June 01, 2017

Take note of my security clearances and know that Diane Thompson-Mangum started the rumor about www.donaldwuerl.com being the front of a molestation ring run by the deceased Anthony Cipolla in disguise.

When the laughing hyena is locked in the lion's jaws, it will finally be finished.
Wuerlgate condemns and exposes sexual abusers.  It does NOT protect them.
However, it also defends those who are falsely accused.

In re: Wuerlgate, aka Wuerleaks, aka the Chronicles of Cardinal Donald Wuerl's
Documented Corruption, aka A Wuerl of Hurt.

I built a sandcastle at great labor, and the old bully, Diane Thompson-Mangum-
Labiaux kicks it over, with her online libel.

At this point, think: I'm a construction who also does legal filings, logistical
maintenance, and odds & end work for a construction company, while hav-
ing to manage allergic asthma in a nation that legalizes asthma triggering
chemicals that reek from "air fresheners" which are, now a days, practically
everywhere.  Now, that kind of work, the asthma obstacles, and the weight-
lifting take up a lot of time.  Add my writings and photogrpahy which has
taken-up a tremendous amount of time, also.  Now, here is the question:

Where do I have the time to operate a molester's ring?

Here is a second question:  Why was activist Frank La Feriere and others so
stupid as to have believed Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux?

Let's go an added step:  Randy Engel knows that I was an invalid while I lived
on the Carolina Coastline and couldn't possibly operate a molester's ring.  Thus,
she has the moral obligation to come to my defense.  Why will she not do so?
ANS: A condemned Engel and made a fool out of her.  But, in reality, Diane
Thompson made a fool out of her.  In fact, she made a fool out of herself, for
doing no fact-checking, for believing a Podunk trash family.

After all, she is the one who created the Frankenstein, Diane Thompson, aka
Mangum, aka Labiaux.  Do you see how much of a conscientious and devout
Christian she is not?

Once again, I am a construction worker with a major health constraint that will
exist until the U.S. Congress bans certain ubiquitous fragrance chemicals.  Plus,
I spend a ton of time doing research and writing, when I've the time to do so.
Oh, and then there is my photography which included photoshoots done in
Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Gettysburg, the Cuyahoga National Park, the
Pennsylvania woods, and other places.  That also took up a lot of time.
Thus, I don't have time for a molester's ring.

In fact, I am only interested in adult (age of majority) female companionship.
I prefer to be with a woman who can finish my sentences.  Period.   Diane
Thompson is a liar caught lying about Cipolla.  So, she created added lies
at my expense to cover her prior lies .... to get you to not read my findings
on the investigation of her damning accusations against Anthony Cipolla.

Do you understand, yet?

To  start, you need to understand the crushing intensity of emotional trauma
which immediately converges upon you  . . .   like an all-encompassing elec-
trocution  ...  when you read Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux defame
your good name with an absolutely jackass accusation that can be refuted
faster than you can load your dishwasher.  The problem is that there are
people who instantly believe the libel and never demand to see proof.

For those unaware, I came in contact with a web log post, dated July 26, 2016,
where Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux declared that I was Anthony Cipol-
la in disguise operating a child molester protection ring.  Therefore, my name
. . .  my good name . . . was equated with child molestation.

She expressly called me Patrick Anthony Pontillo/Cipolla, and people were
gullible enough to have believed her without ever asking to see if there were
any evidence to prove her damning accusation.

That name looked  like the name in a homosexual marriage type of arrange-
ment, and therefore, a low-intelligence person would quickly assumed that
Cipolla got into a homosexual marriage.  In the alternate, that foward-slashed
name looked as if she caught Cipolla red-handed, using a false name.   Well,
it's a real name, and I am a real person who has zero desire to marry any male,
in any capacity, whatsoever, in the least.  Period.

For those not catching on, think.  Anthony Cipolla has been dead and buried for
over six and a half months.  Yet, there have been a multiplicity of new writings
posted on the Wuerlgate (aka Wuerleaks) site.  Therefore, Patrick Anthony Pon-
tillo was NEVER Anthony Cipolla in disguise.  Diane Thompson lied yet again.

