June 27, 2023

A sunrise broken by gunfire on a school bus. An investigation as to the root cause of the gunfire suffocated. Wuerl let it be suffocated.

by guest writer Mike Ference, detailing the experience of having
a son get shot in the back of the head and then to be treated as
an impediment to Wuerl's rise to power.  Edited as to its syntax.
Diplomatically abridged as to its contents.

The sodomizing of youth by Catholic clergy members and then covered
up by church hierarchs was something seldom discussed.  It was seldom
discussed until the media broke open the seals of secrecy that were once
glazed over Cardinal Bernard Law's disgraced Boston Archdiocese.

It was twenty-three years ago when I was forced to begin investigating
similar things in the county where sits Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  This
was because a fifteen year old youth allegedly preoccupied with the
Occult,  Satanism, and devil-worship attempted to murder my son,
Adam, on a school bus.  The same youth then killed himself.

My investigation began in December of 1989.  This means that I was
forced to start my work thirteen calendar years before veteran journal-
ists of the Boston Globe exposed Catholic Church red hatter Bernie
Law for having habitually covered the criminal actions of priests.  Ten
years after having begun my investigations, the Philadelphia district at-
torney’s office put to bed the prosecution of every Philadelphia area
cleric accused of the same old crimes and the same old cover ups.
Being a molester in Pennsylvania was a lucrative pastime, at the time.

The attack on my son took place on the morning of December 5, 1989,
around 8:00 am.  A bus carrying Serra Catholic High School students
began its approach toward the school's entrance doors.  A bus loaded
with dozens of teenagers was beginning to cross onto Serra Catholic
school grounds when the would-be assassin pulled out a loaded hand-
gun and blasted a shot into the back of my son’s head.  He next placed
the gun to his temple and fired the second shot.

Two ambulances transferred my son and the shooter to the McKeesport
Hospital.  Both young men were admitted to the same emergency room,
separated by the curtains surrounding their beds.  A telephone call from
Brother Chuck, the guidance counselor of Serra Catholic, served notice
to our family to get to the McKeesport Hospital Emergency Room as
soon as possible.

Ironically, my wife, my eldest son, and I arrived at the hospital before
the ambulances did.  While a paramedic was pushing a gurney through
a hallway, I shouted to the man, “If that’s Adam Ference, tell him his 
parents are here.”  The body was completely covered.  Deep-down in-
side, and without saying a word, I hoped and I prayed it wasn’t Adam.
Seconds later came another gurney, being pushed through the hallway.
It was Adam, sitting up.  He was conscious, but I wasn’t sure how
alert he was.

A nurse came to escort me back to where my son was.  I still didn’t
know what happened.  A disheveled detective from the McKeesport
Police Department approached my wife and I.  He recklessly pulled a
gun from a brown paper bag and asked if we had ever seen the wea-
pon before.  Confused and bewildered, we shook our heads sideways,
quietly saying no.  A teacher would then pull the detective to the side
and tell him that we weren’t the parents he needed to talk to.

I watched an ER room's bed sheets get saturated with blood as the
shooter lay dead, no doubt from the 32-caliber self-inflicted gunshot
wound.  It was a shot taken seconds after the shooter blasted my
son’s skull with his first shot, done while my son sat directly in front
of him, half asleep.

Minutes later, a nurse called me into the emergency room, to see my
son.  I tried to reassure him that everything would be alright, as he
seemed to daze in and out of consciousness.  I caught myself glanc-
ing back and forth from the wound in the back of my son’s head to
the blood-stained sheets of the shooter in the bed next to my son.
It were as if I was watching a tennis match or a ping pong game.

I prayed and promised God that I would do whatever I could to make
things right, not knowing what that meant, and still not knowing what
exactly happened.  Now, I knew that Adam could never intentionally
harm anyone with a gun.  But, I figured that he might have accidental-
ly tripped someone, resulting in multiple gun shots being unleashed from
a loaded weapon.  So, I kept promising God that I would do whatever
it took to make things right.  Sadly, I heard a father crying; weeping
over his son’s dead body.  All but for the grace of God, the father in
anguish could have been me.

Twenty-three years later, I’m still trying to keep the promise I made
in the McKeesport ER.  Needless to say, Donald Wuerl has been a
ruthless antagonist, preventing the truth from being uncovered. This
Wuerl keeps us in the dark, in so many diabolical ways.

Several weeks after the shooting, my son was well on his way to re-
covery.  Several weeks after the shooting, a seasoned law enforce-
ment officer who actively participated in the investigation, ended up
sitting in my living room, alleging to my wife and I that the investiga-
tion of my son's attempted murder was deliberately quashed by the
McKeesport Police Chief (Thomas Brletic) and his investigating of-
ficers.  The man who alleged this to me was and is William Scully.

At the time, Scully was the Public Safety Officer of Clairton.  At the
time, Clairton no longer had a police force, due to the economic woes
which followed the demolition of the Pittsburgh steel industry.  Prior
to being Clairton's public safety director, Scully was assistant chief
of police for the same town of Clairton and served several years as
a police officer there.

To compensate for the case being allegedly quashed, Scully provid-
ed me with specific notes and details about the shooter.  He alleged
that the shooter was sexually abused by Fr. John Wellinger, a parish
priest at Holy Spirit Church in West Mifflin, PA.  Prior to Wellinger’s
assignment at Holy Spirit, he was an assistant pastor of Saint Clare
of Assisi Church, in Clairton.  The shooter served as an altar boy for
Fr. Wellinger at St. Clare's.

According to several sources, the shooter was often an after-school
guest of Wellinger, at the parish rectory house, along with other boys.
It was a parish house equipped with a pool table, pinball machines
and other facilities which keeps young boys amused for hours.

Scully also provided specific information about Wellinger allegedly
harming a teenager from Holy Spirit Church in West Mifflin.  This
harming allegedly occurred circa 1987 or 1988.  I even received an
email from the alleged victim in 2011 that suffices as evidence that
easily confirms my allegations on the topic.

As time progressed, I would eventually speak with several sources.
The sources included a retired police chief of West Mifflin, as well
as a police officer of the same West Mifflin whose son was alleged-
ly molested by the same John Wellinger.  My sources also included
several ladies who worked along side Wellinger at Holy Spirit Parish.

There was even the matter of a woman who may have known John
Wellinger intimately.  Added to the list is the former Pittsburgh Post
Gazette investigative reporter who alleged that Wellinger once made
a homosexual pass at him.  An additional source included a Florida
man who once visited Wellinger at Holy Spirit Parish, and alleged
that Wellinger wanted to perform an unnatural act on his person.
Plus, there was the teenager to whom Wellinger allegedly supplied
a spiked alcoholic beverage which knocked the youth out for hours.

Concerning the youth, he eventually returned to consciousness and
dialed 911.  He then allegedly staggered down apartments stairs, to
meet an awaiting ambulance which allegedly took the youth to then
Presbyterian University Hospital (now part of the University of Pitts-
burgh Medical Center).

According to the allegations, he and his family were victimized yet
again, in the alleged cover-up that followed.  It’s sad that it has taken
over 23 years for me to release my information with just a scant hope
of justice finally being served.  Tragically speaking, as I have tried to
draw attention to the various crimes and cover ups, I can only imagine
how many more victimscould have been saved from being victimized,
if only Wuerl and government officials would have applied an element
of human decency and did what needed to have been done.

Michael Unglo is one person who immediately comes to mind.  Mike
committed suicide shortly after the Diocese of Pittsburgh, under Bish-
op David Zubik, stopped financing his psychiatric treatment.  Now, the
Pittsburgh diocese had already payed $300,000 in psychiatric bills for
Michael.  But, Mike suffered from flashbacks, due to the alleged mo-
lestations of the defrocked Richard Dorsch who receives a thousand
dollar a month stipend (pension) from the diocese.

Meanwhile, homosexual con artist Fr James Torquato immediately
canceled all business contracts with his accuser's uncle, and Wuerl
ratified Fr. Torquato's act of economic terrorism, as if Wuerl were
performing the terrorism himself.  Basically, James Torquato black-
mailed his accuser's uncle.  The uncle was to get Torquato's accus-
er to retract his accusations against Torquato or else lose significant

I would like to point out something about my son's attempted murder.
The shooter was not sitting is his regular seat that day, nor did he get
on at his regular stop.  My son did sit in his regular seat, close to the
window.  The shooter was allegedly in the aisle seat behind him.  This
means that he was originally catty-corner to Adam.  Well, he alleged-
ly switched seated and was now exactly behind Adam.

The exact conjecture as to what was transpiring during the attempted
murder of my son was thwarted by parents not allowing their children
to be interviewed by law enforcement investigators.  Depositions exist
which can be supplied as proof of a community-wide cover up.

Concerning Adam's case, I had sought help from many people in gov-
ernment.  I was referred to an Allegheny County detective by form-
er a PA State Trooper, named Robert Griffin.  Griffin was brought
into the case in 1989 and  investigated the Satanic and Occult inter-
ests of my son's shooter and the shooter's friends.  The detective to
whom I was referred simply stated that the Diocese of Pittsburgh

was covering up crimes for years.  The offending priests would be
shuffled from one parish to another, the detective alleged.  He made
it sound as if there was nothing he could do about it.

There is a long list of state troopers who did absolutely nothing.  Like-
wise, the same nothing came from former Pennsylvania Senator and
Catholic Church lobbyist, Rick Santorum.  Senator Arlen Spector al-
so chose to ignore my case, as did Congressman Mike Doyle.  Plus,
Carol Burke, Chief of Staff for State Rep David Levdansky, simply
advised me to get over it.

An FBI agent did exist who was well-aware of Wellinger’s alleged
sexual shenanigans, but the agent was preoccupied with the investi-
gation into a drug raid gone bad which resulted in a fellow agent be-
ing killed.  So, the Pittsburgh diocese has been getting a free pass,
ever since the tenure of Anthony Bevilacqua.  Include Wuerl's ten-
ure also, especially in light of the fact that Wuelr paid no price for
his alleged absence of cooperativeness during an investigation that
resulted in the arrests of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Wuerl also paid
no price thus far, for ratifying the Torquato retaliations.

