September 25, 2023

Wuerl's Triple Cover-up & Zirwas: Pittsburghers clueless about this history.

In re: The Wolk, Zula, Pucci Cover-up and resultant indictments, along with
DA John C Pettit's bitter complaint about Wuerl's degree of uncooperative-
ness with law enforcement officials ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I literally could not find anyone in Pittsburgh who knew about it.  This is
how intense the Wuerl Propaganda Machine worked; in covering up some-
thing already uncovered by newspapers from New Hampshire to St. Peters-
burg Florida to Texas to California.

Keep in mind that the Year 2002 was the year when the sex abuse scandal
went international.  It was also the year when Cardinal Wuerl stole the spot-
light from the deeply suffering sex abuse casualties and had certain media
people toot his horn, by claiming accomplishments that never transpired.

No one in the media mentioned Wuerl's UNcooperativeness with law en-
forcement officials during his cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.

In like fashion, no one in the media admitted that Wuerl reinstated into
ministry a fourth criminal priest, namely John Hoehl, a former Catholic
high school headmaster.

Plus, no one in the 2002 media revealed that U.S. Supreme Court briefs
were in Washington DC with Wuerl's name throughout them, as aggres-
sor, on account of Wuerl's cover-up of the intrusive homosexual  James
Torquato, a retaliator who literally almost got someone either seriously
injured or killed.  Literally.

The following internet post was a mind-blowing revelation when it was
originally posted, because, until that time, America was deceived into
 thinking that Donald Wuerl was a heroic zero tolerance bishop with a
perfectly clean sex abuse handling record.  No one knew that Wuerl was
the SECOND American bishop to get caught covering-up criminal priests
.... and the first one accused of being uncooperative with police during a
criminal investigation.

All in all, this post is here to show how insufferably dishonest is and was
Wuerl's propaganda machine.  Through surrogates, he incessantly lied to
the public, deceiving people into thinking that he was a holy, caring man.

Then came the truth about Wuerl in 2018.  And the Vatican seemed not to
care about the damage, deprivation, and even jeopardization (the Torquato
Retaliations) that Wuerl caused throughout the preceding years.  The Vati-
can has become Wuerl's accessory as much as it was the accessory of the
international molester, Marcial Maciel Degollado.  Thus, this is an Evi-
dence Webpage.

A reflection of the Pittsburgh Roman Catholic cathedral in plate glass.
Intro:  It's amazing how Vatican officials, Americans, Pennsylvanians, and
Pittsburgh residents in particular were clueless to the fact that Cardinal Wuerl
was caught in a triple cover-up which resulted in three of his Pittsburgh priests
being multiply indicted in more than one Pennsylvania county.  This is because
news of the criminal indictments and the reports of Wuerl being uncooperative
with law enforcement officials rang out in the newspapers from Lewiston Maine
to New Hampshire to NYC to Northwestern Ohio to Chicago to California ... and
from Cleveland to Saint Petersburg to San Antonio.  The reports were even in the
now-defunct Pittsburgh Press, as well as the Pgh Post Gazette.

Yours truly receiving his diploma from the John Hoehl, Wuerl's "cover-up
in the wings."  Wuerl put him back into ministry, showing that Wuerl was  
NO zero tolerance bishop.  I heard rumors about Hoehl during high school,
 but they weren't frequent and not detailed.  I simply didn't think that any 
priest would do what the rumors accused him of doing. 

See also:,3545671&dq=zula+diocese+wuerl&hl=en,2371591&dq=zula+barn+parked+car+pettit+resort&hl=en,3148582&hl=en,4088961&dq=wolk+arrested+pittsburgh+zula+pucci,53612&dq=diocese+pittsburgh+1987+seminary+molested&hl=en,3932976&dq=3+priests+investigated+wolk,10275422&hl=en 

September 19, 2023

PA Grand Jury Report: Pontillo was 100% CORRECT in stating that there was NO 1978 ARREST and no 1978 post-arrest retaliation in Cipolla Case

Wuerl should have been stopped long ago.
Let us review:

The Anthony Cipolla case was presented to the public by the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette and even by Mrs. Randy Engel in ridiculously harrowing
narrations.  Both Engel & the Post Gazette detailed an "arrest" of An-
thony Cipolla by two detectives, followed by a forceful retaliation
against the accusing mom and family.  They both described a Tom
Cruz movie, short of Ninja assassinations exiting black helicopters.

There was even the claim that the accusing mother (Diane Thompson)
and family had to take immediate flight into Cleveland in 1978.  How-
ever, there were located records of small-cash lawsuits against a person
named Diane Thompson who ever-so-coincidentally lived in the same
geographic hub in the 1980s.  Coincidence or was it the same person?

Well, I went into detail, showing you, the public, how there was NO
indictment and NO arrest of Cipolla.  I then showed you how there
was NO post-arrest retaliation of any kind.  I showed you how all
of the allegations of Diane Thompson-Magnum were lies, contrary
to the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure, in as far as con-
cerned all of her Arrest & Post-Arrest Retaliation Narrations.

NOW . . .

I also repeatedly stated that I would be more than willing to declare
Anthony Cipolla a molester, IF someone would show me the evi-
dence thereof.  It was the narration of the Cipolla arrest and the
ensuing retaliation narration which I said was a fraud.

Of course, I was 100% correct.  Thus, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
(in its Oct 13, 1995 edition), Ann Rodgers-Melnick, the accusing
mother herself, and Mrs. Randy Engel (in 2016) who put me on a
wild goose chase, proving that the arrest & retaliation saga was a
a complete falsehood.  Meanwhile, I and the rest of the public were
deprived of the evidence which was used in the recent Pennsylvania
Grand Jury Investigation, in the Cipolla Case, namely the Pittsburgh
diocesan Secret Archive files.

In the Cipolla Case, the star of the show which finally showed an
element of credibility was ONE SHEET OF PAPER mentioning
the existence of a lubricant in a young man's undergarment.  This
is the case-closer, if the lubricant was not planted there by the ac-
cusing mom, in order to frame Anthony Cipolla.  Even at that,
there instantly becomes cause to look further into the evidence
and possibly close the case.  This evidence was deprived of the 
public.  It was in a secret file.  I thought that this was America?

The First Axiom:

It's the cases that allege the dime-a-dozen, commonly experienced
acts of an abusive priest and a cover-up diocese which carries the
credibility --- NOT a hyper-exaggerated Tom Cruz movie plot.

PLUS:  Are you aware of how many people have been convicted,
because they left behind a sales slip, a business card, a cigarette
butt (for DNA purposes), etc?  It's not the exaggerations that
get the attention, it's the subliminal things that close cases.

Also remember that, for seven years (from 2006 - 2013), I declared
Cipolla guilty.  Then, I was advised to fact check all accusations.
When I fact-checked the allegations of the Arrest & Post-arrest
retaliation, all facets of it were falsehoods, except one, and that
one allegation was presently in a false light.

Now remember, it's the subtle things that attract an investigator's
attention.  Lying as Diane Thompson-Mangum did about an ar-
rest & retaliation that never happened destroys all of your credi-

In addition, the Grand Jury Inquest should have occurred in the
Year 2000 or at least 2002.  But of course, Wuerl was grand-
standing, and Ann Rodgers was deceiving people in thinking
that Wuerl was as holy as St John the Baptist, when Wuerl
was nothing but a cover-up artisit, retaliator, and liar.  We
shouldn't have had to have waited until 2018.

Culpability goes to Pgh Post Gazette and Wuerl for this 
exaggerated narration of arrest & near-death retaliation

At this point, keep in mind that ANN RODGERS was an accom-
plice in Donald Wuerl's World of cover-up and retaliation.  She
was NOT a news reporter.  She was a propagandist.  She made
Wuerl out to be the great hero of the ages.  So, she accommodat-
ed ridiculous exaggerations.  The sublime evidence, if authentic,
is enough to light the sirens & alarms in an investigator's mind.

Culture of Cover-up

Then, as to further give circumstantial evidence to the Culture of
Cover-up in the Pittsburgh Diocese, Protestant Ann Rodgers was
appointed to be the Communications Director of the Roman Rite
Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.  The conjectured reason was that
she knew all the cover-ups and was willing to be complicit in
them.  So, she was hired ... it is conjectured and it is plausible.

Take NOTE:  Ann Rodgers DID know about Torquato and kept his
thoroughly vicious retaliations a secret.  And remember, Torquato
immediately cut off 100% of the diocesan business accounts that
the uncle of Torquato's evidence-based accuser had with the dio-
cese.  Plus, Torquato tried to frame his accuser of a crime that
was impossible to have occurred, because it was reported as
having happened while Torquato's accuser was at work, in a
job that comprised multiple time check-ins per day.