First of all, a website in not a front.  It's a collection of writings or diagrams or
photos.  A front is an operation involving infrastructure and people.  The Wuerl-
gate (aka Wuerleaks) site is one composed by a construction worker who has
been published along laureates in days past and who was inducted into the Phi
Sigma Iota Honors Society, as well as becoming a member of the Internation
High IQ Society.



As was previously stated, the Wuerlgate author's whereabouts are almost always
documented, via digital entrance cards and multiple company debit cards, as well
as personal debit cards, not to mention "sign-in sheets" at this government build-
ing and that government building.  In as much, the Wuelgate author was never in
Thailand or any other child sex trafficking country.

Diane Thompson is lying, in order to trick you into not reading the results of
the fact-checking which finds her to be a pathological liar, in her narration of
the Cipolla arrest and retaliation which never happened.

Ironically, her counter move was to state something that makes her look like
even more like a pathological than she previously appeared to be.  Pittsburgh
construction workers don't have the time or the health to run child sex traffick-
ing rings.  Diane Thompson resorted to an overly ridiculous allegation.  But,
there are people stupid enough to have believed this.  Therefore, you now
know why my most recent security clearances were post online.  To de-
fend against libelous 70+ year old hags such as Diane Thompson.


Now, in order to operate a molester ring or sex trafficking ring, you need a
lot of money and ample property, as well as employees/accomplices.  Oper-
ators of such rings live in financial affluence and comfort. They are not con-
struction workers who literally sleep in a company van on some occasions
or in a sleeping bag located next to a drafting at other times.  Operators of
such rings dine in luxury.  The don't go to the subway sandwich shop for
lunch.  They don't eat chili in the driver's seat of a van while listening to
the local sports network station or local news station.

Now, there is one blatant observation ... one ubiquitous piece of circum-
stantial evidence ... one easy tell-sign ...  showing that Diane Thompson-
Mangum-Labiaux NEVER thought that I or Anthony Cipolla was operat-
ing a child molester protection ring.  The evidence is that:


I can assure you that, if Thompson thought that I or Cipolla were running a
molesters' protection ring, she would have called the police and the TV news
networks, followed by her making sure that the arrest photos would be online.

Plus plus plus, do you think that a 70+ year old hag who identifies herself as
"a disabled senior" has the strength, agility, and endurance to sneak into dark
alleys, city basements, and loading docks, taking photos and gathering evi-
dence?  Do you think that she goes down the alley with two loaded Glocks
and a walker?  Of course not.  Thompson lied, because she thinks that you're
stupid and will believe anything she tells you.  She has NO respect for you
or anyone else.  She created diversionary tactics to trick you into not read-
ing how much she lied about Anthony Cipolla.

She repeatedly mocked me, bulledng me (an Italian construction worker
with a 47 inch chest), and in defaming as she did, she did nothing more
than the cowardly act of killing the messenger & shooting the piano player.

Instead of addressing the specifics of the Cipolla Case, she spent her time
& print space creating the diversionary tactic of attacking my character.
Yet, I was NOT anywhere near Mexico Street or the Northside of Pitts-
burgh in 1978, meaning that I was NOT a part of the case.

So, why did she spend her time attacking me, all the while ignoring her
specific accusations in the Cipolla Case which were fact-checked and
found to be a series of easily provable falsehoods?

The official opinion is:  It concerns a custody case.  She allegedly had to
testify that her son, Tucker, was the victim of molestation and was made
disabled because of it, in order to get custody of two of her grandchildren.
It's that non-creative and simple, allegedly.

Once again, it's not that Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux rattled off a series
of false accusations which caused the shock.  It's that people were stupid enough
to instantly believe her without ever seeing one piece of evidence.  Of course,
there is no evidence.

