to exist.  Of course, the qualified opinion is that Wuerl is too much
of a coward to speak out against America's corporate holders of wealth.

There was additionally a petition to excardinate the credible whistle blow-
er deacon whom Wuerl trapped and refused to ordain ... to free him from
the trap into where Wuerl canonically placed him.  There was more in
the package sent to Rome, only to be ignored.

Apparently, the Vatican does NOT care to clean-up its own ranks, being that
the Jpegs of Wuerlgate evidence had been mailed to the Vatican in 2014, to
no avail.

If it didn't get lost in the mail, then Rome snubbed subject matter which:

1} is evidence-supported subject matter that has been on the front page of each
of the three major search engines for the past three years,  2} is on a site that has
pageviews in the six-figure range, as well as having gotten tens of thousands of
hits on previous editions of Wuerlgate, 3} were pirated and placed on other web-
sites, translating into more exposure to the material which the Vatican ignores.
4} has been viewed by people in China, Russia, the Ukraine , the Middle East,
Continental Europe, the British Isles, and the Americas.

None the less, the Vatican spent six years acting as if the Maciel file never
existed, and he was the greatest molester in the known history of the church.
Cardinal Bernard Law got away with what he was doing for years,.  Wuerl
is getting a free ride, all the same.  After all, he was a Maciel man and the
protector of Maciel is still in power at the Vatican, as the dean of the college
of cardinals.  That person is Angelo Sodano.  All in all, the corruption and
cronyism of the Vatican, as was proven to exist by an aggrieved and consci-
entious butler, hasn't diminished.  Plus, as is blatantly obvious, yours truly,
the Wuerlgate author, is apparently a persona non grata in the minds of the
Vatican's ruling body.

The stats show that the Wuerl Supporters are little more than snakes who 
mislead with dismissive pretenses.  Stats & other types of fact always trump
the Wuerl People.  None the less, always keep in mind that the startling fea-
ture here is that the Pontillo articles are notoriously long ones, with statisti-
cal tables included.  This means that they are not for the faint of heart.  So,
the number of pageviews involved was startling.

If any one of the Wuerl People started from zero as I and several other
million-hit-club members did, none of the Wuerl Folk would have come
as far.  Why?  ANS: Because they don't stand for anything.  They feel no
one's pain, and they do NOT hunger and thirst for justice.  After all, they
speak out against no economic or political injustices.  They only speak
out against California native George Neumayr.

                     More Pontillo Pageview Stats

                              as of May 10, 2015:

          The Heart of the Virgin Mary had 133,765 hits
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

    The relatively new photography site had a count of  37,877 hits
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
                                    As of May 13, 2015

       The Blue Marble Album reached the 206,283 hit mark.
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

      As of May 24, 2015, the Marian site looked as follows:
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

On June 1, the Blue Marble Album looked like this
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

Now, this is sufficient enough exposure for anyone's works.  But, it's
a tremendous amount of exposure for sites that contain long articles
with statistical tables, timelines, line itemizations, numbering, etc.
Reading Pontillo articles is like reading term papers and/or peer
reviewed papers, in as far as goes their usual length.

I was informed that two entirely different articles of mine required
34 and 37 pages, for printing them out into paper.  One was about
WWII and the other one was about James Torquato's retaliations.
Quite frankly, I don't write articles, I write book chapters, term
papers, pamphlets.  Twice I was referred to as writing "tomes."

Even at that, how many people do you know who had three URLs get
over 1,000 hits each on the same one day, as the Pontillo URLs did on
March 12, 2015 and on a few other "blue moon days?"  Maintaining a
multiplicity of sites, and keeping them from turning into online ghost
towns, can be difficult.

Below: Wuerlgate IV snapshot for the day of March 12, 2015, the most
recent Triple 1,000 Hit Day which comes only in a blue moon.  At 1,045
pageviews, it wasn't the Pontillo URL with the most hits for that day.  It
didn't even get the second most hits for the day.

Graph of Blogger page views

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
 Wuerlgate IV all-time audience stats as of January 12,
2017:   (This does NOT include the pageviews of the first 
three editions or the fifth edition)

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom

Directly below:  The Blue Marble Album II all-time                                                 
audience stats as of January 12, 2017:

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom


The Heart (and Mind) of the Virgin Mary,
for the day of March 12, 2015.

Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history
Below:  Same site for the week ending on April 24, 2015.  For the
past thirty days, the most hits in one day was 2,017.  Avg hits per 
day were 377.
Graph of Blogger page views
Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

So, as you can now see, any snide remark about people not wanting to read
the Wuerlgate author's writings is a complete lie.  Their ignoring of it in
public doesn't mean that everyone else did.  They failed to keep it off of
the front page of the world's most frequented search engines.

The pageview stats prove that a sector of humanity finds merit and social
concern in the Wuerlgate articles,  the site's archive links,  and its many 
pieces of Jpeg evidence.  This makes the silence of the Vatican and the
Wuerl People, as well as the Bendig camp, a con artist's act of contempt
toward mankind.  They will do what they can to keep the truth away from
you.  Meanwhile, I did what I could to have the truth delivered to you ... 
... for free ... except for your monthly internet provider bill.

There's also the matter of adding to the tally sheet the hits that the Wuerl-
gate articles received on the pirate sites.  The internet pirates didn't ignore
those writings, to say the least.  So, why did the Vatican do so, even after
the Jpeg evidence and narrations thereof were both sent to the Vatican in
the Summer of 2014 and in March of 2015?  Did the packages somehow 
get conveniently lost in the mail?  If so, then that's a major coincidence.

For the Good Name of their Selfish Little Selves

As was previously mentioned by me, what it actually is,. in my opinion,
is that they're afraid that the Vatican won't get as much donation money,
if more of its higher-ups become exposed for corruption and injustice.

No matter how much work is done to procure justice in the Crony-Era
Church and to repair the damage caused by Donald Wuerl, the egotism
of the present ruling body at the Vatican will make  all of your labor for

Well, the priests whom Wuerl unjustly assassinated in character needed to be
protected, also ... for the good name of the exact same church.  However . . .

The reality is that the concern of today's Vatican is only the "good name of the
higher-ups in the church's good ole boy network."   They have turned the Seat
of Saint Peter into Cronyism Central.  Wuerl is part of a corrupt circuit.  That
corruption keeps being unveiled, as is the case with NYC, Cardinal Dolan,
and the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese.

Why can't they at the Vatican be honest enough to admit that their protection
of Wuerl and similar clerics is for the good of their bank accounts and income