Torquato also provoked the midnight call and ensuing unfriendly
apartment visit by two upset gentlemen who caused me to pay
my landlord for the moderate damages that they caused.  And
always remember, I REFUSED to file any private criminal com-
plaint against those two gentlemen, and I REFUSED to sue them,
because they were being intimidated by Torquato to do what they
attempted to do.  It was Torquato's fault and Wuerl's fault; not

For the record, they attempted to get their hands on the James
Torquato evidence and to get Torquato's accuser to retract his
accusations against Torquato.  I still have the evidence in Pitts-
burgh, and Torquato's accuser NEVER retracted his accusations.

In the Torquato Retaliations, a Father Edward Burns was there,
being that he was in charge of the investigation thereof.   Well,
everytime I would send a communication to the diocese, a re-
taliation ensued.  The only person betraying my communica-
tion to Burns and a guy named Ruggerio was someone in the
office of Burns.  Well, this Father Edward Burns became
BISHOP EDWARD BURNS.  It were as if he were re-
warded for helping Torquato in his retaliations.

Concerning the Blatantly False Cipolla Arrest & Retaliation

I blame this all on Donald Wuerl.  He knew that there was no re-
taliation against the 1978 accusing mother.  There was only the
standard attorney intervention.  Thus, Wuerl had the obligation
to call the Pgh Post Gazette management and let it be known
that the narration of the Arrest & Retaliation that never was
never happened.

Concerning the Hell I endured via Torquato

I blame it entirely on Ann Rodgers. This is because she deceived
me into thinking that Wuerl would be fair with Torquato's accus-
er.   He was the opposite.  In fact, Wuerl was conveniently absent
throughout the entire time thereof.  It were as if there were no
bishop of Pittsburgh; only Torquato's thuggery.

Let's Review:

Rodgers wrote of Wuerl being a zero-tolerance super hero, while
Wuerl was paying homosexual priest George Zirwas to keep silent
about priests whom Zirwas claimed were criminals.

Rodgers was also making Wuerl look like the next Captain America,
while he was covering up Edward Huff.

Then there was the matter of there having been no known action taken
against Br. Ghastin, Br. Hartmann, Fr. LeDoux, and John Wellinger.

Next comes accused Father Ernest Paone.  Wuerl greenlighted Paone's
transfer to the West Coast, namely Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  For
the record, Paone was in Las Vegas in 1992, for only a month.  None
the less, the Donald Wuerl who was said to be a zero-tolerance hero
was transferring accused priests across State lines.

It was Ann Rodgers who mislead the public into believing that the
cover-up artist, Donald Wuerl, was a Zero Tolerance Super Hero.

Concerning Rodgers' legacy of canoniing Donald Wuerl,  know
that the Archdiocese of Washington DC disconnected a Donald-
Wuerl-Zero-Tolerance-Hero website from the Internet.  People
in DC now recognize Wuerl as a disgrace.

However, David Zubik, the Useful Idiot of molester John S Hoehl
does NOT show any intent to remove Wuerl's name from Donald
Wuerl High School.

And remember, the Pennsylvania Grand Jury reported that Donald
Wuerl was paying-off George Zirwas, for Zirwas' silence, since the
Year 1995.  Well, 1995 was the year when Wuerl was being parad-
ed around as the heroic zero tolerance bishop, concerning the An-
thony Cipolla Case which was not presented in its true form, until
2018.  It was presented in a Comic Book version, until then.

If it were not for Ann Rodgers misleading the public into thinking
that Wuerl was a caring and protective bishop, I would have told
Torquato's evidence-based accuser, to shut-up, keep his distance,
and move-on.

I went through total Hell, at the hands of Ann Rodgers' lying propa-
ganda.  She had the duty to warn the public about Wuerl, instead of
deceiving us into thinking that walking into the World of Wuerl was
not going to be the act of walking into the wolves' lair.  When Tor-
quato's accuser and I walked into Wuerl's World, we were attacked
from all angles.

Back to the 1978 Accuser of Cipolla

Some other Thompson assertions were unlikely, and other things were
ridiculous frauds, such as the accusing mother's claim that Anthony Ci-
polla had sores all over his body.  She exaggerated to the point of losing
all of her credibility.

In as much, the PA Grand Jury concurred with Patrick Anthony Pontillo,
proving him to have been 100% correct in him having stated that none
of the overly theatrical arrest and post-arrest retaliations ever occurred.

The grand jury report described a civilized (and perhaps snakelike) crew
of lawyers, playing the predictable game of undue influence, convincing
the accusing mother to let others take care of the Cipolla Case.  The past
allegations of this Diane Thompson-Mangum were much more different
and much more horrifying than her much more tame 2017 grand jury
testimony.  None the less . . .

In review, the true 1978 Cipolla Case was the dime-a-dozen case where
the accusing parent is NOT confronted with clubs and knives.  No tires
get slit.  No windows get smashed.  Lawyers do the talking in a civiliz-
ed tone (and sometimes intimidating tone) of voice, and convince the
parents to let the more educated lawyers take care of the problem.

It was the stereotypical non-violent lawyer swindle.  Plus, the info need-
ed to prove the Cipolla Case was locked away in a secret archive.  So,
if Thompson did not tell her bogus arrest-&-retaliation horror story, we
would have all assumed that Cipolla was as guilty as sin, all along.

In fact, take note:

Diane Thompson was too proud to admit that she was tricked into look-
ing like a jackass in 1978 --- this is IF IF IF the lubricant report really
does exist, and therefore, is valid evidence.  Her very fraudulent retali-
ation horror story was a simple matter of silly human pride.  She was
covering up her feeling of being a disgracefully negligent mom or a
dupe of the diocese.  Well, no one here is wasting our time judging if
she were negligent or not in 1978.  God forgives ... in a confessional.
Tell her to move on.  She is not our goal.  The goal is this:


And yes, he may have a handsome diocesan pension for survival purposes.

SODANO GONE!!!!!!!!!

KASPER GONE!!!!!!!!!

DOLAN GONE!!!!!!!!!

This Diane Thompson-Mangum cost me a lot, in my having to consume
untold amounts of volunteer time, in proving to you how much of a liar
she was, and how much of a dupe Randy Engel was, in the Arrest & Re-
taliation Fiction.

Moreover, this Diane Thompson cost you, because, if she pursued the
Cipolla Case, she would have set a decisive precedent and would have
made Bevilacqua & Wuerl fear to cover-up the criminals  they covered.

Think:  If Diane Thompson didn't  walk away from her private criminal
complaint against Cipolla, then 1) Whip & Chains Zula instantly gone,
2) Wuerl Classmate Wolk gone in a flash,  3) Pucci gone and not allowed
to stay on the diocesan payroll, working as a chaplain,

4) John Hoehl turned over to law enforcement authorities and not given
an escape route to West Virginia, 5) Zirwas outed and not reinstated by
Wuerl in 1995, and then payed by the diocese until his sudden tranquil-
izer death of 2001,  6) Torquato gone and NOT made the pastor of the
Rankin parish,

7) Wellinger instantly investigated instead of given a free pass by Father
Ron Lengwin, 8) Huff gone, and no trips to St. Louis, and no reinstate-
ment into hospital chaplain ministry.  9) No cover-up of the Serra Cath-
olic Adam Ference Shooting which I stated in 2009 involved Brother
Ghastin from Massachusetts.

Wuerl would have been too afraid to perform the cover-ups he did, if
Diane Thompson-Mangum would have simply said, "No," in 1978.
No one held a gun to her head.

One can say that she was alone and had no advisors.  True.  The fault ulti-
mately goes to the attorneys and Vincent Leonard, IF the lubricant finding
were not planted by Diane Thompson-Mangum, to frame Cipolla.

No matter what be the case, she had no right to fabricate a harrowing tale
of an arrest which never occurred and slit tires and smashed windows and
tears in her eyes at DA Bob Colville's office, etc.  Remember, they gave
her her hearing time.  They scheduled her in.  All that she had to do was
show up.  She didn't.  So, she made up an elaborate and bogus excuse as
to why she didn't.  None the less, she could have been an icon for the en-
tire priest-accountability movement, if she didn't withdraw her private
criminal complaint.
Where there is profanation of the sacred there is Donald Wuerl
At trial, she only needed to follow the following rule:  Keep it Simple.
Case Closed.

And as far as went legal fees, she could have gone to a woman's protec-
tion organization and got a fund raising program started.  Civil court
costs a lot.  Criminal Court, when performing ye olde private criminal
complaint prosecution, is affordable for people in the middle class.

Diane Thompson also made Randy Engel look like her Useful Idiot and
a total jackass who can't tell when a crew of liars are performing a con
job on her.  Thus, Engel's credibility is gone.  Her writings are those of
a smugly self-righteous & overly conspiratorial nature, anyway.  If fact,
her writings are vulgar and pornographic trash.