If you are an accomplice of Diane and if you posted on your URL any post of
hers that defames me, I'll destroy you.  Now, I am well known for being a nice
guy, even to the point of getting up a 3 AM and getting a widow's furnace run-
ning in the winter and intervening during an apartment building wife beating.
Thus, in order for you to trigger my destroying of you, you have to be really
really really evil and insensitive to the pain of others.

It's Riot Act Time:

All of you and any of you who have posted on your website and/or web log
and/or Facebook Page and/or any other internet venue any post of Diane
Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux that defames me or presents me in a false
light or equates my name with molestation, you are to remove the de-
famatory post from your post or you and I will be in court, and when
take you to a court you would very much not want to see, I will de-
stroy you.  You have no idea how much labor I put into these pro-
jects, entirely free of charge, as a public service.

I was called the protector of molesters,   yet I publicly condemned the sex
the fact-checked liar, Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux, contradicts her
past accusations and the presently known truth.

And concerning Torquato, don't exaggerate him.   He repeatedly committed
Invasive Sexual Harassment under the Guise of Spiritual Directions Sessions.
Don't go any further than that.  Torquato's great evil was in his retaliations,
and Wuerl's great evil was in ratifying Torquato's abuse of power, in his re-

Now, half of the security clearances I earned in life are already online.  Below
is my Child Abuse Clearance, proving that I am NEITHER a child molester
NOR any kind of child sex trafficker NOR any protector of child molesters.
If you have anything on your website, web log, Facebook Page, elsewhere
that states anything about contrary to the my Child Abuse Security Clear-
ance, I vow to you, I WILL destroy you in a court of law.

None the less ... or perhaps I should state "even more so,"  that which the
stereotypical podunk trash Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux did was
predictable.  The one researcher who defending a man who turned out
to be falsely accused ends up being falsely accused by the same Diane
Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux.  She could not get any dirt on me.  So,
she fabricated a horror story, as if the 70+ old year disabled senior was
able to leap around back alleys, loading docks, and garages witnessing
all of that which she claimed was the Wuerlgate publisher operating a
molester protection ring.

Plus, did you ever consider the amount of business I lost because of Diane
Thompson's libelous statements against me.    Do you have the money to
make restitution to me?   Would you like it if Thompson defamed you
and cost you business ... work hours ... promotions ... job opportunities?

Another proof that Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux lied about me is that there
was NOT a second person to confirm any of the damning things she accus-
ed me of being.  She has zero evidence and zero corroborative witnesses,
while I have the evidence to prove that she lied.  Yet, people out there were
stupid enough to have believed her.

In as much, do you believe Diane Thompson?  Do you believe that I have
a ring that protects child molesters?  Do you believe that I traffic children?
Well, if you do, then go call the police right now.  Go do it.  Are you dial-
ing up the police, yet?  Come on.  Let's go.  Call them, if you believe Di-
ane Thompson.

There is just one problem, though.  After the police leave here, rolling their
eyes with looks of embarrassment on their faces and fears of a lawsuit in
their hands, I can assure you that they will have you in handcuffs for fil-
ing a fictitious police report and I have you in civil court, suing you for
an amount of money that will have you my slave for life.  So,  do you be-
lieve Diane Thompson?  You do?  Well, I'm waiting for you to call the
police.  Let's go.  Do it . . . or shut up for the rest of your defamatory
life, moron.

I demand public apologies from you who posted Thompson's defamatory
posts, and in doing so, I demand that you acknowledge that she's a liar.
I can always get a judge to order you to do it and then to send you the
bill of all reasonable legal costs, in addition to an amount of money
comprising punitive damages for the intense emotional distress you
caused me, by posting libel about me online.

There's one thing you need to know.  My whereabouts are always and
easily accounted-for.  I have had in my possession a multiplicity of
company credit cards that prove where I have been, in addition to
my signature on purchase sheets.  There are more than enough
warehouse paperwork with my signature on it, to show that I
did NOT have the time to fly to Thailand or any other moles-
tation hot spot.