Allegheny County's Courthouse is located on Grant Street, in down-
town Pittsburgh.  Supposedly, justice is served there.  Sadly enough,
some of the PA judges were bought and sold like stolen merchandise
at outdoor flea markets.  I cite the infamous Luzerne County “Cash
for Kids” scandal that sent two greed-infested Pennsylvania judges to
federal prisons, after years of locking up children in private juvenile de-
tention centers for things as petty as summary offenses.

The detention centers are owned by Gregory Zappala, son of former
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen Zappala, Sr and
brother of Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala, Jr.
Sadly enough, one of the victims of this barbaric practice would end
up committing suicide after two incarcerations.  His death would take
place on the 10th of June, 2010, the same day when Allegheny County
District Attorney Stephen Zappala was sworn in as a member of the
board that oversees clergy sex abuse allegation, under the auspices
of the United States Bishop’s Conference.

It’s pertinent to point out that the attempted murder of my son took
place in McKeesport, PA.  It's a section of the Mon Valley jokingly
referred to as Mob Valley.  It's the last place one expects to find any
semblance of justice.  McKeesport is filled with case after case of
systematic and deliberate cover ups of criminal behavior, most often
alleging McKeesport police and democratic officials as being at the
center of the alleged cover ups.

Some allegations involved 1] a dead teenage girl whose body was
found in a McKeesport cemetery, 2] a woman held captive for al-
most a decade by a McKeesport School district security guard, and
3] the Cornell Elementary School scandal which allegedly involved
two McKeesport teachers doing their best to imitate dogs in heat,
while two other teachers allegedly did their best to act like watch-
dogs.  All actions were either well concealed or never happened.
None the less, the allegation that Fr. John Wellinger molested the
shooter of my son,  as well as had drugged-up the drink of another
youth, were things stated in Scully's notes.  Thus, these allegations
came from someone who had official status.

I’ve also met and talked with yet, another accuser of former Pitts-
burgh clergy member, John Wellinger.  This accuser was one of the
plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
His parents were parishioners of Holy Spirit Church in West Mifflin.

For now, I want to caution people from outside of Pennsylvania that,
if you're contemplating moving here, you would do better to just stay
put.  Jim Potts, founder of Democracy Rising and advocate for hon-
est government in Pennsylvania, opined on a Pittsburgh radio station
that “Pennsylvania may be the most corrupt state in America.”
I agree with Potts.  However, I would extend his opinion to include
most third world countries.

Consider the following before you plan a visit to Pennsylvania, or
worse yet, to move to this commonwealth:   1] the Cash for Kids
Scandal;  2] the Jerry Sandusky and Penn State scandal;  3] the
grand jury investigations into the rape and sodomizing of innocent
children in the Philadelphia Archdiocese;  4] the Tanya Kash case
involving a McKeesport School District security guard allegedly
holding a teenager captive for almost ten years;  5] Cardinal Don-
ald Wuerl's proven triple cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci, by
which he ignored the Child Protective Services Act and was ac-
cused of having been uncooperative during the criminal investiga-
tion of the three priests he tried to conceal ... followed by Wuerl
facing zero accountability for his evil commissions and equally
evil omissions.

All of these cases allege police and government officials being all
too willing to delay or hamper investigations involving children in
harm’s way.  In a Philadelphia archdiocesan case, a ten-year-old
boy was alleged to have been sodomized by his teacher in a park.
When the teacher had satisfied his barbaric cravings, the alleged-
ly victimized youth was forced to make his way home on his own,
bleeding from his rectum.

Pennsylvania is a pro-pedophile state, in my opinion.  My opinion,
of course, comes from personal experience and a lot of investigat-
ing, done free of charge.  So, you can either take my word for it or
risk your own children’s lives to prove me wrong.  In Pennsylvania,
even adults were the victims of power abuse.  Concerning this, you
can either take my word for it or else risk your own future to prove
me wrong.

Mike Ference

For Part 2, see: 

Priest interrogated shooting victim shortly after surgery, instead of letting him rest.

  ...  by guest writer Mike Ference, in continuation of his narration of
       Donald Wuerl's disregard for the trauma that the Ference family
       endured, shortly after and long after the attempted murder of a
       young Adam Ference on Pittsburgh diocesan school grounds.

On December 5, 1989, my son was the victim of handgun bullet wound
in the back of his head.  The gun was held inches from his skull before
the shooter pulled the trigger.  The shooter then turned the gun on him-
self and successfully committed suicide.

The prime witness in this event was now dead.  Believe or not, this was
not the worst of it.  What would happen over the next few days, the next
few months, the next few years, and would continue for almost two de-
cades tells the story of just how corrupt and uncivilized the Common-
wealth of Pennsylvania has become.

Teenage suicides, sexual molestation, and attempted murders proved to
be nothing more than inconvenience for the Pennsylvania power mongers
who were present when the exploitation of the political/judicial system
was occurring  –  of a system they continue to maintain for the benefit of
a few well-placed and well-networked persons who don't have the com-
mon good in mind.

After undergoing six or seven hours of emergency neurosurgery, my son
was admitted to the intensive care unit and his vital signs would be closely
monitored for the next several days.  That night, my wife would begin her
14-day vigil, almost never being more than a few feet from our son’s bed-
side.  Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Diocese would begin its 20 year vigil of
covering up accusations leveled against people employed by the church;
not only Pittsburgh Diocesan personnel, but personnel from the Archdio-
cese of Boston, as well.

The Red Flag Incident

  On the night of Adam’s shooting, Serra Catholic High School
  Headmaster Sysol  (now deceased)  ventured into Presbyterian
  Hospital  (now the Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Center).  Sysol
  would ask my wife if he could visit with our son.  It was close
  to midnight and it had been the toughest day ever for my son
  and our close-knit family.  When Headmaster Sysol asked to
  visit with my son, my wife thought that she would be going in
  with him.  No such luck. 

The Questions as to the Headmaster's Intentions

Was Sysol on a mission?  Was Sysol on a clandestine operation, to find
out what, if anything, Adam knew about the shooter who befriended a
Fr. John Wellinger a few years earlier, at St. Clare of Assisi Parish in
Clairton?  Sysol would conveniently be in a position to also check and
see if my son, Adam, knew anything about Brother Kenneth Ghastin, a
teacher at Serra High School who was accused of molesting two teen-
age brothers in 1974, during a time when he taught at the now-defunct
Christopher Columbus High School, in Boston's North End.  This is ac-
cording to an article published by the Framingham Metro West Daily

As far as goes any concern for my son, Sysol had none that I could de-
tect.  He would question my son for almost three relentless hours, ask-
ing the same questions of a kid still dazed by a shotgun blast to the head
and still trying to recover from seven hours of intensive neurosurgery.

Let me repeat:  At Serra Catholic High School, in the Diocese of Pitts-
burgh, at the time when my son was the target of an attempted murder,
there was a member of the Boston Archdiocese stationed there who
was accused of molestation and who had close access to the school’s
male youths.  No one warned us of this.  Instead, they covered up their

It wouldn’t be until the middle 1990s that the Archdiocese of Boston
would finally reach a financial settlement with the families, concerning
that teacher.  The settlement would include a $30,000 payment to one
of the brothers.  Sadly, according to the paper, one of the brothers who
had a history of drug misuse would die in 1994.  Church files would re-
gard it as a suicide, as if he intended to die from that occasion of drug
misuse, and even though he apparently had no intention to die from drug
use at any time prior.  That is to say, the archdiocese did not mark the
death as an accidental one resulting  from long-term emotional trauma.

For now, that’s the rest of the story.  But plenty of questions still need
to be answered.  Did Donald Wuerl cooperate with the Archdiocese of
Boston and permit known pedophiles to remain in the Pittsburgh Diocese?
If so, were other pedophiles admitted to Serra Catholic High School and
other Catholic institutions without us knowing it?  Was it the assignment
of Headmaster Sysol to keep an eye on Brother Kenneth Ghastin and
possibly other abusive clergy transferred from Boston?  Knowing what
we know now about the Archdiocese of Boston abuse scandal, anything
is possible.

Little wonder that Father Ron Lengwin allegedly badgered the police of
McKeesport to quash the case of the attempted murder of my son, with
little investigative effort on the part of McKeesport police ...  and with no
cooperation with Pennsylvania State Police.  No wonder Serra Catholic
High School administrators would not permit McKeesport police to in-
vestigate the crime scene, according to the police report, and so done
against Lengwin’s judgment.  Incidentally, McKeesport police were not
permitted on Serra Catholic High School property for over 24 hours af-
ter the shooting of my son and the suicide of his shooter.

It is becoming clear as to why the Pittsburgh Diocese went to such great
lengths to cover up the accusations leveled against not merely one alleged
predator, but at least two, namely John Wellinger and Kenneth Ghastin.
No wonder why current St. Vincent Archabbot Douglas Nowicki would
have motive to offer me what I construed was a de facto bribe, in his be-
ing willing to admitting my son Adam to St. Vincent College, while saying
it in such a way that I interpreted the offer as having strings attached to it.
No wonder why Cardinal Bernard Law would visit that same Latrobe in-
stitution before his final and most shameful departure for Rome.

A telephone call to Serra Catholic High School in McKeesport, PA re-
sulted in the principal refusing to give his last name and almost begging
for advice on how to handle this latest development.  I advised the man
to do the right thing.  He did not know how to respond or what I even
meant.  So much for the training and all the zero-tolerance policies.

I had hoped to speak with Barbara Thorp of the Archdiocese of Boston
as soon as was possible.  Likewise, New York Franciscan administrators
Father Patrick Boyle and Father Robert Campagna seemed prepared to
cooperate and provide the necessary information needed to finally get to
the truth.  But, that hope was sparked in 2009.  It's now the Year 2012,
and I have gotten no results.  Incidentally, Brother Ghastin asserted his
innocence, at last count.

Mike Ference

June 26, 2023

Wuerl's attorney bullied family already victimized by attempted murder.