I do NOT want to read about Cardinal This Guy and Bishop That Guy
having sex.  I don't want to have sex with men.  Therefore, I do NOT
want to read about men having sex.  Reading Randy Engel literally
makes you lose your appetite for 5 to 16 hours.  Plus, Engel is easy
to deceive.

Engel's report on the arrest and retaliation which never occurred destroys
the credibility of ever other Engel article.  Of course, in claiming that the
very Irish Catholic Michael Voris is an Opus Dei member, alone, shows
that Engel has a great problem with being in touch with reality.

Now, this Diane Thompson-Mangum publicly declared that I was An-
thony Cipolla in disguise, operating a child molestation ring.  She then
stated that I was stalking her, even though I was 1,200 miles away in
Chicago, and even though the woman grosses me out so badly I would
not be able to endure her presence.  She is the one stalking me, calling
everyone she can, to get me and my writings away from your sight.

It's all because she was a negligent mom and because she doesn't realize
that we don't care.  Tell her that God does for give sins and to move on ...
... move on after making restitution for any thefts or lies.  That's the rule
for everyone.  Tell her to go to confession and to leave me alone for all

I even received a phone call from Florida on the day of the Grand Jury
Report release, telling me that it's a crime to do what I did, and to be
prepared.  I am only ready to pursue a private criminal complaint and
file an $250,000 lawsuit against Mangum and accomplices, for harass-
ment and defamation.  That which I did was tell the public the truth in
the FREEDOM of the PRESS nation of the United States of America.
People died for my right to show how much of a liar Diane Thompson
is.  After all, she and Bendig became "partial" public figures, and
Times v. Sullivan takes effect in such cases.  Opinions against pub-
lic figures is NOT actionable or criminal in the United States; only
crying "fire!" in a crowded theater is.

Now, if I write an untruth, you write and say, "I need to point out that
such and such is not correct."  "This and that is the truth of the matter,
and my evidence is a, b, and c."  Thompson-Mangum didn't do this.
She instantly attacked and attacked and attacked and attacked.  Of
course, there was only one thing wrong that I wrote which had to do
with a hearing date, and I discovered it myself; not her.  I amended
the post on my own accord.

I can pursue my private criminal complaint against her (for harassing
& defaming me for three years) and the individual who recently joined
in the harassment.  I am going out of my way being merciful.  All that
this Diane Thompson-Mangum has to do is DELETE all ten blogs
dedicated to defaming me and delete all other defamation.  She is a
proven liar.  But, I do NOT want to spend my time on her.  I want to
spend it on taking Wuerl completely out of power.  He's beyond evil.

Once again, the weight of the Cipolla report was NOT NOT NOT
based on Diane Thompson's completely false horror tale told to the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette and to Useful Idiot First Class, Rand Engel.

It was based on Pgh Diocesan archive files and the reports of two in-
vestigators who were NOT Mark Nehouser, Badge #46.  It was based
on hidden material to which I and everyone else was deprived, short
of the search warrant.


The huge problem with this 1978 case is that the Allegheny County
DA could have filed charges against Cipolla, without any input from
the accusing mother.  He could have done so, on his own.

In fact, a police officer could have arrested Cipolla and then presented
due cause for arrest before a judge, thereby getting the judge to "sign-
off" on the "police criminal complaint," and instantly put Cipolla in the
criminal court system.  It was NOT done.

All in all, if the evidence against Cipolla were so compelling, then why
did not Bob Colville file charges against him?  Was it because it took
time for the lab tests to come back, and Colville couldn't do anything
until he saw the lab results?  Or was the lubricant observed via eye,
by an attending physician, and didn't carry much courtroom weight?
Was the inaction the act of corrupt complicity?

Pittsburgh during the Holidays.
Now, I explained to the public that the 1978 Cipolla case involved the filing
of a private criminal complaint.  I also explained that the1963 PA law which
prescribed the private criminal complaint process was the result of the 1963
US Supreme Court decision in Buttons v NAACP.

In review, the private criminal complaint form filled out by the accusing
mother was the act of her petitioning the Court to "issue process" on the
named defendant, Anthony Cipolla.  It was NOT an arrest report.  It was
not the filing of charges.  It was Step One.  Then, she declined to go to the
next step, for whatever reason, none of which was due to any slit auto tires.

In Review:

The 2018 PA Grand Jury Report did NOT NOT NOT exonerate the accus-
er of Anthony Cipolla, Diane Thompson-Mangum.  Rather, it proved that,
for the last 23 years, she has been LYING to the public, through & through.

This is BECAUSE her 2017 story told to the grand jury was much differ-
ent than the 1995 horror story that she told to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
It was much more different than the super horror story she wrote in one
of her TEN cyber-bully weblogs which resulted in authorities deleting
post after post from those weblogs.

The 2017 testimony was also different from the story that Diane Thompson-
Mangum told to Mrs Randy Engel who turned out to be Diane Thompson's
useful idiot, in the many non-facts written into Engel's made-for-TV drama.
Pittsburgh, near the famous Three-Rivers Confluence.
NOW, I also stated that:

1) the accusing mother's claim of Cipolla being plagued with sores through-
out his body was a complete lie.  Pontillo Correct.

and that:

2) Frank Labiaux (her eldest son) did NOT vandalize any Northside church
or chapel with fire extinguishers, being that that act of vandalism happened
the year prior by two delinquents who ended-up slitting all of the tires in the
parking lot of the same church, a year or two later.

The claim was that the fire extinguisher vandalism was done by Frank, out
of frustration for having been molested.  That was an outright lie.  The two
delinquents were apparently hateful juvenile racists, being that the victim
church was the Black Methodist church in town.  In fact, the newspapers
at the time tried to downplay the racial animosity factor, after the mass
tire-slashing incident.

3) I additionally stated that the accusing mother lied (or was forgetful) in
saying that her deposition was video-taped, when a stenographer of record
was on the front page of the deposition.  And to this day, there does NOT
exist that deposition online.  Why can't we read it?

4) I furthermore stated that a child care veteran said that that which the
accusing mom told Randy Engel what Cipolla did to her son Tucker was
anatomically unlikely.  I also located a witness who went to Michigan with
Tim Bendig and Cipolla and who said that Cipolla did nothing of a sexual
nature to either one of them.

5) I also stated that Diane Thompson lied when she said that Tucker was
sitting at the kitchen table, doing his homework, when Cipolla allegedly
showed up at the door.  This is because the day was July 30 and there is
NO SCHOOL in 1978 Pittsburgh in late July, including summer school.

However, this kitchen visit was alleged from 1995 to 2016 under the claim
that Cipolla was indicted and out on bond.  Well, the PA Grand Jury affirm-
ed that was no arrest, and therefore, no bail agreement.  Thus, it is now pos-
sible that Cipolla did show up at the apartment, being that he was not yet
indicted .... not yet arrested ... not yet arraigned.  If Cipolla would have
shown-up there, after having been indicted, he would have violated the
conditions of his bond, and he would have been sent straight to a magi-
strate and then to County Jail.

6) I also stated that the accusing mom lied when she said that there was
a Vietnam era military training camp in Spartansburg, where her alleged
second husband was injured.  Firstly, Camp Croft was a Prisoner of War
camp, and it closed in 1947.

7) I then stated that there did NOT exist a Detective Mark Nehouser,
Badge #46, who put handcuffs around Cipolla and then took him to the
police station.  Rather, there was a uniformed officer, Mark Ninehouser,
Badge #46, who went to the accusing mother's residence, took her state-
ment, and then transposed it on a police form via handprinting, and NOT
cursive handwriting.

I additionally stated that the alleged photo of "the police arrest report" that
was online was a fraud, being that it was written in cursive handwriting,
and the handwriting was wide-looped feminine cursive writing.  All
Pittsburgh police reports, by policy, were to be hand-printed only.

* * * * * * * * * *
8)  More than anything else, I stated that I would be more than willing to
declare Cipolla a molester IF and only if someone would give me evidence
showing this to be the probable case.  I repeatedly stated this, while stating
that Diane Thompson-Mangum completely lied about Cipolla, in as far as
concerned her narration of the arrest and post-arrest retaliation which never

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Bingo for Patrick Anthony Pontillo on that detailed assessment.  In as much,
suing me would be an act of vexatious litigation.  Doing worse would be a
malicious prosecution and a handsome litigation award thereafter.  At this
point, I am not going to lay down and be steamrolled by a cyber-bully who
constructed TEN weblogs dedicated to assassinating my character. This is
especially so, being that I was proven correct by the same grand jury, in all
that I wrote about all other priests mentioned at the Wuerl-of-Hurt site.

I suffered far too much for the cause, where I got paid zero dollars and zero
cents for all of my volunteer work.  Wuerl, Torquato, & Ann Rodgers, alone,
caused me untold suffering.  Plus, Diane Thompson-Mangum defamed me
so hideously, that she asserted that I was Cipolla in disguise, operating a
child molester protection ring.   I'm a construction worker.  You know
the stereotype of the construction worker.  You know, guys who whistle
at the ladies ... and not little children.  But, the truth of the construction
worker is that such a person is instinctive protective of others not as
physically strong.

