September 01, 2017

A letter written by the Late Anthony Cipolla

Below, toward the end of this post, is a letter Anthony Cipolla sent to me.
After I read it, I called him and asked him if I could post it for public view.
And of course, public view for my sites span from Asia to Russia to the
Ukraine to the United Arab Emirates to Western Europe to English speak-
ing America to Canada to Australia.  The bottom line here is that, when
Cipolla sent me that letter, he assumed that I would be the only one to
ever read it.

Incidentally ;...

For the record, if I pledge my confidentiality you to, it's a law to me.  Proof
is simple:  Name one of my sources.  If you can do so, then you hacked into
my life.  None the less, a lot of writers keep confidentiality.  It isn't hard to

Simultaneously, if you need something made known to the public, and I have
been assured through fact-checking that you're not a liar, then this is one of the
places were such a need can occur.

We start with the editor's preliminary statement,
and then move to Anthony Cipolla's statement:

Take note of the fact that I have called Tim Bendig a liar, yet he never sued me.
This is pertinent to note, being that Bendig is known to yell  "I'll sue" and "I'll
ruin you," as a reflex action.   For example, a writer for a northeastern metro
newspaper recently contacted me and conveyed the following: 

       I just had a bizarre interaction with Tim Bendig and found your
      site while digging up more information about him.  Has he ever
     threatened to sue you because of your blog?   He strikes me as
     the type.   Has he ever tried any other harassing techniques?

For those unfamiliar, Tim Bendig is the seminary dropout who accused a man
once known as Father Anthony Cipolla of having engaged in long-term sex
abuse that Bendig could never corroborate or even plausibly substantiate.

He made the accusations only after Cipolla told members of the Padre Pio Pray-
er Group to stop sending Bendig donation money, on account of his withdrawal
from the seminary.  Donald Wuerl originally declared Bendig "not credible."

Bendig was found to be a chronic liar, due to the number of people who kept
contacting me and telling me how he lied to them and threatened to 'ruin them.'
The allegations of Bendig's con artist conduct came from as far away as Holly-
wood.  Then, Bendig was given my phone number and he contacted me, only
to lie to me about something that pertained to documentation that I had in pos-
session.  Everything he said was contrary to the documentary evidence that
I possessed.  It involved the following piece of evidence which was a notice
given by the Beaver County PA district attorney's office that there were NO
GROUNDS upon which to file any kind of criminal charge against Cipolla.

One more thing:  Tim Bendig proved that he was more than willing to de-
stroy a human life, concerning someone who turned out to be completely
innocent as accused --- with Jpeg evidence and fact-checking results to
prove said innocence.  That is to say, if Cipolla did molest anyone, then
it was NOT the way described by Bendig or Diane Thompson or certain
Pittsburgh Post Gazette writers.  If you have evidence of Cipolla having
been a molester, I'll post it for you.  Thus far, there was only one source
who made me wary of Cipolla until further fact-checking was done.

Even at that, that which is needed is for the two sons of Diane Thompson
to come forth and make formal statements, stating if whether or not they
accuse Anthony Cipolla of molestation or did their mom fabricate the en-
tire story.

It is very bizarre that "the mommy" was the only one ever to speak on the
1978 accusations against Cipolla.  Usually, a chief of police or detective or
prosecutor makes a public statement in outlining the crimes alleged to have
occurred.  Decades after the fact, someone writes memories on the case.

In fact, in all this time, Bendig's replacement attorney, Douglas Yauger, never
chastised me or came forth to defend Diane Thompson.  Donald Wuerl did not
do so, either.  Neither did one of Wuerl's two principle pit-bull attack dogs.  No
one involved in the Bendig Case or 1978 accusations ever came forth to defend
Diane Thompson and corroborate her damning accusations against the deceased
Anthony Cipolla who was tortured by Diane Thompson during the final year of
his life.  How would you like it if you never got a moment of peace from a brawl-
ing hag who was fact-checked and found to be a pathological liar.

Again, if Cipolla ever molested anyone, it was not according to the accusations
of Diane Thompson who contradicted herself repeatedly and the Tim Bendig
who was declared NOT credible by Donald Wuerl.

Observe how much of a liar Bendig is:  The McGuire Home was heavily monitored, being that it was a
medical facility for the most afflicted of children.  Cipolla would have been caught, if he were having
sodomite relations with Bendig there, and the nuns would have had Cipolla out of the home pronto.
Therefore, the fact that Anthony Cipolla was in good-keeping with the sisters is evidence in itself,
favorable to Cipolla.  Bendig was foolish to have chosen the McGuire Home in his allegations.

Plus, it wasn't a very seductive and/or lust-inducing place, to say the least.  In fact, Bendig
claimed that Cipolla first molested him while Bendig had the flu.  Well, the reasonable person
can assure you that people are not that much of a lustful temptation when they have the flu.  