Adam was shot in the back of the head, while seated on a parked bus,
on Serra Catholic school grounds.  His shooter then killed himself.
Preliminary Statement:  In case you're entirely missing the point, the Adam
Ference attempted murder investigation occurred in the State of Pennsylvania:

in 1] the Sandusky State,  2] the Bevilacqua State, 3] the State of Nick Perry
& the Tampered Lottery Balls , 4] the Video Poker Machine Magistrate State,
5] the Luzerne County Cash for Kids State,  6] the Voter Rights Suppression
State, and  7] the Donald Wuerl Cover-up State where Wuerl got away with
 having entirely ignored the Child Protective Services Act in four simultane-
ous cases, comprising Fathers Robert Wolk, Richard Zula, Francis Pucci,
and John Hoehl.  In fact, Wuerl was accused of having foot dragged during
a criminal investigation which resulted in a triple indictment of three of
Wuerl's priests, yet he was never called to answer for allegedly doing so.

Pennsylvania is also the State where Wuerl ratified the Torquato Retaliations
and made the life of a credible accuser/deacon a living Hell.  Pennsylvania is
additionally the State where a judge dismissed a molester priest case, solely
on the grounds that he was a priest.


A 16 year old Adam Ference sat on a bus which had just rolled onto the
grounds of a Pittsburgh area Catholic high school.  It was December and
Christmas was approaching.  Adam was in the third row from the back of
the bus.  A gun was suddenly placed behind Adam's head, the trigger was
pulled, an ear-creasing sound next engulfed the bus, and movement began.

The young shooter then pointed the deadly weapon at his own head and pulled
the trigger one last time.  His hand slumped into his cap, while it kept a grasp
on the gun. It were as if the shooter had now become one with the instrument
that rendered him instantly unconscious.  He were as if he were still in control.
Yet, he would soon be officially pronounced dead.  Meanwhile, Adam was alive,
in the midst of disorientation and bleeding.  Yet, he was conscious.

The events attached to this shooting and its truncated investigation have been
described online in text.  So, now would be the time to finally disclose at least
one basic document in this case.  It involves the police report.  Now, there is
the allegation that a decisive deposition exists in the case.  For now, the police
report's conclusion will suffice.

If and only if you knew the details of this case, you would have long since
realized that there is more involved in this particular shooting than in most
other violent crimes where a Catholic school was the venue.  You would
realize that all indications are such that Donald Wuerl had an intense mo-
tive for allegedly seeing to it that the Ference case would be swept under
the rug before the shooter's motive could be ascertained.  There was more
than enough motive for Wuerl to see to it that the case would never have
any closure attached to it.

                     Wuerl's Three Visits to the Hospital

Wuerl visited Adam at the hospital three times in one week.  Each visit
was a matter of Wuerl going out almost as quickly as he entered the In-
tensive Care Unit.

He did not look like the confident bishop you see in his posed photos.
He looked insecure, saying predictable things, such as the diocese was
praying for the Ference family.   Wuerl would then become a stone cold
figure, aloof to the family.

The three quick visits in one week was perceived as overkill, by Adam's
father, especially in light of the fact that Wuerl didn't bond with the victim-
ized family in any capacity.  None the less, Donald Wuerl would distance
himself from the family more quickly than his hospital disappearing acts.
Eventually, Wuerl would benefit from one of his attorney's bully tactics. 

None the less, there was a religious/brother who was the school guidance
counselor who, as Mike Ference put it, acted as if they forgot his straight
jacket as he reluctantly entered the hospital.  The reluctance was too loud
to not notice.  In addition, the other brother/religion who was employed at
Serra Catholic had either a heart attack, angina, or other sudden ailment
involving severe chest pains.  He was the person he walked onto the bus
and removed the gun from Bobby Butler's hand.

Concerning the attempted murder of Adam Ference, the statement on
the police report which points to motive is:  "Also, there is reason to 
believe Robert Butler was into Satanism or Devil-Worship, although 
this has not yet been confirmed."  Keep in mind that such activity
amongst youth was not unheard-of at the time.  Even on mainstream
local radio at the time was mentioning animal sacrifices occurring in
certain wooded areas of the region.  It was a sign of the times.  I did
view photos of one of Bobby Butler's religion class text books.  On
one page, there was a photo of a cemetery.  Bobby assigned names
of people he knew to the gravestones.  Thus, he was cryptic, to say
the least.

                The Diocesan Attorney's Intimidation Tactic

The red flag in the Adam Ference shooting unfurled during an intimidation
tactic allegedly employed during the deposition of a pertinent law enforce-
ment officer.  Needless to say, the Ference family filed a civil action against
Wuerl's diocese.  Depositions ensued.  The decisive intimidation tactic em-
ployed by Wuerl's lawyer went as follows

The Ference family attorney asked the law enforcement official what he
knew about a Father John Wellinger molesting young males in the vicinity.
Wuerl's lawyer then banged his hand on the table and started to spew out
foreign-sounding legal terminology in front of Mike Ference, Adam's dad.
The lawyer made it sound as if the bishop of Pittsburgh was now going to
sue the already victimized Ference family and win a large cash award in
the process.  So, Mike thought that he had to walk away from the law-
suit, in order to protect the Ference family house ... literally.

The Ference family had now become a double victim.  This time, its mem-
bers were victimized by Donald Wuerl, in a surrogate manner.  This type
of bullying IS Donald Wuerl's repeatedly observed MO.  It's typical for
such bullying to be orchestrated by any tiny and effeminate male who al-
legedly gets hissy-fit huffy over the way a gift is wrapped when said gift
is destined for Italy, home of the Vatican.

In my experience, when an adversarial attorney starts to act aggressive,
the plaintiff's lawyer responds with a speech that ends in the phrase, "we
can take this to the judge."  Upon pronunciation of the word, "judge," the
aggressive lawyer becomes silent.  But, that's only my experience.

Mike's attorney didn't fight back.  He didn't tell Mike that the hand slam-
ming was a pretentious  show and that the deposed witness was obligated
under oath to answer the question, without a judge's intervention.  The an-
swer to the question about Wellinger would have been invaluable.  The
question was never answered.  Yet, it was asked, to ascertain the motive
of the shooter.

Ironically, the same Fr. John Wellinger would be named in a lawsuit as
a molester in the future.  The accuser was someone other than the shooter
of Adam Ference.  None the less, before the attempted murder of Adam
Ference, there was yet another accuser of Wellinger.   Plus, there was a
nun who allegedly warned the diocese about Wellinger, years before the
attempted murder and successful suicide.  Now, the reaelty that Wellinger
was accused was fact.  The question is if he had anything to do with in-
stilling a sense of despair or macabre in the person who shot young Adam
Ference and then committed suicide.  He did live in Wellinger country at
the time.  So, this was a valid question.

The deposition's theatrics indicate that the Pittsburgh diocese had already
known about Wellinger.  A piece of evidence pertaining to the Shadyside
accusation, and therefore yet another accuser of Wellinger, fell into my
hands in 2012.   John Wellinger most certainly had more than one accus-
er; not merely the one person who filed legal action against the Pittsburgh
diocese on account of Wellinger.

This indicates that the Pittsburgh diocese knew about Wellinger before
anyone committed suicide on Pittsburgh diocesan property.  Plus, on the
1st or 2nd of May, in 2012, the nun who was alleged to have warned the
diocese about Wellinger was contacted, for information.  She allegedly
said that she did not want to comment on the topic.  Her name will not
be disclosed by me, out of gentlemanly courtesy.  None the less, if she
had nothing to reveal, she would have said so, assuring the public that
the was nothing to the Wellinger accusations.  Her refusal to answer the
nationally known journalist who contacted her was an answer in itself.

At this point, a question remains.  Was the shooter of Adam Ference mixed
up with the Fr. John Wellinger who was already accused of wrong doing?
Was he influenced or traumatized by him?  No one shoots himself in an
emotional vacuum.  There is always a motive to be sought in these types
of cases.  What was the motive for the attempted murder and suicide?

              The Shooter, Son of a Former Police Officer

The shooter's name was Bobby Butler.  His dad was a former police offi-
cer at the time.  In fact, a public accuser of John Wellinger was also the
son of a police officer, coincidentally enough.  In addition, Bobby Butler
was alleged to have been preoccupied with death.  I was sent the jpeg of
an important piece of evidence regarding this.  Bobby Butler was definite-
ly preoccupied with death.

The gun belonged to Bobby's dad.  It was a 32 caliber hand gun.  The
size of it was such that the bullet fired into Adam's head predominately
got lodged in the skull, with only fragments penetrating further.  The re-
sult was a diminished peripheral vision.

The element of contributory negligence and the motive in seeing 
to it that the investigation would be halted before establishing it.

The question is, "Who put Bobby up to this?"  "Who influenced Bobby so
much so that he attempted murder and then shot himself shortly thereafter?"
In as much, Wuerl's motive in having the Ference case abandoned was to
make sure that no one could prove that the Diocese of Pittsburgh was con-
tributory to (or negligent it) Bobby Butler's fatal behavior.  This is because,
if the diocese was contributory, then it was the guiding force which put a
high-speed bullet in the back of Adam Ference's head.

Another interesting thing about the case is that a man accused of Boston-
area molestation was working at the school where Adam was shot.  How-
ever, the accused teacher testifies to his innocence to this very hour, and
Adam Ference said that he was such a nice guy.  Yet, no one in the pub-
lic eye knew that a Cardinal Bernadin Law man was given the red carpet
treatment by the Donald Wuerl administration.  This was a religious with
the rank of brother, as well as a teacher, who was twice accused of mo-
lestation and given the welcome mat by the Donald Wuerl people.

The #1 question at this point was Booby Butler's motive.  There was the
deposition of yet another law enforcement officer whose testimony includ-
ed the proposed motive for Bobby's deadly conduct.  If the lawman had
been correct, then Wuerl had an intense motive for having the investiga-
tion swept under the rug.   Incidentally, the police originally stated that
the gun fell into Bobby's pocket.  That part of the report was amended.
Quite frankly, it held zero weight in the motive for the shooting.  That's
the entire case at this moment:  "What guiding force held the gun that
shot Adam Ference and Bobby Butler?"

