July 30, 2023

Wuerl's Decisive Factor in His Signatura Reversal over Cipolla: An Archbishop Zenon Grocholewski who, as policy, sided with a bishop over the bishop's subordinate priest.

The decisive factor in Wuerl's
"amazing" Vatican Signatura
reversal wasn't amazing.  No
new evidence was known to
have been in the brief case(s)
Wuerl was said to have taken
to Rome.  The only major fac-
tual inaccuracy was that the
founder of St Luke's Institute
had died, and that Saint Luke's
reformed its diagnosis policy.
For those of you unfamiliar, Donald Wuerl was tooted as a bishop who fought
the Vatican "to remove a molester priest."  Stop there.  There was NEVER any
evidence or credible witness accounts that the priest ever molested anyone.  The
woman who accused him of molesting her son one time decades ago was caught
lying about it, via fact checking.  After all, she claimed that the priest was arrest-
ed.  However, the priest was never arrested anywhere at any time for anything.

In addition, the Tim Bendig who claimed that the priest molested him for six con-
secutive years is a known liar who even lied to me and threatened to destroy my
life, followed by him begging me to interview him, even to the point of promis-
ing to let me see his lawsuit's deposition which was already located prior to him
turning into a begging coward.  Something that Bendig wrote to me was entirely
contrary to the modus operandi of a true molester.  Therefore, Bendig's own words
weakened his case completely.

The accused priest, an Anthony Cipolla, was found to have a  history contrary to
any molester and any homosexual.  Ironically, we found that the effeminate Don-
ald Wuerl had an extreme nexus to the Sodomite world.  In as much, Wuerl had
motive to use Cipolla as a smoke screen, being that District Attorney John Pettit
already accused Wuerl and his diocesan administrators as impeding the criminal
investigation of three priests Wuerl covered, none of whom was Anthony Cipolla.

Wuerl also had motive to cover the accusations leveled against his former boss,
John Cardinal Wright.  Now, Wright was directly accused by an individual who
claimed to have been paid $20 per Sodomy session, in regular intervals.  Wuerl
never reported Wright to any authority.  Thus, Wuerl was either complicit or
clueless.  If he were complicit, he was engaged in criminal conduct.  If he were
clueless, then it shows him to be a terrible leader who should never have been
ordained a bishop in the first place.  Ironically, the male present nicknamed
Wuerl the Girl only rose in power because of his nexus to John Wright, an
accused sex criminal.

The big mystery about the Vatican rehearing was claim of  "the major factual
inaccuracies."  The "inaccuracies" were never revealed to the public.  Well,
after three years of occasional research, the answer would be eventually be
found.  It's mentioned below.  None the less . . .

The reversal that Wuerl won didn't have anything to do with anything Wuerl
said at the hearing where Cipolla was absent.  That is to say that Wuerl was
NOT known to have performed any great oration at the hearing which ended
up changing the hearts of any Vatican officials.  If Wuerl did so, his speech
would have been published in all of the Pittsburgh newspapers and on a few
Pittsburgh walls, as well.  Instead, after Wuerl won his reversal, the front
cover of a major Pittsburgh newspaper had a full length photo of Cipolla.
This was because they had NO words with which to fill in the space.

In conclusion, there are was no indication that Wuerl used any evidence oth-
er than that which was used in the first round.  All that he was able to do was
state that the diagnose of Anthony Cipolla, by St. Luke's Institute, was not
done under the management of an out-of-the-closet homosexual who advo-
cated pansexualism.  That same diagnosis could now be applied to the new-
ly acquired definition of psychic defect.

Keep in mind that the Signatura ordered to be given the definition of that one
phrase.  Then, after Wuerl won his reversal, he presented the case in a very
false light.  All that Wuerl claimed at the Signatura was that Cipolla was sad
and might kill himself.  If you have evidence to the contrary, then send it now.
If you know the aforesaid to be true, then confirm so.

The deciding factor in Wuerl's reversal had nothing to do with the secret brief
cases mentioned by Pgh Post Gazette writer Ann Rodgers who would soon be
caught lying to the public in print.  The deciding factor of Wuerl's "rehearing"
was allegedly Polish.  It was human.  It was alive.  It was allegedly an arch-
bishop on the Signatura's panel who, as a matter of policy, believed in siding
with bishops over their subordinate priests.  The deciding factor in the Wuerl
reversal was named Zenon Grocholewski.

Concerning the only "major factual inaccuracy"
found in the Cipolla case, it goes as follows:

Firstly, Wuerl's only evidence against Cipolla was the diagnosis of a St Luke's
Institute in Maryland.  It's doctor(s) who assessed Cipolla simply stated that Ci-
polla suffered from Depressin & Suicidal Tendencies.  In as much, the Vatican
Signatura, in the first hearing, judged that the diagnosis given  to Cipolla was
invalid.  It's reasoning was that a place operated by an out-of-the-closet homo-
sexual who advocated pansexualism did not have valid diagnoses.

The Vatican Signatura's ruling was written in 1993.  Well, the founder of Saint
Luke's Institute died of AIDS in 1987.  Thus, in 1993, St. Luke's was no longer
being operated by an out-of-the-closet homosexual who advocated pansexual-
ism.  Therefore, the time line enabled a person to reconsideration if whether the
assessment of Saint Luke's was valid or not.

The aforementioned is the ONLY major factual inaccuracy found in four years
of co-research.  In as much, if media hog, Donald Wuerl, had any damning evi-
dence against Cipolla, you can be reasonably assured that Wuerl would have
had the evidence published in the newspapers & aired on Television,  All that
was published in the newspapers were a number of falsehoods and sleight of
hand deceptions which made Cipolla look like the monster that he was never
proven to be.  In fact, the newspaper testimony of the 1978 accuser was easy
to prove false.  The problem was that no one did any fact checking for years.

Plus, it had long since been concluded that 1988 accuser, Tim Bendig, was a
perpetual liar who might have plagiarized the 1978 accusation which has zero
evidence or witnesses to support it.  In fact, Bendig's lawsuit was so weak that
his attorney had to use the 1978 case in very exaggerated and fraudulent terms.

The 1978 case was presented in a false light.  Rather, in the early 1970s Cipol-
la was given plaques of appreciation for his services in two youth groups, and
no one in those groups ever accused him of any ill conduct.

Keep in mind that the media deceptively made it sound as if Cipolla were an
out-of-control monster in need of long-term psychiatric care, in that no one
from the Pittsburgh media stated that Cipolla's diagnosis was merely Depres-
sion and Suicidal Tendencies.  Well, the second psychiatric institute to assess
Anthony Cipolla's mental health said that he had no such Suicidal Tendencies
and that being sad on account of having your reputation destroyed is a normal
reaction.  St. Michael's of NY, the second institute, gave Cipolla a clean bill
of health.

July 29, 2023

Let's get the Cipolla Case right, once and for all

Anthony Cipolla was NEVER charged with any crime at any time
in his life, and Anthony Cipolla was NEVER arrested at any time
in his life.

Q:  But, what about 1978?

ANS:  Cipolla was NEVER charged, because criminal charges were
PENDING and not yet issued.

Then, the accusing mother of 1978 walked away from the case, by
declining to pursue her private criminal complaint.

One more hearing was required for Cipolla to be formally and of-
ficially charged --- for the assigned magistrate to "issue process"
upon Cipolla.  It was scheduled for late July 1978.  That hearing
never transpired.

Now, there are TWO VERSIONS of the Cipolla Case Narrative.
One version was published for public view in Oct 1995, 2015, and
2016.  The other version of the Cipolla case was published in 2018,
by the Pennsylvania Grand Jury.  The 2018 version is the only one
which carries PROBATIVE VALUE, meaning that it is worth pre-
senting to a jury in a court of law.

The 1995, 2015, and 2016 versions of the Cipolla Case were overly
sensationalized HYPER-EXAGGERATIONS which are an insult
to the intelligence of anyone who even studied a year of law or who
was sent through the criminal court system as a defendant.

The 2016 version was written by conspiracy theorist, Randy Engel,
and it shows that she knows nothing about Pennsylvania Law.  It
is exceptionally NON-FACTUAL, and it is 100% wrong for a web-
site master to link up to the very fictitious Randy Engel article.  The
true Cipolla Case was much more tame and snakelike.  In fact, the
1995, 2015, and 2016 versions of the Cipolla contradict each other
in allegations of fact.  For example ...