The outrage of that one lie is that this site of mine EXPOSED MOLESTER
AFTER MOLESTER.  I did the OPPOSITE of run a molester protection
ring.  I simply discovered that the Cipolla case was being presented in a
false light ... until the 2018 presentation of it.

All in all, Wuerl used the Cipolla Case to hide his cover-ups from South-
west PA DA John C. Pettit.  After all, there was Huff, Hoehl, Paone, etc,
in addition to the uncovered cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.  Wuerl
used the Cipolla case to GRANDSTAND and promote himself for high
office, also.  That was unconscionable.

© Patrick Anthony Pontillo.  Please ask before using my photos.
Of course, this is the same Wuerl who, in 1979, deceived the press into
thinking that he single-handedly wrote the Teachings of Christ.  He de-
ceived the press by stating something similar to, "When you start writ-
ing, you just can't bring yourself to stop."  So, Wuerl made it sound
as if he went on a writing spree and ended up writing an entire cate-
chism book.

For the record, Wuerl was one of the THREE editors of that catechism
book.  That book had many writers.  The editorial task was to bring
writing style cohesion to the text, being that the many writers had
different writing styles.

Bendig is a noted liar

None the less, Tim Bendig still lied to me four times in a row, and
a number of people conveyed to me that Bendig is a perpetual liar.
ONe person said that "Bendig lies 90% of the time."

In fact, the late WBVP radio talk show host, John Nuzzo (who ev-
en interviewed Malachi Martin,) told me that he was in Bendig's
Two Step Lounge, watching Bendig brag about how gullible was
the Diocese of Pittsburgh, in giving him a six-figure settlement.

The fact that Bendig used the settlement money to buy the bar, and
not use it for intense psychiatric treatment, proved him to be a liar.
He told the press that he now had the chance to go through intense
therapy.  His idea of therapy was that of buying a bar & grill.

This is according to a dead man who died in 2008.  Thus, it is per-
mitted as testimony in any American court, due to the hearsay law

There is more about Bendig that shows him to be a con artist.  How-
ever, I have to keep things confidential.  None the less, I wish that the
person holding the confidential information would please come forth.

Sunset Fire Cloud
I was informed that I would be allowed to talk to Frank & Tucker,
the sons of the accusing mom.  I was promised this long ago, short-
ly before the authorities removed yet more of the accusing mom's
harassment and defamation of me.

I was also informed that a law firm would vett Randy Engel's very
non-factual article (parts 1 & 2 of  3 the parts were non-factual) and
that the law firm would get in touch with me and make a demand.
Well, I was never invited to interview Frank or Tucker, and no law
firm sent me any communication --- that I know of.

My entire statement about the Cipolla Case, in reference to the PA
Grand Jury Report, is this:

Why .... WHY did no one send me a copy of this alleged or factual report
which stated that Tucker had lubricant in his undergarment?  Why were
there not any certifications provided, showing that the report was valid,
being that Diane Thompson could have planted the lubricant in her son's
undergarment herself, for all that we know.

If someone would have sent me that medical report, and if it were authen-
ticated, then I would have thrown my hands up in the air and said, "Okay.
That's all.  I'm done.  I don't have time to pursue this case.  I have other
things to do."

None the less, Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux lied so many times
that her lies utterly defamed even the Pennsylvania law enforcement
agency-bureau and the then-DA of Allegheny County, Bob Colville.

All of her lies about me and her intimidation of me was a waste of her
time.  All that anyone had to do was send me the alleged or actual med-
ical report of lubrication being on Tucker's undergarment.  She ran me
around with lie after lie after lie.  The defense against her attempt to
sue me or to have me prosecuted is known as

                           CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE.

She never had anyone send me that medical report.  She caused a lot
of damage and destroyed her credibility.   Wuerl simply used her for
his rise to power.  The question is:  Is there an authentic report in
existence which states this lubricant finding?  Can the public see it?

Concerning Diane Thompson-Mangum's lies, she also:

1) stated, as was previously mentioned, that I was Anthony Cipolla
in disguise, operating a child molester protection ring.  Shortly there-
after, Cipolla died, and posts kept being placed on this Wuerl-of-Hurt
site, proving that she lied to you.  Dead men don't publish posts on
the Internet . . . usually.

Concerning Thompson-Mangum, she furthermore:

2) stated that I was a grifter, making money off of my internet post-
ings.  The fact is that I never made a penny off of my internet sites.
Proof was that I had NO paypal box and no donation box of any
kind.  All that ever happened was that one person gave me a $100
tip in a time of need, in gratitude for my exposing Wuerl.

MOREOVER, that which I wrote about Wuerl, Wolk, Zula, Pucci,
Ghastin, Hartmann, LeDoux, Zirwas, Wellinger, Hoehl, Torquato, etc
was right-on true.

In continuing, the Cipolla accuser-mom also:

3) stated that I was stalking her, when I was 1,200 miles away from her
in Chicago.

4) stated that I had a violent temper, when I have the security clearances
proving the possession of a civilized person, along with my history go-
ing through super intense disciplines which require a lot of patience.
However, she stated this, to explain why she kept mocking me with
ethnic slurs about my ancestors who lived in the Mount Vesuvius
region of Italy.

She also:

5) stated that I lived in a "trailer court", when I lived amongst many a
swan and a few fountains and lots of lots of golf carts, within the sound
of the Atlantic Ocean for SEVEN years.

For the record, I was a private academy student in a country club family.
My dad was a fully decorated Air Force combat vet and Chief Product
Supervisor of Engineers, in a Pittsburgh Steel Company's research de-

Thompson-Mangum wants to you believe that I am white trash.  Those
of you who know me know that I was published along laureates, includ-
ing a couple national book award winners.  You know that I was induct-
ed into the Phi Sigma Iota Language Honors Society and the Internation-
al High IQ Society, and that I was taught by one of JFK's economic
advisors, even to the point of imitating his accent, saying "Can you
tell me why?"  Yes, he was Professor Can-You-Tell-Me-Why.

Thompson-Mangum also:

6) stated that I am a "drama queen," as if I am a limp wristed & effem-
inate priss.  Uhhhm, I am a Chicago & Pittsburgh construction worker
who worked in -30F wind chills, 97F heat, and in sleet, snow, etc.  This
work was done by me even after having been crushed between a couple
2,430 lb steel beams, so done while I was working on a Mercedes flat
bed truck.

I can assure you that queens do NOT find my world of construction
glamorous enough for them.  If you can find an effeminately flaming
prissy construction worker, you should call Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Furthermore, the same woman also:

7) stated that, after Cipolla died, I was feigning emotional pain.  Oh,
I wasn't faking anything that day.  That day, I wanted to be left alone.

7) stated that Donald Wuerl would be the next pope.  Uhhhhhm, this
is highly unlikely after the PA Clergy Abuse Grand Jury Report, espe-
cially due to the report of Zirwas & Paone.  Those two were enough
to end Wuerl's career in complete and total disgrace.

Mike Aquilina & Rocco Palmo, Praisers of Donald Wuerl; the end.

In as much, all of you who praised Wuerl, such as you, MR. MIKE
AQUILINA and you, ROCCO PALMO, you will fade away.  I told
the public shortly before August 14, 2018 that it's time to choose
sides.  Aquilina and Palmo picked the wrong side.  You two should
have known to choose the side of the fellow Italian and NOT the
thoroughly corrupt German, Donald Wuerl.  Well, have a nice
change of profession.

The 1978 Accuser

The woman has been nothing but a brawler and a liar, even into the
year when Cipolla died from a heart attack, namely 2016.  Concern-
ing the Cipolla report, all that anyone had to do was send me one
sheet of paper, with a certification note, detailing the lubricant-in-
the-underwear report.  Why was I toyed-with so much?  Why was I
 denied that one sheet of evidence, if it is authentic?

Moreover, keep in mind that I kept in contact with Cipolla, waiting for
him to finally confess wrongdoing.  Then came the documentary evi-
dence where Cipolla was only reviewed at the Vatican for the diagno-
sis of Depression and Suicidal Tendencies, and NOT molestation.

Next came the Tim Bendig phone-call to me, where he lied to me four
times in a row.  I knew that Bendig was a con artist then-and-there.

Part of my Florida photo shoot, several years ago.
None the less, the things that I did affirm about the Cipolla case were
all true.  What you always need to remember is that I kept stating that
I would be more than willing to declare Cipolla a molester, if and only
if someone would produce the evidence pointing to his guilt.