So, what would have been Bobby's motive, in light of the fact that Adam
and Bobby had zero rivalry between each other, and being that they were
NOT fighting over a girl?  Bobby's motive was conjectured in the follow-
ing document.  If would have been the influencing factor, generally speak-
ing.  Next would come the hunt for the persons who instilled this influence.
Was it a Pittsburgh diocesan priests?  Was it someone else?  No one lives
in a vacuum.  If and only if this conjecture is true, the follow-up question is:
"Who put Bobby up to this kind of lifestyle which ensured a shortened life?"


June 24, 2023

The Mineshaft Incident, Regarding the Attempted Murder of Adam Ference

by guest writer Mike Ference, in his continued narration of events
surrounding his son's attempted murder.  Edited as to its syntax.
Abridged as to its contents.

Preliminary Note:  Keep in mind that hushing the attempted murder
of Adam Ference and the ensuing suicide of the shooter was advanta-
geous to Wuerl's public image.  After all, the attempted murder took
place on Pittsburgh diocesan Catholic school grounds.  This was also
the era of Pittsburgh police abuse, and the abuse was so bad at the time
that it made its way to MSNBC when Geraldo Rivera was there.

In fact, the abuse was so bad that it ended in the killing of a Pittsburgh
steeler's unarmed cousin, simply for driving his cousin's Jaguar at night.
Clergy abuse and police abuse in the same geographic area had a con-
verse relationship at the time, comprising arrogance.  Police were re-
ported in the newspaper as stopping motorists for the pettiest reasons.
It was very evil times in Pittsburgh. 

Added Notes:  Concerning the time span pertinent to this article, it was
recently alleged by a specific source that the Chief of the McKeesport
Police Department was repeatedly asked by an animal rescue charity to
intervene and investigate many allegations of missing pets, animal abuse,
and sounds of animals in extreme pain at night  ...  out in the woods, in
the McKeesport/Clairton Pennsylvania region.  This involved the time
span of Adam Ference's attempted murder.

From time to time, the head of the animal rescue charity even went into
the woods and collected the physical aftermath of animal cruelty and ap-
parent animal sacrifice.  He's now deceased, but he lived in the Pitts-
burgh suburb of  Forest Hills at the time.

As far as the relatively new source remembers, it was a matter of com-
mon knowledge that a very sick and twisted habit of kidnapping and
torturing animals onto death existed in the Clairton and McKeesport
area.  Now, Pittsburgh radio mentioned such a thing, but the exact re-
gion of the Pittsburgh area where it was occurring was not mentioned
on air.  Plus, seminars on the occult where being offered to the local
public at the time, to educate people on the practices of Satanism and
the such, due to the things transpiring at the time, including suicide.

This means that there is plausible evidence that occult practices actually
were occurring during the time Adam Ference was shot on a school bus.
This makes the truncated and suddenly abandoned investigation of the
attempted murder of Adam something pertinent within itself.  This is be-
cause the youth who shot Adam and then immediately shot himself was
allegedly linked to the occult, as well as having a confirmed link to the
priest John Wellinger who actually left the priesthood ministry on his
own accord, in the form of a personal leave taken in 1995.

Take note that a certain individual pertinent to the John Wellinger case
was recently contacted by a credentialed journalist.  This was a person
who allegedly warned the Diocese of Pittsburgh personnel about John
Wellinger, only to be ignore.  The contacted person said that he/she did
not want to make any comment about this.  None the less, at the time of
the reporting, the notorious Anthony Bevilacqua was the bishop of Pitts-
burgh.  Now, Donald Wuerl's cover-ups have finally been uncovered, at
least in part.  The question is what Pittsburgh area cover-ups of Anthony
Bevilacqua remain concealed.

Now for Mike Ference's article:

Was Public Safety Director William Scully being a good cop when he
told my wife and me that the investigation into the attempted murder
of our son was quashed by McKeesport, PA police?  If so, then within
a few weeks Scully could have proven himself, being that he was giv-
en the chance to do so.

It was during a late February, I believe, when Scully telephoned me and
relayed something about two teenagers who were friends of my son's
shooter.  They were allegedly seen by two State troopers as having exit-
ed a mine opening in a wooded area known as the flats.  It was not far
from the shooter’s house.  In fact, it was near an area that laid claim to
Satanic rites, in as so far as went the general allegations of the area.

The two witnesses were PA State Troopers assigned to patrol the city
of Clairton.  According to Scully, the shooter and his alleged gang of
devil worshipers loafed-around in the area.  This was the same area
where local townsfolk vocally suspected that were animals being ruth-
lessly sacrificed.  These neighbors claimed to have repeatedly heard
the moans and cries of dogs and cats at night.  The practice was alleg-
ed to have been occurring somewhere in the Pittsburgh area, even on
local Pittsburgh radio.  Therefore, it was a credible suspicion.

If Scully and the aggrieved parents were correct about the occult ritual
allegations, then this latest development could have shed light on wheth-
er or not there had been any accomplices in my son's attempted murder.
It could have indicated that there existed an occult cabal that might have
influenced the boy who was to shoot my son.  There was now a chance
to compel any existent rogue teenagers to tell the truth without first be-
ing required to get their parents’ permission to even question them.

According to Scully, the two boys wo were allegedly observed crawling
out of the mineshaft were named Rxxxxx and Jxxxx.  Both individuals
were good friends of the shooter and both of their full names were list-
ed on the notes that Scully provided me earlier that January, when he
first paid a visit to my house and informed me that the investigation in-
to my son's attempted murder was quashed. 

Scully said that the Bureau of Mines was contacted at a government
facility in South Park, PA.  According to him, a representative was go-
ing to come out the next day and explore the mine which was alleged
to be a teenage hideout.  Nothing was done to secure the site except
to place a steel plate in front of the entrance and then to drop a bucket
of dirt in front of it.

I quickly explained to Scully that, if there were incriminating evidence
inside of the mineshaft, the teenage boys would simply shovel the dirt
off the steel plate, go into the mine shaft, and remove the incriminating
contents before sunrise.  Scully wasn't impressed.  He instead contin-
ued to give his assurances that everything would be okay.  As usual,
Scully was wrong.

In not feeling comfortable about Scully’s mineshaft inspection plan, I
tried to contact my attorney Al Yates, the first attorney my wife and
I retained to represent my son’s interests.  However, Yates was out
of town, in Erie, PA ... according to his secretary.

I then called Scully back, half-threatening to make myself a watchman
of the mineshaft, along with my oldest son and a pair of shotguns. Of
courese, I knew better and couldn’t risk another family tragedy.

When Yates arrived back in Pittsburgh, I relayed the happenings to him.
Yates said that he would have hired a security firm to guard the area for
the 24 hours or so before the Bureau of Mines inspector arrived.  Sadly,
it was too late.  Scully called me the next day, to report that the dirt had
been removed from the steel plate and whatever was in the mineshaft
was gone, except for a few cigarette butts and some trash.  Scully said
it was obvious that whatever was stored in the mine shaft had been re-

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, and it's obvious that Scully needed
to come up with a better game plan.  At this point a question rings out:  
 Since when do two PA State troopers get out of their cruiser and then
randomly walk through the woods, only to find two lads attached to the
shooter of my son coming out of a mine shaft?  Now, you cannot drive
a police cruiser to the area.  So, the Scully's story is suspicious.  How-
ever, if Scully would have said that the boys were followed from the
town streets into the woods, then Scully would have been believable.
Even at that, the police officiers would have eventually been noticed
by the teenagers, and the boys would have avoided the mineshaft.

For starters, Scully should have notified the McKeesport Police.  This
is because they were the ones responsible for investigating the attempt-
ed murder of my son.  An even better option would have been to have
called PA State Trooper Corporal Robert Griffin.  Griffin was brought
into the investigation near the beginning of it, and he could have done a
competent investigation of the mine, being that he was an official expert
in Satanism and the occult ... not anyone from the US Bureau of Mines.

Now, it was Scully and Griffin who went to the shooter’s home, in search
of a Satanic Bible and other evidence of devil worship.  Next is the event
where two teenage boys, friends of the shooter, were allegedly witnessed
by law enforcement officers as having come out of the mineshaft of a geo-
graphic area already determined to be a place of interest in the attempted
murder of my son.  Yet, Scully blows it.  Did he purposely sabotage it?

Over a year later I would meet with Griffin, to share all the information
I gathered in my investigation.  As I relayed the details of the mine shaft
incident to Griffin, I could see his face expressing increasing disdain at
the description of Scully's game plan.  Finally, there is the matter of the
teenaged boys allegedly coming and going in and out of the mine shaft,
as a matter of habit, probably on a daily basis, for years.   Yet, Scully
made the decision to wait almost 24 hours before allowing someone to
inspect what could have either been a crime scene or what may have
solved the attempted murder of my son.

The fact that someone would have gone to lengths to dig through the
mineshaft entrance is sufficient evidence to show that there was some-
thing critical in the mine to hide from law enforcement authorities.  This
means that the police had to right to have ended the investigation.  This
also brings us to a question Who tipped off the people who came un-
der the cover of night and dug their way into the mine shaft?  Exactly
how many people who knew about the Bureau of Mines inspection that
was to be held the following day?  Who has the mole?  This was a mat-
ter of obstruction of justice, yet no one investigated it.

It gets to the point where you wonder if whether or not Scully has blood
on his hands to conceal.  Did he let deliberately set the mineshaft up for
a midnight invasion?  In fact, did Scully have anything to do with the fact
that the Eddie Pastore murder of 1989 remained unsolved?  After all, it
occurred on Scully’s watch.  Well, for whatever it’s worth, know that I
continued to trust Scully, as he played the role of good cop to perfection.

Years after the attempted murder of my son, I came to realize what a
scoundrel former Clairton Public Safety Director William Scully was,
in my opinion ... according to my personal experience of a person who
did little more than cause me grief.  For what it’s worth, Scully would
become the director of security at ALCOSAN, an institute alleged to
be amongst Allegheny County’s most corrupt organizations ... allegedly.

Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. was given a
seat on the board of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops' National
Review Board. Zappala was appointed to the board on June 1, 2010.   
It was the same day when a young man committed suicide.  The 
young man was a two-time victim of the Kids for Cash racket.  