... The accusing mother of 1995 told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    that she had two elder daughters and two younger sons.  In the
    Year 2016, the same woman told Rand Engel that she had three
    sons and one daughter.  She also claimed that a husband of hers
    was in a Vietnam era special forces training accident in the
    Spartansburg South Carolina military base.  Well, that base
    was a WWII prisoner of war camp (Camp Croft) and it was
    closed in 1947 and turned into a state park, for vacationers.

The same accusing mother of 1978 wrote a number of lies about
me, such as the 2015 assertion that I was Anthony Cipolla in dis-
guise, operating a child/teen molester protection ring.  The truth
is that I am in construction and am NOT wealthy in any defini-
tion of the word.  Thus, I cannot afford to protect anyone, be it
noble revolutionaries or repulsively unnatural criminals.  Furth-
ermore, Anthony Cipolla died in 2016, and several article were
posted at this Wuerlof Hurt site since 2016, proving that I am
NOT Anthony Cipolla and that the woman is a deliberate liar.

Concerning the 2018 Grand Jury, it had access to a secret archive
file to which I never had access.  Ironically, Randy Engel wrote in
2016 that the subject matter found to exist in the secret archive file
no longer existed.  Engel claimed that the Cipolla case was expung-
ed.  Well, the secret archive file prove Engel to be a liar.

Concerning that secret archive file, there exists within it the tale of
the tape.  It's a medical report, mentioning the existence of a lubri-
cant on a child's undergarment.  Well, if that lubricant spot was
not planted there by the accusing mother, in order to frame Ci-
polla, then its case closed, concerning the 1978 case.

Concerning the Randy Engel article, I went into detail, showing
how embarrasingly non-factual it is and how lazy Engel was in
NOT doing any fact checking on simple Pennsylvania procedural

I already wrote of the Grand Jury version of the Cipolla Case v
the super-bogus, hyper-exaggerated versions.  When I have time
to search, I'll find the links to those writings.  I have to leave, right
now, to do some physical-intensive work on a construction yard.
But, one parting comment as to why Wuerl let the overly sensa-
tionalized version of the Cipolla Case be published without him
intervening and letting the publishers know that their version of
the case was hyper-exaggerated.

According to the PA Grand Jury and its access to the secret archive
of Cipolla held in the possession of Donald Wuerl for 18 years, Don-
ald Wuerl knew about the 1978 case the first moment Wuerl reviewed
the Cipolla Case.  Yet, Wuerl wanted everyone to believe that he was
clueless as to the existence of the Cipolla Case until the 1978 accusing
mother contacted him and told him.  In as much . . .

All that Wuerl needed to do, the first year he arrived in Pittsburgh as its
"local ordinary," AKA RULING BISHOP, was review all priests' case
files.  Upon reviewing Cipolla's Case file, he would have seen the exist-
ence of the 1978 case in a NON-exaggerated light.  It would then have
been his automatic duty to keep Cipolla away from youth, unless it could
have been proven that the "lubricant stain" was planted there, to fram Ci-

Well, Wuerl did not remove Cipolla from close access to children the first
year Wuerl became in charge of the RC Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Then came
the Wolk, Zula, & Pucci indictments, along with Wuerl letting George Zir-
was remain in ministry ... all the while getting rid of a John Hoehl whom
Wuerl reinstated, letting Hoehl take flight to West Virgina.  Therefore ...

     Wuerl allowed the super-hyper-exaggeration of the Cipolla Case to
     fill the public's mind via the Oct 1995 edition of the Pittsburgh Post
     Gazette and other publications, in order to deflect Donald Wuerl's
     own accountability in not having removed Cipolla, until after Frs.
     Wolk, Zula, and Pucci were indicted, and not until after Tim Bendig
     went to the newspapers.  Wuerl was put on the spot, especially in light
     of the fact that DA John C Pettit announced that he would continue to
     investigate Wuerl's priests, with the help of about a half dozen out-of-
     state DAs.

To think, Wuerl always thought that he could sneak-on by, in his cover-ups.
He is still living his lie today, in denial after denial, with the of of his propa-
ganda machine which includes a Bill Donohue whom you must boycott.

For those unaware, Donohue was a Pittsburgh-area philosophy professor
who became the president of the Catholic League through the string tug-
ging of Donald Wuerl.  You must morally boycott the Catholic League,
until Donohue is gone.  You must boycott St. Matthew's Cathedral in
Washington DC until Wuerl is gone.  You must boycott the Vatican
until Francis the cover-up artist and heretical teacher is gone.

However, do NOT stop giving to AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED.
Those guys need your money here and now.  Thus,  whatever you were
going to give to Wuerl, Donohue, and the Vatican directly, give to the
charity organization AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED and similar
Catholic organizations..

Concerning the fact that the true Cipolla Case was much more tame than
the hyper-exaggerated & sensationalized Tom Cruz Movie version.  The
actual pattern of priest cover-ups is that of Subtlety, Perniciousness, and
Underhanded Snakelike Behavior.  No smashing of windows and no slit-
ting of tires.  Such cases evaporate, with prelates figuratively saying,
"Molestation?  What molestation?  I do see a thing."

The underhanded sneakiness is what torments the true victims of sexual
aggression, for one reason.  This reason was conveyed to me by a Cali-
fornia activist who was a female victim at a very young age in the Mid-
west of the United States.  That which torments the victims the most is
that the priests get away with what they did, suffering no accountability.

It's the sneaky silent and invisibility that torments the victims, NOT a
Charles Bronson blow-'em-up movie scenario.  Subtlety can kill.

July 27, 2023

Yes, I Spoke with Mark Ninehouser and he said that he never arrested Cipolla and never filled-out any police report in cursive handwriting.

However, he did say that his badge number was 46, as Randy Engel
claimed, and that his partner's badge number was 37.  However, he
was NOT a detective, as the same Randy Engel claimed.  Therefore,
Engel got everything wrong except for the two badge numbers, in
her nightmarish narration of an arrest which has now been 100%
proven to never have existed.

Quick March 2017 note:  More information of the Edward Huff case is
forthcoming.  The Huff Coverup, alone, proved former Pittsburgh Post
Gazette writer, Ann Rodgers (formerly Ann Rodgers-Melnick), to have
been nothing but Wuerl's propagandist.   That was an abuse of the press.

It is now Liberation Day for all of those who believed in the good character
of the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla.  In late February of
2017, I finally made contact with ... and conversed at will with ... one of the
two police officers who responded to Diane Thompson's phone call to the po-
lice, in 1978.  Randy Engel stated that they arrested Cipolla.  In fact, Engel
stated that they were detectives.  No, there weren't.  None the less, one of
the two police officers who Engel claimed to have arrested Anthony Cipol-
la categorically stated that he did NOT do so.  Engel is now dangling at
the edge of a business-destroying lawsuit which has a statute of limitations
a lot longer than the average American attention span.

Randy Engel's didn't merely accuse Anthony Cipolla of molestation.  She
accused him of harassment and terrorism, all the while stating that the Bish-
op of Pittsburgh at the time and the Allegheny County DA at the time were
accomplices to such criminal conduct.

It has now been proven to be a lie that a young Frank Labiaux ... eldest son
of a Diane Thompson whose timeline identifies her as a teenage pregnancy
queen .... vandalized a church out of sheer frustration for having been mo-
lested.  Being that this Frank Labiaux is a proven liar, one can plausibly
conclude that he also lied about being molested.

Whatever be the case, Frank Labiaux made his debut instantly destroying his
credibility.  This will especially be the case in the eyes of an entire jury who is
given the time to assess a case that now qualifies as actionable libel.  Then comes
the Eggshell Skull Rule, where Anthony Cipolla was forced to endure the stress
heaped upon him by libel and defamation.

As I stated perhaps twenty times previously ... and which never sunk into Randy
Engel's mind, Donald Wuerl used the Cipolla Case to finally get out of the spot-
light placed on him by Washington County DA John C Pettit.  This case also
made the Edward Huff indictment largely unknown by the Pittsburgh people,
even though it did make the mainstream media newspaper, at the time.

For those unaware, Diane Thompson and Randy Engel made elaborate and
damning accusations against Anthony Cipolla, former DA Bob Colville, and
the late Bishop Vincent Leonard, concerning the assertion that Cipolla mo-
lested her son, Tucker, in 1978.  The added assertion, never prefixed with
the lawsuit-prevention word, ALLEGED, was that massive and violent re-
taliation occurred after Thompson "filed charges."  No civilian has the
power to "file charges."