I understand that the Melbourne woman is going to do everything to get
me criminally indicted, prosecuted, and imprisoned in Florida for what
I wrote about her and the Cipolla Case.  Everything that I wrote was true,
with that one caveat about me being willing to declare Cipolla a molester
upon the examination of evidence I have not yet been shown ... and maybe
after I speak with Tucker & Frank, while testing them for contradictions.

All in all, two parts of the three-part Randy Engel article was contrary to
that which the PA Grand Jury stated.  Engel's writings turned out to be as
false as I said they were.  The 1978 Cipolla Case transpirations were far
far more civilized than what the accusing mother, Randy Engel, and the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette made them out to be.  Remember, those theatri-
cal narrations defame then-DA Bob Colville.

Concerning the 1989 Beaver County DA, when the Bendig accusations
were investigated for three months, know that a woman, THERESA
FERRIS-DUKOVICH, was the DA and NOT Robert J. Masters.
Masters' tenure ended in 1967, and he admitted to covering up the
Father Ernest Paone whom Wuerl would eventually transfer to
the West Coast in 1991..

Concerning my assertion that there absolutely was no arrest and no
post-arrest retaliation and no Detective Mark Nehouser, I WAS 100%
correct.  Concerning this, I WILL defend myself to the death from
whatever attacks are coming to me.  Always remember the legal
phrase, CONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE.  I do not appreciate
having been left out in the cold, concerning witness and evidence.

Also remember:

1) I was 100% correct about Torquato.

2) 100% correct about Wolk, Zula, Pucci, and Zirwas.

3) I was correct about LeDoux, in the limited amount of reporting
    of him that I did, and I was humble ENOUGH to NOT act as an
    expert in that case.

4) I was also correct about Ghastin, in the limited reporting of him
    that I did.

5)  Hartman's case was something that I reviewed in a very limited
     fashion, too.  The Australian press is the source for this case.

6) I was CORRECT about Edward Huff.

7)  I was CORRECT about John Hoehl, too.  In fact, I personally
     knew Hoehl, and I was there, at his table when he returned
     from the Ontario Clinic and stood up, to give his progress
     report.  Remember, in some of these case, I was there.

Etc, etc, etc.

Again, keep in mind how much this Diane Mangum-Thompson
lied about me in a public forum; TEN wegblogs mocking me, de-
faming me, etc.  Ten times I had to push the button which got the
defamatory and harassing texts offline.  The fact that her material
was deleted be the powers-that-be ten times shows the existence
of a liar, if not someone mentally unstable.

All that she had to do was write a civilized letter to me, stating that
there was a document allegedly in existence that would shed light
on her 1978 accusations.  But no.  She tore into me, at the first
unsolicited and unwelcome email that she sent to me.  That's a
sign of mental instability.  Now I see that it's guilt or embarrass-
ment for being duped by a crew of lawyers.  Well, she was out-

Of course, she knew that I knew that her arrest-and-retaliation soap
opera was a fiction, as was concurred by the PA Grandy Jury Report.
So, she created diversionary tactics, by publicly defaming me in her
ad hominid attacks.  Her writings were not a discussion of the case.
They were merely attacks against me.

All of this is the fault of Donald "grand-stander" Wuerl and the
overly dramatic Ann Rodgers.  As I previously stated, Rodgers
made Wuerl out to be Beowulf,  destroying the evil Grendel.
So, I had to intervene, to show you that this Wuerl was NOT
the heroic model of ZERO tolerance that Rodgers made him
out to be.  It wasn't until 12 years after I starting showing you
how evil Donald Wuerl is that the Sovereign State of Pennsyl-
vaia did so.  Thus, I was 12 years ahead of the Grand Jury.

I had to show you that Wuerl did NOT come to have a saintly
and stellar zero tolerance disposition, after this "1988 enlight-
ening dinner" with a family of molestation victims.  Proof was
that Wuerl continued to hide Wolk, Zula, and Pucci from law
enforcement authorities.

Then came the Torquato Retaliations which Wuerl ratified by
turning his back on the whole thing.  Those retaliations were
a living Hell, and I get no credit or compassion for having en-
dured them.  I could have abandoned Torquato's accuser at
that time.  But, I didn't.

The Pertinence of the Torquato Case

Keep in mind that the Torquato Case's importance is that Wuerl
personally trained and then ordained Torquato, meaning that
Torquato is the showcase model of Wuerl's style of priestly
formation.  Wuerl formed a vicious priest.

The other pertinence of the Torquato Case were the two stages
of retaliation and how Wuerl let the retaliations continue ... and
how much Wuerl let the damage that Torquato caused remain
unamended.  It were as if Wuerl himself were retaliating against
me & the evidence-based accuser's family, via his surrogate,
James Torquato.

Being that I was threatened on the very day of the Grand Jury
Report's release, know that I will defend myself and my work
like any lion.  I ask you, the public, to consider the intense
amount of suffering that Wuerl, Rodgers, Torquato, Mangum,
etc caused me to endure.  The suffering was tremendous, and
now it appears to be going to the next stage.

Best wishes from Chicago to all of you of Good Will.

September 18, 2023

Wuerl & the New EWTN. They had a whole lotta lying going on. (Wuerl did NOT remove 18 out of 19 priests.)

Wuerl needs to stay in power, so that he can cut off the power link which
will end up revealing the evils he is still able to keep concealed.

Let's begin with a thesis statement.  It happens to be an understatement.
But it has to be restated, because Americans are attacked with floods of
propaganda, done with the purpose of dislodging information from their
memory banks.  Here it goes:

Protecting as many sexual predators as did Donald Wuerl 
is equivalent to being a serial molester, yourself; a de facto
serial molester.

Likewise, the media outlet who kisses-up to an evil cleric shares in his sins.
The roll call of homosexual predators protected by Cardinal Wuerl included:

1) Zirwas,  2) Wolk,  3) Zula,  4) Pucci,  5) Hoehl, 6) Paone,  7) O'Malley,
8) Wellinger,  9) Krawczyk, 10) Torquato, and 11) Huff, at the very least. 

For the record, Torquato's targeted person was 19 years old.

Plus, Wuerl officiated at Zirwas' funeral, making Zirwas out to be a saint.

LeDoux, Ghastin, and Hartmann came to the Diocese of Pittsburgh (under
Donald Wuerl), even though they had sexual abuse allegations attached to
them before coming to Pittsburgh.  The question is if Wuerl knew about
the accusations.

As far as goes Richard Lelonis, he at least had his priestly functions (his
faculties) restricted in 2002.  So, flip a coin as to where his case file gets
filed.  If it weren't for the news that came out of Boston in 2002, Lelonis
would have not had his "faculties" restricted.  Wuerl was only respond-
ing to the nationwide explosion of news that transpired in 2002.  He did
not limit Lelonis out of a sense of conscience, morals and duty.

It's elementary, Watson.  One needs to stay in power, so that he can
continue covering up as much of his dark deeds and omissions as he
can.  If Wuerl walks away from power, then wooooosh. Things that
Wuerl have been trying to keep concealed get revealed.   His evil be-
comes magnified.  Thus, Wuerl's clinging to power is another ele-
ment of his mode of cover-up.  He is covering up his own sins.

The only response to Donald Wuerl's ongoing deceit is BOYCOTT
and IGNORE.  Act as if he doesn't exist.  In as much, this is the same
response needed for Wuerl's pit-bull and ringer, Dollar Bill Donohue.
Donohue does nothing for the salvation of anyone.  He's a brawler
who drives people away from the Church, all the while impressing
no one.

For the record, the reason why the Vatican II Church's higher-ups
have been concealing the crimes and tort offenses of the disgraced
Theodore McCarrick was for ---


McCarrick was an effective fund-raiser.  In fact, world class molest-
er Marcial Maciel Degollado, despite his many felonies, was such a
great fund raiser that the Vatican II Church went out of its way to
protect him from the accountability due to a serial molester.  None
the less, Maciel threw money at the Vatican in a fashion called by
Maciel as "Polite Bribery."

Wuerl's official Pittsburgh abode, for 18 years.

Back to the Donald Wuerl:

At this point, keep in mind that the pseudo-Catholic, impostor-Catholic
media outlets continue to lie for Wuerl, in making it appear that Wuerl
only covered-up one priest.  EWTN, for example, spit the face of every-
one harmed by Cardinal Wuerl in falsely claiming that he removed 18
of 19 priests.  Let's go through Wuerl's track record one more time:

1) Robert Wolk was a cover-up of Wuerl.  Wuerl in no way reported
Wolk to law enforcement authorities.  In fact, Wuerl's predecessor,
Anthony Bevilaqua was the one to put Wolk on administrative leave.
Wuerl did what he could to keep the police from knowing about Wolk.
Of all the priests whom Wuerl was concealing from law enforcement
authorities, Wolk was the first one to get indicted.  Wolk was an assis-
tant dean of the South Hills Deanery, thereby making his indictment
notably alarming.