At least two Pennsylvania judges sent youngsters to private detentions
centers that ever so coincidentally were owned by Stephen Zappala’s
brother Gregory.  A business partner of Gregory who is now serving
time in prison originally alleged that he was forced to pay the judges.
In fact, one judge, at his sentencing hearing, asked why Gregory was
never interviewed by the feds.  He needed to have been asked if he
were being forced to make the pay the kickbacks.  In fact, he need-
ed to have been asked many things.

Editor's note:

During Zappala's watch, there was once the attempt to file summary
offense charges against Donald Wuerl and his former personal secre-
tary, James Torquato, on account of the first wave of the Torquato
Retaliations that Wuerl let go on and on and on and on.  Ironically,
shortly after the filing of a complaint against Wuerl, the 2nd Wave
of the Torquato Retaliations occurred.  This time, it included the in-
volvement of the McCandless Twp Police.

Despite the hard copy evidence, Wuerl was charged with nothing.
Neither was the Fr. James Torquato whose retaliations could have
caused someone severe harm  . . .  even physical harm.  Interesti-
ng how a ruthless priest who spent seven years refusing to keep
his homosexual hands to himself thought nothing of endangering

June 23, 2023

The common name found in the Wellinger obituary and the DA seating arrangement report.

In case you are missing the point, the Adam Ference attempted murder
investigation occurred in Pennsylvania, and it was truncated, to the con-
venience of Donald Wuerl.  Now, Pennsylvania is the Sandusky State,
the Bevilacqua State, the Luzerne County Cash for Kids State, and the
Donald Wuerl triple cover-up State where Wuerl faced zero charges for
having violated the Child Protective Services Act.  In addition, Wuerl
faced zero disciplinary action, despite the fact that he was accused of
having committed foot dragging throughout a criminal investigation.

Plus, Pennsylvania is the State where Cardinal Donald Wuerl ratified the
Torquato Retaliations and made the life of Father Donald Sotak's credible
accuser a living Hell, when the fact is that Sotak's credible accuser should
have been ordained a priest long ago.  Yet, Wuerl chose Torquato, while
pushing out Sotak's accuser.

Furthermore, Adam's father, Mike, lost his management job shortly after
the shooting, and major customers were the Catholic schools and colleges
nearby.  Mike was told that, all of a sudden, clients were complaining about
him.  But, this never happened before.  Thus, Mike got letters of recommen-
dation from some of his clients which stated how pleased they were with
Mike.  In as much, who were the clients suddenly complaining about Mike
after he made it known that he intended to investigate the cause of his son's
attempted murder.  It also occurred around the time when Mike sued the
Diocese of Pittsburgh, for negligence.  Then Mike was gone.  Wuerl's
handling of Adam Ference's attempted murder caused Mike untold men-
tal trauma.  Thus, Wuerl is no "holy holy man," in that he was incapable
of being back to Mike's life that peace that was robbed of it on Pittsburgh
diocesan property.

The investigation into Adam Ference's murder suddenly ceased, with no
conclusions as to the shooters' motives and influences.  In addition, keep
in mind that, after he returned to school, Adam was allegedly threatened.
A hostile individual allegedly mentioned that wanted to kick Adam in his
head wound, among other things.  Adam was then taken out of the Cath-
olic school under Wuerl's jurisdiction and home-schooled.  This means
that Donald Wuerl did nothing for the Ference family, except let it be
terrorized by one of Wuerl's attorney's during a deposition.  There was
also the matter of a few neighborhood kids allegedly terrorizing the
Ference family.  Thus, Wuerl was an extremely weak leader.

Below is the jpeg of a district attorney document.  It is the seating ar-
rangement of the bus where the young Adam Ference was shot and
where Bobby Butler committed suicide.  Also below is a link to the
obituary of the John Wellinger who was accused of being a molester
priest in a lawsuit which was settled out of court.  The lady named in
the obituary as John Wellinger's "devoted home companion" was ever
so coincidentally the aunt of one of the students on the bus.

At the very least, it's quite a coincidence.  However, the suspicion was
that the young Bobby Butler was influenced by occultism, in his shoot-
ing of Adam and himself.  Now, it was proposed or suggested or con-
jectured or suspected or alleged that Pittsburgh diocesan priest John
Wellinger had an affinity to occultism in one way or another.   One of
the questions left unanswered was if this John Wellinger was an influ-
ence on anyone who influenced Bobby Butler, if not Bobby himself.

Ironically, this John Wellinger officiated at Bobby's funeral.  None the
less, it is imperative for you to keep in mind that it was the local law
enforcement officials who set forth the possibility or probability that
Bobby Butler was engaged in a devotion to the occult, meaning that
his occult influence might possibly have provoked his deadly actions.

Ironically, the person who went on to the bus and took the gun out of
Bobby Butler's hands was the Boston-area brother/teacher who was
twice accused of molestation, but who claims that he is innocent of the

To add to the theatrics of the day, the same Brother Ghastin was later
rushed to the hospital, suspected of having had either a heart attack or
angina, or some type of sudden illness related to chest pains.

Let it be known that, during the time following Adam's surgery and re-
covery, there was a media blackout.  Therefore, this case didn't get
very much public exposure.  Mike Ference, at the time, was too trust-
ing of the police and the church hierarchs.  In hindsight, Mike wishes
that he didn't agree to the media blackout.  It only helped Wuerl and
the others in power.

There has to be some reason why this case gnaws at Mike Ference,
to the point of having robbed him of his peace.  Well, Donald Wuerl
robbed a number of peace of their peace.  None the less, Mike has
a right to closure and the truth.

First comes the 2011 obituary of John Wellinger.  Additionally keep in
mind that the nun who allegedly allegedly allegedly warned the Diocese
of Pittsburgh about John Wellinger (to allegedly no avail) was contacted
in early May of 2012 and allegedly stated that she did not want to com-
ment on the topic.


Age 66, of Clairton, peacefully and unexpectedly on Thursday, 
April 21, 2011.   Son of the late John G. and Nellie I.; beloved 
brother of Sarah Wellinger and Marinell (Richard deceased) 
Nagle; uncle of Richard J. Nagle; loving, devoted home com-
panion of Maria Campano.   Friends may call at FRANK F. 
DeBOR FUNERAL HOME, INC., 1065 Brookline Blvd., 
412-561-0380, MONDAY ONLY 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Mass of 
Christian Burial Tuesday at 12 noon in the Church of the 
Resurrection, 1100 Creedmoore Ave., Pittsburgh, 15226. 
Memorial contributions may be made to the Little Sisters
 of the Poor, 1028 Benton Ave., Pittsburgh 15212.

See:  http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/postgazette/obituary.aspx?n=john-w-wellinger&pid=150494921&fhid=8065

Incidentally, the phrase, "AC DA Investigations," stands for Allegheny County
District Attorney Investigations.

June 22, 2023

In the shadow of the Adam Ference shooting, Mike loses his job without any evidence of wrongdoing. Makes a case of it and wins.

by guest writer Mike Ference.  Edited as to its syntax, but not abridged
this time, in continuation of Mike's narration of Donald Wuerl's inconsid-
erate disregard of the pain suffered by the Ference family, on account of
the attempted murder of young Adam Ference on Pittsburgh diocesan
school property.

Editor's introductory note:

The logical surmise here is that Donald Wuerl either had something to
do with Mike being forced out of his management post or else Mike
was applied the pressure to resign, because his company feared future
retaliation by Wuerl, once Wuerl got drift of the fact that Mike intend-
ed to pursue the investigation into his son's attempted murder.  After
all, the company had local Catholic institutions who were customers.
If Wuerl decided to press a retaliation button, those Catholic institu-
tions would no longer be lucrative clients of Mike's former employer.

The time line coincidence of the pressure tactic to get rid of Mike was
Mike receiving a small out of court settlement for the attempted murder
of his son, Adam.  The other thing that occurred at this time was that
Mike let it be known that he was still concerned about getting to the
bottom of the attempted murder.  It's reasonable to propose that that
the attempted murder of Adam Ference and Mike's insistence on get-
ting to the bottom of it ultimately resulted in Mike losing his manage-
ment position, whether Wuerl's minions actively sought to have Mike
disappear or not.  This is because of fear of any pending act of retal-
iation on behalf of a Donald Wuerl who did apply a Corruption of
Blood order on the children of the parents of the now-defunct Risen
Lord Parish School.  The order was the result of the parents protest-
ing the closing of their school on news television.   Donald Wuerl's
narcissism was out-of-control in Pittsburgh.

In addition, Mike was a National Accounts Manager.  This explains
why he was so meticulous in finding information on his son's attempt-
ed.  He has a professional mindset.  His investigation was a matter of
a professional employing fine-tuned social skills upon person after per-
son, and not a matter of someone who "has to get over he's son's at-
tempted murder."  He didn't have the rank & file mindset.  He didn't
have the blue collar mindset.

If not for this investigation that the police willingly aborted, no one any-
where would have learned that one of Cardinal Bernard Law's accused
was at Serra Catholic the day Adam was shot.  Neither would anyone
have learned that there were extended efforts to have the epidemic of
animal sacrifice in the area of Clairton/McKeesport curbed in the midst
of an allegedly uncooperative McKeesport Police Department.  Nor
would anyone have uncovered a second suicide related to Father John

There's more that was learned through this investigation, but the rules
of confidentiality can't reveal it at this time.  None the less, Mike spent
years on his own.  Mike isn't alone any longer.  He has allies now.  By
now, the Diocese of Pittsburgh should have reached to him.  Its admin-
istrators ignored him ... a guy whose son got a bullett in the back of his
head while on Pittsburgh diocesan school grounds.  Looks bad for pub-
lic relations purposes, alone.  There are questions that have never been
answered.  They were points of evidence uncovered which have yet to
receive a response.  Such a thing is known as cover-up, as with the case
of Sotak, Torquato, and others.  Now for Mike:

It was mid June 1992.  I had just returned from vacation and was back
at work.  It was Monday morning at the SYSCO Foodservice plant in
Harmony, PA.  The first thing on the agenda was the traditional hellos
and tell you about my vacation later talk.  It was followed by my new
boss, Todd Ladfriend, handing me $350 to $375 in cash.  It was con-
test winnings.