You see, Engel asserted that an M.N. Nehouser, Badge #46, and an R. Fogle,
Badge #37 arrested Cipolla for molestation, filled out an Incidence Report,
and hung by Diane Thompson's side, telling her to not "drop charges, de-
spite all of the harassment she was going to get.   The narration all turned
out to be a fraudulent misrepresentation, except for the officer's badge

In fact, in 1995, Thompson narrated a harrowing tale to a Pittsburgh Post
Gazette writer on how disappointed the two detectives looked when she
"dropped charges," with tears in her eyes, in the DA's office, signing a
paper that she couldn't read, due to the tears in the eyes.  That story
... and the story of her youngest son vandalizing a church out of the
frustration of having been molested ... have all now been proven to
be libel.  Provable lies.  Orchestrated falsehoods conjured by one of
the my incompetent liars you can encounter.

Let us proceed:

Mark Ninehouser was one of the two police officers who responded to Di-
ane Thompson's call in 1978, concerning her claim that her son, Tucker,
was molested by the man formerly known as Anthony Cipolla.

In her three-part article, Randy Engel referred to him as M.N. Nehouser.
None the less, he remembers the case and said the following:

      All that he did was take a report from Thompson, and then filled
      out a form by means of hand-printing it, and NOT handwriting it
      with cursive hand writing.  He said that he simply handed the re-
      port to the detectives, and that was it.  Nothing more was done
      by him.  Thus:::::

      1} He did NOT arrest Cipolla.  2} He was not called back to Diane
      Thompson's home, to respond to a call that she made, reporting that
      Cipolla was at her kitchen door.  3}  Plus, Mark was not called to
       the scene of any face-slapping of nine year old Tucker by a 70 year
       old man, and therefore, that account also turned-out to be a lie told
       by Diane Thompson. 4} Mark was also NOT called to respond to
       Diane Thompson's home, on account of any rock throwing incident
       which broke one of her windows,

All in all:

That which happened was NOT the way described by Randy Engel or by
the media in their 1990s reports about Cipolla.

Let's Review:   Concerning police officer, Mark Ninehouser, who respond
to Diane Thompson's original phone call to the police:

1}  He categorically stated that he NEVER put any Catholic priest in hand
cuffs in 1978, including Anthony Cipolla.  Neither he nor his partner Robert
W. Fogle arrested Cipolla.

1b}  Ninehouser was NOT a detective.  He said that he took the report of
Diane Thompson's accusations and handed it to the detectives.

1c}  At this point, the following must absolutely be remembered:

Randy Engel wrote that Diane Thompson started getting harassed by Cipolla
on July 30, 1978, upon which she called Ninehouser (misspelled as Nehouser
by Engel) and Officer Fogle.  Former Officer Ninehouser categorically stated
to me that, after he handed his hand-printed report to the detectives, he walked
away from the Diane Thompson case.  Thus, she did NOT call him, saying that
Cipolla was in the house.  He did NOT say to her, "Diane, they are going to try
to harass you into dropping charges.  So, be strong and stand your ground." Etc.

And and and he most certainly did NOT go to her home after "she was forced to
drop charges" and give her a copy of the Incidence Report which apparently was
a counterfeited one filled out by a non-police officer under the guise that it was
done by a police officer.  He did not walk up to her and say, "You're going to
need this one day."

The whole account about the detectives was a complete fraudulent misrepresen-
tation, and the detectives mentioned by Engel weren't even detectives.

2}  Keep in mind that I stated that the Incidence Report mentioned by Randy
Engel, part of which was photographed and put online, looked like a forgery.
For those unaware, the online photo which was purported to be the Incidence
Report of 1978 was handwritten with crowded handwriting and the letter "l"
always being looped widely.   The reason why that photograph was the photo
of a forgery ... of a fraud ... is very simple:

         Honorably retired Mark Ninehouser said that he and his fellow
         police officers were required to print (hand-print) all police re-
         ports.  No cursive handwriting was permitted.  The fact that the
         photo purported to be the actual Incidence Report of 1978 is
         handwritten with cursive writing, and not hand-printed, proves
         that the sheet of paper called "the one remaining piece of evi-
         dence" by Randy Engel is a very counterfeited fraud.  No po-
         lice officer of the 1970s would have filled-out the report in
         that fashion.

3}  Randy Engel stated that Cipolla was arraigned "at City Court" in a
      Pittsburgh Police Station.  This is a complete lie, because no arraign-
      ment ever took place in a police station.  ALL arraignments took
      place in one of two places:

              1} At the Public Safety Building which was located at First and
                   Grant Street, at one time.


               2} At City NIGHT COURT.

Cipolla was never arraigned, because he was NEVER arrested.  He was
accused in a private criminal complaint and served with a SUMMARY
NOTICE only signed by Diane Thompson.  She was to appear in city
court ... at the Public Safety Building ... and state due cause as to why
Cipolla should be arrested.  It was a hearing equal to a preliminary
hearing, but without the accuser having been first arrested.  It was
a hearing that would judge if Cipolla were to be arrested or not.

4}  There is NOT any mistaken identity of police officers in this case,
being that Mark Ninehouser remembers the case in outline form, and
being that Randy Engel did get his badge number and Robert Fogle's
number completely correct.  Mark's badge number actually was 46,
and Robert's actually was 37, as Engel stated.  BUT, they were NOT

In addition, there was ... at the time ... a #9 Police Station in the Northside,
located on Federal Street.  So, that part was gotten correct by Engel.  But,
there were NEVER arraignments taking place at any police station.

In addition, Engel stated that the incidence report was signed M.N.
Nehouser.  So, I asked Mark what the N stood for.  He said that he
did NOT have a middle name.

Once again, for those who are incredibly prejudiced against Cipolla:

5}  Rest assured that there was NO CALL to the police that a 70 year old
man working at any kind of a store slapped Tucker in the face, for having
accused Anthony Cipolla of wrong-doing.

6} Rest assured that no one called the police and reported a rock smashing
through any window at the residence of Diane Thompson and her children.

Take note that Mark was very articulate, talkative, and easy-going in his
conversation with me.  He did not stop to think of what he was going to
say.  He did not have time lapses of  momentary silence.  He simply spoke
spontaneously, hiding nothing.  He and I were literally shooting the breeze,
it was that easy-going of a conversation.

There is more to convey to you.  The bottom line is that two parts of the
three-part Randy Engel article that damns Anthony Cipolla and the late
Bishop Vincent Leonard to the Depths of Hell is complete libel.  If you
are a fan or friend of Randy, tell her that she better start talking to an
attorney.  There still is ample time before the statute of limitations ex-

I'll eventually have to notify Stephen Stone of Renew America that many
editor retractions and corrections need be made.  Moreover, if you pasted
that Engel article on your own website and you refuse to remove it once
notified, expect a summons to appear in court as a defendant, somewhere
down the road.

There WILL be other defendants, too.  I'll continue this at a later time.
For now, you have enough substantive information that it should easily
break the hypnotic trance that Engel has on the weak-minded & gullible.
She is NOT a guardian of Truth, Justice, and the American Way.  She's
a gossipy and libelous hag who actually thinks that the historic red
Shoes of the Fisherman are homosexual shoes.

I give you your freedom from Randy Engel's influence and her pretense
of being the deliverer of truth and her hatred of the Shoes of the Fisher-
man.  Be free.

Till the next time,

Patrick Anthony Pontillo

In America, Truth ends up prevailing.

I Traced Officer Mark Ninehouser through the NFL

The Pittsburgh Steeler's football stadium stands very close to the world famous 
Three Rivers Confluence of Western Pennsylvania.   Yes, the investigation of the 
Anthony Cipolla Case brought us to the National Football League, being that the 
most important witness in the 1978 case became employed with the NFL.

Every time Cipolla accuser, Diane Thompson, gets caught lying, she changes
her story.   She and her accomplice in libel,  Randy Engel,  are both going to
have to overhaul that story, especially when it comes to the signature at the
bottom of a sheet of paper that Engel called the last remaining piece of evi-
dence which was handwritten in cursive writing, contrary to Pittsburgh po-
lice regulations at the time.  Concerning this, that sheet of paper was NOT
filled-out or signed by any police officer, especially a detective.