In 41 years, no one in this youth group ever accused Cipolla of any wrongdoing.  In fact, Cipolla's
youth program in northeastern New Jersey was much larger, and no one from that program ever accused
him of wrongdoing, either ... in the past 42 years.  If Cipolla were the molesting monster Ann Rodgers
and the Pgh Post Gazette made him out to be, the phone at the Pittsburgh diocesan building would have
been ringing off the hook, in 2002, when sex abuse casualties came forth, stating their accusations.

None of the youth on any of Cipolla's pilgrimages accused him of wrongdoing, either.  In addition,
Cipolla had 70+ witnesses, a subset of which were youth, ready to testify for him at the Bendig civil
lawsuit  trial that never came to be.  By now, some credible person somewhere would have come forth
and cried out, "J'accuse!"  But, no one ever did.  This places Bendig's credibility rating into the single
digits, if not  negative ones.   Incidentally, would Wuerl have been motivated to settle out of court, on
account of  Bendig stating that he knew for sure that Donald Wuerl was a practicing homosexual?

Above are very important words that Ann Rodgers left out of her news articles about Cipolla.
Directly below is Anthony Cipolla's own statement, written at night, shortly
after the memory of what Wuerl did to him rocketed though his mind like a
late night movie.  I asked his permission to publicly post it, incidentally, and
received the permission.  So, don't think that I'm betraying any confidentiality.

In regards to my case,  Wuerl  persecuted me to the ultimate degree.   He went
after me, to protect himself, and he couldn't stand the fact that I reported him
to the Office of the Clergy; the very office where he worked as secretary to the
late John Cardinal Wright who was the Prefect of the Office of the Clergy.

Wuerl was covering up for Wright who was a homosexual and an ephebophile.
For me to accuse Wuerl of harassment in the very office where he worked for
10 years was an embarrassment to him.  So, he was determined to use me as
an example that, if any priest would try to go to the Office of the Clergy and
accuse Wuerl of anything, the priest wouldn't get too far.

As a matter of fact, the Office of the Clergy went in favor of Wuerl.  So, I lost
the case (at the initial level of the Vatican judiciary.)  Then, through the ad-
vice of my canon lawyer, I reported Wuerl to the Signatura and won the case.
But, Wuerl publicly said that he had factual information about me (not yet
revealed) and that he would have the decision of the Signatura reversed.

I had already sent everything to the Signatura, including Diane Thompson’s
accusation of sexual impropriety with Tucker Thompson, her 9 yr old son.
Therefore, no one knew what new facts he could possibly have had.   If he
had anything, he certainly had enough time to submit it to the Signatura,
while the case was being investigated.   In fact, Count Neri Capponi who
worked for the Signatura said that Wuerl had nothing, but 'old wives tales.'
To the shock of everyone involved, Wuerl did have the decision reversed.
So, I was in Limbo.

It is strongly believed that Wuerl has his protectors in the Vatican and can 
get whatever he wants.  Wuerl had me forced-laicized.  He assigned me to
St. John Vianney, home for retired priests, and then withdrew my salary
and later my health insurance.

I had no money to live on, to pay medical bills with, and to afford various
other needs.   He then wrote me a letter, saying that I  must send him all of
my income tax returns from 1991 to 1996, so he could set up a task force to
decide on how much money I should receive.  I phoned my CPA who was
shocked at Wuerl's behavior, in the way he was treating me, because I was
never arrested, never arraigned, never tried or convicted, as the other priests.
So why was Wuerl going after me so viciously?

One lawyer phoned me from another state, telling me that he left the Church
because of the news of how Wuerl was treating me.  (He left the church) even
though I tried to convince him (the attorney) that Wuerl is not the Church and
that I strongly believed that Wuerl was highly influenced by the Devil.

I had to find another canon lawyer to at least get my money back, so that I
could live and at least sustain myself.  So, I phoned the Canon Law Society
of America.   They recommended Father Alfred Kunz, a canon lawyer and 
exorcist from Madison, Wisconsin.   Father Kunz told me that what Wuerl
was doing to me was against Canon Law and to not worry; that he would
get my money back.  This was 1996.  On March 4, 1993, Father Kunz was
murdered in cold blood, in his rectory.

I talked with Father two days before he was murdered.  A priest friend
phoned me on my answering machine that I remotely accessed, saying:

      "Father Cipolla, I have some very bad news, your canon lawyer, 
        Father Kunz was murdered last night in his rectory.  I am very
        sorry to tell you this and I feel very bad and I hope to God that
        they catch the person or persons who did this and that they will
        get life."

I just burst into tears and couldn't stop crying or attempt to drive my car.