Next on the agenda was a reminder by Landfried that I was to have my
employee-review shortly.  It would be the first formal review I ever had
while at this company, despite the fact that I had been working there for
seven years.  In the past, my reviews simply involved a handshake, a bon-
us check, and a thank-you for all the things that I had done for the com-
pany in question.  What was most gratifying about the past reviews was
the point in the conversation where the CEO would mention the special
tasks or projects that I would tackle and excel at doing.

I was the go-to-guy for projects that no other employee had any exper-
ience at doing.  In fact, I especially enjoyed those assignments.  There
were years, at least one or two of them, where a handshake and a few
good words sufficed as my review.  My performance was never brought
into question, even though some years were more profitable than other
ones.  Plus, a bonus for me and other employees wasn’t always on the
table.  This means that I had to earn my bonuses.

This review was different.  New management was in charge.  I was even
given two pages of questions to fill out before leaving for vacation.  The
review would come just a few months after attorney Ken Behrend  co-
erced my son and me into accepting the pittance of a settlement put on
the table after I called a halt to the lawsuit that I filed against the Pitts-
burgh diocese and Donald Wuerl.

Keep in mind that the year was 1992.  I was only barely aware of my
battle with the Pittsburgh diocese and others.  I was too trusting, think-
ing that living in America meant that I was free from being victimized by
corruption.  All toll, I worked for the Pittsburgh Branch of the SYSCO
Corporation for six years.  In fact, I had worked first for Deaktor Pro-
visions until we were bought out by SYSCO.  I started on my wife’s
birthday and ended my career on the same date.

Upon entering the review, I was quickly informed that complaints had
been lodged against me by my customers, while I was on vacation.  It
turned out that, according to my customers, none of them lodged any
complaint.  None the less, the complaints were so severe that they war-
ranted me stepping down from my position as the National Accounts
Manager where I was responsible for managing and maintaining good
relations with the companies' top customers.

My first question to the vice president of sales was “Are there any op-
tions  for me?"  No was the answer.  I asked for twenty-four hours, be-
fore giving my decision and I was granted it.  My hour-long drive home
seemed even longer this time.

I knew that the claims of customer complaints were lies.  This is because
I had established quite a reputation within the food service industry, and
quite frankly, I had been approached and offered jobs by two competit-
ors not long before this review.  The truth is that I had most of the major
local Catholic institutions as customers.  This included Seton Hill College,
La Rouche College, Duquesne University, Carlow College, and Mercy
Hospital.  There were other customers, such as Slippery Rock College.

I contacted my customers one by one, asking them if they had made the
customer complaint against me.  No one did.  At least this is what I was
told.  None the less, I asked each one to send a statement to me, saying
that they were satisfied with my service and conduct.  Samples of the
letters of recommendation are posted below, needless to say.

I openly answered questions about the attempted murder of my son, as
well as answering questions about the Occult preoccupation of my son's
attempted murderer.  I also discussed what I perceived to be an introduc-
tion to a bribe that was in the process of being offered to me by Archab-
bot Douglas Nowicki of St. Vincent College. In other words, I was still
a threat to Donald Wuerl, the bishop whose nexus with the homosexual
was being uncovered by Randy Engel and her confreres.  Therefore, the
company feared Wuerl's retaliation of cutting off all Catholic business ac-

The logic goes this way:  If I didn’t have a job, I wouldn’t be much of a
threat to Wuerl, in having to spend my time financially surviving.  I would
leave SYSCO with a few thousand dollars in the bank, all the while hav-
ing a mortgage, tuition for my daughter’s private schooling, and a host of
other bills, such as utilities.  I was forty years old and closer to being broke
than financially comfortable.  SYSCO would even fight my unemployment
compensation claim.

There was a strange coincidence at the Pittsburgh Branch of SYCSO
Corp.  In 1989, a few priests were prosecuted for savagely abusing a
couple of young boys in Washington County.   I have no way of know-
ing if this is true or not, but an employee of SYSCO Foodservice said
to me that his stepson was one of the victims of the pedophile priests.
In addition, in was at the SYSCO sales meeting room where Nowicki
spoke what was construed by me as the overture of bribe, to send my
son to St. Vincent's College where Nowicki ever so coincidentally was
to be the archabbot there.

I emphasize that I have no way of knowing if this is true or not, because,
as far as I understand, the case had been sealed.  What that stepfather
shared with me, if its true, would constitute a smoking gun in my case,
as far as goes motive in having me become unemployed.  This would be
another reason why Donald Wuerl would have benefited in me becom-
ing unemployed and detached from Sysco, whether he actively sougth to
have me dismissed or not.  What is for certain was that, in the Pittsburgh
area, there was an underlying fear of Wuerl in general, in terms of his abil-
ity to abuse power.  Wuerl was neither admired nor trusted.  The many
lawsuits filed against him, in the name of his Pittsburgh diocese, proves

The VP of Human Resources lied through his teeth, during the unemploy-
ment compensation hearing where my appeal was denied.  This means
that he let money being stolen from me through lying.  Yet, there was a
silver lining for a flicker of a moment.  I would file an age discrimination
claim with the PA Human Relations Commission.  In not being able to
afford an attorney, I would do the research alone and fight the case my-

On a cold and snow-covered morning I would head down to the State
building in Pittsburgh, across from the Post-Gazette building, to take on
SYSCO, the world’s leading foodservice distributor.  There was one of
me and four of them.  I felt overwhelmed.

A very nice professional woman was to handle the case.  I went in alone,
first.  I told her I was tired of fighting.  I was overwhelmed by the four
people outside, waiting to tear into me like vultures over an almost dead
road kill.  I asked her to just keep in mind that I would be okay, being
that I had started a small home-based business and with my wife, work-
ing at it full time.  We would make it.

I did want the administrative law judge to know, that SYSCO was the
type of company that took advantage of its employees, and that, if a
single mom or some other victim of SYSCO would come before her,
that she should remember my story.  I was ready to leave at that point,
when she insisted that I stay.

I had done my homework, she stated.  My research and the case was
well-documented.  I could easily expect some sort of settlement.  None
the less, I again reminded her that the four were still overwhelming.  She
then asked me to pick one person to come in and represent SYSCO.
I immediately knew who to pick.  I said I would like the vice president
of SYSCO’s human resource department to come in.  I then told her
that this fellow thinks harass is two words. We laughed and she called
him in.

I won a small settlement.  In fact, I called my wife as soon as I could do
so, because I wanted to let her know that there would be gifts under the
Christmas tree, at least one more time.  The circumstantial evidence and
the time line of coincidences show that losing my job at SYSCO was just
another example of what one can suspect to have possibly been the retali-
ation of Donald Wuerl and the Pittsburgh Diocese, if not the act of a co-
wardice of an employer who feared a future retaliation from a Catholic di-
ocese whose institutions were Sysco clients.  The circumstantial evidence
indicates one or the other, especially if you believe that there is no such
thing as coincidences.  There was no other explanation for my dismissal.

There was no reason for SYSCO to force me out.  Anyone who would like
to review a copy of my files and the research that I prepared for the PA Hu-
man Relations Commission hearing need only to call me at 412-233-5491
or to send an email to me at mike@ferencemarketing.com.

I would like to remind readers that at the time I left SYSCO I was 40 years
of age, a white college educated male.  I belonged to the group most likely
not to win an age discrimination claim.  But I did, and I did it with no legal

June 20, 2023

Pittsburgh area "public servants" rewriting history

In view is the federal courthouse in Downtown Pittsburgh.
Concerning American Law, there is supposed to be meaning
in the phrase, We, the People.  Not in Pittsburgh, though.

The names of the individuals pertinent to this post will not be mentioned
herein, being that they have already been disclosed to the attorney general's
office, in Harrisburg, PA.  None the less, those individuals are the one pre-
sently in charge of the public good and the safety of Southwestern Pennsyl-
vania residents.  Moreover, the post concerns the young Bobby Butler who,
back in 1989 knowingly and willingly shot a fellow student in the back of
the student's head ... while seated on a school bus ... followed by Butler
pointing the same gun to his own head, and pulling the trigger, thereby
dying instantly.

This post comprises the fact that today's people in power in the Pittsburgh
vicinity have rewritten history, as to the Bobby Butler shooting which oc-
curred on the grounds of Serra Catholic High School.  Tthe official assess-
ment of the Serra Catholic attempted murder and successful suicide now
goes as follows:

1}  that the shooting was entirely accidental, as if a handgun accidentally
      fell into Bobby Butler's hands, while he was riding to school via bus,

2} followed by Butler being so distraught that he shot himself.

Now, do you believe this?  Or do you find it hard to believe that today's
individuals in power would be so arrogant that they believe you to be
gullible enough to believe their rewrite of history?  This rewrite makes                                                Wuerl sound like a holy holy saint who did not engage in intimidating                                                       the family of the attempted-murder victim in a deposition room, though
a surrogate.  Well, the family was so intimidated that the family withdrew
its lawsuit, in  fear of retaliation.  That's vicious.  That's Wuerl.

The pertinence of this history rewrite goes as follows:  Attempted Murder
has no statute of limitation in Pennsylvania, and there is such a thing as
obstructing justice in an investigation that suddenly became truncated.  

PLUS, the geographic area involved in the case was Fr John Wellinger
Country.  Thus, this attempted murder and successful suicide goes much
deeper than at face value.

The operative question here is:  How stupid do they think we are?  The
answer is:  They obviously think that we are a mindlessly gullible "little
people."  Well, the "little people" spoke in November of 2016 and said
that they do not want someone as corrupt as Hillary Clinton running
their lives.  Well, there is obviously a bit more weeding needed to be
done in America.

The background of the true case:

While a school bus was parked at the Serra Catholic school grounds, for yet
another ordinary day of schooling, a  young Bobby Butler took a handgun
out of his pocket, pointed it at the back of the head of the student sitting di-
rectly in front of him, and fired into the fellow student's head.  Bobby then
took the same handgun, pointed it at his hand, and fired away for the last
time, ever.