2) Richard "Sade" Zula.  Wuerl did NOT report Zula to law enforce-
ments authorities, either.  Even after Zula got convicted, Wuerl had a
health care professional write to prison authorities, stating that Zula
was a passive player in his sadism --- that he was tempted by the two
lads he was known to have violated.  Zula then got released from pri-
son earlier than expected.  Wuerl also deliberated on giving Zula a
six-figure lump sum retirement package.

3) Francis Pucci.  Wuerl conveniently had Pucci stay at a Maryland
psychiatric facility, and such a thing freed Pucci from criminal pro-
secution.  Pucci's criminal indictment was dismissed, on account of
the statute of limitations expiring before any Pennsylvania law en-
forcement officer could fingerprint Pucci.  Wuerl then let Pucci be
the chaplain of a province of sisters in the Pittsburgh area, after the
disgrace of Pucci.

4) George Zirwas.  Wuerl let Zirwas operate in Pittsburgh, even
though Zirwas was reported to Wuerl's administrators in 1991.

Wuerl then let Zirwas go to Florida in 1995 and next to Cuba for
the rest of his life, while being on the Pittsburgh diocesan payroll.
However, George Zirwas's life was cut short in Cuba, when a male
prostitute injected him with an animal tranquilizer, in the neck.

Before this, however, Zirwas wrote to Wuerl and mentioned that
he was aware of criminal activity being committed by priests in
Pittsburgh and that he needed a raise in his subsidy stipend, in
order for him to stay silent.  In the end, Zirwas sent a letter to
Wuerl, officially stating that he (Zirwas) had NO knowledge
of any criminal conduct occurring in Pittsburgh by any of its
priests.  Wuerl then sent Zirwas a bonus.

5) Ernest Paone.  This is the cover-up which makes anyone think
to himself, "You've gotta be kidding."  It was a 41 year cover-up
of multiple bishops which traces back to the middle 1960s.  As
far as concerns Wuerl's complicity, he greenlighted Paone's trans-
fer to California, and Wuerl as amicably approved Paone's trans-
fer to Nevada.  Wuerl also did not mention to any insurance car-
rier that Paone was attached to multiple molestation accusations
and was therefore a liability risk for any insurance provider.

6) John S. Hoehl.  Hoehl was a high school headmaster who was
placed on administrative leave by Wuerl's predecessor, Anthony
Bevilacqua.  In fact, I was present in a dining hall, when John
Hoehl returned from an Ontario psychiatric facility and gave an
update on his state to everyone present.  I was sitting at Hoehl's
table, assuming that he had a nervous breakdown and was sent
to Ontario for that reason.

Well, shortly after Wuerl became in charge of the Roman Catholic
Diocese of Pittsburgh, he reinstated Hoehl, giving him a hospital
chaplaincy post.  This was done the same year when Wolk, Zula,
and Pucci were indicted.  This was the same year when Wuerl
visited the family molested by the criminal priest trio.

Ann Rodgers-Melnick claimed that the visit caused Wuerl to be-
come a Zero Tolerance Crusader, due to an enlightening epiphany
that Rodgers claimed Wuerl to have experienced.  Proof that this
was a lie consisted in the fact that Wuerl kept Hoehl reinstated,
and only removed him immediately after Wolk was indicted.

If Wuerl had an enlightenment, he would have quickly removed
Hoehl.  In addition, Wuerl never reported Hoehl to the police.
Now, Hoehl made his way to West Virginia and got a position
counseling youth there.  Wuerl never notified anyone in West
Virginia about Hoehl's sexual predator habit.  Thus, Hoehl was
a cover-up of Wuerl and NOT a removal by Wuerl.  Therefore,
the staff of EWTN's news shows should be fired ... literally.

7) William O'Malley.  He was stationed at the northern tip of
the Diocese of Pittsburgh, in Butler County.  Donald Wuerl
kept O'Malley on the payroll with an administrative post.
Then, ten years after Donald Wuerl learned of the accusa-
tions against O'Malley, Wuerl accepted O'Malley's resigna-
tion.   This ten year lapse in time did NOT constitute the re-
moval of a priest.  The tenth year was simply the retirement
of a priest.

During that ten years, Wuerl said nothing.  In fact, Wuerl lent
O'Malley $38,000 to take care of a debt accrued while O'Malley
was not keeping his hands off of male minors.  Then, three years
after O'Malley's retirement, Wuerl finally reported him.

It took Donald Wuerl 13 years to report O'Malley, and the year in
which Wuerl reported him, namely 2006, was the year when Wuerl
shuffled off to Washington DC, outside of Pennsylvania jurisdiction.

 8) Edward Huff.  This was Wuerl's ping-pong cover-up.  Wuerl
sent Huff to a St. Louis psychiatric facility, and then brought him
back to Pittsburgh, reinstating him.  Huff was then sent back to
St. Louis, followed by him being brought back to Pittsburgh.

Like Hoehl, Huff was given a hospital chaplaincy post by Wuerl.
Then, when Huff was reorted for the THIRD time, Donald Wuerl
shuffled him yet again to St. Louis, finally reporting Huff.  Huff
did get indicted and convicted.

Is this enough of a example for you?  If not, there is the matter
of John Wellinger, Krawczyk, & the Fr. James Torquato whose
sexual aggression was a series of tort offenses, being that his ta-
rget was over the age of 18.  However, Torquato's retaliations
got to the point of endangerment, and in Torquato was compli-
cit in the filing of a fraudulent police report ... in lying to the

There is also the matter of Br. Ghastin, Br. Hartmann, Fr. LeDoux,
etc.  Br. Hartmann ended up in the Australian criminal court sys-
tem, and LeDoux was attached to out of court settlements at
Widener University.

Concerning Krawczyk, if Wuerl would have removed him as
Wuerl should have done, then Billy Gaines would still be alive.
Wuerl's official living quarters throughout his Pittsburgh tenure.

September 17, 2023

Cardinal Wuerl did NOT write or co-write the The Teachings of Christ, as was falsely claimed.

... and the Library of Congress always stated it that way.  Wuerl was merely
one of three editors, and the other two editors, the Lawler Brothers, did the
bulk of the work.

Everything about Cardinal Wuerl is either an
outright lie or a very underhanded sleight of
hand deception.  He is heralded as the author
of a book he never wrote.  He is praised as
the bishop of zero tolerance, despite being
among  the first ones caught  covering-up
criminal priests.  He is then hailed as John
Wright's protege, as if such a thing is good.

Step 1:  Look at the Title Page of the original edition of the Teachings of Christ
catechism book, and look at the names of the authors.  The plurality of authors
is a good tip-off that Wuerl did NOT write that Catechism single-handedly. He
was one of three editors.  Yet, he presented that book as if he wrote it solo.

During college, I used three catechism books for my introductory Catholicism
course, three years before I would enter the Thomistic Philosophy level of study.
One  catechism book that I used was John Hardon's Catholic Catechism.  It was
published in the vicinity of 1975.

Another one was the Teachings of Christ,  and the third one was a book that
was later declared heretical, where the author was  "invited" by the Holy See
to amend the contents within it.

On a metal-frame desk purchased with S&H Green Stamps, as I first looked at
the the authorship page of the Teachings of Christ, the name "Donald Wuerl"
did NOT register in my mind.  This shows how much of a minor contributor
to the book he was.

None the less, after college I would read the cultic Ann Rodgers and a few
other people state that Donald Wuerl single-handedly wrote the Teachings
of Christ that I held in my hands during my college days.  It was a surprise
to have read this.  I wondered how I could have been so unobservant that I
didn't notice that which Ann Rodgers and a few others claimed.  If Wuerl
were the sole author that book, then what were those other names doing in
the authorship page, aka Title Page?

Well, after I looked into the authorship of the book, I saw that the Library
of Congress NEVER declared Wuerl the author or co-author of the book.
Ann Rodgers once again lied, and it was affirmed to me that I wasn't los-
ing my mind, after all.

Furthermore, Wuerl had a photo session of himself, where he was seated in
front of the camera while holding a copy of the Teachings of Christ.  This
created the illusion that he was the sole author of the book he never wrote.
Civilized protocol is that you never have a photo taken of yourself while
holding a book that you never wrote.  Wuerl was deliberately creating
the illusion.  I never had the audacity to be photographed while hold-
ing the anthologies which carried my writings, being that there were
more authors involved in those publications than me.  Who else
would do such a thing other than a narcissistic or manipulator,
in the quest to make himself look elite?

Ann Rodgers, under the name, Ann Rodgers-Melnick, was Wuerl's embedded
propagandist here.  She was never Catholic and she doesn't even observe
the Church's moral code as it applies to the indissolubility of marriage.
A non-Catholic living an anti-Catholic life is the best Wuerl could do.

The most notable feature about the compilation and editing of the Teachings 
of Christ was that there were so many writers involved in the writing of the
book's manuscript that there was a notable difference in writing styles among
the book's co-authors.  Therefore, the prime objective in editing that book was
COHESION in its writing style.