Mark Ninehouser is the man whom Randy Engel called "M.N. Nehouser."
Plus, he was NOT a detective in 1978, as Engel so confidently asserted
in her Nov & Dec three-part article which damned to the inner recesses
of Hell the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla..

The fact that Mark was not a detective, alone, tossed the whole Cipolla-
retaliation scenario out the door as a sophomorically contrived fraudulent
misrepresentation.  And and and, that sheet of paper which Engel called
the last remaining piece of evidence, in itself, created the burden of proof
and was NOT the proof itself, being that it was merely the accusation of
a private citizen and NOT a police form.  Mark Ninehouser expressly
made it known to me that he did NOT sign such a sheet of paper and
that he would not have written any report in cursive handwriting.

That retaliation saga, now proven false, was the entire foundation stone of
Thompson's entire nightmarish tale.  That tale is now  proven to have been
a lie from Stage 1.  I told Engel, over the phone, that the Cipolla Case was
an easily provable fraud.  Engel's article which possessed numerous prov+-
able falsehoods made the  Cipolla Case even more easy to prove as a fraud.  \
The more they damn him, the more fallacious they are discovered to be.

For those new to law, that sheet of paper which Engel called the last re-
maining piece of evidence was merely the setting forth of accusations
which created the BURDEN OF PROOF.  It was not proof (evidence)
in itself.  Plus, Mark Ninehouser expressly made it known that he did
NOT sign such a sheet of paper and that he would never have written
it in cursive handwriting.  Thus, we have a case of fraud, here.  Yes,
that which Engle so arrogantly proclaimed as evidence was a forgery.
After all, the only thing the Thom

  Killer Hags.                   Killer Crones.                   Libel Kills.
Way to go, Engel ... and her New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Sidekick.
Nobody messes with you.
After he retired from the Pittsburgh police force, Mark Ninehouser be-
came an employee in the security department of the National Football
League.  For my friends in Russia, the Ukraine, and elsewhere in Europe,
the NFL is the most prestigious league on earth for American Football.

Now, if Mark Ninehouser were not employed by the NFL, I would have
never tracked him down.  Just thought I'd mention it, in order to give the
aspiring investigative journalists out there a feel for what it's like to do
true investigative journalism . . . as opposed to the farcical type done by
Randy Engel, in her hairdryer salon form of gossip.

For those new here, Mark Ninehouser was claimed to have been one of
the two police officers who arrested the man formerly known as Father
Anthony Cipolla.  This was claimed as true by Randy Engel and Diane
Thompson-Labiaux-Mangum-Whatever.  He told me that he never did

In fact, Mark become instantly curious as to the mystical sheet of paper
which bore his name and his correct badge number.  When I said that the
sheet was signed "badge #46,"  Mark said, "That was my badge number."

 I then mentioned "badge #37," upon which Mark said that it\ was definite-
ly the badge number of his former work partner.  The problem is that Mark
Ninehouser never signed any sheet of paper titled,  Offense/Incident Report.

Now, Engel and Thompson both claimed that Ninehouser (incorrectly
spelled Nehouser) was a detective in 1978.  He was not.  Therefore, no
signature on any such sheet of paper had any significance to it.

FURTHERMORE, for such a paper to have gained legal weight to it, it
needed to have been signed by an assistant DA, and not a detective or an
uniformed police officer.  The sheet of paper was actually the 1970s ver-
sion of the Private Criminal Complaint ... not the Police Complaint.

Aside of getting Mark's last name wrong, while getting his badge number
correct, Randy Engel stated that he  1} was a detective,   2} told Diane
Thompson to take young Tucker to a hospital,  3} was then given a med-
ical report from a physician at the same hospital which stated that "traces"
of a lubricant used to molest Tucker was still lingering on Tucker,  4} was
telephoned by Diane Thompson on July 30, 1978, to go over to her home
where Cipolla was standing as an intruder, clad in a cassock,  5} filled out
a report called an Offense/Incidence (or Incident) Report and signed it,
along with his partner, Robert Fogle.

Now, in October of 1995, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that two de-
tectives were called to the hospiral bedside of a young molested boy who
was molested by Anthony Cipolla.  Thus, we have yet another instance of
contradictory assertions-allegations-averments between the 1995 newspap-
er article that damned Cipolla to the innermost recesses of infamy, while
Randy Engel's 2016 article which damned the same Anthony Cipolla to
the innermost recesses of Hell.

The only thing that was true about this nightmarish narration written by the
less than factual Randy Engel was Mark's badge number and Robert Fogle's
badge number.  For the record, today Pittsburgh Police officers have four-digit
badge numbers.

All in all, Mark was NOT a detective.  He was NOT called to any hospital
to attend to a Tucker Thompson who was reported as having been molested.
Mark was NOT given any medical report by any physician pertaining to the
young Tucker Thompson.  Nor did he suggest to Diane Thompson that the
young Tucker needed to go to a hospital.  In addition, Mark Ninehouser was
NOT telephoned by Diane Thompson on July 30, 1978, and he did NOT go
over to Thompson's residence to respond to an Anthony Cipolla intrusion.
In facgt, Mark was NOT in the DA's office with Diane Thompson, bearing
a look of disappointment at her signing papers with tears in her eyes, and
and and Mark was NOT called to respond to Tucker being slapped in the
face by any 70 year merchant or any younger aged merchant ... or anyone
at all..

And and and, Officer Mark Ninehouse was NOT called to respond to any
claim that Diane Thompson's residence was vandalized by a stone being
thrown through a window.  Furthermore, there was NO CALL for Mark
to respond to any report of any tire belonging to any car of Diane Thomp-
son being slashed.

In addition, there was NO MAN IN THE HOUSE during July of 1978.
This is pertinent, being taht Randy Engel made it sound as if there were
a dad there throughout the entire time, psychologically impaired.   NO.
Thompson .... at that time .... in July of 1978 ... was the stereotypical
single mom.  She and Engel lied yet again.

All in all, Officer Mark Ninehouser only took a statement from Thompson
and then printed-out a report on her averments, followed by him giving the
report to the actual detectives..  If there were a man of the house living in
the Thompson residence in June and July of 1978, then he was the Invisible

That ENTIRE story which damned Anthony Cipolla to the depths of Hell
was FALSE, except for the mention of the badge numbers of Officers Nine-
houser and Fogle.

Moreover, there was a photo placed online purported to have been the
only piece of evidence remaining in the 1978 Cipolla caset.  It was a
photo of part .... and only part ... of the Offense/Incident Report which
Engel claimed was filled-out by eithery Mark Ninehouser and Robert
Fogle and then signed by both officers whom she identified as detectives.
Well, the description of the crime committed on that sheet of paper was h
andwritten in cursive handwriting, meaning that NO POLICE OFFICER
in Heaven, Earth, Purgatory, or Hell filled the sheet of paper out.  This is
because Pittsburgh police officers were forbidden to fill-out their reports
in cursive handwriting. They were required to hand-print their reports.
In as much, were those signatures anything other than forgeries?

Keep in mind that Mark was surprised to hear that his name and badge
number was on that particular sheet of paper.

The flag of the Sovereign State of Pennsylvania, where within
there are statutes against Libel and Wrongful Death, as well
as the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

NOW . . . after having received the information that I received from the
in-good-standing though retired police officer, Mark Ninehouser, the Ci-
polla Case became a matter of CASE CLOSED.

Other evidentiary findings during this particular time were uncovered also,
confirming that Diane Thompson and even her son, Frank Labiaux, are liars.
For example, it was found that a 12 year old Frank Labiaux did NOT vandal-
ize a nearby church by means of a fire extinguished in 1977, as an act of retal-
iation for having been molested.  This is because the vandalism of the nearby
AME Church  was done by a 14 and a 15 year old TWICE, in November of

The first time involved the fire extinguisher vandalism and the second
time  (Nov 17, 1978) involved the two vandals slitting tires in the AME
parking lot, while the congregants were attending a "tent revival" type of

Plus, Diane Thompson changed her story about the place where Frank
was "allegedly" molested.  She originally told the 1990s press .... and
me in 2014 ... that Frank was molested by Cipolla on the property of
the PIME seminary, in Michigan.   I then found a witness who went to
the PIME seminary with Cipolla and even Tim Bendig.  The witness
said that no sexual harassment or molestation of any kind occurred.