Everything occurred in one contiguous motion.  The whole thing was pre-
meditated.   Butler knowingly did what he did.  Furthermore, Butler was
found to have had a morbid obsession with death, even to the point of
writing numerous comments on the photo of a cemetery scene.

Now, this occurred in 1989, and youths' obsession with the occult ... and
even animal sacrifices ... had been a topic of occasional conversation on
Pittsburgh area radio talk show programs during that time span.

Of course, it was also a time when the American youth were kept spiritual-
ly starved & spiritually neglected.  So, some tried to find fulfillment in the
black arts.  Bobby Butler, at the very least, had an affinity to the macabre,
as was evidenced by what he left behind.

Okay then, the fact that Bobby Butler willingly pulled a trigger behind
a fellow student's head and then pointed the same gun at himself, firing
away in the process ... and doing so without taking time to think ... was
understood as an open-and-shut case .... in 1989, 1990, 1991, etc.  Then
came the recent rewrite of history.

June 17, 2023

Cardinals Donald Wuerl and Timothy Dolan sought to deceive you, by twisting the abuse statistics

         Covering Up the Long-term Sexual Abuse Scandal
                       by means of distorting the statistics
Bishops who serve mammon (material wealth) distort the image of the church.
A trick of the more unconscionable members of the hierarchy is to make
the sexual abuse of minors look like a common societal occurrence.  The
con game consists in claiming that persons of all industries, professions,
and walks of life sexually abuse youth with a frequency no less than that
of Catholic priests of recent decades.  There is need to clean-up the Vati-
can II church, and not lie to the public about unconscionable manipulat-
ors who decided to use the economic security of the Western church, to
live the life of a criminal.

Dolan:  Quintessential Cover-up Artist of Double-life Priests

Timothy Dolan of New York went as far as claiming that teachers molest
youths ten times more often than do Roman Rite priests.  In fact, he stat-
ed that parents have molested their own children more often than priests
did.  This pair of statements is completely invalid, because there are ex-
cessively more teachers and parents in existence than there are priests.
That is to say, it's the per capita percentage that determines which sec-
tor of society is the one most dominant in scarring the lives of children
and adolescents.

There are, at present, approximately 41,500 Catholic priests in active
ministry throughout the United States.  In contrast, there are 1,729,000
kindergarten and elementary school teachers in the same nation.  In fact,
there are 2,388,500 American teachers when you add middle school,
and there are 3,476,200 school teachers in the U.S. when you add se-
condary school teachers.  In light of this, keep in mind that secondary
school is attended by youth mostly under the age of 18.  Now, com-
pare the number 2,388,500 to the number 41,500.  In fact, look at
the stats again:

 K-8 School Teachers   2,388,500
Active Catholic Priests      41,500   Is your intelligence insulted yet?

K-12 School Teachers  3,476,200   Do you see how Dolan thinks
Active Catholic Priests      41,500   that Americans are gullible?

Now for the Unconscionable Manipulator, Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Wuerl was once a guest writer for the Washington Post.  In his guest
article, he stated that 65,964 youths across the US were sexually abused
in 2009.  He then stated that this was a sobering number, making himself
look like a caring man.  Wuerl also made it look as if there were a pan-
demic of sexual abuse transpiring throughout the United States, as if all
walks of life were regularly engaging in the sexual abuse of youth.  Of
course, Wuerl made it look as if the sexual crimes of  priests were not
disproportionate to those of the rest of the population.

Of course, Wuerl failed to delineate the types of sexual abuse, as well as
the age group distribution thereof, as well as the general demography of
sexual abusers.  Nor did Wuerl state ratios and percentages.  This means
that Wuerl is either a lazy journalist or a deliberate deceiver who wants
the facts to be  hidden from you.  Very simply, Wuerl failed to state that
there were 65,964 youths reported as having been sexually abused in a
nation of 74,500,000 youths under the age of 18.

This means that 0.000885 of America's youths were reported as having
been sexually abused during the Year 2009.   This translates into 1 out 
of every 1,127 youths.  This also translates into an approximate .09%
of the minors in a nation the size of a continent..  Now, this is NOT 9%
of the youth.  Nor is this even .9% of the youth.  Rather, it's  .09%.   
 That is "Point zero nine percent."   Observe:
U.S. youths between 0 -17 years of age ................ 74,500,000
     Youths reported as sexually abused in 2009 ........... 65,964
        Youths NOT reported as sexually abused ..... 74,434,036

Visualize this once again:

                       NOT sexually abused: 74.434  
                                 sexually abused: 00.066  ...  1 in 1,127.

According to the John Jay Report, 1 in 25 priests were sexually abus-
ive between 1950 and 2002Then, according to the 2010 Condon In-
vestigation, 1 in 1,095 NYC public school teachers transgressed the
boundaries in varying types of improprieties, from verbal abuse to con-
sensual activities to outright criminal conduct In light of this, compare
(1 in 1,127) to (1 in 1,095) to (1 in 25.)  The rate of modern priest
abuse is much higher.  Donald Wuerl was playing a con game with the
Washington Post article.  Everything about him and from him is a lie.

Finding a sex abuse victim is somewhat like finding a needle in a bail of
hay, as opposed finding it in an entire haystack.  Wuerl made it look as
if there were a young sex abuse victim on every block in every town in
America.  Predators are much easier to encounter, being that they will
hunt for youth, by targeting the places that the young frequent, such as
CATHOLIC CHURCHES.  In as much, Wuerl exaggerated, in using
an unconscionable diversionary tactic.


In his article, Donald Wuerl gave tips on what to do.  However, all the
tips were garden variety and common knowledge.   He contributed no-
thing new.  This is another indication that his intention was to create a
diversionary tactic and not to give rarely known expert knowledge. 

Proof that This Was a Deliberate Diversionary Tactic

The article made the deceptive archbishop look like a caring man who
stepped up to the plate to offer expertise on the subject, even though
he gave only common knowledge in his tips.  Wuerl's ill intent is prov-
en in the fact that he neglected to mention the statistical numbers of ne-
glected youth ... of those left to experience hunger pangs and loneliness
on a regular basis.  So, why did Wuerl mention the sex abuse casualties
and not the casualties of neglect?  Some neglect cases end up as fatal-
ities.  These cases are heart rending, yet Wuerl seems to care not.

The probable answer as to why Wuerl kept silent about the other forms
of abuse is that disclosing their numbers will make sexual abuse look like
much less of an occurrence.   In the process, Wuerl's diversionary tactic
will have less impact when people realize that the sexual abuse of youths
is not the pandemic Wuerl made it out to be.   In as much, here are the
2009 stats on the other forms of child abuse:

Neglect  ...................................  543,035  Wuerl was silent about this.
Physical Abuse  .......................  123,599  Wuerl ignored this one, too.
Other Abuse  ............................    66,487  He never defined what this is.
Sexual Abuse  ..........................    65,964  .09% of total youth in the US.
Psychological Maltreatment  ...    52,532  This is shear terror to a youth.
Medical Neglect .......................   16,837  This is like physical abuse.

Wuerl also IGNORED the millions of youths locked in sweatshop labor,
slave field work, and even military service throughout the world.  This
number is the highest of all forms of abuse.

In his relatively recent Washington Post article, Cardinal Donald Wuerl's
apparent objective, so it seems, was to use the Washington Post as his
dupe, in order to divert attention away from the inordinately high number
of molester priests in the Vatican II and 1950s Church, making it look as
if  "everyone on earth is doing it" when it comes to sexually abusing the
youth of America.  Well, everybody's not doing it.

Firstly, it is a completely unnatural act not common to humanity.  This
means that, in order to do such a thing, a person had to already been per-
verted in his senses.  Therefore, it isn't a common occurrence for youth
to be molested, as Wuerl was making it out to be.  God never gives car-
dinals the grace to lie successfully.  Betrone's debacle, in defaming An-
tonio Socci, is a case in point, as well as Sodano's covering up the worst
molester in the history of the Catholic Church, Marciel Maciel.

There was one more thing that the article had the effect of doing.  It also
served as a diversion to the adult homosexual activity between seminari-
ans, priests, bishops, and lay religious members known as brothers.

The evil of the 20th Century priesthood was prophesied in the church-
approved Marian apparition of Quito, Ecuador.  None the less, Wuerl's
guest article also diverted attention away from the seminarians who
were sexually harassed and even assaulted. 

Another sign that the Tiny Statured Donald Wuerl
Deliberately Performed a Diversionary Tactic

The first paragraph of Wuerl's article comprises three sentences and one
introductory heading.  Yet, Wuerl obsessively posted the same one web
link three times in that one small paragraph.   The redundancy was a bla-
tant give-away, revealing an individual who wanted the reader to go to
that particular site only.   The problem with the web link which Wuerl
provided is that it takes you to the main page, and not to the exact page
were one can view the number 65,964.   Therefore, in his article, Wuerl
puts the reader on a wild goose chase. 

A Manipulation and then a Blatant Folly in the Same Paragraph

Cardinal Wuerl stated that many parents were clueless that their children
are even at risk in their own neighborhoods.   Well, according to the true
statistics, it isn't probable that children are regularly in danger in their own
neighborhoods.  Therefore, Wuerl is marketing fear, thereby diverting at-
tention away from molester priests.  However, it is true that parents and
legal guardians are sometimes the assailants.  Wuerl's article never admits
this.  He makes it sound as if men hiding behind trees are in every neigh-
borhood ready to molest untold numbers of children.  Therefore, Wuerl
presented a propaganda article and not an informative one. 

An Additional Propagandist's Lie Told about Wuerl

It was falsely stated at another site that Wuerl had a strong sexual abuse
policy for 25 years.   Firstly, there was Donald Wuerl's triple cover-up
of Wolk, Pucci, and Zula.   There was the re-admittance into the minis-
try of John Hoehl.  There was also the musical chairs cover-up played
with Edward Huff, between St. Louis and Pittsburgh.