In fact, I belong to TWO gyms, and must digitally sign-in every time I
go to either one, and I spend a lot of time in those gyms, proving that
I didn't have the time to do any child trafficking and molester transfer-

Furthermore, Anthony Cipolla was never arrested.  He was always a free
man, allowed to go to any state in the United States and live there with-
out ever being required to sign-in as a registered sex offender, being that
he was NEVER even tried in any court of law for any type of sex crime.
Thus, there is no such thing as hiding a free citizen.  So, make sure that
Frank Ferriere removes the Diane Thompson posts from his web log or
I will utterly destroy him in a court of law.

The post dated July 26, 2016 is actually evidence for a wrongful death
lawsuit, being that the post was beyond traumatizing and being that  An-
thony Cipolla died of a heart attack shortly after that post was  published.
Ultimately speaking, concerning the future, expect Diane Thompson to
one day be in handcuffs, unless she beforehand dies of a heart attack
while driving a car and crashes into a tree.

None the less, take note on how intensely that hag defamed me, time after
time after time again.  This is proof that her habit is to lie about people to
the point of accusing them of being criminals and marketing fear of them.

Her repeated defaming of me is added circumstantial evidence that she lied
about Anthony Cipolla in the same exact way that she lied about me.  But,
Cipolla eventually died from the abuse of Diane Thompson ... and Wuerl
... and Bendig's defamation.  So, why not attack Pontillo?  ANS: because
he's not Cipolla and he will attack you back.  Remember, he took Wuerl
to the US Supreme Court.  He wasn't bluffing then.  Why would he be
bluffing now?

One of the lessons you will learn from the Cipolla Restitution Case is how
foolishly stubborn 70+ year old hags are.  Plus, the other lesson will be that
you do not f**k with ... mess with ... toy with ... fight against a professional
Italian family without paying heavily in the end.  Are your sure that you
want to be my enemy?  Well, if you want a war, you got one.

The added irony here is that I was NEVER a follower of Anthony Cipolla
and didn't like him all that much.  So, keep in mind that I did NOT like him.
But rather, I felt sorry for him.  Plus, I recognized my duty to bring forth
the truth when I discovered that lies were prevailing.  Okay.  So, what's
the irony here?

ANS:  It's that I took a ton of hits for what is right, while Cipolla's endearing
followers who truly believed in him ran away and hid in a corner.  That is to
say, I did all the fighting.  Yet, they are the ones who should have done it.
Their cowardice is one of the reasons why Cipolla was beaten by Wuerl.

None the less, when I learned of Cipolla's death, it felt as if I lost a patient
on the operating table.  I cannot describe the tremendous feeling of guilt
I felt.  I cannot express the pain I endured.  Yet, Diane Thompson-Mangum-
Labiaux, on the same day, post a comment which stated that I was feigning
emotional pain.  That woman is a deliberate liar.  If you are a self-seeking,
gutless coward, you will never experience the pain I felt that day.  This is
because you only look-out for yourself.

On the day of Anthony Cipolla's death, Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux
had the untold audacity to tell you to pray for Cipolla's surviving family mem-
bers, as if she were a friend of the family.  Concerning her telling you to pray
for Cipolla's family members, do you know what is the prayer of Anthony Ci-
polla's brother, Vince?  It's to have Anthony's name cleared and to have Diane
Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux and Tim Bendig, as well as the self-righteous
hag, Randy Engel, to be held accountable for the heart-injuring stress heaped
upon Anthony and the Cipolla family members.  So, follow Diane Thompson-
Mangum-Labiaux's advice and pray for Vince Cipolla's sought-for goal.

For now, either read the security clearance posted below or eat it in a court
of law.  Plus, my other clearances can be seen here.  If I were you, I would
look at them, or else you're going to be looking at a courtroom.  And if you
think that I'm bluffing, remember one thing.  I took mighty mighty Donald
Wuerl to the United States Supreme Court.  I didn't bluff then.  I'm not bluff-
ing now.  When I have the time to waste on the vile, I will take care of the
problems they caused.