Therefore, Thompson changed her story, by saying that it happened
in a motel, while Cipolla, Frank, and other lads where in Michigan,
to see the Henry Ford Museum.

In continuing with Diane Thompson's unbroken pattern of pathological
lies, she boldly stated that she drove to Pittsburgh at her own financial
expense and gave a deposition for the Bendig lawsuit.  I then announc-
ed to the reading public that the entire package of depositions in the
Bendig lawsuit were found and sent to Europe at a relatively hefty
price.  I then mentioned that THERE WAS NO NO NO DIANE

So, what did the same Diane Thompson do, in response to having been
caught\ lying yet again?  ANS:  She claimed that the deposition was only
video taped.  To her asininity, there still would have been the legal require-
ment, under the Rules of Discover, to submit a copy of the video-taped de-
position to the defense team headed by my former neighbor, John Alan
Conte.  Incidentally, John said that Diane Thompson was "an adroit liar."

Once again, deep appreciation from Anthony Cipolla's brother Vince, cer-
tain close friends of the late Anthony Cipolla, and from me goes to hono-
rably retired police officer, Mark Ninehouser for the information that he
amicably volunteered and provided to us all.  It was a tremendous relief.
It was liberating.

This is a multiple topic post.  It also covers Cipolla's transfers to parish-
es in his early years ... during the mid-1970s, when American culture was
much different than today.

This post furthermore covers the comment made by the New Jersey Con-
spiracy Theory sidekick of Randy Engel, in her stating that Diane Thomp-
son choose not to sue the Diocese of Pittsburgh in 1978, as if Thompson
were a noble and self-giving per- son.

The reason why that comment is an extreme insult to me is addressed.  It
has to do with my mother dying when I was young.  A hospital blood trans-
fusion killed her, but only after a long and painful illness.  Lots of pain.
Lots of pain.

We family members, in our graciousness, decided not to sue the hospital
under the logic, "Well, it won't bring back mom.  So, what's the point?"

In as much, it is deeply offensive to see the vicious, insulting, and lying '
Diane Thompson being counted among the self-giving and me ... the guy
who sues everybody, according to Thompson.

Uhhhhhm,  I have not filed a personal lawsuit since the Year 2000.  That
amounts to seventeen years ago.  So, Thompson once again lied about me.

Randy Engel's great downfall is that she is not a team-player.  She is mere-
ly out for herself.  She's the overly domineering hag who wants to run the
show and be the queen.  It's her way or the highway.

Well, she'll be dethroned in due time.  But for now, she shows no signs of
remorse for inflicting the added amount of stress that was imposed upon
heart patient, Anthony Cipolla ... an amount of stress that could kill him.
And of course, during Engel's doing of the three-part article, Cipolla ever
so coincidentally died of a heart attack.

Engel and her New Jersey Conspiracy Theory friend couldn't let Cipolla
rest with his diabetes, bypass surgery heart condition and his neuropathy (
intense back pain included).  Naaaaaah.  Not them.

Engel couldn't let Anthony get a drop of emotional rest.  Then, after Ci-
polla died, Engel just couldn't spare pain from being inflicted upon the
same Anthony Cipolla's own family members.  She had to write the
most damning article anyone could have written about Cipolla.  But,
she included a narration of Pennsylvania criminal procedure which
did NOT exist, instantly showing what a farce that article was and is.

None then less, mighty Randy Engel had to reek further havoc on the
Cipolla family reputation.

Now, I had the Cipolla situation completely monitored, to see if he were
a molester or not.  I then discovered that there was no need for monitor-
ing.  In as much, to think that I was the one who spoke the most with
Cipolla during the last three years of his life was an erroneous thought.
He had ample telephone contact with others, being that he still had a
following.  None the less, the most common thing Cipolla said to me
through the years was  "I have another call coming.  I have to take 
this call."

Furthermore, Diane Thompson made it sound as if I had no sources
of information and that I only wrote what Cipolla told me to write.
Oh no.  Nobody tells me what to write, unless I am taking direct
orders from either the president of this C-corporation here or a
government administrator or even a grounds keeper, inspector,

In as much, in order to be a great leader, you have to first prove that
you faithfully take orders and follow them.  None the less, when it
came to the Cipolla Case, I wrote as I saw fit.

Mike Volpe of Chicago autonomously wrote what he willed about
the case, and others spoke about the case from their free will.  No
one was anyone's puppet.

In fact, as I previously stated, not only was I NOT Cipolla's puppet,
Cipolla and I had mini-World-War-III over the telephone more than
once.  After all, Donald Wuerl brings out the worst in everybody.
He surely brought out the worst in me.  None the less, I was NOT
Cipolla's yesman and he surely was not mine.

I wrote only that which could be backed-up with evidentiary support
and corroborative witness accounts, as well as an occasional expert
witness conveyance.  After all, I kept telling the public to test my
writings for cracks.  So, go ahead and test my posts about Cipolla,
Ference, the Seminary Whistleblower, and Torquato's accuser for
cracks, along with my writings on Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, Huff,
etc for cracks and contradictions.

Of course, I originally opened the lines of communication with
Anthony Cipolla, because I was asked to meet with him.  I then
kept the lines open with him, waiting for him to confess that he
molested Diane Thompson's two sons.  Then the evidence came
in, and everything alleged about Cipolla turned out to be a sick

When the truth was finally found, I ended up saying, "You idiots!
Why didn't anyone show me this stuff sooner?"

While we are at it . . .

Let's address Engel's insinuation that Cipolla had to have been a
serial molester, being that he received more parish assignments
than is regarded as normal by today's standards.

1}  As was observed in the history of the Diocese of Pittsburgh,
     when a priest commits sexual abuse, what is done with him???
     ANS:  He is first moved OUT OF STATE.  Hoehl to Toronto.
    Wolk, Zula, and Pucci to Maryland.    Edward Huff to St. Louis.
     Esposito to Arkansas.  Torquato to Rome, "to finish his educa-
     tion."  Etc.

     Now, was Cipolla sent out of state in the 1970s?  ANS:  NO.

     In as much, the story of Diane Thompson being told by then
     Bishop Vincent Leonard that Cipolla was diagnosed with a
     severe form of sexual pathology was nothing more than the
     story of a repeatedly proven liar.  She fabricated the story.
     She lied.  I saw the psychiatric paperwork.  It has my finger-
     prints on it.  Mike Volpe saw the digital version of Cipolla's
     psychiatric assessment.  No sexual perversity mentioned.
     Only Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.

2} Cipolla's last two assignments were five years each.  That is a
     lot of time to be posted anywhere as a diocesan priest.  More-
     over, the early 1970s were the Vietnam Years, followed by
     the Peace, Love, Brotherhood, and College Campus LSD
     days.  They were the "I have to find myself" days, as well
     as the Kwai Chang Caine (of Kung Fu fame) days, where
     people have the idea of searching for the truth, mingled
     with the onset of college campus hedonism.  Now, Cipolla
     was trained at a missionary seminary which had the mission-
      ary mindset . . . the traveling mindset.

     Plus, plus, plus, during the 1970s, Pittsburgh was one of the
     most prosperious cities on Earth.  There was not yet the priest
     shortage that accompanied the Donald Wuerl years.  A priest
     was NOT bound to a parish out of logistical desperation on
     the part of the bishop who couldn't attract enough seminari-
     ans.  Cipolla's goal was a Padre Pio Franciscan-type Mission.
     And he WAS extremely popular during his Padre Pio days.

     All in all, Cipolla was never shipped out of state during the
     1970s.  That was the tell-sign ... tale-sign.

Then came the theatrics which made Thompson and her family
look like a monastery of saintly heroes.  The "second dad" was
said to have gone through an accident and explosion at a mili-
tary base that did NOT exist as one since 1946.  None the less,
the easy sign of a liar and double sensationalism, such as an
accident and explosion.

Thompson's fatal is that fairy tale consisted in her omitting the
#1 symptom that all guys get when in an explosion.  That of
ringing in the ears.  My dad, of course, was a decorated Air
Force combat veteran who even saw and heard the right wing
airship blow into a ball of fire while the bomb group was over
its target.  Dad suffered from chronic ringing in the ears.  So,
the description of that accident and explosion that was said to
have occurred at a base no longer in operation was sophomor-

The Engel article made the Thompson clan sound like a clan of
saints.  Way over the top.  Then, the woman who provoked En-
gel into writing the article had the audacity to state that Thomp-
son heroically refrained from suing the diocese.  Well, the tale
of Diane Thompson was go bogus at face value that no lawyer
would waste his/her time with it.  I've explained the fallacies
set forth as face, especially in the description of criminal pro-
cedure narrated by Thompson through Engel and the Pitts-
burgh Post Gazette of years past.