Now, the Library of Congress and a source of mine acknowledged that there
were THREE editors of the book, with Wuerl being only one of them.  The
task of the day, concerning the Teachings of  Christ, was to blend the many
authors' writing styles into one cohesive syntactical style.

The bottom line is that Wuerl takes much more credit than what he deserves
in a lot of things, and he never admits wrongdoing in the outrages which he
orchestrated and/or ratified.  Such is the way of any peacock throne bishop.
Such a person always has to have the spotlight shining on him and he always
has to be the center of attention.

The Ann Rodgers articles which make Wuerl sound like a divine god who
does everything are nothing more than very impish and gauche pieces of
propaganda written by one who thinks that you are stupid and gullible.
Feel free to break out of Ann Rodgers' hypnotic trance, as she describes
Wuerl as Beowulf, Version 2.0.
Communications equipment was not created to spread lies.
and a person does not have to shout, "Fire!" in a crowded theater.
Whereas "buyer beware" as an American policy, long ago,
it's now a matter of "Reader Beware & Listener Beware."
The Actual Game

Now, the game being played is this:  Wuerl is being made out to be the ultimate
 teacher of Catholicism who cannot be questioned by anyone anywhere.  Com-
ment boards and Rodgers used phrases to describe Wuerl such as, "magnificent
obsession," "great teacher," etc.

So, the game plan has been to make it look as if anything that Wuerl says has to
be instantaneously believed as the Truth of God by every Catholic everywhere.
Then, after this goal gets accomplished, you'll suddenly hear Wuerl (or someone
in the name of Wuerl --- or some conference headed by Wuerl) state that the Sin
of Sodom and Sodomite attraction is a good and holy thing ... even to the point
of being regarded as the Eighth Sacrament of the Church..  Very predictable.

The Sodomites will shove this down your throat, saying,  "Yeah!  Yeah!  See?
See?   Wuerl said it.  So, you gotta believe it.  He's the ultimate teacher.  You
have to let all the homos smear Vaseline all over church furniture  ...  because
Wuerl said it was holy."  In other words, Cardinal Donald Wuerl is seen as the
gatekeeper by the homosexual world who waits for him to use his influence and
declare homosexuality acceptable ... in the wait for him to accommodate the
Sin of Sodom in the Catholic Church.

Q:  And why Wuerl?   ANS:  Because he promoted Dignity Masses for eight
consecutive years, in complete defiance toward the Vatican who banned that
type of Mass.  For years, Wuerl, by his actions, was saying, "Up yours," to
the Vatican in a blatant display of contempt toward the Chair of St. Peter.
He then has people go about acting as if he is as infallible as St. Peter.
Wuerl follows suit in changing doctrine as his convenience, even to
the point of calling someone as doctrinally basic as Cardinal Ray-
mond Burke the dissenter.

Of course, Wuerl does NOT possess papal infallibility.  He is NOT a one-
man Magisterium, and he has been cited speaking heresy.  He makes up a
doctrine in the image and likeness of himself.  Yet, he doesn't go out and
start his own religion, presumably because he won't get much of a follow-
ing and because he will no longer be able to live in the Marie Antoinette
type of comfort.

Being that there is a push (by one faction) to have Wuerl regarded as the
ultimate teacher of all Catholicism, you need to accentuate the fact that
Wuerl did NOT write the Teachings of Christ whenever someone says he
did.  Counter the deifying of tiny Donald Wuerl, the Elevator Shoes Kid.

All in all, anyone can write a catechism book.  In fact, no one ever writes a
catechism book.  A person simply passes on the teachings of the Apostles
which were handed down to him/her.  The writing of Catholic catechism
had long since been done.  No one has the power or the right to change
Catholic doctrine as much as no one has the right to change the books
which comprise that Old and New Testaments, as the admittedly con-
stipated and flatulent-afflicted Martin Luther did.

To think, Luther was supposed to be the new enlightenment, yet he was
clueless about the existence of fiber, probiotics, ketogenics, displacing
uric acid, adaptogens, isolates,  etc.  Anyway . . .

When you finally break out of the Ann Rodgers hypnotic trance that makes
a person assume that Wuerl is the greatest thing since sliced bread, you'll
notice the wolves prowling among the sheep, all the while noticing that
each of them are either masquerading as angels of light or pretending
that they have a new discovery about Catholicism that requires the
2,000 year old doctrine to be changed.  Such males who do so are
simply not man enough to live Catholicism.  As a result, they end
up making Catholicism look like a buffoonish joke.
There's a construction supply building across the street from here where
I regularly go.  The Church Brew Works is regarded as One Big Joke.
When I was photographing this place, you should have seen the look on
people's faces who were coming here for lunch or drinks or whatever.
Coming here was a novelty to them.  It was a disrespectful joke to them.

September 16, 2023

Cardinal Wuerl canonically trapped a credible whisteblower deacon, not letting him be ordained a priest, anywhere

Donald Wuerl and his administrators mistreated the credible accuser of a certain
priest whose name will be left anonymous, being that the priest is now deceased.
The intention of this account is to contrast the ways in which Wuerl's predeces-
sors treated the person with the way in which Wuerl treated him.

Now, Wuerl was the rector of the Pgh seminary when this gentleman was in the
seminary.  In fact, James Torquato was in the seminary at the same time, and the
credible gentleman who should have been ordained a priest described Torquato
as "a brown-noser," as in kissing up to Wuerl.

Wuerl elected to ordain the James Torquato who would quickly become sexual-
ly abusive, while rejecting the good-willed whistle-blower.  Wuerl has chosen
the unnatural ones over the natural ones, throughout the years.  Even in the case
of the Moscow diocese priest who denied Holy Communion to an avowed lesbian
who disowned the Catholic Faith, Wuerl sided with the grotesquely androgynous
and obese female who frighteningly looked like a "nerdy," overweight male office

The individual highlighted here would have made a very effective confessional
priest.  The irony is that people, for the most part, abandoned the Sacrament of
Penance ... aka, the Sacrament of Reconciliation ... aka the confessional.  After
all, on Sundays people are going to communion by the truck load.  But, on Sat-
urdays, the confessionals throughout the modern church are often unoccupied.

The accused priest: 

Anonymous and deceased.  His assignments included having the headmaster
post at two Catholic high schools, as well as the pastor posts of two Catholic
parishes.  This also included an assistant pastor post in the Pittsburgh area.
He died in the Year 2004.

Accusation:  Full blown physical assault, (one time only), to the tune of
either attempted invasive contact or something similar.  The credible accus-
er alleged that he was rendered unconscious during the conflagration which,
according to him, was an intense altercation.  However, the altercation was
more of a Greco Roman wrestling match, with full scale pushing, shoving,
and tight holds, as opposed to any type of knockout punch boxing.  He
was not sure what actually happened while he was unconscious.  

The alleged circumstance surrounding alleged assault:  The credible
accuser alleges that the assault took place after a dinner outing.  The pur-
pose of the dinner was to talk about the young man chances of obtaining
a vocation to the priesthood.  The alleged assault took place after the
priest asked the gentleman very personal preference questions.

In review:

The accuser originally asked Sotak for vocational guidance, in the hope
to receive assistance in entering a seminary, should he finally decide to
pursue a vocation to the priesthood.  They went to dinner, to discuss
the matter.  After dinner came the alleged altercation.

Age of Accuser at the time of the alleged assault:  19, 20, or so.  This
is pertinent, because, if a victim is over 18 years of age, Wuerl will let
that person be abandoned ... if not harassed.

The following is alleged by Fr. Donald Sotak's credible accuser:

- The alleged assault took place during the tenure of Pittsburgh diocesan
   bishop, Vincent Leonard, in the mid 1970s.

- The priest was immediately reported to Pittsburgh diocesan personnel
   and the response was to quickly move him to a new domicile.

- The accuser joined the Pittsburgh seminary in the 1980s, eventually being
   ordained a deacon.  Wuerl was the rector of the diocesan seminary at the
   time.  Then, Wuerl was ordained a bishop, shortly thereafter.  By 1988,
   Wuerl was assigned to Pittsburgh.  Thus, Wuerl was now in charge of the
    anonymous priest's accuser.

- The credible accuser was ordained into the diaconate, a vocation one step
   away from the priesthood.  Yet, he was commanded by a vocations director
   to tell people that he voluntarily delayed his own ordination.  This, of course,
   was a lie.  The gentleman very much wanted to be a priest as soon as reason-
   ably possible.  Donald Wuerl was preventing this from happening.

- The credible accuser stated that the vocation director told him that he was to
   either sign a paper stating that he voluntarily delayed his own ordination or else
 "they" would dig-up some excuse to delay his ordination.  This is an element of
  whistle blower retaliation.