Even at the start of the Year 2002, Wuerl had "several" priests in active
ministry who had credible allegations of sexual abuse attached to them.
He gave those priests free rein until the media exploded with news of
the many cover-ups of Catholic bishops.  Even before the Year 2002,
there was the evidence-based Torquato Retaliation that Wuerl ratified.
Furthermore, recent info gave the Wellinger case more impact.  Plus,
there was the Henry Krawczyk case and the Pitt football player who
died suddenly and drunkenly in a Pittsburgh diocesan church.  Next
on the list is the Vincentian High School allegations.  And who knows
what else is hidden in the trail of the tinsel town narcissist, Wuerl.

The Other Deception in Guest Writer Wuerl's Article

The other deception in the guest article was Wuerl's photograph.  The
angle of the shot was a steep incline.  This means that it looked as if
a photographer of average height photographed a 6'2" person.   Thus,
in his disingenuous sleight of hand article, the 5'4" Donald Wuerl was
trying to make himself look like a giant among men.   Wuerl has ob-
sessed himself with looker much taller in his photos than he is in real
life.  In a very recent photo, for example, the photographer was eith-
er on his knees or sitting on the floor when photographing Wuerl.
This shows that the 71year old Wuerl never grew up and matured.
Incidentally, the Washington Post described Wuerl as "a slight man." 

A Communist under Every Bed Trick

Wuerl, in his guest article, was basically doing what Joseph McCarthy
did in the 1950s.   Things became so ridiculous during the McCarthy
era that the snide slogan was:  "A communist under every bed and 
in every government office."  Wuerl and Dolan were trying to de-
ceive you into thinking that a molester of youth was on every street
corner and in every classroom.

The distrust extended toward priests came from the fact that the sexual-
ly abusive ones broke their vows of chastity in the most violent of ways,
and then smugly got away with their crimes a lot of the times, due to the
various bishops without consciences.  How many priests went through
the ordination process while having zero intent to honor their vows?
Such a thing constitutes fraud.  Actually, it constitutes Lack of Proper
Intent, something that invalidates the ordination process.  Such a per-
son isn't a priest and has zero power to absolve from sin or consecrate
a host.

Back to the Audacity of Archbishop Dolan

In the Year 2008, there were 35.7 million households that had children
living in them under the age of 18.  Therefore, 74.5 million youths live in
one of 35.7 million homes.  There are approximately 53.5 million youth
under 14 years of age estimated to be living in approximately 27.7 mil-
lion households.   Therefore, at least 27.7 million American adults are in
close proximity to youths under the age of 14, serving in the capacity of
parent or guardian.  At this point compare the ratio of teachers, parents,
and guardians to Catholic priests.    In light of the fact that some of these
teachers are also parents, we subtract the number of teachers, for the
sake of obtaining a general ball park figure.

Parents or Guardians of Children under 14:  at least 27,700,000
MINUS K-8 School Teachers as of 2008:                2,388,500
                                                   TOTAL:  at least  25,312,500
                   Active Catholic Priests today:                      41,500

  Parents or Guardians of Children under 18 at least 35,700,000
MINUS K-12 School Teachers as of 2008:                   3,476,200
                                                      TOTAL:   at least   32,233,800

In approximate figures, there were at least 32 million people in proxim-
ity to youths under 18 years of age, on a daily basis.  In 2009, approx-
imately 66,000 minors were reported as having been sexually abused.
This means that, at the very most, 1 in 484 teachers, parents, and 
legal guardians were reported as having sexually abused youths un-
der the age of 18, in the Year 2009.  However, a number of house-
holds have both parents in them, making the actual probability of
teacher/parent sexual abuse much lower, such as 1 in 600 or 750.
Keep in mind that in 2010, the NYC public school teacher ratio
was 1 in 1,095.

In contrast, the unsubstantiated & uncertified John Jay report set forth
statistics that amount to 1 in 25 priests having sexually abused youths
from 1950 to 2002.  This concerns the United States only.  Of course,
in stating that the John Jay report was uncertified as to its data's accur-
acy, there was conjecture that some of the reported abusers were not
counted, meaning that the true ratio might be 1 in 24 or even more con-
centrated.   At the least, we have a ballpark figure, even if the bishops
were dishonest in supplying the statistical data.

In the deceivers Dolan and Wuerl we once again see the truth in John
Chrysostom stating that the Road to Hell is paved with the skulls of
bishops.  This includes 5'4" effeminate bishops known for retaliatory
conduct and who obsessively spent decades deceiving humanity into
thinking that they are tall, intimidating, & aesthetic Rocks of Gibraltar.

Incidentally, it was revealed by a Pittsburgh diocesan proof reader that
the most expected complaint to hear from Pittsburgh diocesan priests,
against Donald Wuerl, was, "Why did he get to be a bishop, and not 
any one of us?"   The answer is that you other priests were not the per-
sonal secretary of the notorious John Cardinal Wright, the alleged homo-
sexual who had personal testimony narrated about his him so detailed
that it will destroy your appetite for the rest of the day or night.

Wuerl is connected directly to Wright, meaning that, if it were not for
Wright, Wuerl would never has risen through the ranks of the church
during one of the most disgraceful times for the hierarchy in Catholic
Church.  They rival or exceeded the evils of Sergius III, John XII, and
Benedict IX of the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries.  This very difficult to
achieve.  None the less, when it came to  accomplishing evil, today's
generation of bishops excelled.  After all, they protected Maciel for



Also see:

The John Jay Study and Gavin Group Reports: 
The Loaded Dice Reports


A continuation on how Wuerl and Dolan sought to deceive America:

The Catholic Church needs a housecleaning ... not diversionary tactics.
Archbishop Timothy Dolan, in his unequivocal arrogance, claimed that
teachers molested minors ten times more than did priests.  When asked
for his bibliographical source in his bold assertion, a spokesperson said
that it was a NYS Special Commissioner of Investigation report that 
substantiated 78 abuse cases by teachers in 2009, and 73 such cases 
last year.  The source was the Richard J. Condon Investigation for the
NYC School District whose 2010 issue is found at:


Now observe The New York City School District has 1,700 schools
that educate over 1,100,000 students.  The Catholic Church in the New
York archdiocese has 279 Catholic schools that educate approximately
83,000 students.  The New York City School District has approximate-
ly 80,000 active teachers.  The NYC archdiocese, on the other hand,
has 1,783 priests operating throughout it, in active ministry.  This means
that, for every one priest operating in the New York archdiocese, there
are 44 teachers employed by the NYC School District.  That's a ratio
of 44 to1.

Moreover, the 73 substantiated cases included consensual relations be-
tween teachers and students who have reached the age of consent.  It
also included verbal sexual harassment, and perhaps even showing in-
appropriate movies to youth.  Dolan deceived the public into instantan-
eously assuming that there existed 73 cases of physically invasive and
non-consensual contact with matriculated minors in the NYC school

Now, a part of the 73 cases did involve criminal acts with underage stu-
dents, including consensual relationships with students under the age of
consent.   But, Dolan did not make any qualifying statement in relation
to this fact.  He made zero differentiation.  He exaggerated.

Visually observe the statistical ratio of 2010 NYC teacher impropriety
cases versus the entire student body population of the New York City
School District.  Keep in mind that there are 279 Catholic schools in
the ten countywide Archdiocese of New York versus the NYCSD's
1,700 schools, and that there are 44 secular New York area teachers
for every priest operating throughout the NYC archdiocese.

Total Number of NYC School District Students in 2010:   1,100,000
Total Number of substantial sexual impropriety cases:                   73

Students enrolled at Archdiocese of NY Schools in 2010:       83,000

Number of NYC School District TEACHERS in 2010:           80,000
Number of substantial sexual impropriety cases in 2010:                73

Ladies and gentlemen, in the Year 2010, only 1 out of 1,095  NYC
school teachers were substantially found to have gone out of bounds,
in varying degrees sexual abuse, ranging from verbal abuse to conduct
recognized as criminal activity in the State of New York.  This means
that some of the teachers' actions were equivalent to a Tropical Storm,
while the conduct of other ones was equivalent to a Category 4 Hur-
ricane.  In addition, keep in mind that there are almost as many NYC
area public school TEACHERS as there as Archdiocese of New York
Catholic School STUDENTS.  Now compare the long-term statistics
of American priest sexual abuse to New York City school teachers'
sexual impropriety in the Year 2010.

American priest sexual abusers between 1950 and 2002:    1 in .... 25.
NYC teachers transgressing in varying degrees in 2010    1 in 1,095.

                                               Number of NYCSD schools:       1,700.
          Approximate Number of Archdiocese of NY schools:       280. 

                             Number of Archdiocese of NY parishes:         370.

                                             Number of NYCSD teachers:      80,000.
                    Number of active priests in NYC archdiocese:       1,783.


When you make an allegation as brazen as did Timothy Dolan, you are
obligated to produce concise statistics.  He needed to produce the num-
ber of teachers employed by the NYC School District between 1950 to
2002, along with the number of school students who suffered substanti-
ated sexual abuse in the specific degrees of intensity they suffered them.

With the statistics made available, it is ascertained that Dolan lied.  Such
a lie constitutes the Invasion of Privacy in a False Light, as well as Defa-
mation against the NYC School District and its teachers.   False Light,
incidentally, consists in taking a photograph or a set of statistics out of
context.  Dolan did no less than incite animosity and even a McCarthy-
type witch hunt against New York City teachers.

A tree is known by its fruits.  Dolan denied that he deliberately removed
$130,000,000 from Archdiocese of Milwaukee bank accounts, in only
two sets of transfers, shortly after two pivotal court rulings were entered
into law.  He said it was a coincidence.

If this is new to you, know that Timothy Dolan was once the archbishop
of Milwaukee, where he played Abra Kadabra and Alakazam with over
a hundred million of dollars when the Milwaukee archdiocese was met
with lawsuits.  He claimed that the financial repositioning was coinciden-
tal.  However, there is no such thing as coincidences, when more than
two intersecting events occur.  In the Milwaukee case, there was the in-
tersecting of four events ... two court adjudications and two large money
transfers.  The American dollar should no longer have George Washing-
ton's picture on it, stating "In God We Trust."  Rather, it would be more
fitting to have Harry Houdini's picture on it, with the caption, "Now you 
see it.  Now you don't  ... especially when Timothy Dolan gets his 
hands on it."  It has been a pea & shell game.