Proof that Thompson elected to not sue the diocese out of the
goodness of her heart is that Thompson publicly sought to get
a law firm to sue me.  Of course, her story is such a farce that
no law firm would waste their time with her.  The New Jersey
Conspiracy Theory Housewife was more than willing to lie,
and she was more than willing to believe a story of criminal
procedure that didn't come close to having ever existed.  An
SNL skit couldn't be more ridiculous then the narration found
in the Engel three-part article.

July 26, 2023

Engel Severely Misrepresented Elements of Law ... to the point of lying ... to fit her story and make it sound like the truth.

All she had to do was wait for the PA Grand Jury Report.  Instead, she was ar-
rogant enough to have believed that her Cipolla story was anything other than
a hyper-exaggeration that proved that she knows nothing about American law.
She comes off as a know-it-all, but she knew ZERO about law.  After 70+ yrs
of living, you would think that she would have learned a little bit of American
law.  No.  Not at all.  Such a person is usually nothing more than a gossip, too
lazy to learn law or basic economics or basic physics or basic statistical analy-
sis, etc.

Now, let's get to an element of law that Engel pathetically massacred, in Randy
Engel's attempt to explain it:

She stated that Anthony Cipolla was arrested upon Diane Thompson "pressing
charges" (which is 100% false) and then had a conspiracy machine get into action,
with the help of then-Bishop Vincent Leonard, that forced the same Diane Thomp-
son to drop charges under duress (which is 110% false,) followed by Thompson
signing a sheet or two of paper that enabled Anthony Cipolla's criminal record to
be expunged.  Got it, so far?

Firstly, the retired officer, MARK NINEHOUSER who was said to have arrested
Cipolla told me that he never did such a thing.

Secondly :::::::

Engel wrote that "an expungement is a civil action."  Uhhhhhm no, it's not.  A civil
action is a lawsuit.  An expungement is a court order, arising from a motion to the
court, at the end of a criminal action where the defendant prevailed. More specifc-
ally, an expungement is the final process of a criminal action which has been
dismissed in favor of the defendant.

Engel also said that the expungement process is STARTED by the accuser of the
person whose criminal record is sought to be expunged.  Woooo doggie!  Some-
one has checked-in to the Non-Reality Motel.  Why would anyone who accused
a person of a crime want to have that person's record disappear and then to have
that person walk free???

The following is what an expungement  actually is, and it's very simple to explain:

An expungement consists in destroying all vestiges of the defendant's arrest and due
processing thereof.  It destroys more than the paperwork.  I am not getting into detail
what is actually destroyed and how, because Diane Thompson will use my detailed
explanation in her next set of lies, if I publicly post it.

Now, Engel said that expunged records are sealed and placed in a secret archive.
FALSE.  They are entirely destroyed, a la paper shredder.  Even evidence gets
a visit to a trash can.  None the less, concerning Engel's false definition of an

If an expungement were a civil action, it would denote an entirely new case that
starts from Stage 1, and an entirely new docket number.  An expungement is the
final stage of an existing case, and not a new case in itself.

More importantly, expungements have a FEE attached to them.  Depending on the
city and state, the price is $200, $250, $300, $400 or so.  Now, it costs money to
expunge a case.  THUS, if Engel were correct in stating that an expungement is
started by the accuser of the defendant, then the accuser would have to pay the
expungement fee.  Do you realize how erroneous Engel is?  The defendant has
to pay the fee.
Now, let me show you how much Engel knows NOTHING about law.  You will
see her asininity in the following comment that she made in her three-part article.
Let's go to it:

Engel made reference to the 1989 Beaver County DA's formal findings on the in-
vestigation started by Tim Bendig's private criminal complaint against Anthony
Cipolla.  The findings were that there were no grounds upon which to file crimi-
nal charges against Cipolla.

Concerning the official DA letter,  Engel went on to state to the effect, "What about
all the molesting that Cipolla did" (if any at all) "in 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985,
& 1986?  Engel stated that the Beaver County DA should have filed criminal charges
against Cipolla for Bendig's accusations of 1981 to 1986.

Now, what is completely asinine about  that statement by which it proves that Engel
knows nothing about law and doesn't think rationally?

ANS:  Bendig's accusations of 1981 to 1986 involved acts that he alleged were com-
mitted upon him IN AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT JURISDICTION.  They involved
Allegheny County, and the Beaver DA cannot file criminal charges against anyone
for allegations said to have been committed in another county jurisdiction. 

FURTHERMORE, Tim Bendig tried to get Cipolla criminally indicted in Allegheny
County, but failed.  The DA's assistant denied Bendig's private criminal complaint,
on the grounds that there were NO GROUNDS upon which file against Cipolla.

Why didn't Engel mention the Allegheny County DA's office denying Tim Bendig
his petition to have Cipolla indicted?  And why did she never mentioned the Oak-
land NJ Police Dept giving Cipolla a plaque of appreciation, thereby showing that
those policemen never had reason to suspect him of being a molester?

More Notes:

Oh, by the way, concerning the damning allegation of a 70 year old convenience
store owner hitting young Tucker in the face, for accusing Cipolla of molestation,
do you really believe that that overly theatrical story ever happened?  Now think.
Diane Thompson's name was NEVER in the newspapers, never on television, and
never on the radio.  Tucker's name was never in the papers, on TV, or on the radio.
So, how would that store owner have known that Tucker made the accusation, in
the first place?

Did such a store owner exist?  The story is too theatrical to be taken seriously.

In addition, we are talking about a major American metropolis here.  How many
70 year old seniors work at a store that is corporately owned, (or are corporately
leased)?  When was the last time you saw a 70+ year old gentleman working in a
metropolitan convenience store?  Keep in mind that, in 1978, the retirement age
was 65 years old, and when you talk about metropolitan convenience stores, you
are probably talking about corporate franchises or corporate land being leased.
This is NOT Melbourne Florida we are putting into focus.  It's a major league
city being put in the spotlight.


And then there was mention of a Bernie Thompson suddenly dying in the State
of Florida where I went to college.  Engel stated that he was hit by a car while
crossing the road/street/hightway, trying to get a homeless man a "decent meal."

Uhm, if he were crossing the street, trying to get a homeless man a decent meal,
then the man was walking next to him.  So, why didn't the homeless man get hit
by the car and killed, too?  I have a subscription to the archives of thousands of
American newspapers, and I could NOT find any article of any man getting hit
by a car while trying to get a homeless man a decent meal.  None the less . . .

Being that one of my alma maters was a Florida university that borders the Hills-
boro River and West Kennedy Blvd, I am very familiar with the homeless.  What
a person usually did, if he didn't ignore the homeless person, was give him money
and let him get the meal himself.  Plus, some of those guys were super harassing
people.  A person would cross a street / road / or highway, just to get away from
the overly obnoxious homeless person.  When fleeing someone pushy, we some-
times don't look both ways before crossing the street.  None the less . . .

I could neither find any article about a "Tommy Thompson" taking his own life at
the hands of sleeping pills or pills similar, despite my subscriber's access to over
a thousand American newspapers.

By the way, the most common form of suicide for a woman, and NOT a man,
is death by barbiturate overdose.  The most common form of suicide for a man
is death by gun shot.

Did go there.  It was a waste of time.

For Future Article Writing:

Then comes the Mexico Street allegations in the Engel article ... for another time.
I am supposed to be back in Pittsburgh for a short stay in January of 2017.  I will
be able to photo-shoot this Mexico Street and show you something enlightening.

All in all, nothing in these damning allegations fit.  Now, I am all for reporting
Anthony Cipolla as a molester, but all of the articles that damn him to the pits
of Hell are bullet riddled with fact-checked lies..

Oh, and then there is a "medical report thing," about traces of a lubricant coming
from a hospital.  Very simply, if it did exist ... and if it were sent to "detectives,"
it would have come from THE FORENSICS LAB.  Thus, if Engel would have
stated that the "report" came from the Forensics lab, her paragraph on the sub-
ject would have carried a bit of plausibility.