- While at seminary, the credible accuser had a window view to the parking garage,
   where he could allegedly see Wuerl and a certain young man here and a certain
   young man there leave alone, most ly after classes which were held at the nearby
   Catholic college, Duquesne University.

- A note of fact:  Donald Wuerl became an auxiliary bishop in 1986 and was
  eventually sent to Seattle Washington, concerning the Hunthausen Controversy.
  He was next assigned to the Pittsburgh diocese in 1988.

- It was under Wuerl when the credible accuser was allegedly sent to a Philadel-
   phia clinic for a psychological assessment.  The alleged diagnosis was that he
   was credible and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Being diag-
   nosed with PTSD augments an accuser's credibility.

- The Pittsburgh diocesan personnel refused to accept the final assessment of the
   Philadelphia clinic.  They were apparently in search of an official sheet of paper
   which would state something differently about the credible seminarian.  So, they
   demanded that he go for yet another psychological assessment . . . in either
   St. Louis or Maryland.

- The credible accuser assumed that Wuerl was controlling the diocesan admini-
   strators on puppet strings ... that he was the person who ultimately wanted an
   official sheet of paper stating something other than what was stated by the Philly
   clinic.  This would mean that Wuerl was allegedly looking to play a game with
   loaded dice and a stacked deck of cards.

- It was at that point in time when the credible accuser departed from diocesan
   ministry.  Things had become too Orwellian for him.  He stated that he literally
   feared that he was going to be drugged into a catatonic state.  He remembers
   his time of exit being 1994.  This was during the musical chairs cover-up of a
   Fr Edward Huff.  This was also the time when the Cipolla case was underway
   at the highest court of the Vatican.  This was shortly before James Torquato
   became Wuerl's personal secretary.

- Incidentally, the credible accuser remembers James Torquato at the seminary.
  According to him, Torquato cow-towed to authority, as if to be seeking pro-
  motion points.  The actual expression used to describe Torquato was "brown

- This case, being that it was allegedly covered-up from the middle 1970's to the
   end of 2011, would easily qualify as Cardinal Wuerl's sixth simultaneous cover-
   up during the sameone  year; the year being 1988.  Now, this was an inherited
   cover-up, but it can be filed with the Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, and Wellinger

  As a brief review:

  The Wolk, Zula, and Pucci cases were the Triple Cover-up.

  The Hoehl case was the Hot Potato Cover-up, where John Hoehl, my former
  high school headmaster, was placed back into ministry in July of 1988, and
  was only dismissed by Wuerl after Fr. Wolk was indicted.

  The Huff case is the Musical Chairs Cover-up involving the priest who was
  reported three times to Wuerl, by more than one person each time.

  The Torquato case had the most evidentiary support attached to it and it re-
  sulted in economic retaliation, as well as the physical pursuit of Torquato's
  credible accuser and .... yours truly.

  The Wellinger case, incidentally, was the one where the original reports about
  Wellinger were allegedly ignored. 

    Additionally alleged by the accuser was that:

 - The diocese's Fr. Charles Bober, STD, sent a letter to the credible seminarian
    & deacon, notifying him that he would get no stipend from the diocese.  The
    seminarian accuser then had recourse to a Fr. Bob Guay whom I once met,
    and according the seminarian, he had been getting his $700 monthly stipend
    (pension) up to the time of my interview with him.  Such checks read, "For
    services rendered."

- The accuser also stated that the letter sounded almost like a damning excom-
   munication letter.  There was no Peace of Christ within it, to say the least  ...
   ...  at least according to seminarian/deacon whom Wuerl trapped and who
   could not be ordained a priest.

- During a meeting, diocesan personnel bragged to the seminarian that
  they had an excellent policy for handling clergy abuse victims.  Yet,
  they said that the policy did NOT apply to Sotak's accuser, because he
  was a deacon.  HOWEVER, the alleged assault took place when he was
  a layman - a civilian - a parishioner.

- Even in 2002, when Wuerl finally suspended several priests who had long since
   been attached to credible sex abuse allegations, he permitted this priest to stay
   at his post.  Keep in mind that Wuerl's observed habit was that of doing nothing
   to any priest whose accuser was over the age of 18 at the time of the alleged

- Years after the credible accuser, seminarian, and deacon departed from Pitts-
   burgh diocesan ministry, he was interviewed by Randy Engel, former editor of
   the Vietnam Journal and author of the Rite of Sodomy.  The interview was to
   be kept from the public, out of fear of retaliation against the credible deacon.
   This is important to note, because it shows that the accusation is not some-
   thing recently conjured.  The accusation has been longstanding.

- In fact, while this deacon was at another seminary, he was allegedly told by one
   of the faculty priests that the priest he accused allegedly had other complaints
   against him.  Then, suddenly, the complaints of other young men were no long-
   er in the record ... allegedly.

The credible accuser furthermore alleged/averred the following:

It seemed to him that Donald Wuerl had a new teacher's pet every semester, while
Wuerl was the rector of the Pittsburgh seminary.  However, none of Wuerl's pets
were never ordained, according to the gentleman.  He even saw one of Wuerl's
seminary pets leave in anger, never to return.  This was generally corroborated by
a specific source who alleged an added thing about Wuerl.

If that added allegation is true, then it confirms the prior allegations of Wuerl having
been a practicing homosexual . . . that Donald Wuerl was engaged in the breaking
of his priesthood vows.  Now, if the allegation is not true, then a number of people
have lied to me about Wuerl allegedly being a practicing homosexual; not merely
one or two.

Now, Randy Engel did establish the fact that Wuerldid have a nexus with Pitts-
burgh's homosexual world, and according to other sources, Wuerl really was
called Donna while in the Pittsburgh area.  It is even alleged that Donna is what
seminarians called him.   In fact, insiders of the Washington archdiocese have
been witnessed calling him Wuerl the Girl.

Now, Wuerl carrying an effeminate demeanor off camera, with stereotypical
effeminate mannerisms, was alleged by more than one person.  For example,
in a church basement, when only church volunteers were in the kitchen, Wuerl
was allegedly seen acting like the stereotypical "flaming fairy" all of a sudden.
The phrase used was "acting girly."

And he is very short, even though he finagles camera shots to make him look
much taller than he is.  Heightwise, he came up to my chest, at best.  Plus, the
Washington Post called him a sleight man, in describing how surprisingly tiny
he is, when comparing the reality of meeting him in person with the fabricated
photo ops which included him standing on a step that was hidden behind a
limo, while he shook hands with people on ground-level.

Biennial Soirees for the Rich and Influential

While he was the bishop of Pittsburgh, Wuerl would hold a soireƩ at his Warwick
Terrace manor house twice a year, where he would play host to the influential and
wealthy.  Seminarians & deacons would dress in green/blue blazers, park the cars
of the influential guests and also serve them hors d'oeuvres.  This means that Wuerl
had men dedicated to the service of God play the role of secular valets and waiters.
It was very worldly, to say the least.  None the less, Wuerl would meet the
influential people at the door, himself.  He would play the role of porter ...
... the door man.  He absolutely needed their protection, to get him through
all of his corruption.  He was in need of accomplices.

The biennial Warwick Terrace event was surmised/presumed as having been
Wuerl's way of getting the rich and powerful to protect him in every aspect of
life.  I personally witnessed how protected Wuerl was when Father Torquato's
accuser and I attempted to file Summary Offense charges against Wuerl and
Torquato.  Shortly after, we found ourselves caught in the midst of the second
wave of the Torquato Retaliations.

According to Fr. Sotak's accuser, Wuerl would give inordinate attention to the
rich and powerful, while treating the common citizen with dismissive elitist con-
tempt.  That is to say, Wuerl cow-towed to the powerful of society.  I personal-
ly witnessed this haughty elitist contemptuousness.  While it was occurring, Wuerl
resembled a certain theater major at a college I attended.  The theater major, as
tiny as Donald Wuerl, was found to have been engaged in an affair with a certain
lieutenant governor's son ... NOT of the State of Pennsylvania, though.

David Zubik (present bishop of Pittsburgh) was involved in the case, and the
credible accuser/seminarian/deacon alleged that Zubik expressly told him that
he regarded both "the assailed victim and the {predatory} priest as victims."

The credible accuser mentioned that a John Sweeney told him that he "better
not tell anyone" about his accusations against the priest in question or the
diocese in general.

The Sandusky revelations seems to have given a number of abuse victims a
sense of freedom in the State of Pennsylvania.  The sense of intimidation im-
posed upon Pennsylvania victims/accusers departed like wheat chaff in a
wind storm, as soon as the Penn State Scandal came to the fore.

Concerning the other two bishops, keep in mind that Vincent Leonard and
Anthony Bevilacqua provided the credible accuser with zero interference.
He was only in emotional turmoil during Wuerl's tenure.  He only left the
ministry, on account of Wuerl's administrators.  There was no other reason.