You know, magistrates are known to order forensics testing.  Was there any ma-
gistrate ordering any testing in this case?  That's another reason why the Engel
article and Thompson web log posts are easily recognizable as frauds.  There is
no mention of a magistrate being involved.

One more thing, concerning Tim Bendig's ability to con people:

Keep in mind that Bendig almost had me conned, until he stated something I knew
to be a lie, and then Bendig changed his story three more times, making him even
more of a liar in my eyes.  If I weren't a document hunter, Bendig would have suc-
ceeded in conning me as he succeeded in conning Engel.   Engel has gotten lazy.

None the less, there is a way to tell if Bendig is lying, if you can see him speaking.
I declined to interview him in person, because he is a liar, and I couldn't risk him
claiming that I said something that I never said.  So, I avoided him.  HOWEVER,
if I could interview ... interrogate ... Bendig in a public setting with a camera pre-
sent (to prove I didn't threaten him, etc.,) I will be able to tell if he is lying, line
item by line item.  I will then be able to follow the cues and find out, once and
for all, if he were ever physically invaded by Cipolla.

All in all, Randy Engel is NOT the guardian of truth.  There is more to convey
to you.  I have to look at my notes and take some reflection time, before writ-
ing more.  Anyway, Engel is no Shakespeare, to say the least.  At the Florida
university I attended, he was referred to as Willie the Shake.

I have to go right now:  You know how it goes:  Chicago.  Minus 11 Fahrenheit.
                                       Night driving.  Have to go check on a company vehicle.

                                       Till the next time.

July 25, 2023

The #1 give-away which instantly showed that Randy Engel's "Cipolla Arrest" narration was a completely bogus fabrication

Sorry guys.   Cipolla was NEVER arrested.
Diane Thompson is a liar and Randy Engel was her dupe.
If Randy Engel would have waited for the Pennsylvania Grand Jury
Report to be published, she wouldn't have made a complete buffoon
out of herself.  Her version of the Cipolla Case was an alternate uni-
verse's hyper-exaggerated.  Ironically, that hyper-sensationalized and
very false version of the case is still online.  Engel prove herself to be
beyond stubborn and beyond detrimental to society.  Anyone who had
experience with Church corruption know that the cover-ups are like
Donald Wuerl's flaming homosexual whispery voice.  They are subtle,
nearly invisible, pernicious, faded, and off-the-grid.  Only when the
whistle blowers are physically strong people do church officials get
surrogates to perform violence.  That is beyond rare.  When the en-
tities involved are children and their mom, only the subtleties are
employed.  Thus, Engel is out of touch with reality.  After all, she
was sure that I wasn't in construction, proving how incredibly out
of touch with reality this aged woman and conspiracy theorist is.

Now to the article written before the PA Grand Jury revealed the
contents of a Pgh diocesan secret archive file was even known to

It was so obvious that even a rowdy college student arrested during Spring
Break could have detected it.  Even a fan of Jack Reacher films could have
easily seen through Randy Engel's ridiculously elaborate tale of the Anthony
Cipolla arrest which never occurred, in the first place.

It was all so simple.  In all of her wind-bagging, with Police Station #1 this
and Police Station #9 that, along with pre-arraignment here and "released on
his own cognisance" there, Randy Engel never mentioned the #1 thing that
happens to all people arrested and charged under any state criminal code
statute involving a felony or misdemeanor..

In all of her windbagging and uppity church lady verbiage, done in the attempt
to make Diane Thompson sound all so credible, in a detailed account,  Randy
Engel, Einstein that she is, failed to mention the magic words which make an
American arrest story sound credible.  She left out:

                            AND THEY TOOK HIM TO COUNTY.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are arrested and charged in the United States
of America, you will be taken to the COUNTY JAIL and spend at least one
night there.  The fact that Engel failed to add the "county jail feature" to her
narration showed that the whole story was made-up.

But of course, the paramount proof is retired officer Mark Ninehouser, errone-
ously called Detective M.N. Nehouser by Engel.  Mark was NOT a detective
in 1978, therefore the whole scenario about him being in the DA's office with
a look of dejection on his face, while Diane Thompson signed a sheet of paper
that she couldn't read because she had tears in her eyes was total libel .... million
dollar libel.

Engel destroyed her own legacy, and her good good New Jersey friend pushed
her and pushed her into doing the Cipolla article without ever fact-checking any
damning accusation against Cipolla, DA Bob Colville, and the late Bishop Vin-
cent Leonard.  She did this without consulting me, even though she called me
and asked me if she could refer to me during her investigation and use any jpeg
on my Wuerlgate site..  She now faces a multi-million dollar lawsuit in all her
uppity arrogance, because Vince Cipolla WANTS his brother's name exonerated,
and the evidence is in.  Even though Engel didn't consult me even after having
asked if she could do so, Vince Cipolla definitely is consulting with me.

All in all, the "truth has finally come out."  Mark Ninehouser was finally located.
The men have been separated from the good ole boys.  The men have been separ-
ated from the hags.  In fact, other things have come forth to me, and in due time,
you WILL know about them.

Even if Wuerl were to succeed in manipulating a way to neutralize me into com-
plete inactivity, I am not doing this alone.  Others will carry-on.  It's simply that
I solely write that articles here, except for one specific section.  All in all, Wuerl
will not be able to escape being exposed as the fraud he is . . . as the corrupt cleric
who became a superstar by means of a farcical case.

Remember, Cipolla was NOT tried for molestation at the Vatican.  He was tried,
without being present at the hearing, for a diagnosis of Depression and Suicidal
Tendencies.  I know what Wuerl's tactics were at that hearing.  I'll tell ya later
about them.

Engel is just another old hag jerk.  No great, illustrious mind there.   So, smirk.
Roll your eyes, and get on the phone with your fellow vinegary stenched hags,
and do that all-so-annoying, "Oooooooooooooooh.  He's just saaaaaaaying that."
Randy Engel's description of the Cipolla arrest which never
happened in the first place was as credible as claiming that
the Zombie Outbreak Response Team arrested Cipolla.
Let's review for a few minutes what happens when you are charged with a crime,
after an investigation of you have been completed --- as opposed to you being ar-
rested while engaged in criminal conduct.  This is what usually happens in the
United States ... for the most part ... generally speaking.

First, you get a telephone call, telling you to report to the nearest police station
by a certain time.  If you do not do so, you get another charge tacked on your
record, after you are granted extra report time by the police.

Then, while at the police station, you get fingerprinted.

Next, you sit in a small holding cell, waiting for the van to come and take you to
county ..... to the county jail.  Now, I know that Louisiana has parishes,instead of
counties   Same thing.

At the county jail, you have your mug shot taken.  Now, for a while you will be
sitting around a general population area.  And and and, you will be asked if you
feel like committing suicide ... at least in some jurisdictions.   Then, you are tak-
en to a county jail cell where the light is on all night,  to protect you from your
temporary cell mate.

Moreover, even if your hearing is conducted at Night Court, you are going back
to county jail after your Night Court bail hearing.

Finally, morning comes and you get driven to your bail hearing, where your
accuser may attend and speak to the judge assigning your bail.   This is then
followed by you going back to county, to see how you can find the bail money
that will get you released on bond.

All in all, when you get arrested, you go to County Jail, and when you are put
on trial, you go to the County Courthouse.  It's that simple.  Engel's tale was an
elaborately asinine fabricated tale, told by a very uneducated person who thinks
that you are gullible.

Engel's article made criminal procedure look all so technical, thereby making
her look all so all-knowing and intelligent.  No, she's not.  In fact, her ridicu-
lously banal and erroneous explanation of the expungement process proved
how much she does NOT know about law.

In as much . . .

The fact that Engel never mentioned a bail hearing and never mentioned that
Diane Thompson was invited to speak at the bail hearing additionally proved
that her story was bogus.  And Engel's omission of any mention of Anthony
Cipolla being taken to county  (aka driven to the county jail in a police wagon)
was the other give-away that Diane Thompson's story, as was told by Randy
Engel, was nothing but and wall-to-wall lies told by a sophomoric chump.

A man under intense stress and emotional distress, due to Diane Thompson's
overly theatrical web log posts, died of a heart attack.  Always take note that
Cipolla died shortly after Diane Thompson starting posting her damning ac-
cusations which, with the help of retired officer, Mark Ninehouser and docu-
mentation, was proven to be a complete lie.  Defamation kills.  In Florida,
Defamation is a criminal offense.

Bravo, Randy Engel and her New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Hag Friend
whom I never name for legal purposes, and whose address and telephone
number I never reveal, for the same legal purposes.  I am quite sure that the
Eternal God will repay you for all that you have done.  Hey!  That's a nice-
looking tombstone there, Engel.  Congratulations.  This could never have
happened without you.

July 24, 2023

More falsehoods in the November 2016 Randy Engel article on the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla

NOTE:  The PA Grand Jury version of the Cippola Case is the typical,
low-toned, nearly invisible, subtle & pernicious case of dealing with
accused priests.  The 2016 Randy Engel version is Paranoid Psychosis.

I don't have all the time in the world.  So, this will have to be brief.  If you're
even mildly alert, it will have an impact on you, should you be presumptive
about Randy Engel articles being the end-all judgment of all existence.

She recently wrote a three-part article, where the first two accuse the man
formerly known as Anthony Cipolla of outrageous conduct .... of  the type
of criminal behavior that can get an inmate killed, once the inmate goes in-
to the general population of a prison.  There were blatant falsehoods and
outright contradictions in the first two parts.  In as much . . .

Simply because a person speaks or writes with a confidence and an assured
tone (or rhythm), it doesn't mean that the person is telling the truth. Observe:


In Part 1, Randy Engel mentioned the existence of a Tommy Thompson, de-
scribing him as the second husband of the Diane Thompson who accused
Anthony Cipolla of molesting two sons of hers.

Engel expressly stated that this Tommy Thompson was severely injured
and almost killed in a vehicle accident and explosion while participating
in Special Forces military maneuvers at "the military camp of Spartans-
burg South Carolina, in 1965.  She stated that he was training for a tour
of duty in Vietnam.

Engle made this guy sound like the wholesome, All-American hero who
would come forth to defend all Americans everywhere from Communist
aggression.  She also made this man sound like an ever-so harrowed and
unfortunate martyr who met a cruel destiny while faithfully training with
a Special Forces until at the military base in Spartansburg, South Carolina.

Now, what is wrong with this picture which instantly proves this declarative
statement of such patriotic praiseworthiness to be a complete falsehood????

ANS: Ladies & gentlemen, the only military camp in the history of Spartans-
burg South Carolina was Camp Croft and it was CLOSED in 1946.  It termi-
nated all military operations one year after  the end of WWII.

Furthermore, Camp Croft was turned into a Historic Site where the public can
visit.  Now, no American military maneuvers are ever permitted to be undertak-
en near civilian venues, including historic sites visited by the public.  Therefore,
the allegation in Randy Engel's article is an instantly recognizable falsehood, as
are several other ones, thereby making this article a Kangaroo Court disgrace.


Here is another example of the falsehoods which plague the November 2016
Engel Article, in Parts 1 & 2:

Engel wrote:

Five days later, an unaccompanied Cipolla came to the Thompson home 
dressed in a black cassock and white collar and stood on the stoop of the 
open kitchen door.   Tucker was at the kitchen table doing his homework 
when he spotted the priest and shouted  "Mom"  and ran away.   Diana 
looked up and there was Fr. Cipolla.

Okay, Ladies & Gentlemen, what is completely wrong with this allegation
which instantly proves it to be a blatant falsehood, unless extraordinary cir-
cumstances existed at the time described??????

Firstly, FIVE DAYS LATER was exactly July 30, 1978.

Do you see what is blatantly false about this declarative statement, outside of
extraordinary circumstances?????

ANS:  There is NO SCHOOL in late July, if she were referring to public school
homework.  If she were referring to this Holy Communion class allegation, then
know that there is NO SUMMER SCHOOL for Catholic CCD instructions.

PLUS,  PLUS,  PLUS::::::: July 25, 1978 was the day when Thompson filed
paperwork against Cipolla, accusing him of molestation.  THEREFORE, you
can be assured that Tucker was NOT studying as a special student for Anthony
Cipolla.  He was NOT going to go back to Cipolla for any kind of instruction.
Thus, Tucker had ZERO REASON for doing any homework on July 30, 1978.

July 23, 2023

The Sovereign State of Pennsylvania's Original Findings on the Anthony Cipolla Investigation, in the Form of an Official Document

Meanwhile, the power-clawer, Donald Wuerl, plays his distorted & dishonest tune . . .
Once again, despite my repeated notices and despite her acknowledgement of
said notices, the provingly false accuser of the deceased man formerly known
as Father Anthony Cipolla wrote to me in gloating arrogance, proudly asking
what I had to say about a short news report from Pittsburgh area news reporter
Andy Sheehan.  He referred to Anthony Cipolla as the homosexual molester,
as if Sheehan had read the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report... as if Sheenan
were the commissioned adjudicator of the Sovereign State of Pennsylvania.

Quick background:

If you are an occasional visitor to this Wuerl-of-Hurt site, then you know the
tune.  Cipolla's accuser acts beyond smug, thinking that she has me cornered
to the point where I have to drop to my knees and beg mercy from her.  No,
I'm the one who has been extending mercy to her for a heroic length of time.

However, come next week, when I have free time, I finally have to contact
the Melbourne Florida police, the county sheriff of said jurisdiction, and the
State Attorney's General office, to get initiated the process which will have
her two grandchildren's custody taken away from her, as well as finally get-
ting that court order I should have gotten three years ago, when she started
harassing and defaming me.  Of course, defamation in all forms (be it libel,
slander, or invasion-of-privacy-in-a-false-light) is a criminal offense in the
State of Florida.

Her TEN ad hominid blogs, defaming me in every imaginable way, show
signs of a psychological pathology by which she is too mentally unstable
to care after youth.

The only way which I am not going to press the Florida criminal court sys-
tem button is IF AND ONLY IF she deletes all of the blogs that defamed
me, and IF AND ONLY IF she never constructs a new one.  Things have
changed, and those who had been given advantages from the thoroughly
corrupt Vatican II church are soon to be learning how justice truly does
prevail.  Their days are finished.  They simply haven't realized it, yet.
It's only a matter of short time.

Now, in response to that woman's latest unwelcomed email to me:

What do I have to say about Andy Sheehan's report, where within he
calls the late Anthony Cipolla a child molester?

ANS:  Demand letter to Sheehan and to Sheehan's corporate employer,
followed by a libel lawsuit on behalf of the Cipolla family, including
the Vince Cipolla whom I got to know, if necessary.

Now, for those who lived a life of only sound bytes and short news
articles, as well as bumper sticker slogans, here is a newsflash for
you.  Be attentive:

The damning accusations of Tim Bendig against Anthony Cipolla have
already been investigated in two Pennsylvania jurisdictions by authorized
personnel of the Sovereign State of Pennsylvania.  The jurisdictions were
Allegheny County (home of Pittsburgh) and Beaver County (Northwest
of Pittsburgh.)

Now, the Beaver County investigation, alone, endured for THREE
months, and the findings of both Pennsylvania counties were that:


One copy of the OFFICIAL documentation pertaining to the findings
of the Cipolla investigation appears below.   Now, read it.  Perceive it
and know that the Pittsburgh media was complicit with Donald Wuerl's
dishonesty.  Acknowledge ... be enlightened ... be free of the propaganda.

If this is NOT mentioned in the 2018 grand jury report, then it shows the
incompetency or corruption or heavy workload of the grand jury by which
it would constitute a good-faith oversight.  After all, we are only human.
In as much, when something is omitted or newly discovered, then you
simply motion for amendment to the record.

Incidentally, a grand jury is NOT a panel of experts or specialists.  In fact,
a grand jury is chosen like a raffle drawing from a voter registration list.
Thus, the jurists don't know PA criminal procedure, etc.

Wuerl used the Cipolla Case as a diversionary tactic, to get prosecutor
John C. Pettit off his back, due to Pettit prosecuting Wolk, Zula, and
Pucci, AND due to the fact that, during the years when Wuerl was be-
ing hailed as the "loving" & protective zero tolerance hero, he was
covering up the notorious John S. Hoehl, the triply reported Edward
Huff, and the John Wellinger case which actually was a matter of Fr
Ron Lengwin's deliberate negligence.  That's six cover-ups in a short
period of time, in a Pittsburgh that's 6 times smaller in population than
is Philadelphia.

Again, view, perceive, and realize how much of a pathologist liar Wuerl is.
And when do you know Wuerl is lying?  ANS:  When he opens his mouth.